Top Health Official Warning: Coronavirus Is Nearing PANDEMIC Levels

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 7 comments

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    A top health official is warning that the severity of the coronavirus is being understated and that it’s on the verge of hitting pandemic levels.  This news comes as 40 Americans on a cruise ship test positive for the virus.

    Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared on CBS News on Sunday to update viewers on the spread of the coronavirus. Fauci said that the disease did not meet the technical definition of a “pandemic” yet, but it is nearing that eventuality as it’s proven difficult to contain.  “Technically speaking, the WHO [World Health Organization] wouldn’t be calling this a global pandemic. But it certainly is on the verge of that happening reasonably soon unless containment is more successful than it is right now,” he said.


    Fauci said that more than 500 cases of the infection have popped up over two dozen countries. Some of the cases have reached the second and third stages of transmission. The United States had previously confirmed 15 cases of the illness, but Fauci noted that another 40 Americans aboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for the virus.

    The coronavirus outbreak began in the city of Wuhan, China, last month. Over 1,600 patients in China have died from the disease while just four patients outside mainland China have died. Several airlines and countries have placed temporary bans on flights to China to limit the spread of the virus.

    Chinese officials report that well over 60,000 people in China have been infected. The Chinese government, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, is scrambling to recover from the public relations crisis the outbreak of the virus has caused. –Wasington Examiner

    “Nothing short of the most comprehensive, rigorous, and thorough measures have been taken,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at an international security conference on Sunday. “China’s speed, scale, and efficiency all reflect the advantage of China’s system.”

    China Is CENSORING Coronavirus Critics In The United States

    Fauci is not the only health official claiming that this could very well reach pandemic levels soon:

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital



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      1. ChinaVirus nice cover story to explain disappearance of Hong Kong protestors and other dissadents within China.
        A communist Purge of state enemies.

        ChinaVirus explanation of millions of people purged and cremated.

        Believe Nothing on TV.
        Believe no politician.

      2. Howdy Y’all,

        The Chinese researcher working at the Wuhan BSL-4 Lab where from CoViD-19 ostensibly originated- the same one ‘doxxed’ by Zerohedge a few weeks ago, a one Leung Peng, was specifically researching the STING mechanisms involved in bats abilities to carry various pathogens without manifesting clinical symtoms…equivalently, being self-immune carriers.
        The following cannot be overstated.
        IF the Cornavirus strain which is currently ravaging China broadly was modified such as to alter it’s normal interactions with the STING pathways which all mammals (including primates) possess then it also be the case that the virus’s protein encapsulation (it’s external ‘skin’) will likely be ‘highly polymorphic’.
        In simple terms this implies that – much like the seasonal Inluenza – the likelihood of developing an effective broad action vaccine is extremely unlikely.
        Additionally, the demonstrated tenacity which CoViD-2019 has demonstrated thus far is extremely disturbing. Per the latest evaluations I have access to, the ability of the virus to survive viably on everyday surfaces is remarkable…on the order of 30-38 hours…at a minimum. Contrast that with HIV which can survive mere minutes in similar circumstance or garden variety Influenza which typically can only remain integral similarly for about 20 hours.
        What we KNOW – presently, inasmuch as China has doggedly refused to disseminate actual, plausible data – is fast becoming the stuff of fiction, horror fiction that is.
        We are NOT currently at the stage where anyone should be making life-altering decisions relative to location of residence, persons with whom one regularly affiliates with, and etc.
        Instead, I submit that those types of decisions should be deferred for an absolute minimum of another 14 days…unless of course you happen to live in state where recent repatriations of US citizens have recently occurred and the CDC erroneously presumed that a 14 day quarantine was sufficient to ensure non-communicability…which we know understand to be potentially 24 or more days infectious and asymptomatic.
        In Fed-Speak that is technically referred to as ‘Oops’, principally similar to the usage of that word by Nuclear Ordinance Specialist immediately after cutting the wrong wire on the detonator mechanism of somesuch.
        Apologies for the gallows humor there, but if it feels right, then do it, he? And currently that’s what this entire monumental Fxck-Up on the part of the People’s Republic of Stupid is beginning to feel like…Nuff said there.

        Heightened awareness is wholly warranted at this point as is filling any voids in your cache of preps but I suggest that ACTION is not yet proper. We’ll know significantly more by the first week of March.
        Best wishes to all…


        • The good news is I think we can more accurately get information from the cruise ship off Japan. They have a low death rate but high infection rate. The death rate in China could be higher due to pre-existing lung damage from smoking and pollution. Also many of the poverty stricken people don’t have good nutrition and that can weaken the immune system too.

          • Your observations are astute, Saluud!

            One of the more fascinating tabulations I have chanced upon – which dovetails directly with your observations – can be found at;
            Which is known to be FURTHER heightened in the case of a history of long-term smoking (…and very likely, exposure to utterly horrid levels of industrial pollution as well). The Male Chinese population are known prodigious smokers so…


        • Mr. yu no hu,
          You stated sir, “We are NOT currently at the stage where anyone should be making life-altering decisions relative to location of residence, persons with whom one regularly affiliates with….
          Instead, I submit that those types of decisions should be deferred for an absolute minimum of another 14 days…”

          You might want to Consider:
          IT IS TOO LATE to act if you wait.

          If you believe perported outbreak pandemic. IF it is a real issue. If you delay. Then by the time the seriousness of situation is apparent. Then it is TOO LATE.

          If you think the pandemic danger is real then you better take action NOW. No Delay.
          Because every parent and grandparent knows, children catch everything at school and will bring it home to you.

          I have been wiped out for weeks because of what the kids brought home. (And I am damn careful, top physical condition, outstanding health.)

          Children wash their hands as soon as they come home, change clothes, leave shoes outside like when we were stationed Japan. Precautions didn’t stop the current illness. Yes it is upper repiratory. Breathing has been strained. Lingering. Good one day, then seems to return after doing chores. So if I can get this with good precautions. Average person, older person, unhealthy person, could DIE, if they catch a very bad new version with no past immunity. (Like this communist china bioweapon that has been intentionally released.)

          FYI: I seldom catch anything. This is first time in many years. Never had a flu shot/vaccines, as a civillian. Never will. Flu shots seem to be linked to CANCER. EVERYONE I know who has had regular Flu shots is now DEAD. Coincidence?

          All I know is that they died within 3 years of Flu shot. Same with those that visit VA hospital. They seem to die there or soon after visits. Why? Coincidence?

          • I DO sympathize with your anecdote with your experience with ‘what the kids brought home…’ Damned hard to believe that the entirety of the the US Public school system isn’t – actually – a three letter agency program to test Bio-Warfare on the US Populace, eh?
            We are now at the cusp – exactly on it I would argue – where your exact specific circumstance(s) are FAR more the determining factor in what next you DO than anything you get from some blog online…including this one.
            That said, we do not yet have even the beginning of an accurate datasets from which to JUDGE the potential of CoViD-2019, nee nCoV, new “Kung Flu”. Two scenarios present here of virtually diametrically opposed character. If I may elaborate…
            In the first scenario, the current viral manifestation begins to rather quickly diminish in intensity exclusive of Southeast Asia (including Japan…ESPECIALLY Japan) over the course of the next 120 days or so. IF a significant number of individuals rather abruptly ‘extract’ themselves from their homes, JOBS and etc in the immediate frame then the rather severe disruptions to ongoing life might be the result…both for they themselves as well as the fabric of society itself. Here, I would strongly counsel reading David Korowics paper, ‘Tradeoff.pdf’ which can be directly found through any Google search. A brief warning here respecting that…it’s a THICK read at about 77 pages and in order to critically analyze his thesis contained therein you simply must pay exquisitely close attention to exactly HOW he uses his descriptive terminology in the first 30 pages else as you proceed onward you absolutely will become hopelessly lost…it happened to me thusly. I ended up having to CLOSELY read through it 3 times before I grasped it in full.
            The second scenario encompasses a vastly broader number of possible outcomes…everything from a temporary retreat to your pre-prepped haven (BOL) to full-bore TEOTWAWKI. In truth we are rather overdue for a 7 Sigma event that serves to profoundly reduce Humanity on Earth and I will not speculate as to what magnitude this event may become except to note that reinfection with CoViD-2019 is not only possible but likely IF it continues absorbing genetic data from many genetic phenotypes…and begins ‘looping’ back recursively through previously exposed populations…it’s potential mortality rate via that mutational process cannot be OVERSTATED. Each and every time a virus enters a new host and successfully replicates it’s own genetic code is subtly changed. In ordinary circumstances this has the result of diminishing the innate vigour of the virus until it is is no longer of concern. HOWEVER, rarely…that process interactively reinforces the transmissibilty/ lethality of same until Humanity faces something far more grim; a perfectly adapted pathogen.
            Under that circumstance there is no recourse but to place yourself and your loved ones in 100% remote isolation for a duration of upwards of 8-12 months…which unless you have been prepping for a very long time indeed is exceedingly difficult, likely impossible actually.
            In part, the reason for the very long isolation period I mention above is due to a specific ‘knock-on’ effect relative to the environment surrounding us all. IF, a pathogen having an 80% transmissibility rate AND a mortality rate of similar proportion were to wade through Humanity’s wading pool then there would – practically speaking here – not be enough left alive to bury the dead…each one of which would become a ‘Petri Dish’ which would be fed on by insects and the entire gamut of scavengers, most especially those closest to us: dogs and cats.
            The Epkyrotic potential through zoonotic cross-transfer and cross-species mutation becomes the stuff of true nightmare.
            Nuff said there…
            IF, you have been prepping for years and are READY, then certainly, GO. Me and mine did several years ago and the rewards – spiritual, mental, physical – are beyond mesurement, I assure you.

            Be Blessed and SAFE Friend…good luck.


      3. Flights from China are still happening though down a lot:

        “Air traffic at China’s busiest airports is down 80% since the beginning of the year. The decline began during the third week in January and accelerated in the fourth week.

        “On 21 January 10,522 flights departed from China’s 25 busiest airports (see list below). On 11 Febraury, just 2,123 flights departed from those airports. Traffic in Beijing is down nearly 80%, Shanghai is down 70%, and Guangzhou is down nearly 80% as well.”

        Those flights should be at zero (if public health is priority one, which it clearly is not) so this still feeds my thesis the existing flights are being used to evacuate the sons and daughters of the elite, many of whom go to Western universities (cash is king and their tuition fees keep most universities going).

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