Trump Surrounded By Bankers, Wall St. Insiders Banging on the Door to Get In: “Draining the Swamp?”

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    This article was written by Michael Krieger of Liberty

    Editor’s Comment: If Jamie Dimon (of JP Morgan Chase) or anyone else that heads a Wall Street mega-bank, etc. does become Treasury Secretary – and that’s a big if for now, as reports on Jamie Dimon remain unconfirmed – then it will be the clearest signal yet that this latest round of “change” will be more of the same once again. If this proves true, then Trump becomes Obama-in-2008 faster than a sportscar goes from 0-to-60.

    Once again, we see the worst and most dangerous elite insiders looking for yet another bailout in the form of jobs, appointment and power over the levers of government policies – climbing back onto the government lifeboat (now in the Trump administration) while working to swamp the rest of the struggling passengers who were on-board the U.S.S. Titanicamerica. A new Captain still can’t stop this trainwreck, even if any change is welcome. A real #drainingtheswamp would be a great start, but early signs cast doubt on that happening.

    This was the exact rationale for “The Obama Deception” exposé at the start of Obama’s first term – it’s a deception because it’s a brand new face frontin’ for the same ol’ gang – and people are slow to catch on, and even less willing to admit they got conned. Is Trump the new Obama for the alt right/populist uprising to keep them complacent and blow off enough steam to avert a destabilizing revolution? Does America have time to be wrong all over again? It is our duty to stay focused on these individuals and pressure Trump to dump or block the worst of these appointments.

    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

    Draining the Swamp? Wall Street is Already Loving Donald Trump

    by Michael Krieger

    Before we move forward, let’s start with the following extraordinarily disturbing report out of CNBC:

    In the wake of Donald Trump’s upset victory, advisors to the president-elect have floated the possibility of naming JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon Treasury secretary, according to two people familiar with the matter, but one of them added that Dimon said he would not be interested in the role.

    A Trump spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment, and a spokesman for Dimon declined to elaborate beyond his past remarks that he would not be interested in the job.

    First off, I want to say that the above isn’t confirmed. If it’s totally false, the Trump campaign should come out with a quick and vehement denial. I sincerely hope that happens.

    That said, the report is cause for serious concern. Why? Because Trump’s reluctance to go after Wall Street was apparent throughout his entire campaign (as opposed to Bernie Sanders), and it was one of the main reasons I could never get comfortable with him. I wrote several posts where I articulated my concerns, but here’s an excerpt from one of them, Donald Trump’s True Colors Emerge as He Snuggles up to Wall Street:

    While I’m not a Dodd-Frank fan, it’s not because it was too harsh, but because it didn’t really do much of anything. It was the typical neoliberal bait and switch, designed to look tough for public consumption, while merely making tweaks around the edges of a financial system that requires systemic, paradigm level change.

    Trump’s support of repealing Dodd-Frank tells you all you need to know. A Trump Presidency will see Wall Street felons who should be in prison, running as wild and free as ever.

    He will be the same thing to distressed working class whites that Obama was to the black community. A fake messiah and a shyster.

    Read that last line over and over again until you understand it. If it is true that Trump considered the CEO of the largest “Too Big To Fail” and “Too Big to Jail” U.S. bank for Treasury Secretary, we can be pretty much assured that Donald Trump is the Republican version of Barack Obama. A fraud who talked a good game in order to get elected, but who will be a willing pawn of crony corporations and Wall Street. You can’t drain the swamp by surrounding yourself with the swamp.

    If I don’t hear a denial about this rumor, I will assume it’s true, which means Trump and I are off to a very bad start. Whether Dimon takes the role or not (I doubt it), is irrelevant. Merely considering Dimon tells you all you need to know about the types of status quo people who are likely to surround President Trump.

    As I warned in yesterday’s post, Americans Roll the Dice With President Donald Trump

    People = Policy

    Trump will be a failure unless he brings the right people into his inner circle. This is of the utmost importance. Indeed, I knew for certain Obama was a total fraud the moment he appointed Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner to key positions within his administration. This is the area I think Trump is most vulnerable to making some very big mistakes. Indeed, I was very bothered by the effusive compliments he showered upon one of the nation’s worst political figures, Chris Christie, during this victory speech.

    If Trump really wants to shake things up, he needs to think outside of the box and look far beyond the Chris Christies of the world, and consider some very sharp people he’s never heard of. If he surrounds himself with the old, tired political characters we already know, I fear very little will change for the better.

    You can’t get more inside the box, status quo than Jamie Dimon. Period. Which brings me to a conspiracy theory about the whole thing. I think there’s a remote possibility that the Trump campaign leaked this themselves with the hope that he can then appoint his preferred candidate, former Goldman Sachs partner, Steve Mnuchin, with little outrage. That’s typical Donald Trump behavior. People will then say, “well at least it’s not Jamie Dimon.” Unfortunately, Steve Mnuchin would be a terrible choice too. As we learned in the post, A Nation of Sheep, Afraid of Words:

    Mnuchin’s presence in the campaign reveals how the qualities Trump loyalists projected on their hero don’t measure up to the truth. They have venerated him throughout the Republican primary for rejecting the dirty business of pay-to-play politics, and for populist vows to protect the ordinary worker. But in selecting Mnuchin, not only has Trump submitted to the realities of presidential campaign finance; he’s chosen one of the most notorious bankers in America to carry it out.

    When I heard Mnuchin’s name last week, I immediately remembered the front lawn of his mansion. Back in 2011, local housing activists and the Occupy movement in Los Angeles camped out on that lawn to save the home of Rose Mary Gudiel, a La Puente, California, resident who faced eviction after being just two weeks late on one mortgage payment. The activists threatened to move all of Gudiel’s furniture into Mnuchin’s $26 million Bel Air estate if the eviction wasn’t stopped. Twenty police officers and a helicopter met the protesters.

    The OneWest subsidiary Financial Freedom executed 39 percent of all foreclosures on reverse mortgages between 2009 and 2015, despite servicing only 17 percent of the market, according to data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) obtained by the California Reinvestment Coalition. OneWest disclosed in its most recent annual report that it’s under investigation for this disproportionate share of “widow foreclosures” by HUD’s Inspector General. The victims include 103 year-old Myrtle Lewis of North Texas, who OneWest put into foreclosure after her insurance coverage lapsed; Karen Hunziker, who got a foreclosure notice from OneWest ten days after her husband passed away in 2014; and a host of others.

    Trump’s loyal fans aren’t likely to scrutinize Mnuchin’s record, but they should. You can measure political candidates in part by who they associate with. The foreclosure history in Mnuchin’s past reflects an extreme mentality of profit at all costs, and hardly a viewpoint of standing up for the little guy. Trump as populist was always something of a pose, covering for a deep nationalism and antipathy to immigrants. The Mnuchin pick just brings that into sharper relief.

    Meanwhile, what was Mnuchin doing right before the election? Why he was the personal guest of Blackstone head Steve Schwarzman at the New York Public Library’s Lions gala. 

    Bloomberg reported:

    Steve Schwarzman, who’s declined to say which presidential candidate he’s voting for, spent Monday night two seats away from Trump finance chair Steven Mnuchin, a possibility for treasury secretary if Trump wins.

    The setting was the New York Public Library’s Library Lions gala, where the Rose Main Reading Room’s tables were covered in gold cloth, the place mats were made of gold paper laser-cut to resemble the rosettes on the room’s ceiling, and the books were lit with spotlights.

    Mnuchin was Schwarzman’s guest — an experience sort of like hanging with Donald Trump in Trump Tower: The gala took place in the library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. The New York Public Library includes this flagship center for collections and exhibitions, as well as more than 80 branch libraries where children learn to read, teens do homework and job-seekers work on their resumes.

    Here’s a photo of Trump’s “drain the swamp” finance chair hanging with billionaire private equity mogul Schwarzman.


    Steve Schwarzman…you know that name don’t you? Of course you do. He’s the guy that said the following about the threat to repeal the carried interest loophole:

    Word of mouth says that Blackstone founder Steve Schwarzman got suddenly very passionate when talking about tax hikes in July.

    “It’s a war.”

    “It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.”

    With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Schwarzman had the following to say in Davos earlier this year. From the post, Billionaire CEO of Blackstone Trolls the American Public – He Doesn’t Get Why People Are Angry:

    “I find the whole thing astonishing and what’s remarkable is the amount of anger whether it’s on the Republican side or the Democratic side,” the Wall Street mogul said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Bernie Sanders, to me, is almost more stunning than some of what’s going on in the Republican side. How is that happening, why is that happening?”

    This is the guy Trump’s finance chair was hanging with a day before the election. You don’t get more status quo than Steve Schwarzman. While we’re at it, here are just a few examples of what Blackstone’s been up to since the financial crisis:

    America Meet Your New Slumlord: Wall Street

    A Closer Look at the Decrepit World of Wall Street Rental Homes

    Leaked Documents Show How Blackstone Fleeces Taxpayers via Public Pension Funds

    Meanwhile, I think the performance of Wall Street shares since the election tells you all you need to know.



    To conclude, this article is primarily written for all my readers who are either Trump supporters, or who reluctantly voted for him. My message to you is that we need to hold this man’s feet to the fire. The election is over, and you got your desired outcome. Now is not the time to be a cheerleader. Now is not the time to behave exactly like Obama zombies did after he became an obvious betrayal. What allowed Obama to do all the bad things he did, was the fact that his supporters made endless excuses for him. Don’t make excuses for Trump. If you do, your life will get a lot worse and this country will decay far more into an authoritarian oligarchy than it already has. It is up to you to make sure he doesn’t become the Wall Street puppet I always feared he would be.

    Remember the timeless words of Mark Twain and please take heed.


    This isn’t the time for playing around. This isn’t the time for looking the other way. You voted him in to take down the status quo system. Make sure he does it.

    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger

    This article was written by Michael Krieger of Liberty His columns typify the kind of questions that must be asked during the next administration, no matter if you support or oppose it.


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      1. One Canadian on idiot Americans moving to Canada

        This from my closest friend, a Ph.D candidate in math in Ottawa. His site is if you want to verify this or read more.

        “Commentary: While the MSM remain in denial (see below) and celebrities are melting with the snowflakes and threatening to move to Canada – if they do I’m moving to the US – I’m looking at that progressive side of society that is actively protesting Trump’s election.”

        Note to idiot Americans: It gets COLD in the Great White North. Even Vancouver had snow every year of the many, many years I lived there. You snowflakes can’t stand the heat, and ironically, you will also melt in the cold. Might I suggest you would be happier in your socialist paradise of Venezuela or Zimbabwe? Just make sure to leave all the possessions you worked for – including that car mommy bought you – to be “redistributed” to the collective. You won’t need it as you are harvesting turnips 18 hours a day on behalf of “the people” (which, of course, will mean the socialist elite while you starve).

        Leftists are literally, as Lenin called them, useful idiots

        • This article is stupid. Trump has not hired or appointed a single person yet. This is the period of listening, job interviews, organization and understanding all the problems he will soon inherit. Trump is surrounding himself with all walks of life to find the best people. Trump will make a hundred changes in personal to get his dream team in place.

          So how about you wait till January skippy, and see what unfolds. Watch and learn. Sure every crawl of life wants to be onboard and have influence. Every person is a tool for Trump in one way or another. Except Hillary that is planning her escape into exile. Remember once Hillary goes to a country that does not extradite back to the US, she and Bill will loose their secret service protection. So… Wait n see.

          Trump just dumped Chris Cristy for VP Mike Pence to lead the transition team. Smart move since these people will be helping Pence run the Government, let him pick his own people. So wait and see.


      2. I am willing to give Trump a chance,he back stabs us then we thank him for bringing us together and tell him,”Your Fired!”

        I will say perhaps Warchild needs to run for potus,and,you already know my first slogan,”You like your rifle you can keep your rifle!”.

        We give him a chance,has proven at least we get our shit together we can beat the king makers/media,even if this one was a fake/trojan horse.

        • War child:

          Trump announced he is going to open up the 911 investigation.

          __ what kind of building should go up where that swamp used to be ??


        • Warchild, I’m also willing to give Trump a chance. The original source for the article is CNBC, part of the MSM. The article is correct that if Trump doesn’t get the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE in his inner circle, he won’t accomplish anything. If he’s already sold out to Wall St., then I say civil war 2/revolution are still on the table. Whoever he brings into his inner circle will give us a good idea where we’re heading.

      3. I heard a wise man say, “they say they want to drain the swamp”, but once they get there it becomes a hot tub.

        • … and the word on the street is … Obama loves the hot tub with his fellow comrades.

      4. Rumors around the internet about Obama considering Martial law. Is this true? Will this happen? Or, is this all Internet rumor fodder bullsh*t?

        • It’s bullshit. A few state governors might put the National Guard on the streets, in Portland, S.F., L.A., etc, but there’s not going to be any martial law declaration by Obama.

          He’s not stupid enough to do that, although we could hope so.

        • UNY – My strong suspicion is this is just doom porn. There are truly a lot of things to be worried about, but at present, I would bet a thousand bucks this won’t happen.

          Last week on this site, people were talking about no passenger jets in the sky. How did that one turn out? There are truly things to be concerned about – CMEs, Cascadia fault, etc. But we cannot conflate this with stupid things like Niburu, etc.

          Could Obama do martial law? Not at present. Things can always change of course….

        • What’s happening is that Soros paid $1500 terrorists join in with peaceful protests and creating mass chaos. Its just a false flag. I want to see Trump put a Bounty on Soros Dead or Alive. Traitor, terrorist burning US Cities down. It was knows that in the Charlotte Riots just a few months ago that 75% of those who were arrested in the chaos, had out of state drivers licenses. That means these paid thugs are being bussed in to create chaos. And burn down other peoples towns. To create division and hate. This is a hate crime.

          If I was President I would order the Justice Dept to hunt down the Financial Supporters for rioting. The FBI would be on your Ass ASAP.

          • The financial supporters for the riots are the ones secretly running the .gov.

      5. OK, the elites are knocking on Trumps’ door. Big deal, let ’em knock.

        Get back to us when you have something genuine to report.

        • Smokey, if Trump answers the door and lets those POS in, then we’ve been had. Business as usual.

          • Braveheart1776

            I was suspect with his VP pick that is Establishment and disagrees with Trump on Free Trade (THE cornerstone of this campaign) and his foreign policy. Impeach or otherwise remove Trump and its, “the more things change the more they remain the same”. I said it then and I’m saying it now, Rand Paul was a much better choice as VP. They get Trump and they still have a problem

            Regardless we’ll get far better USSC Justices than with Hillary.

            • Kevin2, I can agree with you on Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son. But how do we know he hasn’t sold out to the special interests? Although he talks a good game like his Dad does, I’m just not so sure of him these days. I’ll still give Trump a chance, but whoever he picks for his inner circle and cabinet will speak volumes.

              • Braveheart1776

                “. But how do we know he hasn’t sold out to the special interests? ”

                I’ll take him before Mike Pence who is establishment, he doesn’t even give lip service very well in support of Trumps agenda. I look at him and see Lyndon Johnson.

                • Kevin2, I sincerely hope you’re right about Rand Paul NOT selling out. I’m also suspicious of Pence. You think he’s another LBJ?! That’s ALL we need! We’ll have to watch this as close as we can.

                  • “We’ll have to watch this as close as we can.”

                    We on this BB who primarily look into current affairs, politics and geo-politics, do as a hobby, what all Americans should be doing as a necessity. Electing Trump was like moving a boulder, very difficult at first and requiring continuous effort. Let it get away from you and it rolls to a place that may cause damage or its unrecoverable. We are at a crossroads and while I’m initially optimistic but also very leery. TPTB ain’t rolling over.

      6. https:/ /

        Take out the space and for the love of god help me spread it please. The space is between the forward slashes

        Cheesybay needs to be gone

        • CC,that is some very fucked up shit.I realize,may be a stunt/blackmail/fuck with someone ploy but if true,well,time to go hunting and burn down a few businesses!

          • Warchild, I also looked at that site briefly, VERY briefly, like less than 5 minutes. I literally threw up and had to get away from the computer for a while.

            • Those kids end up getting melted in acid man.

              Gotta help me spread it. Every time you spread it a kid has a chance to be saved

      7. The biggest swamp in the history of the world, a swamp with a lot of demon psychopath alligators and snakes, that is why I will wait and see, been burned to many times before by anti-Constitutional Globalist fascist psychopaths.

      8. Street whores have more shame.

      9. Gonna give trump a chance but I’m a firm believer in $ goes where$ is. I said he was a corporatist from the start. We had no choice it was him or her and picking the lesser of the two evils is the status quo. If you don’t think Wall Street is gonna approach trump with a deal your nuts. He had to tell us what we wanted to hear to get elected that’s how elections work. we just don’t know if he really is his own man.

      10. Certianly Trump will reward those who contributed heavily to his campaighn. That’s what is expected. I really like what his firs day aqenda is . Repeal all of Obummers Executive orders. Repeal Obummer care. Start on the plans for the wall. Halt immigration.and several more positive things. Time will tell As my grandmother would say actions speak louder than words.

      11. Peddlers peddling their wares.

      12. There is a list of Trump promises, fifty I think.

        I can spout them off without a list, but I think a list will keep them from fading away as time goes by. I think I’ll put each promise on a five star chart, for how well he handles each.

        Should be a fun project. I have work to do. I’ve already spent a great deal of energy staying up with this. But it is important and will affect all of us.

        Trump says he’s not taxing singles under 25k annual income, and 50k for couples. He also says he’s going to protect social security payouts. I’m watching. And in the background is the hushed sound of Bush senior, “Read my Lips ‘No new taxes'”.


      13. Mac:

        I think it would be great if you posted this…

        The Washington Post

        Here are 76 Donald Trumps
        many campaign promises

        Watch 50 Trump promises in 2 minutes (Video)

        Thanks Mac


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