UPDATE: New York Times Live Results Poll: Trump Wins It All: 95% Certainty

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 54 comments




New York Times Live Results page is projecting a Presidential win for Donald Trump with 95% certainty.

Hillary Clinton now needs a combination of Michigan and Wisconsin to win, AND New Hampshire or Nevada.

Clinton issues a statement via Twitter:

ORIGINAL REPORT: Trump Wins Florida – Needs Michigan To Take It All – Can He Do It?


Matt Drudge has called Florida for Donald Trump. Major news channels still holding back on their call but have noted that she’s not making any gains as final votes are counted.

The race now comes down to Michigan.


Donald Trump is projected to win Michigan but the race is tight with 2.8 million votes remaining.

Michigan is not yet a win for Trump.


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    1. Dan

      They can’t. They put so much into Hillary that they can’t just give it all away and lose it. I mean all this effort, propaganda, time, money, do you ready think she will just lose and say: ”oh well, better luck next time”. They will fight to the death to make sure Trump doesn’t win. I am sure they will do anything possible to do that.

      • Bro

        And here Sanders would have been beating Trump.

        With the upcoming Trump presidency, the shit will finally have hit the fan.

        “There will be enormous teeth-gnashing in the news media about whether the American experiment is officially over and whether we are still the country we thought we were. Panicked minority groups will surely protest the results and may even break into nationwide riots.”

        Rioting, the stock market will crash, Trump’s unpredictable nature and political inexperience… America is fucked. The shit has hit the fan.

    2. Sailing Jim

      Please folks, keep your head on a swivel, if this goes down (Trump win), which I’m hoping it does. The anarchist of this country are going to be on a rampage. Flash mob style trouble is what I imagine.

      Stay alert

      Condition 1; 24-7.

      • Sarge

        The wtch’s supporters say they will leave America if Trump wins, so all will be peace and quiet right?
        Right, if only they weren’t all liars.

      • --Bill

        Armed and Dangerous
        Nothing to lose at this point

        • Paranoid

          But; now what do I do with all this extra ammo?

    3. wojo

      She is going to jail!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        treason is punishable by DEATH.

      • Jay in UK (now Latvia)

        She should be hanged. Along with every single progressive liberal mouthpiece / leader. And then political correctness should be banned.

        The number one national security threat in the West today is not Russia, not radical Islam, etc. It’s progressive liberalism. Cut off the head and watch all the self-censoring twitbook go-along-to-get-along-ers sanitise their opinions.

    4. anon

      About time, Florida.

      • Zeus

        Trump Wins even without Michigan. Hillary going to Prison. GOP will run the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Supreme Court Picks. And America will become Great Again.

    5. Gonetoolong

      Oh shit chall! Could it be? 11:10 PM, we shall see.

    6. BlackMoe

      Not just jail. Prison!

    7. NYS Patriot

      Holy pizzle stick did he just win? ??

      • smokey

        Right now, 244 votes, and Hillary can’t reach 270 without divine intervention. That’s not going to happen.

    8. WhereEaglesDare

      She will leave the country

      • smokey

        Venezuela would be appropriate, it’s a socialist worker’s paradise.

        Maybe Zimbabwe, that’s another one.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i’m all for it….take the CUNT out of the COUNTRY!

      • Sarge

        She won at least 100% of the votes in the 57 states of islam. She’ll have a lot of options where she can become an expat.

    9. Anonymous

      She’s probably already on a plane to Qatar.

    10. smokey

      It’s not over yet, guys. Looks pretty good, though.

    11. Zeus

      Bill Clinton is a Rapist.

      • CommonCents

        Zeus – That’s true about Bill Clinton but then Trumps best friend is Jeff Epstein. Trump said again recently “Jeff is a great guy, I love the guy, and he’s fun at parties.”

        In case you don’t know who Jeff is, he’s a billionaire who owns an island and is a registered sex offender, a known pedophile. IMO he didn’t serve enough time in prison for molesting children and also having sex with underage teen girls, and should still be there, instead of being free to secretly fly children to his private, secluded island.

        Bill is a rapist and Hillary is a thief among other things, both are corrupt as hell. But this is Trumps best friend and long-time friend—a known pedophile. And he has other seedy friends as well. BOTH candidates suck.

        • TEST

          Best friend, CommonCents? Source for the please.

          Trump is definitely flawed, no doubt. That’s why he wasn’t my first choice. The moral issues he had (or had) or definitely a concern. But he was by far less corrupt, so given the binary choice, he was by far the better candidate. Also, his articulated policies were better.

          I have understood that he may have become a Christian recently, per James Dobson. I haven’t verified this, and if so, don’t know if it was just an expediency thing. But if so, that is good thing, and if not, we still need to hold his feet to the fire over conservative/libertarian causes. Overall, while the real issue is the rot WITHIN the population itself, I am very pleased – given this was a binary choice – that Trump won.

          • CommonCents

            TEST – He said when asked about Jeff Epstein my above quote. He admitted to being personal friends with Jeff and wasn’t trying to hide it and Jeff is a known pedophile and registered sex-offender. There’s nothing to prove.

            Hillary is worse but he will screw things up too and make it look like it just occurred naturally or through no fault of his. That was my point. Certainly I would never promote Clinton. I met her in 1997 and that was when I realized she wasn’t who I thought she was. So my mistrust of her goes way back to then.

            I also live right between Trump and Clinton for decades so I heard things about both of them pre-internet and know they are both dangerous. I don’t have any early pre-internet insights into Pence because I’ve never lived anywhere near him, but do have insights to both Clinton and Trump because I’ve lived near them for decades — it’s called the grapevine and the Local-only news.

            If it’s true we can predict one’s future behaviors based upon their past we are not safe with Trump. Yes, she would have been worse, but he’s also crazy and corrupt. He takes no responsibility for his actions. When we vote for the lesser of the two evils we still end up with evil.

            Anyway, I am in the process of moving to a rural area (near farms owned/run by people I know) of Upstate NY because we are headed for some serious shtf and here is not safe for me and my family. We are no safer now than before the election.

            My advice: Don’t put all of your trust/faith in Trump so you won’t be shocked when he screws up and lets us down. Be safe. CC

    12. anon

      Where Eagles Dare.

      Besides Hillary.
      These people said they would leave our country if Trump won the election

      Miley Cyrus
      Whoopie Goldberg
      Al Sharpton
      Rosie O’Donnell
      Barbra Streisand
      Jon Stewart
      George Lopez
      Amy Schumer

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out if he wins. Hope you all are packing your bags.

      Anybody else we can add to the list.

      • Warchild

        Don’t forget Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)

      • smokey

        Yeah, about 30 million illegals.

        How do deport 30 illegals? Juan by Juan.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        thanks for the list, anon, you always got sumthin’ to say! you sure post on here a LOT!….let’s not forget all those actors/musicians/stars that supported her…..and all those “FRIENDS”….they better stay off MY lawn! you now have FOUR YEARS to start educating the dumb masses to what’s important in their lives….don’t you DARE forget!

        • anon


          Yeah, Mac should have kick me out long ago with all the stuff I printed up.
          Glad he doesn’t charge by the word. He would be rich and I would be broke.

      • BlackMoe

        Good riddance, to all of them. Won’t miss any of them.

    13. smokey

      CNN is about 20 votes behind on reporting the Electoral College totals, they just can’t bring themselves to declare Trump is winning. They called the west coast with no returns for Hillary, the blue states, just to get Hillary in the lead for a while. I hope it made them feel good, but it didn’t seem to work too well.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        ask a horse….or a CNN newscaster tomorrow…”why the long face”…heeee heee heeeeeee heheeeee.remember, americans will ALWAYS do the right thing…but only after exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES.

        • smokey

          You know exactly what the response of the left will be : the racist redneck bible-thumping white men and their barefoot women did it to us. They will refuse to look at themselves and come to the conclusion that they were drinking their own Kool-Aid. They are really not intelligent enough to be able to do that, and it’s going to destroy them every time.

    14. WhereEaglesDare

      Does this mean whoopi Goldberg gets the hell outa dodge???

    15. Zeus

      America just avoided Hell on Earth. Thank you Voters.

      • Bro


        Not avoided. Get your facts straight.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          he got ’em straight, bro….take a hike, troll. wonder how much longer you get a paycheck?

    16. Zeus

      Gold up $54 to $1328, Silver up .55 cents to $18.88. Wallstreet going to Prison. Big Selloff tomorrow on WS. Blood in the streets. Liberals crushed. Trump Builds the Wall.

      • smokey

        Oil is tanking, good for the country. Stocks drop, good for the long term.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          we need oil at least 55$ to make things work in amur’cuh.

          • smokey

            True, but America needs $30 oil. We can’t produce enough no matter how high the price goes, so keep it low and import it.

    17. Warchild

      Now we prepare for the riots or worse.

    18. conrad

      I want to see Obama at the podium tomorrow with a big sign on it that says:


      And he can tell us how things in his fairy world should have been.
      Now get out, and take Mrs. Robinson with you.

      • BlackMoe

        I can’t wait for the day that Trump says, “mr president, you’re fired!!!”.

    19. Zeus

      No more having to listen to that screechy cankles voice calling me a deplorable.

      • smokey

        We’re gonna need a bigger basket…

      • anon


        Oh, that is a blessing. Not to hear her voice.

    20. Equorial

      I think after these long years of Democrats ruling over all, dimwittedly, the Trump supporters, should he win, would kick others’ asses soundly for trying to start an uprising over it.

      It it DOES go that route, then it ain’t over, and Hillary paid big bucks to start a nationwide riot with disastrous results perhaps forcing our sitting POTUS to revamp and put in Hillary as POTUS for the “good of the nation.” (And National Security, etc). I ain’t believing I get up and at this late hour the counts ain’t done yet?


    21. Brian

      Does Obama interfere with the inauguration if Hillary wins the popular vote? As it stands at 1:13, the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are waiting for returns to come in for heavily democratic strongholds in those states. It is almost like the democrats are waiting to see how many votes are needed before reporting. I still can’t believe it will be President Donald Trump.

      • smokey

        HIllary is almost 2 million votes down, she can’t make it up without major fraud. The 3 rust belt states are each short about 100,000 votes for her, she’s got some real ballot box stuffing to do.

        Looking like it may be Trump 304, a major mandate range.

    22. smokey

      Pennsylvania just called for Trump, looks like it’s all over but the shouting.

    23. Frank Thoughts

      Trump’s speech was great: he nailed it. Real hope, real change. Not corporate gobbledygook and vapid nonsense. He was specific about what will be done.

      Importantly, we have had a quiet invasion over the past eight years of radical Islamists across the West. They have taken on senior positions in government and placed their people in communities pretty well everywhere. They push for their laws and ways. That needs to be rolled back, hard. Common laws for everyone; no more special clauses for people because of their faith or race.

    24. TEST

      Cubs win

      Trump wins

      I think I should go out and put my life saving into a lottery ticket!

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