Trend Forecaster Predicts Major Breakout For Gold: “Those Spring-loaded To The Upside Could Make A Fortune”

by | Apr 14, 2018 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    A Convergence of Trends are Playing Right Into the Hands of Gold.

    Gold just hit a 52-week high, and the confirmation of this bull market trajectory is getting more decisive by the day. This next move up could be a Bitcoin-type surge, and those spring-loaded to the upside could make a fortune.

    We are past the point of no return, and the day of reckoning is starting to show its ugly face. Out of control government spending is spiking the official U.S. debt, which is now over $21 trillion, but what is rapidly adding fuel to this fire is the rising interest rates that are wrenching higher:

    Interest payments just hit an all-time high in the last quarter of 2017, while interest rates were still essentially at historical lows. Just getting back to where the Fed would like to go (3%) would be terminal for the U.S. economy.

    Both China and Russia boast about their gold accumulations and refer to gold as a strategic monetary asset while the unbelievable U.S. downplays it and actively manipulates the price downwards while attempting to prop up all other markets.

    Artificially suppressed gold prices are going to play right into the hands of steadily accumulating investors and countries, like China and Russia, which are rapidly preparing to eject from an empire on the edge of debt ruin.  China is specifically preparing to assume dominance in the global economic sphere, already surpassing the U.S. in purchasing power parity and GDP soon to follow.

    And with the announcement of China’s oil futures contract, the dollar hegemony is at serious risk.

    These are among the reasons why Ray Dalio of Bridgewater and legendary investor Jim Rogers have backed the truck up with precious metals, with Jim Rogers going as far as moving himself out to live in Asia, where he sees the brightest future ahead.

    These visionaries see what is coming and are not afraid to put their money where their mouth is and act.

    On top of macro fundamentals, which strongly favor owning hard assets, we are seeing evidence that supply declines will set in physical gold right when demand is likely to surge, which is why I’m taking a strategic position in this specific gold mining company. Quite frankly, if gold goes up 100%, which is very possible, I expect this top-tier mining company to go up 500-1,000%.

    Jeffrey Gundlach, who made $4 billion from the sub-prime crisis, told CNBC this week that he’s expecting a $1,000+ move for gold.

    “I suspect when traditional markets pop, investors will seek out thousand-year-old stores of value which could send gold soaring to $10,000 an ounce in a bitcoin like frenzy” – Keith Neumeyer, chairman of First Mining Finance and resource legend.

    The combination of markets rolling over, supply shortages, and surging investment demand, along with accelerating gold accumulation from countries such as China and Russia, will pour fuel on the fire. The system is leveraged up, and rising interest rates are a time bomb on the mountain of debt waiting to come crashing down.

    My analysis is telling me that we are on the verge of a fierce move higher in gold, and for those of you who have steadily accumulated through the bear market, a massive payoff is coming.

    Learn all the details here about how I plan to strap myself in for gold’s next big move!

    This analysis has been contributed by

    For more breaking market analysis, free financial reports and suggestions that will help you grow your wealth in uncertain times click here


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      1. quite a timely article. Zero Hedge just posted a report that Morgan Stanley is advising that to determine the true value of the dollar it must be priced in gold. even the central bankers and their friends know the truth about what’s coming for our fiat monetary system.

        • Anonymous, “even the central bankers and their fiends know the truth about what’s coming for our fiat monetary system.”
          Fixed it. Fiends is being too nice, tho.
          Either way you’re correct.
          I think gold and silver have their place in your preps but I’m not so sure how much they’ll be actually used…too many variables to consider.
          It may happen that self defense metals will be more valuable. Or a well hidden bug out location.

          If you’re quite wealthy, holding some of your wealth in gold is probably a good strategy. I don’t have that problem.
          And, where to stash it safely, in those amounts?
          And bartering with gold could be fatal. I saw that possibility with our recent shtf and a committed cigarette smoker who was willing to die for a pack.

          • Ketch
            Good to see you again!
            I have a 1/4 hectare set aside to grow Tobacco
            for trading.
            I don’t know how it will do here, as it is in
            very rocky soil but it grows Ginny(Cane) grass
            like nobody’s business. I will plant tobacco this year
            I hope.
            I quit smoking in 1981, I was a two pack a day smoker, I guess
            I’m not a very good addict, but I know a lot of people
            willing to do about anything(except quit)
            to get tobacco.

            • Faggot lawyer sets himself on fire to protest global warming…

              h ttps://

              Nice, maybe all fags, liberals, and lawyers should protest like this.

          • Ketch : you write, “I think gold and silver have their place in your preps but I’m not so sure how much they’ll be actually used…too many variables to consider.”

            While you dilly-dally about which shoe to put on first, other boys will be dressed and out the door.

            • rrr, meaning what, exactly?
              pls explain wtf you mean.

          • Ketchup, good to see you back. How you been?

            • Brave, all’s well here, just been busy as usual. Deck repair, weed eating, mowing, keeping the surrounding forest from overtaking us. Along with days off at the beach for r&r.
              Speaking of rrr, you there, pal? Being cryptic or have you anything to say? Another drive-by post?

        • Gold to “pop a thousand dollars” ??? I don’t think so, but I would benefit tremendously from such a move. The crash will be a DEFLATIONARY event as it always is and as I have explained here previously.

          Cash will be KING and the smart money is on the sidelines. 🙂

          • Several years ago when I explained the scenarios that would accompany the end of the BUSINESS CYCLE prior to a market crash, I mentioned that inventories would balloon and bankruptcies would dramatically increase as those who are over leveraged would fail to generate enough cash flow to meet their obligations..

            Inventories we already know are building, evidenced by subprime auto loans and dealer purchase incentives in an effort to clear those inventories; and an increase in delinquencies of credit card debt.

            Here they come : 🙂

            Yeah it’s in the Archives. 🙂




        • more than two 45 minute cardio sessions a week will destroy your muscle and make you skinny-fat

          muscle metabolism eats fat

          in order to be fit you have to build muscle

      2. We once started a war when the Saddam Hussein decided he wanted to start selling oil in something other than dollars.

        Now the Chinese have done it, but unlike Iraq, there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it.

        The death of the dollar is happening right before our eyes.

        If and when gold goes to new all time highs it will mean some really really bad shit went down so you’ll want to have long term food stores and other supplies in addition to precious metals.

      3. Blah, blah, blah gold… Blah blah gold…

      4. I just invested in 44 solar panels( ~10 kW). They accepted dollars.
        In a few months I will trade several tons of melons for local beef.
        I’m presently getting ready to plant potatoes, some of which we
        will trade for local beef.
        I don’t have much use for gold as an investment.
        If you have extra money to gamble with,
        I hope you succeed, I won’t be part of the
        idiots that drive up the prices of PMs.
        I will have water, power, food, and shelter
        no matter what money or gold does.

        • rellik,

          Those who bought gold/gold mining stocks a year or two ago will benefit greatly from the ‘drive up’ in the price of PMs. They can then trade their profits for land, guns, game, etc.

        • The people who “drive up the price of PMs,” as you put it, are not idiots. They just have money and know what to do with it. You’re wise to plan to have food in all circumstances, but have you studied what sometimes happens to crops when a country is at war? It never hurt anyone to have gold then.

          • Didn’t help Germany much.

        • That is good to have the basics.. but in a down turn in the economy.. how are you going to pay property and school taxes on your property? Paper dollars will be useless…

          • By law they have to accept dollars for taxes. I pay my property taxes in person at the tax office and they would not know what to do with gold.

      5. Right now, I could care less about gold and its breakout.

        I am concerned that we could see a Russian/Iranian military response against our interests in The Middle East to include Israel and an intense escalation.

      6. I predict more gold contracts being sold holding down the gold price 🙂

      7. this article is a good one for the reason of regaining control back in sane hands of the State of California. Get the financial religious/racially-linked cabal out of banking, reopen the many proven gold sources in the State, eliminate all the mental midget morons now running the place and driving the illegal invaders out of there. We’d as a nation not have to go very far to regain our status as number one in the world for domestically-produced gold.

      8. I bought a lot of silver back in the day when it was $5.00 an ounce, and have sold some when it went to $50.00
        and even $35.00 an ounce.

        But now if I had $1300.00 to buy 1 oz of gold, I’d rather buy a years supply of food for my self and wife.
        Some day you may be able to trade a can of Spam for an ounce of silver…or maybe gold…?

      9. Art Bell is dead at age 72. RIP.

        • Him, I remember listening to Art for the first time and was fascinated by his topics and listened whenever I happened to be up late, (which wasn’t much). But he got a lot of people thinking..

          Rellik, thanks, been taking a break here lately as there are so many projects that need attention. If you had 150 mph winds hit your place for 20 hours you’d have stuff to do!!
          Tobacco grows here as well but I’m not sure I want to try it. How would you dry it in a humid environment unless it’s dry season? Timing is everything I guess.
          I’m experimenting with purple sweet potatoes and so far it’s a learning experience but they are great eating. I plan to barter them as well.
          Doubt if regular potatoes would grow here…not cold enough?

          • A local store gave us some seed potatoes to try. They seem to think it can be done. My weather is comparable if not better than yours although I have to deal with more acidic conditions, due to our ongoing volcanic eruption.

        • I used to listen to Bell way back in the day. That’s when I first got turned on to Coast-To-Coast AM. I still tune in on occasion. I didn’t agree with Art Bell on everything but his show was really interesting and got you thinking hard and heavy.

      10. Gold is a great hedge against normal times financial upheavals. It after all is a virtually non-corrodable metal, highly conductive making it indispensable in the electronics industry, has what our human eyes a beautiful color we’ve found fit for adornments; however, it is a weak metal in terms of structural strength. When structure in society is lacking should the ‘S’ hit the fan, better metals will be needed. As will so many other items we now take for granted.

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