Trump Irritates Leftists With Twitter (Again)

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 25 comments

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    It’s becoming rather easy to upset a leftist. All president Donald Trump has to do is post to his Twitter account and the liberals become rabid.

    On New Year’s Eve, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned his enemies “that the whole territory of the U.S. is within the range of our nuclear strike and a nuclear button is always on the desk of my office, and this is just a reality, not a threat.”

    It shouldn’t be the “big news story” of the day, buy apparently Trump’s Twitter response to Kim Jong-Un about whose nuclear button is bigger is a front page story. I guess this is what happens when the mainstream media loses all sense of dignity and integrity and sells their souls to communism.

    In response, President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday night that he is in possession of a “much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”, thus proving the U.S. still has capabilities the likes of which Kim will never achieve.

    For those not overly sensitive and easily offended, the can be taken as a bit of humor – which (let’s face it) we can all use nowadays. But a quick scan of the comments on that Tweet will give anyone a good laugh.

    Mere minutes later, Trump alerted the public that he would be announcing “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock.” He also exhorted everyone to tune into Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show at 9 pm ET, just in case you think CNN isn’t going to take home the gold in this category.

    Those who have come to the conclusion that the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece of the communist deep state elitists will more than likely thoroughly enjoy that segment.

    Kim Jong-Un doesn’t even have a Twitter account, but the left acts like he’s going to send a nuke over Trump responding on social media.

    If we all have to watch the world burn because of the elitists who won’t let go of their grip on power, we might as well have a little laugh about it.


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      1. Bigger and better. : )

      2. Donald J. Trump

        I will be announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock. Subjects will cover Dishonesty & Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media. Stay tuned!


        How about “DRAINING THE SWAMP” as you said you would, instead of giving the people the typical dog’n’pony political theatric show?


        • That is the one thing I am disappointed about with Trump. Trump has been too slow to fire all the Obama people.

          The Obama people are still in place and still following Obama’s policies, disregarding Trumps new policies.

          Trump needs to go on a firing spree.

      3. None of Trumps accomplishments have been reported in the media.

        But all of his Tweets have, including the top ten list for 2017.

        Funny how America can only focus on Twitter.

        Funny how Trump has taken control of the media with Twitter. Nobody knows what is really going on in American Government because all the focus is on Twitter.

        This is either really stupid, or really genius.

        Genius is my vote, it got him elected when everything was per-ordained to go to Hillary.

        • JS, there are things Team Trump are doing behind the scenes to fight the deep state and they can’t be revealed for obvious reasons. I wish he could go on a firing spree but it’s not that simple. They’re handling this in a way which they think will guarantee success. All anyone can do is wait and see.

          • Agreed and when you are locked up by the army at GITMO. for treason. you don’t need to be charged and are not allowed to see a lawyer. you face a military tribuneral.

      4. So sad for the snowflakes that they are irritated. So sad for the people on the far right who want action immediately. Patience for all is what’s called for.


      5. To be blunt – screw the grade-school playground talk Donnie – just push the friggin’ button so-to-speak. Quit the baiting the little fart over in NK. Evaporate Pyongyang the moment you can ascertain Un is there. Confirmation will be the huge grease-fire that smells like cheese (a nod to the current Kim’s love of the stuff).

      6. Twatter would be a better name for that website that collects info of people for nefarious reasons. Foreign controlled enemy of the American people.

      7. To FTW the IDIOT troll who is a liberal Hillbillary commie Shut up you don’t even know the truth! You are to blind to see as your masters feed you drugs.

        • SA, FTW is one of our regulars and knows what he’s talking about so watch it there.

        • ???

      8. OMGJess. Perfect handle for that scared snowflake. OMG! The sky is falling.

      9. I want to know why Barbara Spector is in Sweden telling the Swedes they have to accept millions of immigrants and leave Europeon culture behind and become multicultural but Netanyahu is forcing all Africans to leave Israel. How do you square that hypocrisy.

        • Bud, that Barbara Spector bitch had better be hiding out real good somewhere. I don’t doubt she’s on someone’s list.

        • Rev. 2:9,3:9 John 8:44.

          • Good scriptures to read . This states outright who the liars are, and that Satan is their father, and Satan is also the father of the lie.

      10. I love this crap,
        POTUSDJT gives me a good chuckle every time he pokes at the snowflakes,,,
        He is definitely the right guy, he says the stuff and tweets apparently the stuff most of us think, like i always say, he wasnt elected because he was the best, but because he will be the biggest middle finger to all these fruitcakes.
        God Bless America

      11. It’s all in the art of the deal: rope a dope.

      12. It’s not just leftists that dislike the tweets, it’s other concerned citizens who are mature enough to see the stupidity and childishness.

        Enough with the Kindergarten talk, my nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button. He should start acting like a president.

        • Actually, Presidents from both parties have paid the North Korean’s blackmail price for decades. Trump is just laughing at the foolish threats. Maxine Waters said “just pay them off” … which has been national policy since Reagan. I’m thankful that we have a president that doesn’t lead from someone’s behind like the previous one. And IF North Korea does fire a nuke at us, no one in the world can complain when North Korea ceases to exist.

      13. There was a shadow government. and it has been chased out into the light. Ans just so they cannot use the courts to get off with a slap of the wrist or the attorney general decide to not prosecute. The army is at this very moment rounding those traitors up and shipping them to GITMO.

      14. Seems like the snow flakes will do anything to save themselves from another Hitler.

      15. Trumps tweets don’t bother me at all. He is dealing with dope
        heads, alcoholics, and immature 40-somethings, communists,
        racists and empty headed sheeple. That is his Twitter audience.

        What bothers me is he is caving on keeping his promises to
        the adult, responsible, tax-paying, country loving, intelligent
        and more mature crowd.
        Drain the swamp OF STONEWALLER and OBSTRUCTIONISTS.
        BUILD THE WALL (not just prototypes) and stop immigration.
        Tax 15% on all $7.5 billion in US dollars to Mexico and all foreign countries.
        Tax and or imprison SANCTUARY CITY LEADERS for treason.
        DISSOLVE the NINTH DISTRICT JUDICIAL.( How many are legal or dopers?)

        These are things Pres. Trump has authority to do as president. If he doesn’t do
        them….I am going to start calling him, *Mr.Turnip* the *traitor*.

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