Two Stars Crashed Into Each Other Flinging Out Gold, And Wobbling The Universe

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 26 comments

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    The amazing new discovery of two crashing stars is a giant leap forward for astrophysics. This celestial event has been described by many as one of the most exciting things to happen in space.

    According to The Independent, the super-dense neuron stars crashed together 130 million light-years away, spewing out precious metals and other heavy elements like platinum and uranium. Neutron stars, the collapsed remnants of massive stars that have died in supernova explosions, are some of the most exotic objects in the universe Experts say the event has kickstarted a “new chapter in astrophysics” and confirmed theories about the origin of the mysterious neutron stars. They were also able to use telescopes on satellites and the ground to see the light and radiation that was being flung out of the explosion, which is known as a “kilonova.”

    “They [neuron stars] are as close as you can get to a black hole without actually being a black hole,” theoretical astrophysicist Tony Piro, of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Pasadena, California, said in a different statement. “Just one teaspoon of a neutron star weighs as much as all the people on Earth combined.”

    This huge explosion also rocked the very fabric of the universe, distorting spacetime. That is a major discovery in itself, marking only the fifth time that gravitational waves have been spotted on Earth and for the first time ever, scientists have spotted both gravitational waves and light coming from the same cosmic event Scientists didn’t just “hear” the violent blast by seeing the ripples in spacetime. Every other gravitational wave detection has been traced to black holes crashing together in remote regions of the universe more than a billion light-years away.

    Albert Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves in his theory of general relativity, which was published in 1916. But it took a century for astronomers to detect them directly. That milestone came in September 2015, when LIGO saw gravitational waves emitted by two merging black holes. Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space-time generated by the acceleration of massive cosmic objects. These ripples move at the speed of light, but they’re much more penetrating; they don’t get scattered or absorbed the way light does. –Space

    On Aug. 17, 2017, LIGO’s two detectors, which are located in Louisiana and Washington state, picked up a signal that lasted about 100 seconds.  That’s far longer than the fraction-of-a-second “chirps” spawned by merging black holes. “It immediately appeared to us the source was likely to be neutron stars, the other coveted source we were hoping to see — and promising the world we would see,” David Shoemaker, a spokesman for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, said in a statement.

    The landmark discovery initiates the field of “multimessenger astrophysics,” which promises to reveal exciting new insights about the cosmos, researchers said. The find also provides the first solid evidence that neutron-star smashups are the source of much of the universe’s gold, platinum, and other heavy elements.


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        • Ok everybody…. BUY NEUTRON STARS!!! IT’S THE NEW BITCOIN!!!!

      1. Don’t forget – this actually happened 130 million years ago, we are just seeing it now.

        So, what about this “gravitational waves”, “ripples in spacetime”, and “distorting spacetime”. What if something happened closer to the Earth, like only 10 light years, or even 100 light years away? Thing is, you can’t see it, or the effects of it, coming.

        Is this what happen to the Earth every so often? Is this why we have evidence of modern machinery embedded inside solid rock that is dated to millions of years ago?

        If so, see you next time around!

        • So… how does this very highly useful information impact the price of my favorite beer?

        • LOL. Nasa will publish anything to remain relevant. The Earth is a flat plane contained under the firmament (as are the Sun, Moon & all the star/planets). Polaris is fixed above our northern pole and all stars complete an orbit around its position directly above us.

          Feel free to believe what you will, but unless you’ve taken the time to seriously study this subject, you’ll simply be espousing the deeply indoctrinated system you received shortly after birth.

          The truth WILL set you free.

          • So you think there’s this huge conspiracy among everyone whose ever flown at high altitude who must be lying when they say the earth is curved? How about all those people who have flown around the world?

          • what? you are kidding right? how do you go around the world, east to west, and get back where you started if it is a flat plane? how does that work?

            • No MWK, I’m not kidding.

              Circumnavigating the Earth as a flat plane is easily explained. All directions away from the North Pole are South (There is no fixed South pole). Traveling in either direction (east or west) you will continue to do so with the North Pole either to your left or right for the duration of that journey.

              The Lats/Longs are still intact and as you know them.

              If your questions were serious and not sarcastic, you are headed in the right direction (no pun intended)…Keep asking those questions and the truth, which is right before your eyes, will reveal itself.

      2. Spewed out gold? Hmmm…. I’ll bet Goldmun Suchs has shorted THAT gold too, or else used that to somehow at least create more paper gold.

      3. Horseshit…universe isn’t what we have been told. Flat earth exists and they will do what the can to discredit truth. Remember who tells you the earth is round, from kindergarten on they Hollywood movies…conditioning for some future planned event to fool you.

        • So [IF] the earth is flat, what is on the other side?
          Seriously, I feel the need to know.

          • Nothing is on the other side.

          • My guess is that Hell in on the underside, and oh boy, it’s a big place. LOL.

            The flat earther’s map shows the North Pole at the center of a disc and the ice wall of Antarctica totally contains the perimeter. Australia is shown as nearly 3 times as wide as the USA. My question (which the flat earhers never address) is why haven’t the people in Australia noticed that their country is a lot more than 2,500 miles east to west (as conventional maps show)?

            There’s are railroad which runs from Sydney to Perth. I know someone who road it. The train riders know how many hours they are on the train; they can guess it’s approximate speed. Why has no one ever said “Hey, this ride is 8000 miles long, not 2,500 miles; damn, the flat earthers are right?”

      4. When the magnets spinning around the sun get pulled in and no longer cause the sun to arch. They will become large black magnets no longer gyro stabilized and will be attracted to another at ever increasing speeds. When they hit their will be a Big Bang starting it all over again? The moon magnet causes earths core to arch? And lifts the oceans. Maybe?

      5. Wow, a galactic nothing burger! Quick, Tell Hillary!

        • That was hilarious!

      6. So I’m wondering, if those two stars or suns collided, they had to be moving. So does this mean our sun is the only one not moving? Hmmmm.

      7. Wait…call me up in dreamland again.

      8. Score is NASA.. a big fat goose egg. Common sense.. numbers off the scale. Those lights you see in the sky are vibrational sounds in the water. The great rift a crack in the dome responsible for historical floods in ancient writings. Hmm.. food for thought.

      9. Well Mac – I have to say; though interesting to those who follow astronomical study, this is definitely the oldest of old news I’ve read here. Just a few 130,000,000 years ago. Now, when those stars’ materials – the gold, platinum and other heavy metals ejected are due to arrive, let me know. Ought to be about…. what? If it all is moving @ 10% the speed of light as I’ve read, ought to be here in about a billion years or so, give or take a few hundred million years.

      10. Mac, did you mean 2 celelbrities crashed into each other drunk? LOL!

      11. “Just one teaspoon of a neutron star weighs as much as all the people on Earth combined.” I have trouble with science people using the term weight, when weight is relative to where you are. I weigh 200 pounds on earth, somewhat less on Mars, and significantly less when I’m on the moon, however, I have the same mass in all those places.
        Makes you wonder about the other scientific comments in this article.

        • The physicist was speaking to ordinary people using ordinary language. Most people don’t refer to mass, even when it’s the most correct word to use.

          Also, the illegals wouldn’t understand. The only mass they know of is in church.

      12. I wish I could remember the title of the novel I read a couple of years ago. The novel was published in the 1880’s. In the novel, the protagonist was explaining the theory of relativity to a reporter, the same way it was explained to me in high school. At that time, Einstein wasn’t much more than a twinkle in his father’s eye. It makes me wonder how it became Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, when fiction writers knew about it 30 years before he wrote about it.

      13. I just throw out opinions that I’ve seen on youtube videos. Like the moon not full and stars seen through the dark part with magnification. How about the video out of the airplane window at the north pole where colored swirling lights are entering a large opening. I can’t remember who said they entered into the north pole to find another race inside decades ago, somebody well known. Strange that both poles are off limits. On another note the Russians have drilled the deepest on Earth said to be 12,000 kilometers before they could drill no deeper in 1992.

      14. Maybe all those ripples in reality are causing “the Mandela Effect”.

        Maybe we live in a computer generated “Matrix”, and the universe is not exactly “real” – just a simulated reality projection in some advanced being’s hollow deck.

        Maybe the creator god lies under a shade tree asleep and dreaming. Your universe is the dream; and you are the dreamer.

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