Three Events That Could Change The Face Of America

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    This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    The past year in general has been a firestorm of news events, many of them misrepresented by the mainstream media but nevertheless important signals that the economic, social and geopolitical systems we are familiar with are changing or destabilizing rapidly. It is important to understand, however, that the implications of these events have been building for YEARS, not for mere weeks or months. They are not sudden and inexplicable consequences of “linchpin theory”, the outcome of these events was pre-planned and engineered far in advance.

    This does not mean that establishment interests including globalists will necessarily get what they want. Which is why I believe they tend to produce multiple crises at once, hoping that at least a few will produce the effects they desire in the population. I call it the “scattershot strategy”; by creating a swarm of manipulated “bullets” of social/psychological leverage each with the same intended target, the result becomes more certain and predictable. Much like smashing troops into the same point in a line of defense over and over again – eventually it is more likely to break where you expect it to break.

    Some of these scattershot events are a little more obvious than others, at least in terms of how they are handled. Not all of them are started by the globalists, but all of them are certainly seen as opportunities for exploitation. Here are three of the latest events that I believe represent a dire end game if the public is not made aware that their reactions to the events are just as important if not more important as the events themselves.

    The Murder Of Jamal Kashoggi

    Few of us had ever heard of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Kashoggi a month ago, and most in the public still have no clue as to the implications of his death. I’m not going to theorize much on the reasons why the Saudi government apparently trapped Kashoggi in their consulate in Istanbul, Turkey and then allegedly tortured him to death. The mainstream theory is that this was punishment for the journalist’s escape from Saudi Arabia and subsequent criticisms of Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the rising dictator within the Saudi regime.

    Why did Kashoggi willingly and stupidly enter a Saudi consulate, considered sovereign Saudi soil, when he knew he was a potential target for the government? Why would Saudi agents murder the journalist in such an obvious way and in such an obvious place? If he was such a threat, why not kill him away from a Saudi facility? Why not make it look like a robbery or an accident?

    It seems to me that normal procedures for assassination were not followed in the slightest when it came to Jamal Kashoggi. And, as Turkish authorities released information on Saudi involvement, the normal attempts at cover-up by multiple governments were missing. This story could have been muddled in a fog of disinformation leading away from Saudi Arabia, but it wasn’t.

    The consequences are immense. The end of diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia could result on the part of Western nations. There is even talk of Prince Salman being removed from power and his “Vision for 2030” economic plan going the way of the dodo. I see this as highly unlikely, though.

    While the mainstream misrepresents Salman’s economic plan as a means to make Saudi Arabia less dependent on oil, the Vision for 2030 was primarily about distancing Saudi Arabian oil from dependency on U.S. and Western markets.

    The decoupling of the U.S. from Saudi Arabia has been in the making for years. This is not something new, or something that would be decided by the killing of a single Saudi journalist. From the passage of a bill by Congress to make the Saudi government liable for damages during the 9/11 attacks, to Saudi threats to dump $750 billion in U.S. assets (under the Obama Administration), to the Saudi atrocities in Yemen, to the rise of Mohammad bin Salman through extortion, there is no shortage of reasons why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia might end relations.

    I am of course talking about mainstream narrative, here. The deeper issue at hand is that globalists are seeking an end to the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency and the petro-currency, and Saudi Arabia is a key catalyst to breaking the dollar’s back in a way that makes it appear as though global banks had nothing to do with the situation.

    As I have been pointing out for quite some time, Mohammad bin Salman’s Vision for 2030 is not his vision; it is part of a larger globalist dynamic for a completely centralized world monetary system and economy. Salman’s Vision for 2030 is bankrolled through his Public Investment Fund (PIF) by well know n globalist institutions like the Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone and Blackrock.

    Saudi separation from the U.S. has been ongoing, including far reaching oil trade deals with China and Russia , two countries seeking to remove the dollar in bilateral trade. The moral question of trade relations with a tyranny like Saudi Arabia is not what I am questioning here. I am simply pointing out the US dollar’s dependency on petro-status, which is tied inexorably to Saudi oil.

    The path has already been set. The murder of Kashoggi and its exposure does not hurt globalist intentions, it actually HELPS them by creating a narrative in which the Saudi move away from the U.S. becomes a product of “random chaos” rather than part of a “vision” funded by globalists. If Prince Salman is removed from the equation (an action I am doubtful will take place), the “Vision for 2030” will continue.

    Even with Donald Trump’s apparent apprehension to break aggressively from the Saudis over the issue, Congress has already suggested they will move ahead with actions against the vital oil nation without the White House.

    Is this to say that Kashoggi was killed in order to create a geopolitical linchpin to aid globalist schemes for de-dollerization? No. Kashoggi is not that important. But this is certainly an event that the globalists and the media they control seem intent on exploiting, adding weight to a long running plan to divide the US from its key oil partner and thus ending the petro-dollar without any links back to them.

    The Immigrant Caravan

    Illegal immigration is a pillar issue within U.S. politics, at least in terms of conservatives and their support far any particular piece of legislation or government action. My position is the conservative one because it is the logical one – I am not against immigration as long as it is done legally. Open border policies are a travesty that create an influx of people who do not necessarily share the values set forth in the American Constitution. We have already seen the economic and social disasters that have befallen Europe due to their open border policies, and it would be foolish to repeat that process here. No foreign person has a “right” to access to the U.S., just as no American has a right to access to any other country.

    Now comes the part of this issue that conservatives might not want to hear.

    Is illegal immigration a form of invasion? I would say yes, especially if it is being encouraged or funded by globalist interests. That said, we must be careful not to respond to this invasion as if it is a military one. It isn’t.

    Why? Because military invasions require military responses, and military responses invariably lead to more power for governments. Troops on the southern border of the U.S. might sound rational given the circumstances, but I would remind liberty movement activists of a little program they should all be familiar with: Rex 84 and Operation Garden Plot.

    As I warned in my article ‘How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.‘, published in 2016, the globalists have long been planning a potential trigger for martial law measures in America using a southern border “invasion” as a rationale. The exposure of Rex 84 came unexpectedly during the Iran/Contra hearings, and the documents are available to read here.

    Rex 84 mentions the use of facilities, or detention camps, as a means to control the hypothetical border invasion.  This led to the long running “conspiracy theory” of so-called FEMA camps. The pre-existence of FEMA camps is not an issue I delve into (as we saw during Katrina, a sports stadium could easily be turned into a FEMA camp in a matter of days). That said, the posture of the Trump Administration at this time due to the coming migrant caravan reminds me in a disturbing way to the script outlined in Rex 84.

    How far will Trump go to secure the border? Will he declare martial law on the border as he seems ready to do? Would it stop at the border, or would it spread like a cancer? After all, once martial law is used to deal with unruly migrants, why not use it to deal with unruly leftists? Will conservatives go against their constitutional principles and support such a policy?

    There is a good reason why the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was passed. Originally, it prevented the use of military as law enforcement within the US unless an act of Congress bid otherwise. Of course, George W. Bush and the Neo-cons changed all that with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, an act that was barely covered by the mainstream media at the time, and which gives the President full power to declare martial law unilaterally.

    Some people may argue that Posse Comitatus is an outdated concept and that other protections are in place to prevent a totalitarian outcome. But are there really any protections?

    As Gen. Wesley Clark once publicly proclaimed in an MSNBC interview, internment camps could be used in the U.S. for anyone considered “disloyal to the U.S.” Trump has recently announced a plan for “tent cities” for incoming migrants, which, again, sounds a lot like the plan described in Rex 84.

    Where would the dominoes stop once they start to fall? I suggest that they will not stop. I suggest that if we support martial law measures on the southern border rather than revamping existing border patrol agencies and building that wall that Trump was so fond of promising, the end result will be martial law measures applied to the rest of us as outlined in Rex 84.

    Trump’s War With The Federal Reserve

    I predicted Trump’s eventual war with the Fed over a year ago, and I have written on the dangers if such a war recently, so I will not go into as much detail on this event. I will say that like the immigrant caravan, this is another issue in which conservatives could be tricked into reacting without thinking of the long game.

    In my article ‘The Economic End Game Explained‘, I outline the strategy being used by globalists to diminish the U.S. economy as a means to open the door to mass support for a global monetary system controlled by the IMF and possibly the BIS. This is a strategy they have openly discussed in their own publications.

    To be clear, the Fed has indeed acted as a destructive force within the U.S. economy. Fed officials have openly admitted on numerous occasions to creating and then bursting financial bubbles that have led to disastrous results for the American public. Jerome Powell, the current Fed chairman, warned in 2012 of the eventual and pervasive market crash that would occur if the Fed raised interest and cut balance sheet assets while markets were still addicted to easy credit. Now, he is enacting those exact policies knowing what will happen.

    While I fully support the dismantling of the Federal Reserve as a saboteur of the U.S. economy, what I am concerned about is who will rebuild the U.S. system afterwards? A White House war on the Fed will help cause the death of the dollar’s world reserve status. This is a guarantee. Our economy is utterly dependent on this status for it’s continued stability.

    You see, the globalists have created a Catch-22; if conservatives do not shut down the Fed, the Fed will continue raising rates and cutting its balance sheet into economic weakness just as they historically always have. The “everything bubble” will burst and a collapse will result. If we shut down the Fed our currency will lose reserve status and dollars held overseas will come flooding back into the U.S. through various channels causing hyperinflation (among other things). A collapse is unavoidable.

    Again, who will be in charge of the rebuilding? Will it be the American public, or will it be the globalists? Given the fact that Trump retains banking elites and globalists within his own cabinet, we cannot rely on him to do the work in favor of a free citizenry. Conservatives should be very careful in the coming months as to who they support and why.  Most narratives are NOT what they seem.


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        • We don’t have a democracy. We have a republic. Every time you hear the word “democracy” . . . think “bull shit.”

          This fits real well with what the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, and the Cuomo Mafia Family, said about how “America was never that great.” 50-years of economic decline in New York State. Most of while the Cuomos have been in charge (since the 1980s). New York State was never that great.

          We don’t have a democracy. We have a republic. Every time you hear the word “democracy” . . . think “bull shit.”

          Steven Clifford’s statement fits real well with what others have said: “The last refuge of the scoundrel is patriotism.”

          So, now killing straight white males is your patriotic duty. Because that is what Clifford is recommending . . . violence against white people. Clifford is pushing racism out of both sides of his mouth. And Clifford is a white male.

          Worse than that is will white males go willingly? Will white males comply? Or will there be blood? Because that is what it is going to come down to. If Clifford and his ilk want to rid the world of white men, fine. There are still plenty of black males our white women can mate with.

          • I am not doing anything willingly that I don’t want to do. The left doesn’t know what real resistance is, and most people apparently don’t want to educate them.

          • They will find quite a few white males are the ones owning the guns.

          • I disagree. I agree that democracy is bullshit, but we were given a republic, only to let it slip away. Many of the amendments and policies put in place the last 150+ years did all that republic stuff in.

          • These cities, states, municipalities and many others will be the catalyst that brings it all down one day. New York is at the top of the list as well.


            And no we do not have a democracy, which is actually mob rule. We have a constitutional republic that gives you built in protection from an out of control government entity and bureaucrats we have today. The first and second amendments as well as the Bill of Rights included measures and concepts to insure we do not have to accept tyrrany from government at any level. Both the constitution and Bill of Rights were for the purpose of protecting you from an out of control government entity and little else. But we still must demand and enforce those rights or we lose them in todays world of lies and distortions.

            The 300 million guns does NOT do that only people wiling to stand up can do that. Finicum stood up along with his cohorts and he showed us what tyrrany and out of control looks like in spades ! Then we got lucky and Trump was elected instead of Hillary.

          • We don’t even have a republic anymore.

            How many “super delegates” does the democratic party have for the presidential election?


            That is enough to change any Democratic primary.

            Is that a free and fare election? Of course not. That is the powers that be keeping control of who they want nominated.

            So, we are not a democracy and we are no longer a republic.

            • I wasn’t going to as far as you did, John. But you are right, none-the-less. We are what former President Jimmy Carter — an oligarchy, a corporate oligarchy. At least until CNN shut him down.

              • The FED has been at War with the American people and our economy since 1913 undermining our government, money system, keeping us in a perpetual war stance to rack up trillions of needless debt and the world hates America. The 3ew cabal of money changer thieves need to be destroyed. That’s out biggest enemy right here in our soil. Trump needs to re-enact EO-11110. An new US Dollar backed by Silver.

            • We are always only what we choose to demand and enforce ! When we do neither we are ruled by tyrrants !

        • Do you realize that almost everything that is known about ancient non-white civilizations is the result of a white man painstakingly excavating, translating, preserving, cataloging, cross-referencing, networking, and studying? That every bilingual dictionary is the result of the white man’s efforts? That the Greeks traveled the Silk Road in ancient times cataloging and studying every group of people they encountered (Mecca didn’t exist)? That the reason for white exploration the bridged the countries of the world was the Muslim blockading of the Silk Road which collapsed the economy of Europe by 1/3?

          Do you think the Hondurans will go to such efforts to preserve our culture?

        • this is why we have a 2A

          • The Murder Of Jamal Kashoggi

            NOBODY gives a shit about him and nobody had even heard of him before this.

            Democrats are trying to make this an issue and blame Trump before the midterm elections, but nobody cares.

            • The MSM made themselves the “Enemy of the People” all by themselves. The “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” are the face of MSM, but think about it. 300-newspapers organized themselves in a conspiracy to only report negatively on President Donald Trump.

              Since Trump is a duly-elected president, meaning by the people, that means that anything MSM says about Trump is being said about Americans, too. Same thing with the “New York Times.”

              I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I heard that Jamal Khashoggi was an employee of the “Washington Post,” I was like: “Good! About time somebody sent a message to the Enemy of the People.

        • I would dare that Steven Clifford to come say that to me face-to-face.

          • Wonder if Steven Clifford is related to Stephanie G Clifford aka Stormy Daniels.
            Her middle name is………drumroll, please……….GREGORY.
            Kind of, uh, unique.

          • why ???

            so you can shit your pants and run away crying ??

            your a brain dead redneck nothing more

            stay in GA and give us in memphis some rest from your BS

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • Steven Clifford’s statement fits real well with what others have said: “The last refuge of the scoundrel is patriotism.”

            He would not last 5 seconds at a VFW convention.

        • “The Murder Of Jamal Khashoggi” It’s already old news. Yes it was a poorly conceived way to eliminate this guy by SA, so I’m guessing that those individuals involved were not real professional assassins in Saudi Intelligence, which is a force to be reckoned with in the Muslim World.

          Bottom line: nothing to see here, move along.

          “The consequences are immense. The end of diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia could result on the part of Western nations.”

          FALSE. Not a chance. Europe needs Saudi oil and the Europeans, behind close doors, recognize that this sort of thing, as sloppy and nasty as it was, is part of the Great Game.

          Bottom line: Nothing to see here, move along.

          “The decoupling of the U.S. from Saudi Arabia has been in the making for years. This is not something new, ……. there is no shortage of reasons why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia might end relations.”

          FALSE. Not gonna happen. The US and Israel NEED Saudi Arabia to buy HUGE sums of weapons to support their respective arms industry (note: Israel & SA just concluded a major arms deal
          selling SA sensitive surveillance technology.)

          AND they need SA to absorb the first wave of attacks from Iran once the pin is pulled. Bottom line: despite any differences that the USA & SA have they have a more pressing argument to be close allies: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          The law passed by Congress was just an attempt to placate Americans and extract money from the Saudis for 911 which everyone who knows anything about 911 understands it was an inside job: a False Flag by the CIA, with Mossad, & Saudi Intelligence participation.

          More BS from Brandon. 🙁

        • If that is not a declaration of war on White people, what is?

          • CNN already declared that White Men are the nation’s largest terrorist threat.

            • Hey J Stiner You still watchin that Commie propaganda fake news CNN scum channel?

      1. “[T]he economic, social and geopolitical systems we are familiar with are changing or destabilizing rapidly . . . .” What is being said here is that you can you can tell a lie all you want to; eventually the facts take control.

        Forget Joseph Goebbels comment about: “Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth.” A lie is still a lie. A lie is a wrong that cannot be corrected with another lie. We all know the BLS numbers are a bald-faced lie. If Americans were fully employed making just a dollar and hour, living, and eating and sleeping in their cars the US government would still be crowing about the “Recovery.” But is just ain’t so. This is the truth about the whole raw deal.

        The chickens come home to roost. You can hunt chickens with a shotgun. The “scattershot method” comes down to shoot first then aim second. There’s got to be a target in there somewhere. You shoot chickens with a shotgun and you end up with chicken everywhere.

        Maybe this whole caravan(s) thing is all part of the plan. Maybe it is. Let a situation get out of control, declare Martial Law on a whole country, until you can rid it of the cancer of illegal immigration, and we are all guilty until further notice.

        The chickens of a bankrupt nation are coming home to roost. Do you want an angry and armed mob burning the place to ground over a government that finds it easy to welch on their promises to a whole country? And — more to the point — has always lied to its own people.

        The US government and the Military Industrial Complex have been fiddling abroad while the clouds of war have gathered over the United States. When Civil War breaks out in the United States will the bullies abroad be cowards at home?

        Imagine a government that will not do what is necessary to fulfil the oath they took to defend the United States from all threats foreign and domestic. Imagine a government that will not defend this nation’s borders from an invasion. Imagine a government that will not use force upon an invading army, but will defend the rights of foreigners to betray and murder its own citizens.

        • Haven’t posted here in a long time. I don’t like Mac’s “filtering” of comments, but it is his site, not mine. So if this comment makes it, so be it. In reference to the illegal invasion headed our way, (not “immigrant caravan”), I saw something very interesting today. My wife and I were traveling on I-20 East of Dallas an hour or so this am when we came across a ton of military vehicles and hardware headed West on flatbed trucks. I am not talking about jeeps and spotlights. I am talking a shit load of heavy stuff. APC’s, tanks, fuel trucks, Hummers, etc. Saw the same thing coming back this evening. I don’t know if it is headed to the border or not, but my guess is that it is. If I was one of those guys headed this way and saw what I saw, I would be burning a 180 in my sandals. I don’t think the man is playing with these guys. Just my 2 cents.

        • the blame-e, all we are seeing now is simply the lies , distortions and illusions that were created beginning to melt down because the DEM/DSA lost power and are desperate to evade all of their crimes.

      2. Ya know I couldn’t give two squirts of owl shit for Cashhoggy. The Saudi’s are like the Mafia, they take care of their own. You step outta line….botta boom botta bing you pay the fine. And the mess better get squeekie clean. That’s how the mob handled it during the 30’s.The dessert is full of unmarked graves. Tell me why should I give a rat’s ass.

        • You would think they would do a better job killing someone.

          It was like amateur hour and the three stooges trying to dispose of a body.

      3. This along with thousands of other reasons are why folks prep,also,remember to BLOAT!

        As a very wise poster says,”Prepare for tomorrow while enjoying the day”.

        • I saw a good bumper sticker that said, “carry 24/7 or guess right.”

      4. Turkey is competing with the Saudis for control of the caliphate. That’s why the Turks released the intel on the murder. There has probably already been one attempt on MBS life. He pissed off a lot of rich Saudis. If I’m not mistaken, he wasn’t next in line for the throne. He may have jumped the line. He also wanted to end the agreement with the radical Wahabis. That deal includes financial support for the Wahabi schools in return for unification of Saudi Arabia. The outcome actually does have importance for the West.

        • According to non MSM reports, Mohammad bin Salman was in Las Vegas the night of the shootings. Some believe there was an assassination attempt on his life and that there were helicopters trying to take him down while MbS was trying to get out of LV via the airport. Eyewitness accounts detail shootings at the airport.

          He returned to Saudi Arabia and threw most of his family in jail because he believed they were behind the LV assassination attempt.

          Was this a false flag? Were there actually an assassination attempt AND a shooting that night in LV? Has anybody read how many eye witnesses died right after the LV shootings? Was there a connection between MbS to the LV shootings? Was there a connection to Mohammad bin Salman disappearing for several months recently?

          I guess only the Shadow knows . . .

        • Turkey is placating to the ISIS inspired people where Saudis are on a different religious spectrum.

      5. The Third Way! No it’s not a cult but every prepper should consider it as an option.

        Preppers always talk about bugging-in or bugging-out (i.e. living off grid) but what about another option; imposing on friends and family or renting a room.

        The order of my options in SHTF are as follows:

        1. Bug-in 70% (because I have all my cool stuff here)
        2. Impose/Rent a Room 20-29% (because having access to electricity and/or plumbing is PRICELESS)
        3. Bug-out 1% (because I’m to old and lazy to imitate Jeremiah Johnson)

        As a result of my philosophy, I just got a portable Oven from Costco (ON SALE NOW $40.00 off Now Only $99.00). Now I wont have to be limited to a toaster over when I’m living in a relatives Garage/Basement.

        • Bugging out is running away.

          Haven’t we done enough of bugging out in California, Illinois, and New York State? Haven’t we had a belly-full of running away? Stop running away America. Organize. Resist. Fight Back. Don’t be cowards.

          I lived on the west coast for almost twenty-five years. It’s already a shit hole out there. Out of control illegal immigration. Homeless camps. Homeless American Citizens. Fukushima radiation coming ashore and showing up in Nappa Valley Wines, in sea food, in the death of a whole ecosystem.

          By bugging out (running away) you are no different than the illegal immigrants who let their countries be turned into shit holes when they were required to take a stand and fight. Should have taken their country back is no excuse. You are required to stand against tyrants and despots. This is why all countries and all peoples every where should have a 2ND Amendment.

          America, don’t be like them. Stand and fight. Take your country back. Running away, bugging out is not an option. Once you start running away, you never stop. And, eventually, you run out of places to bug out to, and never something to run away from.

          • The big problem with blame -e advice is there isn’t any cohesive force no leaders no uniting cause. No glue to hold any type of resistance together. Our number that are ready willing and able are so few the Government isn’t even worried about us. Even Gernomino quit fighting when he could no longer stand to hear the crys of the hungry children. Most when they get just a little bit uncomfortable and weary will gladly go turn themselves in to a FEMA Camp. Trump will never MAGA. The Republic will never be restored. Stand and Fight? who do we fight? Take your country back? The USA that the framers envisioned was always flawed. and began to erode freedom when the Whisky Rebellion was fought. my hope is to survive the 90% die off. I will not go on the offensive in some futile attempt to save the USA.

            • “Stand and Fight? who do we fight?”

              The chicken shit falls from the top down. Always has. Always will.

              The “Powers That Be” PTB want us fighting each other. However, there is always enough common ground that the two sides in a Civil War could join together and take out their tormentors in an afternoon.

              The Rich Elites — Storm the homes of all un-elected, rogue billionaires. Burn them to the ground. Look how unhinged George Soros got just getting a fake bomb from his fake political party.

              The Corporate Oligarchs — Stop buying their stuff.

              The MSM — Stop buying their propaganda. Storm the offices of the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post.” Demand responsible journalism. Demand laws forbidding the ownership of the MSM by just five (5) corporations.

              Professional politicians — Term limits. Mandatory retirement age. Our current government looks like the Soviet Era Russian Politburo. Maxine Waters is 80-years-old. Why is she still in office? Nancy Pelosi is 78-years-old and suffers from dementia. Diane Feinstein (85-years-old), just inflicted the worst travesty of justice on the country in 50-years with this Christine Blasey Ford Neo-McCarthyism.

              Professional political family dynasties — Mandatory term limits. Limits on only one family member being allowed to serve in high office forever.

              The Cuomo Mafia Family has been in control of New York State since the 1980s. While the state has endured 50-years of economic decline all Governor Andrew Cuomo has done is inflict the most draconian gun control on a state. Cuomo is complicit (along with the Catholic Charities) in the state-building going on under the banner of “Open Borders.” How many lawsuits does he have out there against a duly-elected President of the United States? Why does the State of New York have to involve itself in the affairs of Puerto Rico?

              Enough of the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Cuomos, the McCains. Enough.

              These are the enemies of the people.

              • And everything you state isn’t viable. All those actions you suggest would do Is justify the effort to bring on more restrictions from the Left. The reasonable and prudent thing is to prep to take care of you and yours. Go Galt become self reliant. Be a gray man. Avoid crowds. the hard fact is things change. You cannot roll back or prevent change. You must learn to effectively be versitile and adapt to a changing political environment. And No we can never get along. The two sides are both so entrenched into their brainwashed core concept that they will never untie in a common cause, In short blame-e you are delisional in your far fetched so called solution. You don’t even know what the real problem is. Ive said it many times. Its not a race ,religion or political problem. Those things are simply symptoms. The problem is too many Parasite Takers and Too few Producing Makers. That situation no mater what government, what race you are or what religion you are is Never ever Long Term Sustainable. Now there is a solution to that lopsided imbalance. Its a great culling. And eventually that culling will happen. I don’t know the who .what or how it will happen. But I know the why. Why? Because there are too many Takers and too few Makers . The Takers must be and eventually will be culled.

              • The chicken shit falls from the top down

                My chickens can fling shit everywhere. They have become experts at flinging chicken shit while scratching. They have been watching Democrat commentators on TV.

          • I agree blame-e.Stay where you belong don’t come to our state and screw it up. Look what is happening to Florida,the liberals from CA,NY,CO,and IL, are moving into North West Florida clogging the roads,overloading the infrastructure,Increasing crime,and now wanting to elect a gd black Commie clone of Obuthole.If he gets in and some Red Neck doesn’t take him out we are in a real mess.

        • teamwork is part of surviving nearly anything. and if one can group together with like-minded, well-talented individuals, it’s a good bet.

          the bad news is that “imposing” or renting a room means you are under the thumb of whoever owns that house. if the owner of that house or most dominant housemate decides they don’t like you running that portable oven in their basement, or uses it as a pretext to make you pay *all* the electric bill… if they veto your idea of getting a couple of dogs for protection… if they put the kibbosh on your idea of starting a garden in the backyard… you are stuck with that unless you move into someone else’s house of dictatorial horrors.

          used to live in san francisco. the housemate thing is very common practice there, and it’s both transient and taxing.

          sort of like having a live-in homeowners association. not cool. unfortunately one must be choosy when it comes to housemates, etc. though done right, you might save your life, not to mention tons of money.

      6. This video is not news to us but is still worth watching and explains a major reason why I/we prep. This site has become on of my favorites.

        • The presenter states that if Liberals don’t want you to do something, then it’s probably a good idea to do it.

          • He briefly said, “without phone service”

            In 2005 during Hurricane Rita, the cell services was out for 7 days.

            That experience prompted me to get my amateur radio license and buy a number of HAM radios.

            Something you should think about. How are you going to communicate if the phones are out.

            • I have walkie-talkies and solar panels for recharging. I also have one of those waterproof emergency broadband radios that you crank to get power. But I would love to get a ham radio license, put up a 70-foot tower. Now that would be a really good threesome.

              One of my Dad’s old army buddies had a ham radio license. He was talking with people in Canada, Florida, and even Texas. The Rocky Mountains kind of interfered with his reception westward. But this was back in the 1960s. Things have probably changed.

              Well worth the money.

            • And to add to that, work on getting upgrades for your license. I started as a tech in 2003, got my General in 07, and my Extra in ‘11. It’s worth the time, to have the ability and band privileges for longer distances and other modes.


        Steve, so now we’re getting deployed to the border starting early December. I want to say, that if there was a “safe” route for the caravan to go then give these to considerations.

        Best bang for their buck would be through the California border. Governor Browns traitorist ass stood down the local and state police last time I was at the border when the walls were being built. Brown can use his connection with Tijauna and secure a path for the caravan. Maybe do a deal with the cartels for protection or for a temporary stand down until the caravan moves on. Then, Gov. Brown can call upon the UN, maybe even suggesting peacekeepers, to come and “help out”.

        Or this scenario. Send the caravan to the most hard core Republican people on the border, Texas. And let an international incident occur on Texas soil. The Democrats are the steering committee for this caravan. They can and will use this to their advantage. They can set up false flag attacks left and right and blame it on whomever. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the UN Peacekeepers we’re called out, from the South American Force like Brazil and maybe even, the new American Peacekeepers that we’ve heard so much about. The UN Obama Army Peacekeepers, plus the mass of protesters on either side of the border will cause enough bedlem that a few “mistakes” could happen and people get shot. Which I think is the desired goal.


        If the United States of America constructs, “Temporary Housing,” for the Mobile Mob Invasion Force…it will become…

        1. America’s, “Gaza;” with all of it’s inherent issues, dangers, and “Antifa Fountains”, just like those found in the Middle East.

        2. An economic, “deal breaker,” for The Mobile Mob Invaders and the American annual [PB] budget. The cost per person to provide food, shelter, clothing, water, medical/dental/optical, will exceed each person’s daily/weekly/monthly, and annual income, within the first 14 – 21 days. This includes a constant Federal, State, Local, Military presence to keep them inside the de-facto Refugee Camp(s).

        3. To prove America as a, “humanitarian society,” employers will seek to offer “daily work/jobs,” to these, “Refugees.” If this evolves…America will eventually become, “the world’s biggest Refugee Camp.”

        4. Hurricane’s, tornadoes, soaking rains, snow, freezing rains, etc., will provide, “natural cover for escapes.” These will become deadly illegal aliens, who will go to and do anything to remain, “free and outside the horrid Refugee Camps.” America’s sovereignty will be lost.

        5. Eventually…these Mobile Mob Invaders will be given:
        A. Social Security numbers and benefits.
        B. Annual Medical Plans; most provided at taxpayer’s expense.
        C. Preference for educational programs, “to make them viable for becoming’ good citizens and a labor pool worth developing.”
        D. These Mobile Mob Invaders will become a powerful, “political voice and voting block.”
        E. Become, “acceptable political candidates, representing their people.” And thus, rape, ravage and savage; pillage and plunder America’s political system and social landscape.
        F. They will form there own, “internal government, with representatives; demanding to be heard…or else !!”
        G. This will provide the, “Enough!!!,” from the land owners general populace of the Republic of Texas, [fomenting] war with these Mobile Mob Invaders, Mexico, Central America—then spilling over into South America.
        H. They will receive financial assistance from, “those within and outside of the United States of America, to build there own radio, television, presses, etc., to validate…,”they are real people and are here to stay !!”
        I. These Refugee Camps will quickly become, “no go zones.”
        J. These Refugee Camps will quickly become ground zero for recruiting Islamic militants, gang members, insurgent activists, creating a definite fighting force to overthrow the State of Texas, and reconquer America’s Southwest as a/the ligitimit land of Mexico.
        K. America’s Southwest will become a wasteland of immigrants, an impoverished people ready to, “take what is perceived as their ancient birthright, overthrow The United States of America Federal, State, Local governments, make America —and Americans—-pay for their past sins against the people south of America’s SW border.”

        6. These events now unfolding are the prelude to a deadly war of/for survival of America Americans. China, Russia, Islam, and ethnic minorities will come together to defeat America and enslave the American people.

        7. The resultant ramifications will be a world without America. Some nations will literally starve to death for lack of what was once considered and expected Foreign Aid. The world will become, “a prison planet;” the strong will enslave the weak, who will provide a work force working under slavish circumstances and conditions.

        8. It’s the NWO and the Elitist Evolution of Socialism—Hello and welcome…

        The Book of Revelation, with all of its impending prophecies becoming, “The New Norm.” Unquote.

      9. Who can explain who financed thousands of people traveling from South America to the USA. It is cheaper to stop financing this march than to send and maintain troops. Who needs it? Who is the organizer?

        • Mr. Kovran: The “Caravan” is being funded by George Soros, the UN, and numerous religions NGO’s of various denominations. Go to the WRSA website and look up the postings from about 5-8 days ago. The documentation is there.

          • Ya, dont ya just love that the catholic charities are funding this shit, and then they wonder why nobody likes catholicism any more,,,

            • Nailbanger, the catholics are socialist. They support the NWO and the entire globalist agenda. My late wife was raised catholic but broke away from them before I met her. She told me stories about them, especially the clergy, that would blow you away.

              • Read the history on the present pope and where he goes so goes the church…

            • It was the Perverted Pedo Priesthood who were the mastermind behind the mass exodus of Mexican villages into the United States.

              The Catholic Church set up 500 food banks strategically placed around America to facilitate the INVASION (an army cannot move on an empty stomach) and developed a smuggling operation to move ILLEGALS across the country …. via one Walmart parking lot exchange to another.

              The plan was to move these masses of people into the high Electoral College states first, like Fla & NY & Massachusetts to solidify Dem control of those states, then move on to NC, Virginia, Georgia, and the HEARTLAND: Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, etc.

              The Catholic Church gets $20,000 per refugee from American taxpayers. This system was facilitated by Catholics and Mormons in Congress. Think Pelosi & Bonehead John Boehner.

              TREASON. FUCKING TREASON !!! 🙁

            • catholic charities- entirely funded by taxpayers, as are all “refugee relief” agencies

        • The organizer is Pueblo Sin Fronteras. More on it here:
          ht tps://

          Yeah, it has links to Chicago.

      10. We knew it was coming.

      11. China will be teetering from tariffs, debt and not enough jobs. Big trouble for them.
        They are slowing down. The Communist Party has many worries right now.

      12. Yes, I agree, the globalist cabal have planned this years ago.
        Obunghole has been out there spreading his poison, organizing
        and gathering his deep pocketed friends. He claims he is a
        Constitutional lawyer…. but in reality he is neither….just an expert
        He studied ways to defeat the Constitution…. because as a son of a
        communist …he hated it.
        He asked a communist to fund his Harvard education….that is proof.
        He sealed his transcripts from Harvard…. which people said were
        communist leaning…and organized those groups. (Hate groups.)

        If someone looked hard enough they would find he has ties to this

        He laughed in July 2010 that HIS “ARMY WAS BIGGER THAN
        OUR US ARMY”…and set out to stack some of his “army” in government
        positions. He flew ME muslims in by the plane loads….daily, and sent
        out flyers to all our enemy countries that our borders were open.

        2000 – 2500 a day (minimum) have crossed every day, since then…
        Northern and Southern border.
        He tried for 8 years to sink our economy and all sovereign countries
        and is still trying.

      13. You never get rid of despots like McCain and his Ilk. They die off and are replaced by someone else just as horrible. Our nation and most of the planet,s goverments has reached the terminal phase where everything is kept afloat by debt. The worst thing that can happen is the majority of people wrongly begin to believe that they themselves no longer need to produce. They think some lower paid peon or serf will produce for them. And them the productive become jaded and give up and join the ranks of the non productive.You need to prep like you life and the lives of your loved ones depends on it. Because that’s where we are at.

      14. Keep Stacking.

        …Be Safe….stay the course….BA.

        • Stay away from crowds…..

      15. This sound plausible and possible. Scary stuff. Keep buying bullets.

      16. To solve the problems of mankind…
        Stop the growth of everything.

        Deflate this shit back to 1600.

        • Yeah but…

          If you survive the Great Culling…and we go back to 1600

          Do you want your wife or daughter to die in childbirth because she needed the expertise and equipment (no longer available) to save her from a 1 in a 500 situation ?

          Do you want to suffer and die from a stupid infection in your abscessed tooth ? (Much less have someone pull that tooth with no pain reliever other than a little alcohol) ?

          Do you want to watch your family starve because of crop failure?

          If you live in a 4 season climate, do you want to poop outside in the Winter?

          Just a few of the joys of 1600…


          • Bb I GA of course the answer to your questions is NO. Of course I like the comforts and pleasant things we enjoy today. In fact all I ever wanted to do was draw my Social Security Ponzi Check and play Hobby Farm. Unfortunately there are other folks who want and wish to infringe on my rights to do as I wish on my own land. bullshit stuff like requiring my burro to have a coggins test every year. My dog to visit the vet even when nothing is the matter with him. Making me purchase a hunting & fishing license to hunt or fish on my own land. Making it illegal for me to kill a varmit that is killing my chickens & livestock or raiding my garden. And Im certain after the culling and 90% die off it will revert to a stone age existence for a time. Yes indeed it will become survival of the fittest not pretty or pleasant. Its a given that many will die only the hardy and lucky will pass on their (better?) genes. I can use clove oil and the juice from wild lettuce to deaden that pain and pull a tooth. you don’t poop outside in the winter. You poop in a thunder jug and carry that out to the outhouse. you fight infection with natural herbs like golden seal ect. You need to have the necessary Know How. The biggest danger will be from other humans.

            • Absolutely agree on all your points.

              The head of my list of Local Governmental gripes is Property Tax – the most evil scheme where we never really own our land and can’t hold onto it if we become cash poor.

              I knew some of the twists you offered, but most people don’t/won’t and I guess that makes them/us part of the die-off cohort.

              I was being extreme to illustrate several common things that are associated with a casual nod to pre-modern living.


      17. A rude awakening is coming. Forget plan A. We’re going to blow right through plans B and C. Adapt. Be very flexible. Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

      18. And for more scary but real stuff, read this:
        ht tp://

        There is a Scribd link to the actual 45 commie goals document in this article. Compare those goals listed in 1963 to how the USA looks now.

        And one more item to read: ht tps://

      19. So all this time Alex Jones was right? Incredible.

        www dot infowars dot com/show

        Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

      20. Strange that it’s happening over and over and people don’t notice.

        As long as it’s legal to bet on what certain commodities will be worth, the global banking maffia will rule by manipulating prices at the stock market by creating certain events. The mob and its lackeys now don’t even care to maintain infrastructure and allow for living wages, because they are not afraid of the divided flock anymore. Of course, they are making millions of times more than old-times mobsters used to by getting politicians elected in return for lucrative government contracts.

        Obviously, much of the computer-generated insider trading should be illegal, but how can you expect foxes to protect the henhouse?

        Voting reminds me of a streetwalker who is allowed to choose her pimp. No matter what, she will be screwed.

      21. Good piece.

        I will lay it down as simply and directly as possible. The Old America – liberty, justice for all, blah, blah – and the post-WWII America – the dollar system – are going to be replaced.

        Nobody in the world wants this system apart from some white crackers in the US. US banks don’t want it anymore, rich Americans don’t want it anymore.

        It will be replaced with a global financial system that incorporates Russia and China and Saudi Arabia as the three stools of a multilateral governance system. Russia and China are both superpowers and also resource and people rich. Saudi Arabia is both people rich and resource rich but, importantly, is the leader of the world’s Muslims and keeps them in check. Islamic finance is a HUGE part of the global economy.

        We are currently in transition mode where the US now has a president who is no better than Clay Davis from The Wire: a grasping douche bag politician who is just trying to grab as much green as possible along the way. The bigger plan is there and is well underway. Trump can’t stop it even if he wanted to.

        Currently Americans are under debt slavery and debt lock-down. IF the US goes to a military governance model depands on civil unrest. I can certainly see it coming but it will go in place in a stealthy way – a little bit her, a little bit there. The airports are already in lock-down mode. I can see the border going that way.

        • Frank, are those your words? Russia only has 140 million people. Saudi Arabia has very few people. China doesn’t have much in the way of energy resources. The Globalists want one world government, but most of us don’t. The Marxists want one world government, but we here don’t. I want my country back, and the liberty that it used to have.

      22. After seven generations of production in Woolrich, PA, the company of the same name is closing down. They are moving all operations overseas.

        “…we are continuing the next stage of the globalization of the Woolrich brand.

        When I was young everyone had a Woolrich hunting outfit. Now they’re mostly all polyester from the far east.


        • So much for all that bringing jobs back to the US, eh?

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          Besides calling the same weapon (the semi-automatic rifle), that has been legally available to US Citizens since 1937 an “Assault Rifle,” an infringing upon accurate language (AKA the truth), the enemies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights infringe upon the right of American citizens right to form a militia. How are you supposed to have a militia if you can’t get the gear a militia needs?

          Buy China crap?

          It’s all part of the plan.

      23. Brandon Smith, thanks for another thoughtful article. I beg to differ on one phrase you used, “tricked into reacting” in reference to the FEDERAL RESERVE. For more than 100 years Presidents and others in power have elected to be complicit or look-the-other-way regarding the FEDERAL RESERVE. We now have a President that is willing to take the risk of wresting the power away from this non-American-govt. organization. You are correct that a consequence could be the loss of our world-reserve-currency status or other economic failure but allowing the FEDERAL RESERVE to dictate our economic collapse is equally abhorrent. Yes, our President might end up as a nationalist scapegoat like Herbert Hoover but continuing to cede control of our economy to the FEDERAL RESERVE is even worse.

      24. I know my comment is late, at the bottom of the comments, and may never be read, but I have to say this.

        The writer seems to be ignorant. He says there are problems with sending the military to the border. I say he’s wrong.

        Defending our country from invaders is one of the few jobs of the federal government that are listed in the Constitution.

        The “caravan” is a bunch of invaders. They are carrying foreign flags and weapons. We don’t want them here. They are invaders in every sense of the word.

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