U.S. Army Report Urges Preparations For Troops To Occupy NYC, Other “Megacities”

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    Editor’s Note: In the report below Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars highlights yet more evidence that the U.S. government is actively simulating worst-case scenarios that include economic collapse and widespread civil unrest. With billions of rounds of ammunition, military vehicles and gear being stockpiled by The Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement, the military is now being trained to deploy to major cities on U.S. soil in the event of a declared emergency. The next crisis event could be the one that brings heavily armed soldiers and the full force of the United States military to a neighborhood near you. 


    A U.S. Army report warns that American troops need to be prepared to enter New York City and other global “megacities” in order to prevent civil unrest, political uprisings and protect key infrastructure and natural resources in the national interest.

    The report, entitled Megacities and the United States Army (PDF), was released by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Strategic Studies Group.

    Cautioning that the power of national governments to deal with the problems caused by increasing urbanization and the growth of megacities is “diminishing,” the report notes, “It is inevitable that at some point the United States Army will be asked to operate in a megacity and currently the Army is ill-prepared to do so.”

    Given increasing concerns about martial law and the militarization of domestic law enforcement in the United States, some will be concerned to learn that one of these “megacities” where U.S. troops may operate is New York City.

    Indeed, the report notes that, “It is plausible that the Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow. As their size and importance grows, it becomes probable.”

    Reasons given for why U.S. troops may be sent into major cities to deal with social dislocation include “unrest,” “income disparity,” “natural disasters,” and “illicit networks” who challenge state power. According to the report, all of these problems will create “friction which compels future military intervention” that “will require boots on the ground.”

    The document also spells out how many of these megacities represent “conduits for access to critical natural resources, like petroleum,” resource trends which represent “strategic key terrain in any future crisis that requires U.S. military intervention.”

    “Such conditions would likely call for some form of outside intervention. If the demand signal or threat poses enough risk to U.S. national interest, military intervention is a likely scenario,” states the report.

    In dealing with unrest or upheaval in megacities, the document notes that controlling urban populations physically is virtually impossible and that, “Virtual isolation is even more improbable given cell phone saturation in urban environments worldwide and global interconnectedness through the World Wide Web.”

    The report warns that the “Army is not prepared for operations in these unique operational environments,” concluding that “the Army is currently unprepared” to respond to strategic surprises that could emerge as a result of rapidly growing megacities.

    The document lists a number of recommendations to prepare U.S. troops for intervention in global megacities, one of which includes building, “civil-military partnerships to facilitate training, testing and experimentation in large U.S. cities.”

    As we highlighted in a previous report, part of the U.S. Army’s preparations for occupying megacities also include the neutralization of groups “who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state,” a chillingly vague description which could easily be applied to political dissidents.

    Given recent Army training manuals which detail preparations for “full scale riots” within the United States during which troops may be forced to engage in a “lethal response” to deal with crowds of demonstrators, the fact that U.S. troops are being prepared to occupy major cities in the near future is extremely concerning.

    In light of warnings that ISIS terrorists are preparing to cross over from Mexico and conduct attacks on U.S. soil, many will question why the Army is focusing on internal occupation of cities when America’s porous border represents a far more pressing security threat.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. Soon

        • They’re spending billions of dollars on such preparations for a reason. Let’s hope ‘soon’ is not for a while. But really, all they need is the right crisis and Americans are going to see a Boston-style lockdown from coast-to-coast.

          It’s all lunatic conspiracy theory… until heavily armed men are standing outside your front door.

          • The USSA loves to create Boogeymen so as to control the sheeple. This is all part of the master plan, which is why post 9-11 we were not allowed to describe a George W Bush “terrorists”. No, they were just evildoers. And Big Sis made sure to add to the Boogeyman Meme by the catch phrase see something, say something.

            And that’s why the USSA has gotten away with creating and expanding the TSA/NSA/FISA/FBI/CIA/IRS etc…etc

            • Good Luck Trying. Mega Cities will be the killing fields leaving any Thug in a uniform a bloody corpse. Citizen Snipers will rip them to shreads. They won’t be recognizable. Sounds like another ego Control Freak operation to exploit their weaponry and spread fear to the populace. They can’t even control Ferguson Mo. Or the LA Riots. Or the Bundy Ranch. Or Afghanistan with 14 yearold rag tag militants. Or even an active shooter on their own military base gone rogue. Its a death sentence for any Blackhawk helicopter pilot flying over any city with millions of small arms fire being slung at them including laser lights focused on aircraft cockpits and tracer fire. Go ahead be the last straw when US Troops begin to fire on US Citizens. Give it your best shot Suckers.

              • That’s exactly why they’ll never do it.

            • Political dissidents must be a huge threat to tptb now. How many billions will the USSA spend to shut the dissidents down?

              This aint about real threats. Its about control. They have been busy crafting Agenda 21 and now that the sheep have assimilated, there are still those of us who refuse.

              The pro-muslim Obama and Jarrett White House continue to give a free pass to their radical comrades too. Not one mention of radical islam or muslims who will never assimilate in Amerika. The borders are open, ebola can come and go, the corrupt 1% can break laws right and left, but we cant have a freedom lover or IIIper speak out or question der establishment politikers.

              So from the keyboard of 1 political dissenter, FUCK YOU GOVERNMENT.

              • Don’t forget the end game, Agenda 21. If you can get minorities to kill each other, then you don’t have to do it yourself.

                • and that is what all this race tensions , black against white against brown etc is all about

                  get us to level the playing field by fighting each other, for them to swoop in and fuck all of us or those who are left

                  and so many blacks and whites, and other races are playing right into their hands
                  doing the work for TPAB

                  • VRF

                    Nothing is going to stop the race riots. Do you think that those on the benefits are going to do nothing if payments are withheld? Are the warnings of the Bank Bail In or the Stock Market Crash or the demise of the dollar, mean jokes?

                    Just a matter of time.

                  • your right on slingshot

                    i was just pointing out the irony of it all

              • Here is what the Government is stockpiling:
                Operation Garden Plot & Under NDAA

                1000 FEMA Internment Camps
                500,000 Caskets that will hold 4 bodies each
                1.6 Billion Hollow Point Bullets
                30,000 Guillotines, Say What????????????

                Dave Hodges asks, “Why Does the Government Need 30,000 Guillotines?

                Is the Government Opening up a Cold Cuts Sandwich Shop Franchise to feed the hungry? I think NOT!!

                HB 1274 – Death penalty; guillotine provisions
                Section 2
                1-22 (a) All persons who have been convicted of a capital
                1-23 offense and have had imposed upon them a sentence of death
                1-24 shall, at the election of the condemned, suffer such
                1-25 punishment either by electrocution or by guillotine.

                • Thats it. If I can’t beat em, I’ll join em! I’m off to re-inlist.

                • There aren’t 1000 FEMA camps. They won’t need that many. When the dollar collapses they’ll empty out the prisons. The federal government will let at least 250 million Americans starve or kill each other. US prisons hold 2.2 million people. That’s more than enough to handle the undesirables in the remaining population.

                • Who,would you stop with the paranoid 4 body casket nonsense,you lose all credibility with such paranoid drivel!Once again,those are large cake molds,camp fema expects a large camper roster/turnout and does not want any camper to be left out of welcoming festivities,which includes a piece of welcome cake!I will say the hermetically sealed molds are a bit overkill,will be plenty of fresh cake to go around!

                  • Warchild, I don’t want a coffin shaped Bundt cake!!! If I go to camp FEMA I am ENTITLED to S’Mores and malt liquor!

                • I read the story from your link, WWTI. Did you also notice that virtually everyone who “leaked” info about those guillotines had “DEAD” attached to their names?

                  Wonder why…

            • Bogeymen weren’t created. Muslims do want to destroy America. What most Americans don’t understand is Obama switched sides on the war on terror. The open southern border allows jihadists to come to America by the thousands.

              • Barn Cat. You are wrong. That’s a nice story line to create fear by the Joo MSMedia as the Brown skin Boogie Man. The Muslims want to destroy the Cabal, the Zogs, the NWO, the Agenda 21, The oppressors who invade their countries to steal their resources, occupy their lands and kill their people.

                I say lets compromise with the Muslims to stop terrorism, and lets just hand over all the ZOG Joos in America to the Muslims for Justice Trials. That would solve many of our problems here in America as well as the Middle East and the world. Most People in America would agree as well as Russians and Ukraines, and those in the Middle East.

                • So where do you get your Nazi propaganda? You obviously don’t like facts or the truth.

                  God will prevent Satan and his followers from wiping out the Jews. God will protect Israel. It will never be destroyed.

                  • God doesn’t need to protect Israel, they’ve got the United States by the nose-ring…

                  • Um, sweetie, far be it from me to point this out, but I think this is what’s called sarcasm. I know it’s a little difficult to tell through the computer, but since you aren’t speaking face-to-face, I would recommend gaining this skill 😉

              • He never switched sides, he’s always been what he is, it just becoming more obvious by the day.

              • And from 100 yards who can tell the difference between say a Guatemalan and a Quatari?
                There is something stinky about whats going on at the southern border and the Mexicans are being used

                • Well Kula, If you have a good scope you can tell the guatemalan by the spray paint stains on his fingers 🙂

                  • Kula,why does it matter,do you have a sound target in site?

            • You have uncontrolled illegal immigration, along with that comes gangs that carve out territory, drug cartels that control the gangs and an illicit black market government that operates through intimidation, fear and murder and it’s not the US government. You will have competing cartels as well as domestic gangs that will fight it out. See Mexico as an example.

              You have a growing muslim presence that will eventually begin to implement sharia law on it’s constituency, which is a form of governance that’s outside of the US governance and is incompatible with the US constitution and the foundation of the western legal system. They will form their own enforcers for sharia and they will force their beliefs on non muslims.

              The US military does need to have in place strategies and training to deal with special situations in the society that will be Obama’s real legacy.

              We know that the so called opposition party will never undue Obama’s transformation of the USA, a transformation into race warfare, balkanization, governmental disregard for the rule of law, economic malaise, the destruction of the blue collar middle class and a large population of dependency class citizens.

          • Do they have enough man power to something like that?

            • No. But the Russians and Chinese have so kindly agreed to help us out. In fact, they’re already here just in case we need them.

              • So I belong to an “illicit network”

                Nice wording….I love it

              • BS.

            • No Tony they don’t. If and when one of these highly improbable scenarios were to play out the desertion rate of bot military and all types of law enforcement would go through the roof. The men and women of these agencies would be more concerned with returning to their families to ptotect and feed them.

              When I say improbable I don’t mean to infer that a breakdown cannot hapen, in fact it most likely will. However there has to be a point in sending in troops to say New York City. To protect what?

              The more likley scenario is that road blocks would be set up outside these mega cities to keep the rats inside and let the kill off happen. To do anything else would be to place the government in a position of feeding and governing a whole lot of people who will have nothing in ghe ways of skills or aptitude in rebuiding or contributing to the future.

              Lets face it. Mega cities are filled with almost nothing but pencil pushing minions that control the areas around them where real manafacturing and agriculture take place. The citiy dwellers are expendable where as in the outlying areas those people who produce some thing of which the governments interests in controlling is what is desired. A coup by the goverment to take control of the producers would be the desired outcome of applied military forces.


          • “But really, all they need is the right crisis and Americans are going to see a Boston-style lockdown from coast-to-coast.”

            DING! DING! DING! And we have a winner!

            That ‘crisis’ will actually be on multiple fronts or levels.

            -First ‘wild’ case of Ebola suspected in Miami…other cities to follow. Funny how those chopper ‘gunships’ did mock training drills during the Miami heat game scaring the bejeezus outta everyone. Wasn’t the only they did them in either.

            -Obama’s Former Chief Economist Calls For An End To US Dollar Reserve Status. Kiss the U.S. dollar goodbye. It was fun while while it lasted. For some, (the 1%)it was.

            -Top Russia Expert: Ukraine Joining Nato Would Provoke Nuclear War. NATO and the U.S. are deliberately pushing for war…could be because they WANT IT? To erase all worries here? Hmmm.

            -ISIS Now Has A Navy, Launches Gunboat Attack Near Baghdad. And OUR tax dollars PAID for this! Lovely.

            -Europe goes all in: Will sanction rosneft-gazprom-neft-and-transneft Russian Gas/Oil companies. You poke the BEAR with a stick, he’s gonna take your head off. Mark my words.

            -There are MORE than enough crisis’s LIVE or on the burner, to cause the collapse. Take your pick, it’s ala cart these days!

            • Ebola case in Miami was negative, BTW.

            • About the Miami Ebola test…there were also other cases that initially showed negative. Then… OOPS! Jus sayin…

              The U.S. is not the only country preparing for ‘Mega City’ unrest:

              Spain prepares for an autumn of discontent by buying €1bn of riot gear

              The Spanish government is readying itself for an autumn of discontent, spending nearly €1bn on riot gear for police units as disparate protest groups prepare a string of demonstrations.

              Since June, the interior ministry has tendered four contracts to purchase riot equipment ranging from shields to stab vests. The ministry also finalised its purchase of a new truck-mounted water cannon, an anti-riot measure used during Spain’s dictatorship and the transition to democracy but little seen in recent years. Despite attempts by opposition Socialist politician Antonio Trevín to paint the purchase as “a return to times that we would rather forget”, the ministry said in its tender that the water cannon was necessary, “given the current social dynamic”.

              The government’s spending spree comes as groups across Spain are predicting a season of protests. “We’re calling it the autumn of confronting power and institutions,” said the activist group Coordinadora 25-S which has its roots in the indignados movement.

              Rallies are being planned to counter draft laws by the governing People’s party that would curtail access to abortion in Spain or see unauthorised protests levied fines of up to €600,000. Months after former King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne in favour of his son King Felipe VI, protests are also being planned to demand a referendum on the monarchy. In Catalonia, the push continues for a vote on independence, while the Canary Islands has said it wants to put the idea of oil exploration in the waters around the region to a referendum.

              Amnesty International in Spain said the purchase of riot gear was a worrying development. “They say they buy this material to control disturbances, but how exactly will it be used?” said Amnesty’s Ángel Gonzalo. “In Greece we have documented how these water cannons, when used a short distance, can provoke severe injuries and commotions.”

              In April, the organisation warned in a report that the Spanish government was using harassment and excessive police force to limit the right to protest. Through first-person accounts from several protests in Madrid and Barcelona, they noted that while the vast majority of protesters were peaceful, police treated them similarly to those who incited violence.

              The Amnesty International report was made public just one week before a ban on the use of rubber bullets by police came into effect in Catalonia, after a long-fought campaign by seven people who had each lost an eye in Barcelona.

              The police officers’ union said that the purchases were likely just part of an effort by the government to update obsolete equipment. “We have a problem with equipment,” said Javier Estévez of the Sindicato Unificado de Policia, pointing to a protest last March that left 67 police officers injured. “We don’t have the best or even up-to-date equipment,” he said, despite the obligation that the government has to protect the police.

              While his group opposed the purchase of the water cannon, he waved aside concerns over the other purchases, noting: “When this gear is used properly, there’s nothing wrong with it, because it’s in line with Spanish legislation.”

              • The Miami case was tested twice, once by CDC and found negative BUT there was no reporting on the first testing. And I doubt there would say it was positive if it was. I am not too, too concerned about a national lockdown because a) they don;t have that kind of manpower and 2) the logistics involved in that would require a massive movement of manpower that would be impossible to hide and achieve quickly. Yes, I have seen the troop train videos for the past few years but we are talking 1000X that to achieve any kind of national lockdown. More likely is a regional lockdown.

          • Even with local LEO’s and the national guard, they do not have enough manpower to stand in front of everybodies door.

            They are more likley to try to control the masses with bread lines, then the camps, and then they will probably start the door to door thang.

            For the ones that are prepared, that will atleast buy you a little more time to get out of dodge.

            • They don’t have to stand in front of every ones door at the same time. There will be no hurry and it will be done in sections with a few examples made along the way of those that were not cooperative. They have the advantage as they will be working as a team with training and the law backing them up. We will be on our own and the decision whether to resist at that time or take a chance and wait for later will be a big one.

              • I live on Long Island,NY All they need to do is stop all traffic into/onto the Island. No trucks, no supplies..no food, no medicine, no gas. They won’t have to come to us. Those who aren’t prepared will wind up giving themselves up to the government and put into camps. No need for them to go in, just cut off supplies to areas.

              • As the Military is out attacking Mega Cities, the populace will be looting and burning down their personal homes and holding their families hostage. We all know where these people live in our communities. They have grossly underestimated the battlefield. These Soldiers need to choose. Defend the Tyrants or support the Constitution and Freedoms. Make the wrong choice and it game over suckers. Hunting Rifles double as sniper rifles and we are on our home turf. Imagine the trillions of booby traps set to snare the black boots, brown shirts and blue helmets.

              • I thought about ‘the plan’, but I don’t see it working out quite like they think it will.

                Myself, I have wondered why at least one of those sworn to protect and serve our country has not already performed the happy dispatch of a key official. It happens in Iraq all the time.

              • John W.,the scenario you envision means times up/time to be reasonable is over/what have you,that is go time/probably die time,just make sure you bring some company.I suppose at that point neighborhoods being methodically searched is a great time for falling floors/bleach&ammonia bottles falling off of door frames and mixing ect./all sorts of nasty gifts left behind.Hell,folks determined to kill you might as well make the welcome as uncomfortable as possible.

            • They don’t have to lockdown the whole country. They’ll make examples of leaders and people who are too vocal. The Agenda 21 people already want to kill billions. They’ll kill as many people as necessary to achieve their ends. They can kill 100 civilians for every soldier who’s shot. The Russian and Chinese soldiers can be used to clear an area that resists. They can go house to house in the middle of the night. Kill the men. Do whatever they want with the women and children. They could haul them off to camps to be used for their entertainment later.

              Resistance will end once the resisters see what happens to their families. Or if their families are threatened.

              It’s bizarre to me that some many people think that a bunch of guys who shoot at targets can defeat a trained military force. Some people cling to that false hope. I don’t know why. It isn’t 1860 any more. We can’t fight the common soldier working for the government with the same weapons that they have. We don’t have secure communications, satellites, planes, tanks, drones, and everything else the US military has.

              • We have one thing the soldiers don’t though.

                We could lose 100 people to every soldier.
                And we would still outnumber the U.S. Army.
                And that blindly assumes the whole U.S. army would be against us. I suspect many soldiers would defect out of guilt.
                Look how many soldiers openly protested the war in the middle east, even though they were only killing total strangers–they still protested it despite risking being able to feed their own families.

                I would bet the soros-funded losers downvoting people, are red-thumbing only the guys and gals who have a record of making insightful on-target comments.

              • BarnCat – PRECISELY. WELL PUT.

                AND to DevilMayCry -what you’ll be facing most likely wouldn’t be our military as they are waking up to the fact that this government is a farce; but be prepared for hired guns known as “Blackwater” – Erik Prince private military company which was awarded a multi-million contract for Iraq and now has operations here in the US!!!!
                Hitler had Brown Shirt and we have Blackwater
                This private company is made up of many foreigners, basically mercenaries – guns for hire – so given the opportunity yes shoot the bastards!!

          • Mac, they’re going to have a combination of Obama’s ‘civilian national security force’, UN ‘peacekeepers’, illegal aliens, possibly even Muslim terrorists, etc. to try to lock down the cities. The Us Army would be doing good just to lock down the district of criminals. They don’t have the manpower for anything more. Anyone who comes for me will end up taking the proverbial ‘dirt nap’. BTW, thanks for the last article covering the incident in my hometown. It’s interesting that my hometown would receive such attention at SHTFPlan.com.

            • Ah,the freedom of being childless,Barn,examples work both ways.

          • Mac-

            They don’t have the “manpower” to lock-down the entire country, sir!!!

            ..they’ll “GREEN-ZONE” the ‘treasury/the FED & the assorted US Mints & maybe the 5-6 super-critical electrical grid distribution (mega-sub) stations’..around the country..then they’ll hope/pray nobody will shoot their asses off!!!!


            ..if nothing happens (i.e. isolated/very limited resistance)…they’ll ‘bluff, with 24/7 round-the-clock help’…from the (kosher) MSM…per how “OMNIPOTENT” they are!!!


            ..please sir,…DO NOT LEND THEM CREDENCE…unto that, which they do not possess!!!


            Should they attempt such…see “the sarge’s dictum”.

            ..aim small-miss small.

            ..make ’em pay..be expensive!


            Stout hearts to all & GOD SPEED!

          • Those “armed men at your door” are more likely to be in the streets protecting law abiding American citizens when NYC goes “hostile”. Think Ferguson times 100.

            If they come to your door and demand your guns, kill them. 🙂

          • Once this Pointem Out Knockem Out goes viral, like in the last article, their maybe alot of people calling for the Army to control the MegaCities. Trekker Out. Not My Thoughts, Just Fact!

          • Mac this may be something or may be nothing. This is for everyone on here to decide. I have a family member who is in an armor battalion in the army. He was stationed in Colorado. He and his bride just had a baby. He got orders to another unit in Alaska two months ago. He just got orders to deploy to Iraq.

            I have another friend in a Marine special Operations battalion. He has been growing his hair out because he is being deployed to Iraq next week. He is not a close friend and cannot say a lot about what he does but he said something that should keep everyone prepping. He said ” We normally don’t go out for long periods. This time I am not sure. The whole world is a f…ing powder cag. If it blows it will be like a bunch of dominos falling. I hope you own guns. ”

            It just sent chills down my spine. Everyone keep prepping. It may be nothing. But there is no doubt that sooner or later we will all need our preps and the good lords grace.

            I am not predicting anything. Just have a bad gut feeling. I hope and pray that I am wrong. To my friends on here my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thank you for the knowledge you share. Thank you Mac for this site. Your site will save a lot of lives one day. That I am sure of. For that you deserve more than just my thanks. You deserve everyone’s respect and thanks whether they like every article or not. We all need to consider that before we comment. You try to keep us informed of all threats.

            • Never give up, never retreat, never surrender, never give up, fight for our Country. Give them all your lead, then fixed bayonets, drive them back send them to their graves. Teach them a lesson. Don’t Tread on Me!! Give me Liberty or Give Me Death. Amd give tham all your Lead.

            • Mike,
              getting down right scary at DHS the higher up are crapping their trousers .
              I had to attend a mandatory SEC briefing I am not at liberty to discuss what it was about but I will say this , PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS if you see something strange report it ever if it seems minor , we all talk about how the .gov is out to get us here and they want to opress , just think for a moment , not all of us drink the collectivist koolaide.

              Things are really getting serious now even the experienced guys are getting concerned
              Keep your preparations in order , cash in hand , and defensive measures functional
              Now is the time to gather your last minute preps. Use common sense THINK.
              Many things could happeN prepare for a Unconventional Case broad spectrum Lasting
              Event Are you Really prepared.

              One really bad incident could bring the house down with little or no warning .

              Keep your SITUATIONAL AWARENESS at a high level for the next month or so.
              This has the potentional of being a life changing event and not for the better if it happens.


              THIS IS NOT A DRILL

              Semper Fi 8541

              • If you see something strange report it? Just who do you report it to? Who in government can be trusted?

                • @Night Breaker; that is a 10-4. Any additional info in the coming days would be appreciated.

                  @VRF; take a breather, then re-read the post


                  • if a citizen of their own country isnt at liberty to say.. than who is?

                    if you know something thats important and dont disclose it.. what good are you , and what good are you doing your fellow man?

                    i breath just fine thank you for being so concerned

                  • GR,
                    I dont know how I could say more without being tossed into some place I don’t want to be.

                    VRF re–read the post CAREFULLY.

                    Evidentally you did not read Western Rifle Shooters , Resistor in the Rockies excellent article on Comsec and hiding information in plane sight, think outside of the box.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • @VRF; I’m always concerned about your health. 🙂 We need people like you to stick around.

                    For me, I’d rather have Night Breaker on our side and not shit canned from his job, or worse, for disseminating sensitive information.


                    @Night Breaker – copy

                  • Ok I must be missing something,
                    I also cannot find Western Rifle Shooters , Resistor in the Rockies excellent article on Comsec and hiding information in plane sight, mentioned by Night Breaker

                    anyone like to link it? please?

                    Not trying to bust anyones balls , but I think the time for hiding their intentions is a bit late , and it serves no one but the bad guys

                  • Thanks Ghost
                    Having a bit of a bad day i guess.. maybe just too much shit coming at me in all different directions
                    Field Fatigue I suppose

                    I get what your saying, and I do get NB’s Opsec (NB , no hard feelings?)

                    at this point in the game , theres probably no good news anyways , come what may I’ll meet it head on

                • Ever try to report a crime to a government agency perpetrated by another government agency?? They cover up for each other. They send you on the merry go round from agency to agency. And several years later you are back to where you started. I would love to run the Dept of Justice. Put all these MFrs in jail.

              • pretty vague , we’ve been prepping for the worst.. its what we dont know , and thats what your are not “at liberty to say”

                why are you ” not at liberty to say” and just who the fuck is at liberty to say?
                is this not your country too?

                dam i hate useless info, if you got something to say than say it..this type of shit doesnt help anyone

                nothing personal, but ..ahh fuckit

              • Msg Rec’d.

              • Night Breaker

                Thank you for your service. Thank you for reminding me that there are many in gov’t who are still good. I know that there are not enough but ty.

                To all those that commented negatively to him for not saying everything he knows. I don’t mean this rude but you are not thinking this through. If he were to give out classified information then what happens to him. Worse case is jail and best case is fired. Then we all would lose a source of information.

                Just appreciate what he can say. I am nice to everyone and I get tired of the bickering on here at times. Remember we are all on the same team. If we don’t remember that and stick together than we lose. Period.

                Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

                Pray for even those on here you disagree with. Good luck my fellow team mates.

              • Nuclear

            • Mike I always find your comments fascinating, and search them out along with a handful of other regulars for insights.

              A big one is that you are friends with a soldier. This. we need more of it.
              The information out there, such as on the commonsenseshow, is attempting to drive a wedge between the patriot movement and veterans.

              Thats because we have a greater than 10-1 advantage against the federal government. If it came to a hotwar, tanks, bombs, technology be damned, the federal government would need footsoldiers to hold territory. You can’t do that with enemys in your midst.

              The best they can hope for instead is a proxy war between the veterans, with skills, and organization, against the public, who have numbers, but largely lack in organization and experience.

              The nightmare scenario for the men in suits, is veterans defecting to the revolutionary side, creating a fighting force that isn’t just extremely well manned and armed, but also well-trained and highly organized.

              No doubt some soldiers *would* shoot on Americans, but I’m willing to bet my life that the number that would betray us is a lot lower than most people think. Everything else about soldiers firing on citizens is FUD…why else would so many alternative news sites be pushing that narrative?
              Look at who stands to benefit if that narrative takes hold, and you’ll know whos behind it.

              Support the military, they have more balls and respect for Americans than most brownshirt policemen/politburo.

              • DevilMayCry

                Thank you I try to add things of value when I can. Complaining about the government or arguing about Israel does not add value. I do my best. Thanks for the compliment.

                Actually I was a soldier myself 25 years ago. My son is a soldier now. I actually know several soldiers. All of them to a man say they will not fire on Americans. There friends feel the same way. It is the top brass that I worry about. Could they fake a believable scenario to make the soldiers feel they are doing there duty?

                I know a few soldiers that give me tips now and then. I know one at the national ground intelligence center. He like all who have clearance has to be careful what he says. I will do my best to help all on here if I ever find out things that are significant. Hope you are all having the best evening.

          • well we are going to need the army, and i hope they are given the order to shoot looters on sight and that is what should have happened in Ferguson, all looters should have been shot dead.

            • Yeah, BUT they ignored the looters and focused on stopping the protesters…expect more of the same. They don’t CARE about OUR stuff, our homes, or our lives. You need to get that through your head.

              • For Sixpack & Charlie2 – Yes and No –
                The point of Ferguson was to drive a wedge between blacks and whites, and what happened they came together and marched in protest against the police (who as you put it doesn’t care about your stuff) besides the looters came from outside Ferguson and yes they should have been arrested.

                Just another test of ‘we the people’ and they passed with flying colors that they will stand together and that’s the point.

                The powers to be took notes and so should you/we.
                United we stand, Divided we fall!! Not sure who wrote that but so true!!

                • I thought I heard that on the Sonny and Cher Show…??? 🙂

          • As I have said many times the best description of the future of our country was written by ex-Green Beret Thomas Chittum in his book “Civil War II”. He wrote it in 1996 and said it would take 25-30 years but we would eventually Balkanize (split up into autonomous regions/countries).

            His most eerie prediction when describing what to watch for as to how close we are is “when the left and their minions get a minority radical elected president it will be close”.

            • Willie, I have a copy of that book. a lot of things Chittum wrote have already come to pass.

            • Chittum’s book should be read by all interested in what is going on around us.

          • If your a Congressman they might stand out side your door and knock politely but IF NOT they are breaking the door down and coming thru

          • ““illicit networks” who challenge state power.”

            Sounds like they’re war-gaming against Patriots, to me. I know I’m not comfortable with the Military “war-gaming”against U.S. Citizens.

            If ever there was a right time to drag a bad president out of the white house, now would be it.

        • It has become readily apparent some group of ingrates is trolling this website with a flood of red thumbs down to hide comments.

          Their impotent rage amuses me.

          • Troll from Geo. Soreazz’s BowelMoveOn.org, I suspect

        • US
          From what I saw this week end with what was coming out of the National Guard center. I wouldn’t be surprised. Lots of Medical and communication groups heading to Shitcago. What surprised me the most was they were all trucks no Armored Hum-Vee’s like before?????
          I don’t think they will try anything on 9/11, but what do I know?
          FOLKS WATCH YOU 6!

          • Howdy, Sarge. I’m making final checks on my preps, ammo, etc. Adding a little extra oil to my weapons, making sure the knives are sharp, etc. I’m not sure anything WILL happen on 9/11, but who knows? At least I’m not getting caught with my pants down.

      2. Clean Slate Doctrine….

        Seeing as how FedGov has created the problems. I am thinking more and more that instead of hunkering down. I should take an active approach during a collapse to insure that these bastards don’t stay in power.

        • Alert, Alert, Alert….

          Maybe. Maybe Not. I hope it is a false Alert.

          Does anyone remember the email that has been going around, that was sent to Steve Quayle?

          I do, and it has stuck in my mind since I read it.

          Especially the part about “them being in place in America”, and “they are going to hit us hard”.

          Yesterday i was in Walmart, stocking up on some more preps and perishables, just in case the anniversary has some bad events take place.

          I had not been in there for more than five minutes, when right in front of me, about five or six feet, walked a nice looking Middle Eastern woman decked to the hilt, and covered from head to toe with expensive looking Muslim attire, mostly black flowing material and with some purple snd possibly green colors in the head scarf/burka.

          What was really errie was that she was wearing dark sunglasses, inside. There wasn’t even any need for sunglasses outside because it was cloudy and misting rain and it had been since daybreak.

          Following behind her was two little dark skinned kids about 5 or 6 years old, neatly dressed. She was, as best as i could tell, in her middle to late twenties, and tall for a woman. She was walking briskly and not paying any attention to where those kids where. I also noticed she had a semi-smile, kinda like a smirk, on her face.

          I am telling you folks, I got an errie feeling from that observation.

          This is the first time i have seen anyone in our town that looked like that.

          And, NO, it wasn’t an Indian woman. We do have several of those in our city of about 70,000. Usually, only the older women wear the head scarfs, and don’t have any part of their face and neck covered.

          This woman yesterday had only her chin, mouth, and nose showing. She wasn’t as dark skinned as most of the Indian peoples we have living in the area.

          I am concerned that they have something planned for this week, and it isn’t just gonna be in a few major cities.
          I hope I am wrong and next week at this time we are still talking about the same ole SHTF stuff, and anticipating, “what if”.

          The little woman is skeptical and is downplaying her real feelings about the possibilities. She has been on board with stocking up on fuel and extra groceries, just in case. Removing all funds from the bank is harder for her to accept and follow thru with.
          I will succeed before Wednesday evening, though.

          I hope you all plan accordingly, just in case; and nobody gets “hung out to dry”.


          • To follow up with that, last week I was walking out on a long pier here in FL and a Middle Eastern Guy about 24 Yrs old, in brand new clothes, was carrying a fishing pole and camera, I pointed out a dolphin in the water to him, he said to me, I just moved here yesterday from “New York” and I never saw a dolphin. His teeth were really yellow stained and I just got this eerie feeling that it just didn’t add up. New Dress Clothes and a fishing Pole, Taking photos? Folks, they may be setting up sleeper cells in every city, to unfold and run their Jihad against the NWO. Pay close attention and stay alert, to avoid being mixed up in their collateral damage plot. Another reason why I carry Concealed.

            • If “they really are after the NWO, I say, give them a wide berth to minimize the “collateral damage”. I can’t honestly say I object to their target.

              • Agree Six pack. Sound like a good conversation over a few beers. Anywhere close to FL?

                • No, I’m almost dead-center Oregon, but thanks for the thought.

                  I often sit and wonder exactly how many of these so-called “terrorist” groups are so named because they are interfering with the NWO in some way.

                  I already know that The middle east is a hot-bed because they 1)oppose usury which pisses of the banksters, 2)don’t want no old white guys telling them how to live in their own country.

                  I also know why the NWO has such a distaste for Russia, 1) Russia did what they had to do, to pay off the banksters, so they have NO FINANCIAL HOLD on Russia, 2) Russia doesn’t want no old white guys telling them how to live in their own country.

                  I suspect China might be something similar.

                  I think when it really comes down to the wire, I know some people might disagree, but I think Israel will stand up to the NWO, because they don’t want no old white guys telling them what to do in their own country. I see the U.S. sort of backing away from Israel, and I’ve seen some anti-Israel articles here and there. Why would the people who think they are “The Chosen People” allow a Godless group of old white men to have dominion over them, their banking and their religious beliefs? It makes no sense.

                  Remember part of the NWO is a One World Religion, a One World monetary system, a One World system of Law. A One World, well, “everything”.

                  I think the NWO is going to have a much harder time than they think. For various reasons, specific to each country/peoples, I think the entire world will fight back, in their own time.

                  I think the problems in the ME IS the people fighting back…we just CALL THEM terrorists, because OUR govt is full of NWO globalist puppets.

                  Yes, I’m aware that many banksters have Jewish-sounding names, and may even proclaim to be Jewish, but I’m not so sure they define the people of Israel.

                  I don’t mean to confuse anyone, but this post is several layers deep, but suffice it to say, I believe some whom we believe to be “old enemies” will become new friends, and some who we think are “new friends” will have a few surprises in store for them.

                  However you slice it, whatever it takes, THE NWO MUST FAIL.

          • I saw that Steve Quayle alert too. I’m gonna top off my gas tank tomorrow. Top off my preps too. I’m concerned that the next terrorist attack could be a kill shot. If they take down the power grid nationally it’s all over for us as a country.

            I’ve shared this before. For months I prayed that God would give me a dream or a vision of the time of the year of the collapse. One night I went to bed. After I closed my eyes this is what came into my mind:

            I’m looking in the window of my favorite restaurant. It’s out of business. The windows are dusty. There are streaks where rain drops went down the glass. And the most important part, there are autumn leaves swirling in the parking lot.

            That restaurant is still open today but if the power grid goes down and stays down it will close permanently. Autumn leaves usually start to fall during the first week of October where I live. This year looks like it will happen earlier. So I don’t know if we’ll have the collapse this year or not. I’ll feel a lot better if we get to October and things are still “normal”.

            There still might be a lot of terrorist attacks coming on 9-11 or 9-13. It just might not be the end of the power grid.

      3. This is an olllllldddddd one….

        Tips for investing those big bucks this year
        > Maybe I shouldn’t give you some of these, but here goes:
        > Investment tips for 2014 For all of you with any money left, be aware of the next expected mergers so that you can get in on the ground floor and make some BIG bucks.
        > Watch for these consolidations in 2014.
        > 1. Hale Business Systems, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Fuller Brush, and W. R.Grace Co. Will merge and become: Hale, Mary, Fuller, Grace.
        > 2. Polygram Records, Warner Bros., and Zesta Crackers join forces and become: Poly, Warner Cracker.
        > 3. 3M will merge with Goodyear and and become: MMMGood
        > 4. Zippo Manufacturing, Audi Motors, Dofasco, and Dakota Mining will merge and become: ZipAudiDoDa.
        > 5. FedEx is expected to join its competitor, UPS, and become: FedUP.
        > 6. Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers will become:
        > Fairwell Honeychild.
        > 7. Grey Poupon and Docker Pants are expected to become:
        > Poupon Pants.
        > 8. Knotts Berry Farm and the National Organization of Women will become: Knott NOW!
        > 9. Victoria ‘s Secret and Smith & Wesson will merge under the new name: Titty Titty Bang Bang

        • Eppe, that’s one of your best yet. Keep them coming.

        • Great one eppe!

        • Eppe I once lived in a town so small that the Masons and the Knights of Columbus joined together and they called themselves: Masonites

        • I don’t know how you come up with this funny stuff….
          but keep it up.

        • My analytical brain was going what the bloody hell, investment advice in the midst of this serious thread and ………

          Well I haven’t laughed that loud in a long time – that was hilarious.
          Thank you
          PS Think I’ll make a copy, because when SHFT we’ll all need a good laugh.

      4. Occupy NYC? That’s ok as log as the Joooos don’t move to my neighborhood.

        • No one that’s ever met you would want to be within a mile of you. Even you family moved with no forwarding address.

        • F’in UNBELIEVABLE…

          ‘Nuke-Capable’ Stealth Submarine Sets Sail for Israel

          ummm yeah, this is real smart… And i thought germans were intelligent people.

          Zio-jew Isreahell Navy’s fourth out of six to be delivered and most advanced Dolphin-class submarine – is en route to Israel from Germany.

          Mass Genocidal Murderer “ISRAEL DID 9/11” and now we’re giving them Six(6) Advanced state of the art Nuclear Armed Submarines ???

          “That’s akin to giving homicidal maniac Ted Bundy a box cutter and telling him to play nice with the other kiddies at Disneyland.”

          “This is going to end real well!”

          REMEMBER 9/11




          ETC ETC


          AND NOW WE GIVE THEM “six” NUKE ARMED SUBMARINES … WhatThaF^ck ???





            The Samson Option Still Threatens the World

            The phrase the “Samson Option” is used to describe Israel’s strategy of massive nuclear retaliation against “enemy” nations should its existence as a Jewish state be jeopardized through military attack. Israeli leaders created the term in the mid-1960s, inspired by the Biblical figure Samson, who destroyed a Philistine temple, killing himself and thousands of Philistine enemies.[1][2]

            Israel refuses to admit officially that it has nuclear weapons – a policy known as “nuclear ambiguity” or “nuclear opacity.”[3] This despite government officials inferring repeatedly – and occasionally admitting – the fact. And despite Israeli nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu making public smuggled photographs of nuclear weapons and production equipment in the 1980s.[4] Israel now may have as many as 400 atomic and hydrogen nuclear weapons,[5][6] as well as the ability to launch them via long range missiles, submarines and aircraft.[7] It can use them in a second strike even if its military is devastated.

            Originally a strategy of last resort retaliation – even if it means Israel’s annihilation – it has developed into being a nuclear bullying strategy to further Israel’s territorial goals through threats and blackmail. Israel has bullied not only Arab and Muslim nations, but the United States and Russia with its Samson Option threats. Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Israel uses for purposes of blackmail its ability to “bombard any city all over the world, and not only those in Europe but also those in the United States.”[8]

            Official policy and threats

            During the 1960s Israel concentrated on conventional military superiority to defend lands confiscated in the 1948 and 1967 wars – and to convince Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories that they could not break free of it. However, in 1973’s Yom Kippur War Israel was almost overwhelmed by Arab forces. Prime Minister Golda Meir authorized a nuclear alert, ordering 13 atomic bombs be prepared for missiles and aircraft. Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Simha Dinitz threatened “very serious conclusions” if there was not an immediate airlift of supplies.[9] This forced U.S. President Richard Nixon to make emergency airlifts of state of the art military supplies to Israel.[10][11]

            Fearing intervention by the Soviet Union, U.S. forces went on Defense Condition (DEFCON) III alert status[12], something which could have led to full scale nuclear war in case of misinterpretation of signals or hardware or software failures. Additionally, as Seymour Hersh documents in detail in his book The Samson Option, from 1973 these weapons have been used to discourage the Soviet Union – now Russia – from intervening militarily on behalf of Arab nations.[13] Obviously an Israeli nuclear attack on Russia by the United States’ great ally Israel would result in Russia sending thousands of nuclear weapons towards the U.S. and the U.S. responding in kind.

            Not surprisingly, no nation state has attempted to attack Israel since 1973. A former Israeli official justified Israel’s threats. “You Americans screwed us” in not supporting Israel in its 1956 war with Egypt. “We can still remember the smell of Auschwitz and Treblinka. Next time we’ll take all of you with us.”[14] General Moshe Dayan, a leading promoter of Israel’s nuclear program[15], has been quoted as saying “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”[16] Amos Rubin, an economic adviser to former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, said “If left to its own Israel will have no choice but to fall back on a riskier defense which will endanger itself and the world at large… To enable Israel to abstain from dependence on nuclear arms calls for $2 to 3 billion per year in U.S. aid.”[17]

            In 1977, after a right-wing coalition under Menachen Begin took power, the Israelis began to use the Samson Option not just to deter attack but to allow Israel to “redraw the political map of the Middle East” by expanding hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers into the West Bank and Gaza.[18] Then-Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon said things like “We are much more important than (Americans) think. We can take the middle east with us whenever we go”[19] and “Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches.”[20] He proclaimed his – and many Likud Party members’ – goals of transforming Jordan into a Palestinian state and “transferring” all Palestinian refugees there.[21][22] A practice known worldwide as “ethnic cleansing.”

            To dissuade the Soviet Union from interfering with its plans, Prime Minister Begin immediately “gave orders to target more Soviet cities” for potential nuclear attack. Its American spy Jonathan Pollard was caught stealing such nuclear targeting information from the U.S. military in 1985.[23]

            During the next 25 years Israel became more militarily adventurous, bombing Iraq’s under-construction Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, invading Lebanon to destroy Palestinian refugee camps in 1982 and to fight Hezbollah in 2006, massively bombing civilian targets in the West Bank Jenin refugee camp in 2002 and thoughout Gaza in 2008-2009. There are conflicting reports about whether Israel went on nuclear alert and armed missiles with nuclear weapons during the 1991 Gulf War after Iraq shot conventionally armed scud missiles into it.[24][25]

            In 2002, while the United States was building for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon threatened that if Israel was attacked “Israel will react. Is it clear?”[26] Israeli defense analyst Zeev Schiff explained: “Israel could respond with a nuclear retaliation that would eradicate Iraq as a country.” It is believed President Bush gave Sharon the green-light to attack Baghdad in retaliation, including with nuclear weapons, but only if attacks came before the American military invasion.[27]

            Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has admitted that nuclear weapons are used by Israel for “compellent purposes” – i.e., forcing others to accept Israeli political demands.[28] In 1998 Peres was quoted as saying, “We have built a nuclear option, not in order to have a Hiroshima, but to have an Oslo,” referring to imposing a settlement on the Palestinians.[29]

            In her book Israel’s Sacred Terrorism Livia Rokach documented how Israelis have used religion to justify paramilitary and state terrorism to create and maintain a Jewish State.[30] Two other Israeli retaliation strategies are the popularized phrase “Wrath of God,” the alleged Israeli assassination of those it held responsible for the 1972 killings of Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics[31], and the “Dahiya doctrine” of destruction of civilian areas to punish Palestinians for supporting their leaders.[32]

            Israeli Israel Shahak wrote in 1997: “Israel clearly prepares itself to seek overtly a hegemony over the entire Middle East…without hesitating to use for the purpose all means available, including nuclear ones.”

            by Carol Moore, December 2009 version


            • “The state represents violence in a concentrated and organized form. The individual has a soul, but as the state is a soul-less machine, it can never be weaned from violence to which it owes its very existence.
              ~ Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi

            • ZOG- Zionist Ocupational Government. Many Jews in Israel are protesting the Zionist Goverment Regime and theor slaughter of Palestinisns.

              • Hamas is responsible for the slaughter of the Palestinians. They launch missiles from schools, hospitals, daycares, and apartment buildings. Israel treats Palestinians better than the Muslim governments do. But you don’t really care about those people either. You just hate the Jews because your father Satan hates the Jews.

                • Barnie, you just woke up and started your imaginary BS?

                • BarnRat read right from the ZOG teleprompter. Go crawl back in your litter box.

            • Israel should reconquer all the lands that God gave them. That would include all of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. As well as some of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

              • Your land BarnRat granted by God is the size of a dumpster located behind a bacon factory.

              • Barn Cat, I usually defend you, or at least your right to have a point of view. You’ve stepped over the line. To maintain that Israel somehow has the “right” to confiscate the territory of half a dozen other countries is no different than Hitler’s “lebensraum”. Tell me, what will Israel do with the millions of people already living in those countries, none of whom will see the Israelis as anything but an invading force? Will they treat them like conquered subjects, with a new apartheid where those “other” people are little better than slaves? Or will they simply exterminate them all?

                The “god” you’re referring to which supposedly gives Israel the “right” to to those other countries is nothing more than the devil. The real GOD belongs to ALL people, not just a “chosen people”. The real GOD has made it plain over and over again that no country has the right to rule or bully another.

                Hear me well Barn Cat, for I do not say this lightly: you have descended to the level of Acid Etch. If Israel ever did as you think they should, they will be every bit as venomous and evil as the Third Reich.

                “chosen people” = “master race”

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      5. I just dont see the military able to lock down the whole country. Martial law in big cities possibly. But that will not be without pushback or outright resistance against them.

        In smaller towns and cities and in the rural areas I dont see them controlling that at all. Too many roads and open land. Way too may armed citizens that will not take to martial law or the military telling them what to do.

        I know Red Dawn was a movie about high school kids. But think of all the ex-military that know something about armed resistance, IEDs, hit and run tactics…

        Just look at the Ukraine. An army against a not quite an army and the army gets handed its lunch recently by the not so army of resistance.

        Just my .02 cents

        • In France/Holland/Denmark during WW2 the Germans were almost completely unable to control the countryside.

          Difference now is the high-tech surveillance capabilities that they have. Might be different. Might not.

          • That was 70 years ago. They can use satellites and drones to track people. They can use drones to fire hellfire missiles at any building they want.

            • Agreed. Until they run out of missiles.

        • Steve, I’ll be with family in GA at the BOL. No way they could ever control the mountains of north GA.

          • Nor will they control the woods and swamps of Florida. One of my BOLs is in super dense forest off US1. I would be able to play highway robber with the vermin. But opsec & the wife would kick in! Be safe brother.
            Standing ready in Daytona

          • RBH
            They will have problems in the Ozarks of Missouri. If we don’t get them the tick and copper heads will.

        • Its good to know some neighbors are awake……David , In Valley Center

        • They, the LE/troops/UN, won’t have to come to your doors.

          The sheeple will go to them.

          When the banks close down, and the mail stops running, all that’s left for the 99% that haven’t prepared, is to be at the mercy of the local authorities & Food Banks.

          They will send out messengers to drop leaflets and the word will spread like wildfire……..

          “Come to Wally World with cash/gold & silver/unloaded guns, and bibles; and we will give(trade), to you, food and petrol.”

          “Your friendly neighborhood distribution center…..WalMarket.”

          “While you are here, we will give you a free vaccination mandated by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the New World (Health) Organization”.

          aka…mark of the beast.

          “the whole world whores after the beast”

          “btw, for every individual name or group of “dissenters/radicals” you give us, we give you a case of alcohol or baby’s formula.”

          “Ya’ll hurry back now!”

          • They will give food to people who turn in their gun owning neighbors.

            • BarnRat should know he signed for the Rat on you neighbor for food program.

        • Be proactive and keep them surrounded hunkered down at their bases, police stations, any body in a uniform crawling is dead meat. During this chaos hunt down the politicians and hang them. Oh the humanity. Go ahead and force SHTF onto the populace.

      6. gotta wonder how many goyim gentile sheeple will they kill in their next zog false flag attack on zog amerika?

        50,000 ???

        before the blissfully ignorant apathetic goy sheeple “wake up” to the reality of the nwo zog fedgov zionist fascism in once free now tax debt slave zog amerika.


        • “Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.”

          ~ Michael Ellner

        • In the mist of the Chaos many will be hunting down the Joo, the blacks, Many will be seeking out their revenge on those who did them wrong like the cops. The battlefield will be wide and deep. People don’t forget who screwed them over. It will be chaotic.. Karma will be the new order.

      7. Women who like to hit men need to check themselves… or suffer the consequences.

        how many times?

        can a woman hit a man?

        before it’s okay for him to hit back?

        And he knocks her the F^uck out?

        i laughed when i saw this…

        lol ;0)

        she had it coming.



        • Ray Rice — ELEVATOR KNOCKOUT … Fiancee Takes Crushing Punch [Video]

            • Any man who takes pleasure in beating up women is not a man. When SHTF, I see any men abusing woman I will not hesitate and will deliver swift justice. Any cowards picking on the weak for pleasure get it, swift justice. Remember that Chugga.

              • Anybody who hates Jews isn’t much of a man either.

                • Any Joo who destroys America deserves death.

                • Barnie, Are you really gay and your best over was a joooo ? Yo dirty old man….sex in the barn with bacon as lubricant?

            • I guess he thought it was the half time show called.

              BITCH SLAP!!!!

              LOW RATINGS THOU

        • “He must be from the “Whap-a-Ho” tribe!”


      8. There was just now an M 4.6 solar flare. The end time of it hasn’t been issued yet, just an estimated end time.

        • Kudo’s Archivist,

          Yes, that one is STILL spitting at a high level, it looks like it will be the classix “LDE”, (long duration event). Everyone should remember that back in Spring 2012, multiple of these exact type of M-Class flair’s – sustained over several hours – did, in fact lead to the highest Proton counts seen in a decade…just sayin’ here.

          For all that, the trend lately – distinctly – has the visible spots manifesting closer and closer to the Solar equator…a sure sign that the current cycle is nearing it’s end…

          …unless of course ‘something’ REALLY bad were to happen like, Oh say…Eta Carinae going hypernova…or maybe a nearby young neutron star with a yet high metallicity deciding to go off as a “Magnetar”: those are notoriously difficult to ‘see’ since they don’t properly emit much visibly, when they DO go off, those are responsible for the most energetic events we have seen (gamma spectrum pulse) for the last 20 years…’79, 87′ and ’04, all.

          Any of those – within 2K-3K light-years – are fully capable of ELE-magnitude results here on itty-bitty Ol Earth…a Super-EMP wave initially, followed by the creation of vast amounts of NOX (think Nitric Acid rain), leading to the classic “Nuclear Winter” scenario that destroys almost all food production here on Earth for a decade or more, thence leading directly to a 99% mortality rate among Humankind due to our reliance on all things technological; a grim thought, No?

          • It does seem to be going on for a long time. Almost 3 hours so far.

            I get email alerts on solar flares by being on a mailing list from:

            ht tp://www.ips.gov.au

          • It would have already havened thousands of years ago. We are talking light years here. Thousands or millions of light years.

          • LOL

            @Maybe So,

            Arn’t you just a ray of sunshine?



            • BigB; I was thinking the same thing. I was having a good day, a really good day then ….. bam! MayBeSo throws out ELE magnitude results. Damn, oh well.

              Tell JOG I miss his posts.


              • @ GR,

                “He” knows Friend…as well ‘he’ misses everyone here very much too. “Gone but not forgotten…as well, not FORGETFUL…” Much has transpired in the last several months…more has yet to occur. The single point that ‘he’ stresses – unfailingly – is the need to be ready when the moment comes…which – by his behaviour – I am growing steadily more nervous about; I’m NOT sure what he ‘thinks’…but I think that HE thinks it will be sooner rather than later.

                Be well, BE READY all. In extremis…At the very LAST, I beleive that he will act to allow for an additional ‘intake’…with US…whomsoever has the ability to DO so. Nothing further – at this point – on that. Capice?

            • Ahhh, too true,

              Hello BigB…it’ an ’emulation’ thing; as said here a bit ago, “Imitation is the SINCEREST form of flattery”, thus, I do TRY!

              As an aside, ‘he’ will likely send ‘greetings and salutations’ relatively soon…but only after I have returned to the ‘forward area’ to relay all that has here transpired…our comms are rather tightly regulated while we are ‘out’; none with the ‘forward’ area at all. That said, he WILL be pleased, of that I am quite

              Subsequent to our ‘little disaster’ with the generators several months ago, nearly all of our electronics got fried…deep FRIED, and thereafter it has been a matter of ‘reconstruction’…as well the ‘other’ concerns were at work. Please be very careful about all social media Sir…our ‘in-house expertise’ has lately identified THAT as a serious FAIL on every level; a word to the WISE therefore.

              Mac has a matter pending with ‘him’ at this point….if and when that resolves you may want to reconsider your BOL choices; ‘he’ is – now – VERY much of the conviction that above “North 50” is the only valid choice, the reasons for that are ‘astronomical’ in nature but NOT the ones you might think of. More on that later Sir…likley.

              • May be so ,
                By the unsettlingness of the superiors where I am stationed JOG’s input would be greatly appreciated ,
                FOB is it OCONUS or CONUS ?
                Note to JOG does this concern possible Compton Situation CONUS ? ( 50 north REF)
                Comms guys have been like whirling Dervishes with their gear lately , interestingly non-satcom.
                There is a lot of concern .

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Hello Night Breaker,

                  Apologies for any typo’s here…a ‘bad hand’ at the moment. As mentinoned previously, in – Oh say – a couple of Mac’s ‘Strat-blogs’ ago, JOG strongly recommends a place you can look up named ‘Hyder, Alaska’.

                  LOOK around there with Google Earth – NOT Google Maps – the 3-D ‘fly-around’ version. Especially look DOWN the length of the ‘Portland Canal’ which has that place at it’s head; that is one LONG stretch of salt-water friend. You will note that the US side is ‘Misty Fjords National Monument’…not a lot of ‘development’ there, Hmmm?

                  JOG went to great lengths to ‘vet’ several locations which afforded a MAXIMUM surviveablity under damn near any conceiveable scenario…including all the standard ones naturally, as well some rather ‘non-standard ones’ as well. I re-iterate here, “WE are NOT THERE”…that is something that will remain obscured until a later time and would be relayed only if truly dire circumstances came to pass…at which point someone ‘above my pay-grade’ would make that decision; you KNOW who.

                  Here previouly JOG had asked to make mention of something that – perhaps many – have not fully considered, “Genetic diversity”..without a sufficiency of that…an END will come, there must be an adequate amount of THAT in any congregation of Folk intending to ‘weather’ the long haul, No? So it is…such as THAT is why I am ‘included’ now and thus blessed. I am certina that that is the reason that he asked me to publicize that location here. JOG also indicated that any who elected to GO there should STAY there – quietly, in peace and safety – till later..he’ll know where you are.

                  Incidentally, that place IS ‘beautiful’ friend… think ‘Switzerland in North America’ certinaly the elevations thereabouts are of that magnitude! I know…I passed though it enroute to where I ended up. I expect that will give you some small bit to digest for now… so till later, my hand is KILLIN me!

                  Note; Being NON ex-MIL a lot of that escaped me. i might have to go refresh my lingo a bit!

        • saying earth cme probable

      9. It is weird that they have a plan for a lockdown of our cities but not a plan for a lockdown of our borders….Makes you wonder….

        • My thoughts exactly!

          • We the People need to lock-down Congress.

        • No wonder all all, of course. Saul Alinsky fascists back at their usual….

        • use your head, they can’t lock down any or our large cities, over ten million in NY alone, a standing Army of 2 million wouldn’t stand a chance if they were hungry asnd pissed off, just more propaganda to keep the sheeple scared.

          • Sure, they could lockdown NY. Just block the bridges and patrol the shoreline.

      10. On a recent “Doomsday Preppers” there was a guy who was planting moringa plants. He talked like it was a miracle plant. You can eat the leaves, young seed pods, and seeds; you can press oil from the seeds; and you can take the seed paste and use it purify water because it’s a natural flocculant. The leaves are full of Vitamin C and have more iron than spinach. The oil can be used for salads, oiling watches, making biofuel, and fueling lamps. Check out the Wikipedia article:

        ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moringa_oleifera

        I think I might have to get me some seeds or plants.

        • Moringa. I need to get some of those seeds. I grew amaranth and quinoa this year for practice. Didn’t see any pests hit those. Tomatos were totally another thing. Lots of pests on those. Organic.

          I thought Selco’s history was unique and improbable. Reading this report makes me change my mind. If the army plans to control cities, then I don’t know what would happen.

          • I read that okra planted by tomatoes will deter most of the tomato loving pests…I planted okra by my tomatoes and didn’t have a pest problem.

            • Thanks. I’ll try that next year. Maybe because ants like to climb the okra and can then eat the tomato pests. hmmm.

          • Dontbeanidiot

            not sure where i heard it but some one told me marigolds planted near tomatoes will help keep some bugs away
            also deer hate them and wont eat any thing near by

            there was something else but damned if i can remember

            i do know if you put zucchini near them and have that plant climb up strings and poles it will shad the tomatoes and help them grow better

            surely there is some one out there that can suggest something

            for me i just turn the chickens loose during the morn and they eat most of the bugs BUT do cause some pecking damage. but to me that’s worth it and they clean up most damaged fruits etc. you just have to watch them and chase em out.

            chickens are great bug eaters and they fertilize the garden. and help turn over the soil but NEVER turn them loose right after planting.
            or no garden.

          • Collect Pot Seeds. That is the Miracle plant after SHTF. For making hemp rope of course. lol

          • Chef Brad on the BYU channel has lots of recipes using amaranth, quinoa, and other grains. He puts grains in everything, from soups to salads to deserts. You can see some of the recipes on his website, chefbrad (dot) com.

      11. Two words: Posse comitatus.

        Three words: United States Constitution

        And if you still don’t get it, remember the peaceful Leipzig protest, in which the East German army refused to fire on the non-violent protesters of the fascist/leftist East German government. See the Der Spiegel report at http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/we-are-the-people-a-peaceful-revolution-in-leipzig-a-654137.html or Wikipedia summary at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monday_demonstrations_in_East_Germany The issue is, **many in the Army will NOT fire on peaceful fellow citizen rallying in support of the Constitution they are sworn to uphold*** (Yes, I know there are a lot of fascist leftists who will, but even after 40 yrs of Stasi indoctrination and a generation of communist propaganda, troops STILL did not fire. The leftist/fascists have to be sweating this, knowing that each day they lose more and more hearts and minds, even of the most ignorant “Yes we can” chanter.

        The goal is non-violent education and information dissemination. The left has no good ideas, only oppression and lies. All we need to do is speak forcefully in peach, and their lies will be exposed.

      12. How is the military which is in the process of being downsized going to lock down the country? Methinks that DHS and the other alphabet organizations are going to help. I don’t suppose they are going to waste all that ammo they’ve been storing up. Who knows …maybe the UN will help too. Its getting interesting and scary!

        • Roger that.

          I think we are going back to IRAQ………

      13. Listen to Jim Willie’s update:


        Note: the US has been overthrown by fascist elites. This is why the overthrown government is planning for war against Americans, they plan to steal all American resources and with that, much of the land. Research the UN’s Agenda 21, look at the new EPA blueprints leaked to the press confirming plans for MASSIVE LAND GRABS all around the country.

        America has been taken over by fascistic robber barons!


        • Yep , its a leftist dream come true.
          Check out this paragraph:

          Partnering and Leveraging Actions with Others ◦Work closely with our State partners to explore how CWA and SDWA Programs can promote technology innovation.
          ◦Work closely with ORD to assure that its research aligns with OW’s efforts to support technology innovation.
          ◦Explore ways to optimize the collective efforts of DoE, DoT, USDA, Commerce, and other federal partners to promote technology innovation for clean and safe water.
          ◦Explore how cooperative agreements with the Heinz Center[2] and others can help foster effective dialogues and actions.
          ◦Support the efforts of NACWA, WEF, WERF, U.S Water Alliance and others to rethink how wastewater utilities can be “utilities of the future” and “centers of regeneration” that emphasize water, energy and nutrients as resources.

          I love the term “leveraging actions” .

          And all the partnering groups are leftist orgs.
          fun stuff….

          • notice “heinz center” is involved.
            John Kerrys fingerprints are everywhere .

      14. They can have the cities,good riddance,just millions of hungry rats in a cage.Those that fight the powers that want to be in the cities,well,if can supply in any way or cut supply lines for the wanna be powers will give it a shot(perhaps literally).

      15. Read the report, which I’ll bet real money I’m the only poster here who bothered.

        It identifies four megacities in the USA, and about three dozen elsewhere.

        It uses New York as one case study of a (rare) highly integrated megacity, to contrast with loosely integrated megacities such as Lagos, Nigeria, Dhaka, etc.

        I see no suggestion that they are planning to invade New York, None at all. Infowars, as usual, is trolling clickbait, and Mac bit long enough for Alex to set the hook.

        It is an interesting read, however. To see how some utterly disorganized some megacities really are.

        • Old Coach: I disagree. The Military has been doing Black Hawk Helicopter Drills now for over a year. St Louis, Minneapolis, Miami, LA, Tampa and a few others. Shooting blanks out of their Machine Guns out the sides of the choppers, practicing Urban Assaults. Wake up!!!
          One Possibly, this is an exercise to prepare for a rapid and deliberate attack on the Second Amendment of the United States whereby, they could quickly and effectively disarm the citizens of the U.S. before they had a chance to realize that the assault is against them. Never discount the element of surprise. They may even say it is a drill, but actually rolling out the real deal. Wake UP America!!

          Read a few of these articles:
          Black Hawk Helicopters and Tanks Invading Your City? Is This the End of America?

          Military Drills and Black Helicopters in U.S. Cities Spark Panic

          • Well, if you’ve got a choice between practice in a local city, or practicing in, say, Japan, or Australia, or Brazil, which would you pick? Me, I’d go for the low-cost solution. Not that it doesn’t upset the neighbours, but imagine what would happen if you did your practice runs in Dubai. (Actually, not a bad idea, maybe even use live ammo.)

      16. All of this surveillance yet we hear endless garbage stories from the lamestream media championing the plight of “oppressed” female teachers who sleep with their students.

        Like really? With all of those cameras, security and biometric chips, the school boards have no evidence that the teacher got pregnant with her 12 year old male student after statutorily raping him?

        Or that feminist rats and her deleted emails from the IRS.

        Communism is a hell of a drug. It looks like government does not serve the people anymore and appears to be a commie feudal society.

        Next on the agenda: Socialist taxation of 75% and millions of new laws to make every one a criminal.

        There are already the FEMA camps aka Gulags

      17. The current issue is the US Army is being ravaged, brainwashed and controlled to the point that the Citizens of this country are meaningless to them.

        Our age is being doubled by the young making us older based on how little tech savvy we have, humans are being pushed out of the equation to the point that personal relations are no longer important.

        In 6 short years the kids have changed they’re the kids raised from a generation more lost then the last, we are in trouble, we allowed our kids to be trained by the Government to hate America.

        The only goal now is to show them how wrong they are about what America is really about.

        • They should be trained by America to hate the government…

      18. I’m wondering if there is a connection between ebola and the orchestrated dollar collapse/elite dismantling of America. When the shtf the conditions here in the inner cities will likely be similar to those in Africa that will allow this weaponized strain of ebola to spread exponentially unabated.

        Frankly I think it’s time for a thorough spring cleaning. If you frown on that sorry it’s just my experience. I’m sure there will be collateral damage and I hate that. It is what it is.

        I only have one concern now for my family as an Arizonan Deep Desert Dweller; will the power outage outlast my water supply? Don’t get me wrong I have over a thousand gallons packed away plus stored fuel to run the well.

        Like MCR use to say “it’s like being in a camp attacked by a bear, you don’t have to outrun the bear; just be faster than the slowest campers.

      19. There is just no way the military has the manpower or capability to lock down all cities, no matter how bad things get. I imagine the military will follow SOPs and fall back to major installations (power, water, airports etc.), border control and political/power/C&C bunkers. All else will have to be a free-fire zone.

        From the C&Cs the military can monitor the situation and deploy drones and robots to enter areas where unrest flares up or needs suppression. In short, you will be on your own.

        The modern military is mostly made up of technicians and is not built around mass occupation. It is a technological institution now. Even if it wanted to, it cannot deploy in such a manner to the megacities. For one, morale would be a big problem. Troops are used to having a PX nearby, a Mr Green Beans etc. They are not able to handle being deployed to a slum filled with gang-bangers and welfare mommies and try and run a daycare for this trash.

        This is why I believe population reduction is the obvious conclusion, whether you want it or not. I believe a eugenics-based population sifting will be inevitable and can be deployed in a soft manner without the general population resisting. Firstly, create campuses where the ‘Brights’ and ‘Beautifuls’ can be housed and protected. Similar to a university campus. Then, with the people who are mentally deficient, isolate them in areas far, far away from the campuses. Then go to work whittling down those populations through chemical processes. It would only take 10 to 15 years and the population would be very different. There may be some mopping up with the more aggressive ‘deficients’ but most will be taken care of.

        Once you have the ‘Brights’ and ‘Beautifuls’ together, society will advance faster as the resources can be better targeted to them and not just siphoned off, as they are now, and wasted on welfare and other social programs.

        • “Once you have the ‘Brights’ and ‘Beautifuls’ together, society will advance faster as the resources can be better targeted to them and not just siphoned off, as they are now, and wasted on welfare and other social programs.”

          Wow. You just paraphrased Hitler and his pipe dream of the ‘Master Race’ full of blond haired blue eyed super geniuses. That is Eugenics 101… good luck with that.

          The problem with that statement and Hitlers ideology is WHO gets to decide who is Bright and Beautiful? Be careful what you wish for. The problem is not just with people whom you (or others) consider less than optimal, but that mankind has fallen from grace and is too busy killing his brother, stealing everything under the sun and making the human race look pathetic. EPIC fail.

          • Unlike Hitler, we now have the technology to make better decisions on which DNA is worth preserving. Fitness for survival will be the criteria not race or ethnicity. As for symmetrical and aesthetically beautiful people, they are nice to have around and make life worth living. Decoration if you will. The Brights will run the show.

        • there are problems with preserving only the bright & beautiful. Most of the highly intelligent & good looking folks ive ever seen are ate up with the dumb ass. Many couldn’t catch their own ass with both hands. society will always need the grunts to do the making & producing.

        • Frank;
          Your campus suggestion reminds me of the movie “Elysium”, the elites lived in luxury on a space station with no diseases, etc.

          The rest stayed on earth in squalor


      20. “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

        If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

        The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

        ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826) 3rd president of once free Zog Amerika


        STARING ——–

        CO STARING ———

        PRODUCTION BY ———–





          • Warchild

            I am still rolling on the floor with laughter 🙂

      22. How much ill be too much?

        Even the founders knew things have to get much worse than they are before any real change will be taken up by the people…

        “All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer…while evils are sufferable…than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

        —————-Declaration of Independence————–

      23. World wide economic crash coming.
        Also, New York is the symbol of America’s financial power and wealth as were the twin towers.
        Yes, you will see New York with a thousand fires and occupied by US Forces.

        Don’t stop prepping……..The worst is yet to come.

      24. The SMELL of REVOLUTION is in the AIR!!!!!!! The only way to control major cities is through controlling the Water, Food, and Utilities period. Now, if Martial Law is invoked in any area, or for a matter of fact, on the complete U.S.A.; that is the end of America. Why, that will stop all work, no business of any kind will go on, absolutely nothing will be moving, and oh My; Wall Street will Shut Down. For Martial Law to work nothing can take place without Big Brother Watching every move made, IMHO the world will stop all recognition of the U.S.A. Look Martial Law will shut down the world’s largest economy over night and within no more than 30 days the world will be at war with one another over the shutdown. It will shut down all foreign aid and how can the bankers steal more money from the people, big drug companies closed, don’t think the world’s elitists have not thought of that. Again IMHO all this talk about Martial Law is a control tool used to keep the masses under thumb, could it happen yes it could, but likely not. I will just keep preparing for whatever may come my way.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      25. Well America … will you wake up in time or
        will your children grow up in another world???

        For everyone who wanted change here we go.

        How about this for change???

        Just the messenger!!!
        It’s up you to decide how you feel about this.


        Look who’s new in the White House!

        Arif Alikhan
        Assistant Secretary
        for Policy Development
        for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

        Mohammed Elibiary
        Homeland Security Adviser

        Rashad Hussain
        Special Envoy
        to the Organization of
        the Islamic Conference(OIC)

        Salam al-Marayati
        Obama Adviser and founder of
        the Muslim Public Affairs Council
        and is its current executive director

        Imam Mohamed Magid-
        Obama’s Sharia Czar from
        the Islamic Society of North America

        Eboo Patel-
        Advisory Council on
        Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

        This is flat-out scary!!!

        The foxes are now officially living in the hen house…

        Now ask me why I am very concerned!!!

        Do you feel OK with this???

        How can this happen, and when will we wake up???
        We are quiet
        while our Country
        is being drastically changed!!!

        Doesn’t this make you feel safe
        and happy about your country
        and this administration???

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      26. Well, there is a few problems with this scenario: 1st – logistics of locking down even 1 major city is a nightmare much less many at once. That would be nearly impossible to do even if they were prepared of which – they are not and admittedly would take years.

        2nd – posse comitias act prohibits the army from even doing such a thing and good luck passing that off as a emergency martial law. People still have Hurricane Katrina burned into their memories. The only way around it is to use the National Guard and move their enlistment to a national guard stats if it is possible. I don’t put it past them but for the army to have these recommendations knowing it flies in the face of Posse Comitatius Act what I would be more concerned with is a false flag to erase that act first.

        3rd – let’s take a serious look at ISIS. They are US trained and owned. They are still getting funding and have been caught faking executions on videos. They are the new Al Qaeda – who was the new “commie” in this endless propaganda war. Why send these dudes all the way to south America to sneak across the border when the US government can smuggle them in via transport plane directly to military bases? ISIS is just a boogieman.

        BUT what concerns me is what will they do to get the Posse Comiatus Act repealed? What false flag will they be willing to use to say the National Guard has been overwhelmed and we need to have the ability for the Army to come into these large cities. That’s what I would be watching out for.

        • Posse Comitatus Act has already effectively been repealed.

          Since Bush was in office.

      27. Freeman Patriot Veterans out there…

        “Please ‘Take Note’ that Russia is preparing to establish a Military Draft Program for Russia itself and it’s satellite Independent Russian States!”

        Russia is NOW Preparing for World War!




        • I suspect NATO will invade Ukraine to throw Russia out. Look for lots of developments now the NATO summit is over. Look at how much happened right after Bilderburg. Like they got the game plan and then it was time to hit the field and run the plays.

          The RRF will lead and mop up the Russians.

          • I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

      28. WHO predicts several thousand new cases of Ebola in Liberia in next three weeks


        “The World Health Organization’s September 8 Situation Assessment of Western Africa’s Ebola epidemic predicts several thousand more cases in Liberia alone in the next three few weeks, in the most dire report I’ve seen from them so far. The WHO also reports that the number of cases and deaths may be 3 to 4 times higher than current reports, and that 14 of Liberia’s 15 counties now report cases.”

      29. more surveillance, this from the nanny megacity itself::

        NYC approved sensors to watch for gunfire.

        NEW YORK (AP) – New York City’s comptroller has approved a contract for rooftop sensor technology for the NYPD to help pinpoint and reduce gunfire.

        Comptroller Scott Stringer approved the contract for the ShotSpotter Flex System on Monday.

        The technology will pinpoint the exact location of a gunshot, allowing officers to respond quickly.

        According to the Wall Street Journal, the two-year $1.5 million contract will allow the NYPD to target about 15 square miles with the new technology. Officials say that’s up to five separate coverage areas in the five boroughs.

        The law enforcement agency is still working to determine where to place the sensors. It hopes to have them operating by early spring 2015.

        • Tech can easily be beaten,imagine a beat for this system before fully employed,only idiots will be caught by such a system.The whole thing breaks down there will be so much gunfire really won’t matter at that point.

          • I’m 100% percent certain, but I think DC has been using this technology for a couple years now.

            • sorry that should read “NOT 100% certain”. I really need to proof read!

      30. Christians will be high on the enemies list since we have the power to influence a population and undermine the authority of the state. Totalitarians like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all persecuted Christians because they knew that the leader was not God.

        • “LIAR BarnCat” you are so misinformed.

          Hitler -was a Catholic Christian, and 95% of Catholics supported Hitler.

          Joseph Stalin -Raised Georgian Orthodox, at 16 he attended a Georgian Orthodox seminary, rebelled, performed well academically, was dismissed.
          Became a follower of Lenin, Atheist, Joined the Bolsheviks in 1903.

          Mao was a Buddhist – And did scale back the Christian Churches in China because Christians would not submit their loyalty to the state. It was not a direct persecution of Christians per say because of their religion.

          BarnCat must have gone to a Jewish school to be edumificated in your brainwashed skills. However The Jews Murder every one that does not believe in the Jewish Faith, including the persecution and Murder of Jesus.

          I am now convinced BarnCat is another Paid Shill Posting BS.

          • Hitler was probably half Jewish and Stalin’s real Georgian name was Jewish sounding according to Georgians. However, this is for discussion and not for arguing politics.

      31. @passininthewind and whowuddathunkit…I too have very weird feelings about this years 9/11 anniversary. We are keeping our vehicles filled even if we are only less than a full tank. This morning I’m going to buy canned goods as my freeze dried hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. I’m telling my Dad to stay away from city (Pittsburgh) on Thursday. I know they are just feelings but something doesn’t feel right. In the past, when I ignored my “feelings” I was wrong and should have followed my instincts. I guess we’ll see….

        • Npgh,though caution and listening to ones gut instinct always a good thing I believe any real(not false flag)terror attack would wait a week or so to allow security to lessen,perhaps a for lack of better word window dressing action but lets face it,would make a lot more sense to wait a few weeks as security ratchets down a bit and easier to pull off,hope we are all cautious for no reason.

      32. @everyone…ot but where’s Be Informed been? I always enjoy his posts.

        • Npgh; I’m hoping he is just busy right now.

          also haven’t seen any postings from JayJay and FacebookPage for a while. And Merree now that I think about it.


      33. When people get desperate you can expect violence to break out. If the system collapses, I do not think the military presence will be enough to stop it. It will be long and drawn out.

      34. A little good news Dammit!It is stories like this that allow me to be willing to fight for our country and our rights,these folks in very tough times still have the heart and kindness to help someone in even tougher circumstances,gives me a bit of hope for all of us: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-California/2014/09/08/Homeless-Good-Samaritans-Find-Missing-Naked-Autistic-Boy ,they want to give the guy a award which he seems uncomfortable about,how about giving these folks a country were they have a good chance at bettering their lives with a hand up(not hand out).

      35. The US Army reports a strength of approximately 1,460,000.

        If we assume an army requires 3 support personnel (it is very likely closer to 9) to support (food, fuel, supplies, transportation, etc.) each combat soldier, the actual number of combat troops is significantly smaller than the numbers we see as “army manpower”. This has always been the case, as combat soldiers require their food and gear to be shipped to the ‘front’.

        That being said, and using our very optimistic 3 support people per soldier, we get 365,000 troops in the US Army that can actually fight.

        The US Army has MANY overseas bases, particularly in active areas like the Middle East. There are easily 100 active overseas Army bases. Each of these is easily 200 people at a minimum, many more in active combat regions like Afghanistan, where we have 29,000 troops.

        Yes – the Navy and Air Force and Marines are there, but Marines are for penetrating operations not pacification. Navy is little help as there are few SEAL teams. Air Force is all about air support. It is left to the army to do ground fighting and pacification.

        If we assume that overseas operations are MAINTAINED (not maintaining is inconceivable to them), then the number of actual soldiers that the US Army can field in CONUS (optimistically) might look like this:

        Listed 420,000 troops in CONUS. Less 300,000 support = 120,000 combat troops in CONUS.

        Fully 90% of the US population is armed, as opposed to the second best-armed country in the list, Serbia, with 58% armed.

        If we assume that 25% of US Army troops refuse to kill their fellow Americans, then the number of combat soldiers would be 90,000 possible to combat an ‘uprising’.

        US population is 314,000,000. 66% is over the age of 15 and able to fire a gun so 207,000,000 of age and 90% have guns = 186,500,000 gun toters in America. Assume only 50% fight and you get 93,250,000 “terrorists” on the ground and armed and pissed off.

        Even if you take the 420,000 number of CONUS personnel available, it is still 200+ ‘terrorists’ to each combat soldier.

        The numbers say it all. Don’t forget the lessons learned in Vietnam – asymmetrical warfare does not favor formal Army tactics, and the Army is only now beginning to imagine fighting in ‘megacities’. It’s different when guys on rooftops can drop one brick and kill you regardless of your body armor and kevlar helmet – in cities things are very different. Guerrilla tactics render high tech weaponry much less effective.

        These numbers tell several stories, but the primary one is that the elites simply do not have the numbers to subdue the population of the USA. At best, by pulling everyone in and letting the rest of the world go, they cause death, destruction and misery throughout the country, yet still lose.

        The US is not Afghanistan, or Iraq or Vietnam. Even sliding into idiocy, this is a HUGE country – the most heavily armed in the world by a large margin.

        Is it any wonder that Common Core is teaching math as they do??
        Is it any marvel, really, that the MSM is 100% propaganda?

        Didn’t Churchill say, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” ?

        • Franklin, not Churchill, is the source of the quote. But the math you did is great. Thank you. One thing though is that you missed the police force manpower. Of course, MANY of them are pro-Constitution, so maybe that number is a wash.

        • The Worlds Largest Army is the American Hunter. They know how to stalk their prey.

      36. Sending troops into the streets of America? America still exists? The slave owners can send their troops anywhere on this plantation that they wish. You slaves better not get uppity.

      37. So – only ‘members’ get to comment here??

      38. OT;
        Several of Matt Brackens books are currently free to download on kindle.

        Enemies Trilogy
        Castigo Cay

        Get them while you can

        • Thanx,but cannot read kindles,when reading a book really need that,a book,can handle articles ect. on the laptop but could never handle 100’s of pages.

          • Warchild;
            I was the same way for a while. I refused to use a kindle, always enjoyed holding the book, the pages, etc. Then I tried a kindle on a vacation and was sold. Mind you, I still buy regular books all the time. But a free kindle book is a pretty good deal IMO.


            • Ghost,really did try the kindle,tried for 2 hours with a family members one,got a head ache as I do reading too much on computer.I have accepted computers/cell phone/azak for trim,going to stay old school with books and,of course,model 1911!

      39. Talk, talk, talk is all this article is. I’m relaxing and having a good time while idiots that actually believe articles like these are stressing out about bullshit that will never happen.

        • Good afternoon, Grasshopper.

          • sheeeit…. who’s stressing? we prep so we don’t have to stress


        • Just one question: How much is Geo. Soreazz paying you to post your fascist leftism from mommy’s basement?

          Oh, and one other question: Are you proud of the 100 MILLION the left murdered last century, per Stephane Courtois’ Black Book of Communism? Or if you include all flavours of your vile, evil, murderous, hateful left, Dr. RJ Rummel suggested it was 160 million. And yes, I DO include the German National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, aka the Nazis, who adopted explictly socialist planks at their first party convention in Munich, Feb., 1920

          But… THANKS for posting. Good to see how morally and intellectually bankrupt you fascist leftists are, in writing

      40. Did anybody actually read the PDF? Anybody here an intelligence analyst?

        The title “U.S. Army Report Urges Preparations For Troops To Occupy NYC, Other “Megacities”” is deceptive, at the very least.

        There is absolutely nothing in the Army report about “occupying NYC”. There are case studies of the different types of megacities: highly integrated, moderately integrated, and loosely integrated. A case study of New York is presented as an example of a “highly integrated” megacity (meaning that it has the capability to heal itself after an upset, whereas Lagos and Dhaka do not). This is all about stabilizing foreign megacities and preventing terrorists, national mafias, and drug gangs from projecting threats from those cities to the US.

        The bullet point, “How does the Army build civil-military partnerships to facilitate training, testing and experimentation in large U.S. cities?” means just what it says. The Army needs to train HERE in order to be able to intervene effectively THERE (in foreign megacities).

        The comment about “illicit networks” by PJW is best considered with some context:

        “Urban areas are expected to grow by 1.4 billion in the next two decades, with that growth occurring almost entirely in the developing world. As resources become constrained, illicit networks could potentially fill the gap left by over-extended and under-capitalized governments.”

        In other words, the “loosely integrated” megacities, all of which exist in countries other than the US, will be overwhelmed and unable to provide logistics for the supply chain, and incapable of maintaining the infrastructure. The “illicit networks” written of are like the Taliban, Hamas, the Mafia, or a cooperative effort between the PRI and, say, Los Zetas in Mexico City. What InfoWars is trying to lead readers to believe is that “illicit networks” = patriots, militias, or lawfully assembled or incorporated collections of citizens of any kind.

        The changes to Army doctrine that are recommended are based upon intelligence that portends a grim future for megacities in the developing world, especially coastal megacities. You should read “Out of the Mountains” by David Kilcullen, if you get time. All of this is bad. VERY bad. It won’t end well. But the legitimate message that the authors of the Army report intended to communicate has been badly distorted by InfoWars. It is the usual disinformatsiya that I have come to expect from Alex and company. The only reason I continue to read it is that there is some useful information that can be collected from the site, just as there is from HuffPo or Al Jazeera. However, InfoWars is still intentionally very deceptive.

        • This is proof positive that ANYONE can post a comment on SHTFPlan…

          • Look at my past comments, “sixpack”. I am prepared to defend any of them. Want to challenge me on any of them? Bring it. I don’t just regurgitate the usual piss-poor sloganeering.

            I have an interest in improving the quality of the commentary on “alternative media” sites. Know why? It’s because infiltrators like “Sorcha Faal”, godlikeproductions, beforeitsnews, infowars, and many others are making monkeys of us all. Many of these bastards mob sites like this one and encourage the good guys to believe lies.

            If this site just provides the occasion for you and other frustrated knots of rage to blow off some steam, then go ahead and knock yourself out. Some of us are actively trying to produce intelligence products that will be of some value. Mature discussion of the issues instead of cheap pot-shots and chicken-shit slights will be appreciated.

            • I didn’t challenge your thoughts, nimrod, but your post does stand as proof that even opinions that the majority may not embrace, are allowed to be published on this site.

              Save your rant, for when you have a reason to rant.

              • So the majority embraces InfoWars? If so, we have a big problem on our hands.

      41. Hah. It would take the ENTIRE US army to secure NYC, provided they had authority to shoot on site anyone who looked at them the wrong way. That would last about a month, and the population would consume them.

        • NY City- Oh yeah millions of snipers from a million open windows from thousands of highrises. That MRAP crew has to exit out of their bbq grill box sometime. Drop a piano out the window. Hot grease. Broken glass nails rocks screws bolts trash marbles furniture all onto the streets.

      42. If you haven’t read the study please do so now. Nowhere in the study did it state that the U.S. Army was planning or making plans to go into NYC. New York was merely one of several megacities that were studied for types and kinds of cities. Even if you read between the lines as obviuosly most of these commenters are; it would take way more troops then we have—both active and reserve to occupy and control a city the size of New York. Just think about what it would take to occupy only 4 major cities in the US. Lets say NYC, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles. It would take at least 2 Army divisions to monitor–not control a major city like Atlanta.

      43. Where is the book, “IF you are on GOVT. Subsistence Money, etc., How will you Survive the Dollar Collapse”? or something like that? I mean, these very poor, easily manipulated (and sometimes very stupid) people ..will need some type of information in order to survive the police, the national guard, vigilantes, etc. on and on. Of course, they are perhaps the last people to pick up such a book.. BUT, a 100 pg., easy to read, with comic graphics..would be important right now… I think it would sell…someone could make a passel of money on this..Aren’t there about 40 million on govt. payouts?? Plus, we have those on SS, over 65, etc.(150 million there?)…now there’s another group to write a book for..big font…I’m just full of ideas..maybe I should write these??

      44. It would take the entire US Army to occupy New York. The government will not be able to maintain order. Be prepared to protect yourselves.

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