Time to Impeach Trump? “Almost Immediately Initiated Strike Against Syria”

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 162 comments

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    This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at TruthstreamMedia.com.

    It’s Time To Impeach Trump For Dragging Us Into War

    Articles of impeachment were indeed drawn up and introduced by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, albeit late in the game. These articles didn’t amount to anything tangible, but made a stand symbolically.

    This time, America should not wait around for four or eight years of destruction before simply saying, “NO.” President Trump didn’t ask Congress for permission; he didn’t poll the American people for their degree of support or opposition; and he clearly didn’t consider the delicate balance of power with regard to Russia, et al. For all we know, Russian soldiers or positions could have been hit, and all hell might have been unleashed while we all slept tucked in our beds.

    President Trump didn’t even make it to 100 days before blatantly betraying the American people…

    It’s not that we’re surprised; but the actions dragging the American people back into war, or into a larger world war are completely outrageous.

    Every American should be outraged; and Donald Trump should be the most quickly impeached and removed president in American history.

    (Not that anyone will hold their breath for Congress to do something moral or right…)

    Not only did POTUS Trump take the bait on the ludicrous false flag event billed as “Assad’s chemical attack on children” and almost immediately initiate a strike against Syria, but he is simultaneously meeting with the president of China reportedly to clear what we’re told will may be a preemptive strike against North Korea as well.

    It is now clear that a strike against North Korea is not just rhetoric and talk, but something that could actually happen at without a moment’s notice.

    Will someone not draw up the articles for impeachment and get the ball rolling?

    At the time, I was strongly in favor of impeaching George W. Bush for illegal war and related crimes against the American people, the Constitution and humanity at large.

    Today, President Trump is proving that he is, and plans to be, a George W. Bush II-on steroids who will initiate war at a time chosen by his most intimate backers.

    He is a continuation of the establishment’s war machine, not a monkey wrench in their plans.

    If you haven’t done so yet, please meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Check out the more detailed comments made by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change in this video:

    BREAKING NEWS: What You Need To Know About Trump’s Latest DISASTROUS Action

    This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at TruthstreamMedia.com.


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      1. Our destruction is inevitable. Better get right with your maker.

        • Exactly! Time is short. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

          • AMEN!

          • These articles are pathetic cut and paste disasters. What a waste of time reading them. If the author hates trump, then just say it.

            Obama was a disaster too. Just face it, most politicians, government employees, attorneys and bankers are scumbags.

        • This was coming, whether Trump did it or not. Perhaps Trump is being used to pull the trigger this time. Remember General Wesley Clark’s little interview?


          • JM,

            Gen. Clark was a Clintonite/Obomaite and anything coming from him is extremely suspect! Anything coming from the Demonrats are suspect and usually the truth is the exact opposite of of what they say.

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • That is true, even worse, however, he is speaking about the PNAC plan, to remake the mid-east, in the neocon image. He probably knew about the plan all along, as high up the food-chain as he was.

              The US is still militarily engaged in some way with every country he mentioned, with the exception of overt warfare on Iran.

              What is going on now is a continuation of the previous agenda. We have a new President, but the neocons have not gone away.

        • This author is an idiot.

          N Korea is a dangerous threat to America. Assad is a puppet of BOTH Russia and Iran; each in their own way a systemic threat to America.

          The timing, reason, and character of TRUMP’S Strike against ASSAD was brilliantly timed, putting our foes on notice that Bungling Obola is no longer in the Oval Office.

          There is a red-blooded, Alpha American Male in the Oval Office. The trannies, pedos, and faggots have been evicted. That’s the New Reality the world needs to deal with, and adjust too. 🙂

          • Nah, just business as usual, under a new CEO…

          • DK,

            You are spot on!

            This intervention in Syria could not have been better carried out! The message should be very clear to all friends and foes.

            Louisiana Eagle ?

          • That author sounds like a liberal to me keeping the US as wimpy cowards, hiding our heads in the sand, and being Barack Obama.

          • Maybe I been in a vacuum but I’ll repeat posing it again. ISIS was created by, armed and supplied by the US and its allies. They kill Christians and Assad protects Christians as they are 10% of the Syrian population. The US even flew air support to facilitate Islamic Fundamentalists overthrowing the Libyan government which had the highest standard of living in Africa and was secular. This is all about the globalists control of resources, their distribution and continuance of the oil peg. Its not about terrorism with the exception of the US arming them to facilitate their atrocities while fulfilling the unwitting agenda of the globalists.

            Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

            h ttps://youtu.be/EpzaLCPdbUs

            • Where does ISIS get its supplies?

              h ttp://journal-neo.org/2015/06/09/logistics-101-where-does-isis-get-its-guns/

        • Hahahahahahahaha… Maker….. Good one…

          • How’d you get here then?

        • There is a war for Trump’s mind as well going on. Bannon may have been the only anti-NWO guy in the WH. Syria, Russia, Iran and North Korea, as much of authoritarian states as they are, form the backdrop of the states that oppose the NWO. Look at the arrogance of the Globalists, even before they totally consolidate power they are killing off their potential enemies. During most formations of power blocks you would see opposing forces form in a direct confrontation, such as Allies vs Axis, East vs West, Capitalists vs Commies, it’s human nature. The globalists know this and want them knocked off ahead of time. It’s not a right-left paradigm, it’s NWO vs Freedom, Slave vs Free. That’s why we should not be the tools of these globalists and become their global police officer.

          • Have you noticed that Trump’s decision to bomb was made at the same time as Bannon’s demotion? The WH neo-cons are in the ascendancy.

            • Bannon never belonged in the NSC and doesn’t bring anything to that table. He is a political aide and a domestic strategist.

              I don’t want National Security personnel to be mixed with politics. It is a danger to personal liberties. That’s what happened under Obola. 🙁

      2. Looks like the Swamp drained Trump.

        • Bravo!

          • Agree Bravo

          • Mac,

            What the heck was that ‘Bravo’ for? Trump is still Trump and he is going to out-Trump all his detractors. The Swamp has not drained him. He is in the process of draining the swamp and has done remarkably well considering all the swamp-monsters that have ganged up against him and his young administration. If you think the sky is falling because he flew a few Tomahawks against a regime that has been thumbing its nose at the West then be prepared to really freak out as we proceed further. I believe Trump’s actions are going to have far reaching consequences but we need to be ‘steady as she goes’ and maintain our cool. I don’t think Russia is suddenly going to become a threat to the US mainland because they understand the principle of MAD and it would be pointless. Putin may have overextended himself and gotten away with ‘murder’ during Obama’s term but he needs a reality check and this action in Syria may be what will bring him back to reality.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • President Trump has lost his inner circle, who have been replaced with the usual suspects. They probably gave him a few “options”…

              The agenda will continue, and when they are down using him, they will drop him like a hot rock.

              • Hot rock???? Explain??? Never felt a hot rock before… How hot do they get?

                • Ok…

                  That was an allegorical representation of what happens, when people, be they politicians, business assoctiates, common criminals, etc., find expedience in the association of one another, to achieve an often dubious end. Upon completion of their goal(s), the person, or persons used, will find themselves not just disassocitated from the user, but ostricized, more often than not, to their bewilderment and extreme anxiety. The goal(s), or gain(s) achieved are usually short-term, creating for the user(s), the dilemma of having to continually find new people to use, because of the user’s public exposure. Such is often the case in the political realm, where the user(s) operate more or less in quasi-secrecy, through some form of power brokerage, bribery, blackmail, co-option, or generic corruption.

                  As for actual, physical, Earth-based molecular stuctures, known as “rocks”, they can get very hot, and from various planetary vents, called “volcanos”, come forth in a molten form. Rocks can be artifically heated, usually by a campfire, to the degree, than one can either cook or even boil water, thus purifying it. If you try to hold such an artificially heated rock in your hand, it is most likey to cause some degree of burn, causing you to drop the rock. That’s how hot a rock can get…

                  • If you have to explain that to someone I’m afraid nothing you could say would help. ?

                    • It is always our duty attempt to help the challenged 😉

                  • JM,

                    Your point is very profound and well articulated. I am not too sure a poor ‘Coonass’ like me can wrap my mind around the concepts you are so brilliantly expounding. You know down in this part of the swamp we have nothing known as a ‘rock’. For hundreds of feet it is nothing but mud below us. The fact that we can build homes, roads, bridges, and even skyscrapers is the credit of our amazing engineers! It gets hot down here in July and August but what the heck could a ‘hot rock’ be? Now, back in them swamps we did use to have a game of agility and speed where we would pass around a very hot baked potato and see who would drop it first! That was fun!? Mustn’t forget the old ways for having fun! Talking about hot potatoes ?, do you remember the part when Red Chief slides a ‘hot potato’ down the back of one of his kidnapers in the story by O’Henry titled, ‘The Ransom of Red Chief’? That was hilarious! ? I wouldn’t be surprised if even as we write, someone, somewhere is doing the same thing down the back of their tormentors.

                    Louisiana Eagle ?

                    • Thanks, he did ask for an explanation.

                      That is a good story 🙂 I can imagine the hot potato.

                      We used to just throw beer cans at each other…

      3. Impeach Trump

        Who is the stupid Fucktrads saying this? The libtards???
        If Hitlery was in office, and did this they would want to give her an award.
        Go ahead and impeach him and start a Civil War!!!!


        • Sgt.
          You have to admit, he does seem kinda like a dickhead. No repeal of Oshitacare, no tax breaks, no wall started, no defund of planned babykill. Methinks he is a lot of talk with a handicap walk. Only will get done a few token things. Just enough to keep the Trump believers hanging in there. Only thing worse would have been Hilliary as pres. Stay the phuck out of Syria.

          • P Trump has tried to do all the above, but the Rhino Republicans has pissed on themselves again and again. Trump has tried. Today is the only day the Republicans have had any balls to get things done by going nuclear… I hope the Republicans stay on nuclear for the next 3 years and get things done while the Democrats shit their pants…

          • You’re not paying attention to what he is actually doing.

            Being blocked on one or two issues so far does not mean he is not accomplishing a lot elsewhere, everything from killing TPP to reducing environmental and other intrusive regulation to ending funding of organizations providing overseas abortions, among quite a bit else.

            FWIW, bids are being taken for the wall, you don’t just wave a magic wand and have it appear, ya’ know.

          • Geeze! He’s only 2 months into a 48 month term and he has to deal with hard headed members of the GOP who won’t give in on anything. Let’s give him some time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

            • Rome didn’t tolerate opposition parties. We should become a one party state.

              • “We should become a one party state.”

                Regarding the important big money, foreign affairs / military use we are. We’re allowed to debate the social issues to maintain the illusion of self government.

                Bankers are bailed out, wars are started under false pretenses and to keep interest away from it inflammatory social issues are created. Transvestites legally showering with your 15 year old daughter in school takes precedence. The idea that they must reach for insanity covers the insanity of their policies that they wish to hide.

            • Lost Karma, that was well said. Good post.

              • Hey, Braveturd…weren’t you the first to turn against Trump? The smell of hypocrisy lingers in the air.

                • Anonymous turd, I think you have me confused with someone else. So go take a flying leap.

          • G,

            Gee whiz, give the man a break! How long has he been in office? You should know that it takes time even to break in a pair of shoes, let alone, change the course of a country that has been going in the wrong direction and heading into an iceberg for perhaps the past 30 years! Holy Mackerel! What is wrong with everyone. You are ready to bail at the first sign of trouble! The Swamp-Monsters in D.C. and throughout the world have had time to propagate and entrench themselves and are not so readily going to roll over and die. Syria and Iraq are trouble and the source of all the instability in the Middle East and Europe. I am not sure how you are going to ‘stay the phuck out of Syria’ and Iraq, and I will add Iran. Russia has been meddling and supporting ‘proxy wars’ throughout the world and they need to stop. The policies of the past 8 years under Obama have been disastrous and an abject failure. It sounds like you want to go back to that state of affairs?

            Keep the discussion going.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Laeagle, well said.

            • Amazing how a little friction is causing the crowd here to lose their shit. The author sounds like a liberal media flack. Peas from the same pod.

              • PS I don’t mean laeagle. I meant the author of the article and some of these posts.

          • Gone… You do understand… PRESIDENTS DON’T MAKE LAWS… right? They have *zero* power to make or repeal laws. The *only* power they have is Veto power to slow down/block laws.

        • Thanks sgt. Dale. I agree and saved me the trouble of having to figure out how to spell FUCTKRADS, opps!!

          • Still playing, that’s F-U-C-K-T-A-R-D-S.

            • Thanks

          • Sgt. et al
            You’re Right, Hillary would have been a disaster too. Neither was a good choice, it’s just that Donald has broken every promise, remember when he was bad mouthing Obama for wanting to strike Syria? Look it up. Anyway American needed this dummy to realize how lazy and lax we’ve been. If we are to survive or thrive ( never mind you realigous freaks ) American people will push their Senators and Congressmen and women to push this guy out in 2018, Or sooner if they can get congress to gain a conscience and grow a pair to push Trump out sooner. Forgive me for saying this oh lord, but I am a’prayin for peace, and prosperity, and I think we need oh lord to give Donald the boot in order to have a fat chance in hell this will happen.

            • Nothing like some “SHOCK and AWE ” to take peoples attention off of all the problems going on at home. When the majority look “that way” the alert better be looking THIS WAY

        • Sarge, yeah it’s definitely libturds saying it. It’s even more stupid for someone to say Trump’s going to be another Bush. I doubt that one. I’m not sure if Trump has made a mistake, but I’ll still take him over the hildebitch.

          • Braveheart1776

            “I’ll still take him over the hildebitch.”

            And thats the irony of it all. I personally think Trump was deceived and he can’t see (or doesn’t want to see) the false flag or at a minimum misrepresentation here. Hillary would be in on a false flag planning, selling the Presidency while conspiring to disarm the civilian population. She is in a criminal immoral class by herself.

            Rand Paul was my choice.

        • Agree with you, Sgt.

        • Damn I misspelled F-U-C-K-T-A-R-D-S.
          OK now that saw this, back to the Problem at hand.

          We go back and forth Bitching that We are not a Tough enough. Then when we do show how tough we can get people Bitch about it.

          For me I’m not bitching because Trump hit 59 sights. We have to stand for something or be on our knees to the world. For me I’m going to STAND WITH TRUMP ON THIS ONE. If he in my mind, FUCKS up I’ll say something!!!


        • Sgt. Dale
          So you think Libtards Eh Sarg? I bet that a large percent of us citizens that supported his run for POTUS have thought about Impeaching him. I thought, among others, that “Orange Blossom” was our one LAST hope to save this country only to find that his action?? on Syria has brought this world closer to WWIII, than ever.

          • Wink
            I disagree and here is why.

            Nobody in there right mind want to fight with the biggest and baddest guy on the block.

            Along with being that guy we are also the most generous people on the face of the earth. We even help nations that hate us. we do this all the time.

            So “NO”. I don’t think we are closer to WW3 today than we where two days ago now that the World sees that we have a POTUS that isn’t a PUSSY. Remember walk softly and carry a big frigging stick.


            • No, we may have pushed WW3 further down the road. Trump doesn’t like bullies any more than any of the rest of us, and Assad and Putin are bullies. Next step would be to warn Putin about buzzing our warships. Do it again, and they’ll be shot down. Then do it when they do. Measured response, decisive action. Believe me, our enemies are watching, and Trump, love him or hate him, does what he says he’s going to do (at least he tries very hard). Assad and Putin (and Xi) are rethinking their positions. They don’t have to like us, but it’s damn time they respect us.
              Last night I was furious. Today, having thought about it, I believe he did the right thing. Very glad we have this forum to discuss it… it’s important that every voice be heard because every voice matters.

              • Hammer’s Thor

                Where to start?

                The US despite our word, encroached NATO right up to the Russian border and sail our warships in their Black Sea lake. The CIA overthrows the Ukraine, the main Russian gas distribution hub with the intent of controlling Russia’s primary source of income energy. In the meantime the US employs ISIS terrorists to overthrow the secular (non religious) government of Syria so a Qatar natural gas line can be installed taking away Russian natural gas sales. The goal is to bankrupt Russia and they need to respect us?

                We arm and fund ISIS terrorists who decapitate Christians while Christians, 10% of the Syrian government are protected by Syria.

                This isn’t about terrorism, or safety, or security but rather market share for natural gas while simultaneously and quite intentionally causing chaos where there was order.

        • Totally agree with you!

      4. Trump has exposed himself for what he’s just done in Syria – he’s a puppet and I’ve changed my mind about him, he’s not going to help people like us – only bankers and corporations.

        So sad now……..hope I’m proven wrong but doubt it.

        Why did he do it? I’m lost.

        • Why did he do it?I’m lost. Sorry Lost is not the right term to use for your condition.

          • Tacoma

            I don’t see why bombing Assad will help anything/one as it’ll only aid ISIS and surely no-one wants that???

            • Sorry doll you need glasses. ISIS The whole region of the middle East is ISIS.Choose your targets

            • By bombing ASSAD for a GROSS VIOLATION of civilized war against women, children, and civilians, TRUMP has put him on notice to effect a political settlement, that the USA under Obola had been effectively shut out from.

              If ASSAD wants to survive, its gonna be in a little slice of Western Syria without chemical weapons. Syria, like Iraq, will be PARTITIONED. This is part of TRUMP’S strategy to create safe spaces for Syrian snowflakes within Syria.

              Use your head for more than a hat rack people. 🙂

              • “its gonna be in a little slice of Western Syria without chemical weapons”

                Its going to be in a little slice of Syria that won’t interfere with the Qatar natural gas line to Europe.

                Every move against Syria is an ostensible excuse to remove Assad from office so the gas line can proceed. Its about energy, its control, its distribution and very importantly its method of payment.

                GTFOOH…..they could’t are less about the Syrian people. If they did they wouldn’t be arming ISIS who terrorizes them.

      5. This is why it was such a catastrophe that nobody said boo when Obama singlehandedly destroyed whole countries without anything from Congress (and no real stated reason at all). If you want to impeach Trump and you weren’t bleating loudly about Obama’s crimes (and very few were) then you have no standing.

        That said, I hope he rots in hell. I had honestly hoped we were done with this crap. Nobody has even considered in the media the possibility that the CIA or someone similar did this. Or whether it was even done at all, and not just a camera crew and some crisis actors. Some of us still remember Green Helmet Guy.

        • Obama destroy whole countries? what are you smoking?

          • There once was a country called Libya.
            Whose leader was as pointless as Hollywood trivia.
            The humanitarian bombs fell, oil once again flowed from the well.
            And the leader died with his ass chocking from asphyxia.

          • Libya is basically a patch of desert with no discernible government. Yemen is barely a society. If Russia hadn’t stepped in Syria would look a lot like Libya, and as it is, it is mostly Syrians doing all the raping and killing in Europe. He and Hillary did their best to overthrow a democratically elected government in Guatemala. The list goes on. So yeah, he has done more to destroy whole countries than anybody since Hitler, and maybe back to the dark ages.

          • J,

            Think Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and all the countries impacted by the Arab Spring and this worldwide ‘Refugee crisis’. Obama empowered all the enemies of th West and weakened the US and managed to enslave generations of Americans to debt and poverty. Thank God for the Second Amendment! Congress was complicit and pretty much gave him free reins!

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • “Arab Spring”?

              GTFOOH Is CIA revolution all the way. The US used its air power to support Al Qaeda in its overthrowing of Gaddafi when he decided to take a gold backed currency for Libyan oil rather than US dollars.

              One more time so it sinks in. The US used its air power to support the very same group that was supposedly responsible for 911. ISIS was created from it and its being used against Syria armed and funded by the US.

              You see the problem here?

      6. Surprised this site would run a hysterical liberal hit piece. Obama’s army killed and American citizen with a drone. Where was the call for impeachment?

        Obama’s admin killed more people in eight years than can be accurately counted. No impeachment.

        These lefty bloggers/twitheads are mental, and the jerk who calls us “dupes” needs to go back to teaching community college in some New England socialist small town.

      7. On the “news” (Ministry of Propaganda) they said that even Putin approved of the strikes!! Why did they say that?? (It was in the subtitles, whatever, below the pretend news stories!)

        Oh, yeah, guess they would say anything… (?) Guess they didn’t want to upset the sheeples about the approaching world war.

      8. Guess an EMP will soon be here…

        • It’s already here. NK has a satellite in orbit that passes over the US every day. They’re just waiting to pull the trigger.

          • I’d nearly forgotten about that

          • I don’t see nukes in orbit as viable unless you have a way to recover them, refurbish them, and put them back up.

            Nukes have a limited shelf life, especially it they use a tritium pit ignition system. Five years max in that case. Those N Korean satellites have been in orbit for years already.

            That said N Korea could launch a satellite into orbit tomorrow. They have the technology.

            That said the Fat Boy named Kimberly loves life as emperor, unless he is a complete psychotic, he has to realize that an EMP strike by him would result in his total annihilation. He’s an attention whore, not a guy with a death wish.

        • If we’re lucky we’ll soon get to find out if they actually work then, putting an end to the debate about it one way or the other.

      9. The US Constitution.

        Better known as:


        • The US Bill Of Rights:

          Better known as:


          • K2,

            Don’t be so cynical! You just got another Supreme Court Justice who believes in the US Constitution and the the Bill of Rights. That was a major victory! Hopefully, there will be more opportunities to replace the liberal Justices.

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • Cynical? Me?

              While we have held our own on the Second Amendment the 4th is practically eviscerated. Asset forfeiture. Something too vague in the below for understanding? They take personal property without any charges, none, period. Sorry I can’t drape myself in the warm embrace of liberty.

              “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;”

              The 5th Amendment:

              No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

      10. We never stopped prepping when the Donald won the election. We actually ramped it up seeing as there was so many preparedness deals out there for few months. We do believe it is inevitable that everything is going to HELL literally very soon. Been preparing for 27 years and still are nowhere we need to be to be totally prepared and probably never will but we will survive a lot longer than 90+% of the population

        • ditto, Maximo!
          They got to Trump, obviously.

      11. I guess the US government figured they didn’t have much choice! They had to do SOMETHING to get that pipeline! That meant uprooting Assad and replacing him with a more pliable puppet– like old Porenshenko– someone willing to do the bidding of the US government… Of course, Putin will not like this… 🙁

        • Anonymous

          Your point is correct. It isn’t Assad nor Syria but the pipeline.

          “War is politics by other means”.

          As long as Russia keeps that natural gas pipeline through Syria they win. If it goes through the globalists win. Neither of these options have anything to do with Americans.

          • “As long as Russia keeps that natural gas pipeline FROM through Syria they win.”

            added FROM

            • I think you meant to say,“As long as Russia keeps that natural gas pipeline from ‘GOING’ through Syria they win.” I think you make a good point about Russia trying to protect its main source of revenue.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Thanks for catching that. I have to proof read more often. You get the idea. Its all over resources.

      12. Has everyone forgotten about this??? The Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons (S.J.Res 21) is a United States Senate Joint Resolution that would authorize President Barack Obama to use the American military to intervene in the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The bill was filed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on September 6, 2013 in a specially scheduled pro forma Senate session that took place during the last week of the August recess.[1] The bill authorizes only 60 days of military action, with the possibility of a one-time extension of 30 days.[2] The bill also specifically prohibits the use of ground troops.[2]

        Trump acted on the power given to the President that Harry Reid and Obama put into motion.

      13. I’m not saying that is a wise decision– starting World War 3. It’s totally irresponsible. However, I figure that may be the reason they are doing it. Old Bush said the American way of life is non-negotiable…thus, the reason for the decision to attack 7 countries in the next 7 years– all oil-rich countries. Of course, the American way of life will most likely be changed a bit if we have nuclear war… hmmm

      14. What POS are you going to replace Trump with? Do any of you Morons who spout this idiotic impeachment garbage ever look beyond the end of your penis? Maybe you would like 4 more years of something like Obutthead, Biteone, Puglyosi, and Screwyer? We the people finally showed some balls and elected someone with some balls so get over it. Who gives a rats patoot about Assad and his Air Force? Right now the whole world is sitting in their chairs with their eyes WIDE OPEN. Keep your friends close cover your enemies with 6 ft. of dirt and let the undecided be aware.

        • Thomas,

          I completely agree with you. To be fair though, it is not just some of the males that are talking about impeachment, some of the females are regretting voting for Trump as well! We don’t want to discriminate around here.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • For even an uneducated idiot you are dumb. Assad and Russia are fighting ISIS fool. So how are these the bad guys? Obama and now Trump are bending over and taking it in the ass from their Zionist masters and you think this is good? Now they are exposed once again for backing ISIS which General Flynn pointed out and was promptly fired by Obama for wanting to stop funding ISIS. What time do you start watching CNN News every morning for your lost view on the world?

          • Keep looking down! Perhaps no one will notice. K2 makes some good points above about Russia’s motives regarding the pipeline from the Persian Gulf. Be alert my friend. It is not necessary to call people names.

            Louisiana Eagle ?

      15. Russians are not going to do a damn thing except point fingers and cuss. The Russians were used to Obama… now they know different.

        • tuesdayissoylentgreenday,

          It is as simple as that! Amazing! I thought the sky was falling! What?!! I am sure those losers at the airbase thought the end of the world had hit them as the Tomahawks started falling all around them!\’_’/ Something to be said about precision targeting.

          Louisiana Eagle

      16. That oil is for GLOBALIST business. You see it leave the US? Think they are doing it so your tank is filled? Its control. This is natural gas to EUROPE.

      17. Hey, this is better than a free seat in the movies with pop corn thrown in!

        I love listening to all you idiots jumping ship and now blaming everything on your beloved leader! Red necks…rule the asylum…learn your history you dumbo idiots. That’s if you can read beyond 3rd grade standard. No one standing for power cares a monkeys fart about the working man…never has, never will, yet you swallowed that bull, hook, line and sinker…MORONS and YOU, yes YOU, helped create the groundwork for WW III.

        Three months ago you were castigating me as a commie POS, a Libturd, a Clinton supporter (without a shred of proof or reasoned and logical thought)…with a citizenry like you fools, American is definitely down the crapper. Engage your brain before believing the people with money…they know what you’re thinking before you thought it!

        Interesting stat. 1 in 7 Americans (white, working class) are functionally illiterate. And you, on here, are the clever ones?

        • don’t choke on your popcorn, not one thing has changed. Who gives a damm what you said 3 months ago, surprised you can remember back that far.

          • Don’t mean to be an ahole but when I worked for a living he who brought up the problem was assigned the responsibility, to fix the problem, any suggestions?

            • Yeah, the problem is numskulls like you. Care to fix yourself?

          • Oh, hell. I can remember way, way back. I can remember all the cluster idiots on here getting their panties damp at the thought of Trump being the Chump in Chief.

            Be careful what you wish for should be their guiding motto. Maybe it’s them that need their memories refurbished ‘cos they sure are changing their tune. You one of that crew muddy boy?

        • Anonymous, if you’re so unimpressed with this site, why do you still come here? These are my people so watch your stupid mouth about them.

          • Oh, sorry Braveturd…forgot! This is your home (well, you did describe it that way, way back when).

            Come on, you’ve got to be a pretty sad individual if you consider cyber space as your home
            (big hint: cyber space doesn’t really exist in the real world) do you?

            Well would you believe, I still come here because of morons like you who can’t hold a single continuous thought in their head for longer than 2 months before changing their minds….I really am amazed at your collective stupidity.

            • Anonymous, NEWSFLASH FOR YOU: My beliefs have always been the same and have never changed. My question for you is still the same? What the hell do you have against the people at this site?

      18. Well, well, well, I guess TPTB do have some detrimental info on Trump for him to take this action against Assad. Either that or he was a libtard all along. Trump needs to read the constitution, understand it, and use it for his decision making and he cannot go wrong, and will have a water tight defense for his actions. It will also protect him from impeachment. This was definitely a false flag, I agree with Rand Paul. POTUS needs to consult Congress on all military decisions as well as the Joint Chiefs of staff before acting. It can never hurt to consult and get several opinions on a situation before acting. Someone may see something you don’t. I’m not sure who at the white house was helping him make this decision, but his cabinet is very in experienced. After consulting he is still free to proceed as he sees fit. Every government is so corrupt, but God allows it for the sake of order of communities; but that will soon end because man has had enough time and has failed. It’s almost over, and I welcome God’s perfect kingdom rule.

      19. Impeach Trump and put in who?, What kind of bullshit is this. Had that dike bitch taken the white house, we would have been in civil revolutionary and dead already. I am no fan of his recent bullshit but lets get real.


        • Hicks:
          Exactly, and put in who?


        • HCKS.

          If they impeach Trump. I’ll take his place (LOL) and boy will those turds in D.C. get a surprise.

          I will invite all of you here & the 3%ers to the biggest and best party in HISTORY.

          Item you must have to attend.
          #3 pair of hand cuffs. (to take you chosen congressman home to jail).
          Your AR or AK your choice with plenty of Ammo.
          A plate to pass.
          Your own liquid refreshments.
          Your Stars and Bars.
          You might want to bring a tent or something to sleep in because this might take a few days to get over.

          Ya All Come Now, You Hear!!!


          • Sarge, can I be your secretary of Defense? LOL!

      20. I disagree that Trump should be impeached. The action to respond to chemical weapons used in Syria was authorized in 2013. This kind of article is not what I expected the appear on this site.

        • Action should be taken against ISIS the ones who did the gassing again unless you believe CNN which means you are hopelessly lost. Trump knows Assad did not gas his people and he also knows 911 was not done by a man in a beard sitting in a cave. So yes he is a traitor and no surprise having a son in law named Kushner.

      21. Impeach Now

        • You need to go back to your black lives almost matter site!!

      22. ARCODEAUS-Battle of the Ages is Upon Us-march 25, 2017
        On YouTube
        Nuclear machine bores into rock to make underground highway and cities.

        ArCODEAUIS-Confusion:The Desth of White Civilation-March 11, 2017
        Antigravity flying objects


      23. Hopefully he told China their fat little friend is next. Just a shame he didn’t hit Tehran while he was at it. Hopefully this isnt a one off attack and everytime they drop bombs, their planes dont return. Now, Repeal obamacare, forget replacing it. We elected him to repeal it.

        • JAS, Obolacare is already in a death spiral. It will repeal itself.

      24. Aaron Dykes views are incongruent to the values of the majority who visit this site; quite apart from the fact that he is seriously mistaken in his opinions, he is consistent in finding air time here solely on the basis of over-emphasis on the notion of ‘tolerance’ of all viewpoints; and he is also remarkably consistent with those perennial/relentless dupes pushing their ‘chew’ hatreds, Dykes failed manhood (?) gets its moment here too.

        I cheer President Trumps measured and prompt action in a chaotic and universally bedevilled nation…Syria! America is back again: Assad type criminals take note!

        • Anonymous, Aaron Dykes used to be one of Alex Jones’ people. Another reason to be suspicious of him.

      25. This site is going down hill fast. Where the he’ll is all the support for trump. We elected him to shake things up and everyone is crying.

        • JAS
          I didn’t see this before I post above.
          YOU MY FRIEND ARE 100% CORRECT!!!

          It is mediation now because I used the “b” word. I can use the “C” or the “F” word but don’t use the “B”. BI—H four legged female dog. and you get moderated????????????????????????

          • The sun will come up tomorrow and the world has taken notice of the man in the White house and he is no snowflake. 60 days in and everyone is talking impeachment for non performance. You forget that much of what you ask for is required by congress and Trump can’t force them or sign anything til they do their damn job. They finally got a Supreme court justice approved and now they go home for just about the rest of the month. Scream at your representatives for doing nothing,Trump can’t do it all by himself. Too many Monday morning quarterbacks!

      26. This is going to get worst before it even starts to get better and it is not even his fault. It was just prolonged by inaction by the previous administration.

        He will be blamed for it.

        But I have to say, seems to be weak that the reason why he changed his mind and decided to use force was because of the pictures of the suffering children he saw from the strike, which is horrible in itself, but how about Assad’s Government had been warned regarding the future use of chemical weapons on his citizens and its consequences.

      27. You think the neocons don’t have their hooks in Pence? Wouldn’t bet on it. Why has Israel
        not hit Iran yet? Do they expect us to do that too? South Korea needs to get busy on their
        cousins up north. Tired off all the drama. If your neighbor is a threat to you- take them out.
        They always want us to fight their damn wars. Japan and South Korea should team up and
        do a pre-emptive strike. I don’t care what Japan’s pacifist constitution says. Times have
        changed. They need to put the samurai armor on and take care of business. Those countries always worry about provoking China. When they do nothing, China gets bolder.
        Japan should go back to being the brutal bastards they once were. Let the Nippons nuke up.

        • What the hell are you talking about? I am guessing you watch too much TV. You probably got beat up a lot.

      28. Assad is a Western educated medical doctor. His cabinet includes members of the three world religions. He is a moderate. Syria does not have connections to the Rothschild Banking Cartel. That is the impetus for Isreal to stage a false flag. We should not be aiding Isreal. But we don’t need to impeach Trump. Just let him know we don’t support a war with Syria or Assad. I want to bring the troops home. Put our men on the border. Stop the “refugee” invasion here and in Europe. Get out of the Middle East unless you plan to take out Televive.


        • Exactly.

        • You write like a typical libtard

      29. B from CA

        And Syria is 10% Christian while the people (hate to call them that) that the US supports, like ISIS, cut off Christians heads.

        Muslim 87% (official; includes Sunni 74% and Alawi, Ismaili, and Shia 13%), Christian 10% (includes Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian), Druze 3%, Jewish (few remaining in Damascus and Aleppo)

      30. (((Jared Kushner))) is pushing for WWIII on behalf of Israel. Bannon represents the interests of the heartland. If Trump gets rid of him you can kiss what’s left of White America goodbye.

      31. Impeach and get pence,uh,no thanks.

        Trump did sell us out,his supporters anyhow.A large portion of his campaign was about trying to get along with the russkies/getting the fuck out of mid east ect. and he does the complete opposite in less then 100 days!I don’t give a fuck what billary would have done/obama/bush did,trump is now potus.Sending his son in law as a rep over to the mid east another fucking bad joke.He also seems to have filled admin with the elite insiders he in theory was campaigning against.

        That said,hoped would be wrong but expected this to a degree.The only good thing trump did was wake up a pissed off group of citizens,seems though he will now be one more enemy we will be fighting,that said,he did wake us up,right?!

      32. The author is a fing moron.

        • Amen!

      33. How about everyone CHILL just a weee little bit. Unfortunately we had a guy occupying the White House the last eight years that enabled a whole lot of the mess around the globe. We can not wish evil away and it certainly exists in an ever growing darkness. “Walk quietly and carry a big stick!”, requires that on occasion you pull that stick out and remind the rest of the world who’s the boss. This strike just reminded Syria, Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia and everyone else on this planet that the U.S. actually now has a Leader who’s not afraid to swing the stick.

        For those who don’t think we should use our “stick”, study history. We can either swing the stick on occasion to restore some resemblance of order or we can wait til evil comes a knocking on our front door (Pearl Harbor and 911 come to mind). I don’t disagree that we have over-reached many times over the last 50 years,,, but I believe we have a better chance for peace through power than peace through isolationism.

      34. By the way, whatever hack that was on AM radio saying he cleared this with Russia is a lying piece of shit and should be disbarred from speaking. Again. Ever.

        In any capacity.


        So! When do we start eating ICBM?

        Oh 80’s.

        I missed you so much (super sarcasm).

      35. Same old warmongering shit, all Republican politicians support war. Even the self called Democrats are Republican in action. Clinton, Obama are Republicans in disguise. The whole lot are liars.

      36. Something to think about:

        Henry Ford used a very simple experiment when considering potential candidates for hire. He would invite them to Dinner and those whom salted their food BEFORE tasting it were rejected.


        If the average person today were marched into a circular room and then told to go wait in the corner? How many would take a step before realizing the trick?


        You see. All holes are not dug by Rabbits. A wet paint sign could be days old, and even if there are two sides to a story, both sides can still be wrong.

        So, when a candidate tells you that he or she is going to bake a different kind of cake, while using the same ingredients?

        “Life is a lemon and I want my money back.”

      37. Relax,

        Trump gives a limited air strike in Syria (regardless if false flag or not) and the mccain, graham neocons, and the irrelevant democrats get their red meat.

        What they don’t realize is that they owe trump. We get to go back to a privatized healthcare that makes sense, and we get meaningful tax reform. And, because trump threw them all a bone, they’ll put aside the “never trump” crap that has been going on and actually get on board.

        As long as this is a limited strike, this can only benefit us.

      38. Where were you, Aaron, when George Bush LIED about weapons of mass destruction which got MANY of our young service people KILLED?

        Where were your calls for impeachment THEN?

        Where were you, Aaron, when we learned the Bush Family and Saddam had been business partners for decades and when that soured, Saddam had sent a hit team after George H.W. Bush– which got intercepted– which Georgie Junior decided to avenge BY his lies?

        Where were you, Aaron, when 95% of the Bush tax cuts went to just 5% of the top elite? No calls for impeachment then?

        And where were you, Aaron, when Barrack Hussein Obama not only bragged he was “pretty good at killing people” but remained TOTALLY SILENT when the chopped off heads of little Christian girls and boys were put on STICKS?

        Where were your calls for impeachment THEN, Aaron?

        You weren’t afraid of being called “racist”, or were you?

        Dr. King wrote, “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinning. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.”

        I have always liked your work, Aaron, but I’m stunned you are JUMPING on the impeachmenet bandwagon!

        Maybe just maybe, Aaron, the CIA DID givethe Syrian rebels either the chemicals or the money to buy them so that the killings would look like Assad– who has killed 400,000 of his own people in “democide”– killed even more precious humans.

        If so, then why didn’t Mr. Assad VERBALLY PROTEST and state clearly the killings were NOT HIS doing, Aaron?

        I, for one, won’t be jumping on ANY bandwagon, my friends. I have more important things to do like WORKING, READING, PRAYING, and PREPPING! Bandwagon politics is a DISTRACTION away from the hard task of THINKING!

        I will close with Dr. King:

        “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.”

        – the Lone Ranger

        “We must all live together as brothers [and sisters] or we will all perish together as fools”
        – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

        • WELL SAID! I for one can’t believe how people have turned on DT, in near record time. Guess they want another pussy in the WH who’s made America the laughing stock of the world. Gezz……..

          • I am turning on trump as he turned on a large portion who elected him due to his saying time to get out of the mid east/stop being world policeman ect.,fuck the mideast,US out.Syria is not a threat to the US and really doubt assad gassed his citizens in this incident.

            • I feel the same way WD. He also said “We have no business being there”, and the crowd cheered. He also said “On day one I will start the process to have her locked up, she is going to jail” and everyone applauded and cheered more, and then a week after he took Office he flip-flopped and announced, “The Clinton’s are good people, I don’t want to see Hillary in jail.”

              There are other promises too he has reneged on.

              I am seeing a pattern here. That’s never a good sign.

      39. Several conflicting reports came out about what type of chemical. PICS show people handling victims with exposed skin??? Up close pics show blunt force trauma injuries to several children.
        Map indicates this area was held by Al Queida (sp.). Similar incident in 2013 yielded results indicating it was Al Quieda(sp.).

        Never Trumpers, NeoCons and Democrat War Hawks praised DJT. Globalist sang praises. Balkanization up next?

        So we spend big bucks on cruise missiles over unconfirmed reports??? We are now supposed to trust INTELLIGENCE after months of them being trashed??? BTW Turkey claims to have performed the autopsies, not a trust worthy source. Erdogon is Muslim BHood! Also we could have flown jets from Turkey and saved money???

        Interpol reports over 220,000 missing refugee children form the longest state of war in American history. How many vids have we watched since 2003 of children being tortured in the ME?

        Read a quick report that in Iraq Mosul 5,000 of US guys are surrounded by 15,000 Iranian troops. (Not a vetted report.)

      40. I can’t believe this “article” is even posted on this site. Impeach Trump? Get real. Where was this Aaron Dykes when BHO was bombing and killing targets, including Americans for the last 8 years?? Seriously Mac, is this how YOU feel also??

      41. Glad we got someone with “kahunas” in office that will stand up and bitch slap a few countries and let them know the U.S. is no longer being run into the ground by a pussy muslim.

      42. So sad to see that just a few months ago, almost everyone was singing the praises of Trump, and now they want to crucify him. Need to get off the hypocrisy fence.

        • Incredible immaturity of the electorate. Crow then bitch. Man up people!

      43. Trump is hated by left-wing parasites who are students or don’t have jobs or are immigrants and he’s a traitor to the right.

        Yes he will make the perfect banker puppet i thinks

      44. I wanted to see him impeached but after reading this forum, have changed my mind. We had probably the worst 2 choices for president in history. Hillary is intelligent, but I didn’t like her political response to Iraq. Donald is dumb and selfish. Hillary is way to socialist in the traditional way…let’s build bridges, while Donald’s wall idea is stupid. Where’s the candidate that represents most of America?, nobody wants them, their boring. Early on, Donald talked sanely about controlling immigration, refugees, borders and bringing jobs back to America. Who doesn’t want those things? Those are all GREAT ideas. But as Donald’s chances increases, he became emboldened and the rhetoric went off the rails.

        His first action was “socialism” but not in the media advertised traditional way. He was spending your money, by trying to convince American companies to keep their plants here, with tax breaks…our, your tax money.

        I would not support any president dropping bombs on a middle east target. Donald sent in the missiles without thought, it was a knee jerk reaction. This is a dangerous way to go about the world these days.

        Now that the attention has been diverted from much the investigation into his ties with Russia, the poor cabinet choices, the weekly golf trips, the increased spending to protected his scattered large rich family…can he get back to the business of making this country great again…

        If Donald would just go back to watching his own videos, and try to live by those more sane ideas about bring jobs back, get out of nation building, out of the middle east, quit engaging our military in far away lands, sane immigration policies etc. I think he could have the highest approval rating. Donald needs a more diverse group of advisers that are not just yes men and women, not from the Goldman Sachs, nor big oil, he really could make this country great again. Impeach is probably not a good answer.

        I would also help if congressmen and women both democrats and republicans would grow a conscience and a pair and actually be a balance of power in this country. No matter who is president, not all of their ideas are good, our congress and senate needs to stand up and resist the bad ideas. So far it looks like they are taking advantage of the hysteria of the Trump problems to push thru their own greedy agendas.

        Will Donald reduce your taxes? Increase your job opportunities? implement a sane immigration or refugee policy, not based on religion? Make American great again?

      45. After several years, hundreds of posts and thousands of comments read, this Dykes piece ranks as the most unworthy tripe I have ever read here. I’ll give the site a rest now of course; you really can do better than this person Mac!

        Test…I miss your insight on this particular issue? K2, sorry but your perceptions are badly flawed this outing sir!

      46. “This time, America should not wait around for four or eight years of destruction before simply saying, “NO.” President Trump didn’t ask Congress for permission; he didn’t poll the American people for their degree of support or opposition; and he clearly didn’t consider the delicate balance of power with regard to Russia, et al. For all we know, Russian soldiers or positions could have been hit, and all hell might have been unleashed while we all slept tucked in our beds.”

        STFU with your bullshit.

      47. I disagree with the author that Trumps’s decision to attack Syria is an impeachable offense. However, it is a violation of his campaign promises. I voted for him once, but will not do it a second time. I see a pattern of broken campaign promises:

        1) Hillary Clinton skated free.
        2) No attempt to repeal Obamacare, just reorganize it to make it more profitable for insurance companies.
        3) Unwarranted verbal attacks and threats against the members of the Freedom Caucus.
        4) Unwarranted attack on Syria.

        I expect more broken promises to follow as we see the real Donald Trump emerge.

      48. Yes.

      49. I disagree with the method used in the strike. Instead of using just 59 missiles, President Trump should have used say around 200 missiles and at least 10 to 15 of them aimed directly at the Syrian Presidential Palace.

        • Bill

          Why? What did Assad do to you? Did he threaten the US? You realize that the US is arming and funding the Islamic terrorist group ISIS?

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria


      50. The speed with which this was accomplished is refreshing.
        The conditions under which we are supposed to believe the intelligence community is bogus, plain and simple.
        The fact that it was done at all is questionable, at best, possibly criminal.
        But the thing that really pisses me off is the choice of target.
        The air base is one of 21, or so, air bases in syria This is barely a message to assad.
        And the fact that they claim children were hurt even after they were warned that a missle attack was imminent is very telling.
        Trump had surprised me After the election with s few of his decisions.
        He made me hopeful that I was wrong about him during the campaign.
        This does not continue that trend.

      51. Oh look… a Never-Trumper saying impeach Trump… That carries a LOT of weight. Man… some people are just ‘tarded. Go watch Idiocracy. Hint: The author of this “article” is NOT Joe… He’s the ‘secretary of education’.

      52. Oh no… Trump’s Actually doing something to stop North Korea from destroying the entire F’n Planet… Let’s impeach him!
        This author is seriously just f’n ‘tarded. I bet you support Iran getting $120 Billion to get nukes too…. Lets just GIVE nukes to rogue nations and terrorists… Better yet… Let’s just get this over with and nuke ourselves on April 15th. False Flag nuke of all of North America April 15th… That’ll show ’em. -_-

      53. and now Russia and Iran warn of use of force if the USA uses anything aggressive in Syria again !

        sites like this and an economic collapse have been preaching gloom and doom for years, but now it is coming.

        the USA has now tripwires all over the world to turn something into a war overnight now(MOSTLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY EIGHT YEARS OF OBAMA)but getting thru the next 4 years without something serious happening like a regional or world war just isn’t going to happen.

        shorting the stock market now or buying GLD or SLV now for a profit would be a wise idea.

      54. The problem (Do not think is fixable) is that Congress need term limits, the Justice department and FBI need to lead by independent authority from White House and Congress. Appointed by special committee. Imperative that checks and balances work or there is no democracy. To hold people in check they first have to fear authority! Being held accountable! but if it is one sided and you have all the cards then you do not fear reprisal and held to account for your crap! We need psychological screening of candidates for office. It is clear to all of America Donald Trump is crazy – to deny this is also crazy and we are all up shits creek without a paddle. Republicans 9Senior) have control of both the house and senate. They fear loosing power again but want to ram so much of their agenda before the rug is pulled out from under them. Ignoring the President is unhinged just to buy your time is also crazy and utterly irresponsible as leadership and grounds to be removed from office! Revolution must happen if you are to save this country – Benjamin Franklin said it all over two hundred years ago!

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