TRUMP: Suicides From The Coming Economic Depression Will FAR SURPASS Those From The Virus

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 22 comments

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    Social distancing rules may be relaxed sometime soon to prevent “tremendous death” from the economic depression that could end up worse than the coronavirus itself, President Donald Trump said.  But even a few more weeks of closures will almost certainly usher in an economic depression and the suicides that come with it.

    The 2008 Great Recession resulted in more than 10,000 suicides.  If the economy is “closed for business” much longer, that number could be dwarfed by the number of people who can no longer survive without a livelihood. “People get tremendous anxiety and depression and you have suicide over things like this, when you have a terrible economy, you have death,” President Donald Trump said Monday at the White House daily press briefing according to a report by RT. Trump added that those suicides would “definitely be in far greater numbers than we’re talking about with regard to the virus.”

    At this point, we are simply swapping some deaths or others.  The bottom line is that people don’t have lives if they don’t have livelihoods and the chance to live out their dreams in freedom. Trump did say that all of the lockdowns will “end very soon.”  Some reports show, however, that it could be Easter before the government allows us to have our illusion of freedom back.

    “This was a medical problem, we’re not going to let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem,” he added, urging Congress to pass the $2 trillion stimulus bill urgently and without partisan politicking, as workers and employees across the U.S. were hurting from lockdowns and quarantines.  Although this is already a financial problem for many, as many of the businesses that closed during the lockdown will never reopen, their owners and employees losing their livelihoods for the foreseeable future.  That’s hardly a solution. The U.S. economy was not meant to shut down, and the longer it is, the greater the impact will be.

    Trump said the administration’s thinking had evolved due to receiving better numbers on the mortality rate from COVID-19, which was initially thought to be at five percent, but now seems to be much lower, below one percent.

    Trump added that he was not considering further travel bans, whether on entry into the U.S. or on moving between the states. He also noted that even when things get back to a semblance of normalcy, there would be tradeoffs in behavior after “the invisible scourge of the virus is gone.


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      1. The wife and I were talking about this very thing this morning. We’re all familiar with the stories about people jumping from high buildings during the Great Depression but we need to consider all the people who drank themselves to death or simply laid down and waited for death to take them.

        I had an uncle who did just that; He went to bed and stayed there until ‘it all went away’. His wife nearly followed him and their children bore an invisible but obvious mark that affected their lives and – to a lesser extent – the lives of their children.

        The effects of Covid-19 will be felt for many years to come.

      2. Completely irresponsible, but then again the initial response was utterly irresponsible too. Just wait until the body count mounts up! The bio weapon is a slow burner but then excels like a bullet train! And to all naysayers, if facts bother you, the problem isn’t with the facts!

        • SO you have the facts ehhhhh? And what are they oh wise one of the Dung faction? The virus will die out as everything does.

          • This applies to you shill…. “You can’t fix stupid”!

      3. This is a financial problem that we must not allow to turn into a health problem! 

        $640 trillion in derivatives might be a clue that the math is off!
        Anoth clue that the math might be off is that Market Capitalization to GDP ratio went from the ridiculously high 110% at the end of 2016 to the insanity on hallicinogenics of 155% at the end of 2019, growing by 29% while GDP grew 2.25% during the same time frame. Another clue that the math might be off is that less than a dozen publicly traded companies now use GAAP. Another clue that the math might be off is the fractional reserve system itself! 

        Another clue that the math might be off is that the QE under Obama which led to zero interest rates caused a pension crisis, particularly for the federal, state, and local government employees whose pension plans suffered as a result of not earning interest and attempted to make up for the shortfalls through investing in risky stocks, explaining the sky high valuations. It had nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with refusing to admit that the entire economy is based on outright fraud! Until that is addressed, and the guilty parties are held responsible, the problems will only get worse! That is just the reality, and the reality is based on math!

        In 2002, Rockefeller suggested that the U.S. “prepare” for a pandemic, and so did Bill Gates and other Davos World members with Event 201 and ID2020.

        Israeli intelligence “warned” that there will likely be interference and terrorist acts that will interfere with the 2020 election, the same way that Netenyahu “warned” that the World Trade Towers “might” be attacked by “radical Islamic extremists” a couple of years prior to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Towers and attacks on the defenseless, surveillanceless Pentagon, and the dancing Israelis.

        For the first time in income tax history, the government has delayed income taxes to protect their co-conspirators, the high rolling banksters who have once again gambled away customers assets since the repeal of Glass Steagall and the Graham Leach Bliley Act made it possible, in addition to the repeal of blue sky laws for tech start-ups in 1993 that was responsible for creating the Orwellian surveillance nightmare  on Main Street world that we now are forced to live in.

        I have never been to China, but as far as unclean eating habits are concerned, the U.S. homeless population dumpster dives and state and local governments have prohibited and shut down churches, charities, and businesses for feeding the homeless. So, yes, that definitely should be addressed for the sake of public health! BTW, imprisoning the homeless for dumpster diving is not the solution!

        San Antonio Texas has the world’s largest bat cave population with 15 million Mexican free tailed bats, hosting tours and hikes at the Backen Bat Cave purchased by Bat Conservation International.

        Logic would place this as ground zero for the corona viruses that have been occuring in this country and throughout the world, then transported to Fort Detrick Bio-weapons lab to be used for population control in an act of domestic and international terrorism to prevent the spread of the truth about the fourth financial fraud induced economic collapse in 33 years.

        The Mexican free tailed bat is also referred to as the Brazillian free tailed bat. It was discovered in 2017 that the  species has had coronavirus A. Also worth noting is that coronavirus has not been detected in European or Asian bats.

      4. China and Russian forces have been in North Texas for YEARS. There was a China CCP marked car going down interstate several months ago. The Dallas County Health director is Philip Huang, China coincidence?
        He is shutting down Dallas county?

        Why isn’t constitution in effect?
        Why don’t people say “HELL NO.”?

        I’ve seen Russian Spetsnaz shopping at the big box food stores with pilfered credit cards. They have been here for YEARS. Nothing new.

        Pay Attention-This has been planned.
        The grand leaders in North Texas have done the following over past several years FACTS:
        * Practicing taking out 911 calling areas by sectors/areas of the cities. They want to be able to Isolate areas.
        * Complete Internet takedown was practiced, they took out the main internet trunks and blamed a “fire”. It was INTENTIONAL.
        * Water shut down for areas.
        * Gas “emergency” where entire neighborhoods were isolated.
        * Helicopter flights in formation and buzzing neighborhoods regularly.
        * Barrier walls built on interstates disquised as “sound barriers” ACTUALLY these are well designed choke points, to prevent people from leaving once on highway. These are both chokepoints and Kill Zones.

        Their plan seems to be:
        1. Instill Fear
        2. Isolate the population
        3. Keep people from communicating
        4. Collapse the economy
        5. Make everyone Broke
        6. Use the useful idiots of the Media

        Critical thinking?

      5. It isn’t the poor folks offing themselves. When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

        • Is that a little David Allen Coe?

          • ” I’m gon’ plant me
            some turnip greens in a watermelon patch
            raise me a hog, and a big fat possum
            i said yes i am you…”

      6. if people lose their jobs they will have true freedom. they can do whatever they want. you dont need your employer to survive. this is your opportunity to return to a more self reliant lifestyle. why would you wanna slave for some restaurant or company. if they fail you do to. this is what is happening right now.
        id rather fail on my own. killing yourself over hardship is weak. the dream is over get over it.

      7. If you want some real truth about all this crap look up Dr. Shiva on youtube. That Fuchi whatever his name is so called doctor on tv is the biggest fraud ever. Too bad this site went down or I could post an interview with him. Screw the virus I’M MORE AFRAID OF THE GOVT.! One note about collecting rainwater… it is contaminated by everything in the air esp. chemtrails (god knows what it all is). Better have a filter that stops nanoparticle metals. Anyone who kills themselves over this crap or their financial irresponsibility gets what they deserve anyway….

        • Hey Geniiius, How you doing bud. Hey no planes are flying much anymore. Go look at the skies, No Chem Trails. Just like after 9-11, and all flights stopped for days in the USA, and the skies opened up, and the heavens of the sun fell upon the earth and lit up the solar panels to full power. Nature gets a huge break from the genocide industry places on it.

          Been 5 yrs now out at my BOL, solar panel up and running, off the grid baby. I am ready to go.. Just scavenged a full trailer of wooden pallets,, so I am getting my chicken coop and some rabbit hutches set up and ready to increase my food plot on my Compound. Still have 4 deer residents in the woods just 100 yards out my door. I shake the corn can every morning first light and they come out like trained sheep. All 4, 2 does and 2 fawns which will be yearling come this June. Fishing from my property to open water inland for bass and other crappies. Gators still in the moat and barbed wire fence and gate. Got all the No trespassing singns up and the motion detectors and the trail cams. I’ve been working from home for the last 20 years. No brainer way ahead of the curve decades ago. Get the shine p and running thirsty folks out there looking for some juice. Preppers are entering our finest hours. Yes the SHTF now. Thanks all for 10 years of knowledge and feedback from you great peeps out there in thie SHTFplan site. Remember the Meek and the Preppers shall inherit the earth. And never give up never and never give up your guns, never ever. Make em’ work for it.

      8. True. Yet Trump supports unjust perpetual evil wars that caused many of his soldiers to commit suicide. Trump is a hireling of Rothschilds globalists.

      9. Morning Y’all,
        First, a bit of news – eerily unexpected – to take note of. The US Senate UNANIMOUSLY voted (96-0) to send a $2 Trillion Relief Bill to the House late last night.
        Dwelling on that news I had an epiphany in the wee hours this morning…but ere I lay that out here I would like to ‘set the stage’ if you’ll allow me…
        Without doubt, the foregoing news will be received by the bulk of Americans, many of whom have lost their jobs and are at a complete loss as to how to ‘pay the bills’ that their Overseers usually take quick umbrage at when not paid in timely fashion. I am sure that this will come as a titanic relief to the overwhelming majority of working class Americans, everywhere. Be at Peace, a Higher authority is at work in this episode…of that I am now resolutely SURE.
        Virtually everyone frequenting this site – which the Mac(s) have maintained for a very long time, benefitting so many…my personal Thanks therefore – will recognize the following quote, which I, myself can not seem to recall the source of;
        “When you OWE someone $5000, it’s YOUR problem….when you OWE someone $50 BILLION it’s THIER problem.”
        As has been set forth here by so many, so often, ” Starve the BEAST”. This historic vote by the Senate is revealing on levels I had heretofore never thought would ever see the light of day. To wit, your ‘Masters’ are – in fact – utterly terrified that their Grand Construct might – just MIGHT – be ‘going up in smoke’ as I type these words. Hence, their unanimity in voting as they did last eve.

        Do you comprehend the magnitude of the unique position that ‘We, the People..’ now occupy? The clue you’re searching for as you read this wondering ‘What comes next here.’ lies within the first quote in the previous paragraph. The Financiers/Rentiers derive their entire sustenance from the STREAM of monetary ‘nutrition’ that they suck out of the Body Americana…out of you, in every transaction in which you elect to PARTICIPATE.
        To be sure, for most there is not now – nor has ever been, for a VERY long time! – any realistic alternative. For most alive today, they were born into ‘wage slavery’ and knew no other way of being. “Does a fish perceive the water in which it swims?”…
        However, right now, the very Foundations of the Halls of Power in this Nation ARE quaking…with FEAR. Rest assured, NEVER has that happened within the memory of those now living, now has it? Indeed, it has not…
        Therefore, now AMERICA stands poised at the edge of a moment which – likely – circumstance will not bring to pass again whilst any will ever see the likes of…possibly ever.
        Now is the time to carefully consider what the future holds. Quoting Mr Frank Herbert here, from the epic “Dune”,
        “He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.”
        A single question is begged here – easily the most profound I have ever posed to anyone, anywhere…or, I think, ever will again – that being;
        “If the Financiers and Rentiers cease to exist, does America cease to exist?”
        America IS “We the People…” and NOT those who have attached themselves as leaches upon the veins and arteries of ‘Columbia’ and bred generations more of themselves to further suck the Life from this Land and it’s People.
        Think carefully what the coming weeks and months hold for you and your’s…and US all, “Pick and Choose; Profit or be Damned by your Choice…” for this moment shall surely never come again.
        When the PTB insist that you return to turn the Wheels of Commerce – for their sake! – in the face of Pestilence, near to this coming Easter, how will you answer?

        Be safe, be well and be Blessed…all of you.


        • Bravo sir, BRAVO…….

          Succinctly put! We the people are in a very unique, once in a lifetime position right now!

          The multi billion dollar question is, will the people unite? There are so many now that want to be taken care of (sad to say). It is one huge opportunity and all we need to do is say ENOUGH!

          • Howdy ANII,

            Indeed, an additional thought here that might apply.
            The financial dominoes are actually starting to fall…as they DO, that will rapidly inject so much pure chaos into the landscape broadly that as the BEAST weakens with every passing ‘Giant’ then effectively, we grow stronger. For generations they who are the PTB have mastered the strategy of always securing the BULK of things to themselves without visible pissing-off the peasants to the point of open Revolution. From that position of STRENGTH they have ensconced themselves in what is effectively an unassailable position.
            Now, the show is on the other foot as it is THISE who panicking – something which typically they don’t ever have to suffer from their insulated position in the greater scheme of things. So, what’s en route now is simply overdue…and quite unavoidable regardless of the parlor tricks they choose to employ in self-defense. Hence, in a relatively short time, as THEY continue to be vaporized then eventually even their ‘Enablers’ will start feeling rather uncomfortable as their Masters seeming invulnerability evaporates like smoke in the wind.
            THAT is the point when those begin calling for a 1929 Tsunami of foreclosures that WtP have our shot, Capice’? So long as the enablers remain rooted in ‘the other side’s camp’ without hesitation WtP are at a tactical and strategic disadvantage…not so when the enablers see that the Emporer has no clothes.
            Watch and wait a short while…the titanic House of Cards is coming down behind the scenes even now. Both the CME and various primary brokers are being hit by margin vocals on their insanely leveraged positions that they mathematically cannot recover from. Period.
            No matter what the current ‘Appearances’ are daily in the so-called ‘markets’ the reality is stark and now, currently inescapable. Get ready for a bonafide ‘Debt Jubilee’, but remember always, “God CAN move Mountains, yes…but He does expect YOU to bring your SHOVELS…”

            Tally Ho Y’all!!!

      10. To prevent these suicides we need to remove the guns from the hands of those in the classes that use them to do it so that they can’t.

      11. Sad that all the above comments came from the same person the same troll of Soros and Clinton. This troll goes on MANY I mean Many sites and the same ol same ol .. crap! Go get a life since you don’t have one troll. Basement moron!

      12. Listen you dumb ass out there you have had plenty of time to get ready for something like this S–T. So I do not want to hear your whining. I suggest you learn from all this because I THINK more is coming. If you do not have certain things learn to do without you spoiled brats that think you are something special.
        So wake up and get off your asses texting and (use your brains) and (your bodies) for those of you who still have them…………

      13. This war on the coronavirus is likely as ficticious as the war on terrorism, which was really nothing but a front used for money laundering diverting trillions of dollars from the Pentagon to Wall Street since nobody would question the obscene missing funds.

        Now similary, the same culprits are demanding vast sums of money to be spent for 100,000 hospital beds and 100,000 respirators, and millions of test kits and vaccines, and trillions for losses from mandatory shut downs.

        How would anybody know if these things were actually purchased? They wouldn’t!

        Of course in all of it, the megalomaniac psychopaths whose egos are so gargantuan that they cannot be contained within their own skulls and invade our private lives spying on us in our private lives.

        Paying mehalomaniacs, intellectual property theives, and sex offenders to spy on people to fight the spread of the coronavirus is the biggest bullshit story of the millenia!

        • You nailed it. This is pure shock therapy straight off the shelf. The general public have been pushed into panic and fear mode (thus they can’t think straight or rationally) and then the banks and the financial elite push through their ‘Economic Rape Act’ to steal trillions of dollars, reshape the economy even more in their own image, kill off small business, impoverish hundreds of millions, and then re-boot with a technocratic fascist spy state filled with Elon Musk types running digital Ponzi scams morning, noon and night.

          • Thanks Frank Thoughts, but it is perfectly clear that the ones who can’t think straight are the psychopaths that concocted this hoax in a state of total desperation.

            They are the worst of all worlds, stubborn, insane, delusional, mentally incompetent, corrupt, predatory, and sadistic.

            I guess that it is obvious that this is the end of civilization when evil, corrupt, sadistic, retarded, lunatics are writing the rules!

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