Top 2015 Picks for a Very Prepper Christmas

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    Merry Christmas, my dear friends. It’s that  time of year again where we put up our favorite prepper gift suggestions. As many of you know all too well, prepping is an investment. As we move toward more longer-term preparedness needs, the items can get more expensive. That said, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to make these investments.

    I have always been one that leans toward the more practical gifts, rather than the extravagant. While there are some great online deals to take advantage of, I wanted to share the prepper gifts that I have bought in the last few weeks for my friends and family. Some of these would make excellent stocking stuffers, as well.

    I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas full of joy, peace and love!

    Tess’s Top Christmas Gifts for 2015


    Water Bricks $166

    I bought this gift for my family. In my opinion, you can never have enough ways to store water and these Water Bricks will be a lifesaver when the time comes. We all need long-term storage options for a sustainable water supply, and while I recommend every home have water catchment systems hooked up, not all homes have this capability. Water bricks make an excellent alternative.
    Water Bricks are BPA free and FDA approved. As well, if you have plenty of water stored, these containers can also be used for water or foods like rice, beans, or anything you want to keep safe and dry from the elements. As well, if an eight pack of water bricks is too much for you, there are also single containers for $24 you can purchase.


    Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack  $80

    I bought a few pre-made survival backpacks for family members to have in their vehicles this year. While I am more apt to making my own survival pack, Wise Foods has a nifty emergency bag that seemed close to perfect. I added some extra Mountain House food and a LifeStraw water filter to it – added a bow; and viola!

    This survival pack gives an individual everything they need in order to survive for five days – including a first aid kit and a deck of playing cards to pass the time. This kit has it all! With a shelf life of up to 25 years, this survival kit will be there when you need it.


    Ammunition Loader $33

    Loading bullets into magazines is time-consuming and can be pain after a while. This ammunition loader will be well received for a Christmas gift and will help make better use of your time. This loader is great because it loads all 9mm Luger, 10mm, .357 Sig, 10mm, .40, and .45ACP cal. single and double stack magazines.


    Concealed Carry Jacket $45

    Speaking of firearms, if my husband asks, don’t tell him that he’s getting this for Christmas! This fleece jacket keeps you warm and hides your firearm with a built-in conceal plate. The holster fits a variety of firearms. Note: This jacket is designed for right-handed cross-draw only. It is waterproof, windproof and has an integrated shoulder harness to distribute the weight of the firearm at the shoulder. Isn’t it awesome!


    Stun Gun Tactical Flashlight $30

    I’m not going to lie; I bought this for me. I love self-defense gadgets and couldn’t resist having this one on stand by. It charges quickly and will deliver a big shock to someone who ventures too close to me. The tactical flashlight has a rechargeable battery, and provides ample light for added security. For those of you who have loved ones in college or work late hours, this would make a great gift!


    Snare Kit $30

    If you have game trails nearby, these snares can help you catch wild game. In a long-term emergency, using snares to catch food is one of the easiest ways to trap. Keep in mind that not all snares will catch the same types of animals; that’s why I like this snare kit. It has snares to trap large animals like hogs, medium snares for raccoons or coyotes and smaller snares for rabbits and squirrel.



    ESEE 6P Black Fixed Blade Knife $115

    Enough cannot be said about this amazing fixed blade. If you want to learn more about this, I wrote an article recommending this knife. This is not your average “survival” knife found in the camping section of a department store. This knife is made from high quality products and has been field tested. I have a lot of knives, but this is, by far, my favorite.

    car hammer

    Car Hammer $10

    Every car needs a car hammer. This survival tool features two lifesaving abilities when your car is sinking: it can cut through a seat belt and break windows to make an escape. In this type of emergency, you want to get out as fast as possible and when you are in a situation where your car is sinking, seconds matter! Because the windows are made of strong, tempered glass, it is important to have an accessible tool, like a car safety hammer.


    Portable Cell Phone Charger $15

    I purchased this portable charger for my son. His cell phone is always running low on battery strength, so I decided to get his this to put in his backpack for school. This is a compatible charger that fits most phones and iPads. As well, it has a good price tag to go along with it.



    The Prepper’s Blueprint $20

    This 462 page best-seller is a must-have for your prepper library. Each chapter uses real-life scenarios to help the reader prepare for any disaster. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Prepper’s Blueprint coaches the reader to make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and essential supply lists.

    Looking for a more personal gift?

    Homemade gifts also make wonderful presents to put under the tree. There is still time to make a homemade gift for loved ones. Here are some that I or the writers at Ready Nutrition have written about in the past.

    Not matter what type of prepper you are shopping for or what stage they are into with prepping, there are plenty of options available. To gather even more ideas, check out the best-selling Prepper’s Blueprint which has 52 different lists of prep items you can gather ideas for. It is also featured on websites like SHTF Plan, The Economic Collapse Blog, and The Survivalist Blog.

    I hope these Top Picks will help you find the perfect gift for your special prepper. Happy Shopping!


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      1. Personal defense ammo, as in jacketed hollow point ammo for a handgun, or buckshot for a shotgun.

        • Best spic countries in case you have to escape.

          Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina. They have the highest GDP per capita because they have the most white people living there and the most European influence.

          Congressional Black Caucus angry at Scalia’s racist comments. Well, if the average black IQ is 30 points below the average white IQ, why would we put them in white schools to hold the white children back? Is it possible that multiculturalism contributes to our failing school system? I volunteered to teach a foreign language at a local library once. The Chinese kid worked the hardest, the white kids participated with muted interest, and the bootlips and spics mostly snored in class, had burping contests, watched music videos on their iphones and read comic books. Japan and Europe rebuilt in a few years after two world wars devastated them. Blacks are still talking about slavery.

          Political correctness is a fucking mental disorder.

          • Acid, YOU’RE a teacher? You can’t be serious.

            • Professor of Anger Management?

              • “In this type of emergency, you do not want to get out as fast as possible” — YOU MIGHT WANT TO EDIT THAT, Mac

                Just sayin’

              • Nobama, ain’t no way ‘anger management’ and acid could go together. I can’t believe he would even be a teacher.

          • U R correct. I, too am a teacher.

          • Im not a fan of most of this list. I like the snare wire, water blocks & a good blade is a must.

          • Argentina? Seriously? You realize the government there is almost on the verge of communism. Inflation is through the ceiling. You really should do your homework before listing Argentina as a haven.

        • The North Face Thermoball insulation gets a good review from me. It would make a great present.





          • Agreed.

      2. A good,all purpose folding knife(Benchmade,Spyderco)

        • Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero XL

          Scares people

      3. Thanks be to you Tess!!

      4. I got my girls the stun flashlights last year…
        They carry and love them…

        • No info here or on Amazon as to how much of a shock it delivers.

          • Muddy.
            Click on the item then click on Answered Questions.
            Hope that helps.

          • OFF TOPIC: I’m reposting this because I want you guy’s opinions.

            Someone please go read this article and tell me if I’m wrong. The article says this guy just “found” a .22 hole in his mattress and wall. He also claims he found the spent .22 casing in his room as well. He then told on the “gun-nut” next door. The police found 114 guns in the neighbor’s apartment.

            The uncle says it was a setup. I agree, but I don’t think obama himself did it. I think the neighbor and the cops got together and fabricated the story to raid this guy. The spent casing would’ve had to be shoved through the hole after the shot. It could not have followed the slug through the wall to be “found”.

            I think the guy who says he found the bullet holes, slug and casing in his bedroom is a liar. This might be how they start confiscating weapons stashes, before we realize what’s going on. 114 legal guns gone in one swipe.

            Here’s the link. AM I WRONG?

            ht tps://

            • I think it is just poor wording in the reporting. Whole in the wall, casing in the suspects apartment.

              What i want to know is this:

              Is it illegal in those states to have more than a certain number of ammo or more than a certain number of guns?

              10,000 rounds of ammo is nothing. That is only 20 bricks of 22lr.

              The guy should have been arrested for having such shitty looking guns. Guns like that are an embarrassment.

              • Thanks John. It might be just poor reporting. I’d like to know for sure though.

                Anyone else??

                • “15 to 20 of which were illegally-modified, “sawed-off” shotguns and rifles. They also found two handmade silencers, multiple grenades,”

                  So if the search warrent was good , i guess the guy is gonna sit in jail awhile .
                  Yeah someone set this guy up .
                  He probably bragged to the wrong person , like the dum dums on the prepper reality show .

            • Sixpack, I saw that article last night and I call BS on it. Sounds like a setup to me. I’d say you’re right on target.

        • eppe, I got the stunlight for me and my wife and they work great. I just wish they used replaceable batteries but the built in one seems to work good. Another good gift idea is a lee basic reloading setup from midwayusa

        • Eppe,

          Thanks for the warning.

          bwahahahhahaha acid etch

      5. Off topic:
        If by some magical event and Hillary Clinton is indicted for a felony that for sure would place Obama in the seat to declare the elections postponed and install himself as President till a court decides her quilt or innocence. Why to throw a new Democratic candidate into the fray at this late of date would be unthinkable to put it mildly. We’ll just keep it like it is till it all has been dealt with. Don’t forget we are the Government and we’re here to help you.

        • No, it wouldn’t by any stretch of the imagination, allow obungler to declare the elections postponed and install himself as President till a court decides her guilt or innocence.


          And there wouldn’t be a thing anyone could do about it.

          • He could pardon her like Ford pardoned Nixon.

          • Oh , there could be something done about it
            But no one has the balls

        • People said the same thing about George Bush, suspending elections. It has never happened in the history of the United States and WWII would have been the perfect time to do it.

          People would take up arms if Obama tried to do it.

          • Abraham Lincoln, Executive Order One, implemented Martial Rule. The original constitution was set aside because of secession.

      6. Esee, Tops, Benchmade are just a few of the makers of good bushcraft knives. I also like the Mora (decent price) and keep one in the bug out bag.

        • Mora is cheap yet of good quality

      7. PO’d P………..They are good knives but if you really want a lifetime knife check the Fallkniven series. I have multiple versions of it and all are above the best of the best.

        Make sure to see all 3 versions of the A1 turtler tests.

        • Damn Stolz, that is the toughest knife I have ever seen! Definately want one 🙂

      8. All I want for Christmas is an M1A Scout!

        PLEASE SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • You won’t get one because that would make Santa a straw purchaser.

          • “JS”
            I would like to Obullshit try to put Santa in jail!


            • Maybe, that’s why Obama stated half jokingly (because I know he is serious) that he was waging a war against Christianity.

        • Sgt. Dale,finally got mine last year.I’ve been wishing for one since 1970,don’t give up,it’s worth the wait.Wouldn’t trade it for 10 AR’s.

      9. I got a Drexel drill last year. I don’t know for this year but want a new pair of snow boots that are taller for deeper snow. I am having a snow storm right now.

        • I want a good arctic 2-3 man tent, or a sleeping bag that I could be warm in a glacier in… isthat asking Santa for too much? He is from the North Pole, ya know…if anyone has a warm sleeping bag, it’s him. 🙂

          • Sixpack, I want the trolls to go away permanently but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

          • So that’s what Santa calls Mrs. Claus, his “Warm sleeping bag” ha 🙂

      10. Given the news of the past few weeks, who says it is all bad news? Tass Saada shares his incredible testimony as a former Muslim assassin – who was trained to kill others and actually did – and who now promotes a message of love and peace through his personal relationship with Jesus.. This IS 30 minutes (I was in the car), but well worth your time if you can download as podcast and listen while driving, or similar. Walid Shoebat has a similar story – you can see his website at

        Broadcast at

      11. nothing says merry christmas like “best if used before september 2027”.
        that ammo loader price.
        when i bought my six they cost $16 each.

      12. Maglula has some nice magazine loaders – not inexpensive, though. You can find a video on youtube about making your own version of these magazine loaders out of wood.

      13. The ammo loader is great. You can get them for $19 at a gun show.

      14. Morakniv is good and cheap gift. Some 1oz silver pieces as gifts. A box of ammo maybe. A high cap pistol mag. Can’t have too many of those. Anyway gotta agree with acid on multiculturalism screwing shit up. I hate it myself it has destroyed the workplace and schools and has everything to do with the everyone is a winner thing. I stopped caring long ago because of this nonsense. The white liberal guilt trip is shit any whites who fall for this need their head examined. Dumb white bitches that love nigs top this list. The dumb down america campaign the rap music industry has put out has been very effective. I’ve always hated the rap crap. i used to care but what’s the point. It’s all a fuckin joke folks get your kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames.

      15. Off topic people think all this tech inside their car is so good. I call the new cars smart cars because they are smart for the gov and your paying for it because these satellite and onstar systems benifit the gov and insurance companies. Went to look at a new truck not long ago and there was so much shit installed in it and it was base model too. I asked the salesman is all this optional he said no it’s standard. I said I don’t want all the snot and don’t want to pay for it either. This is why trucks are $40,000 now. These vehicles have accident reporting. If you back into a fixed object it’s gonna call 911 the operator already knows you’ve been in a collision and asks if your ok like they are concerned for you. They send the police even if it happened on your property. Your car is now a cop caller. Decided to just keep my stripped down truck and put a few bucks work into it. It’s paid for not gonna drop $500 mo to be ratted out by my vehicle. I’m smarter than that. Just want to be left the fuck alone.

        • Asshat, Next thing you know your vehicle will rat you out for speeding and any assortment of crap and you will get a ticket by email. Then the court will deduct the fine from your bank account automatically. I completely agree, I will keep my old truck and just keep fixing it.

          • My old truck is paid for. As bad as things look, my next one will be hiking boots. I got stuff for my wine experiment. I will let you know how it goes.

      16. “Bah, humbug!”

      17. Not meaning to sound negative but what happens when a pandemic is released ?

        You all know like something that can be absorbed through the skin.

        that eats through your gas mask, or you chemical suit ????

        Or the earth decides to burp and swallows you up?

        or a asteroid hits ?

        Then what good is all this stuff because your dead……

        So much for you speed loader?, your AR-15 with your 100 round drum ? your bunker ? your 25 year supply of food?

        I is o.k. to prep,********** but some things are not going to help you. WW3 is here, and they say 100 nukes can just wipe out everything.

        All you have done is waste your money and helped someone get rich for the time being……

        I do not feel like being in the world of MAD MAXX.

        I am tired ……..

        I am sure that I will get a smart ass answer from someone on this.

        • Straight Shooter.

          In your case I would pray for a quick death and live your life accordingly.

          • Thanks sling shot you were the one I was waiting for.


      18. I agree with all you say but I would recommend the book “I Plan To Survive” that would be my only change. Where you recommend buying $166 blocks to store water, In I plan to survive we recommend using a shipping “tote” to store water it’s cheaper (usually $50 and it holds 360 gallons) and you can store it in a garage or back yard. Also I recommend buying a small swimming pool to store water, you treat the water with pool shock and then cover it until you need it. Then when you need it you can filter it to remove the chlorine this way you can literally store thousands of gallons of water cause you will need a LOT of water probably more water than anything else. So prepare accordingly.

        • Tony,
          I looked online for a 360 gallon shipping tote for $50 or thereabouts. Could not find one. Can you give more clues on how to get these?

      19. I own the magazine loader. I wouldn’t be able to get the mags completely filled without it. I am looking at the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 for Christmas.
        A lot of people atound here are getting dogs for Christmas it seems. Neighbor to the side was parading a new husky pup yesterday. Beautiful dog, but we live in the deep South and they already leave their other two dogs outside all the time. The little one is free to roam all day and neither gets played with as far as I can see.
        Neighbors across the street got a Cane Corso that is already dragging them around as a pup. I can only hope they do right by the breeds and give them the exercise and companionship they need after the new wears off.

      20. Couple of good military kbar knives the leather handle ones

      21. If you are shopping for the little lady a concealed carry camisole (cami) would be very much appreciated by the young lady.

      22. OT – Tip Don’t throw away all those gel fuel cans you bought when you first started prepping (but never used because you could grow a beard waiting for water to boil). Use a can opener to remove the entire top of the can – now you can fry chicken.

        • Scavenger, thanks. I have mostly cooked soup with them, and they are great for that.

      23. A tomahawk. SOG makes a decent one for about $50

      24. Warchild would like peace of mind for Christmas,oh,and a ACOG,which would bring me some peace of mind!

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