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    Trump’s Surgeon General: The “Freedom Argument Is Bunk”

    Mac Slavo
    August 3rd, 2021
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    Are we getting it yet? They are all in this together. The left vs. right paradigm is a big fat lie. Former President Donald Trump’s Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams took aim at people who dare to claim they have personal freedom because they were born human as the reason they refuse to get the COVID-19 “vaccine” that isn’t even a vaccine. 

    These psychopaths on all sides of every aisle are flat out telling us they own us and we don’t have freedom.  Whatever illusion was there before is gone. Adams came right out and said the people claiming freedom as the reason they’re not getting vaccinated are actually taking away the freedom of their fellow Americans.  And how exactly does that work?  It’s a narrative and they desperately need the slaves to take the shot.

    They Are ALL IN ON IT! Republican Governors Try To Convince Followers To Take The Shot

    There’s a 24/7 propaganda campaign for this vaccine for a pandemic that is more of a hoax than anything else. And even IF their numbers were correct, which we know they aren’t because the evidence continues to point to COVID-19 not even existing in the first place, the rate of survival is 99.97%.  But those who want to own us are banking on our inability to understand what’s going on and use critical thinking.  They are banking on us choosing sides to keep the slavery machine in place.

    We need to help people understand that this freedom argument is bunk. I mean, at the end of the day, we are losing freedoms because people are unvaccinated,” Adams said. He then threatened to remove freedom, because to him, the argument is bunk. Meaning, we don’t have freedom.  Anyone paying attention should know by now that we are slaves. But Adams all but said it:

    The consequences are, as I said last week, more mitigation. And as I’m telling you this week, I’m predicting closures in the future because we are not gonna be able to reign this variant back in before we get enough spread that it’s gonna start causing closures again.”

    Adams added: “I don’t want my kids to have to go through another year of virtual school. I don’t want our hospitals to be overwhelmed, and for them to be shut down for elective surgeries like we saw last year,” Adams said. “Our freedoms are being impinged upon because we have far too many people unvaccinated.”

    And who takes those freedoms from people? The government. So Adams. He’s a member of the ruling class. His appeal to “freedom” is what’s bunk. He isn’t interested in setting the slaves free. 

    As if anyone in the ruling class has to follow their own rules anyway.

    Different Rules For The Ruling Class Than The Rest of Us

    As I have said from the beginning of the hoax scamdemic, if they think they can get away with another lockdown without a slave uprising, they will do it.  It will not matter what party is in power, as this isn’t about left vs. right.  This is the masters vs. the slaves. They are desperately trying to prevent the population from figuring out that they are slaves.  Many have already figured it out, and many more figure it out daily. As that number grows, so will their desperation.  Because of that, we need to be ready.

    Stay prepared and alert. Use your critical thinking. Practice by reading a mainstream media article and find the inconsistencies in what they want you to believe. Apply discernment.  That’s a simple way to hone your critical thinking skills. But be ready. They will not give up their power without a fight. But more and more, people are refusing to be ruled at all in any way by any system.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: August 3rd, 2021

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      1. Anonymous says:

        Brings to mind an old movie for some reason, “They shoot horses, don’t they?”.

      2. Reprint says:

        Very catchy tune
        especially in
        these times

      3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        From an outsiders perspective, this appears to be a deep-state
        ( InfraGard ) civil war in America. I suspect that it is the same in other countries. 

        They are irrational people. They are insane, mentally incompetent, are totally corrupt, and are pathological liars. Attempting to reason with them is pointless. I have tried it. They are programmed to end all conversations that they are incapable of winning the intellectual argument on, and for the record, that includes when they are being treated politely. 

        They just lie, deny, and end the conversation and relationship altogether.

        If they can’t win even though it is easily provable that they are 
        100% dead wrong, they simply will block you from their lives altogether.

        They are living in a totally different dimmension than I am. They are spying on people, which they have not directly told me, but I have picked up on this based on cues. I have no way of knowing how accurate the information that they are basing their conclusions on is either. I do not want any part of that lifestyle though.

        I believe, in fact I know, that there are many competing waring factions within InfraGard ranging from Democrat vs. Republican, corporate vs. government, financial vs. technology, financial vs. financial, financial vs. corporate, financial vs. government, technology vs. technology, corporate vs. corporate, Federal vs. state government, state government vs. local government, state vs. state government, local vs. local government, elected vs. unelected government, etc. 

        It is really not all one big happy family, but they have a common enemy, the public that is not in agreement with all of their beliefs and countless abuses.

        Andrea Iravani

        • I agree with all your points, except that I do not find them to mentally incompetent, but morally incompetent. They can neither identify nor choose that which is in the best interests of all mankind if it in any way encroaches upon the profits they PLAN to make from a certain course of action. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, it clouds all deliberations

      4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        If You Are A Hard Core Serial Criminal Psychopath, InfraGard Is the Place For You! 

        InfraGard is a One Stop Mafia Shop that Specializes in the Widest Array of Organized Crime that the World has Ever Known! 

        Here is a list of organized crime that InfraGard has “expertise” in:

        *1.) Domestic Terrorism
        *2.) International Terrorism
        *3.) Coup d’ etats
        *4.) Election Rigging
        *5.) Jury Rigging
        *6.) Black Mailing
        *7.) Petty Theft / Grand Theft
        *8.) Murder / Serial Killing
        *9.) Kidnapping
        *10.) Stock Market Manipulation
        *11.) Ponzi Schemes
        *12.) Pyramid Schemes
        *13.) Daisy Chains
        *14.) Extortion
        *15.) Human Trafficking
        *16.) Slavery
        *17.) Pedophile Rings
        *18.) Prostitution
        *19.) Arson
        *20.) Vandalism
        *21.) Eco-Terrorism
        *22.) High Jackings
        *23.) Medical Fraud
        *24.) Narcotics Trafficking and Dealing
        *25.) Bribery
        *26.) Torture
        *27.) Weapons Trafficking
        *28.) Hacking
        *29.) Illegal Pornography
        *30.) Intellectual Property Theft
        *31.) Fraud
        *32.) Racketeering
        *33.) Intimidation
        *34.) Harassment
        *35.) Black Bag Jobs
        *36.) Black Listing
        *37.) Black Balling
        *38.) Defamation of Character
        *39.) Perjury
        *40.) Slander
        *41.) Libel
        *42.) False Imprisonment
        *43.) Organized Community Stalking
        *44.) Eaves Dropping
        *45.) Peeping Toms
        *46.) Corporate, Governmental, and Personal Sabotage
        *47.) Looting
        *48.) Rioting
        *49.) High Crimes
        *50.) Treason

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        A Nation Under Siege and Spooked by The Invisible Enemy

        The scamdemic was planned by InfraGard, the infamous terrorist and surveillance cult known for violent extremism and hate crimes. The evidence proving the validity of that statement is astounding and overwhelming. Where do we begin? 

        InfraGard is a “public/private” “partnership” surveillance and terrorist cult consisting of the seventeen “intelligence” “agencies”, “state” and “local” “governments”,  “police”, “military”,  “academia”,  and 180,000 “corporations”- ( more like front operations for illicit activity! )  and any busy body, retarded, perverted freak and thief that wants to spy on people.

        InfraGard literally uses the business model of the Italian Mafia, so it is not surprising that it is as corrupt as it is. It is also not surprising that they are fascists, which was also an Italian mafia creation. I happen to be part Italian, so don’t start accusing me of being
        anti-Italian for pointing this out, because if you try it, I will tell you
        Fungool! ( Fuck you! )  I am part Italian, but I sure as hell am not a Cuomo, Giuliani, DeBlasio, Fauci, Pompeo, Gotti, or Capone, The mafia loved Mussolini! He was the best thing that ever happened to the mafia! 

        Mussolini encouraged radical youths to commit acts of terrorism and organized crime in the belief in power by any means necessary. Very similar to the acts of terrorism and crime supported by InfraTards including 9/11, the scamdemic and the medical mafia, hacking by technology bureaucracies and government bureaucracies, “anti-fa”,  and of course BLM rioting, looting, arson, and vandalsim, all sponsored by America’s “leading” “corporations.” The Fascist movement in Italy under Mussolini was referred to as “fascio di combattimento” translated – “union for struggle.” This was also entirely misleading because Mussolini totally disempowered unions and gave corporations unprecedented power and workers rights experienced prior to Mussolini were completely abolished. The corporation was at the top of the power structure, above government. Government merely protected corporate power, very similar to what has happened in America. 

        After having witnessed the responses by the mentally incompetent fascists to the 2016 election results, I am inclined to name this movement The Mussolini Millennials. However, I believe that if Hillary had won, that the InfraTards would have responded in the same manner, in hindsight, and believe that this was all planned regardless of who would have won the election. It is all just smoke and mirrors in the three ring circus of government, corporate America, and the military industrial complex. Of course they do not call themselves fascists, knowing the unpopularity of fascism, so in the spirit of Orwellian double-speak, they call themselves “anti-fa”,  like 
        “The Patriot Act”,  or the “American Freedom Act”,  or the
        “American Heroes Act.” 

        The Hitler youth have now grown up and some of them are supported by Ron Unz on his website and are feeling dissed over how all of this fascism blew up in their faces, but Hitler was also a fascist and a socialist. That is not to be confused with those on Unz’ website that criticize Israeli politics. I am speaking of Andrew Anglin that said that the entire black race should be murdered, which is such a shockingly cold blooded statement,  and others who have implied the same of the entire Jewish population, primarily by commenters. 

        Socialists in America and Europe do not like to acknowledge that Hitler was a socialist. They say “No he wasn’t, he was a fascist.” 
        But the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, so, I’m not sure how the American, European, and Canadian socialists square that in their minds, and Volkswagon was owned by the German government.

        Here is a short list of things that InfraGard “thought” would be “good” “ideas” :

        1.) Emininating blue sky laws for tech start ups.
        2.) Allowing foreign banks to become Federal Reserve members and receive bailouts paid by U.S. citizens.
        3.) Allowing the transfer of national secrets in technology to the CCP.
        4.) Repealing Glass Steagall.
        5.) Buy and hold tech bubble.
        6.)  9/11 attacks on U.S. soil.
        7.) Blaming the attacks on seven primarily Islamic nations that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.
        8.) Spying on American citizens.
        9.) The TSA.
        10.) Going to war against seven countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.
        11.) Robbing $21 trillion from the Pentagon between 1998-2016 and claiming that they were “accounting errors.”
        12.) The scamdemic.
        13.) The lockdowns.
        14.) RT-PCR tests.
        15.) Mask mandates.
        16.) Social distancing mandates.
        17.) “Vaccine” mandates.
        18.) Vault seven hacking technology.
        19.) The Human Brain Initiative.
        20.) Importing heroin from Afghanistan and cocaine from Latin America.
        21.) Gas-lighting, terrorizing, and torturing me and members of my family and doing illegal breakins into my home and vandalizing and stealing  my property, including a stained glass nativity scene that my Grandfather made for me.
        22.) Doing illegal unconsented brain surgery on me on March 27th 2014 and blasting me with short wave radio signals for over four years starting immediately after my phone was hacked in June of 2017, resulting in Havanah syndrome and falsely diagnosing me and committing mal-practice and perjury against me.
        23.)  Claiming that Russian hackers denied Hillary Clinton the presidency.
        24.)  The 1/6 fiasco.

        Give up. You lost! Why would you be surprised that your strategy of being evil, corrupt, insane, sadistic, and stupid is not a winning strategy?! It is obvious to any rationally minded individual that your strategy assures self-destruction! You clearly have delusions of grandeur of unprecedented levels! 

        Maybe you thought that none of those things matter, and believed that might makes right, and that the truth is irrelevent, but you do not even have might anymore! So, give up! It is over InfraTards! 

        The world and I have had enough of your ideas! Just do everyone in your lives a favor and commit suicide! You are obviously completely mentally incompetent and have delusions of grandeur and have totally lost touch with reality altogether! You will only destroy everyone in your lives with your “good ideas” ! You are sick, sadistic, evil wastes! How dare you think that you have a right to live in this world! 

        Do you know where yor children are?

        InfraGard can easily find out, and we have over 500,000 missing persons in America under a total state of surveillance which cannot be considered coincidental by any rationally minded individual.

        When Jayme Closs from Wisconsin was abducted by a former co-worker of her parents after he brutally murdered both of her parents, it was not the police or FBI that found Jayme Closs, but a neighbor of her villanous, monstrous abductor that saw her walking down the street, and since Jayme Closs fitted her missing persons description, the neighbor called the police.

        InfraGard was created in 1996. Perhaps you may have noticed the American decline coinciding with the creation of InfraGard, if you are old enough to know what America was like prior to 1996. 

        “What if we took the roofs off of everyone’s houses?”- Bill Clinton. They treat us as though we are living in doll houses or fish bowls.

        InfraGard has never prevented terrorism.

        When the World Trade Towers were imploded, less than 3,000 people died, which is still too many, but obviously, the reason is because the companies that had offices in the World Trade Towers knew in advance and hardly anyone went to work that historic day that now proves that the governments including in InfraGard, and many corporations are evil, sadistic terrorists, and violent extremists that commit hate crimes, including going to war against seven countries that were not guilty for 9/11, and including the scamdemic.

        InfraGard enables employers to spy on employees, co-workers to spy on co-workers, competitors to spy on competitors, neighbors to spy on neighbors, and thieves and perverts to spy on victims. InfraGard knows everything about everyone that they wish to investigate, for any reason, all of which is totally illegal surveillance and illegal enslavement of the victims that they spy on. 

        InfraGard has destroyed international security, national security, corporate security, and personal security. InfraGard is an enormous parasitic vampire beast that destroys everyone and everything in its path.

        InfraGard is the most Anti-American institution in America as well as the largest national security threat and economic security threat. Spies do not produce anything. They only steal what productive people produce and deny the producer the right to their own production through parasitism and predatory behavior. To show you how much of an economic security threat InfraGard is, and what a beastly parasitic monster it is, just consider that $21 trillion in “accounting errors” vanished from the Pentagon, supposedly one of the most secure places in America, between 1998 and 2016, and that no investigation was ever started over $21 trillion in “accounting errors”  that vanished under a state of total surveillance and consider that the Pentagon obviously knew about 9/11 well in advance and just went along with it and defrauded Americans and the world not only through the tragedy of 9/11, but by going to war against seven countries that had nothing to do with it, in addition to using 9/11 as an excuse to increase the national surveillance and police state and increase the financing of those violent extremist criminal terrorist networks that commit hate crimes and thrive on discord, disruption, corruption, chaos, and hatred in InfraGard.

        Not coincidentally, with the scamdemic, InfraGard is also demanding increased funding and expansion of the surveillance cult to spy on a virus that does not exist and of course increase spying on every person because of the hyped-up mass hysteria, propaganda, and fear mongering tactics over the mythical covid-19 virus.

        InfraGard members also engage in organized community stalking which involves gas-lighting, and letting you know that they are spying on you but deny it when confronted since it is illegal. They do this by repeating or re-enacting things that they would only know if they were spying on you, referred to as street theater among targeted victims. When there are just too many coincidences to overlook, you know that InfraTards have targeted you. They do black-bag job break-ins, vandalism, black-listing, black-balling, and crooking, all of which is also totally illegal, and is all in total violation of RICO laws.

        Evidently, InfraGard members only associate with other InfraGard members. They hate us for our freedoms – our constitutional rights.  I would not want to associate with people that are involved in InfraGard anyways because their lifestyles are an afront to all that I believe in, so I certaily do not feel any sense of loss over being shunned by InfraGard members. That is their cult like behavior. Anyone that is not part of the cult is a threat to the cult and is the enemy. These cult like tactics are extremely infamous and are usually associated with fringe element religious extremist groups that have completely wrecked entire families after getting ahold of one family member to become a part of their cult. They use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals cult tactics on their targeted victims. Cults rely on brainwashing cult members. Cults tell cult members that if their family members loved them that they would convert and become part of their cult. They force cult members to abandon their own families and relationships. They want total control over cult members lives, and any outsider is a threat to the cult because it shatters the illusion of the brain washing that the cult members have been subjected to. 

        If you are a member of the InfraGard cult, just walk away from the surveillance organized crime ring terrorist cult of InfraGard. If you are not a cult member, do not become one. They are evil predators, perverts, thieves, hackers, vandals, and terrorists, and obviously serial killing mass murders with 9/11 and the scamdemic. 

        InfraGard also shares their “intelligence” with the five eyes, and probably many other countries. We know that they share intelligence with Israel which is not one of the five eyes, consisting of America, Canada, England, Austalia, and New Zealand. 

        Corporations and governments in InfraGard are made up of people proving that the majority of Americans are sick, sadistic, mentally incompetent, insane, evil monsters, and if that isn’t enough evidence for you, consider that this is a democracy that has consistently voted to keep the beast alive that has turned America into a lawless banana bureaucracy. 

        InfraGard has tortured and terrorized me and members of my family and has perpetrated a sick, sadistic, serial crime spree against me, members of my family, my dog, and my property, They are monsters whose crimes against humanity have surpassed Adolph Hitler’s, Joseph Goebells, and Josef Mengele’s.

        So, when the Chinese or Russians bomb the mother fucking daylights out of America after America’s years long attacks constisting primarily of false allegations and sanctioning over anything and everything, you can rest assured knowing that InfraGard was protecting you America, by blasting short wave radio signals at me that has resulted in Havanah Sydrome, doing illegal, sadistic, unconsented surgery on me by illegally implanting either RFIDs, microchips, or censors through my ears and nose while I was unconscious in Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital on March 27, 2014, commiting medical fraud and false diagnosis on me, breaking into my house any time that I would leave, and even while I was asleep or in the shower vandalizing and stealing my property, gas-lighting me, using vault 7 hacking tools on me, stalking me, spying on me which is the illegal enslavement of me and stealing my intellectual and physical property, and falsely imprisoning me in my own home because everytime that I would leave it would be broken into and I would be stalked which constitutes the definition of false imprisonment.

        The InfraTards that have perpetrated a crime spree on me, my life, members of my family, dog, and property, have self-worth less than zero and are everybit as useless and worthless to this world as used tampons, and that will never change so just kill yourselves, for the sakes of everybody that you know, because you are obviously just too God damned fucking stupid to do anything intelligent, right, or good and you are only liabilities to everyone in your lives. Your spouses, children, and relatives, would have better chances of surviving in a sewer than they do with you because you are sadistic, evil, insane, mentally incompetent monsters and serial criminal psychopaths.

        InfraGard will not stop until they either own everything and everyone, or they are dead. They have made that abundantly clear with The Great Reset – “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” – Klaus Schwab – WEF founder. Considering that corporations and individuals have not rushed to exit the WEF after that outrageous statement, it is logical to conclude that WEF members are on board with that outrageous ideology. 

        We are now faced with government bureaucracies in America and the entire government including local and state governments that cannot justify their actions in any legal, moral, ethical, or philisophical context and as a direct result of that, they have alienated law abiding, patriotic American citizens.

        I have adopted the philosophy of don’t vote, it only emcourages the bastards and did not vote in the 2018 or 2020 election, but did re-register just in case they try to pass some idiotic ballot measure again, like they did when they voted to spend $7 million to replace the plumbing at the Grafton Wisconsin high school, proving that everyone at the highschool is financially and mathematically illiterate, in addition to everyone that voted for the measure.

        Both parties have violated the social contract, which is the constitution. There is some bogus myth perpetrated by PhDs that Hobbs social contract theory is a valid legal framework for America. Hobbs was a lunatic that believed that in order to enter society, people must sacrifice all of their rights. That would include the right to life, property rights, and right to liberty. Both parties are guilty of high crimes and treason and should be executed for it. That is the punishment for it. 

        Corporations are now just as bureaucratic, if not more than the government! If you call Dominos to order a pizza now, you are connected to a computer! First it was Becky, the AI Dominos order taker, that was evidently fired since I refused to speak to it, then was replaced by George, who I also refused to speak to, so I was rerouted to an Asian call center that I also refused to speak to, and asked to be connected to the restaurant that I called, and was eventually reconnected to the original number that I dialed! Then corporations wonder why they do not have customers! They are penny wise and pound foolish! 

        When they treated Edward Snowden as they did, followed by Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Joshua Schulte, it became crystal clear that the government exists for the purpose of protecting corrupt individuals at the expenses of innocent victims. 

        This country and government are destined to fail and have earned it.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Anonymous says:

          21.) Gas-lighting, terrorizing, and torturing me and members of my family and doing illegal breakins into my home and vandalizing and stealing my property, including a stained glass nativity scene that my Grandfather made for me.
          22.) Doing illegal unconsented brain surgery on me on March 27th 2014 and blasting me with short wave radio signals for over four years starting immediately after my phone was hacked in June of 2017, resulting in Havanah syndrome and falsely diagnosing me and committing mal-practice and perjury against me.
          Andrea, I can only imagine the beauty of the stained glass nativity scene that your Grandfather made for you.A very deep and personal violation to steal that from you (understatement I know!) Also, considering the brain surgery you speak of, the Havanah syndrome; and the surgery they subjected you to when you was in Colombia,I find it absolutely astonishing that you can write and expound in this most excellent manner! Astonishing!
          And 7 million for the plumbing at the Wisconsin High School,wth.
          Also, never had a Dominoes pizza, the last great Pizza I had was made in a small Italian Restaurant, now closed down.No point eating pizza anymore, unless top quality.
          Thank you for your very interesting personal commentary and political analysis here.Validates all that is being played out by the God haters, who shall one day very soon, become believers 100%, without a shadow of a doubt!
          Hell has jaws gaping wide open, and judgement is but hairsbreadth away!

      6. loudmouth says:

        What a bunch of assholes these evil psychopaths are.
        So this Adams thinks I am taking away the freedoms of my fellow Americans by not getting jabbed? How insane is that? What about the fact that by trying to threaten and coerce the Anerican people into taking this poisonous garbage – he and his ilk are trying to take OUR freedoms away, like the freedom of CHOICE of what we allow to be put into our bodies – what about those freedoms Adams?!?! Fuckin’ asshole!!!!

        • Bill says:

          For some reason, so many people believe if one is an official he/she must be intelligent. Very often, these officials (both elected and appointed) are truly little more than psychopaths and ambitious degenerates who do anything for power.
          As for this Adams fellow, if he actually believes what he is telling us he is either an idiot or he is willfully lying to us and knows it. Or he is ordered by his superiors what he should say. Why then, would anyone trust what is being disseminated. In any case he is less a medical official and more a propagandist.

          • Anonymous says:

            We at one time,” years ago” believed the officials were intelligent, lol, when we were more innocent and maybe too self absorbed!
            But many as you stated do believe the officials must be intelligent.
            Blinded by Satan and their own sins and fear!
            Glory to God for opening our blind eyes, unblocking our deaf ears, and taking the veil of our selfish dumbed down hearts and minds. ALL truly is kind gifts from Father God eh 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          Insane for sure.Would not be half as insane if the pandemic was a real pandemic (they changed the criteria needed); and the experimental jab was actually approved from years of studies and trials and was a known a success.
          It is now beyond insanity and the stupidity of the “leaders” lol is now f’n laughable, belly laughter inducing .
          All the opposite of Wisdom.

          John 16:33
          These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may
          have peace.In the world you will have tribulation;
          but be of good cheer,I have overcome the world.”

          And Jesus said in John 19:30
          ” It is finished!”

      7. Kathryn Jorgensen says:

        (1) Hospitals were never overwhelmed, that was proven to be a lie over and over. People who visited hospitals found them empty with everyone just standing around.

        (2) The virus is not proven to exist.

        (3) The test is intentionally run at way too high of cycles, and can’t tell the difference between different coronaviruses and other viruses such as influenza. And besides, it’s looking for something never isolated, never found, never looked at, never seen, never proven to exist anyway.

        (4) They run the test at far fewer cycles for the vaccinated to give the illusion of the vaccines working.

        (5) Even with all their fake stats including deaths, they can’t come up with a virus worse than supposedly killing 0.26% of the population including those with massive health problems and on the verge of death already.

        (6) And even with all their fakery they keep coming up with vaccinated people being ~50-75% of those with Covid even with their rigged testing for a virus that nobody has proven is real (it’s not real, that’s why).

        (7) This is 100% about enslaving everyone AND massive depopulation. These psychopaths who constantly mass murder brown and black people in the Middle East and Africa, the ruling class of fascist and communist types who hate liberty and human rights, DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR HEALTH. In fact they intend to kill or enslave you. There is no other option they wish to allow.

        • Agreed says:

          @Kathryn, you made many great points and of course we all could add so much more to your list. I agree with you that these people
          DO NOT care about any of us or our health. Hard for me to understand that when looking at history and everything that has happened, that so many people believe that all of a sudden – these people care about our health?🙄
          Thank you so much for being very smart and realizing what’s really going on here. Really enjoyed reading your comments.🙂

      8. Reality check says:

        Adams said ” Our freedoms are being impinged upon because we have far too many people unvaccinated”
        Adams uhh no, actually our freedoms are being impinged
        upon by the likes of yourself and our satanic corrupt “leaders” who fabricated this entire mammoth covid b.s. hoax with the end goal of getting everyone jabbed with a “God knows what” and of course with using the fake “pandemic” as a pretext to systemically remove all and any rights we may still have left. That’s what’s really
        been going on here.

      9. Agreed says:

        @Kathryn, you made many great points and of course we all could add so much more to your list. I agree with you that these people
        DO NOT care about any of us or our health. Hard for me to understand that when looking at history and everything that has happened, that so many people believe that all of a sudden – these people care about our health?🙄
        Thank you so much for being very smart and realizing what’s really going on here. Really enjoyed reading your comments.🙂

      10. Darth Skippy says:

        “…Adams took aim at people who dare to claim they have personal freedom because they were born human …”

        Anti-abolitionists asked the same questions, ie. “What is his Status as fixed by God in creation?” (Ariel, 1867)

      11. Cathbad says:

        What’s wrong with you people that just want to be left alone to live your lives as you see fit. Problem is people like Adams believes that human rights are government privileges and not God-given, Natural Rights. Too much indoctrination in government schools.