Trump’s Latest Tweet Warns Of Coming War: “China’s Help With North Korea Has Not Worked Out”

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    There’s a reason we’ve suggested that concerned Americans stock up on anti-radiation pills and CBRN rated Gas Masks and if President Trump’s latest tweet is any guide then time is running short.

    While it’s not an outright declaration of war, it certainly appears that the situation on the Korean peninsula is about to be taken to the next level, as noted by Zero Hedge:

    Trump’s troubling statement follows an earlier tweet about North Korea, in which he said that “The U.S. once again condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim.”

    So is this Trump’s implicit warning that he is about to launch an attack on North Korea, following a failed intervention by China, in retaliation for the death of Otto Warmbier?

    In previous reports we highlighted the fact that not only does the North have the capability of hitting the United States with an electro-magnetic pulse weapon (EMP) detonated over the central United States, but it is believed that their nuclear and missile delivery capabilities are now such that U.S. coastal cities could well be targeted at the onset of any confrontation. In fact, at the height of tensions earlier this year it is believed that the U.S. Navy and Airforce may have been hunting a North Korea submarine just off the coast of California.

    Though the mainstream media has generally ignored and downplayed the threat, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned in April that the situation in the region has seriously deteriorated, which may explain why both Russia and China mobilized tens of thousands of troops to their borders with the North.

    We’ve seen such things before, most notably in the years ahead of World War I, when countries throughout Europe and Near Asia began mobilizing troops and equipment in anticipation of war. When the catalyst came in late June of 1914, armies across the region engaged within 30 days, leaving well over one million people dead by the end of the year.

    Today’s situation is quite different, of course, because the weapons systems available to the United States, North Korea, Russia and China make it possible to kill one million people in the blink of an eye.

    Whether the threat posed by the North Koreans is real or imagined, or whether Trump and Kim are simply posturing, are questions that we simply won’t be able to answer until after the fact.

    We would hope that cooler heads prevail, but as we previously warned, a global catastrophe is being orchestrated by the elites, suggesting that we should make haste in preparing for the worst case scenario.

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      1. Meh,,,
        As Rellik would say, it will mostly affect democraps, i can go along with less democraps

        • Trump would be more accurate and honest if he Tweeted:

          “Sorry Tax Payers Our Military Adventurism and Aggression of Destroying Nations over the last 2 decades and Hijacked Foreign Policy is a disaster, and we will soon be arresting the Deep State Hijackers within our Government and confiscating their War Wealth and return it back to you the Tax Payers.” DJ Trump..

          **I think he would get a standing ovation by 200 Million Americans. Draining the Swamp and Making America Great again. Right?? Lets get at it. We are here, armed, eager and ready to help.

          • Trump already drained the swamp. Right into his cabinet. Trump is now the swamp.

            Next business for the swamp: More war.

      2. I think the Chinese are enjoying the mouse pulling the cat’s whiskers. ICBMs carrying nuclear warheads can be pointed at other countries,instead of just the USA. A chimpanzee with a loaded assault rifle is a risk to everyone around him.

      3. Nailbanger, I also support the idea of libturds ‘disappearing’. While I sympathize with Otto Warmbier’s family for their loss, I don’t think we should go to war because of that young man’s death. I hate to say this but Warmbier brought this on himself. He would’ve been better off staying away from NK. I hope other people considering a trip to NK are paying attention to this and forget the idea of a trip to NK. You’re potentially cutting your own throat if you travel to a country we don’t even have diplomatic ties with.

        • It would be well advised if Americans refrained from visiting any foreign countries at this time. Waiting

        • Sad but true. We’ve all been young and dumb at some point. You go into another country and its a crap shoot. Hell, you go into Baltimore, Chicago, NY, Philly, LA and its a crap shoot. The Devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Remember that.

          • Reasonable prudence dictates that there are places you just don’t voluntarily go to. Somalia, Serra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq and yes North Korea just to name a few. WTF is on your mind? What kind of utopian philosophy do you subscribe to to that would make you think that it was ok?

            You can legally carry a gun at least in Philly.

            • Actually South Philly and Penns Landing is ok. West Philly, Germantown (give you a hint, no Germans there), North Philly (North East is pretty much ok). K&A, junkies in abundance. Like everywhere else its pretty much a completion thing. If a guerrilla escaped from the Philadelphia Zoo and put on clothes, walked 2 blocks away and sat on a stoop (front door steps for those that don’t speak Philadelphian) you would never find it.

              • complexion not completion

              • Actually I drive a lot in Philly and around areas and I’ll tell you that no save zones left there. Camden, Trenton, Chester, West Philly. Even North East getting ugly. Last week on the radio I’ve heard that in last 45 days it was 30 homicides and I think they talked just about North Philly. Number of overdose deaths is 3-4 times that. So welcome to Philadelphia.

              • um, gorilla?

              • Exactly which city are you talking about? I grew-up in Philly and the sh*t hole has only gotten worse, smellier, and a lot larger. The city has been mis-managed for decades and is broke. So desperate for cash that these entrenched professional politicians passed a soda tax. Philadelphia has been on the short list of becoming the next great Detroit for decades. Corruption is rampant. The majority of this city’s once great architecture from the Colonial Era has been left to collapse and rot away — from “benign” neglect; gone forever.

              • I think you mean “gorilla”

            • Kevin2, how about THE ENTIRE WORLD? Take your pick, any country you choose hates us. All thanks to the globalists.

              • Even MURIKA hate us! Steer clear of
                libtards and their little snowflake
                children. Don’t invite trouble, it’ll
                find us soon enough and we’ll be ready
                for it.

              • Last I heard, Americans are still well received in Ireland, Italy and Israel.

              • We need to do a little nation-building right here at home. We can start in Washington with term limits. After all, according to the Democrats, the Russians are in control of the elections anyway. So, what better way to get rid of all these entrenched professional Russian plants?

        • Definitely, i honestly dont feel sorry for Otto,, feel for his family, but he did something real stupid in the absolute worst place to do it, so he paid dearly for his actions, we all gotta pay the piper, either in this life or the next. I honestly have no idea why anyone would be dumb enough to vacation in NK,,, China, ok, maybe, but for chist sake dont do anything stupid…

          • He lifted a poster and paid for it
            with his life. Wrong thing to do and
            wrong place to be. How tragic.

        • Argentina “disappeared” an estimated 30,000 liberals between 1973 and 1982. I think they called it the “dirty war”.

        • If he had only gone on tour there, he would probably still be alive, and free. But, trying to steal something, a sign of all things, in North Korea? WTF was he thinking, or was he? Sad the guy is dead, but he did bring it about.

        • Otto Warmbier

          Otto Frederick Warmbier was an American college student who, while visiting North Korea as a tourist in January 2016, was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for trying to steal a propaganda poster from his hotel lobby. The United States made diplomatic efforts to seek Warmbier’s release. More at Wikipedia

          ** Why didn’t he just take a photo of the poster, instead of stealing it. What was the value of the poster? What was the poster of?

          Article: The worst mistake of his life caught on film: The moment US student, 21, stole a propaganda poster bearing the name ‘Kim Jong-il’ from North Korean hotel earning him 15 years hard labor
          •Student Otto Warmbier, 21, was given 15 years hard labor in North Korea
          •Warmbier stole a banner with a political slogan from his Pyongyang hotel

          •Images purporting to show that banner have been released, which bears the slogan ‘Let’s arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong Il patriotism’

          •The phrase was used to glorify the former leader after his death in 2011, and posters bearing it are highly revered in the Communist state

          •CCTV footage claiming to show Warmbier taking the banner from the wall was also released by the North Korean courts

          •He said a church group had asked him to bring back a ‘trophy’ from his trip. ***So did the church tell him to go steal? Or was this his own idea? Why didn’t he just take a photo of the poster instead of stealing it?

          •See more news from North Korea at www.

          Read more: ht tp://

          But the real crime here, was that Otto was suffocated while in prison by the N Koreans, by what his symptoms were reflecting, and were coma like. And he basically came back home in a body bag. The N. Koreans are trying to claim it was Botulism. Which does not match his symptoms.

          More questions: What was this kid over in N Korea for anyway? Was he CIA, Spy,..? We really don’t know this do we yet?

          However most CIA or Spies caught are treated like royalty and get the best conditions and food, as the country tries to flip them, and become double agents.

          Being a Spy is kinda like cat and mouse club, where they take care of their own. Its professional courtesy. “The Democrat Operatives where trying to get a Russian Hack to admit and claim that Trump hired him to hack into the DNC Computers.” It never happened and the Hack just came forward and told the World that the DNC tried to hire him to admit this. He refused to play along. Where is that FBI investigation and what DNC Operatives were involved in that?

        • Roger….why would anyone enter a country, with whom we are technically still in a state of war with ? Many youth/adults, who are otherwise well intentioned people do not understand these dangers.No disrespect intended. Just stating a fact.

        • Roger….why would anyone enter a country, with whom we are technically still in a state of war with ? Many youth/adults, who are otherwise well intentioned people do not understand these dangers.No disrespect intended. Just stating a fact….

      4. Have you read any good books lately ??


      5. Well which is it? First NK might have EMP capable loaded satellites, now it is true? Meh, I think I’ll know for sure some morning when the shitter doesn’t flush completely cause the well won’t come on.

        • I’m pretty sure (99.999%) that whatever satelites NK managed to put into orbit are either being closely monitored or have already been disabled…

          Don’t ask, just stay in the dark,


      6. Let’s just get it over with. Quit fucking around.

      7. I think the North Korea as a threat is all lies. Just like the Bush-Cheney Iraq weapons of mass destruction lies that much of the public bought into. The public are fed lies constantly and are either too dumb or afraid to stand up against treason. Trump can’t accomplish much controlled by entrenched warmongers. Drain the swamp my ass, that was never going to happen. Saving Americans future is long past the point of no return. Illuminati goals have methodically advanced a couple hundred of years plans. Divided and conquered worked perfectly.

        • One of the best comments I’ve seen on here aljamo. More war, more destruction, more control for them. I’m sure it’s all fabricated to futher their agenda. The left right paradigm is working well for them. Hopefully people are waking up.

        • Thats why there are 2 main political parties. Choose between Lucifer or Satan. Same shit.

        • Agreed. Sadly.

      8. Well that may mean US Industry comes home and or heavy import fees for all the Made in China CRAP! Either way Good. I did not trust them anyway and at least he gave them the chance to d the right thing and probably knowing the outcome.

        The Chinese GOV are Communists!!!
        Remember, Tienanmen Square!

        I wonder if China was connected to that Freighter. How do radar alarms not go off when a HUGE Object has breached your perimeter???

        Rodman is still in NK!

      9. There is only one way to deal with shit holes like North Korea and that is one of brutal 1st strike!! You cannot reason with them – all they understand is brut force. North Korea should of been dealt with many years ago and the pussies in DC basically did nothing as usual and now look at the mess it is over there.

        • The WW II generation, the greatest generation, came home from those horrors and got on with life and building AMERICA.
          No “you didn’t build that” BULL SHIT !!!!!
          They didnt whine, told me life isn’t fair.. get over it! They left us a superpower.. victorious in 1945. They were vilified and mocked by most of my generation. SCUMBAGS, liberal, pot smoking, LSD ingesting, America hating, self declared.. citizens of the world, with no moral convictions, few ethical principles and now look at what this generation of geniuses have made of this nation??? Great Job ?

      10. Illuminati? Or Jews, Vatican, knights templar, CIA, deep state (shadow government),free masons, communists, liberals, space aliens, Odessa? Perhaps the are all coconspirators.

      11. The North Koreans are known to kidnap innocent tourists in neighboring countries who aren’t even anywhere near their borders. That’s a fact. You have to know that you’re compromising your safety by being anywhere near there.

        Remember the two journalists, sisters, who were taken and then released a few months later only because they worked for Queen Oprah and she reached out to former Chimp-in-Chief Obama for their immediate release.

        I’ve also always felt that it was the NK psychos who hijacked that Malaysian plane Flight 370 that went missing a few yrs back. They wanted the 20 senior-level US engineers, plus Dr Li, a PhD from Cambridge, who were all on board that flight to advance their technology. I believe they are still holding most of them captive to this day, at least the ones they haven’t killed or sold.

        Unless they continuously meet their demands and move their technology forward they face torture and death. As far as the other passengers on board that flight they probably killed anyone who didn’t serve some useful purpose for them or sold them to elitist families for slavery purposes. This has always been my theory. I put nothing past NK.

        I feel very bad for the Warmbier family. But one is seriously asking for trouble going anywhere near there.

      12. ” America the great. We’re loved by few. We pay big money to the ones that do.”

        Sir Mix A Lot (don’t laugh, he got that one right)

      13. The despicable Senator from Arizona must go to bed every night dreaming about how to
        start a war. I really think he is the acting commander in chief. He is meddling in Ukraine.
        Meddling in Syria. Everywhere you look he is trying to start some shit. That man is evil
        personified. You folks in Arizona need to oust him before he starts a global war.

        • nameless
          Yes the despicable Senator from Arizona
          is the acting commander in chief because
          the swamp rats of the deep state are
          still in control and he’s their no. one
          war monger.

        • Why do they continuously vote this guy in? Rigged? Or brain dead voters?

          War hero? I think not. He bailed off the Forrestal on the first ride out because daddy was an admiral. The NVA named him as an honorary ace since he singlehandedly destroyed so many US planes.{snort}

          There used to be a trio of these warmongers. McCain, Graham and Lieberman. They always pushed for whatever war the ZOG wanted. Not sure what Lieberman is up to now but it probably has to do with AIPAC, the ADL, or some other Israel-first lobby.

      14. Otto Warmbier could be the Archduke Ferdinand of the 21st century.

      15. Everyone to the shelters except those over 50 years of age, Illegals, Dopers, Gang Bangers, Murders, rapists, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Should be plenty of room.

      16. No, there will not be a war in NK. But there will be war with Syria, Iran and possibly Russia

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