U.S. Government Expands COVID-19 Vaccine Powers

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 8 comments

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    In an attempt to get as many Americans vaccinated as possible, the United States government has expanded COVID-19 vaccine powers to include pharmacy technicians.  Once a vaccine for the coronavirus is approved, pharmacy technicians will join their pharmacist colleagues in the effort to quickly immunize all Americans.

    Coupled with punishments for those who refuse this vaccine, the U.S. government is pushing hard for everyone to take this shot. The head of Operation Warp Speed has already said that the ultimate goal of the vaccine is to inject it into every American by 2021.

    Head of Operation Warp Speed: The Goal Is To Immunize The U.S. Population By 2021

    Drugstore chains including CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Rite Aid, and Walmart have been pushing the U.S. government and Trump White House to waive state scope of practice rules and allow pharmacy technicians the ability to vaccinate. And a plan developed by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention includes many of these major drugstore chains as future Covid-19 vaccination sites.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last month issued guidance that “authorizes both qualified pharmacy technicians and state-authorized pharmacy interns acting under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist to administer FDA-authorized or FDA-licensed COVID-19 vaccines to persons ages three or older.” Forbes

    Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

    “Pharmacists and their staff are critical to the COVID-19 response,” Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Brett Giroir said when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the ability of pharmacy techs and interns to administer Covid-19 vaccines.  “Together with pediatricians and family physicians, they are ensuring that Americans receive the vaccines they need where they need it.”

    There will be a huge effort to get as many people to willingly take this vaccine once they say it’s ready. Mandatory or not, there will be a propaganda push and an attempt to turn those who refuse the vaccine into “public health threats.”  If you refuse this vaccine, your life will be made hellish. Just prepare for it and understand what you are up against if you decide to deny this vaccine that will be rolled out by the military.

    Vaccine Update: The Military Has A HEAVY-HANDED Involvement In Operation Warp Speed


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      1. You won’t be forced to take a vaccination.

        You will be allowed to stay at home and be isolated from contact with any part of the outside world until it’s over and all danger of you transmitting it to the public is gone instead of being vaccinated.

        This is how it will be done, and how it should be done, to protect of everyone else from you.

      2. Many pharmacies have been administering flu shots and providing other medical services for years now, so this is not surprising that the same pharmacies will adminster covid shots as well. Over 55% of Americans have said that they will not accept a covid shot if they would be rewarded with $100. The
        Health Scare industry is once again on the wrong side of history, and so is everyone else involved in the Sacmdemic, in fact being on the wrong side of history is the only thing that they have consistently managed to do. It’s time for them to go!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. The new details in this article don’t make any difference to me, don’t care if it’s free, don’t care who else decides to get it, don’t care who doesn’t like it, I’m not going to have it.
        As far as penalties go, it’s like all the looters and rioters in the protests this summer, if one person does it he goes to jail, if a large number do it, the authorities back down. Or like yesterday when all these drivers got together to show support for Pres. DT and blocked an interstate highway and brought interstate travel to a standstill, if one does it he is arrested and jailed, if a large group does it the authorities stand down. All it takes to stop this foolishness is for a sufficient number of people to just firmly refuse to take the “vaccine”.
        Because this issue has been in the forefront for several months now, the general population has had enough time and information to form their opinion or belief about the so-called “vaccine”. There are now reports non-compliance will be greater than 50 % should the vaccine become mandatory. As part of a greater whole, you have the power.

      4. Columbia University Professor Peter Simpson that appeared on Kevin Barrett’s podcast on Unz Review today is evidence of the lack of moral and intellectual integrity that has infested the fascist, Orwellian, indoctrination institutions that attempt to pass themselves off as academia.

        Peter Simpson is a “philosopher” that does not know how to think. That sounds ridiculous, and maybe it would be if it was not actually true. Peter Simpson is incapable of a line of rational, logical thought, and claims that the consitution should be ripped apart because it guarantees that psychopaths will be in charge reulting in a tyranny that abuses people and their rights. Peter Simpson also stated on the same podcast that he really is not in favor of free speech, at least not for everyone, but he is in favor of free speech for universities, bevause they have been “trained” to know how to talk about certain topics.
        Peter Simpson was obviously trained by someone who was unqualified to train people about how to talk about things, since his own statements stand in defiance of themselves.

        They say that people are often driven to a profession that they are least qualified to be in among the skills that they posess, and Peter Simpson and Kevin Barrett, ( who is a self-proclaimed Arabologist and Truth warrior that consistently bullshits, and who shows little understanding of Arab culture and Islam) are proof of that theory.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. “Mandatory or not, there will be a propaganda push and an attempt to turn those who refuse the vaccine into “public health threats.” If you refuse this vaccine, your life will be made hellish….”

        If this is true, it kinda brings the Trump Administration into sharper focus. What, exactly, is he? He pardons Wall Street banks for fraud. He supports Red Flag operations. He was instrumental in the Syria chemical weapons false flag and the Vegas massacre false flag. And these issues only scratch the surface. Trump may not be scraping the bottom of the Biden barrel but he is most certainly a card-carrying member of “the swamp”.

        • Trump is a fully owned subsidiary of the shell corporation known as the US.

        • We may lean right, but he never promised against forced vaccinations and never deposed naked Communists, embedded in broad daylight.

      6. “…punishments for those who refuse this vaccine…”
        “…you should face losing your job and be forbidden from leaving your own house until you comply.”

        Leftists believe in this fairytale, unquestioningly. Do everything you are told, and take the DNA / RNA altering vaccine. You could at least question what was being injected into your veins.

        Rightists were never a party to the social contract, for some decades, now. Your neighbors (from the southern hemisphere) overrunning your blue state (like rabbits) made you feel like you were doing something mildly naughty, every time you showed your face in public (as though you were alien).

        Trump never saved you, unless you were H1b, or another white-replacement demographic. If it wasn’t for forced vaccination, it was going to be another excuse, eventually.

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