U.S. Life Expectancy Drops AGAIN, Peaked In 2014

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    The average life expectancy in the United States has once again dropped after peaking in 2014. Experts say that drug overdoses are the reason why, but could there be other factors that come into play as well?

    According to the latest official numbers, as reported by BuzzFeed News, the average baby born in the US in 2017 can expect to live 78.6 years, a slight drop from the previous year’s estimate of 78.7 years. The new numbers were released on Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics. More than 72,000 Americans overdosed on drugs and died as a result so far in 2018.

    Heart disease and cancer still remain by far the leading cause of the 2.8 million US deaths last year, followed by accidental injuries, a category dominated by fatal drug overdoses. “Pretty grim,” Regina LaBelle of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University told BuzzFeed News. “Another year of decreased life expectancy is a wake-up call that this epidemic is far from over.”

    In particular, death rates from fentanyl and its analogs, which now show up in illicit heroin and cocaine as well, rose 45% from 2016 to 2017, contributing to more than 20,000 deaths. Those numbers are estimated to have grown to more than 30,000 yearly deaths in preliminary data from the CDC.

    But suicide rates are also on the rise, increasing 33% from 1999 to 2017. The rate was 1.8 times higher in rural counties compared to city ones, the report found. According to the Washington Post, increases in suicide rates were seen across age, gender, race, and ethnicity, according to a report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In more than half of all deaths in 27 states, the people had no known mental health condition when they ended their lives. Nearly 45,000 suicides occurred in the United States in 2016, which is more than twice the number of homicides, making it the 10th-leading cause of death. Among people ages 15 to 34, suicide is the second-leading cause of death.

    “The data are disturbing,” said Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director. “The widespread nature of the increase, in every state but one, really suggests that this is a national problem hitting most communities.”


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      1. I was born in 1954. I should be dead already. What is that smell?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • WERE ALL GONNA DIE! (eventually) 😛

        • Not. Was also born in ’54. I’m not dead yet and don’t intend to be for awhile.

          I hear anything over 3 score and 10 is living on borrowed time 🙂

          • “G”
            Jan. 31St. and you? I’m not planning on going anytime so either. Unless the Lord CALLS!

      2. Amazing how much 13% of the population can skew the results by virtue of their gunfire. Just like overdose… Darwin in action. Unlike the CDC (what business of the CDC is violence anyway)I see this data as cause for hope.

      3. No one ever talks about the average lifespan without including suicides, drug overdoses, and other forms of self induced death in the figures.

        Wonder what it is?

      4. Only fourteen years to go. I’d better start using some of that food and ammo. ROFL!

        • Use it wisely my friend.

        • even at 3 score and 10

          most of my long term preps will out last me 🙂

      5. Who wants to live to reach 100 anyway? All wrinkled and feeble, spoon fed and deaf.

        • aljamo – for once I completely agree with you with virtually no reservations. I’m currently dealing with aged parents. 97 and 90 in age. I’m torn as to what I think and feel. On one hand, their lives are very special to me. The other… quality of that same life is lacking. Dementia, infirmities, immobility…. is that life? When it is promised that we can live to an advanced age, I ask only “sure, if you can give me another say 30 years @ the age of say 25… otherwise, for what purpose?” For that is the key – life without no purpose … is it life?

          • I agree they raised you and you love them but living just for the sake of living with no quality of life is not a life. It is amazing how the body can persist in a state of decline and continue year after year. Heartbreaking for the family to watch a person be consumed by disease and have to watch the suffering as they wait for the body to finally give out.

            And the medical community is all too eager to continue keeping people alive (even more so when they are literally begging to die) The medical community it seems is only interested in sucking as much money as possible from them until they die. This is the reason for heart surgeries on dementia patients, etc.

            Some people complain that they want to off old people but what they fail to realize is that by prolonging life when a person has dementia, alzhiemers, cancer, etc is just a cruelty beyond measure.

            Basically the elderly are being warehoused in nursing homes because they are a pay check. And when the cost of said pay check exceeds the benefits you can bet that the nursing home tries to get them kicked out of said nursing home. How you may ask – by having them admitted to the hospital and then refusing to have them released back into the nursing homes care.

            Not to mention that incidents of rape of the elderly in nursing homes and abuse is very high too. There was a recent story about an elderly woman with dementia who was bedridden who contracted an STD because an orderly raped her.

            So yes there is a difference between being warehoused in a nursing home and living life on your own terms at any age.

            Not to mention the harsh reality of the logistical nightmare of caring for the elderly in their end and the cost involved (which only benefits the hospitals and doctors).

            Plus throw in the guilt of family who force some docs to perform life saving measures on 90+ patients, etc because of fear of a lawsuit from the family, etc. There are some docs who understand that dying should be done with dignity but in our society we are so afraid of death we will do anything to stop it even at the cost of quality of life.

        • What is life when dignity, health and ability have all fled your body.. You become a living corpse frail and dependent waiting for a death you fear utterly.

          I have thought on this long and hard and hope I go out with my health in a quick death rather than linger in fear pain and suffering, an emotional and physical black hole reliant on others to take pity to care for me. F* THAT! I don’t fear death, I will merely evolve past this physical form to something else. You cannot remember or fear what you were before your conception in the womb, WHY IN GODS NAME SHOULD YOU FEAR THAT NOTHINGLESS free floating freedom after death? Because some book or some man or some fool TOLD you you should fear death and after? REALLY? And you listened to them like they are some sort of personal experienced guru? WHY?

      6. To my fellow oldsters. The impetus for IRS controlled health care (Obamacare) was to eradicate old people (SSI & Medicare recipients) from existence. This method of redistribution of wealth would allow the irresponsible spending of congress to continue for a while. Eventually the economically stupid people in our government would have to pay the piper. They just want to kick the can down the road. Let some future poor bastard deal with the problem.

        • SSI and medicare are unattainable based on the cost of health care. Until our government regulates the cost of medical procedures this will always be an issue.

      7. Liberal influence is the most obvious reason for any reduction in life expectancy in this country. Libturds have already made decisions will cost them their lives someday.

        • Yep, I expect life expectancy to go way down for them soon.

          • Genius, if they try anything with me their life expectancy goes to ZERO.

      8. Gee why the heck did patriotic boomers work hard, be frugal, and have a sizeable portion taken out in taxes as a political contract UNLESS we were going to see a return on that investment?

        What’s worse is we are statistically likely to be additionally paying for millennials to live with us as 33% do so! In essence boomers are paying out a form of public assistance!

        If you are African American and a boomer, you are UNLIKELY to collect very much social security as your longevity is highly abbreviated largely to due health concerns as well as violence.Few will make it to a nursing home.

        If you are a White American when you do enter a nursing home, statistically you will likely to die in two years. Many guys die of heart attacks or cancer just years after retiring.

        If you are an Asian American when you enter a nursing home, statistically will live four to five years…or more as you are generally healthier. Though the poverty is significant due to some asian immigrants, you likely have a better pension and are generally more frugal.

        All in all, it’s a rotten deal as the amount of money is so small and most generally only a partial income stream that hopefully is supplemented by a pension and often by an additional source.

        • They will also take the patriotic boomers money to pay for ALL health care at the end of life. This means that most are saving just to pay the medical industrial complex when they die. The reason when you are 80 plus and they tell you that you have cancer you should count your blessings you have time to get your affairs in order and say screw it and just let go into the next life. Why spend hundreds of thousands on treatment – what are you prolonging?

          • Well I could care less about living into decrepitude but I am healthy and strong and take no medicine whatsoever.

            But yeah, it’s going to be death panels for senior citizens. Meanwhile the largest growth in healthcare was totally unneccesary medicaid for college age students…who statistically will NOT use it. All that does is bolster the government employees who manage it. Talk about waste.

      9. Sardinia, an Island off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean, has a long life expectancy; and while Okinawa also has a long life expectancy, only Sardinian men can expect to live as long as their women. There are other long lived people who eat apricot seeds in their diet. High levels of cyanide are in the seeds which are said to be able to attack and kill Cancer cells. They are isolated as are people on islands.

        I wonder whether migration into Sardinia has lowered life expectancy there.

        By the way: Italy is paying indigenous Italian women to have more children in an effort to prevent the genocide taking place in Europe and specifically in Italy.

        Americans won’t get paid to have more children but they apparently can afford to pay $24,000 for every family in Isreal. Your taxes! Your money ? Why? They are rich. We are struggling.
        An increase in “foreign aid to Israel” passed the House and Senate but some other amendments are being discussed for whatever- I don’t know.

        People with money problems don’t live as long or with quality of life.


      10. TPTB re-scheduled all pain medications starting Jan. 2014.

        e.g. friend with 4 hernia sites in his belly was given Gapapentin, starting 1-1-14. He had been taking Vicodin & was much more functional. Long story short, I lost a pet-sitter.

        For reasons that aren’t yet clear, the US gov. decided to make life much for difficult for Americans living with chronic pain – starting Jan 2014.

        I’ve seen how that affects med. consumers of opiates and Opioid mimicks (shortens their lives.)

        One attorney friend lost his nephew – a rec. user – who died of an overdose of Toleramide, the active ingredient in Imodium AD. Toleramide is noted for quieting a distressed stomach, and for depressing breathing – in some patients. The friend’s nephew took 50 instead of 5 (2 mg tablets) and died when his breathing stopped.

        IN OTHER WORDS, the current opiate epidemic (post 2014) is completely a creation of the US government.

        One of the “Save the Children” head fakes. The children were SAFER before Jan. 2014.

        Need a lot more stats to fill in the picture.

      11. Here in the Europe the environment very polluted (the foods very toxic – the shop foods too) and this effect to take the short life and illnesses of every men.
        It’s coming the brain infection of the menthal disorder which name is: TYRANNY from the western jewish world.
        If you wish a healthy life you need to change an any mentality against the media brainwashing and to reject and to protest the jew tyranny.

      12. Here in the Europe the environment very polluted (the foods very toxic – the shop foods too) and this effect to take the short life and illnesses of every men.
        It’s coming the brain infection of the menthal disorder which name is: TYRANNY from the western jewish world.
        If you wish a healthy life you need to change an any mentality against the media brainwashing and to reject and to protest the jew tyranny.

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