Trend Forecaster’s Dire Warning: Massive Crash Will Wipe 12,000 Points Off Dow Jones By Late 2017

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Headline News | 192 comments

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    Trend forecaster and demographic researcher Harry Dent says we are in a massive bubble. And as he explains in his latest interview with Future Money Trends, central banks around the world continue to fuel this bubble with unlimited fiat money printing.

    The end result according to Dent?

    The biggest bubble burst in history… and it’s coming soon.

    There will be… and I will stake my entire reputation on this… we are going to see the biggest global bubble burst in history in the next four years…

    There’s only one way out of this bubble and that is for it to burst… all this stuff is going to reset back to where it should be without all this endless debt, endless printed money, stimulus and zero interest rate policy.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Their only solution to this debt and financial asset bubbles is to create more debt and more financial asset bubbles… how can that possibly be the solution?

    The Dow, I’m projecting, will hit 5,500 to 6,000 by late 2017… just in the next year and a half or so. 

    That’ll be most of the damage… then it will rally and there’ll be some aftershocks into 2020… my four cycles point down into early 2020 and then they start one after the other to turn up… I think the worst will be over by 2020, but the worst of that will be by the end of 2017.

    For more interviews, news and investment strategies visit Future Money Trends.

    Harry Dent’s latest book: The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation Ahead


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      1. He is wrong.

        • I’ve been reading SHTF for a number of years now, and it seems that ever few months there’s another story like this, that the “end is near” They all seem to say the same thing, it’s only a few month away till the big collapse happens, so you better hurry up and get ready. It’s getting to the point that story’s like these are nothing more then doom porn.

          • Agreed, it’s sad. Makes me think about why I even visit this site anymore. Economic Collapse Blog is an even bigger joke, I gave up on that 2 years ago but I see their stories on this site still.

            • Colt m4 and waste of time: I cut out some sites similar to this one. I do not subscribe to any websites, find it useless. It’s common sense now that patriot sites should close shop and hunker down with family and form bartering groups with trusted friends. Patriots for six decades have accomplished zero, despite hard work over many years–all in vain, swept under the rug. Many quit voting decades back during the NAFTA/Gatt sell out. Train wreck ahead for sure, a combination of events like cities under terror attacks, riots, etc. Survival mode is way to go now.

              • Most do not understand basic economics and how easily it is all manipulated just like every other aspect of our lives here in USSA today. There will be RESET and more or less everything he said will happen , but nobody knows when or what outlier event will tip it all over. All you need to know is two things ? This country and nearly every other is insolvent as well as all central banks and the simple fact that all the freebies and creation of cyber money to hold it all together is completely unsustainable. No0hting else matters but those two dynamics at this point. And yes it is out of control and nobody can stop it.

                What I find amusing is that many seem to think that just because it hasn’t happened yet, it can’t ? They do not consider that it is all held together with the massive debt created ? But they will figure it out one day and sing a very different tune !

                • Sadly, you seem to be one of the few that gets this. Dent is no fool. the economy tried to
                  correct in 2008 but our Govt officials aborted that with the TARP. Well, when the next
                  correction occurs, most of the folks will be bleeding from their asses and wonder why they
                  did not see it coming.

                  W Greene
                  Houston, Tx

          • COLT

            I agree.

            I also think it’s just a scam sometime so that BIG BROTHER can find out what you have.

            If so I sure do not have much if not very little.

          • Very true.
            It is too late to hurry up and get ready and to get ready for what. Too many people expecting a single economic event and a reset.

            Going to get a surprise, I think.

          • Please hurry…

            Same shit, new day


          • Boom. Nailed it. My thoughts exactly.

            • can’t we get rid of these trolls, mac?

              • Since when does a dissenting opinion make one a troll??

                Refute their observations, if you can.

                Truth is, every one of those posts is correct. I’ve been here for 4 years and there’s always a “next year collapse” article every few months. Weather this bad reporting, fear porn, or simple miscalculation I’ll leave for others to decide.

                • If you disagree with one of the sheeple old timers here, you are quickly called a troll.

                  • Trust me brother, I know 🙂
                    Its sad to see some people close their minds and try to mock, shout down, or cry for sensoring disenting opinion on a website devoted to “waking up” sheep.

                    • i just can’t help wondering why the “disenters” are here, with nothing constructive to add…just pooh-poohing the idea that there COULD even BE a collapse, when it’s right there in yer FACE that we are already IN the most horrific thing that’s ever happened to our country. we have been in a depression for several years now, if you count CORRECTLY, and don’t ADD to GDP when printing/borrowing more money. our economy IS collapsing, right before our eyes, yet there are people here that say “ho hum, nuthin’ to see here, move on”….why in the hell are they/you here, if not to educate yourself to what’s happening to U.S.?……….if you can’t see what’s ALREADY happened, how the hell can you be ready for the worst of it to come?…and the worst of it is coming,….soon. the only explanation i can see for those naysayers, is that they must be gubmint trolls, paid to keep the sheep in line, assuring them that everything’s OK, and that it WILL be OK, for as far into the future as you want to look….well I can SEE the future…and i see dumb people….LOOK UP!…but you’ll only see it if you WANT REALLY think more money can be printed in perpetuity, without paying a heavy price for it….did you even READ the article? i say GTFO, if you don’t have anything constructive to add to the conversation. you trolls ARE easy to spot….maybe you don’t realize you are the emperor’s new clothes, eveybody SEES what you are, and you just can’t see for yourselves. it takes me a lot of time to read the comments section of each article, and when there’s a whole bunch of dimwits commenting, that i would rather not listen to, it just takes that much more time to wade through their B/S.

                    • Yep. Marcus… same old sky is falling market crash for 5 solid years now. Same people talking about all their supplies, guns, giving people dirt naps. Very little discussion on one of the most important things that will save a person from a crash, war, or natural disaster, which is total self sufficiency. Another is to be extremely physically fit if you intend on bugging out. Those types of preps are something they cannot order online. You have to Work Very Hard to get to that stage. Some people are not in a position to accomplish those things, so they need extra attention at prepping where they are at. Articles and posts that relate to that are needed, not fear porn of a crash we all know will eventually happen.

              • How about you negative Nannys contribute something more than your worthless 2 cents complaining. How about give a prepper tip. Be a doer, not a watcher.. What’s going on in your world you can share? This is about info exchange. Not set up for your daily entertainment. Too busy sucking your thumbs?


                • strawberries went in last week! I’m gonna chance it and start my warmer weather plants this weekend. Any advice on late frost protection?

          • Dead on! Now late 2017. Later this year it will be early 2018. Then 2019. we have been ready for years. just wish it would get here. The Herd needs thinning.

            • What exactly do you mean, the herd needs thinning?

              • i think he’s referring to the multitudes of dimwitted people roaming the earth, sucking up our oxygen, eating food we are buying them, sucking up medical resources….or it could be there are just toooo many cows out there!

          • Yep, same old stuff.

          • You forget what it is all about. Look at both sides of this page, what do you see? Paying advertisements, Its all about the money and those who will give theirs to those smart enough to take it. Where do you fit in, giver, taker or saver? If saver are you smart enough to save in a safe place and not let others control it and charge you for making them money?

        • He may be wrong about the timing but I can already tell you that ZIRP is unsustainable.

          Not everyone can go into the stock market in any appreciable capacity (to say nothing of absorbing that level of risk). In fact quite a significant percentage of the population can’t. And that’s the only thing that’s paying a decent return.

          How do you get away from ZIRP? National debt go boom or something??

        • He was saying the same thing 3-4 years ago.

          • There is NO Gold at Fort Knox, and Other Countries want their Gold Back. Figure that one out.


        • Harry Dent has an interesting article on Business Insider, titled: “HARRY DENT: Civil unrest is coming to America”.

          Worth a read.

        • stan…is he wrong on the timing?…probly…is he wrong about a CRASH?…i doubt it.

          • JustMe,
            Ignore Harry Dent, stay focused on the big picture and plan based on it. I have been preparing since 1974. When we peaked as a nation in 1974 we had many things going for us. In 1974 America was the world’s reserve currency with key commodities like oil priced in dollars and Americas debt was a manageable $458 billion with a GDP of $1,437 Trillion or debt to GDP of 30%.

            Fast forward 50 years…Total entitlement cost was outlined by Laurence Kotlikoff’s a Professor of Economics at Boston University when he gave testimony before the U.S. senate budget committee on Feburary 25, 2015 (use you search engine). Kotlikoff in his opening remarks states “…I am honored to discuss with you our country’s fiscal condition. Let me get right to the point. Our country is broke. It’s not broke in 75 years or 50 years or 25 years or 10 years. It’s broke today. Indeed, it may well be in worse fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece. …”

            “…The infinite-horizon fiscal gap {or fiscal gap} tells us whether the government has, over time, enough receipts to cover its projected spending. … The U.S. fiscal gap currently stands at $210 trillion. … Our $210 trillion fiscal gap represents 58 percent of the present value of projected future taxes. Hence, eliminating the fiscal gap via tax hikes requires an immediate and permanent 58 percent hike in federal taxes. Stated differently, the overall federal government is 58 percent underfinanced. …”

            So how did this happen? The answer is slowly. We first went off the gold standard. The gold standard had previously forced politicians to issue debt in line with gold reserves. The political elite saw the end of the gold standard this as an opening to use debt to bribe the public and get elected. So in the course of 50 years the political elite have driven us from a stable capitalist country to a socialist country with an unstable economy with 61 million immigrants that is totally dependent on government handouts.

            So when I read the Harry Dents or other pundits I take their advice with a grain of salt as to its timing. Who knows what our central bank may do to rally the markets through their predictions.

            What I do look at is the solid long term down trend of America. These trends include the stagnant or declining wages of the last twenty years, the limited full time employment and growth of part time employment, the growth and the size of government deficits, the years of balance of payments deficits, the slow collapse of the petro dollar, the slow collapse of America’s reserve currency status, the currency wars with Europe and China and policy of the Central bank in propping the economy and markets.

            When you take a close look at these trends in aggregate it makes complete sense to many people that they should latch on to a scare monger. The long term trends can be used to show a desperate case that would scare anyone. But to those that look at the nations of the world and their state a case can be made that we are actually “stable” politically and economically compared to other countries that are in collapse. This is why the U.S. dollar index has held up – there are many other countries far worse than us.

            So the only rational way to handle this is throw out the worst case and the best case and look at the trend. The trend for America is clearly down and accelerating. That is why we should expect the “blips” will get more radical in the years ahead. That is why it is prudent to hedge against downturns, prep in case of disruptions, prepare for worst case with a disaster recovery plan and pray we come to our senses before the lemmings take us over the cliff…

            • Rabbitone,

              When inflation is factored in to the equation, most American workers have not had a REAL raise in pay since 1974. It’s also no accident that since that time the rise of both spouses having to work has come to the point where it’s almost impossible to not have both spouses working simply to maintain a basic standard of living, much less get ahead.

        • here we go again

          doom is always X number of months away


          I will deal with it when it happens that is why I prep.

          But spare me the chicken little crap.

          • Da Yooper. Now the freeze is nearly over I am heading back to the U.P. to McMillian (near Newberry) to my cabin in the woods. Up there I just get lost in trees and forget all about the doom and gloom…

            • I still have a good foot of snow still on the ground. About 3 hrs west of you.

        • You could be right. I am reminded though, that those in Jerusalem were warned 4 years in advance to get out the city. Those who remained faithful lived in the local hills for those 4 years. Those who decided they knew better, returned to Jerusalem and were slaughtered by the Romans. Not arguing with your comment. Just saying…

        • You’re right…Dent is a fucking idiot

      2. First yawn

        • Mclovin nice to hear from you

          Mac, DO NOT scrub this article from the archives, let us see how close his prediction is, or isn’t.

          Everyone save a copy, we might be yawning with Mclovin in 21 months.

          • Whew! its about somebody put up a date. Man, it just sucks not knowing. Maybe now my fingernails will grow back……….

            • about time somebody….. Damn fritos…..

            • Plenty of time for me to run up the credit cards.

              • Gold and Silver are not in a Bubble. Not even close. Silver today at $15.43, should be trading from $20 to $26.50 right now for the averages of 47 to 55 Gold to silver price ratio, but at today’s high of 80 to 1 Gold to silver price ratio, it is bottomed out. History – In the last 20 years, 4 times, when the Gold to Silver ratio hit 80 to 1, within a half years time, it could be back down as low as 47 to 1 ratio. Which means at today’s Gold at $1243. and a normal 47 to 1 ratio that puts Silver at $26.44. Silver is Greatly undervalued and a Great buy right now. Great ratio charts to see this trend. The last time Silver hit the high of $48 per OZ, the G2S Price Ratio was at a low as 31.50 to 1, and that ratio puts Silver at $39.50 an OZ, if used to day with today Gold price. I find this trend fascinating.

                So as you can see silver is not in any bubble, and about to break out to an upside as much as a $11.00 increase to 26.50, or as much as 71% within a year for sure. This has happened 4 times in the last 20 years consistently. No brainer. Get your physical 1-OZ rounds.. Bars, back up the truck ASAP. Wudda Cudda Shouldaaa…


                • WWTI: for once we agree. People will look back on how cheap silver is right now and want to punch themselves in the face.

                  • And besides the trend in price ratio and price, Just throw in a SHTF Event, like a War, or Terror Attack, and Bammm, economic collapse. Remember Rabid Obama still has nearly 10 months left to shred this country apart… Easy Silver @ $30, or any hiccup and Silver is at $20 easy for sure.


                  • WWTI: or perhaps like happened back aprox 40 yrs ago when gold got so high so quick, it Then dropped like a rock back down close to where it began at in gold per oz prices.

                    There is no set in stone law that it cannot be gold goes low and silver remains as is or close to as is now.

                    I know Thats not what folks wish to hear here…but one can’t rule it out.

                    I do not now recall exact dates..but somewheres around 40 years ago I do recall when gold was at its long time price of something like $45 per oz and it all a sudden began to rise…Then in very little time skyrocketed to somewheres around $1300 or so was it?

                    Tons of folks then re mortgaged homes and went wild doing all possible to raise cash so to invest in gold due to belief like today that it is going straight Up to the Moon Alice! To Da Moon alice!

                    only to find in aprox less than a years time gold went back down hard and ended up close to what is began at if I recall correct?

                    Many became big Losers and lost most or all thay had prior that time…I wonder if then they had tons of “experts” like today telling folks to buy in now etc? probably eh…

                    I really like how so many of these ‘experts” tell you when the market does drop alot, how Trillions simply Vanished and was Lost…Then they repeat vast Fears of “soon a hyper inflation event akin to wiemeere germany or zimbabwaee”….but “if” all them trillions vanished for real?…Then it cannot flood into reg avg consumers hands to get spent quickly and be the cause of a hyper inflate event….Why do so few folks ever consider such things?..Two More things Must happen to cause any hyper inflate event..#1 the Majority of the Masses Must Get hold of that excess printed cash…and #2 Once the vast Majority masses Holds said cash IN hand…Then they Must go spend it and do so fastly and spend it all or most of it…but most all experts that claim hyper events never mentions last Two parts of equation..Maybe they don’t know it? or keep fogetting?..So far to date: None of reg avg folk masses has gotten said cash handed to them I am aware of.

                    And also consider that such a vanishing of vast wealth? is all BS crap, for every dollar Lost in stocks or whatever markets…Somebody Else Gained it and now is new owner of said “loses”…It don’t simply vansih to thin air as they state or imply..Maybe this is some of why they seem always so wrong for so many times promoting Fear tactics eh?

                    So far as I know of…Many depressions or ressions has happened in past 100 years now…but so far the world has never yet crashed as implied…maybe personally it did for them what has tons of cash invested…Wealthy folks I mean…but I for one know my own life has never changed much either better nor worse after each resession event so far…Plus I lived thru the Detroit “Ground Zero” Monkey Riots at age 14-1/2 to age 15 yrs old then..and same story, once fires went out and smoke cleared…

                    Only stupid black rioters and firestarter arsonists etc had ashes for homes and No more stores or gas stations etc to shop at!…The rest of us detroit folks that lived 10 or more miles Out from downtown detroit and actual riot zones were basically UN affected totally…

                    Our Parents got affected soon after due to paid more taxes so to rebuild detroit for africans, who ended up wrecking detroit again and wash rince repeat that scenario several more times before white flight moved enough whites out for good and took their tax with…

                    I think far too much OH NO! Hyper is about All we are really going to see no matter what happens…not counting of course Nukes over usa!…Less than nukes or huge emp seems more fear porn hype is all.

                    I wonder if some of these writers and ‘experts” has their main offices located in Same buildg’s as TV evangelist apostate pastors does eh?…Both operate very similar to get the sheeps shorn of sheeps cash too!..Hmmmm.

                    • Dear Them Guys,
                      Gold was around $35 – $42/oz in the late 60’s and early 70’s, then rose to about $198, then fell to $103 in late 1976, then from late 1976 to January 1980 it rose from $103 to $850/oz — about 800% increase in price.

                      Gold’s current price of $1230 +/- is not near as high in 2016 dollars as $850 was in 1980 dollars. We’ve hit a nominal high of $1,921/oz in September 2011, but we’re no where close to yet hitting an all time inflation adjusted high in the gold price. Just saying . . .

                • Yes must agree WWTI bought a lot of silver back when it was 13.00 range

                • Getting 40 ounces delivered today. 10 ounces tomorrow. No brainer is right.

                  • Same here. Mini-monster box of Kangaroos arrives next week.

                    • Last time I played in Silver I bought at $16 an ounces, sold at just over $40. No one knows what silver will be next week obviously, but I suspect up. I intend to hold.

                      Also one advantage of silver is if you need quick cash, walk into any pawn shop that deals in silver with cash in hand. I consider this a side perk of silver…

                      Silver makes a nice addition to other PM’s like brass and lead…

                • yes, silver has been at giveaway prices for quite some time, and if folks want a safe haven (talking about physical silver!) you can’t go too far wrong… I see no way to lose your $$ there.

                  • I consider the current price to be the steal of the century. I am a holder for the long term and am not a trader.

                    • Wow what a long effing rant on Dent!…I’m at work so I can’t troll them all but I must say the gist of all this seems same old shit and different day. I don’t blame u. I tire of this as well. All I think about really is how to manage what I do have and how to keep something of value for my 2 remaining kids. I feel alone in this. Most everyone around me are blissfully ignorant and think little until they see they’re 401k evaporated in the market. NIRP…nobody here knows it’s not an emogie. All I can afford is silver eagles so that’s what I do with extra cash. There’s no tax on it in my state as long as I pay cash and this seems doubly sensible as to keep it out of prying eyes. From my own basic research regarding derivatives this is what to watch for. These assholes have the largest ponzi scheme in world history going using our money and when it all goes down don’t think u won’t be,standing in line at the ATM on the Monday after….someone mentioned help by giving advice?… hope for the best….keep money u don’t need to pay bills at home. .. keep extra supplies at home so U can hunker down if needed…keep protection ..if u know what I mean . And don’t ever ever think it can’t happen here.. .I was a little kid during the Arab oil embargo and remember the long lines at the pump.

              • I wouldn’t do that mate………the Banksters WILL BE PAID, and when it all collapses, those in the most debt will be forking out FAR MORE than those who are not.

          • glad to be back Wilson. I never really left just ran out of time and inspiration for posts.

        • McLovin, nice insertion of ‘first’.

          In the movie, McLovin had no first name on his drivers permit.
          I think he should have used ‘Stud’…

          • Haha

            • Sounds like a porno name.

              Stud McLovin.

              Take your first pet’s name and the first street name:
              That is your porno name.

              Lady Francine would be mine.

              What say others???

              • Anyone want to chime in???

                • Popeye Peach Tree

                  • McLovin, you grow up in Jawja?
                    Got a bunch of peachtree roads here.

                    Spike Cana of Galilee is my second name.

                    Strange name…

                • Beau Mitchell

                • princess apple blossom ?

                • Nato/Ramona, eppe, then, to Nate Ramon.

                • Buster Ponderosa

                • grimm sycamore….wait a minute…i just gave up my secret question answer for a BUNCH of websites…..NEVER talk about pet names, mother’s maiden names, birfdays, on forums.

                • Titan Longwood

                • Buster Hyman

              • I had a Lady too (Lady and the Tramp).

                Lady Poplar

              • Fluffy Elliott

              • Sparky Marquette

              • Rocky Balboa 🙂

              • Apollo 13

              • Dear Eppe,
                Lassie Valencia would be my name.

                • And the Winner (weiner) is PO’d Patriot for
                  Titan Longwood. 🙂
                  Acid, you got anything better? 🙂

              • What’s that about your avatar and porn names?

        • Oh yea, anyone heard this before? Same song, same station. Here we go again. How many people have been surprised this shit show has gone on as long as it has? It truly is incredible.

        • Second YAWN

      3. Well lets get the crash going, been waiting for 6 months now…
        Usually bear markets are quick and end in 9 to 18 months.

        Kick the can was fun in the 60’s, not as much fun now…

        Be well all…

        • Eppe, I’ll give the second yawn. mclovin, good to see you back.

          • thanks braveheart

      4. Second yawn

      5. I agree that the stock market will collapse but he’s wrong about the “recovery”. Maybe it’s wishful thinking for his type, but for the rest of us, it’s gonna be hell.

      6. Sky has been falling for over three years now, based on next year it goes down.. Yes things are bad, but the same old articles about the stock market going kaput…. Not, when the Feds are buying the market…

        • It is soooo Bad that in Last Feb 2016 issue of magazine “Trailer Life” article said Jaco trailer maker Co. is expanding and so many sales they are completing an xtra warehouse plant next to current facility to store/stock enough more stuff/parts etc so to Keep up with Vast demand they cant keep up with now…

          Most Every trailers and fifth wheel and motorhomes maker nationwide, has seen their best ever increases of like avg of 15% per year for many years straight now.

          I would believe same goes for the many various conected small to large Custom Cycles and Collector/Mussle cars markets too…Custom Biker cycles alone is around a $20 Billion per year economy and keeps roaring along…Creates many well paid jobs too…

          Parts catalog companies too same story…Every couple years they report need build bigger warehouse storages due to saless booming.

          Not saying it aint bad for ‘some” folks…Yes it is..But not for all folks it aint so bad.

          And matters not weather or not that massive cash spent is due to boomers retireing and finally doing a cool car rebuild, or whatever else it may be due to…Cash spent into usa ecomony Is cash spent period…And it has been gangbusters cash spent quite some time going now with zero end in sight so far.

          Watch a tv channel called “Velocity” every show is on cars-mussle cars-cool rebuild cars- etc…Tons of shows with tons of various nationwide shops doing said custom work with sizable employeee numbers too…Well Paid CNC-Paid experts and high Tech electrical work type paid workers…

          Then watch a few every couple months MECUM and BARRET Cars and cycles auction events!!!

          Talk of Cash being spent!!!….

          That 2009 Z-06 Vette I said i bought last March 2015, I just seen one thats a 2011 2-lz options Z-06 vette, which is two yrs newer than mine at 2009..BUT Mine has the Top 3-LZ options package, which when new costs aprox $5-6,000 More than the 2-LZ does…So I figure that 2011 vette is aprox same ballpark price as my 2009 is due to I have better cost options plus mine had 6,400 orig miles and the 2011 one had 9,000 orig 2011 is black while mine is velocity Yellow color thats a special option color costs extra $850-1,000 more.

          I figure mine should auction off at same price due to these issues…I aint selling it! but If I did Now one year later after bought it…and if got same sold price 2011 got last month at auction…I’d profit aprox $11-12,000 now…

          I state that to show how some/many folks are earning very good money still and many More are spending it too…in CASH too….but even if spent as credit debt? so what as long as they make payments each time right?

          Cash AND credit spent both same goes into economy and keeps all afloat…Most folks aint getting stuff repoed…Most do pay it off and Keeps it.

          so Just maybe things aint as nearly bad as some “expert” fear mongers like shemetah boy snyder or 4 blood moons other expert boy claims eh?…Maybe america is going to keep going a long while yet as long as very wealthy folks in usa still has so much net worth to lose too huh?

          Watch especially reruns of last Januarys Mecum auction heald at Kisseemmee Fla that had OVER 3,000 Very costly cool, worlds TOP custom creation cars and european exotics super cars etc too…Worlds Largest such event held once per year…with Many More auction locations throughout usa every month or two with close to as many cars at auction.

          just One example of too many to list where, NO it aint all going Bad/collapse period….Think about it.

      7. ZZZZZzzzZzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… ZZZZZzzzzzZzZZZZZzzZzZZzz…ZZZZzZZZZZzzz… Huh?! Wha?? ZzzzZzZZZzzZzzzzzZzZ… Wake me when it happens….

        • Orion! Wake up! Wake up man. You’re sleepin’ through it.

          You’re missin’ the show. Wake up! Tis happenin’ as we speak.

        • Heeh
          Rest easy,,,, no sense loosing sleep over a maybe might could happen

      8. Ah,have some supplies/gear/majority of money out of bank/goods/land if you can/some metals to round out the egg basket.

        Oh,and a few bottles of Jack and one big ass box of goldfish crackers!

        • Warchild, funny you mention goldfish. Having some as I post this.

        • FWI
          Good ol Harry was on the radio sunday and the crash was this fall into early 2017.
          Now its moved already.
          Call me skeptical , im gonna stick with this fall , just before the election .

          • Michigan has 83 Counties…I live up north Lower Penn. and within Third Lowest economy rated county, with only aprox Under 30,000 Total POP entire county…my Township contains just aprox 2,000 POP and 1/2 are snowbirds head south for winter!

            I moved to here 21 years ago from detroit Mich so to reside with my type white folks and less of every bad thing/traffic/crimes etc etc…

            Now even with all that said…I so far this spring, just in past Month or so have seen far more Job want ad’s in several local areas weekly small papers, than I have Ever seen in past 21 years…various different type jobs too…Many Medical work jobs, truck driver cdl-a driver jobs, Tons of ad’s for typical Home builder const type jobs…and many lesser pay service bar-rest-hotel type jobs too…TONS more ads than ever before seen yet in 21 yrs….

            so regardless What fear mongers state, or whatever Gold sellers or various ‘prep stuff” sellers ad articles states…Something different is going on that they do Not say of eh…Just perhaps maybe these writers are wrong…

            Time shall tell eh and so far for Past 10+ yrs they have been wrong period…Anybody yet seen article by Shemitah Boy snyder? or Four Blood Moon/Doom/Soon! articles writers explain in New articles how or why they again was so so so wrong again?

            Wasn’t it supposed to be “this time its Real as it is Gods bible word and hes always correct folks”?…yes it sure was that stated eh…only.. 4 moon dooms and shemitahs all pertains to the old test books and we Have been in the new test covenant books/world for 2000 yrs now folks.

            Maybe being 2000 years off and Behind is main reason such “prophetic expert” analysis has proved wrong every time so far huh?…Maybe snyder et al need check new testement books for Updated fear articles eh?

            Or forget being a prophet and just stop the fear daily and live life and enjoy a bit of it too!

            Once one has stored 8,999 jars spahgettie sauce, with two semi truck loads of raw noodles packages, and six two car garages filled with toilet paper and AAA-Batteries etc…Perhaps its Finally enough?…How much can one Carry to that bug out Cave anyways?…Not that much.

            Whoever here is old enough to recall Life during Prez Carters Oil shortages?…Did You make it thru okay? Yep Me too!…Yeah it was kinda bad times then…but we all did survive it and find ways to offset cash woes etc right?….so unless usa gets Nuked by Israel and nuttyahoo…It is likley to again be a similar issue events is a better prediction I think.

            • Nice rant +5

            • HAHAHA , Well i guess we live in the same neighborhood them guys , lol . No body wants to work here ! EBT ! Get with it .
              My guess would be you live where all Detroiters go , im in the next county east .

              Like yooper said , nice rant.

              • which one ?

                the northern one or the southern one ?

                • I am in Iosco County, aprox midway between Tawas and west Branch cities…also am 25 miles west of Lake Huron but also aprox 10 miles North of main road to those areas.

                  This completed my 21st winter here since I lived for 43 years since birth in Detroit city prior…When a kid up till about age of 10 yrs old detroit was IT! Fifth largest POP city nationwide, THE Car capitol Motor city of entire world…Highest blue colar work pay in world bar none…Best and brightest white inventors and builders of everything industrail and manufactured too.

                  it all went down hill when at my age 10 yrs old…Negros began to beg then Demand of whites “all we AXIN Fo Iz Da chanzes Ta Gits a Colored Mayor and City councils and Pooooolice chiefs Dats beez Colored folk too soo’s we colored folk kin showz da white folk in detroit (ground zero city number one of wreck and ruin) Dat wez colored folks kin ruz Deeeeetroit as good and evenz bettah den dem whites folks now has runz it…but all we AXIN Fo Iz dat Chanze! we jez needs one damn chance ta proves it Iz all we beez axins of whitey crackah folk is allz we be axins and daz all it beez.

                  THEN just under 5 yrs Later after colored folks did get that chance to proves daz equals an all dat shit…Fuckin savages Looted-Wrecked-and Torched all that they was unable to loot or ruin and burned down Half of detroit!

                  At about age 12 I first heard and learned Two very important issues from my Uncle Joey…

                  #1 was “Them Guys, remember always that, you can remove the Monkeys from those Jungles and place them anywheres else in the world…But no matter What you do or try, you CANNOT ever never remove that Jungle from them Monkeys!”

                  Uncle Joeys other wize words to me were #2. “them guys, remember, a wize monkey never monkeys with another monkeys monkey”

                  but the very First clue I heard was at age 10 yrs old when very First savages moved into a crib on my street at near end of very Long block, was the now famous words of “Well Suzzie, there Goes the neighborhood!”

                  I was baffeled! How can my neighborhood Go anywheres else?…Will it walk? will it take every house with it when it ‘goes”? and say just Where will it Go when neighborhood Goes?

                  Only took 3-more Months to see what it all meant when headed to school walking, I passed that negro occupied dwelling they bought a few months prior…It looked more like Nagasaki Japan! after the A bomb blast! Entire house and front poarch fill with well Over a dozen afrcian savages and keep in mind I only before ever SAW one or two negros in my short life so far prior!

                  I instinctivly Knew right then and there just what “There Goes the Neighborhood” means!

                  It was CODE for Niggers royally Fuck Up everything they touch period…NO exceptions. Only Fed Govnt is capable of do worse dammages than afrcian hoards…and thats very close call eh.

                  From age 10 untill age 50 yrs old I was totally certain that NOTHING can possibly be worse than negros bar none period end of story…but then at aprox age of 50 yrs old is when finally I got-cannot name here-wized-up and was forced to admit I was wrong for 40 yrs…because Yes Virginia there really Is another bunch that is even greater worse than african blacks is…and in many more ways than one can count.

                  Thats when My own great awakening really began. Had to reread and re research most all prior taught or told was true or facts…so far spent about 50,000+ hrs deep Read time online plus non online reading and research too in past 20 yrs of internet usage..Hate to admit but we ALL was lied to on 98% of every damn thing we was told was truth or facts…Sadly 90% usa folk still refuse to re research it all like that and still fall for old lies etc…So good luck with any usa fix long as that holds.

      9. Maybe it’s better not knowing when the market is going to crash if just when! I have been following shtf for a while and it seems like every thing is just getting worse or if not just crazy! I have noticed a trend it seems like it gets better then for some reason the dow just crashes for a day and so does oil!I wouldn’t be suprised if by the end of the year or by 2017 the market just crashes and lets go! I have always been a big beliver in being ready rather then sorry! Always keep a a full tank of gas and food and water you never know on how bad it might get! It’s just a matter of time before it goes! Hopefully I am wrong or just peranoid!

        • After watching so much crime, manipulation and who’s running Wall Street over the last few decades, it is a greasy casino on a polluted bank full of sleazy fascist greed-sters and hedge funds and banker crooks. When they place bets that companies will fail (Shorting Stocks) vs for investors looking to profit from normal growth in their 401K’s, the Public is being ripped off by the pros manipulating the whole damn thing. Electronic computer trading fractions ahead of you, for the best price. That’s not investment, its momentum trading with Corporate names on them. When you can manipulate Gold with 500 ounces of paper to one ounce of Physical Gold that is Manipulation. Silver is manipulated 27 Oz of paper vs Physical in possession. Basic fundamentals don’t mean anything to the traders, its all pump and dump casino, come on in 401K suckers, free drinks and strippers. And they love wars to control their global monopolies and stifle competition even things like alternative energy sources competing against Oil companies. So when you pay the Fascist Wallstreet out of your paycheck Bi-weekly for your 401K you are Feeding the Beast. And he will EAT YOU ALIVE…

          So if you Love Today’s Fascism, then Keep Buying Wall Streets BS Fascist Stocks and keep feeding the damn beast. Hes a Hungry Mo+Fo. Suckers..!!

          ~WWTI… If you are not holding it in your hand, it is not really yours.

      10. Trend Forecaster’s Dire Warning: Massive Crash Will Wipe 12,000 Points Off Dow Jones By Late 2017

        Mass Immigration Problems/Global War will happen before the Wall Street/Global Banking Ponzi Scheme exposes itself to the World for what it is.

        Cover the Global Economic Problems with fake terrorism on a global scale and nobody will notice what the Bankers & Politicians have done to the populace.

        Pin Nations against Nations, its what these people do!

        • FTW: Do you mean “them what we cannot name here”? just wondering is all..

      11. “I will stake my entire reputation…”
        This statement of course implies that there is a reputation to stake.
        “Harry Dent”, huh? Whatever.
        Hey Harry- how about… oh, I don’t know… free ice cream for everybody if you are wrong? Make mine Pistacheo with Sasparilla.

      12. Just more crying wolf. Been waiting for some time now for the crash, nothing in sight. Have purchased and spent thousands preparing, but when the Four Blood Moons and the Sept/Oct 2015 scare went by, I lost faith in most of these predictions. Is something coming? Maybe, but no one can predict it and that is a fact. Want proof, look at the past predictions to see if they have come true . . . not! These guys just continue to push the date forward. Too much crying wolf. So if something comes, will we be ready . . . who knows, because we have lost faith in the timelines of these predictions.

        • Big O

          Waiting on the hurricane predictions.

          • Slingshot, I just looked out the window, no hurricanes in sight. My predictions stand at 100%, better than these other goobers who sit inside and look at charts.

        • Big O;
          I hear you loud and clear. I think that the best plan is to move to a place in the country if you can, adopt a rural lifestyle without becoming a mouthbreather, don’t bury your head in the sand and if it goes to shit you will be in the best shape you can be in. I can’t believe that everyone on this web site is not striving to do that. I was raised in the country, left and returned. It allows me to appreciate it to the max!

          • I spent 32 years in Alaska, retired and moved to Eastern Oregon (EO) . . . very rural as you know. Alaska not the place to be in trying times. Most folks don’t understand that fact, only fives days worth of food on the shelves, and one road into, or out of, the state. Hard state to live in as you get older. EO has greater opportunities and closer to family. Just real tired of the doom and gloom pundits telling us the sky is falling, spouting “facts and theories” that never come true. I’m prepared, but not a fool. Most on this website see through the garbage and understand reality. You sir, are obviously in that group. Good luck!

      13. Well we’re up to LATE 2017 now. When late 2017 is here they will move the date up to 2020. Only a few very few at that know when it will happen and not before they want it to.

      14. Ho….Hum……it’s getting very boring now

      15. Got a sample of his prediction last week.
        Bought shares of Ruger a couple of weeks back.
        Was doing ok for a week. Then last Thursday it dropped $6.53 in one day. Sheesh.

        • Ketchup,they were just hiring in N.H.!Dammit!Warchild was working in Boston,their outfit not far from northlands home and something I was always interested in being involved in/working in,would hang onto the stock if you will hold any,hope they open a few more positions and am aware when it happens.

      16. The crash was predicted for 2015. Then 2016. Now 2017. When has anything this moron has predicted actually happened? yet, he keeps making these idiotic predictions and the mindless sheeple keep lapping it up. Dumbasses.

        • Wasn’t it Armstrong and some special date in Oct 2015? In decimal or something? This is gettin a little long in the tooth.

          • Maybe these predictors saw how much massive income cash has been gotten from duped believers of ‘end times prophecy conference” apostate preachermen over the past 40 years.

            And figured if they too predict doom soon! and include at least a small bit of bible verses or four blood moon dooms or Jubilee 50 year shemitahs into an article…

            That this will cause the same folks who has fallen hard for such tv evangelistic apostate preacher-“prophets” to allow these doom article writers and stuff-sellers to shear their sheeps fleece too? aka sheep fleece= $$$$ spent due to vast mass doom fears created from said articles….one Must admit that every such prepper site ironically contains a huge majority of same type members which so fall for those tv prophet preachermen types too.

            Just a coincidence perhaps?..not likly. I met and know Many such folks and if just one small mention of it is bible related, they go hog wild and believe whatever is said or wrote period…Maybe be good idea to first question speaker or writers biblical expertize qualifications prior to an automatic truth belief in them next time around eh?

            Compare TV pastor jack Van Impe to snyder articles for example…Same story of always wrong predictions BUT..Just Buy my New latest $39.99+ ship fees Video of new updated prophetic end times Facts folks! Me and Rexella(jacks wife) have been busy all month long mass copying tens of thousands of new videos that when God spoke to Us again, told us that last time he forgot to include Part 9,999,999,99999 of our ongoing series of “End Times Events facts…Very SOON to happen!” so Now we have included all this brand new revelation from God into a new Longer video version of the samd damn stuff contained in the past 99,000 videos you sheep fools were shorn of cash to pay Us for!

            PS Last time I saw it was in year 2000, the Van Impe’s earned per year aprox $350,000 between both he and she’s weekly pay checks!…for a once per week tv scam swindle show!….Hagee earns TWO Million Plus pays wife and five sons paychecks too!…Wonder if prepper porn writers earns similar eh?

      17. He is right that this debt bubble is like heroine to central banks and the powers that shouldn’t be.

        They will do everything they can to keep kicking the can down the road. I’ve run across a couple big time addicts and like governments they’d sell their own children in the street for just one more fix, they will kill or steel from anyone without remorse.

        Take any time they give us by kicking the can down the road to keep prepping, the crash will never the less come. Harry Dents research has very good science behind it, but like he has said no ones predictive models can anticipate tens of trillions in QE, or zero, but now going negative interest rates.

        Unstoppable, undeniable fact is debt (public, private and government) now has a life of its own. Debt is so big the exponential growth of debt is now self powered, no economic force or policy can stop it.

        • Correct But does it make any sense to try to save in such a climate?

          • Absolutely it makes sense to save, and be debt free.

            I saw the 2008 crash coming and was out of the market with a big cash position. When the drop began to slow I slowly bought back into the market. I bought a few risky stocks like Ford and Citi Bank in the 2 to 3 dollar range and sold them a year later quadrupling my money on a long term holding. I also bought some very reliable dividend paying stocks at great prices. Based on my low cost of investment, the dividends they now pay are huge for me.

            I have been paring down stocks with each peak of the market. New investments are rare for me, unless they just invented the next great gizmo like the cell phone. My last best investment was in a company that wrote online higher education software for schools like Pheonex etc. the stock doubled in a year so I sold half. It continues to grow, so perhaps I sell another half (Don’t be greedy).

            The crash is coming, and this one may be a series of crashes with upward corrections interspersed. The operative word here, is keep your powder dry. Without some cash aside in an investment account you won’t be able to take advantage of the low.

        • Ptpo, that can is beat up badly.
          Too many gurus are saying the same.
          Something has to break.
          What will really happen is all in speculation.
          Just too many things going on.
          Ketchup: who ever got ruger or s&w stock 3 years ago have done pretty good.

          Oh, for a working crystal ball…

          • At least check the Bollinger Bands before you invest, for God’s sake. That’s investing 101. Buy low, sell high. Ruger and other gun manufacturers have been rolling since Obola got a second term.

            Common sense should tell you that its at a top. Never get in at a top. Buy the lead instead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes. 🙁

            • BTW, my outlook eight months ago was “CHOPPY” for the next two years. It’s in the archives.

              Use google if the search box is not working. 🙂

              • BTW, 2 or 3 years ago, when I tried to ‘plain to this community that the world was “awash” in oil & gas, I specifically mentioned parts of Africa were virtually untouched, and populated with “elephants”: specifically, I mentioned Mozambique.

                I took a lot of heat from the know – nothings who believed in Peak Oil; even some, who thought they knew better because they worked in the industry. They didn’t.


                Its in the archives, folks. 🙂

                • Good job DK. Keep it coming. Good to hear from people who’ve done some study!

                  • I do what I can. 🙂

          • Eppe,
            Speaking of kicking the can down the road, now I’m coming across articles calling for government imposed price controls.

            The march toward socialism and the destruction of free markets never stops with the NWO crowd.

            Price controls in several South American communist states, in recent years, has led directly to food shortages and widespread hunger for the peasant sheeple.

        • Dmitri Orlov says collapse predictions are accurate to within +- 5 years at best. A huge economy like USSR or USSA can continue on inertia alone for a long time. I suspect USA being top dog in the world has been running on inertia for at least that long.

          Most ‘murikuns require everything to be laid out such that a preschooler can understand, or they lose interest and go back to watching the big game. Even futbal games would be too long for ‘murikuns if not for the cheerleaders and beer.
          For most ‘murikuns, everything is going along fine as long as they still get rassln on TV and Facetwit is still up. DK is right about one thing–we are waiting on “the next leg down”. I expect it to hit like a thunderbolt.

      18. One could also take a good look at the market. What we know is it has not gone back to a new high; but, its sure looking potentially breaking out. Man, can anything stop this economy!
        If the break out fails, then we might be looking at something like the 1960’s, as far as the charts.

        What we know about companies is most of have moved to the accrual/”going concern” model so financials are reported using a rosy future scenario. Basically, everyone is aligned for inflation and growth. A true downturn would blindside most of the Fortune 1000.

        On the other hand, we know the centrals will and do keep creating credit from nothing. Pump it. Pump it.

        So, just as likely as stock market crash — more likely actually — is what Williams had thought: jumps in inflation.

        No doubt the centrals and TPTB want to peg inflation above 2% and below 10%; so, that is the most probable. They control everything, so will probably do that.

      19. But youll be good to go if you buy Bit-Coins, right?

      20. Nothing to see here. Just the usual fear porn. Decent prepping and skills articles would be much appreciated. Market doom articles are simply filler. Everyone here knows the game is rigged and no one can predict its demise. In the meantime posting articles that are actually helpful would be great…….

        • Silent Eyes;
          You seem pretty rational if a bit cynical. But then everyone here is a bit cynical. I am going to attach a note to my keyboard not to piss you off. I wish I know how to make a smiley face on my post.

          • Skeptic, just for you. 🙂

      21. It’s no wonder Harry Dents’ eyes are so brown. It’s because he is so full of shit. At one time I believed the crap he was spewing. I bought several of his books. Nothing in any of his books materialized that I know of. Just another snake oil salesman. The economy may or may not crash, but don’t waste your money on that turd.

        • The economy WILL crash, no doubt. Just too many moving parts for an accurate prediction of when.

      22. I predict 8,000 on the Dow by 2020. I predict the Dow won’t even exist by 2050. I even predict that I’ll still be around to see it.

        I can predict all day long. It’s easy.

        • Archivist… I predict you are around 45 years old.

          • Wrong. I passed that mark during the last millennium.

      23. I’d like to see a big correction, a depression if you will.
        Inflation is killing us.

        • Wall Street is just ONE BIG ILLUSION, based on thin air foamation from the FED in the land of cheap money. These dopes on wall street don’t know how to do anything else but manipulate money. I remember back in 2008 a guy dressed in a nice suit standing on the corner with a sign that said Executive will work for $65,000 a year. True story. These people have no work trade jobs skills. But gambling.

          ~WWTI…”Being self employed, you will never get fired again.”

        • Id like to see open mayhem,
          I see these idiots with their Berny or Hitlery signs and just want to puke

          • Kula, same here. Un-fricken-believable that these spoiled kids aren’t happy living the good life but they want to bring us down too. The little naive fucks want me to pay for their life? For their college, their housing, their medical, and their food? What else do they want me to pay for? Foot rubs and back waxes?

            When the state owns everything that means the people own nothing. I have been to countries devastated by decades of communist rule. Some have recovered (Poland and Hungary) and others have not (Bulgarian, Romania, and Belarus). I came back from those trips a confirmed capitalist. Private property ownership is everything.

            • Whats funny is we got these wealthy mainland transplants wavin these signs too,
              Stupid is all i can say

              • @ Philo and Kula…. Thats exactly why I moved to Idaho when I retired. The “pigs teat” is about the smallest throughout the USA…about 12k max. Montana is about 24K, and Ca is between 40-50+ K. The higher payout for useless eaters, the more democrats in the state. And the more republican run state, the more corporate handouts. Its a shame we can’t help the vets and truly needy people instead of a bunch of illegals, moose limb refuges, lazy fucks, and corporations that use offshore labor while buying congressmen’s votes.

                • I have been thinking about Idaho and Montana for a BOL for a long time.

                  • Its more of a change of lifestyle than a BOL…you would love it. You would fit in better in Idaho than Montana by the content of your posts. (don’t like gimmedats)

      24. And the endless predictions keep on rolling along.
        I guess it’s just a matter of time until one of these Sages hits it right.
        But when, is anybody’s guess.
        And your guess is as good as anybody else is.

      25. I predict Snyder will still be predicting a crash every year until people finally get tired reading his trash.

        • Maybe, but Snyder does a good job of documenting the decline. Make no mistake. We are in a shrinking economy. But like the mining stocks, there is still a long way down the slippery slope before it crashes.

          The banks got the bounce they needed on their NPL oil assets prior to auction / refinance / sale (how convenient) as someone here predicted months ago, when everyone was claiming the banks would crumble under the weight of the oil crash.

          It’s in the archives. 🙂

      26. Big Crash, Not!!! Correction, Yes!!
        I have been playing this game now for about 35 years now and though there has been some hard corrections. I doubt there will be a large crash like they are talking about.
        Sooner or later someone will get it right. I could say that there will be a BIG RALLY next week and a BIG CRASH the following week, the same way I can forecast the weather.
        So take there forecast with a grain of salt and always be ready for the STHTF and you will have very few problems if it does.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • NR, good to see you back.

          Be well all…

        • in 35 years, have you EVER seen banks able to borrow money at zero percent interest?…entitlements totaling 220 trillion dollars?…a “national debt” of 19 trillion? houses priced at DOUBLE, while making LESS money than we did when their prices were half of what they are now?….FED printing money by the trillions with nuthin’ to back that “currency” up? have you witnessed an invasion of our borders by millions of ILLEGAL intruders, SOME(no, MANY) bent on killing U.S.? have you seen our jobs shipped overseas, so we have only menial jobs left?…have you seen our gub-mint FORCING us to have health insurance on one hand, …and colluding with the drug/healthcare industry to drive UP prices?…have you seen a government so corrupt that NObody goes to prison anymore?…WHEW!, i’m just glad i listed EVERY problem facing our investments in our markets in america….glad there’s nothing ELSE to trip up markets…i’m sure our officials have everything under control….what could go wrong….go wrong….go wrong….go wrong…

      27. Told my wife, I am doing this prepping, food storage, pm buying, ammo stashing until the fall of 2016. She agreed but after that we go back to 401k contributions etc…. Just waiting for the reset.

        • Got to be a better investment than a 401,,,

          • Unless it is a gold 401K delivered to your door. Gold will hit $3500 an ounce when the SHTF. Buy what you can. Sell your basis when it spikes, bury the remainder in the back yard. 🙂

      28. A many a men have lost their reputation over this. Be ready always, it’s a way of life, not a waiting game.

      29. This is why I’m turning all of this stuff off, forever. It creates a perpetual state of concern and clouds a person’s judgment for all things now.
        When asked what her life’s big regret was, an old Saint said, “the things I worried about that never happened.” Is it smart to be prepared? Yea, but the continual date setting, disappointment, and momentum gathering to set dates again… it’s all horseshit. Just ask Harold Camping.

        • who’s WORRIED?….you should only worry if you’re NOT prepared for the calamity that’s about to kick our asses.

      30. Predictions are based on trends. I go with facts. Shit is fucked up and gets worst with time. People are in leadership positions and don’t know what the hell they are doing. It’s just a matter of time. Till then I prep and learn. Not gonna suffer because of a failing system. Keep your $ there might be some good investment oppertunitys after the collapse.

      31. you are all full shit all your comments about the crash of the dollar and the dates of the cRASH ARE WRONG WE KNOW A BIG CRASH WILL HAPPEN WE DONT HAVE THE Dates

      32. I
        Let it crash, if people havent figured it out yet they never will

        • Agree….time to hit the reset. Let the lay where they stood!

          • I want a reset so all these idiots calling for communism and socialism get what they deserve.
            Sorry bout that but this crap is getting deep

        THE SKY IS….wait, that’s just the sun setting again TODAY!!! Who gives a shit about the rich man’s casino anyway???!

        Let it burn, I say…

      34. What Bullshit.

      35. I knew Harry’s dad. Used to talk to him at a place in St. Mathews.S.C….nice man.

        Peter Shiff is the guy to listen to…he’s been dead on the money for years .

      36. We will not even have a 2016 election much less worry about the dow falling 12,000 points.. I heard even more bad news that I am not even going to waste time posting it.. Trump Cruz, not happening, that just go on formed because Cruz is working for the Rothschild banking family and is 100% bad. Every hurting I hear is bad, so I won’t waste time repeating it.. I talked about the environment, I get laughed at, I talked about the next 3 years I get criticized..if anyone believes that we will still alive posting on this site by October 2017 is living in a dream world..i was just told two days ago that we will know by the July what will happen by years end and the bad supprise is that we will not be having and election, a.martila law will be declared.. the Cuban military is preparing a 250,000 man invasion, and assault against Texas, plus the chinese and the UN.. Dave in Idaho posted a comment in this topic last week on a previous post and he is 100% on the money, we will be invaded and it’s not looking good..from the moment you know that Trump is not getting in, you will know what takes place next. I am up off my ass 5:00 am in the morning and can’t even sleep while my woman is out cold in dream land and I can’t sleep because of what I have heard.. it’s all real folks..we are not coming out of this one alive, it looking really bad.


        • Well, this person’s paranoia aside; dow isn’t losing 12,000 this year. The powers that be see that hillary has a good chance now with republicans in chaos(the democrats are just a bunch of useless moochers, so they’ll go along willingly with hillary); they are not about to let a financial crisis happen again and mess things up.

          you should stay on the economic collapse site which has been preaching collapse next week for 5 years now.

          • is he paranoid ENOUGH?

        • Yawn

        • Of course we won’t get out alive hcks, you told us all that Nibiru is going to hit us next month and now the Cubans are going to invade Texas. Why does everyone want to invade Texas? Cubans, Chinese troops disguised as waiters and laundry workers, Russian Spetznas, dredlock brain eating zombies, etc. They’ve already taken over the Galleria in Houston as they’re forward base, and you’re only finding out NOW that Cruz has ties to Goldman Sachs? Sounds like your insider buddies are a bit behind the curve hcks, everybody has known about Cruz’ wife working for GS for a long time, with the exception of your inner circle that is. Tell you what, I’ll bet you we DO have a 2016 election this year, you say we won’t, so how about loser has to stop posting here permanently?

      37. This website is hilarious, no better than a TV psychic, make 10,000 random predictions and then brag when 2 or 3 of them end up being true out of dumb luck.


        Bunch of fucking pussies

        • wutsamatuhyou?…you can’t READ, or watch one america news?

          • What the fuck are you even talking about? Go back to watching the NFL or reality TV you typical fat shit american

            • if you DID read, you would KNOW what i’m talking about, simp.

      38. Nobody know when it will go down. Prep silently keep informed but live your life. Don’t dwel in the end time crap. My opinion it may never happen in my lifetime. I wanna live a independent as I can to save $ to be skilled and know I don’t need gov to care for me. I instill this in my kids. What a concept taking care of yourself free loaders should try it. When I was a kid people were ashamed to take free shit programs and they got of the free shit train as fast as they could. They don’t feel that way anymore.

      39. I say the crash will happen tomorrow at high noon (give a few hours or years). We will see if my prediction is better than anyone else. Enough of this total B S.

      40. The Difference Between Capitalism & Communism (Explained To President Obama)

        As President Obama explained in his Townhall in Cuba…
        “You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory – YOU should just DECIDE what works.”

        According to Obama, the terms capitalist, communist and socialist are just “interesting intellectual arguments.”

        ht tp://

        • Yes, communism works when you kill almost a 1/4 of a billion people who don’t believe, support, not fall in line with the agenda.

          • wojo,

            Communism “works” only because they kill all those who disagree with the agenda.

            Communism is responsible for 149 million deaths. I wonder how many additional deaths there are that no one knows about.

            • probably well over 500M abortions. Knew someone who worked in Ukraine in the 1990’s. Something like each woman averaged 7 abortions. Remove the soul and they’ll kill even their own babies.

      41. the crash will happen ,, umm lets say Tuesday

        yeah notice i didnt say what month, or year

      42. MSNBC Host Admits Democratic Primary Rigged, While Station Simultaneously Rigs Coverage

        “It’s Not Just the GOP – The Democratic Party is Also Imploding”

        ht tp://

      43. Trump will be faced with a huge decision. He can continue the policies of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and allow America to slowly die. Or, he can inform the American people of exactly what has been going on, introduce a new resource backed currency, and tell the world to go F themselves, we ain’t playing their game any more.

      44. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.
        We know what’s coming, prepare accordingly, and don’t worry about dates.

      45. This site has “JUMPED THE SHARK!”

      46. Another article about a collapse in 2017; from the same guy who has been saying that for years. A lot of people who leave posts on this site are getting impatient for the collapse to happen; it seems they want to see suffering, misery, destruction, and death, and they want to see it now. Some of them thought they could at least have shot a few people by now. There is some economic problems coming, even serious, and I am a prepper, but sorry to crush your dreams, there will be no mad max scenarios. As if a collapse wasn’t bad enough, some even predict Chinese invasions, Ebola pandemics, asteroid strikes, and civil war on top of that.
        I believe some people truly desire the worst to happen. They have empty and purposeless lives. Many have likely messed up or did nothing with their lives; they are powerless to change things for the better or just don’t know how. To remove the sense of failure of obtaining a normal,
        happy, prosperous life a economic and social collapse is the medicine they need to show otherwise, hence their desire for doom. If the collapse happened they can now be seen as the smart one, the successful one, they would feel vindicated. That is their only relief from total failure.

      47. At least there aint very many Mud Sharks nor Coal Burners types here eh!

        For them what may not know?…Mud Sharks= Whitey Women what Craves sex with african savages,,,,as same goes for coal burners….jury still Out weather or not is proper to state that them types what Burns Midnite Oil are one and same too?…IE: possible in context that Oil is also called Black gold eh!…For Now we must stick with prior two definitions only…Or till jury finally descides last issue on Oil burners.

      48. i predict HICKs will keep posting looney comments.

      49. Rome did not collapse in a day, in fact it took longer than the good old USA has been around.I too have been prepped for several years now, but I also remember some of my relatives who did go through the depression, were still preppers in the 1950’s. Why?
        Because they knew the S could HTF and memories weren’t so distant.
        The Carter Demise is nothing, actually the 1929 Depression is nothing compared to what’s coming; so be dismissive and haughty as many posters here have been, but this fiat economy is UNSUSTAINABLE. Decipher that word, then go ahead and ignore it and the history of mankind too.

      50. We have been on collapse since 2001 Tech Bubble, then 2006, housing bubble, Then 2008 Stock market collapse, Then 2016 Auto Loan defaults are rising, and Student Loan Bubble with defaults in student loans. There are at least 43.3 million Americans, including 25.9 million below the age of 40, holding at least some amount of student loan debt. Americans hold an astounding $1.2 trillion in student loan debt and the Class of 2015 graduated with more student loan debt than any class in history. Housing never recovered, there are no jobs for graduates, No Job and No house buying for them. The US dollars continues to loose value. Now we have the Large Nat Debt and the psychopaths ruing the country more and more every day. How resilient are you to survive all of this?

        We have a lot of prepping to do folks. Shall we git at it again today. Let it Rip… I am going to sent up a gun range on my property. Mostly pistol, but any rifle is fine. My backstop is miles of swamp, bogs and nature preserve.. Ain’t Nobody Back there. And most everybody in my neighborhood area are random gun shooters. Its the smell of Freedom Folks.


      51. What he says is based upon what is supposed to happen in an honest financial realm. That we do not have today. Timing… There is so much I want say but I will keep it short. One- Remember Noah? He endured 120 years of scoffing until all who entered the ark were complete. I bet all present thought that was about the funniest part, until the first drop of rain landed on someone’s nose, then another, the laughter subsided. Well, you get the picture. God always warns people of impending disaster(judgement). Two- I think we all sense in our hearts something has gone terribly wrong in our country.Be careful my neighbors, please be careful. ‘Best Wishes To All. Mike L. P.S. If you do believe Noah’s story, neither did the people who watched him build it. By By.

      52. blah,blah,blah the sky is falling. Now I have you scared, give me your money.And for the really stupid blah, blah, blah the end is coming only you will survive if you buy this.Don’t forget to brainwash your family and friends then I can take their money too.Good to know we aren’t running out of crazy with a backorder of stupid.Quit ODing on the stupid pills there is no antidote. When SDHTF the smart ones have always been prepared. Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper. They were getting us ready for the human reset longer then you think. Keep watching the skies.

      53. What are you going to do when jesus comes back and puts a bullet up your ass!Yes, thats right Mr.spread the news to the masses and then collect their hard earned wages. Wait a minute,sounds like the government:0 Have to go its tax time again, sound the trumpets!

      54. I have a pickle up my bum. Can someone help me. Insert pickle with money and anyone with government.And for bum just use your imagination.

      55. Even a broken clock is right twice a day….Dent has been spewing this shit for sooooo long. Can’t believe he’s even a story. Mac stop quoting this loser!

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