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    This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

    Is there a way for Republicans, led by Donald Trump, to lead America for another term? The answer is YES, but it’s not what you think. In a survey that was just conducted, 53% of Republican voters said they would vote for Donald if he ran again in 2024. Another 8% said they would vote for Donald Jr., which should show you that Donald Trump has a massive following – even if the lawsuits that are currently in the court system don’t pan out.

    It’s not an allegiance to the Republican Party that makes us say this; Trump supporters are loyal to Donald in a special way and we believe that this movement is not going away.

    In Pennsylvania, witnesses raised many issues, among them:

    • Attorney and poll witness Justin C. Kweder: “96% of the board workers were processing mail-in ballots 15 to 200 plus feet from us… The observers were not able to challenge any decision or determination being made about the processing of these mail-in ballots.” Plus, “The observers were informed that the board was going to be duplicating damaged mail-in ballots that could not be read by the scanners. I was told that there were more than 5,000 of these damaged ballots.”
    • Canvasser Kim Peterson: As the mail-in ballots were being opened, the witnesses were kept at a distance of at least “20 feet, about, and you could not see, at all, the envelope, the ballot itself, where they were stacking them, anything that was required that we were able to see.” Moreover, the monitors provided for viewing were “pathetic,” “fuzzy,” and “looked like they were using old technology.”
    • Poll watcher Leah Hoops: “What became of concern was the back room, which had no observers, no line-of-sight or transparency into the process… We were granted five minutes every two hours… The setup was sitting in a chair 20 feet from any physical ballot.”
    • Navy veteran and forensic computer scientist Gregory Stenstrom: “As an expert in this, I think it’s impossible to verify the validity of about 100,000 to 120,000 votes… What I saw, as a forensics expert, was an election process that was forensically destructive in the manner it was conducted with the envelopes being separated from the ballots and going to the other side of the room.”

    What we are now seeing as likely is that President Trump will look to hedge his bets by announcing that he’ll run again in 2024, while campaigning in Georgia in the weeks ahead, in an effort to secure the Senate for Republicans.

    This raises the likelihood that the White House will push Mitch McConnell to put a bill on the floor to help avoid the eviction crisis that’s sure to come in January, without rent relief.

    Trump won’t want to announce his presidential race for 2024, while millions of people face evictions and a government shutdown puts one million more employees on leave and many households on the street.

    We believe that the White House is pushing for a bridge stimulus bill until the president is finally announced by the electorates and the courts.


    We’re now seeing a remarkably-unsustainable market rally and, in my opinion, any negative developments which are not priced in, and any positive news which is already priced-in and doesn’t go above and beyond, could prick this balloon.

    America is seeing the most unfair wealth transfer in its history; wealth gaps are so big and the difference in access to opportunities is so distinct that we see a divide that might be impossible to close in this generation or the next.

    Keep your eyes this week on the sales data from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, along with talks from the White House about the need to pass stimulus and the 2021 budget. If Trump wants to leave office (should he need to) on a positive note, strong and popular, with hopes of running again in 2024, he’ll want to do it as a hero.

    The markets will celebrate this type of behavior big-time; the bubble could have 10% more to go — S&P 500 at 4,000 points could be just around the corner.


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      1. Smoke some more Hopeium boys, Trump will not “come back” if the dream of him not winning comes true.
        If Biden “wins” the Country falls into bankruptcy and ruin, Trump’s time is now or never.

      2. the runner up consolation prize?
        NO thanks…im with Sidney
        ALL IN!

      3. When Trump won and became president it was a miracle that he stayed the course and made it to the next race with everything thrown at him. This time it would take a bigger miracle for him to sit another term with the level of fraud that he is fighting against and to say he should bow out and wait for 2024?

        In 2024 there wont be a independent US, it will be under UN control Joe Bidden campaign slogan “Build back better” UN motto “Build back better”.

        Why do you think they want to de fund the police force so that they can bring the UN to police the US.

        • There is no need for the UN Troopers with blue helmets! There are millions of unemployable, disaffected males and females who could be armed and unleashed on the population by the Deep State. What do you think Antifa, BLM, Crips, MS13, Bloods and OWS goons were trained for?!

          Hitler hated municipal cops, and there was an SS and an SA to cower the good Germans and pacifist Jews.

          Ridicule, register, restrict, resettle, re-educate…If millions have meekly and quietly obeyed the latest Covid edicts they will line up for the vaccine and carry their travelling papers!

      4. Trump will be heaving his fat butt out of the White House come January 2021.

        He isn’t overturning the election; he isn’t coming back in 2024 (can you imagine his physical condition by then???!).

        He had four years to do things and instead he insulted people, gummed up government by not doing things or appointing people, he Tweeted – A LOT! – he ate junk food, and he pumped out a tsunami of lies to keep his base of idiots fed conspiracy theories that never panned out.

        • exactly

        • I would argue the point but someone told me once that, only an idiot will argue with another idiot!!

        • Has the piped piper stopped playing as you have not gone over the cliff yet. Maybe you should just volunteer and lay your head on the guillotine and show us how it will be done when The demonrats show you they care about you. But who can argue with an Idiot as you FRANK THOUGHTS you are like humpty Dumpty!

      5. In spite of the SOTU, I didn’t believe that having a relative in the Tuskeegee Experiment qualifies someone to become an astronaut.

        Every time he had some civic event, disaffected whites would have to watch some parade of quota cases.–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/
        Family friendly wages and the homestead are not natural rights?

        I disagree with a property tax — that has the power to destroy — paying to educate subversives and giving them social promotions.

      6. DT has nothing to lose by fighting the results of this State-sponsored dirty election. Because of the national scale and depth of corruption in this election, and because it was planned, organized, and directed by the State and its minions, it is de facto insurrection. If it turns out DT cannot hold the office, it still makes sense to fight to the end. The Dems. hate his challenges because it highlights and exposes their allies, tactics and agenda. It is damages credibility and integrity (not that they have any), it delegitimizes their “victory”.
        The State’s modus operandi is, how it conducts business, is through lying and stealing. Nietzche said “Everything the State says is a lie, everything it has it has stolen.”

      7. I’m with Jefferson, and I think he might say its time to tend the trees.

      8. Difficult to understand why the Trump legal team isn’t simply asking the courts to rule on election violations. Under the Political Question Doctrine, the courts are unable to rule on legislative branch prerogatives anyway’ fraud or no, they would never overturn results or cancel ballots; that’s Legislative Branch.

        However, the courts can rule on whether or not election violations took place.

        With a slew of successful court fraud findings, presentations before the legislatures would be far more effective. Instead, they seem to be making allegations to be thrown out.

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