Trump to China: “Listen You Motherf***ers…”

by | Apr 29, 2011 | Headline News | 74 comments

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    Donald Trump delivers a not so traditional political speech in Las Vegas where he covers everything from Obama’s misgivings to the middle east and China. The most shocking moment was undoubtedly his views on how to deal with China’s global manufacturing monopoly:

    If Mr. Trump is anything, he’s to the point. However, we don’t necessarily agree with his assessment of how China may react to such a strategy. Let’s remember that they have some $3 trillion or so invested in US dollar related holdings, two-thirds of which their central bank President recently indicated will need to be divested. They hold the power right now, not us. Imposition of a 25% import tax, in our view, could be a mutually assured economic destruction for both nations – and we’d be much worse off than them. China’s response will likely not be to give us anything we want. The more realistic scenario is that it will, as it has in the past, lead to calls from China that America is committing an act of war. Let your imagination run wild with what the end result of pushing China on this issue might be, because we don’t think it is as simple as Mr. Trump makes it out to be.

    With regards to Mr. Trump’s candidacy, many questions abound regarding his political positions and allegiances. While he may talk a big game and play the part of a Tough-on-the-Economy republican, we must question many of his actions in the past, namely his support of eminent domain laws and underhanded maneuvering to seize private land from individuals in order to build casinos, generate profit and enrich himself and a few close insiders. That alone is enough for us to say we’re not interested.

    While his words are entertaining, and some of his arguments take a common sense approach to the problems facing us on domestic and international fronts, we’re not sure if we’re interested in another election cycle American Idol candidate. Perhaps our opinion is misguided, but Mr. Trump seems to us to be driven by ego and self interest rather than statesmanship – and a statesman is what America desperately needs right now.

    Furthermore, while Trump has deemed Congressman Ron Paul as unelectable, we’d suggest that the same may be true for himself. A Trump primary win could be disastrous in November of 2012, because unless independent minded Americans (i.e. supporters of the third-party or no-party movement) are convinced, no Republican candidate is getting into the White House.

    References: Daily Bail, Full Las Vegas Speech Play List


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      1. Just what we need, an idiot speaking for us. When will the circus end.

        Wake up America. It’s time…
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­ )
        “Spread the News”

      2. Comments….. Yes, a pompous jackass with a belly full of importance. I’ve never like him before he became a candidate and I like him even less now. This next election is again building up to be another side tent, ten cent, freak show. Step right this way folks! The calliope is playing Hail to the Chief Horses’ Ass, shortly followed by the bugler’s rendition of “Taps”.

      3. On the bright side, at least he has his own helo, jet & security.  He likes our flag too!  I think the price of ammo is the only thing that’s not going to go up 25% over night at Wally Mart.  It’s still made in U.S.A right?  Seriously, he just bowed out so people would stop thinking he’s serious about running for the president but instead he make the president run!!!!!!!! 

      4. Comments…..Morpheus,STOP WITH THE REVOLUTION CRAP!!! HAVE YOU  you ever hear of the Dutch and how they used sabotts?? silent and stealth!!! and, produced much better results .BE A SILENT LEADER AND NOT A VISABLE RABBLE ROUSER!!! jUST SAYIN!!! You will live longer.


        From widely-followed metals expert Jim Sinclair, in a posting on his JSMineSet website ( on April 24th:

        ”Concerning reports that China has declared financial war by threatening to sell significant amounts of US Treasuries:

        I feel it is as impossible for China to cut 2/3 of it US Treasury holdings as it is for the US to cease Quantitative Easing. The most probable result is that China continues to liquidate US treasuries and does not roll over maturities as they are now while the Fed in June changes the name of QE to investing rollovers by utilizing the funds to purchase other US debt issues.

        The final determinant of all these political / financial manoeuvres is the condition of the US dollar as it applies to gold.

        The US dollar is headed to .7200, will bounce and then continue lower. Gold is heading to $1650 and higher.”

        . . . and from Congressman Ron Paul, in his weekly ”Texas Straight Talk” column on his House of Representatives website on April 25th:

        ”Even the most conservative budget that has been proposed by Republican leadership requires raising the debt ceiling by an additional $9 trillion by 2021. This demonstrates absolutely that no one in power right now has any real intention of addressing our spending problems or paying down the debt. They simply expect to continue to borrow and run up more debt forever, without limit. Yet they always imagine our dollar will have value no matter how many we print. This expectation is foolish and nave. I guarantee that those buying our debt are not foolish and naive enough to go along with this charade forever.

        The S&P announcement may just be the harbinger of economic realities acting as a restraint on government expansion. Government is not anxious to cap its own growth, in spite of misnomers like ‘debt limit’ or ‘deficit reduction.’ Government will continue to grow like a cancer, sapping our country of its wealth and freedom until the laws of economics no longer can be ignored.”

        . . . and from Richard Russell, editor of Dow Theory Letters, in remarks posted on his website on April 28th:

        ”Americans still covet US dollars. People are still running to dollar-denominated stocks and bonds as safe haven islands.

        In essence, fiat money, irredeemable money, is a fraud, and it always has been. The end of the tale lies ahead. Fiat money is money created out of ‘thin air,’ and out of a computer. Ultimately, all fiat money is fated to be seen as a fraudulent, man-made scheme. The vast majority of Americans are still ‘dollar-bugs.’ The poor misguided devils are actually trading in their gold and silver for Federal Reserve Notes. They abide by the government’s edict that Federal Reserve Notes are the ONLY legal tender. Man creates something and pronounces it to be money. The mere idea of that goes against logic, experience and yes, morality.

        Morality?? If I work my whole life for Federal Reserve Notes, and some damn Fed employee can with a flick of a computer create billions of so-called dollars, then I know that something is terribly wrong. Therefore, I’m betting against the Fed’s fraudulent products with the help of real, Constitutional money — silver and gold.

        Ultimately, the truth will win, and the Fed will lose. As Mary Baker Eddy (creator of Christian Science) put it, ‘The only power that evil has is the power to destroy itself.’ As I write, the Fed is on its way to destroying itself and its prize product, the Federal Reserve Note.”

      6. Donald is a million times better than Obama period!!!!
        AT LEAST DONALD has the balls to actually do something while people complain about him… WHAT HAVE U DONE! JACKSHIT 
        and btw I’m Canadian and it surprises how clueless alot of American really are about what is ACTUALLY going on! 

        AND FOR THE RECORD all it takes for CHINA to go out of control would be for it lose to lose a bunch of trade contracts… millions of jobs would be lost and there would be revolutions in China because of this there already are!!… China is very scared of this and sure they have the #1 economy but they also still very poor!!!! The avg person is broke in china work 6 to 7 days a week and don’t get paid for overtime and the housing prices are through the roof the avg person can’t afford the rents in the bigger ciities let alone the price of buying a house….

      7. When jobs started going to china like 10 years ago and the us gov put a 25% import tax back then… things would be very different now PERIOD! but I guess people are so fucking ignorant to actually see what is going on until it is way too fucking late!!!!!


      8. A tarrif war would be ugly but guess who would have to start drilling oil & set the price of food to those that have lots of sand.  Many would starve.  Elton John needs to lose a few sterling pounds.

      9. well, we have a whole bunch of idiots in government now, maybe it’s time we put a loud mouth idiot there. He’s had experience in everything we need, the country is in the same shape as many of Trumps businesses and he seems to be doing alright financially, at least he’s flying aroiund not worring about the price of gas, maybe if he was in charge, the rest of us could stop worrying about the price off gas and many other things.

      10. Old Chinese proverb say: “Rich man who complain a little, get better service. Rich man who make threats, get scorpion in rice bowl.”

        I printed out a transcript of Trumps speech and found a hidden message! If you remove every other word, then shift all the vowels forward one letter in the alphabet, and then read it backwards…it says: lknih dytss btdmlkwr wpw sfftdnk. And we all KNOW what that maens, right? (wink wink) I’m surprised he could say that without blushing. And to think, I used to respect him.

      11. Jules, I respect your passion, however colorful it presents itself!  🙂 But you make some very good points. The apathy in this country STILL, at this point, is just shocking as hell. A loudmouth confronting the president can be a beautiful thing.
        BUT, and there is a but, I also dislike 2 or 3 things about Trump, that I can think of off the top of my head.
        1. Wholeheartedly agree with Mac on this. Eminent domain is an awful, awful thing, that has destroyed lives (even generations of families), all for the enrichment of those who stand to gain, and play the system. I would never support such a candidate who supports that.
        2. He is advised by Zeke Emanual. That is a HUGE red flag.
        3. Even worse, out of ‘loyalty’ for his Zeke, he has financially supported Rahm Emanuel. But he says it’s not what it looks like. Just helping out the brother of a friend. Politics “were not a factor”.
        The hell you say Mr. Trump. Enabling a guy like Rahm to continue his thug ways over the people, and supporting someone who is so instrumental in the policies that have created the disaster and corruption we are now swimming in, is deplorable. You can spin it 100 ways, and none of them would ever convince me it was the ‘right thing to do’.
        Trump is not who he says he is, by that action alone.

      12. It’s a race to the bottom (money, fiat, TP, paper).  Got real money?  Are you starting to understand what real money is GoldenFox?

      13. Dennis,
        ok well i don’t know the details of DT issues but, I do know he’s not running for President for money that is for sure and he does have a track record for being bankrupt and having his wife leaving him as he’s broke now and then taking himself to levels of success that were much higher than he was before he was bankrupt…. US is more than bankrupt and desperate times call for desperate measures they need someone with this track record and can really turn things around….
        My honest opinion though is that the US is already totally screwed and needs a miracle….DT is there only hope if there was one but i think he’s at least 2 years too late…..
        OBAMA is the killer of AMERICA, he really screwed things up and took things to the point of no returd and he should known in the history as this…the worst president ever period!!!!

      14. You can’t buy fun like this but you can pay for it.

      15. Comments…. the only thing that i find entertaining about trump is when he gets pissed off and starts venting about obama…trump only says what we all wish we could say directly to the president without the fear of being arrested for sedition. any other polititian seriously considering a run for presidency in 2012 will look really good when compared with obama or trump. i would love to hear what trump has to say about soros, or any of the other crooks that are having their way with our country at this time. i say, off with the gloves and lets see a rumble that is worth watching and listening too.

      16. Comments…..let me jog your memory…….remember back in the 90’s whe trump banktrupt his casinos and then sold junk bonds to save them?? do you want this person running  your govt? as for the revolution talk……im sorry to say but when i look around i think americans are to lazy to revolt……i can say that because im not only american but a vet as well. this isnt the america i grew up with…….not all change is good.

      17. Crash,
        The American people will get off their butts when the benefits run out. It will be way too little, way too late. But when the last check arrives, and the government no longer even pays for unemployment and food stamps, and their 401ks are in the toilet when the crash comes, people will start reacting in BIG way. For this, we should all be concerned. It’s no longer someone else’s problem, when we have what they need.
        And ya know, Jules? This is all a side show at this point. You could bring in Superman, for godsakes (wait, he just denounced his citizenship. nevermind), and nothing will steer us from the crash landing to come. You can confiscate the wealth of everyone, tax the hell out of everyone, and seize the assets of everyone, and we will come up short. To think otherwise at this point, is to not be paying attention.
        Brace for impact. Top off your supplies. Have a plan. And if the rest of your family resists, so be it. This is too serious of a situation to be wasting time convincing others. Brace for impact. That is all.

      18. I think the Donald just got my vote despite his love of nuclear power! Thats what I call candor, transparency, and guts! I haven’t heard a Presidential candidate say anything so profound since Ross Perot asked US if we could hear that giant “sucking sound”, and Ronald reagan said, “hey I am paying for that microphone”! 

        Mac: China has 3 trillion in reserves, but a healthy portion of it belongs to the EU. Just saying …….. 🙂

      19. well there was still some hope when Obama took over a few years agoe…but he pretty much sealed america’s destruction with his bs let alone the fact that he’s on the record for making 1.7 million dollars last year in personal income plus all sorts of luxuries he gets while the US is going through a crisis the whole time and the biggest crisis in its history i might add….. seriously wake up when is ENOUGH ENOUGH!!

      20. China owns a lot of official looking paper. An outright default would force USA to start making more of what we need ourselves. There would be much pain, but we would be better off than spending decades giving the bulk of our output to the banksters.

      21. there are already planning on selling off 2 of the 3 trillion already….pretty quick here…. haven’t u noticed the dollar dropping like a rock lately?

      22. The Donald for President?Just as real a chance as the hair on his fat,lugubrious head.Just sayin….Now Ron Paul,perhaps would be a good choice if the idiots of the Red side of the REPOCRATS don’t do a hatchet job on his good name.( like they did to John Kerry)
        Best to all
        Best to all GFG

      23. Comments…..Donald is totally right we do have all the cards.  You guys are so worried about china dumping 3 trillion in treasuries.  The fed could scoop all that up in one transaction and at the same time raise bank reserves to sterilize those dollars. Thats how china tightens there money supply. RAISING BANK RESERVES.  We could pay off all our debt in one transaction and start creating interest free notes. NO MORE BONDS to create money.

      24. I find it interesting that many who questioning Trump’s past conservative credentials fail to question none of the other leading contender’s CURRENT conservative credentials…where is Romney on Trade? Where is Newt? I know, vague promises of more jobs and even vaguer amorphous language about trade as the current crop of belt way presidential hopefuls line their pockets with trans national corporate money reaped from the trade policies that are destroying this country.  And then look at this crap article…oh my gosh, if we show some balls to China, they might fight us!  

        China may fight us one day, might as well be sooner than later. Chinese generals write about in their trade journals. The average guy in the street in China figures it will happen one day. The situation isn’t going to get any better strategically for us over time, as it takes us 15 years or so not to get a fighter off of power point onto a tarmac, not to mention our military budget is going to be cut dramatically as we go bankrupt.  Maybe if we showed some balls, they might actually think twice.  We can show balls now, when we still have SOME industrial capacity left, or we can stick our head in the sand and watch it all disappear and become China’s biotch, like the author of this article suggest. Choosing not to be an economic colony of China, India, Europe, and even out own transnational minded corporations is a choice. It will not be an easy one.  But with each day that goes by it isn’t going to get any easier. 

        I’ll also tell you a little secret.  Our military is strained to the breaking point, but at this point in time, in combat, we would hand China’s arse to them on a plate.  They know it, our allies know it.  This will not be the case for long, but it is the case now.  China has made impressive gains, and I’m sure have a military ace cards, but the USA, who was responsible for the security of the world since world war II and has outspent the world combined on defense many of the last 50 years, has a few ACE cards too.

        I wouldn’t go full bully on China, nor cut them off absolutely in one day, but we need to let them know the old ways of theirs…dumping, deliberate currency devaluation, industrial espionage, reverse engineering, disregarding intellectual property rights, etc… are over if they want access to our market.  They are free to Tariff us back if they so wish, but all of the above and more should be factored in our trade policies

        And although I appreciate the concern about Trump being another Perot, I have to stop myself and wonder.  With the exception of a few fringe candidates like Ron Paul or Allen West, do I really give a f##k about the mainstream republican party?  Ah the Ryan plan, it only ads 4 trillion in debt under the absolute most rosy economic predictions as opposed to Obama’s 10+ trillion, and most of this deficit reduction takes place on the later side of this next ten years, and we all KNOW politicians will never balk when it actually comes time to make the cuts down the road…they will surely stick to the plan, especially if we keep the current whores from both sides of the isle in office…yeah right. So what if voting for Trump causes Romney/Newt/etc… to loose, they will just slow the decline down a little bit as opposed to if the Manchurian gets a second term.  Also funny how all the rank and file republicans become uber conspiracy theorist about trump but ignore the MOUNTAINS of evidence of elites planing a global currency and a new world order and other evidences of grievous abuses by the current financial elites against the populous at large.  Please, if you are going to eat at the conspiracy table, eat a full meal, no cherry picking which would be indicative of an agenda other than truth discovery and choosing the best candidate for 2012.

        It is time to think out of the box and take some risk, especially when the impact of not doing so is more of the same (bankruptcy and loss of super power status sooner or later).  Trump to me anyways represents an outsider view.  I think he and Ron Paul should talk, with Allen West thrown in the mix somewhere.  Then we would be talking.  Rino’s and conservative though gate keepers, you sh*t is old, not working, and un-exciting.  You need to move more towards the right if you want to win an election, not ask the patriot types to settle for a candidate that is essentially a democrat in sheeps clothing.  If you get prideful and stick to your corrupt belt way ways, the grand old party will go the way of the dinosaur.  

        Are you listening?

        Trump/Allen West/Ron Paul.

        Patriots over RINOS.

        Strength over fear. 

      25. the Donald is just blow’n smmookke.  Stir’n the MF’n pot peeps.  He has no serious chance at the repub nom, Butttt….,  the man does raise sum good issues,  wat us good red blooded americans need to think about, HELLO china,  fuck off!

      26. Donald Trump has no chance to win the election and Obama is not going to be reelected according to psychic that I consulted.  So Donald Trump don’t waste your money and give us some of your election money here in this blog…lol.

      27. Comments…..   Some things to consider.   Right now, the PWB, (powers that be) , want everyone to be as distracted as possible.  They want you fighting about politics, keeping you thinking that your opinion actually matters about things.  We all need to pay attention to what the FED is doing. That’s where our attention needs to be.  The dollar is toast. Everything you ever worked for is toast, and the band plays on.  Trump is a giant diversion. It doesn’t make any difference who you support, or who gets elected, as the PTB owns them all.  The voting process is a giant sham to make Americans think they have some semblance of control.
             We are all being screwed, blued, and tatooed.  This doesn’t have anything to do with politics.  it’s about our survival. If your’re paying attention to Trump, your attention is diverted away from the real problems that are going to kill you. Don’t worry about Trump.  it’s a  meaningless issue that won’t change anything in the end.
            Your government leaders, through those crooked banksters at the FED, are screwing you in the rear, and you don’t even know it. Your economic survival depends on what you do in the coming months. What Donald Trump says, or what he does in the coming months, won’t pay your mortgage, or help you get a job.
             Spend your time prepping for the coming bad times. It’s a lock to happen. The government can only keep juggling all the balls in the air a little longer. They are starting to drop one or two, every week.  The charade will end very soon.  Have you got your prep on?

      28. Seen this somewhere before… yep, Perot in ’92.  Voted for Perot because of the “tell it like it is” allure.  That didn’t work out so well for America.  Fool me once, shame on me….  If there is a serious third party candidate like “the Donald”, we get more of the same for four more.  What a joke.  “A lover, not a fighter…”  Dropping the MF-bomb on the Chinese… “They’re abusing us…” “They’re manipulating…” This kind of talk from Trump is nothing more than political opportunism, red meat thrown to the increasingly economically disaffected masses.  I’m not buying.

        China is not our friend, make no mistake about it.  But so what?  We have few.  Any predations that we want to accuse China of are self-inflicted.  Economically, China has only been acting in its own best interests.  China doesn’t cause us to spend 40 percent more than we make.  China doesn’t chase our businesses overseas by over-regulation.  China doesn’t overtax American businesses and citizens.  China hasn’t opened American borders to the flood of illegals.  China doesn’t cause each of us to want something for nothing.  

        All of us need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves how much longer we want to keep stealing from our kids, grandkids and future unborn Americans.  Military bases spanning the globe and foreign military adventures?  Yep, we need to keep the peace… just send the bill to my kids.  Obamacare?  I’ll take it, just bill my grandkids.  Social Security? Well I know I didn’t pay in half of what I’ll take out of it, but so what, someone else will pay, anyway, my kids and grandkids have an obligation to take care of me in my old age. Medicare? WE have to take care of our old. Medicaid? WE have to take care of our poor.  Cheap energy, but don’t drill in our country and forget all that nookular stuff. Gimme ALL this just so I can feel better…but I ain’t paying for it.

        We are selling our kids, grandkids and unknown future generations of Americans into economic slavery.  Might as well start a war with China so at least they can die fighting.  It might make us feel better.

      29. I was interested to see what he would do and say, but he just lost my vote.

      30. right on greaseman
        but just as you can only prep for you and your family, you don’t need  assistance or approval to leave the corporation.
        I see people whining all day long about the lack of freedoms, and how the government is taking more and more of them away.    Your freedom does not come from government, it comes from God and it is your property.  If you surrender your property to somebody else, whose fault is it when they tear it up?
        Trump is just another corporate figure catering to those who are stupid enough to continue participating.  Even on a board like this, that is the vast majority.  That is the saddest thing of all.  Most of you are prepared for continued slavery under a far more cruel master.
        Those who rely on and participate in the corporation are screwed.  Not those who do not participate and shun it.

      31. I think Trump and Rosie O’donnell would be a lock in the next election, but seriously, I think within 3 weeks we’ll find out that he was just doing a publicty stunt for his wallet and own entertianment. He’ll be back running his dumb TV show next fall.

      32. Welcome to America – The Biggest Circus on Earth!!!

        Self-centered, self engulfed, all about himself, egotistical motherf**ker of all time. See it here, be the first, tell your friends! This Hollywood moron is going to piss off the rest of the world and put us in a crisis faster than Bernanke can.

        Only the Sheeple will vote for this guy, after all, they like his fake reality show and his comb over. Wait until he brings his crap to Washington and makes us the laughing stock of the universe. I Hope Not!

        What Are We Becoming America? How did we lose our dignity? Our reputation? Our county? We are fools and it shows like a shining light after a rain storm. We are in a very sad state of consciousness! When will we wake up? When will this nightmare be over?

      33. The very fact that Trump uses words like ‘motherfucker’ just goes to
        show how out-of-touch he is with reality.  American leaders need to
        use diplomacy, tact, and strategy.  Trump’s riches have totally gone to
        his head….in his little midget mind, he thinks’ his ‘financial success’
        equates to him thinking he’s smarter, better opinioned, more
        qualified than others to lead the nation.
        Read his book, “How to get rich”.  Just the title of the book alone
        shows how conceited he is.  I made it about half-way through before
        I had to put the book down and puke in a basket.  Trump’s a loser.

      34. Last week a friend told me he heard that on May 2nd a huge announcement was coming from China.  An aggressive, formal move to remove the dollar as the world standard currency (probably decided at the latest BRIC meeting)

        May is the month for the next flotilla, the union attacks on our banks & economy.  So the timing makes sense.  So much to look forward to.  (NOT!) 

        I’ve dug a bit on the internet and can’t find anything about this.

        Has anyone else heard this?

      35. GA MOM….I would bet it’s a hoax…why would an announcement like that be announced that it is coming? I would think it would just show up?
        Gods Creation….Shellie is sending you an email

      36. DOES this look like a good deal to you guys?
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      37. Well, when you see how far the current nonsense and BS has gotten us – this is one progressive independent (with a graduate degree and a gun I might add) that is ready to rally for Trump in 2012! I am so sick of kicking the can, inflation, run up gas prices and 1%’r that I am ready to call BS and – yes, even if it is a disaster – it will be no worse than what is happening now with flowery phrases, waiting and FORECLOSURES, UNEMPLOYMENT and BANKRUPTCIES skyrocketing!! Becuase the Dow has nothing to do with reality – those OTHER THREE THINGS DO!!!

      38. I don’t know why all you people get all patriotic because another super rich bullshit artist wants to take votes away from Obama’s opponent so Obama would have another go at further destroying what may be left of America at that time.
        I don’t think you have anything to worry about though because I think Obama is going to hand over control of this country to the United Nations around June or July of 2012 and that is when the real shit is going to hit the fan.

      39. You didn’t major in math did you BJ?  Welcome to the club Incriminally Sane.  Don’t think, you’re scaring us, but I agree, go figure! 

        Obama is better than any Pub that is running. Trump is not a viable canidate.

      41. I just watched the Trump you tube video.  Look, the guy was making a creative point with use of the F-bomb in front of a friendly audience. Are we really at that stage of political correctness where use of the F-bomb is the equivalent of an EMP attack?  sheesh.

        Look, I wouldn’t write Trump off completely for the same reason no one should write Obama off—in the right circumstance. . . .  . .anyone can win.

        Now Ron Paul has some excellent ideas about ending the Fed, and cutting the deficit, but he is NOT the correct messenger for these ideas because he has already been labeled a cook.  You need to package these ideas up into a medium that will sell to the masses.  Trump understands that to a point. Ron Paul does not  and is too old anyways to be viable.  Young vs. Old–YOUNG always wins even if substanceless.

      42. We do not find ourselves at this point as a nation because we were not warned, but because we did not head the warning. Christ himself could not turn this nation around as POTUS therefore I highly suggest that all hope for a political solution to this very complicated problem be hastily abandoned for the high ground of personal preparation, and assume responsibility for one’s own immediate future and quality of life. Trump is a two bit sideshow, but then so are all of the other contenders. There are so many unqualified candidates it’s almost as if no one is running…………translation; Obama by a landslide and America is completely screwed (if it even exists) by 2016.

      43. Hes better than barry…likely so…but that aint sayin much…so is my herd sire billy goat…except RP I dont see anyone who has the record of supporting the constitution needed to even qualify as a candidate…..character does matter!

      44. Sanity, no one’s listening.  That’s why I have tens of thousands of rounds of ammo and I’m building a fortress that can stand up to anything short of a D-15 loader.  

        At this point, searching for a “political solution” (as if YOUR VOTE was the one that would ‘turn it all around’) is a worthless waste of time.  That would be like tugging it and watching “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” at the same time.  It just don’t work……

      45. I just flew back stateside from the wedding.  Hip, hip, multi grain cheerios, God save the Maple Leaf.  Can you believe they seated The little Elton John & his big boy toy next to me.  He didn’t even sing Yellow Brick Road.  That non crumpet eater.  Security went off without a hitch.  Rolls are over rated but the Queen knows a few dirty jokes.  It moved me to tears then the sun came out.  That was me on the back of the carriage.  I was packing.

      46. Just another distraction.  To all who are so “passionate” about his tirade, stop buying into this crap and start looking at what they AREN’T showing.  What are they covering up?  Same story with Barry’s birth certificate.  Of course he knows it’s fake.  He knows we’re going to figure out it’s fake. It’s like the old magician’s trick; draw attention to the left hand while the right hand is actually performing the trick.  I’m stunned at how effective this is.  We’ve been falling for this one for centuries.  Even today, we don’t recognise it until after we’ve been taken.  Amazing.

      47. I think mos of us have already seen the videos, of the computer program that rigs these elections. At least back to Bush, and likely ever since, and before. The fact is, the elite set the stage for the outcome they desire. No one will get into that office that is not chosen. Its just the way it is, so you have to start thinking of yourself right now, and not rely on some pie-in-the-sky idea of electing ‘your guy’.
        The last TRUE president was likely Kennedy, and we know how that story ended. Likewise, if someone as well-versed in the Fed, its scams, and tenacious as Ron Paul ever got close to rocking the boat…. He’d only get so far, then they will do what they have to do.
        Those that say that they simply want us squabbling amongst ourselves couldn’t be more right about that. We all should recognize by now, that the creation of so many other distractions throughout the world, while Rome begins to burn, is too obvious now. Take care of yourselves, and get your plan in serious order for what cannot be changed. Nor should, really, this paradigm needs to collapse.

      48. “If everybody’s thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking.  Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.”

      49. It’s way too early to say Obama wins by a landslide in 2012.  He may win, he may not.  It is an eternity in political terms between now and the  election and lots of memes have to play themselves out.  I don’t think we see an Obama landslide, but sadly, the # of states that are truly “in play” will mimic what we saw in 2004–there really is not a whole lot of flexibility for the GOP to win the election.  The # of “swing states”  will continue to shrink as demographics favor Obama.

      50. Note to Anonymous- job well done! Mr. and Mrs. Charming send their thanks. Glad you made it back to the colonies safely. Give my best to the boys at Blackwater(or whatever you’re calling it now.) Also, may have another job for you. It seems one of Queen mums corsets is missing- the one w/the lacey bustier. If one of your boys took it as a souvenir, please return promptly (in discreet packaging.) No questions will be asked. Thanks again and tally ho! I’m off to the cricket matches…

      51. Correct Jonny V;  it’s time for the backup plan to become THE plan, LOL.

      52. Trump, the mother of all F\/<Ker(Z)!
        Yeah, this should distract attention from the Rothschild global ZioBanker(Z) who are totally responsible for our destruction, and soon China’s — and Trumps financed success!

      53. Anonymous- forgot to mention this, normally a few corsets more or less is of no concern to Her Highness, but this one is special. She recieved it as a gift from Hugo Chavez a few yrs ago  (seems the two of them are exactly the same size- who’d have known?) Most importantly though, a plastic strip containing all launch codes for UK nuclear assets is sewn into the hem and we desperately need them back. Please respond asap and thanks in advance for your utmost discretion in the matter. Also, any dna similarities between Sir Gordon Brown and the small stain on back of said corset is purely coincidental, if you get my meaning….JollyRoger-out.

      54. Anonymous- disregard all previous messages. We found the item in question. Sir Elton had it, along with 6 of the Queens favorite nipple rings. The bastard! If Mum wasn’t so concerned about avoiding publicity, there’d be hell to pay. Ending transmissions for now. See you in Cannes. JollyRoger-out. 

      55. Eh – forget about all this malarkey, don’t even think about the 2012 elections or O’bummer’s birth certificate. As what was said…”it’s all a side show to distract you from the real reality – the falling dollar”.

        Save yourselves, prep, prep and more prep! It’s the only way left these days.

        A colleague of mind said “why is gas so high when its (oil is at) $115bbl? It was at these prices when oil was at $147bbl”? My answer was “back then the dollar was worth .82, now it’s at .73 that’s the difference”

        If/when QE3 is announced, you’d better have bought/replaced anything you need, because by then it’s going to costs a whole lot more! Watch for the falling dollar – That is all you need to pay attention too!

      56. I know many of you do not vote and many of you simply feel that it’s a big waste of time but for those of you that do plan on voting…..what do you think about Herman Cain R-GA.

        Okay…I know…many of you are saying “Herman who”? I did to at forst but I started paying attention and damn if I don’t really like this man.

        Does anyone have thoughts on this man?

      57. I’m surprised by the lack of intelligent responses following the subject-matter on this blog sight when you are being led off to slaughter!  For some of you … I guess ignorance is bliss….

        For those of you that do get it.  I truly hope your numbers advance….

      58. And you like the idea of another politician, owned by the banks, business and military, more appealing than Trump? Im not sure he could do any worse that the losers we’ve elected previously.

      59. Herman Cain R-GA…another right wing commie bastard. Nothing to see here…move along. If you want real change elect Ron Paul, not these guys that are all part of the political system.

      60. @jules – Both are worthless and neither are a solution.  I wouldn’t want one over the other.  They’re both just as evil.  If those are the solutions God help us all.  Trumpt wouldn’t change a thing and would likely be worse then Obama, since he sounds a lot like him when he was running.  Promises out the arse and no ability to follow through on it.

      61. Trump is a bunch of Republican hot air, nothing more. Birther: Trump should have started with a courtroom in the background, and airtight legal case, and an attorney standing beside him. It’s great he’s worth 600 million until you realize he has massive debt.
        What Trump sez he’ll do is nothing but hot air. He lives in New York. Is he really going to take on bankers? of course not. Take of the Chinese? of course not. He’s a West Point grad. He’ll pander to the military industrial crap like his Republican predecessors. He knows zero about foreign policy.

      62. @Bloodyfellow – I doubt the numbers will advance much.  Also, it’s “site” not “sight”.  When insulting other people and/or their intelligence it’s best to use the correct words I suppose.  Though in reality I rarely do, but then again, I’m just a dumb hick 🙂

      63. Cannes was good, but didn’t lose anything there.  Nice yachts, good over priced food.  Got to have a few beers with the Foreign Legion guys, those guys are righteous and you have to meet them to appreciate the hat.  Seen the international star’s foot prints around the film festival.  Couldn’t fit in any of them.  Mine are too big.
        I forgot that John was a sir, maybe that was why he said The Bitch was Back.  I think he wrote a song about that…..
        Who’s doing the reach around, #1 or Trump?

      64. Comments…..obama is way off his game these days…i think he is actually losing some of his confidence which is a good thing. i do not think he will win another term in office. too many democrats, republicans and independents are wishing that obama would just go crawl into his cave and stay there cause he is talking alot of “stupid” these days and he has no “ideas” of how to dig his way outta the hole he is in. trump is trump…he gets this way when he really gets pissed off. wish he could fire the entire obama administration the way he does on his show…it is nice to see him vent out loud though …he is just saying what a lot of us think, but trump for pres…i don’t think so.

      65. Gold/silver is down BIG time!  I scared.  Time to buy more.

      66. Trump is an idiot. Right, blame our problems on china. Real dumb.

        Memo to America: Stop waiting for Democrats and Republicans to save you.
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      67. Rick… it is called outsourcing…. MADE IN CHINA is not good for the US period let alone the fact that there are sweet camps in china there was a recent article about apple and how people have to sign contracts in the factories saying they won’t commit suicide because previous people due to inhumane working conditions THE GOV KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING IN CHINA LET ALONE THE FACT THE CHINESE MANIPULATE THEIR CURRENCY!!!!!  and the other thing that is killing are illegal immigrants that killing the US economy as well the bank bullshit

        well trump is obviously not doing it for money and i don’t know how anyone could do worse job than Obama hmmm let see unemployment rate easily around 20% if u consider underemployed and people that have stopped looking for jobs… the dollar is plunging reached a 19 yr low… obamacare which will just raise taxes for businesses and will send them out of the us…. their idea of solving the economy is printing more money and bailout the banks yet again still paying alot of bankster their bonuses at the taxpayers expense while the banks are bankrupt….. all this while Mr Obama makes 1.7 million dollars in personal income last year  not including all the benefits or how about him starting a war libya under the pretext of human rights that pissed the hell out of russia and China all the while he has no support from the house/congress making it illegal to do so…..

      68. The dude is a tool..a joke..a sham..he will fit right in with the rest of them.

        dontcha think?

        nothin but a white house full of jack asses, he is or, will be no different

      69. As I read down this posting I see all the rah-rah about Obama like he has/or is going to do something great. Like the F*****g what? Does anybody actually believe he has the slightest inclination about what the hell he’s doing or is going to do? This dude is not serious; he is a flipping JOKE that somehow slipped thru the cracks. I can’t believe how in the hell he ever got elected, in this country. He would be great down there with Hugo Chavez, IE; the banana republic, but HERE?
          There is not snowballs chance in hell Trump will be elected in 2012 but wouldn’t it be a hell of a change from the studious quo?
          I would like to see someone successful in their own right as president other than someone that slid into the position.
          I have recently have thought obama was nothing more that the point of the spear that is going to be ran thru us. There is something more going on here. There is to much subversive horsepower behind him and his faction.
        To bad for us, we are going to see it when and only when, “it’s too late”

      70. “Listen you Motherf***ers???”  This guy (Trump) is a complete fool and a warmonger.   He would surely lead us to WW3.   Trump is for One World Government, aka the New World Order.

        Two words of advice:    DUMP TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      71. Its funny how the US can cut back on spending on the military yet have millions of dollars to shuffle for gay marriage in the hundreds of millions each year. Let me guess, if the US goes to any war after 2012 the soldiers will be wearing gay pride shirts instead of body armor and rainbow pins for rank colors. Can’t wait to see that. The US is always right though and gay marriage *is* suppose to fix everything. I guess we will have to wait and see.

      72. Sperminator to hired help:  Yes, but they were all bad!

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