Twitter Caught Trying To Silence James O’Keefe After He Exposed Their Conservative Censorship Regime

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    Twitter has finally unblocked Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s account after attempting to silence the conservative journalist over his expose on the social media giants direct political censorship of conservatives.

    Multiple media outlets have noted that before the suspension, O’Keefe had been gaining upwards of 10,000 new followers per day since the release of his bombshell expose that showed Twitter employees literally bragging about censoring conservative viewpoints on the platform.

    “The suspension was likely an attempt by Twitter to bury the news story exposing company practices, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was ultimately bombarded with over 20,000 tweets demanding he lift O’Keefe’s suspension,” wrote Kit Daniels.

    “Twitter is trying to block our journalism,” O’Keefe was also quoted as saying.

    Keep in mind this wasn’t some small-scale conservative leaning hit piece against Twitter. O’Keefe’s expose included actual video footage of Twitter engineers admitting it all.

    As an article on The Daily Sheeple noted, “In what represents a chokeslam of an exposé, Project Veritas has released undercover video of Twitter engineers admitting that they deliberately censor conservative opinions and are implementing a way of relegating “shitty people” so their content is shadow banned.”

    “In the video, current and former Twitter employees confirm virtually everything that conservatives have long suspected about the left-wing company silencing people on the right.”

    The company even “shadow bans” certain accounts who still think they are using the platform but their content is actually censored to everyone else.

    “One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control,” former Twitter employee Abhinov Vadrevu can be heard saying in the undercover video. “The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don’t know they’ve been banned, because they keep posting and no one sees their content.”

    All in all, it is clear that both Twitter and Facebook are absolutely 100% working against conservatives across the internet and will continue to do so until Americans finally demand real change.

    When will enough be enough?


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      1. First it was deplorables now it is “shitty people”

        • JS, I’m deplorable and proud of it. Twitter’s got their panties in a wad only because they got caught and exposed for what they really are. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas really earn my respect for what they do.

          • BTW JS, I would say Twitter are ‘shitty people’. Libturds usually are anyway, LOL.

            • we need “SHITTER”…..well, don’t just STAND THERE, invent U.S. a “shitter”… know, for U.S. SHITTY people! we need an alternative for the OVER HALF of americans that disagree with these cunts…..oh, and while you’re inventing it, could you make THIS ONE legible?….you know,…in ENGLISH, so the dumb masses can READ it………i can just see the headlines now…….SHITTER, it’s like twitter, only THIS one you can READ!……oh, and no simps allowed.

              • What i get a kick out of is the libtard media blowing a gasket over DJT telling a truth,,,,,
                These countries are SHIT HOLES!
                Total and complete SHIT HOLES, you couldnt pay me a million dollars to go there, id say no thanks,,,,
                But the libtards are blind to reality,,, really fucking stupid.
                All that surplus gear may come in handy bud

                • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. I laugh every time the libturds melt down over something. All of the third world are shithole countries. I’ve also got a lot of surplus gear that will come in handy.

                • The only reason the DemoRATS are mad about the comment Trump made is, number 1 it’s True but more importantly number 2, the DemoRATS see those fine folks from those fine countries as VOTES!! Once again, all the worthless cunts care about is votes people.

              • BCOD, I like the thought but the libturds can’t read.

                • it’s not that they CAN’T….it’s that they WON’T read. facts always seem to get in the way when they read….

                  • BCOD, oh that’s right. My bad, LOL.

        • i am confused?. they just unblocked him but the artical says they try to silence him.

          • ok, i’ll take this one……they DID block him, but enough people PROTESTED, so they had to unblock him. hope that helps you.

      2. No law against starting another social media platform. Companies don’t owe anybody but their stockholders anything.

      3. Sounds a lot like Europe’s hate speech laws are worming their way here.
        When did it become illegal to hate someone or something?
        A slippery slope, that’s for sure.

        (rellik) I answered your question about electricity but it’s down the page now. In 9 days it will be 4 months without it.
        We’re doing fine on solar power during the day to power the refrigerator and the Honda generator at night for that, lights, computer, and TV.
        At 10-11 pm it goes off and we put a big frozen tub of water in the fridge overnight and it all stays cold.
        The generator is nice and quiet and at 3000 watts we get 5.5 hours per gallon. It’s demand based throttle system is ingenius.

        • Ketch.
          You know I read the posts here.
          You are living on the “edge” and we
          have a lot to learn from you.
          Unlike most people on SHTFplan we
          can’t just walk or drive away.
          Keep us informed.

          • +1

        • Sounds like a fun and interesting experiment but you could do much better with professional help, even though 5.5 gph is really quite good.
          Examples of how your energy efficiency would be much higher if you did any of the following
          1. propane refrigerator 35% more energy efficient
          2. had a micro CHP system (combined heat and power)using the rejected heat of the generator combustion engine to heat water for other domestic purposes. converting propane to local electricity and heating water (both water tank and for space heating) is about a 40% energy savings
          3. improve the water heating efficiency with a true heat pump water heater such as the Stiebel Eltron
          4. improve the air-sealing of the home. after windows, This topic of air sealing is most likely the largest contributor to energy loss in every single american home not built to 2012 or newer “Energy Star” standards. However, German “Passive House” standards are 80% more energy efficiency and 800% (yes eight HUNDRED PERCENT) more air tight than US energy star homes.

          of course be sure to be only running LED lighting.

          if you are going off grid, you want to do that with the least energy consumption possible.

          check out these folks

          • Its no experiment,
            Their island got mowed down by a hurricaine 4 months ago,,,
            Theres nothing experimental about it, its called real life in and after a SHTF event

          • Also, based on what ive heard from a few sources, if you didnt have it before, you are definitely not getting it now

        • Ketchup,
          How big is your solar?
          Sure youve posed that before but am just curious

          • Nail, it’s a small system, just 500 watts of panels going to 4 golf cart batteries (208 AH each) and a 3000 watt,24 volt pure sine wave inverter.
            I plan on tweaking it a bit with more panel wattage. Batteries like Iron Edison would be nice but big $$ and shipping is costly, too.
            I have a 24 v pump for rain water pumping (whole house) powered by 2 60 watt panels and 2 12v RV batteries.

            One 30 watt panel powers the electric gate.

            I like small stand alone solar setups; less likely to lose it all with frequent summer lightning strikes.
            FWIW, I grounded the large solar setup with leftover copper cable, as well as the steel roof on the house, to a copper coated ground rod. So far, so good.

            DC, I know people with dual generators that run on gas or propane and they say it uses propane at way too much of a rate than gas. Not efficient at all. Remember, we are about 1000 miles into the Caribbean so LP costs a little bit more.
            The nice thing is we never need home heating!
            And LP gas on demand water heaters work well and are very efficient.

            • Cool,,,,
              Thank you for the info Ketch,,
              Am going to try and get a few more panels, will be worth it im sure,,
              Gives me hope to do a small setup.
              I have a couple small generators. 3500w made by echo basicly, i love them for running the refrigerator, are quiet and can run for quite a while on a tank…

      4. I never use social media. If I did, they would ban me in a heartbeat. I’ve been banned from ALL of the MSM sites so that’s plenty of honor for me, LOL.

        • Same here DB. Got no use for it. I still have my old G’Z One flip phone. Its dropped off of ladders, been under water and is 10 years old and still going strong with the original battery.

        • Good for the two of you above – TDBh and Nailb. Same here. What’s the point really of Twitter? (a thought I wish the POTUS would have). A fast comment attracting attention to sell advertising and give up data to the central machine? ‘Bout it, that’s ’bout it.

          • the POINT of that weapon of mass distraction, is to keep people amused, so they don’t pick up their pitchforks and start MARCHIN’. trump uses it so he can talk directly to the PEOPLE to get his message out to U.S…..while he may say a few things that are questionable, that’s to be expected when you say things directly from the HEART…..we SEE what trump is all about, thanks to twitter. if it was up to the MEDIA to send his message to U.S., then the message would be VERY different.

        • Same here BH, i have no use for any of it, i scan about a dozen news sources and figure out the truth as it usually lies somewhere in between the actual lines,,,
          Not much out there anymore that isnt biased one way or another, sorta sucks

          • Nailbanger, even with alternative media you have to go through sources with a fine-tooth comb, so to speak. At least with MSM I know where I stand.

            • What? Shocking! You mean common sense show isnt cold hard facts!

              • Nailbanger, I didn’t mention any particular sites. As far as Dave Hodges goes, I think some of his articles are legit but others are questionable. It just varies from one source to the next. All you can really do is use your own discretion and judgment.

      5. Good for James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Shine the light on the dirtbags and expose them for who and what they truly are.

      6. Make America Great Again
        “. “. WHITE. “

        God Bless America

        “Multicultural” is code for “phukkk whitey”

        “Send me your poor refuse” is French for
        “Phukkk Whitey”

        “You know” is Ebonics for “excuse my inability to communicate”

        If Reading Shakespeare is white privileged and
        “The Merchant of Venice” is hate speech

        Than an algorithm is a vice presidential tap dance.


        • “Then” not “than”


          • Than s/he was a Tran from Afghanistan
            Whose secret was in the hand.

            His ring finger was longer than his pointer
            Though his pistol had been turned in.

            “A son is a son till he takes a wife
            But a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life”

            Unless your son becomes indoctrinated
            To cut off his penis, although it ain’t genius

            He won’t be kicked off Twitter
            Cause pussy gets its litter

            Box, that is.


      7. I have posted 37 times since Monday on the death of Peter Sutherland and not one response.
        What does that tell you?

        • Sounds like a step in the right direction

        • Who is that?

        • It tells me nobody misses the bastard.
          Good riddance. I hope he’s nice and toasty in Hell.
          There, now you have a response.
          Glad I could help.

        • KookyKarl, I mentioned it once myself the other day. I don’t think anyone here misses that POS globalist.

        • Thank God. Long overdue.

      8. Let’s make everything a felony. So no one can own a gun? Felony speeding , felony trespassing, felony everything’.

      9. Why Are We Having All These People From Shithole Countries Come Here? Executive Order Operation Wetback II authorizing bounties to be paid to citizens for each illegal carcass removed.

      10. Real change at twitter, and facebook will only come when you burn down their buildings with them in it. Now some of you might say, what was said is harsh, and shouldn’t be said. WRONG, wake the hell up people, these liberals hate you!!! Your one of the shitty people, they just told you that, and they want to permanently silence you. And if they ever get in a position of complete political power, they’ll burn your house down with you and your family in it without even thinking twice about it. There’s a fight coming for this country, and the best defense, is a good offence, so have a plan in place to strike first.

        • Just look at Waco,,,, theres liberal appointees and mindless fed goons in action,
          Lavoy Finnicum
          Ruby Ridge
          How many others that didnt get the publicity?

          • Nail: This US Gov’t is so beyond immoral and out of utter control! We truly need to cease and desist and start Fresh! That tree needs to be watered my fellow patriots…

      11. I’m seriously thinking about going old school on their technocratic asses..?

        ht tp://

      12. Did you notice how all the Twitter twits seem to have a brownish complexion?

      13. Trigger Party’s Nancy Pelosie is imitation Porky Pig.
        She has Hillary Clinton Brain Disease.

        • Liberalism is a disease
          Hence “Libtard”

          • Nail: Liberalism is a severe form of being mind-fucked, no two ways about it people!!

      14. What disgusting, no good PUKES they are!! Folks, this is what things have come to. Could you imagine if the shoe were on the other foot so to speak?? Hold these rat bastard commies feet to the fire. Or just HANG them if you prefer.

      15. Cyber attacks on nuclear arsenals ‘could lead to inadvertent launches’, think tank warns

        ht tp://

      16. Ketchupondemand, more info on how you’re surviving. Running water? Heating, cooling? sanitation? Medical? How’s the supplies holding out? Security? Need anything I can help you with or get?
        I don’t comment much on here, but I’m here every day, and do read theses comments.

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