Trump’s White House Aides Warned He’s Likely To Be Impeached

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Experts, Headline News | 32 comments

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    President Donald Trump’s White House aides have warned him that he is likely to be impeached.  The president has been facing impeachment stemming from the fallout from a July phone call with Ukraine’s president in which he urged his counterpart to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

    According to a report by the Washington Examiner, Trump is nevertheless convinced he does not need a formal “response team” to counter the impeachment inquiry that began last week. While the president is being warned that his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is doing damage to his cause in his media blitz, Trump does not want to hire any more lawyers because he believes it would make him look weak.

    House Democrats spent yesterday subpoenaing Giuliani for documents related to the new whistleblower complaint against the president. It was also reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was part of the controversial phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25.

    While Democrats are crafting articles of impeachment, Trump is trying to make sure his voice is heard.  He’s attacking the whistleblower and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who is taking a leading role in the impeachment inquiry.

    “The Dam Could Break On Thursday”: Here Are 12 Quotes That Show The Democrats Are Getting Ready To Impeach Trump

    “This whole thing is a disgrace. There’s been tremendous corruption and we’re seeking it, it’s called drain the swamp,” Trump said.

    Impeachment Derangement Solidifies Trump Re-Election: Investors Prepare for Normalcy Disruption

    Most of the mainstream media is certain that this scenario is one they can make stick and actually get an impeachment from. Many are bracing for a Mike Pence presidency even.  According to liberal media outlet CNN, for days now, Trump has been unable to slow the momentum of Democrats as they investigate whether he abused his power by trying to pressure Ukraine to dig for dirt on potential 2020 foe Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

    While the media says Trump is “struggling to control the narrative” democrats are making damn sure that you only get the information they want you privvy too.  There hasn’t been a more blatant attempt to propagandize a situation since the election meddling hoax.

    Keep your eyes and ears open and remain a free thinker. It’s difficult when information going against the establishment is hidden and censored, but free people will always find a way.


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      1. BLAH BLAH BLAH. WE’RE GOING TO IMPEACH YOU, WE’RE GOING TO IMPEACH YOU! That’s the only thing we’ve heard from the leftist morons since election day 2016. They still sound like little kids. To hell with them!

        • Just shows us how weak thinned and fragile the lefties are. And the chew plot to destroy Merica from within to create more hate and divide.

          Trump doesn’t run Ukraine. How about Israel making decisions for the US like to go bomb countries like Iran for no reason? How about kick AIPAC out of the US for good? And they want to impeach Trump for fighting public corruption globally. Biden’s kid was an insider deep in the Oil Co and all about pipelines and political influence. I believe he was murdered to cover up the Oil Pipeline crimes.

          • Here is an article backing up what I said above here.

            Dems want to impeach a president for trying to expose a crime, then elect the person who actually committed the crime
            ht tps://

            According to a transcript of the phone call between Trump and Zelensky released by the White House, the president did no such thing. In fact, Zelensky himself has said publicly that Trump never pressured him to do anything.

            In reality, it was Joe Biden who threatened to withhold aid from a previous Ukrainian president. And by every indication, it appears he did it to protect his son.

            Only Democrats would support this

            As The National Sentinel reports:

            In a tense interview with a Fox News reporter who asked Biden if he’d ever spoken to his son about that sweetheart deal, Biden put his finger in the guy’s face and told him he ought to be asking Trump questions about Ukraine.

            Except the current occupant of the White House didn’t do anything wrong. Biden, on the hand, admitted he intervened on behalf of his son.

            The former VP can be seen on video at an event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations last year admitting he threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko unless the latter fired the government’s prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption tied to a gas firm called Burisma. (Related: UNCOVERED: Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ is an anti-Trump Deep State CIA employee who used fake news reports to lodge complaint.)

            The company just so happened to have had Hunter Biden as one of its board members — at $50,000 per month.

            Biden has, of course, claimed that he never did anything to help protect his son — though, again, he’s on video admitting what he did.

            Democrats know this. They’ve not only seen the video, they know Joe Biden.

            The Democrat-aligned “Mainstream” media knows this. They know Biden and they, too, have seen the video. All the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders know too, but they’re political partisans so they refuse to criticize Biden.

            And yet, Democrats want to impeach President Trump, who was actually trying to get to the bottom of corruption and criminal behavior while trying to elect a guy president who is guilty of corruption and abuse of power.

      2. Lies and more lies. There is Zero chance of Trump being impeached. They don’t have the votes in the senate. Check your facts quit lying.

        • Technically, it’s the House that impeaches. The Senate votes on whether to remove or not. It could be a scenario like Bill Clinton’s, where he was impeached in the House, but the Senate did not vote to remove.

          • The Senate does not remove by a vote they vote to have a trial and a judge then has to determine if there is any evidence and there is not anything wrong Trump did. All the hearsay is not admissible so when an objection to the hearsay comes forth the judge will say sustained. So all this is for nothing except to take your eyes off what is about to happen to the Demonrats and getting arrested. They are desperate. And it is about predictive programming and trying to get the loonies all riled up. WHAT has the Demonrats done for AMERICA in the last 3 years? NOTHING! NOT ONE DAMN THING except push their communist agenda.

            • Sam Adams,

              The Senate does vote on the article of impeachment that the HofR sends over. The HofR vote is the same as a grand jury indictment. The Senate conduct the trial with the Chief Justice presiding. The Senate must vote with 2/3 for a guilty verdict. The Senate will not convict!!!!!

      3. It will never get past the Senate as long as the GOP holds firm.

      4. Old Guy, I know the lefties are living in a fantasy world. Trump ain’t going anywhere.

        • But.. But… The Look on all those Lefties faces when Trump is NOT impeached. PRICELESS!! Oh the cities will burn for sure. And antifa-gs will march, tootin’ fer sure ya..

          • TSB, if the lefties go outside the cities with that crap, they’ll be toast. Small town and rural people won’t put up with it.

            • Oh, they’ll put up with it for approximately .2274 Seconds. (The time it takes to pump a 12ga Remington 870 tactical.

      5. I would bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Mr. Trump is six blocks ahead of his “aides” in the game of DC Chess.
        Don’t feel too bad for them – he’s six MILES ahead of the Dumbocrats.

      6. Trump’s team will be calling all kinds of witnesses and showing all kinds of evidence that the Dims won’t like at all. And it will all be on TV for the general public to see.

        “Must See TV.”

        • Watch how they handle that. They’ll attempt to ban all information contrary to their globalist talking points. There are “good” facts and “bad” facts. They will try to ban all the “bad” facts. Its the Climate Change / Gun Control principal: if you never allow any information contrary to your position, it makes it look like you’ve got it right. …even if you are not even close.

      7. Trump should have addressed the Kurdish/Turkish- turf war long ago.
        Theyre waiting to play their hand too..
        Tick Tock

        • Perhaps Mr. Art of the Deal is only good at backroom deals with his elitist friends.

      8. No trump will not be impeached. SENATE – 2/3rds – no way.

        Why are the Democrats pursuing this tactic of impeachment?

        1 – They have no chance of winning at the ballot Box
        2 – They have NO platform except social give aways and increase tax’s
        3 – What democrat contender will beat Trump – Warren, Biden, Bernie – seriously????

        Folks this all Kabuki theater.
        In fact it is my strong belief and has been for over two years that we are seeing the total failure and demise of the Democratic Party as a National party – The Radical Left has killed it.

      9. Our biggest mistake was not obliterating the Democrats at the end of the last civil war.
        The House will probably vote to impeach Trump, and the Senate may convict him.
        All for political reasons. Trump has committed no crime other than introducing some common sense into a system run by crazies and Party members.
        The question we the people, who hire you people to run our government, has to deal with is, what are we willing to do?
        I hope you city Democrat people die of thirst, disease, and starvation. I know I won’t.

        • Most dembo dimwits live in the big cities living in fear like huddles scared sheep looking for their master to dumb them down some more with fluoride in their water.. Fights cavities dimwits.. drink up..

        • FYI my friend rellik, at the end of the War of Northern Aggression, the political beliefs of the Democrats & Republicans was almost exactly the opposite of what it they are today. (it is the reason many famous people such as Ronald Reagan switched parties) The Lincoln Republicans were the party of big government Federal supremacy and the Democrats were the states rights folks. (… and no, neither party cared about the blacks. Still don’t)
          Just sayin’

      10. The Democrats are pulling all stops Jude Ruth, , the Mother of Abortion is rotting from the inside out. Soon she will answer to Jesus. The Democrats cannot have President Trump put another Supreme pick. It will set back their take over of America. Now that Groping Joe is out of the way and The little Indian will be push aside for Hillary and her wrecking machine to run on the Democrat side. In the mean time, all the bad news on Trump they can push. America better pray for this President and our country.

        • BEHOLD! The HackMail Queen Riseth!!! My God! Has there been anyone more corrupt that Hillary Clinton? Probably not. If this country elects here, we are toast. She have all the patriots in education camps the day after they take last AR-15 into custody.

      11. Even if impeached, the senate must convict.

        Dems are sooooo thinking impeachment will end Trump. Trump will wear it like a badge through 2020.

      12. So the Dems change the rules so that a SECOND-hand source can be called a “whistleblower”.


        So they can try to “micromanage” the President by challenging legitimate inquiries within his prerogative as our President!

        Why are they criminalizing our President’s legitimate inquiry about Mr. Biden’s disturbing behavior getting the former Ukrainian Prosecutor fired?

        The answer is to DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM the Dem’s #1 candidate!

        This is called SCAPEGOATING which Dr. Peck identified as one of several hallmarks of evil (the others being lies, confusion, and having an excessive pronounced concern for how one is viewed by others.)

        This is also a destruction of our democracy!




        Just tell the TRUTH about it all!

      13. This accusation about a phone call to Ukraine comes across as ridiculous.

        There’s a documentary program on Netflix about organized crime and they touch on the so-called “boss of bosses” who operates out of Russia and is above the law because of his government contacts. The drugs, car bombs, human trafficking of blonde beauties that are often kidnapped; and a host of crimes, including drugs that make their way to the USA, are attributed to this educated crime boss from Russia, whose ethnicity is not Russian, but whose gang is called “The Russian Mafia”, known as the most violent mafia in the world.

        I don’t see the New York Times or The Washington Post delving into the really news worthy story of corruption surrounding this kind of activity. All we hear about is nonsense. I stopped reading papers and magazines. I don’t watch MSM news. My kids got me Netflix for entertainment. I pick up news stories here and there, but really I don’t know what is happening in the world, and I don’t much care anymore. It is really quite disturbing on many levels and I can’t fix it, so I think it’s better that I don’t give it too much of my time.

        I rarely drink alcohol and I don’t use drugs. I try to stay healthy. I believe that the best way to change the world is to live your own best life.


        • Honeypot,

          Entertainment is one thing but be careful about news or documentaries from Netfilx. They are part of the dark side in that regard. For news you might try www Sorta like a conservative Drudge Report. It’s all you need.
          Live well and prosper.

        • imho, there is no such thing as organized crime, because, in every example of a mafia, which I have researched, they are state actors, with state permissions, if not formally licensed.

      14. This thing has been orchestrated since June. Schiff knew about the whistleblower since August. The federal whistleblower law was changed and amended a couple of times in September…coincidence? Who changed it and who approved it? It allowed second and third sources to be allowed to a whistleblower. New law passed?

      15. Even if the trial has no merit, whatsoever, is someone still eligible to run, while being tried.

      16. I’m not doing the anti-bot test, if that’s a thing, here.

      17. The lady on CNN talked a lot, but didn’t say anything.

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