Trump’s First Executive Order Guts IRS Enforcement “Frees Middle Class of Obamacare Penalties”

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 89 comments

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    The shock wave is still reverberating.

    President Trump is off with a bang, and Americans – for or against – are still processing his bold moves during his first days in office.

    While most of the media attention is currently centered around protests and anger at Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and attempts to curb immigration, the policy that might hit closest to home and affect individual American’s wallets is still the first executive order issued by Trump on day one – written in attempt to strip the IRS’s ability to enforce penalties against households who don’t buy individual exchanges in Obamacare.

    Here’s the language of the order:

    To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Secretary) and the heads of all other executive departments and agencies (agencies) with authorities and responsibilities under the Act shall exercise all authority and discretion available to them to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the Act that would impose a fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.

    If implemented as intended, it would relieve the middle class, small businesses and independent-minded Americans who are suffering the most from Obamacare – the millions of families who can’t afford to buy insurance under the mandate, and who are penalized heavily on an increasing scale for not buying in.

    If put into affect, it will certainly count as a victory, however temporarily, against the compulsion of the state.


    Judge Andrew Napolitano, writing in last week’s Washington Times, explained the meaning of Trump’s very first executive order – which was designed to destroy the teeth of Obamacare.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano explained why the move was ‘revolutionary’ in a segment on Fox News:

    Napolitano said that the order directs agencies to “dial back the severity of the enforcement and [not] to punish a person or a state for what you think is their non-compliance because it might not be non-compliance in a couple of months.”

    Napolitano added that he’s never before seen a president say “you will exercise your judgment against the government and in favor of the individual. That is truly revolutionary and is exactly what [Trump] promised he would do.”

    He said that Trump is telling government agencies to proceed with the expectation that the law will be repealed soon, especially with regard to tax penalties.

    Considering that the cost of purchasing health insurance is absolutely skyrocketing in most states, and that the penalties are also on a scheduled increase, this move comes as a very welcome relief.

    May the whole thing be undone, and nothing as bad or worst fill in its place.

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      1. You guys do realize, you are not included in the alt. media at the white house. Why is that?

      2. We don’t need insurance companies. Insurance companies are who destroyed your health care. The same companies that lobby hard and pay off Congress to just yes to anything they want. Working in concert with big pharma.

        How many insurance policies am I mandated to have ?
        This is all BS and this entire system is corrupt right down to the town you live in.

        The good skilled doctors are now making less money than a plumber.

        The doctors salary is dictated by how cost effective the corporate pay out can be. The result… most good doctors are not practicing anymore.

        Lots of foreign doctors now. 30K per year is a dream salary for a Hindu.

        Doctors need to practice privately and accept cash only or barter. F*** these insurance companies.

        • So many posts on websites now are full of complete lies in order to support ridiculous points. This one for instance says that Doctors are now making less money than a plumber. Complete horse crap.

      3. Go Mr. Trump, Go! Keep it up!

        • I certainly second that.

          • I’m wondering why this isn’t being reported on CNN? MSNBC? And all the rest.

        • “While most of the media attention is currently centered around protests and anger at Trump’s “Muslim ban,….”


          Why do you even give legitimacy to the presstitute media by using the same terminology that they use?

          Trump’s executive order was not a “Muslim ban”. The order prevents people from 7 specific countries from entering the United States. There are, I believe, some 53 predominantly Muslim countries world-wide. Trump banned immigration from 7 of them. That means people from the other 46 can still enter the country.

          When you use the MSM’s lingo… allow them to set the rules of the game and aid them in their lies.

          How about being a little more careful?

          • A-5,
            YUP, just more LIBTARDS spewing lies!! and the couch potatoes seem to eat it up, i guess to stupid to question what they are being told and there are to lazy to check out anything!! it is no wonder we were taken over and screwed as the banksters and government had FREE reign to do as they wished!!

        • Then also go on the White House Web site and tell him that.
          I do.
          Next, going to tell my congressman and senator.

          We all need to do this in a respectful and classy manner.

          To do less, falls into hands of the leftists who uses the tone as ammo against the people who voted for him
          and we all know the rhetoric.

      4. Fuck obama and all the evil things he did. He needs to keep his fucking mouth shut now too.

        • Menzo, AMEN to that one. If he doesn’t like what his successor is doing, he can leave. I think he’s even stupid enough to let the door hit him in his stupid ass on the way out. GO, PRESIDENT TRUMP, GO, GO, GO!

        • hey menzo.. it’s all good now, nothing maobama says matters. he can just go back to africa and send his brother over here…lol

        • It is the puppet master (Soros) folks should be keeping an eye on, not the puppet (Obama).

      5. The goal of big pharma health insurance is your death. And when you die you will be buried with your name in all caps on your stone meaning you are a slave. A franchise of a corporation.

        Make sure you request the funeral director to bury you with your ass sticking out of the ground so Muslims can have a place to park their bicycles.

      6. I’ve had health coverage through the private market since the late 90s. I never signed up for ACA and still wouldn’t. I didn’t give a rat’s ass what would’ve happened. Obolacare is still dying out. It’ll be interesting to see what they replace it with. Most of the people in my company don’t have any health coverage because they can’t afford the premiums and I don’t blame them. Up until the late 90s I lived without coverage because of the prices. I know what the average worker goes through because I was one of them once. Been there done that.

      7. $495 would have been the Cheapest Monthly Medical Insurance Premium I would have had to pay undder the Obama Care Program. A total friggin Rip off. Hell I could buy a Brand new car for that kind of payment. I did not buy it. Uninsured and dealing with it.

        Trump will be looking at more of a Medical Savings Acct for people. Get rid of the Middle Man Insurance companies for Greed and profit and the Greedy Drug Co’s.

        • There is a clause somewhere in the ACA that clearly states that the ‘penalty’ money collected from individuals who cannot afford healthcare is SUPPOSED to be used to purchase THAT PERSON a healthcare plan. However, these funds are NOT being used for that purpose.

      8. All I ask is that someone find that big ass gavel that Pelosi was carrying when obamacare got signed into law and burn it publicly for all the flag burners to see.

        • Pelosi singing, “This Land Is Your Land”. Someone cut the mic.

          • Anon, this country is OURS. Not the libturds. Let them go find a country that works for them.

          • Pretty disgusting, wasn’t it? These people have no shame. They actually believe this country and everything and everyone in it is the property of the Democratic Party.

            • It is all about control. Control of everything a person owns and thinks. That is the new world order agenda, and the liberals are playing into it with every fiber of their being.

              They do the will of their father, the father of lies.

          • Pelosi and her family got filthy rich from buying up closed down military bases (which she had a hand in closing) and then having them rezoned and selling them, paid pennies on the dollar and sold them for big bucks and that in itself should have put her in PRISON!!conflict of interest, the land should have been used for the good of the country!! NOT to line her pockets!!

        • Nomadic, better yet, let someone use that same gavel to split Pelosi’s head open.

        • yes, at burning man!!….damn that mallet were big…remember when she broke the handle by smacking it so hard?

      9. Woopie the Poopie has her ass cheeks spouting intellectual turds on The View.

        • Anon, Whoopi Goldberg is one of the biggest black liars in this country.

      10. Ok, that’s all well and good-(here comes the whiner part) – “What about those of us that got arse raped with no kiss or reach around?”
        Do we get monies back from these Congressional Thugs that stole it from us in the first place or just an autographed picture of Peelousy smirking?

        • My sister never bought any health care and never paid the penalty either.

          Know what that penalty is called on the forms you have to fill out?????

          “My Fair Share”

          shaking head-my how they can spin that language.

      11. So far president Trump is trying to keep his campaign promises. I cant hardly believe it! So far so good!

        • One promise broken not kept so far is convicting the Klintons. That absolutely must be done, and sooner rather than later.

          • Also the President has not begun mass deportations of third world sub humanity. However I am still hopeful as the president has many problems to fix and this is just one.

            • There is no place within Civilization for anyone from the Turd World. America started out as a White European nation; it will end as a dark zoo.

          • BlackMoe

            Ditto on that one.

            • second that!! sure want to see THEM convicted and in prison or swinging from a beltway lite pole!! with a BIG sign hanging around there necks saying (we the people will NOT tolerate scumbags anymore)

      12. Pres Donald Trump is light-years head of his opponents. He already Filed for re-election 2020 with the SEC, Donald J Trump for President, Inc. And already trademarked the phrase, “Keep America Great!” as a 2020 campaign slogan. He is already making America Great Again. Its nice to see a CEO Take charge and do something Great for Americans.

        And Get this: BRILLIANT MOVE Pres DON just made!!

        Trump card: Trump filed for 2020 reelection with SEC, thereby gagging non-profits

        The is what this does:
        Because, as Resisterhood pointed out, by registering himself as a 2020 political candidate, Trump is tying the hands of non-profit opposition groups by silencing their criticisms and blocking their political activities, such as protests and demonstrations.

        According to IRS rule, non-profits (Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations) are prohibited from intervening in political campaigns, unless they want their tax-exempt status revoked.

        So Since Trump is now officially running for 2020 Presidents these SOROS Non profit NGO’s and charity groups cannot protest or demonstrate Trump or his policies as a Non Profit, because Trump is already running for 2020 Pres, and all those Soros 501c3’s will loose their Non-Profit Charity status if their violate this, or for being political by protesting or demonstrating.

        Donald J Trump is Friggin’ BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

      13. Tons of Americans never signed up or paid a penalty under O-care. Young and old alike. The entire medical and pharmaceutical sham in this nation needs to be thrown out and a real healthcare solution created. Include the evil CDC, the insanity of genetic manipulation of food when glyphosate has been proven poisonous. The locked in FDA with GMO free to be sold to obviously what they consider test rats. It appears Trump has not mentioned this problem, where the US public supports stopping this madness by over 90%. Your call Mr Trump. I don’t believe he will take the loud opposition, he will support GMO just like Obser does.

        • BlackMoe & Alijamo:

          Pick your battles. In order to do anything good, one must survive.

          I would be thrilled to see GMOs made illegal. Furthermore, the family who put this on the table knowing clinical trials prove it causes the growth of cancerous tumors, is guilty and should be tried and executed along with the FDA. The Clinton’s crimes should likewise be punished.

          The problems in doing these things may simply be too much for President Trump. He may have made deals to lay off this in order to get that.

          Keep being active in your opposition to GMOs. As more and more people become aware, the powers that bee will eventually be forced out.

          Grow your own food from heirloom seeds. Sell, trade, or barter excess. And or keep some as preparation for future SHTF.

          __ canning lids are not being made to last longer than just one year making long term prepping impossible with regard to homegrown, nonGMO canning. This trick forces you to buy prepackaged. Wherewith you must trust someone else who could add something deadly.

          __ be safe
          __ thank you for your concern
          __ I am vehemently opposed to the legalization of GMOs

          __organic, nonGMO, glutin free, grown locally, read the label

      14. Cont. When Trump filed a notice (FEC Form 99) with the Federal Election Commission of his intention to run for reelection in 2020 — and he did this on January 20, 2017, the day of his inauguration.

        This was discovered by a group of rabid anti-Trump feminists called The Resisterhood (h/t Jim Stone).

        Resisterhood’s tweet sent the anti-Trumpers into sputtering, foaming-at-the-mouth outrage.

        Now That’s Funny!!!

      15. I know a guy who has received over $100,000 of medical care under the Obama plan, it has not cost him one red cent, either for the care, or insurance.

        I don’t mind people getting care, but they need to be paying something. Don’t tell me you’re too poor to pay for something, I know these folks and where their money goes.

        • Hey Smokey, do you know how actually DID pay for his healthcare?

          More importantly, does HE know where it came from. I can’t imagine the guilt I would have to live with if I paid nothing into a system but got the maximum benefit at someone else’s expense. For me it would be like selling my soul.

          The money didn’t fall out of trees. People like me were FORCED to pay into it through the mandate, which is tyranny incarnate.

          So far I have REFUSED to pay into it and haven’t paid the fine.

          Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

      16. Get it back where companies provide healthcare for their employees and don’t put people part time to prevent paying for it. Give the companies a break for doing it and they will start hiring again and providing full time positions.

        • Jim in Va: Companies who offered their employees health insurance as part of their benefits package were able to claim those benefits as a business related expense and write them off on their tax returns. I’m not a tax expert, so I do not claim to know the intimate details of how this worked – but, I’m pretty sure that these deductions were pretty substantial, especially for larger companies who employed thousands of employees.

          After the evil DemonRats managed to ram Obama Care down the throats of Americans – most employers began to terminate their employer sponsored health insurance plans, and then began to look for ways to reduce the number of hours per week each employee worked – so they could avoid paying the penalty for not offering health insurance benefits. I haven’t read anything in the news about the tax laws being changed, so I assume the provisions are still there that allow employers to write off any health insurance benefits they offer to their employees – but, evidently the tax breaks must not be sufficient incentive to persuade companies to return to the old way of doing business.

          Which makes me wonder how the old system lasted as long as it did? Companies today are now skipping the opportunity to take advantage of a tax break by writing off the cost of helping to pay a portion of the health insurance premium for each employee – and preferring to just pocket the money that they save by terminating their health insurance programs? Would this not result in businesses having to pay higher taxes, since they have given up what had to be a significant deduction? For this to be financially advantageous – the tax rate for corporations must be so low that it costs less to pay the extra tax than it did to pay for the health insurance premiums.

          The remedy for this is obvious. In order to entice companies to return to the old system – corporate tax rates have to be increased to a level where it once again becomes a motivating factor for companies to offer benefits to their employees that can be written off as business expenses and help them lower the amount of taxes they are required to pay.

          As I said, I am no tax expert – but, if there is anyone who is, please feel free to chime in and correct anything that I’ve said. I am merely speculating.

      17. Bout time, I was beginning to wonder if he would keep his word on the penalty.

        • “‘Bout time”? Really? He signed the Executive Order within ONE HOUR of having been inaugurated. How much faster could you possibly have expected?

      18. Don’t know if you dudes here saw this yet but we are going to war with Mexico. Legit. Trump told Mexico to take care of their shît or our Army will for them. Pres of mex says f you if you declare war on our cartels you declare war on the country of Mexico. Mmmmmmmmmm

        I heard Cancun is nice this time of year. Always wanted to own some nice Mexico land but have it not be fūcking Mexico. This is legit. Good by bean burrito boy. This is truly gods work. RWDS

        Praise Kek

        • CC

          There has been reports of over 200 excursions across the border by the Mexican Army into the U.S.

          Might be drugs

          • Fantastic. Ready set go. Win the drug war Trump

          • They’re probably visiting Eric Holder to get more guns.

          • CC and Anon, uh, Trump would have to bring all of our troops back from the Middle East, if not elsewhere, for a war with Mexico. We don’t have troops at home for an adventure like that.

      19. No one ever fed more people by cutting the slices of pizza differently. They fed more people by getting an additional pizza.

        With the above in mind the US needs more Physicians. The AMA, in effect a Physicians Union keeps the supply artificially low. Here is one example. My wife’s OBGYN couldn’t get into medical school in the US. He was admitted to Med School in Mexico and couldn’t speak Spanish. He graduated, retired to the US, passed his board certifications, did his residency and then after practicing a short while furthered his education to become a OBGYN. He is the department head. Another went to medical school in Grenada and was there for the invasion. Likewise he couldn’t get into Med School in the US. Same story, different speciality as the previous. Conversely I know of a Physician that donated $10k per year, every year to his Med School to grease the entry for his son. The AMA holds back good candidates to keep the supply of Physicians artificially low.

        With the above in mind the US has an Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard Academy. The officers pay their education back with 6 years of service and them are welcome to stay or leave the service. The same needs to happen for physicians to create competition. The poor get care from these Doctors. The supply of Doctors increases in private practice years later.

        I see MRI establishments in strip malls. They operate only during daytime. Why can’t they be staffed 24/7 for use for the poor on the inconvenient hours? There is no good reason for such a piece of equipment to be idle.

        Increase the supply and cost goes down.

        • RETURNED not retired

          • Kevin2:

            You are absolutely correct. However, your friends made one big mistake. They were not a chew. At least, I assume. The entire profession of doctors and lawyers is dominated by chews. The Universities and especially Ivy League totally discriminate against white Christians in favor of chews. Chews, who are only 2% of the population are approximately 40% of those accepted to Ivy League Colleges. When applying, they apply as white. They, however, consider themselves distinct from white people, except when it benefits chews. Which, generally, hurts white people.

            The facts disprove the assertion that chews have higher IQs. They do not. Chews succeed because of certain strategies they developed over the last 6,000 years. Unless you study the chew, you will never know or understand why we are in the position we are in.

            Read “(((Chew wish))) Supremism” by Dr. David Duke. It is available at his website for $5.00 less than at Amazon. And he is able to keep his profit, which supports his activism in educating the public to what is actually happening in the world. Publishing is controlled by chews. Good books are sometimes censored or difficult to obtain. Especially if they are critical of chews.


            • Actually the guy who went to Mexico is what you call “A Chew”. The other is an Italian kid. The kid who’s father, a Physician greased the treads to Med School is Italian American also.

              “Chews” put a very high emphasis on education. Its no accident that they are at the top in Science, Medicine and Mathematics. They took the best to build the A bomb. They were disproportionately the best. As they say, “Math doesn’t lie”.

              Do they stick together, certainly. Are they talented people? Absolutely. Sorry but we disagree.

              The same reasons “Chews” disproportionately succeed is the same reason inversely blacks fail. Strong family unit, high emphasis in education. An Italian kid becoming an electrician makes their parents proud. A “Chew” would be embarrassed that they’re not a professional.

              Were all created with the same tools. Culture and family shape us.

              • Kevin2:

                I knew it. I was sure you’ld say what you did. We do have a difference of opinion. I don’t want to debate the math. I used to believe as you do, but additional information resulted in changing to my current stance. I still like you and agree with most of your posts absolutely. Your first two sentences I agree strongly. It is what I tell black people who claim they don’t get their fair share of the pie. When I tell them to go out and make a pie of their own, most look like I started speaking Chinese. Some get angry. But it is true and deep down everyone knows it.


                • President Trump will be scorned for not being able to fix problems that only the individual and their collective culture can fix. I will say bringing back solid good employment in manufacturing, that common people can fill, will go a long way in addressing other problems. Detroit Mi, Harlem NY 1960 had the same people but were entirely different places. The difference? Jobs and dope. One was exported at the bequest of the globalists and the other imported by the same people who profit off of misery.

                  We had a black Mechanical Engineer in work, sharp guy. Not a drop of caucasian blood in him as he made anthracite coal look pale. Talk to him and he spoke “white” even cursed like a white man (Fucking A). Parents were educated, education was pushed, raised in a white neighborhood, white friends. If he was on the phone you had no idea who you were taking to. White name too, Steve Miller.

                  Family, Expectations and Education.

        • I know a OB-GYN that stopped doing deliveries due to the ridiculously high premiums for liability insurance. That’s hurting the field more than anything.

          Talk about idle wasted equipment, my inlaw with a masters taught HS English in a VA public school. The administration told him to teach bilingual classes. He’s selling life insurance now.

          The country is broken in so many ways.

          • Ian

            They have been trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Its directed by neocon capitalists using communism for organizing the masses and nations to their liking. In effect there is a world wide directive to make us become the equivalent of an insect colony devoid of individuality at both the intergovernmental and personal level.

      20. Here’s part of what I read somewhere else about what the Senate is contemplating. I think that they already have a replacement for Obamacare and they are not ready to let go of what they already have a firm grip on. And how are they going to reduce costs if they still allow preexisting conditions and the ability to keep your ‘children’ on until the reach 26? They’re not.

        For states that opt out if you fail to maintain continuous coverage you can be penalized, including being denied entirely due to medical underwriting and it imposes a mandatory penalty (tax) to be paid to Treasury for your refusal to buy a policy if you come back in the future, even if you are healthy. If you maintain continual coverage, however, you cannot be denied nor medically underwritten. This changes the Obamacare requirement by effectively closing the “wait until get very sick, then apply” game but includes a cute “**** you” for those people who opt out, then decide to come back, but are not trying to game the system by buying only when sick. In many ways this is worse than the “individual mandate” in that the penalty is on the back end and is not imposed only on those who game the system.

        I think that the judge spoke too soon. Yeah, right, everything sounds good until you look behind the curtain. And you have to want to look behind the curtain. That’s where all the tricks originate from.

      21. Students protesting speaker at Berkley Ca.

        No police presence. Burning debris in square.

        On Fox.

        • Let’s hope they burn the school down completely….that place has been nothing but a hotbed for Marxist Morons for decades

        • I would pay good money to see that live streamed somewhere. Only if these college commies were being gassed and shot though of course

          • Drudge has links

          • Id be glad to help with that!

        • Dennis Miller on FOX last night suggested that a wall be built around the North East and at the West Coast. Let them have their own nation. They can get a visa to visit family in Norman Rockwell Land which lay between them.

      22. Berkley? Figures. No police presence? Someone can thank the libturd mayor for that.

      23. At the Daily Sheeple

        Media Talking Heads Continue to Call for President Trump’s Assassination.

        This is bad JuJu. Like I said, they do not want the country to heal so you better get ready for war.

      24. Trust in Trump… Trump is a free radical set loose to destroy the political cancer.
        Rest easy dear American friends. Trust in Trump.

      25. Trump like all the other leaders before him was picked by the bankers to do their dirty work and cannot do anything without the approval of Congress and they are all taking bribes from the jewish bankers.

        Cut the snakes head off and the puppets will be free

      26. Medical Insurance is nothing but a legitimization of organized crime. The “boys” used to break up your business. If you paid them “your fair share”, your business would not be destroyed.

        As long as you can chose whether or not to buy insurance, it may have some redeeming qualities. Under force, penalties and/or fines, as with ObamaCare, it loses those redeeming qualities. It is no better than the thug who breaks up your business. Maybe a little cleaner and definitely more efficient.

        I know of what I speak. They are criminal wolves in white shirt sheep’s clothing.


        • They may be criminal, they may be wolves. They are however necessary as serious medical problems require very serious money.

          I find it so interesting that when you get a medical bill, just having insurance in the absence of them paying a dime cuts the bill by half. So if you didn’t have an advocate (Insurance) to question the bill you pay the entire amount. Thats up in your face corrupt.

        • B from CA, AMEN to that. I already had coverage my employer before I ever knew what a Barack Obama was and still have it. NOT from any of the Obolacare exchanges. I never signed up for Obolacare and never will. Don’t give a shit about the penalties. Glad to see Trump abolished the penalties and told the IRS to back off the average American worker. GO TRUMP!

      27. I was reviewing the videos on Utube of the Berkley protest. One story from Drudge has protestors marching with banners that say, “Become Ungovernable” “This Is War”. I remember the riots and protests in the late sixties. More personal causes now to bring more people into the streets. I’m sure many of us attended a few of those rallies when we were young and perhaps stupid.

        Is it different now compared to what it was then?

        I believe it is. There is more anger. More hate.
        The constant aggravation and or agitation will transform into deadly aggression that no one will escape. It is too encompassing and has touched too many lives to be forgiven.
        Gang and drug killings. Terrorism. Cops Killings. Racial killings. Homeless. Jobless. The hungry. The Sick. Poverty. Crime.
        Half the country picked a man to help the country. Now the other side wants to kill him. Oh I heard it about Obama, but not on this level. Openly on the air waves. Without concern either.

        Guess we have to pick a side.

        • Just look at how society has changed for the worst since the 60s. In the 60s, America was a mostly a white country with a small black former slave population. Most of the blacks lived in normal families and had work or owned businesses. The whites, as you can see from documentary footage of the time, were the best looking and fittest/wealthiest generation known to man by that time. Simple things like men having belts for their pants, women dressing elegantly and having nice hair cuts – that stuff was the norm back then.

          Look at today: 60 percent of blacks are dependent on welfare and mostly live in ghettos plagued by the worst crime and violence in the Western world. Obesity rates are at record levels. Many blacks have no clue how to dress for work or how to behave in a workplace. As for the whites (no longer the majority), they are plagued by obese women – the Great American Land Whale – and trashy men and women who scrawl tattoos all over their bodies and dress like slobs.

          The Asians are pretty well the only people who have their stuff together. Asian women, on average, are beautiful, well dressed and smart. The guys are all trying to be doctors or scientists.

          Society is a mess so any social unrest is going to be many magnitudes worse because of the lack of discipline and dignity.

      28. US Led Airstrike on Red Crescent facility in I think Syria caught the last part of the story.
        A judge wearing a PINK hat in court!
        Marxists from Hollyweird to US Capitol on News this morning Supporting Riots at Berkeley.
        I watched the live-stream by RSBN who had a reporter covering Berkeley, ONLY News source beside locals flying helicopters. Listened to PD scanners as well, not much. Saw images of bloodied attendees,wrecked stores and private property damaged when rioters went to the streets met by NO resistance.
        Riot at Delaware prison with guard killed, inmates claim they due to the election.
        Big Money threatening to rock the markets due to election.
        The left wants to call themselves Democrats?
        Their coordination amounts to subversion at a minimum. The banner they carried at Berkeley stated THIS IS WAR!

        Think long and deep about this; from prison cells and public events to all government levels WAR has Been Declared.
        Nancy Pelosi sounded like Angela Merkel in her public plea for Muslim rights in EU just before it all started over there. The left used the Civil Rights argument then, in Europe!
        I have a very strong gut feeling that we are going to see our Country attacked from within they are going to continue because they mean business nobody is going to stop them. If there is a push back, it will be among civilian ranks. We will be treated like sheep as this is organized and supported.
        HATE TRUMPS LOVE means attack white people.

      29. The civil war is upon us. And it’s the end of the beginning. (Trumps election). But it is a war that would have happened eventually, just delayed if the Hildabeast was elected. The divisions are now clear: right vs wrong, good vs evil, conservative vs liberal, sane vs insane, Godly vs unGodly, truth vs lies, righteous vs unrighteous, etc….the blood of patriots and tyrants must be spilled from time to time for the Republic to survive. That time is now. In the end the we will win, and they will be marginalized, destroyed, and thrown into the ash heap of history. When the masses of evil doers arrive in your safe space, aim true and do not hesitate. You will not be killing human beings…..they are nothing more than insects to be exterminated. I will feel no more remorse than ending the life of a hornet hell bent to sting me. Nor should you. Prep, pray, and stay well.!!!!!

      30. Trump has done more GOOD for America in 12 days than 50 years of previous Presidents.

      31. Anon, the left hasn’t been THIS stirred up since the Vietnam era. Now they have more things to cry about than they did in the 60s and 70s.

      32. Yes, Trump has done more good but he is being marginalized from every level. His good supporters are currently cannon fodder for the left. Even the so called citizen bikers to the inauguration did not make a dent. One arrest was a female firefighter who was wearing black mask/covering to hide identity. Project Veritaus captured Antifas footage about planning, no arrests there.
        From Trumps election until today look at every act conducted by the left conduct your own timeline of news reported. From Congress, to Wall Street, to Main Street and across the Pond! No action taken!
        The left are treacherous like never before! The very institutions of our country are allowing/aiding this to happen.
        So either a Timely BIG Push back from NEW Establishment or SHTF!
        Folks this thing is ON!


        • Eagle1, thanks for that video. Very interesting. 2 commie groups mentioned that I’d never heard of before. will be researching them.

      33. Abolish the IRS & Fed Reserve Now! That would be a start, then hold open public full forensic investigations along the lines of a Nuremberg of 1) 911, 2) sandy hook, 3) boston bombing….then go down the list thereafter……these frauds & treasons against this nation Must be exposed…..then re-institute the peoples bill if rights and common law….that is how u make America Great again…

      34. Went to the accountant to file taxes a few days ago they charged me 695 for not having insurance against my refund. So as far as I can tell nothing has changed

        • Hey Marty, if you live in a state that did not expand medicaid you should not have had to pay that. Several states did not expand recheck that. You have time to file amended return.

      35. ALL IRS money paid to it goes to the bank of England, where 60% is then forwarded to the Pedophile Jesuit satanists at the Vatican.

      36. time to ‘gut’ the IRS, FED, EPA,BLM,ATF,DHS,FDA,CDC….Close the Department of Education,Energy…..this would be a very good year….imho

      37. Now he must FINISH the job by going after the IRS itself. It is NOT a constitutional agency.

        SHUT IT DOWN and SET US FREE!!!

      38. I AM SOOOO GLAD I LIVE IN THE UK where healthcare is concerned, we are far from perfect, BUT at least if a Homeless, Jobless man, women or child is admitted to Hospital..THEY GET THE CARE thats needed regardless of finance. AND THAT INCLUDES PRESCRIPTIONS….theres nothing worse than seeing a doctor, condition diagnosed, but you can’t do nothing about it, because you cannot afford the prescription, this seems to happen allot in the US, it’s awful.

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