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“Rigged System”: Donald Trump Jr. Exposes The High-Level Deep State Operation To Take Out His Father

Alex Thomas
December 20th, 2017
Comments (26)


In a surprising speech to a group of young conservative activists in Florida, Donald Trump Jr. warned about the now admitted conspiracy carried out by the highest levels of the government to stop his fathers agenda by any means necessary.

Speaking to a gathering held by the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, Trump Jr. noted that his father is currently dealing with a rigged system as well as a conspiracy by the deep state to take him out.

“There is, and there are, people at the highest levels of government that don’t want to let America be America,” Trump Jr. noted, echoing many voices in the alternative media who have discussed this very fact since the moment Trump was elected.

“My father talked about a rigged system throughout the campaign, and people were like, ‘Oh, what are you talking about?” he continued. “But it is. And you’re seeing it.”

CNN was the first to report on the comments and although their article wasn’t the usual full-scale anti-Trump propagandist piece, it did laughably claim that his comments were “freewheeling” as if to imply that they came out of no where and have no basis in reality.

Trump Jr.’s freewheeling comments before the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit came after he spoke earlier this month before congressional investigators and as some on the right, including him, increasingly attack the Department of Justice’s special counsel probe, alleging it is politically compromised.

In his remarks Tuesday, Trump Jr. railed against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and attacked the media’s coverage of the Russia story, saying the ongoing probe was emblematic of the kind of “rigged system” the President had railed against during the campaign.

More ridiculous, one of the panelists that CNN interviewed after playing a clip of Trump Jr’s comments (who of course was a former Obama official) actually claimed that discussing documented facts about parts of the FBI’s political bias somehow helps Russia.

That’s right, according to the likes of CNN, even talking about Hillary operatives within the FBI, such as Peter Strzok, means that you are working with the Russians!

With that being said, the mainstream medias hold over the minds of the American people continues to slip each day and comments such as those by Trump Jr. only further reveal that startling lengths that the deep state puppets in the media will go to take out a democratically elected president.

Keep in mind that we already know that anti-Trump operatives were working at the HIGHEST LEVELS of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to hurt Donald Trump. This is a documented fact and Trump Jr. is only speaking about what the media itself has reported yet he is one again accused of helping the Russians.

If you don’t realize at this point that the likes of CNN are working against the American people, one has to wonder what it will take?

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Author: Alex Thomas
Date: December 20th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. LOL. And the dumb fucked Americans are falling for all of the acts.

  2. Don Jr. needs to stop being a little tittybaby.
    His father has the power to fire a good portion of these FBI/CIA douche bags.

    He hasn’t, an gives everybody a shit show to “watch and see” kinda of dog and pony show.

    Nobody going to jail … nobody getting fired … nobody getting reprimanded – America has become a useless Reality Show for the Sheeple.

    • CrackerJack says:

      “Lock her up”, we kept hearing that promise through the campaign, yet it hasn’t happened, probably never will. Laws are optional until it does happen though.

      • Grekko says:

        Bide your time, Jack. There are things going on that are not obvious. Thousands of sealed indictments, for example. I have a feeling that when one of them is opened, they will all will be opened. Like, everything is going to happen all at once. A lightening strike, so to speak. The time is close.

        • G Mary says:

          There is a Big Swamp, slimy and alive with Swamp Creatures. If America had laws to keep a Benevolent Dictator, this is what we need right now. Why? Because Congress is bought off by nefarious Swamp Critters, whom we know if not living in a cave. This stuff is for real. Power-crazy folks play for keeps. Swamp critters get others to do their murders, excuse me, not a pc word. Do not erase me, but it is like porcupines making love: Very Carefully.

    • FTW, you are correct on some points, but it is all far more convoluted and complex than you are giving consideration to. Sessions is the stumbling block now, not Trump !

      Sessions has proven himself incompetent and incapable of standing up to the deep state apparatus and Trump has known that for a while which is why he has said many times in the last 2 months, “where is DOJ” ? Trump is trying ti turn around an aircraft carries with only 6 crewmen instead of the normal 100 men needed to make that turn ? It is happening because the corrupted system is exposing itself but it takes time and its own weight to collapse. That is in motion.


      A big part of the problem is that far too many Americans are fat, dumb and lazy ! I have been the guy to point it all out in spades for much longer than the Trump enigma. There are a lot of lessons to learn from all of it.

  3. Kevin2 says:

    If nothing else the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists of old are vindicated as the terms shadow government and deep state have moved from alternate to main stream media. Like the alcoholic that drinks a fifth of whisky the first hurdle is to admit you have a problem.

    • Interesting that many so-called conspiracies have played out to be proven true and accurate, Hey ? There is a simple reason for this phenom. The deep state apparatus and PRAVDA/MSM in conjunction are very good at undermining anybody who speaks any truth or points out any crimes they commit by simply by calling them right wing extremist or conspiracy nuts. CIA has been doing this for ever ! So nothing new at all and the perfect way to hide any crime you have committed. This is Hillary’s play book in spades ! It is all being exposed and that is a very good thing indeed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Junior has benefitted from a rigged system his entire life.

  5. Dave says:

    They have a short time, and must be rid of him. For if they fail, he has 3 – 7 years to pay them back! Let the payback be painful.

  6. Heartless says:

    Well Don Jr. – tell your Dad to wear a side-arm. Remove any restrictions on carry in Washington D.C. and take some bit of personal responsibility for himself. You too son. And your other siblings as well. Don’t expect anyone to be able to stop an assault fast enough. They’ll do their best; but, won’t hurt to have a last line of defense.

  7. watching and waiting says:

    Don’t concern yourself with this crap. We all know this.

    Go to Steve Quayles Web Site:

    Martin Armstrong Warns ‘The Sun Is Cooling Faster Than Anyone Suspected’-This cooling is very serious. This decline in the energy output of the sun will manifest in a commodity boom in agriculture as shortages send food prices higher

    and click on the above link. Earth not warming it is cooling.

  8. James D says:

    The timing is getting very close to being right! I don’t know why Sessions sits on his hands but Trump will bring everything to light when it’s to his advantage

    • Trump knows he screwed up with Sessions and he is letting Sessions expose himself with his own incompetence. Sessions will be fired or resign. Then we will see some prosecutions as needed. At this juncture sessions is the problem, not Trump. And Trump has even said so many times if you are paying attention ?

  9. Michigan Wolverine says:

    Trumps not going to be taken out
    He’s doing exactly as he’s being told by his handlers

    This is just a smoke screen so most people won’t realize how much he’s fuckin y’all

    Here’s one example
    Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court

    So this all in essence means, that President Trump, yesterday, has just appointed a BRITISH SECRET AGENT TO THE US SUPREME COURT! – blatantly, right in the face of every American!

    Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court?
    Yup he’s an NWO stooge bro

  10. Beaumont says:

    It’s like war between crime bosses (many of whom can no longer make normal, facial expressions.) They rigged the system, or we wouldn’t be listening.

  11. Beowulf says:

    The deep state is out in the open now. Keep your weapons cleaned and oiled. Patriots may have to go to Washington quick. You will need 72 hrs supply of food and water. In the end the outcome will depend on the military. Maybe we can make a difference till they get their orders.

  12. swinging richard says:

    The money is not being put in the correct pocket.

  13. Craig Swenson says:

    I hope our President has hand selected his guards as the Secret Service can be corrupted and infiltrated like all other government groups. Re-inspect every guard often and watch each man’s movements. This open, public conversation about “take out” would have been intolerable a few years ago and treason back before the 1990’s. In other countries, it would result in lockup. It is a vile subject that shows the degeneration of America. Lack of respect and civility has become excessive, rotten, paparazzi-style mainstream. It is getting to be too much like 1930’s union labor vs owner violence or 1930’s Germany. Horrible. What have we become!!!

  14. I don’t but any of this for a second.The whole Russiagate meme is controlled opposition. There is probably enough evidence on other issues to seriously destroy Trump if they wanted to. However Trump has given everything the shadow govt. has asked for so why even think of removing him. The bigger question for the deep state is how to keep the democratic facade in place and Trump’s supporters behind their candidate when he has dissed them across the board; actions speaking much much loader than words? The solution to this problem is a meme of fake prosecutorial actions that seemingly are the actions of the Democratic Party and the shadow govt.. Tha facade must be maintained at all costs lest the greater population catch on that American democracy is just grand theater. “The state exists to ensure the dominance of elites, all the rest is propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation.”

  15. MikeWatch says:

    Neil Gorsuch? Really? He is the step brother of a good friend of mine and we’ve known him his entire life. Neil is nobody’s stooge and has NO involvement or belief in the New World Order nonsense.

    Get at least one fact straight you butt-muffins who insist on spouting feces from those pink lips of yours!!