Toronto Mass Homicide: Van Attack Leaves 10 Dead And 15 Injured

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 23 comments

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    A mass homicide in Toronto is not being plastered all over mainstream media, because the homicidal maniac who committed this atrocity used a van, not a gun as his weapon. The attack has left ten people dead and another 15 injured.

    You may have heard this mentioned, but there won’t be calls to ban or regulate gas tank sizes on vans in the wake of this mass homicide.  (Who needs a 20-gallon fuel tank anyway?)

    Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said that the suspected driver, Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, Ontario, was in custody. Minassian was arrested in a white rental van less than 30 minutes after police received a 911 call about him striking pedestrians with a van, Saunders said.

    Proving that guns aren’t the problem, the problem is psychopaths who kill other people, authorities said Minassian left a “trail of destruction” over one mile long in Toronto without using a gun.  The suspect was also previously known to Toronto authorities.

    Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen said police received calls around 1:30 p.m. that a vehicle was driving on Yonge Street, striking pedestrians. Police said the collisions happened in the North York area at the busy intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue.

    “Based on witness accounts, we have a vehicle that started north on Yonge Street from Finch and drove southbound at some point in times on sidewalks, at some point in times driving southbound in northbound lanes,” Saunders said.  “So, it’s very clear just from a general perspective to say that the actions definitely look deliberate.” At this point, “There would appear to be no national security connection” to the incident, said Ralph Goodale, Canada’s minister of public safety and emergency preparedness.


    Now, if the gun control activists reacted to this tragedy the way they do to crazy people shooting ten people, they’de say: “but thoughts and prayers don’t stop tragedies.  What about laws making it illegal to rent vans instead?’  But we know now for certain that they don’t want to stop atrocities from happening, they only want the government to have all the guns – which historically, has not worked out very well for the general public. 

    This van attack is a horrific mass homicide and ten people are permanently gone because of the actions of one maniac.  That should never be downgraded just because his weapon of choice didn’t fit the mainstream media’s communist agenda.  Thoughts and prayers for all of those affected by this disgusting act of malice.


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      1. It appears the man may have Armenian ancestry. It also appears he is insane. First indications are that he idolized another mass killer who was a member of the incel rebellion. Something I didn’t know existed until today. They hate women. This killer liked the actions of mass killer Eliot Rodger. A mixed race Brit who was living in California at the time of his crimes. Research it.

        • HIM: Kinda like Ted Bundy (who also stole credit cards, etc from women he dated then killed them) except this Toronto killer didn’t just kill women. Further investigation may show he was tied to ISIS, visited mosques, or just plain looney.

        • The picture I, saw he appeared to have a middle eastern look.

      2. The pictures of this scumbag I’ve seen appear lighter than they should to make him appear as a white man. He’s really muslum trash.

      3. Execute him in public. That will stop this garbage.

      4. A citizen with a gun could have stopped this. But, alas, it’s Canada and none were to be found. I’m surprised we have seen more of this in the disarmed states of NY, MD and CA.

      5. We have to ban vans now. Rickshaws are next. Then scooters.

        • You do make me wonder why the progs haven’t been yelling to ban vans. After all they are doing a loud job of guns and knives now. Pencils next??

          • Mensa: They’d better not lay a hand on my forged kitchen knives or sharpeners.

      6. This is why the Amish shouldn’t drive internal combustion vehicles, right? Oh wait – Armenian. Another messed up Middle Eastern link. I read he was actually born and raised in Canada and just couldn’t get laid. And that’s his excuse. He asked the cops to shoot him in the head. What the hell? Why didn’t they?

      7. Ban Assault Van’s now. Where are the snowflakes marching.

      8. Did this have a relationship to the Armenian genocide by the Young Turks which occurred one hundred years ago in which some millions died?


      9. Vans in Canada, Trucks in France, Knives in Great Britain; and the snowflakes want to remove the one good tool a law-abiding citizen has to protect his family. A firearm in a well-trained citizen’s hands can stop these sociopaths. Don’t let the dumbest among us make this important decision.

      10. Vans holding more than 10 people must be banned. This van was obviously an Assault Van and I am almost sure the NRA and Trump were involved too. In addition, the man was white and was probably expressing his White Privilege.

      11. You do realize this happened in Canada and not the US don’t you. Other mass shootings or incidents in other countries also don’t get as much air time as when it happens in the US. But. There were still 7 news shows just today about the attack. So pretty good media coverage. CNN talked about it 9 times just today and had two complete segments on it. MSNBC mentioned it 8 times and had two show segments today. And I don’t watch Fox so no clue what they did.

      12. So the Liberal government here in Canada is pushing to reinstate a gun control law…… Might as well try and ban all vehicle’s too. I hope Canadian’s wake the Flock up and boot our pretty boy Liberal leader out !! Only a 1 term Premier no Full pension for you ! Lol
        The bottom line is : Guns don’t kill people… Crazy People kill People

      13. You don’t ban the vans;you ban the drivers! If all the cars are driving themselves, this wouldn’t happen(as much). If this happens, I’m living the rest of my life in my basement!

        He should get some leniency because he was an equal opportunity killer who killed whoever was on the sidewalk at the time. He didn’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, or any other criteria;he killed them all! That should count for something in this crazy society!

      14. Much of this problem (and the crazy Muslim problem too) comes from having a generation of males who have not matured and not been integrated into social norms and behavior. In the past, they would have matured by doing military service and then family formation and work. Now, all that is either avoided or delayed. Instead, all the good jobs now go to women and these men drift around, playing video games, smoking weed, and generally disengaging.

        It is a huge social problem and one that will never be resolved by a faggy, fem-PM who loves his own selfies and loves to virtue signal.

      15. This is being covered by the media, but as it is not in the US, our media is not making 24/7 coverage the way the would is it was in Chicago or LA. And while I have not seen any indication of religion, it does appear this guy was involved in “incel” which is a really tough one for me to understand. Apparently, they believe that women owe men, particularly them, sex and if they can’t get a woman, it is the fault of women, not them. Sounds like a bunch of losers who are looking to blame anyone but themselves for their looserness.

        • Some of my thoughts on Islam would be prosecuted as a hate crime, in progressive countries. (Also, on feminism.) I have no qualms against traditional gender roles, or the division of labor along those lines.

      16. If someone was observed killing people with a weapon,(knife, bat, sharp spoon…) you would think that they would be dropped right there.Judge ,jury and hangman. Swift justice. I dont want to hear your story or reason or why you did it. However this killer, stopped his “weapon” put it in park and got out of it……no more threat? What shoot a unarmed man?? never?? He has 2 arms and used them to drive over people! They should of still dropped him. Kids have been dropped holding BB guns….and this guy is still alive. What kind of message does this send to future psychos? That van should have more holes…..than dents. I feel for those who grieve their losses.

      17. “Assault style” vans must be banned. Hertz? Penske? Ryder? Where are you?

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