Trump Tuesday Means A Shift Of Power for Establishment… And They Are Freaked

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Forecasting, Headline News | 290 comments

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    Today is a turning point in the election.

    For months now, the globalists and the establishment factions in both parties have been on the offensive to try to stop Trump’s momentum.

    But if polls hold, today they will become officially unable to stop him from the nomination through ordinary electoral means… though there are still other tools at their disposal.

    Via Gary Franchi at the Next News Network:

    Twelve US states and one territory will hold their primary contests known as “Super Tuesday” on March 1, to decide the candidates to represent the Republican and Democratic parties in the November 2016 general presidential election.

    Americans are turning their backs on the puppet masters. Whatever Trump actually does, his message is a clear one – voicing the dissatisfaction with the status quo, the disappearing jobs, the crumbling economy and the willingness to destroy the country with unlimited immigration.

    The elite have a real problem on their hands.

    See more alternative media coverage at NextNewsNetwork on YouTube.


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      1. I’m sorry, but Trump is a con man. I won’t vote for him in the primary or general. I’ll write in if I have to. When Trump turn out to be a terrible president, I can say I didn’t vote for him.

        • If Trump isn’t the nominee I won’t be voting either, better to let the democrats win by default then vote for anyone but Trump.

          • Donald Trump = Zionist shill (Israel first, not America)
            Presidential elections = reality show


            Mrs. Clinton has already been selected by the lawful stockholders of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (an established corporation) to become the next president, you like it or not.


            “People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over.”
            Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration

            • Diebold has chosen Clit ton. or is it tonclit?

              • excuse me ..that was plain nasty..In my defense, I just seen a pic of her on zero hedge.

              • Dave, el correcto! The prez was selected long before this dog and pony show. Whatever theatre they have planned has been set already.

                • Theater for the gullible. Trump is an avowed Zionist and money-worshipper. Only fools imagine he will change anything in Occupied America. Certainly there will be no shortage of jackasses who vote for him, completely forgetting about the last guy who promised “change.”

                  • The last guy that promised hope and change was treated
                    like Black Jesus. He has NEVER been confronted by the
                    media on anything. Contrast that with, to borrow a line
                    from Clarence Thomas, the high tech lynching that they
                    are doing to Trump. Maybe, that means nothing…..but
                    maybe the oligarchs know Trump is serious. I voted for
                    him today and I hope to hell I can vote for him again to
                    destroy Clinton.

                    • I agree. I just read six posts in a row about people complaining that their vote “doesnt count.” I know they rig and steal elections… we all do. That only works if its a close race. They’re losing their minds right now at the fact that trump might be the nominee. I dont agree with everything trump says but ill tell you one thing. No one else has a chance against hillary. If you’re not voting for trump you’re wasting your vote and we all lose. We need everyone to vote trump so when they do steal it or try… its that much more obvious. In the past few weeks the koch brothers, the mexican president, the chinese govt, all the big media stations, and even the pope have come out against trump. Cause hes that big of a problem for them. Take a stand and help us fight this tyranny.

            • Isn’t KLEMMENS a German name?

            • MAX

              Louis Farricon said that about OBAMA

          • Joe: The last time we saw the media(powers that be) give so much free media coverage it was for Obama. So either Trump is a big red herring OR he is their choice. Which ever way, they will do as they please and your computer-counted-and-flipped vote won’t change a thing.

            • Spot on and well said.

          • Not a Trump worshipper here, but the more the political establishment hates him, the more I like him. He couldn’t be worse than killer, and for a change, the first lady wouldn’t have to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink.

            • Amen. They are shutting their pants. People who say your vote doesn’t count, well in this election it will. Even if only to show the rest of America the game is rigged.

          • Joe seems like a typical dope. Your non-voting tells us alot about you.

            Trump is a self made man. Turned $1 Million into $10 Billion. Our country needs a business Man to bring jobs and opportunity to our people. Not these puppet shills hellbent on perpetual war, like every other canidate running Dem or GOP.

            If you fail to participate in the process you deserve what you get. Nothing.

            Btw/ Voting in Virginia easily broke GOP record 664,000 votes from 2000, and was nearly 1 Million Mark for Republican Votes. That would be 4 times the Turnout in the 2012 Republican Primary.

            Trump has ignited Americans first. So if you are a dope and sit on the sidelines and like a pouty baby shaking his rattle, you are the problem in America.


            • Who
              don’t put too much into high numbers on a hotly debated primary… they always get record turnout. Democrats do not have a hotly contested primary.
              Can Trump pull a general election? Depends on how the RNC gets rid of him or not. There’ s a ways to go. I find it hard to believe that Trump is an outsider after being an insider for 40 years, just sayin.

          • Get involved in the Trump Campaign. Text Trump to 88022 then they will text you back asking for your Zipcode. And get you involved in your local community and state. Help make America Great Again.

            This is how to personally fight the establishment killing us.


          • 10-4 Joe, a vote for hillery is a vote for an illegal obama.

          • It’s about the SCOTUS ladies and gents, and I do not want either Billary nor the Donald making any supreme court nominations.

            Have you seen Cruz school Diane Fienstein like a 6th grader on the floor of the senate over the 2nd amendment? If you have not, I suggest you watch it.

            h ttps://

            • Honestly, if Drumpf is the nominee, the only thing that will make me give him a second look is if he promises to put Cruz on SCOTUS. And even then, I wouldn’t trust him to keep his word.

        • There is no savior politician for this country. They are all fucking liars.

          • Two guys in a bar…..

            One asks…”did you hear about the campaign directors for Hitllery going to visit the largest Native American Indian Reservation that also boasts the oldest Indian Chief, at 112 years old?”

            Other guy..”Naw, what happened”?

            “Well, the Hitllery guys say that Trump double crossed them on the agreement to run, but not take their majority of Mexican and Hispanic votes away. They told the Chief, they had been stacking the deck against the repubs for decades, with the black and hispanic vote, and now the billionaire prick from NY City was stealing them away…so.. we need Native American Indian votes and are willing to pay for them.”

            Chief nods.

            “OK, Chief; does your tribe lean more towards the right wings, or left wings?”

            Chief shrugs, nods, then raises his arms, and says….”same bird”.

            • I just told the mother in law that one. She’s still cracking up. Great illustration.
              (Wiping tear)…Thanks PITW!

          • 1000 billion thumbs up
            That says it all

        • I agree that Trump is a scammer, but…….if he is the only GOP on the ticket, as distasteful as it would be,I would have to check his box! A vote any other way is one for hitlery or the bern! I hope Cruz makes it, Rubio can’t seem to pull it out..
          Kasich the “Prawn” and Carson are just spoilers!

        • I guess you’re missing the part where he gets the Repudlicking nomination, gets torpedoed by the media because of his 14 or so current scandals and loses the general election to a good friend of his… Hillary. You know, the one he currently loses in polls in by 10 points. In return for later favors. God knows he needs them… he actually sucks as a businessman.

          Does nobody play chess in America anymore?

        • If you vote for Trump, your voting for a Democrat! He’s the biggest fake that ever ran for office. And the sheeple are eating it up. Trekker Out.

          • So who are you picking?

        • I can’t get over the people that actually come to this site , knowing what they should know
          Thinking their vote actually means something

          • IKR please don’t forget that over 90% of the government isn’t up for re-election and will be there no matter who you vote for. Of the rest they are averaging about 98% re-election rate and so the 1% of the government that might change has already been approved by the corporatists that run things and nothing will be different.

            You are kidding yourself if you think things can be improved by voting. Just be honest with yourself, the defecit and unfunded liabilities are so vast that bankruptcy is inevitable no matter what puppet is president.

        • I agree you are sorry

        • Renee, our choices are the witch or the devil.

        • Redoubt. You are in a great spot when Yosemite blows. What do you now about shinola? Bet you are one of those religious freak cult cardholders eh?


          • You talkin’ to me? Here’s what I “know”:

            1) If it blows, I’ll probably be long gone from this world. If not, at least I’m on the right side of the Rockies. Everyone will get the ash, I’ll get it last. Where is this shining city on a hill that you must live on?

            2) I have livestock, so yes, I do shine my shoes with shit.

            3) Was raise Mennonite, but I’m no pacifist, so it wasn’t a good fit. Now I’m non-denom “Bible”. If that makes me a “freak” and a “cultist”, so be it. However, I don’t think they give out cards at my church.

            4) I like alliteration, so sue me.

            So, lets see, because I won’t toe the line and vote for the Almighty Drumpf, you attack my location(weird) and then my religion. Saul Alinsky, anyone?

        • We just need to get some real men in DC that have this countries best interest in mind. I don’t think we’ll be able to salvage any that are up there right now. Remember that only 20% of the population participated in the first revolution. I am one of the 20% for the next one. These clowns have left our children and grand children with insurmountable debt. For that there will be no pardons. Be a sheep if you want but the time is near where all men will have to choose. I won’t live with a boot on my neck nor will I leave my children in the shackles of debt. Right now Trump is the only option!!

        • And the elected that came before him were any better? They just lied better and had powerful forces to cover up their crimes. It’s all relative.
          Trump may come off as a clown to some, but for the vast majority he is the counter voice to the criminal status quo. Super Tuesday should have been opposite day. George. Kostanza would have been impressed (Seinfeld joke lol).

        • Well someone’s got to take the rap when it all goes pete tong.
          I guess old Trump cold be their choice.
          Not on my watch, not on my watch.

          • Mark
            I thought at the time they pushed Obama in that he was meant to be the fall guy for the Republicans… and he took the fall. I see Drumpf taking the fall for base hatred of DC shenanigans… playing the hope and change card for the base, aka up yours card. He has been entrenched in mainstream politics for 40 years, folks. He was likely meant to give the base the feeling they had a candidate but creep them back to camp. Either way, he is not an outlier.

        • I see. So you would rather have the criminal Hillary or Cruz the liar?

        • Don’t you recognize NWO BS when you read it ??? The PTB are quaking in their boots afraid that TRUMP will unwind FREE TRADE which is designed to enrich the Uber Rich Investment Class.

          Worse, from their perspective, TRUMP will reverse ILLEGAL Immigration and deport Foreign Nationals who the NWO invited to invade the USA and change the demographics of America prior to calling for a REFERENDUM to merge the USA and Mexico into the North American Union and DISSOLVING the US CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS; including the second Amendment.

          Why do you think the North American Union Secretariat has empty office space in DC, Ottawa, and Mexico City standing by to overlay another level of government (and unelected by the people) over US ???

          Are you a SHILL for the NWO or just plain FUCKING STUPID !!! 🙂

        • THAT is nothing less than “beltway” anti-Trump propaganda.








        • Lady Gaga claims to have been raped at age 17.








          • She is a whore.

            • Acid, when the draft returns make sure you sign up and go if they call you. Serve your masters like a man (ha ha ha).

              • No guns for loony Acid.

          • Overall, black women are the least desirable on Earth. There are too many reasons to list.

            • Snort… that’s why so many of them had white mix children?

        • So vote for Hillary.

          It’s your choice.

        • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

          • I loved the Zero Hedge cartoon….guy at a polling booth with arm on either side of him holding a pistol pointed at him.

            Caption: Voting is deciding which guy is going to steal from you.

          • Voting is the process of deciding which candidate will rob you of your money. This whole thing looks more and more like a WWE match with the Bitch Witch going against the Scream’in Demon

        • Trump was no more a draft dodger than I was. He got an automatic college deferment, just as I did. He may also have drawn a high draft number, just as I did. I was only 17 when I went to college, so I was sitting in a college classroom listening to the draft numbers being called on the radio. When they got to my birthday, they called a very high number, so I knew I wouldn’t be called up. If drafted, I would have gone, but I was not called.

          An intelligent person doesn’t have to use profanity or all caps to get their so-called point across.

          • Thank you, Archivist. It’s nice to know that there are still intelligent people who use reason and logic rather than yelling in all caps and who seem incapable of writing without using a string of profanities. When I read posts like the one we are referring to, all I can think of is some urban thug who can’t keep his pants up and has no concept of how to speak English. Again, thank you.

          • Archivist, acid is a real joy and a strange one, I’ll grant you that. While he makes some valid points on certain issues, he tends to go overboard with the all caps, language, and blaming us ‘boomers’ for the country’s problems. It’s time for Mommy to give acid his meds and put him to bed.

            • If you think voting matters at all, us boomers have been the single largest voting bloc for decades, in which case AE has a valid point.

              Social Security is welfare for old people.

              • Social security was paid for by old people throughout their working live, same as any private retirement account (with the caveat of SS being mandatory).

        • You sound a little angry there skippy! You OK?

        • We understand that mommie dearest made you do bad things. Did she leave you all day again in a dirty diaper? My my. No wonder little wiggles is a grumpy boy.

          • Philo, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one. Acid is a real joy, isn’t he?

            • BH: I think AE is a serial killer. If not in deed certainly in thought. The guy / gal / it is beyond creepy.

        • Acid, what is wrong with being a draft dodger? Explain in detail will you?

          • Yeah c’mon Acid, we’re waiting.

        • First of all your childish ranting, I haven’t seen any posts by you in a couple days and had really hoped you were banned; shucks! Second, so who’s the best candidate? Third, rapes occur without ever being reported so the numbers you posted are defunct. Fourth, what’s your education level? Job? 6th: honey attracts better than vinegar… so why do you post here when typically all you get are negative responses?

        • When was Trump convicted of using hiring illegals?

          • Plain Old American: I believe that “somebody” among the ranks of folks that work for him pulled a ‘no-no’ and hired some illegals (at a fair price to them btw) …and Trump took the heat for it. I do not THINK it was anything like a ‘charge’ and ‘conviction’ …yet I may be flat wrong. There are articles that deviate 180 degrees, so who really knows?

      3. Anybody but Hillary!

      4. The Donald is a huge middle finger to the establishment, they actually need a middle finger then an ass kick

        • The Donald is the establishment you fucking dickweasel. Are you a dumbass or what?

          • Acid, you sound as hysterical about Trump as the establishment does.

            You one of them?

            You sure do talk like they do.

          • No dumber than you,,,,
            What you wanna be today acid,,,
            Pot? Or kettle?

          • What is a dickweasel, and how long has Kula been one?

            • I was kinda wonderin the same thing,,,

          • poor acid…did your gerbil die? suffocation ?

            • DII: AE has been torturing pets and small animals his entire life. The three characteristics of a serial killer are bed wetting, torturing small animals, and setting fires. Throw in mommie dearest and the predictable result is someone like AE that is a raving sociopath.

          • Acid, no we’re not dumbasses, so what about you? You’re sounding like trump now. Any relation by chance?

          • Who are you going to vote for?

        • Well, a Trump win will be either really, really good for America, or really, really bad. But it will be really really bad with any of the others so “Yea for Trump”
          Im just so very happy to see all the established politicians squirm in their seats.

          • I honestly think that at this point it doesnt really matter who wins. In the end were all going to lose. Were certainly not in Kansas anymore bud.

            • …dunno if we’ll totally lose Kulafarmer, but it is all going to be uphill and damned rough terrain every step of the way. Quitting will NOT be an option …well, not a ‘desirable’ one (how’s that)?
              In reality, it is “they” who stand to lose a helluva lot more than We The People should they truly be looking for a violent exchange against the citizens of America. (Namely, white christians and all others who disagree with any of them). All the rest will be deemed insane and not allowed to own any weapons …or at least that’s the basic idea in a nutshell unless you toss in that they also want every last penny of your money because 180billion a year just ain’t makin’ it for ole Hitlery and any of the others for that matter…
              Vote for Hillary if you like, and don’t bitch about the ‘slippery-slide’ of horrors that she’ll have your ass going down within days of taking office. (I am sure others here have noticed that she’s inside the capital building and whitehouse a great deal these days …and yet she’s just a potus candidate? Hawh! The polls aren’t rigged any more than those at ANY casino right? Yeah …that’s about right.

        • Kula, all the establishment needs to be executed.

          • They need something for sure, ibeen thinking more along the lines of petrol and matches,,

          • I rather like the way Pol Pot did it. Take all the urbanite Liberals out into the fields, stick an SKS barrel in their mouths and pull the trigger. Pol Pot was a Buddhist, he believed he was doing those evil souls a favor, and giving them a chance to try to get it right in the next life. We should give our establishment another chance to get it right.

        • Yep Kula.

          Instead of campaign signs, he ought to have T-shirts made with a hand, with middle finger extended, pointing to Washington, DC, and the name TRUMP written on the finger. A message anyone could get in 2 seconds.

          I don’t give a flying crap how big liar he is, how big a bigot he is, how big a con artist he his, or how big a crook he is…..I want the biggest anarchist we can send to the White House, and this looks like the guy to deliver the fucking message.

          • Thats where im at bud, the fact that he has NEVER held a political office and is the most outspoken asshole i have ever seen on TV works for me,,, cant wait till he is telling guys like paul ryan that he thinks they are full of shit and signs an executive order laying down term limits and a few other goodies.

            • Anonymous
              Now you like Executive Orders?

          • It’s all about the Supreme Court ladies and gentlemen and neither Donald nor Hillary is my choice to make such an appointment.

          • I think that would make a GREAT T shirt !!!

          • Thats where im at too, he is one big middle finger to all the crap that they been feeding us, dont care what hes done, stands for, says, hes who gets my mark. Build that wall, and cut the budget od allll those departments that account for the 19 trillion dollar deficit. Run it like a freakin business.

      5. I Second that! ANYBODY BUT HILLARY!

      6. Anybody that gives the treasonous filth in the Democrat and Republican branches of the Worthless Treasonous Corporate Whores Party, is worth voting for.

        • Anybody that gives [seizures to] the

        • Say what you really feel AC

      7. BS,

        Did you know that Dumpf’s father was an active member of the KKK in N.Y.?

        Did you know that (for all of you Jew Haters) Donny’s daughter married a Jew and converted to Judaism?

        Did you know that it’s not his real hair? He has a trained squirrel named Peppy, that sits on his head when he speaks. (sarcasm)

        DUMP TRUMP/CHOOSE CRUZ in 2016

        • I agree , choose Cruz , but if trump is the nominee i will support him.
          Anything but a Democrat (socialist).
          Its lesser of two evils again .

          • Cruz is establishment and will be just more of the same no matter how he talks.

            Same as with Bush.

            • That’s exactly right. What exactly has Cruz accomplished? They’ve made gay marriage legal, they didn’t stop funding planned parenthood, done nothing about illegal immigration, done nothing about this unheard of spending and debt. And the list goes on and on.
              Republicans have had the majority in both House and Senate…what good has it done?

              How could it possibly be worse with Trump in the White House than it is now or will be with Hillary OR even with a so-called traditional GOP candidate like Cruz?

              The more they (GOP/media/Dems) freak out over Trump the more I’m inclined to vote for him. Why? Because nothing has improved with the standard republican way of doing this. Absolutely nothing. So why would I trust any of them at this point?

              Trump has done well in his life, on his own – he conducted business within the framework these jerks have built and was very, very successful. I think he will use those same skills in the Ehite House to improve things in this country.

              At this point I sure don’t see any other route that is as promising. And I definitely don’t see it being worse with a President Trump.

          • Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs.

        • Cruz has shown his colors, he just tried to make a deal with Rubio. He is another political scumbag. Washington needs a good enema, get rid of every single one. They have been in office too long. They are the real leeches of the government.

        • Maybe Trumpster’s father had a good reason.

          My grand pappy always told the story of how his uncle knew about a black man that was slipping in the backdoor of a white woman’s house after sunset, and back out before daybreak.

          The woman’s husband was off fighting in the Civil War.

          Finally, the blackie screwing the white woman got the best of ole uncle, so he met blackie as he was walking the trail back home one early morning. Took ole black root by surprise and cut his throat. Pa said the body was never found.

          Not saying anyone is right or wrong, but saying there are two sides to every story.

          One has to ask, if they are white, how would they respond to a black man slipping in their house and fucking their wife in their own bed?

          I don’t know, but I would suspect that two people might just disappear instead of just one. There are plenty of hungry coyotes roaming the woods.

          I know some good and decent black people, but my stepdaughter has been dating strictly black guys for ten years, and has become a nasty, lazy, cunt. Her and her black prick boy will go for days and days without taking a shower. Even before him, while she was running with big city blacks, she almost always smelled like trash b.o. when we would visit.

          I can’t understand it.

          she wasn’t raised that way, that i know for sure.

          • Because once you go black, no one wants you back 🙂
            His uncle should have cut her throat too…

          • passin, I don’t mean this like it sounds, but your stepdaughter is screwing up big time being with a black male. I’m just surprised he hasn’t turned against her and done something bad to her yet. I’m sorry to say the possibility does exist. Black males can’t be trusted to do right by anyone. Ask black women who have had trouble with black males and they’ll verify what I’m saying. you can call my remarks racist if you want to but I’m speaking the truth. If your stepdaughter’s life can be saved with these remarks then I know I’ve done something worthwhile. Black males commit 75% of all homicides in this country. That’s FBI and DOJ statistics.

          • Passin

            It is her version of eff you to her family
            She will grow out of it one day or not.
            Depends on why she is so angry at her family.

            • She will end up with a mulatto child. Black men stay with their baby mommas until the baby is grown about 10% of the time. Once she has one half breed niglet, no decent man will want to get anywhere near her.

              • you are so right. In fact, the few times she actually got a date with a decent white guy, they bailed as soon as they saw who she was running with.

            • One could hope, but I’m not seeing anything even remotely close to any change coming from her.

              The more weed she smokes and the more coal she burns, she gets more stupid as time goes on.

              I talked to her a few years ago about her lack of concern for spirituality and her response was…”as long as I believe, that is all that matters”.

              I have been down that road with many people and the best thing one can do is tell them you will continue to pray for them and let it go. Otherwise all you do is drive a wedge between people. In my case, that wedge would have been between her and her mother.

              Instead, I put my foot down when Momma wants to become an “enabler” to her lazy, foolish behavior, by giving her $$, or becoming her bank. After many, ” You should never have dropped out of college, so you are on your own at 20 something years old”, she has stopped asking.

              BTW, her 100 thousand dollars of college debt, is being paid by her Dad by working two jobs. When Momma wanted to co-sign her tuition and rooming loans at the beginning…I put my foot down and said I fear she will never make it as a graphic artist, much less graduate with a degree, and we are not going to be on the hook for her stupidity.

              Now momma says she thanks God all the time for my steadfastness on that deal.

              Also, she isn’t really mad at our side of the family, but is jealous and pissed over her Dad and Grandpa’s side, because they have shunned her since she brought two car loads of big city blacks to their house for a pool party and sleep over. Her aunt, that lives next door, came home to find all the darkies drinking at the family pool, and snapped, and ran them all off. Daughter-in law still bitches about that ordeal some ten years later.

              The moral of this story is….never allow your kids, or grand kids to make the rules for your family. If they cross the lines, then compassionately explain to them that they will bear the results of those decisions, good or bad, all on their own.
              Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and show tough love by pushing rebellious children to the side until they grow up and wise up. They are not your responsibility after schooling, especially if they are stupid and lazy.

              • Passin
                If you talk to her the way you just bs’ d on me, she should stay away forever. Goodjob.

                • Well, the real becky just showed up.

                  Philo had your number some time ago. i was wondering why she pegged you as %##@*&^(((, many times and it is apparent that she was right on the $$.

                  No one knows a female person any better than one of their own, that has a slit between the legs.

                  And for your information, until she has a change of heart and behavior, she can stay tf away forever. I have no patience for laziness and stupidity, of which she is full of.

                  • Passin
                    you are a faux Xtian and your family problems show it.

                    • Yea, you nailed it and I’m so hurt I’m going to my bedroom and pout all day. Your words mean so much to me, i think I may shit myself.

                    • Passin
                      good idea.

          • What exactly is wrong with the KKK? All other racial groups have numerous groups fighting for their tribe (CAIR, LaRaza, etc). None of them are secretive about their willingness to use ‘any means necessary’ to achieve their goals.

            • The same thing is wrong with the KKK that is wrong with all those other groups. They all only really care about people that are exactly like themselves and fail to see themselves as part of the larger human race. Plus, look at the history of the Klan. It’s not exactly been just a peaceful group fighting in the political arena of ideas. They murdered people, including children and even other whites, sometimes in horrific ways.

              This is not to say that I do not get irritated at people who live down to their stereotypes. I work in a field that means I do a lot of customer service and I see a lot of things I wish I had not. Then again, I see a lot of the same kinds of stupid in poor whites as I do in poor blacks or any other racial group. The only thing that changes is minor cultural differences. Poor black guys have big SUV’s on 30 inch rims while their family lives in squalor in the projects while poor whites drive big pickups on mud tires while their families live in squalor in a trailer. Neither can use English properly but one has an accent that I am less likely to understand. Both are loud people and one of the things I am most fond of saying is that the louder a person is, the lower their level of intelligence is. Same thing, different details. See it enough and you wish you could just avoid dealing with low income people all together.

        • What I’ve researched, Cruz went through naturalization procedures: denouncing Canadian citizenship. This annuls his right to the presidency much more thanthe fact he was born in Canada and THEY saw him as a Canadian Citizen! As it was written, Natural Born meant born within the borders as to protect against someone coming in from another country and then ruling. He ‘was’ a Canadian for most all his life!

        • I still like Ben Carson.

          • Kynase
            he sure gives every appearance of being a dope addict.

        • Cruz is nothing more than a Bush tool. He’s been bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs. You have no choice. It’s time for the people to stop hoping for a savior and take control. WE are the leaders. learn it, love it, live it. Stop trying to find someone else to shoulder your responsibilities and accept them. Get up from your keyboard and go run for city council. We can seize power from the bottom up.

          • I rather trump, then anyone else. Trump is not owned, and basically telling everyone, he doesn’t give a shit,and care if your offended.

        • Seminole- While you are entitled to your opinion, You are flat out WRONG. When making obnoxious claims, try backing them up with facts.

          Also, who gives a flying fuck what his father was part of? Who gives 2 shits if his daughter converted to judaism? WTF do either of those things have to do with DONALD??? Exactly ZERO. ALL of you Trump haters are no better than the RINOS and the establishment. GTFO it already. And for you douchebags planning to act like bitches and NOT vote if hes the nominee- FUCK YOU. You might as well vote for the shitbag demoKKKrats then. So tired of hearing all of you whining little bitches having a fit like a 2 year old that had their toys taken away. Grow the fuck up.

      8. The whole Trump thing is a con. Just like Barry was, just like Putin is, just like Hitler was.

        Trump was raised by an active member of the KKK, his father.

        • Build the wall high, Trump. Deport all commies, prepper trash and invaders, mussies, mehecans and clinton types.

          • Prepper trash?

          • Prepper trash??? You were doin’ so good.

            • Red, I should have been more clear.

              If a prepper is a commie, he’s prepper trash. If a prepper is a non-commie then he isn’t prepper trash, he’s a prepper.

              There are preppers who post to this site who are commies, hence prepper trash.

              Hopes this burns the trash.

              • Commie hater, as ignorant as most of your posts make you sound I doubt you’d know a commie if one bit you on your dumb ass. Your clarification of “prepper trash” made you look even more idiotic than normal……

          • Prepped Trash? Do some homework. We love America. Sheesh.

        • Well That chinches it. If Trump has ties to the KKK he gets my vote. Its the black folks and those who love them who are the most liberal socialist commies on the planet. Boone County to the north of my County is the National Headquarters of the KKK.

        • S&B, I still have trouble believing Trump is a serious candidate. I still think Cruz will get the repub nomination somehow. Won’t really matter who gets into the WH. This nation is all but finished. We’re heading toward war.

        • Fred Trump was rounded up at a Klan rally in NYC in 1927, when he was very young (21 or 22). Or at least someone named Fred Trump was arrested. There is no information available about whether those arrested were KKK or just bystanders that got caught up in the arrests.

          Very thin evidence in my opinion.

        • the kkk…..white chapter of BLM. black lives matter. So whats the point?

          • Ruinous smears, they’ll only become more and more frequent as Trump gains support.
            An awful lot of people are getting really butthurt by this guy.
            More power to Trump and his endeavor to make America great again.

      9. yay.

        Doesn’t change a thing shtf is baked into the cake.

        Trump will rule over a wastelandia.

        Buckle up everyone April approaches.

        • Maybe thats the plan, people elect trump then everything goes to complete shit,

        • What happens in April?

          • march 6-8th a astroid is gonna smack the earth…or come within 11000 miles. April is TAX month.

        • I have been coming to this site for years now, Careful on trying to call the time of SHTF. I have heard over and over how it is going to crash any minute, yet it never does. Even made my own predictions been wrong several times. (Hands are thrown up).

          • I have predicted too , always wrong .
            Most likely we will follow the progressive plan , straight down the rabbit hole into socialism and a totalitarian government.
            For our own safety , of course.

            • I know for a fact TSHTF on feb. 29th 2017!

            • I know for a fact TSHTF on feb. 29th 2017!

              • And mortgage pay-off vouchers on November 31st, this year …

          • You all are right with your dates

            ’cause we’re already in it.

            We continue down the sewer pipes of life in these United States.

            Hubby and I are helping a couple of friends with cancer. No food in the house, eating canned stuff from food banks, deer meat donated to them. One diagnosed with cancer and can’t make the $7000 deductible on her UNaffordable Health Care. Another in hospital and can’t make his deductible either.

            People, it’s here already!

          • It’s not about”when” it crashes. It’s the trend. We are in trouble. In a recent Greenspan interview he said:

            “… As far as the US economy is concerned, Greenspan isn’t optimistic. “We’re in trouble basically because productivity is dead in the water…Real capital investment is way below average. Why? Because business people are very uncertain about the future.”…”

            “…Asked whether he’s optimistic going forward, Greenspan said this: “No. I haven’t been for quite a while. And I won’t be until we can resolve the entitlement programs. Nobody wants to touch it. And that is gradually crowding out capital investment, and that’s crowding out productivity, and it’s crowding out the standards of living where do you want me to go from there. …”


      10. Should you really want to piss off the Progressives in either party, vote Cruz.

        • He says some good things, but i just cant get past that televangelist/used car salesman/con artist look and sound,,,

          • Kula, I agree. Cruz is another globalist puppet. I can’t stand the guy. He also hooked up with the nutjob, Glenn Beck. I was sort of for Cruz until he decided to go had out stuffies on the border with Beck and then Beck was caught parading around with a fake copy of Don Quioxte that Beck claimed had been owned by George Washington. It was too funny when Beck was busted by the archivists at Mount Vernon and caught in a lie!

            • We got some real doozy choices dont we,,,
              I dont think i ever cared less about an election than i do for this one. Just crap

              • No representation
                That’s for dam sure

                But not new either

                • EOTS: at least Trump isn’t a pawn of the globalists. That is good enough for me.

        • Crux ain’t got a chance, but Trump might put him in his locked doghouse.

        • S&B, uh, did you know that Cruz’s wife works for Goldman-Sachs and is also a member of the CFR? He’s already bought and paid for by Wall St.

          • and you think trump isn’t

            • Trump is butt buddies with sheldon adelson. Need I say more….

              • You’re butt buddies with a cat! Need I say more?

                • Maybe hes butt buddies with Acid??

                  • Hey, why not both?

          • Exactly–Cruz even has several hundred thousand dollars in loans from Goldman Sachs–he’s already bought and paid for. It doesn’t get more globalist than the CFR and Goldman Sachs ( aren’t 17 of Obama’s “appointees” former GS hierarchy also?)

            Five candidates left for President, essentially, and this is the best America could come up with out of 330 million people ??!!

            We are toast–but at least I’d like us to crash and burn with an a-typical asshole who is gonna shake things up. This slide into progressive, socialist slavery ( with a side of cultural Marxist/police state fusion) is leaving too many of us just waiting and waiting and waiting to step up–maybe Trump will set the final re^olution into motion……..

            • You could be right
              But than Hitlery would be pissed she didn’t get to start it

              Maybe we should be prepared for the case that either one of these hacks could start some shit that will fuck us all

              She’s a professional at it , and he’s a quick learner


        Literacy rates were higher in 1890 before publik skoolz even existed.

        Those who are independently educated generally score between the 65th and 89th percentile on standardized tests, while those in traditional academic settings average at around the 50th percentile.

        Children have a 100% greater chance of being molested by a school teacher than a priest.

        College professors today could not pass the test to graduate the 8th grade in 1910.

        3% of college students have ever taken economics 101.


        • Acid. public schools developed in the United States in the 19 century with Thomas Jefferson a major proponent of them from the start.

        • Where you been? Havent seen your rants in a while now

        • I dont believe in public schools and home schooled my kids but you are wrong about the 1890 literacy rates. Only the educated were educated because they had money. Everyone else couldnt read, write or do math.

        • Acid, it’s ‘schools’ NOT ‘skoolz’.

          • You forgot or were kind: public not public!

          • Rush says “public screwels.”

      12. I agree. The globalists ARE totally freaking out because they don’t control or own Trump.

        Good! I hope they are shitting skittles right now and trembling with fear and loathing. That shows me that Trump is the real deal.

        • Don’t kid yourself philo, they could destroy trump in a heartbeat. I thought you were more aware.

          • I am not a complete cynic. Look at Trump’s family and ex-wive’s and his current wife. He was smart and got prenups with every marriage. I am a BIG fan of prenups (for both men and women by the way). His children are all intelligent, educated, and haven’t turned into druggies or losers. That speaks volumes. Plus Trump has been dealing with various unions and government bureaucrats in NYC his entire life. Bravo! I can’t stand Union thugs and bureaucrats give me a headache. That Trump has been able to become wealthy dealing which such morons and still have a soul and is also beloved by his family is nothing less than a miracle.

        • Whether any of us likes it or not…….Trump is going to split the Republican party. Trump’s candidacy is a vanity candidacy just like Ralph Nader’s was. Granted more successful and ultra right wing and not ultra left. However, in the general election Clinton will win. It may be a close election but she will win. Because of Trump, the Republicans have squandered their best chance at winning the White House in decades. This election cycle is the biggest train wreck I have seen in my long life of watching political bloodsport. If these are the best candidates this country has to offer, we are well and truly fucked. And we weren’t even kissed first……

          • I think Trump will mop the floor with Hilary Clinton. He’s the only Republican candidate so far who’s had the balls to call a spade a spade, and once he gets rolling on pointing out all of Hilary’s criminal activities she’ll be toast.

          • Kiss my ass buster.

            • Bob
              ain’t nobody interested in your arse but acid etch…

      13. Look at the past Trump is the elite establishment, says whatever you want to hear to get your vote

        • You’re thinking of hillary.

          • Six, Hillaroid will be president. If Trump wins, I’ll send you a gift. No matter what you pull on that voting machine, it will still count as a vote for the hillaroid.

      14. I like some of what Cruz says but after what he did with Carson shows he is not to be trusted. He reminds me of grandpa on the Munsters. Rubio has some kind of male relations in college that I saw on another site, something to do with a park in Florida. He reminds me as a used car salesman. So we have a career criminal, Hillary or a businessman who loves the country. Let me think??? TRUMP!!!

        • Cruz is the NWO’s chosen one to bring about the North American Union, that combines Canada and Mexico into a EU style of states and countries.

          A half hispanic, that speaks cuban spanish, and was born in Canada with his Father having dual citzenship, and a so-called preacher.
          His wife is a CFR/-ewster-bankster/illuminati insider so there is no better candidate to pull off the NAU change like Obama has pulled off the multi-con games on Americans, already.

          He/Cruzzer, could set the stage for events that lead us to that very day, we wake up as a Union inside North america without sovereignty, and begin the transition during the seven years from early 2022 onward, that brings about a One world religion…like Chrislam. Say it can’t happen? it is already happening. Just look how many muzzy bros in the hood, mosques, are already set up in this nation.
          The muzzy genie is out of the bottle and there is no way to put it back inside.

          America as we once knew it, or visualized it, is over; The USA is toast. Soon it will be burnt toast, when the hammer of judgment falls, for killing 70 million infants from the womb.
          And, that is even without taking the other abominations like queer marriage in to account.

          Repentance and daily devotion on individual basis is where the hope lies.

      15. Lets entertain the thought for the sake of conversation that Trump is an establishment plant. The next question is who do you vote for? Rubio? Thats buying a ticket for the prizefight between the USA and Russia and his establishment ties are well noted. Cruz? His ties to Goldman Sax is real cozy so by default once again an establishment candidate. None of the rest on the Republican side will defeat Hillary and she is the most Establishment candidate of all. Sanders? That appears the only other non establishment person in the running and Clinton supporters controls their primary.

        Ignoring this election does not make it go away.

        • Yep. Unfortunatly we have the proverbial choice between the Dictator and the Tyrant. The choice is ours….

          • We’re in a dictatorial zone now with Senate & Congress sitting by while the Executive Branch governs by decree.

            Ed Snowden made a point about its Trump or Goldman Sax regarding the Trump v Hillary matchup. Trump might be a sleeper for the globalists but Hillary is awake and alert in that regard.

            Who needs professional entertainment when you have this show.

        • K2: the establishment hates him too much for him to be a “plant.” Take off the tinfoil hat.

          • Philosopher

            Please, no insults “Take off the tinfoil hat”. If My posts haven’t shown that I think and reason you haven’t been reading them.I don’t just look at but also through things. I’m convinced Rubio, Cruz and Hillary are establishment. I’m undecided with Trump.

            Remember Perot? His entire campaign was NAFTA. He did better than he thought so he sabotaged it. In the end he took votes from GH Bush who couldn’t get NAFTA through Congress and put in Clinton who did; I believe as planned. Perot was as cozy with “The Boys” as one could get. I look at this like chess. Words are words but its the end result that matters.

            • Kevin2
              Every election the “new” president pushes the globalist agenda forward. They may hit at a different angle but they hit us just the same. You are right, chess game that NWO always wins.

      16. Its Trump or we get the same treatment as Europe.

      17. I have explained what the establishment has done and is doing to create this anger, to create this segment of the population that wants no part of politics-as-usual. I have spent hours explaining it, giving the justifiable reasons why people feel the way they do. It’s not hard to figure this out at all, but the people in the establishment still don’t get it

      18. Eh, anyone who thinks this election has NOT been predetermined, is merely naive… because it is your right as Americans, but UNDERSTAND that votes do not matter any longer….had an interesting discussion with a 30 year old recently and told him to take everything down to the bare bones….everyone dies…that is a fact. How much money is enough money? If you have more money than you can possibly use in your lifetime, what then would be more important? Power. And why would power be important if death comes to EVERYONE? Because what the battle is all about is good vs evil….
        Be ready and have SISU

        • Power for some is a drug, they’re addicted to it.

          • K2 Yes, I agree, that’s very true.

            Trump brags about how he has no addictions, and has never been addicted to anything; never smoked, never drank, never used drugs, etc., but he’s definitely addicted to power. That’s a huge red flag if you ask me.

            • Those in power claimed the ranks of power. They didn’t go uphill because they were satisfied.

              The powerful, regardless who they are, are more often than not, addicted to power.

        • FOB, workin’ on it. Gettin’ light. Good to hear from ya.

          • SISU?

            SISU begins where perseverance and grit end.

            It is the ‘second wind’ of mental toughness after the individual has reached their individual limits of their observed mental or physical capacities.

            of Finnish origin

      19. I just returned from the polls. And there where local races so I voted Democrat. And I Bit the bullet and voted for the greater evil. I voted for Hillary. That bitch will get the shit started. Im tired of waiting. Im getting old. pretty soon I will likely be taking the dirt nap. I want to join in on the adventure before I die.

        • Good luck to you, old guy…..hope you enjoy what you have wished for….not all of us will. You voted for hillary and to me that is akin to voting for satan….the “adventure” you seem to be craving is all in your mind…the reality will be far worse than even you can imagine….

        • Old Guy, you are officially a stupid idiot.

          What kind of sick moron looks forward to civil war and massive suffering?

          If it does happen, you will swing and sun dry from a tree in your own yard. No one is going to let folks start something like SHTF and get away with it.

          You like to rant about getting even with the folks responsible for the way things are, then try to make things even worse? Really intelligent behavior. Senile old man, you need put in a home.

          • Who took a crap in your cornflakes junior?

        • Ya your a miserable moron! if its that bad? just eat a barrel and keep the rest of us out of it! jerkoff

      20. Remember when everyone was like oh man Obama is going to make us all go to camps. He’s the anti Christ. Oh man it will happen! Wolves become sheep 2.0

        • Odrama ain’t finished yet. I can, without any doubts or regrets, say that “O isn’t the Antichrist”.

          Only, the one and only, supernatural entity known as Lucifer will play that role, and hold that office.

          However; as many little “antichrists” have come and gone, through the ages; Odrama will continue to serve, in his God sanctioned role to bring judgment upon a self-proclaimed christian nation that has gone astray from biblical beliefs and principles, as another “type” of antichrist.

          If God allows it, Obama will still be potus this time next year. Billery is fulfilling her role as the “spirit of jezebel” demonic entity. When the largest percentage of young single women, become a known, large, voting block, supporting homosexuals and the continued murder of innocent infants from the womb. via a “jezebel spirited female politician”, then we can see the end of this World Age within sight.

          This phenomenon has spread like wildfire, and there is no end in sight, but through the end of time as we now know it. Young single women have become lovers of evil more than lovers of their Creator, and it is evident. They are now as heathen as the liberal voting christian black community and the Hispanics that only see the democratic party as a way to get more free shit, and/or further their individual agendas. There will be a price to pay for all that support towards liberalism and evil.

      21. Oh no dinosaurs walked with man! Oh because the bible said so. Obama! Oh no the sky is falling!

      22. Like it or not Hillary is the next president. Trump is running to assure her victory. If Trump gets the nomimation He will pull a Perot or McCain and pick a loser running mate. If he doesn’t get the nomination He will run independent to take repub votes and assure Hillary,s victory. Its a dog and pony show and many are believing that voting is some kind of solution. there hasn’t been and never will be any viable political or ballot box fix.

        • Old Guy.

          I agree lots of it depends on who Trumps picks as V.P.

        • Wow why not just take a gun and shoot yourself in the head. Fricken moron.

          • Philosopher.

            That would take all the fun out of it.

        • Yes pal that’s correct. There is hope for the country ONLY through the State legislatures. Trump’s plan is to NOT win, this he will do by aggressively offending the Mexicans.

        • Wait, Perot picked a loser running mate? Admiral Stockdale was one of the greatest patriots of all time. He was way overqualified to be a leader. Kinda sucks to put him in a bag with Sarah Palin. I blame her for Obama in 2008

          • Yea, she wasn’t the best choice for ole sidearm’s mcain to have as a running mate, but it was the black & hispanic vote that got o drama over the top.

            A lot of liberal repubs jumped ship as well. So, regardless of palin’s wide-eyed, pilled-up, over the top, speeches; ole sidearms wasn’t going to get elected anyway. He is a fake and hardcore nwo/establishment/war mongering, follower. He and Lindsay Graham need to fade away quickly into the sunset holding each other’s pecker.

      23. I am Loving the fuck out of it because it is a win/win situation for me.

        I am not so sure that there is enough Republican votes to beat Hillary. There is possibly more “Give Me Dats” who will vote democratic. Hard to tell.

        Are there enough people angry at government to put Trump in office? Is trump better than Obama. Is Trump better than Hillary? We Know what Hillary is and what she and Obama have done to this nation and foreign policy.

        The chances for a greater nation are better if Trump is put into office. I already know what Hillary stands for.
        United Nation Treaties, Gun Control and continuation of Obama care.

        Why I would vote for Hillary? I suspect that members of the Republican Party will not vote for Trump even if he wins the Nomination. They will not vote at all. Because of that stupidity I will vote for Hillary to stick it in their eye because Hillary will bring government forces against everyone. A Real New World Order.

        I’m older than most. Can embrace the chaos because I don’t have to give a shit. And I Am Ready.

        We shall see what the younger generation wants. It’s their world now.

        • Your setting up a reversal of Heller on the USSC

          • K2

            Had to look it up.

            This is only the beginning. We have many months ahead of us and will endure more of the political arena.

            Is Trump our last chance to right this ship?

            The Democrats promise the world and make slaves and I believe we have gone past the tipping point. Economy, Employment and problems in the Financial institutions prove that out. An appointment to the Supreme Court by a Democratic President will only be part of what will happen to this Nation namely Gun Control.

            The Good People of this Nation have been asleep at the Helm for too long. Tired of warning people. My vote might be my last protest.
            The Republican that does not vote because of Trump’s nomination, combines with my vote to make it two votes for Hillary. How many more are like me? Who Knows.
            Some day we will have to pay for our sins. What a day that will be.

            • Sling “Is Trump our last chance to right this ship?”

              IMHO…Trump is going to be the disruptor of the lib/commy/progressives. If he is able to get anything accomplished, like abolishing Obamacare, building the wall etc…, good for him. Icing on the cake for the voters. Trump will only be the first of many needed to correct the damage caused by 30+ years of the lib/commy/progressives influence.

            • slingshot

              I haven’t looked at it too much from the Republican v Democrat perspective (except for the 2nd Amendment) but rather from a Globalist Establishment v Whatever or Whoever is their opposition.

              “have been asleep at the Helm for too long”

              This sums up your theory above:

              h ttps://

              • K2

                O wa taja si am. Old Boy Scout Skit.

                • Don’t let them win sling.
                  Even if as I suspect… You do think it’s a load of baloney?
                  Still go through the motions of voting for your choice of your President.
                  You’ll be doing what is right, even if they are out to corrupt the whole shebang.
                  They’re the ones who’ll have to answer for their actions.
                  And they will.One way or another, sooner or later.

        • You and Old Guy, senile idiots willing to sell out your country just to make some stupid egocentric point about how smart you think you are.

          It’s an election, folks. We have them every four years. The winner gets to be the next President. The winner gets to appoint justices, cabinets, steer policy, all the bells and whistles.

          You’ve been bitching about the direction things have gone for years, now is your chance to alter that direction, and you’re so fucking stupid you refuse to even try to make an impact.

          Bunch of quitters. Losers. Senile geriatrics that can’t think their way out of a paper bag.

          Go back and hide in your basement bunker and count up your MRE supply, the rest of us are going to try and rebuild the country this election cycle. Maybe we can’t, but we’re going to try. Only quitters quit, and losers talk themselves out of it before they even start.

          • Smokey

            I Understand your anger.

            You said

            “It’s an election, folks. We have them every four years. The winner gets to be the next President. The winner gets to appoint justices, cabinets, steer policy, all the bells and whistles.”

            I bet Trump may get the popular vote but not the Electorial Vote. Even if trump gets elected what does that mean to the younger generation. They can hardly find the USA on a world map and do you think that the majority of our youth have any idea of government except as a form of cheer leading. Rah, Rah, Rah.

            Sorry to upset you Smokey. You are one of the good guys. I have no more faith and no more trust in government and I am ready for what lies ahead. Good or Bad.

            • I agree with you, but there is absolutely no reason not to vote, even if it’s futile. Someone is going to win the election, no matter what.

              Not voting is just childish behavior. We’re adults. We get up and go to work at jobs we may not like because we need to make a living. We cooperate with our co-workers because not doing so is silly. We just get on with our lives, because that’s the only way to live.

          • Smokey: I agree! There sure are a lot of nihilists and whiners here! WTF!

            I am not a quitter. I vote just so I have the right to complain. Do I like the outcome? Not always but at least I fricken TRY.

          • Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins The White House, The New Boss Will Be The Same As The Old Boss


            “Politics today is not about Republicans and Democrats.

            Nor is it about healthcare, abortion, higher taxes, free college tuition, or any of the other buzzwords that have become campaign slogans for individuals who have mastered the art of telling Americans exactly what they want to hear.

            Politics today is about one thing and one thing only: maintaining the status quo between the Controllers (the politicians, the bureaucrats, and the corporate elite) and the Controlled (the taxpayers).

            Hillary will not save the nation. Nor will Bernie, Trump, Rubio, or Cruz.

            The only ones who can save the nation are “we the people,” and yet the American people remain eager to be persuaded that a new president in the White House can solve the problems that plague us.

            No matter who wins this next presidential election, you can rest assured that the new boss will be the same as the old boss, and we—the permanent underclass in America—will continue to be forced to march in lockstep with the police state in all matters, public and private.”

            Getting angry won’t change a thing. Not while ever you’re sitting on your arse, anyway.

          • Spot on Smoke! Really wish we had thumbs up/down on this site. By the time any of these replies get posted it’s 3 days too late.

        • Hah ! I bet i am older than you….born in 1948> I was about 14 when Kennedy got assasinated. We were in school. The principal called a meeting in the auditorium. We all went there and they told us what happened. I don’t remember any details it was so long ago., but i do remember exactly where i was when it happened.

          • I am with you Marie.

            Even though i was in first grade, i remember it like it was yesterday.

            We had speakers in each and every room that was connected to the Principal’s office. He came on in the afternoon and gave the announcement to the whole elementary school.
            The teacher, Mrs. Parsons, soon after, clarified the announcement and tried to calm the students.

            As class let out, my two neighborhood friends, the two German girls (their mother was a hard drinking and cussing German that spoke a lot of curse words in German) came for me and hugged me. They were playing the big sister role, and one being a third grader and the other (the ugly one) was fourth grade, they showed me love that my own mother didn’t know how to give.
            They were my inspiration for showing friendship and compassion.
            Oh how I missed those girls when we moved away to the mountains the next summer.

            • pwtw,

              This is nothing but a lie on your part, and I’ll be MORE then happy to say why. You’ve made previous posts here saying you are 62 years old { it’s in the records, you should learn EVERYTHING you post on the internet is always permanent, there’s no lying about previous statements you made} So,by simple math that means you were born in 1954. Kennedy was shot in 1963, which would have made you 9 years old at the time. Just a WEE bit old for a first grader, and that is why your memories of the event are much better than a 5 year old 1st grade kid would have. Jesus H. Christ, is there ANY fucking thing you WON’T lie about? What a psycho!

              • I was born two days past the deadline for starting school at the age of six…and i failed kindergarten. I am so happy that you feel the desire to follow me around so you can suck on my toes.
                me wuvs you too.

            • passinwiththewind

              I don’t know of anyone that did not remember where they were and what they were doing when they were informed of a major event be it Pearl Harbor, WWII ending, JFK Assassination. I was a little kid, came home from school early, seen Mom crying and there were no cartoons Saturday morning on TV. Everyone knew EXACTLY where they were except.


              • I know of many, many people that can’t remember hardly anything prior to their 5th or 6th birthday.

                Some of us are blessed, or cursed as the case may be, with good a good memory. After all, it is memory that makes one more intelligent. A photographic memory, like Ken Jennings has, is why he is so smart and has such a high IQ.

                I don’t claim to be an Einstein, but I do have good enough memory that I am above the average smart people. I retain enough of the good stuff and expel just enough of the bullshit to be able to gauge people pretty well. It worked well for me while working in the banking industry in the late 70s and early 80s, and then throughout the next decade while owning and operating three businesses.

                When I ask people what is their earliest remembrances in life, most start around five or six years old. I remember three situations while still in diapers. I don’t know why they are ingrained into my mind, but there they rest like an old super 8 movie. Dad has confirmed two of those events and the exact dating.

                Separating and remembering events of the past is easier, it seems, when there are vivid colors and strong smells that are associated.

                The JFK assassination announcement was probably the first real traumatic event, after having an accident and going to the ER for stitches. When the films surfaced of the assassination, on TV, it really stuck in most people’s minds for the rest of their lives.

                I think God wanted people to remember those scenes because, they were the first real videos of the proof of evil within our gov, and it solidified the fact that those evil doers will stop at nothing, to gain more power and money.

                The majority of sheeple still believe that Lee Harvey was the mastermind, and fired the lethal shot, but that is just how easily sheeple are led to delusion.

                • Right, and you FAILED kindergarten. Mac, are you that hard up for comments you need to let obvious bull shit artists and religious con men take over your site? Pitiful.

      24. so far Trump has taken 4 states
        all rather decisively
        Tenn,Alabama,Mass and Vermont

        • Thats 5 now. He took Virginia.

      25. the sad thing is
        the Republican establishment
        the douche bags like McConnell and Ryan
        still don’t get it

        they have NO idea how pissed off people are

        the odious Koch brothers are thinking of dragging Mittens Romney back for a redux

        at this point,people would vote to put a potted plant in the White House as opposed to another establishment Rethug

        • One thing I will say,if the next president/government tries to take the peoples right to arms away, it would make the sandbox look like romper room!!!

        • Satori

          “at this point,people would vote to put a potted plant in the White House as opposed to another establishment Rethug”

          Its discontent on the far left too as Sanders is pretty much an outsider.

          The greedy never stop their continuous quest for more greed. Its inevitably stopped by collapse or a political revolt. The support for Trump and Sanders is the canary in the coal mine. If its not them now its someone else that possibly, if not probably, depending on the economic conditions at that time, will look like a good choice then, but be considered nuts now.

          Like a leaky roof ignoring it just does more damage.

      26. All you Newbies better get back over to the Survival Tips thread.

        Oh, been taken over by politics. ;0)

      27. Trump is a long time confidant of the awful Astor family, of Prince Charles and other globalist insiders—and the Establishment is against him? Ha ha ha ha ha. “Trump & Rockefeller Finance” has an office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
        Yes, it does appear that Trump is another Pilgrims Society member, the last globalist group still refusing to post membership rosters to public view.

      28. At least with Trump there is a chance for things to improve, everyone else is more of the same.I do understand that he fix all the nations problems he may well be a good start.If he fails,well we were prepping anyway.

        • Nationalist – “we were all prepping anyway”…can’t speak for anyone else, but just because I am well prepped I’d still rather not be in a position where the shtf and I am relying solely on my preps. Things can still go very wrong, even for the best of preppers, which I am not.

          And, as far as ‘With Trump there is a chance things will improve”, don’t count on that false sense of security.

          He may give the illusion of improvement in the beginning, but mark my words HE WILL abuse his power if selected. Trump is a hustler who plays to win and plays by his own set of rules, but then attacks others for doing the same.

          He has an inflated sense of importance, a deep need for admiration, and a total lack of empathy for others, all of which describes a textbook narcissist. And beneath the surface layer of his rather extreme arrogance lies a very delicate ego and self-esteem that WILL BE easily injured by any form of criticism — you can count on it.

          He is actually thin-skinned, not thick-skinned, as some mistakenly believe. We’ve all seen him lash out at people with harsh, mean, nasty personal attacks that could never be justified all because they weren’t agreeing with him and kissing his ass. It doesn’t take much to set him off.

          All of this alone makes him potentially dangerous as a political leader.

          Then there’s this to consider; what happens when another tyrannical loose cannon world leader doesn’t give him the admiration he feels entitled to. There’s no shortage of anti-American dictators who certainly aren’t going to kiss his ass or give him any respect, let alone the praise and applause he expects.

          Trump answers to no one and is used to getting his way, calling the shots and being the boss. I already know how he’ll react if he can’t have his way or if his perception is that he’s being played, overruled or undermined. It’s not a pretty sight. Your welcome. CC

          • Appreciate the insite,how is this any different than tptb doing what they want against the will of the people,I don’t think he is a war monger,like I said there is a chance with Trump,not at all with tptb.

        • Even if Trump where president there isn’t a ghost of a chance that he will fix anything. Its stupid to thing those who on purpose caused the problem,s are gonna fix anything. Trump is simply telling the voters what he thinks they want to hear. Typical lying politician.

          • You’re just telling yourself what you want to hear. Typical self-deluded quitter.

            If the next President can’t change anything, just how did Obama change the country in the last 8 years?

            Seems he was able to change things, why can’t someone else?

            You’ve talked yourself into a corner and refuse to get out of it.

      29. After reading this entire thread I have lost more faith because you all still fall for the dog and pony show. Fuckin pathetic how easily people are duped into thinking they have a choice or can vote their way out of this shit. I got news for you, YOUR ALL FUCKED! Vote all you want, hell vote 20 times, it doesn’t fuckin matter! This country is under corporate law and ruled by financial elitists/ satanic occult super elite that you have never even heard of. All this election bullshit works like a charm (literally) keeping you occupied with pure crap and something to argue about. How has voting worked out for you the last 100 years? But hey, this time it’s different ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I think it’s time for your nap….

        • Genius.

          You may have, “Incoming”. ;0)


        • @ Genius…As in the movie Matrix….most prefer the blue pill. Focus on elections, dancing with fags and kardashian’s fat ass pumped by her rapper pimp.

        • Genius….you do make a lot of sense. I have not voted in 20 yrs and i recently registered, and yep i got sucked in this time!! But i will say this. If things turn out real bad no matter who we get in the whitehouse….i’ll never vote again.

      30. You have to take a written test for your driver’s license. But it is Illegal to have to take a test to vote. Look at the idiots on the road. Then all aliens wanting to become US citizen take a test and have to past it. I have taken that test and the questions are bullshit and the passing grade is low. I bet those graduating from high school today would fail it.

      31. Power shift to where? To another self-adsorbed 1%-er? There isn’t a soul running for US president that is genuinely interested in the citizen. If someting positive happens for us; it will be a random, unplanned event that they’ll “correct”. I didn’t vote, and am not really motivated to; not a believer in the abused political system and don’t see a soul who is a reformer. The question to all prepper’s is “what is your exit strategy?”

      32. Trumps gonna bring back jobs and who’s gonna work. People are lazy and as long as there is a free shit option that person will win. Free shit trumps empty promises and broken dreams. Just don’t see him being pres and I think he a fish anyway he will flip flop. He talks like he’s able to fix all the problems. Sounds like the antichrist has arrived. We are going down hope everyone has what they need put back by now.

      33. They all suck beyond belief. How anybody could support any of them is mind boggling. Nothing will change. Another fake out ongoing. They are all warmongers kissing up to the military industrial complex. The only way to impact change is for everyone to get up and hit the streets peacefully demanding change and an end to the never ending wars. That is the only option that will change anything. This is our homeland, the United States of America, put our differences aside and unite to save our country. The first step is mass public protest. The population is mind controlled to stop a public display. How else do you explain the passiveness? The time is now to unite as one people. It is our only chance for survival.

        • I agree about the masses being mind controlled. Starts in school. The poor little sheep don’t have a chance!

      34. I will vote Rep….any of them. Will not vote for Hillary. I’d vote for Satan himself over Hillary.

      35. Doesn’t matter who wins this thing the same thing is going to happen no matter who is in the White House.

        We all have hope that it will change, and if this article is correct that TPRB are shitting their pants because of Trump well so be it. The only thing we have left is hope!

        So now getting back to prepping for TSHTF. Just picked up and new Barnett Raptor cross bow. After around 15 shots had it dialed in at 25 yards. Shot a three shot group and Robin Hooded one of the bolts. The wife just go about $250.00 worth of freeze dried meat and fruit from Honeyville. Just ordered more AR 22 mags for my Chiappa to add to the stock pile. Going in on Wed. to pick up some fletching to rework some arrows for the wife and my Compound bows.

        So keep prepping & praying folks because its going to be a bumpy ride.


      36. Sarge, you gotta hear this. Marco Rubio busted in past with faggot having gay sex in public bathroom. See it’s now obvious who is running things.

        And this is who they feel qualify for the presidency…

        Also its gets worst.. Louisiana cop who did the video on the dred lock insurgency that terrorized one town now the cop is fired for being extreme.. this is titled bullsh….t.. wrong is right and right is wrong.. what the phuck kind of way of thinking is this..



      37. The elite have more to worry about from tens of millions of people who know their crimes and will be coming for them soon enough. In fact, the elites undoing is that their taking down our country and jockeying for their one world order crap so their crimes destabilizing our world/planet/countries will in fact be their downfall. What a fitting end it will be too because it will be eternal as in, bye bye elite, enjoy the lake of fire – your eternal home that you willingly chose.

      38. Genius I have to back you up on this one after reading this thread… looks use some of the posters prefer gay cock suckers over Trump… well I support Trump because I have heard things Trump will be president and Cruz will be the VP. This is a done deal, and that the only thing that can stop that from happening is war. Martial law and a false flag.. you all keep asking to stop holding back, I already heard this info before Trump started to run..what will be said to me after this fact of life takes place. Ted Cruz is getting ready to announce his merger with Trump..let me repeat it again.
        . TRUMP AND CRUZ AS VP ARE RUNNING TOGETHER.. I WAS TOLD THIS BY MY AGENCY SOURCE. Trump is with the white hats.. if he wins, Ww3 gets canceled permanently..everyone in hero’s site is going learn what I just wrote and see it happen, unless something bad happens to cancel the election. No one on this site has the sources that I have.. get mad all you want, talk crap.. I just leaked out a big one..Trump and Cruz had met up already over 1 year ago and are on the same ticket…a trump is working with the white hats not the black and pay close attention what I just either listen and take My post serious and then what will you a say once it’s announced..



        • Well, I guess we would have to say even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while. And what is the big deal about it anyway, Trump needs a VP to run on his ticket if he gets nominated and there aren’t many to choose from so your big ” leaked one” is nothing more then a real yawner that most people could predict on their own without too much strain on the thought process. And why should it matter anyway, you told everybody here that Nibiru will be coming at us next month so doesn’t that make anything happening all the way forward in November somewhat academic? Why don’t you give us an update on Nibiru striking us next month? You were so adamant about it last year and now that it’s almost here you DON’T even mention it? I wonder why, as I’m sure many others here also do.

          • I was, and still am, of the same opinion… what kind of scientist friend can make such a prediction to a secret group that only hcks is privy to?

            I ain’t buyin’ what he is selling, and don’t give a shit if he makes more negative comments about my comments.
            Those that lurk in the shadows and then come pouncing out like trolls, just shows their ignorance and low IQ.

            Bring it bitches, i have pencil whipped a lot better, and more formidable foes than the liberal atheists that attack me here.

      39. It seems only slingshot, Genius and I can see the big picture. Trump is Hillarys ace in the hole. He is the one who is ruining any chance for a republican nominee who can beat her. I was all for Perot and fell hook line and sinker for his lies. Then he sabotaged his own campaighn. Its the exact same trick. Certianly Trump is upsetting the Republicans. And Hillary couldn’t be any more elated with the Help Trump is giving her. You folks need to ask why such desperate measures now? Whay the big push to implement the agenda 21 NWO as soon as possible. Why would the presidents handlers have him open our borders and import a invasion of illegals? Why? its because of the Magnetic Pole Shift. And much of the planet will not be habitable. And all the plans are for survival of the Elete and continuation of government. That’s why our Tax dollars built places like Mt Weather. You May think Im old and senile. Ive got the wisdom & experience to not believe any lying politician especially Trump. My mother always told me don’t pay any mind to what anyone says. Pay attention to what they actually do. Its a dog & pony show.

        • If I hadn’t just watched the republicans give Obama everything he wants,then turn around and throw the kitchen sink at Trump, I might could believe that.

        • Tell us all how only you can see the big picture, especially that part about the magnetic pole shift and illegal aliens.

          You’re nuts.

      40. OT.
        Thousands of Germans leaving everyday CIA-Facebook because of german censorship at Facebook!
        Maybe they will start one day in the USA also with the censorship. They did employee +- 100 new people to censorship goverments unfriendly comments.

        Now many germans going right now to!

        Maybe SHTFplan can also open an account their.
        I do think it is the very beginning of a movement away from Facebook.
        Right now their are mainly russian and german pages, but every snow avalanche starts also small an is getting bigger after short time.
        One Example:

        It is very easy to create an account!
        Just enter your e-mail and they will send you a code via SMS on your phone.

      41. Old guy, you have a point there about trump and hillaroid. Not so sure about the effects of the pole shift, if it even happens. The sun shifts poles and it doesn’t flip over. why would the earth flip instead of just the poles? Scientist often have a tendency to pull theories out of their ass. I still won’t vote for the hildacunt.

        • The magnetic poles migrate continually, the earth doesn’t flip over, the world is not going to end tomorrow.

      42. Folks, Do a little homework and check-out the election of 1912. The evil ones will split the Republican vote like Teddy did with his “Bull Moose” B.S.! A year later we were crapped on by the demoncrats Wilson with the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Act. If only you younger people would understand how much damage these two acts have done to our country.





        • On point #1….

          Nothing will change with the entitlement, and free shit handouts, until; about 80% of the congress and senate is thrown out and replaced with true patriots.

          On point #2…

          i believe Trump will make an effort to erect a southern border wall if….he can get the initial funding and get congressional support to discontinue any and all further payments to Mexico.

          Over a period of several years, the wall will start paying for itself with the savings from paying out freebies to illegals at taxpayer’s expense.

          On point # 3….

          You are 100% spot on.

      44. You speak the truth pay no mind to smokey who blow smoke out of his butt.

      45. This is what people do not seem to understand. The Elite do NOT have a real problem with Trump… Why? Because they are not bound to the Constitution and its rule of law. They will use the same methods they have been to invalidate what Trump does as they have for over 100 years. Trump is not talking about holding The Constitution as the supreme law of the country which will limit government. He is trying to force his will on those who do not agree with HIM.. Not The Constitution’s limits but HIS limits. People are blindly turning over more of their liberties, rights, and responsibilities to a politician to “Take Control”, instead of taking control of those they have elected to follow those rules that protect the rights of We The People.

      46. A shift in the magnetic pole isn’t the same as a r

      47. Get ready for 8 more years of Obama policies, because Hillary is going to be handed the election. From What I can see, the Republican party would rather loose the general election than have Trump as their nominee. They are spending all their time and money trying to defeat him, even though most of the people are voting for him and have stated several times that the party will not support him and he will not survive the convention. I don’t think they will allow him to be the nominee even if he had all of the delegates. The people should be bullshit and telling the party so. They are basically saying that your vote means shit so shut up and go home. It is not who the people want, but what the party wants and what the powers to be want. I am fed up with the whole system at this point with the democrat super delegates and the republican party doing everything it can to defeat Trump, it is obvious that we do no matter.

        • Which is intensely stupid on their part.

          Yeah the message is no one gives a shit what you want. Nice.

          Don’t let Trump in and your entire party is fucked.
          Do let Trump in and you FEAR your entire party is fucked.

          What to do what to do. (Not very creative thinkers, are we?)

          I KNOW!

          Cruz as VP…



          • Woah, TG… You sure do like your eMs!

          • Couldn’t agree more, it is really stupid on their part but I don’t think they really understand how pissed off the populous is at this point. Tom Delay stated last night and reiterated this morning that the party will never let Trump have it and will Quote “follow party rules to block him”. Even if he gets the required 1237 delegates to win, they plan on blocking it and putting in someone else. Trump has pulled record turn outs for the primaries and I am afraid if they do something to block him and the electorate gets pissed they will stay home in November letting Hillary walk away with the election. The GOP had better wake up and smell the roses.

          • I think JFK made that mistake with that pillar of integrity LBJ.

      48. A meeting was held in NY by the elite’s followers.
        75 million was arranged to fight Trump.
        25 million was assigned to Rubio upon winning Florida or no go.
        Cruz’s wife called Rubio’s wife asking if he could be SC nominee if he dropped out….no go.
        Then Cruz called Trump asking same go.

      49. HILLARY or TRUMP?… like either is gonna happen… Obamao will do anything to stay in office so, i don’t even plan on the election happening… my 7 cents (2 cents adjusted for nonexistent inflation)

      50. The Obama legacy…

        Student loans…UP
        Food Stamp participation…UP
        Federal debt…UP
        Money Printing…UP
        Healthcare costs…UP
        Labor force participation…DOWN
        Median Family Income…DOWN
        Home Ownership…DOWN

      51. LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton. Shit after shit and they still ain’t all shit out. All big steaming piles of shit. The FBI just stated if you support 9-11 truth and question the official account of the lies, then you are a terrorist. This after there never was an investigation of what really happened that day. Let’s wait around and see what happens next.

      52. VOTE.
        Their corruption will boomerang back to them eventually.

      53. Don’t be hermit malcontents. When Trump is screwed out of the nomination at the convention, use that as a tool to foment unrest. It has to start somewhere. Even if you don’t like Trump. Even if you don’t vote. Taking our country back must start somewhere. This is as good as any excuse. Never waste a crisis. Ever hear that before?

      54. I have to laugh at this dumbass calling him self the scineitst friend. The dumbass thinks that he can come on here a discredit me. The more you agency ass clown trolls attack me, is the more the ligitimate posters take my post more seriously and they should. For now i wont even waste my time trying to remove this asshole from the site. Watch and see exactly what i have posted about this Trump/Cruz as Vp ticket. Like Mike Hucabee mentioned, that Trump elected, is a peacefull over thorow of the government with votes not bullets. The future of this election is to be determined. If the false flag hits, the elections will be cancelled and Trump will not be president. Now we have voter fraud going in Texas, Trump voters are seeing votes change to Rubio, the senator that does gay sex publically, and nude dancing in front of men as the Texas winner. I have to phucking laugh. I am prepping to another level, including hasmat suits, etc, and stretegic relocation. I would really be supprised if Trump/Cruz wins the election. If the elections cancel due to false flags, or what ever endgame event, then i will be ready to survive. I have lost all my fear of death and will take it, if it comes my way. We are dead, they have planned to kill 6,000,000,000 people, and i dont see it turning back. If the events are not able to take place, Trump gets in with Cruz as the VP. Lets see teh Trolls dispute this inalienable fact that i have just posted. Luckily you ligitimate posters know that i am real, and have noticed the constant attacks on my post. I met with that scintist for over 4 hrs in person, and heard some extremely ditrubing outcomes, and i was not impressed with the fact that we are already dead, but be have to wait and see. I even mentioned this site and the attacks. His reponse was let them keep at it, October is the tipping point. Everyone will know for certain by that time. Watch and see what takes place before that. Take care of your preps, protect yourself and your family because 90% of the people will face hell in the very near future, in 1 , 2, 3 years, we know its coming, and it could happen today, a few days, or 1 yr, or 3 years, 3 years for certain. So folks i cant five dates because i will be told that it didn’t happen, besides when it does not one will be logging onto this site to prove anything. For the time being ladies, throw a pair of jeans and tennis shoes into your car with a small bug out bag with food and water, your hand gun and 50 rounds of ammo. The govenment has very bad plans for you ladies. You need to prepare. Another thing, if your single, stop dating men who wear suit and ties that deive porches. They dont have food and water in thier homes. They are not rugged enought to protect you from dred lock thugs and gangs. Luckily mine chose me and likes animals like me. I Dress in office wear and turn into a totally differnt animal during my spear time. In fact it scares me if my clients were to see me on the weekends. It’s just red neck apparel year round.





        Yep, the bullets keep selling and clearing off the shelves.

        • That is funny shit….. “Luckily mine chose me and likes animals like me.”

          At least you are not bashful about your pedigree, nor your girlfriend’s appreciation of wildlife.

      55. The results from yesterdays vote put Hillary and Donald in the lead. It,s all going according to the plan. The fix is in Hillary will be the next president.

        • Tell us all how you are the one who sees all this. Hurry, though, before the magnetic pole shift makes that steel plate in your head stick to your car door.

      56. Old Smokey, Not trying to disrespect you, we are both red necks, but you need to wait and see, you will sh..t your pants by years end. I am not even going to talk crap to you or disrespect you since you are legit.

        Texas got it’s Gold in September 2015. Abbot and the locals threatened to shut off the entire east coast of natuaral gas and oil, since Texas supplies the east coast. So the Gold had to come back, or else it was war. this is one BIG MOTHER PHUCKING BITCH ASS FACT OF LIFE IN TEXAS. We will be succeeding in 2 years, especially if Trump is not elected. Then its a breakaway that will take place, PERIOD. If Trump is elected then we may not need to succeed.

        I am telling the truth, i have seen lots of things. I will leave with this leaked info. Trump and Cruz is going on the same ticket. This is just a fact of life, he aint picking gay anal sex advocte Rubio, nor is he choosing Ben Carson, who is another joke, he is choosing Cruz. PERIOD.


        When you see this happen, then you will begin to panic, i am waiting on this to unleash some of the other bad news. Timing is always everything. By the way get ready to see oxygen levels and mass suffercation on the coastlines soon..I posted about this type of stuff over 6 months ago. I am only here posting to inform the real preppers. If you feel my info is BS, just ignore it and not talk crap to me, its senseless. Feels kind of warm weather wise right now does it. Get ready for and ass freeze in another week or so, that will drop temperature even lowere. Winter just started this month, so dont talk crap about pole shifts just yet. The 5′ shift will become a 24′ shift, meaing that the poles are trading places. Meltdown will begin followed by mass flooding up north in areas that people are not accustomed to. Besides when you know people who for Fema, this helps, since i do, and they dont bullsh….t when they talk. Smokey i am on your side boss. Alot of your older wiser red necks like to advise us rookies but i keep up with the modern stuff. i know you aint no dumbass, just saying. I understand that you boys have to rough me up so often for quality control purposes.



        yea, i may know some sh..t.

      57. Hey Mac, with all due respect wtf is going on around here with some comments not posting for hours while others go right through?

      58. Know one even saw this one coming not even by a long shot. It turns out Donald Trump VP pick is rumored to be is an Unknown political insider

      59. Buckethead for pez

      60. As a voter for more than 40+ years I have never found a “perfect candidate”. I refer to voting in 1972–Nixon or McGovern. I always voted, regardless if a candidate is perfect or not. In the case of 1972–I voted for the lesser of the two evils. Also, remember that even though the president has the power of the executive branch, Congress and the SCOTUS also wield power equal to the other two branches. They have their own way of controlling the other two branches–if they decide to use that power.

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