Turkey Files Complaint With WTO Over US Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Products

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Commodities, Headline News | 17 comments

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    A second country has now filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over the United States’ insistence on ramping up a trade war.  Turkey, following in China’s footsteps, filed the complaint after the US imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products coming from the country.

    “Turkey has requested WTO dispute consultations with the United States concerning additional import duties imposed by the United States on steel and aluminum products. The request was circulated to WTO members on 20 August,” the WTO said on Monday according to a report by RT. “Turkey claims that the measures are inconsistent with a number of provisions of the WTO’s Agreement on Safeguards and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994,” said a statement on the WTO’s website.

    Back in July, the Chinese government lodged a complaint with the WTO over the US’s implementation of tariffs on some of their goods. Ankara retaliated against the US by raising tariffs on 22 American-made products ranging from cars to tobacco.

    According To NPR, the WTO complaint comes less than a week after the Trump administration published a preliminary list of more than 6,000 Chinese products that it wants to hit with an additional 10 percent duty. The list targets products worth a total of $200 billion, ranging from an expansive range of seafood and vegetables to stones, metals, and plywood. –SHTFPlan

    Some of these tariffs are already having an effect on the wallets of Americans. The continual ramping up of an unnecessary and disastrous trade will only speed up the likelihood of a global economic collapse. The world is already $250 trillion in debt, so just where, exactly do these elites gambling with our livelihood think the money to pay the tariffs will come from?  If you’ve guessed your wallet, you would be correct.

    Under WTO rules, Ankara and Washington will now have 60 days to settle the dispute through negotiations. If talks fail, the WTO will decide the dispute. According to Business Day, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the tariff increase, which caused the Turkish lira to crash nearly 20%, a “political plot” and an “economic war.” And to be completely honest, he’s 100% correct: this is a trade war a best and an economic war at worst.

    President Donald Trump tweeted that he initiated the increased tariffs on Ankara over an American pastor who has been held for two years on terror charges in Turkey.


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      1. This problem goes deeper than just Trump doubling tariffs on Turkey Steel, but Turkey wants to pull out of NATO. NATO is the COMMIE War Riddled Fascists, hell bent on destroying every nation who disagrees with its Globalist Slave Tactic Policies.

        Turkey has some legitimate complaints, but consider many other factors, besides tariffs. Consider the Geographical Oil Pipeline routes that goes through Turkey.

        And the US needs to pull out of NATO, who drags America into every conflict NATO chooses. And this violates our US Constitution, which declares Congress Declares War, NOT NATO.

        The evil doers who really need to be destroyed are Saudi Arabia, Israhell, France and England. The worst of the worst. These are the Sadistic Genocidal Chumps that will kill anybody, even a bus full of school kids for no reason, other than for the fun of it. And the US needs to stop supporting these POS State Sponsored Terrorist Countries creating chaos around the globe. Just my 1st Amendment take opinion of what is up with this turkey issue.

        • Steel & Aluminum products ??? Yeah, and add some silicon. Two years ago I predicted the rise of human like robot/androids within five years; going so far as suggesting stepford wives and husbands would not be far behind.


          It won’t be long now before sex dolls become sex androids and ALEXA will be moving around your house, cooking, cleaning, and servicing your every sexual appetite. All you will have to do is replace her lithium ion battery pack every eight hours. 🙂

        • NATO is the COMMIE War Riddled Fascists

          If NATO are the commies, then who are the Commies’ military alliance?

          • This article below confirms exactly what I just said yesterday.

            Yet another step towards De-Dollarization
            Link:ht tps://www.marketslant.com/article/yet-another-step-towards-de-dollarization

            Turkey, a long-standing NATO ally and a key line of western defense during the long cold war years fully agreed with his Russian counterpart. The Turkish foreign minister Mr. Cavosoglu openly warned that US sanctions or trade embargoes can and are being unilaterally imposed against any country at any time if they do not toe DC’s political line. He said at the same press conference; “Today, sanctions are imposed on Turkey, and tomorrow they can be used against any other European state. If the United States wants to maintain respect in the international arena, then it is necessary for it to be respectful of the interests of other countries.”

            This serves as a further example for many nations for the clear need to diversify to an extent away from the greenback, or risk being caught up in its volatile, changing and unpredictably risky political directions. The Dollar and the geopolitical winds from Washington are today as never before openly being used as policy, which can be called the “carrot and stick”, a distinctly Pavlovian approach. Sadly, few if any can make out what the carrot in this US brand of worldview is.

            Tariffs, sanctions, pressured exchange rates, the Federal Reserve loosening or tightening, trade agreements and laws ignored or simply trashed… there is a lot going on which is negatively affecting America’s allies as well as those on Washington’s politically popular “poo-poo” drama list.

      2. “Trump tweeted”
        So, from the horses mouth we learn directly (almost), via Twit, that President Trump is using these tariffs in response to an American Pastor held by Turkey.

        This is great. Remember poor little Amanda Knox. Obama didn’t do squat for her.

        We need to be assured that other Countries fear the USA when it comes to the safety of our citizens abroad.

        Kudos to Trump. These Turkeys need their feathers plucked. Pluck them.


        • Obama didn’t do squat for her.

          Yes he did. He tried to send her back to stand trial again. She had to fight it in court, then the Federal Courts ruled it was double jeopardy and she did not have to go. It never should have gone to US court in the first place.

      3. Is there anything going on in world events that doesn’t cost Americans more money?

        • Since we live in a system that believes that 3% inflation is mandatory and “normal”. I could argue a Hippo taking a dump in Africa costs me money.

          • Just as long as it is not a white rhino. If it was a white rhino then the grazing land would be appropriated by the government and the rhino deported to the nearest extermination camp.

      4. The author needs to be a little more clear; except when it affects national security only congress can pass tariffs, because in reality a tariff is a tax that we pay. Trump has determined that we need to keep our steel and aluminum industries safe from foreign “dumping” in the interests of national security so he imposed the tariffs.
        As a rule I oppose tariffs as they warp the “market” and make winners out of the inefficient and politically connected, but screw the taxpayers.

        • Only one easily defined problem with relic’s opinion about Tariffs. Without Tariffs. The USA companys cannot effectively compete with slave wage third world places. In the absence of tariffs. We will not have a level playing field until one of two things happens. Those third world places have huge a increase in wages and cost of production. Or the USA eventually becomes a slave wage paying third world shithole. Which do you think will happen?

          • OG,
            In the market place there is almost no such thing as a “level playing field”. Some wages will go down. Some will go up.
            But artificially taxing me so some union guy can have his $100,000 per year pay, is not the way to get him to decent wages.
            Where I live $100,000 Per year wages will barely get you a crap house on a small lot. What happens when no one can afford the houses? Price drops.
            IOW the problem is far larger than Tariffs, but taxing me to give it to US steel plants or Alcoa isn’t a good fix.

          • The USA has become a slave wage paying shithole. Have you looked for work lately?
            Slim pickens out there, bro. Minimum wage won’t buy a decent meal.

        • Tariffs were the foundation of America. That was the two primary jobs of the Federal Government. Tariffs and Military.

      5. The globalists want Americans to yield their self-determination and autonomy up to shadowy pan-national institutions like the WTO and the UN. Why would the members of the sole superpower ever do so?

        Stop being fools.

      6. “If talks fail, the WTO will decide the dispute.”

        Over domestic taxes, passed in sovereign country.

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