Ruling Class: Freeing The Slaves Would Mean More Infections

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The rulers are trying a new tactic to keep the slaves in compliance and a permanent state of enslavement. Now, they are saying that if they free the slaves, infections with COVID-19 will spike.

    So let’s get this straight: we should remain in slavery because some people might get a cold? Sorry. Not a good enough excuse. But they are really trying.

    Researchers from the University of East Anglia and Earlham Institute have warned that easing Covid-19 restrictions early could lead to vaccine-resistant virus strains and new variants forming due to low global inoculation rates. Once again, this reeks of desperation from the masters. Many people have begun to wake up to the realization that the government thinks they own us. We are reaching the point of having enough of the masses awakened to the truth.

    The article, published by the University of East Anglia and Earlham Institute on Tuesday, argues that easing coronavirus restrictions may lead to more aggressive mutations developing that are resistant to vaccines.

    “Relaxing restrictions boosts transmission and allows the virus population to expand, which enhances its adaptive evolutionary potential and increases the risk of vaccine-resistant strains emerging by a process known as antigenic drift,” the researchers stated.

    The scientists asserted that humanity is in an “arms race” against the coronavirus, which is fought with vaccines, technology and behavioral change. However, they warned that the virus can always adapt. –RT

    There is the admission, above in bold.  They are racing to change our behavior, technology, and get everyone vaccinated. They need to cement their control or they are going to lose it. It would be funny watching them flail about trying to keep the slaves in line, except that now that the desperation is obvious, they will have to up their game.

    That means we need to up ours.  The truth is out there. We have got to stop believing anyone who has power over us is doing it for our own good.  If history has taught us anything, it is that that is never true. Power corrupts. In every single case. Which is why we should abolish slavery for good in all forms.

    Continue to enhance your critical thinking skills.  Something else could be coming, and we should all be aware of it. Their narrative is falling apart and the masters are desperate to keep the slaves from figuring out that they are slaves. Fewer and fewer are buying it and many are finally seeing the government for what it is: slavery.


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      1. Biden and his minions better wake up
        I as a FREE American do not appreciate him dictating to me what I can and can not do relative to this fake pandemic.
        There will be NO mandates for me

        When he closes the borders and deports the million illegals he has let in many many with infected covid and other diseases no masks – no jabs just poured into out towns and cities – does he really think he has aANY moral authority to tell a free American what to do
        He and all Democrats can go to HELL

        • You really can’t do anything effective that opposes it, you just become a fanatic extremist to the public in general if you try and further strengthen the efforts to impose the mandates.

          That’s the reality we live in, a product of multiple generations of public education.

      2. Ruling Class: Freeing The Slaves Would Mean More Infections, But Open Borders Do Not!

      3. I post here all the time. Same IP address for years.
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      4. So freedom could cause more infections of
        conjob 19? These assholes are so full of shit. Even if there was anything even remotely resembling a pandemic(which there isn’t)
        how exactly do these absurd lockdowns help anyone except of course the evil elite. The lockdowns help them maintain control over the slaves. There is no fuckin
        pandemic and even if there was MORE THAN 99% of people survive. Life is full of risks many of which are far worse than covid. Whenever we get in a car, there is always the possibility of us dying in a crash so does that mean these assholes get to ban vehicular traffic –
        OF COURSE NOT!
        The level of insanity by these psychos has now reached new heights of absurdity!
        I hope there is a very special
        place in hell for all of the sick bastards involved in this covid bullshit – ALL of them!!!

      5. As you mentioned, these
        “ruling clASS” want to keep everyone enslaved over a cold? These creatures are absolutely insane. As a fellow commenter recently stated we must stand up and resist this tyranny. We should never give in to these satanic beings – never.

      6. You’ll notice they never speak of the death rate, which even with all their attempts to inflate death totals as much as possible comes out to be 0.26% with their own BS data.

        They want everyone to think Covid is super deadly and super dangerous to everyone, and most believe it. They constantly speak as though this is true but it’s NOT.

        This is the largest pile of BS there ever was.

        • @Kathryn you are absolutely right and that pile of BS seems to get bigger day by day.

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