Threats Of Tyranny: UK Warns COVID Restrictions Could Remain Unless EVERYONE Is Vaccinated

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The United Kingdom has taken medical tyranny to a whole new level.  The government has threatened to keep some COVID restrictions in place unless every single person living in the UK submits to the vaccine New World Order agenda.

    When will people finally open their eyes to the fact that government is slavery? This totalitarian threat signifies that the government actually believes they own the people living in the UK.  And if you think the options will be better in the United States, you are living in delusional fantasy land.

    Dr. Susan Hopkins, Public Health England’s Covid-19 strategic response director, told Sky News that it was “difficult to say” what kind of rules might be in place in the coming months. However, she noted that when people go on holiday, they tend to “drop their guard a bit” and “mingle in groups.” Hopkins said that such gatherings would likely spread the virus and exacerbate the health crisis.

    “So I think we are going to have to have some measures in place until the whole population is vaccinated, at least all of the adult population.” -Dr. Susan Hopkins, tyrant

    Basically, the ruling class is threatening to continue to remove your freedoms and keep you enslaved unless you agree to be their slave.  And people are still falling for it. We need to wake up.

    According to a report by RT, the UK is still focusing its vaccination drive on the elderly and healthcare workers, and there are currently no set plans for when the vaccine will become more widely available to the public. Around 13 million shots of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the UK so far, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock claiming that among 75- to 79-year-olds, uptake has been 96 percent.

    Tyrannical master (some know him as the UK’s Prime Minister) Boris Johnson said earlier this week that it’s “just too early” for people to begin making summer plans, asking the public to be “a little bit more patient” as the country attempts to navigate the health crisis.

    So you will remain a slave until you take their vaccine, at which point, you will be allowed to continue to serve the ruling class.  Gee, that doesn’t sound dystopian in the least. Be a willing slave or an unwilling slave. Those are your choices.  What great options…


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      1. The real “disease” that is a threat to us all is communism/totalitarianism and “covid” is just the way in which it spreads.?

      2. Notice how the PM Johnson asks the public to be “a little bit more patient” and that my friends is in essence how these assholes have been able to get away with this b.s. for almost a fucking year already.They incrementally just keep adding more and more crap to keep the tyranny going. Oh,just one more week,just one more month,just 15 days to flatten the curve,just a vaccine,just one more mask.That is the way these tyrants operate.They constantly dangle the carrot in front of people and the sheep actually believe something is eventually going to change.When are more people going to wake the fuck up?These tyrants have NO intention whatsoever of ever letting things go back to anything close to resembling normalcy! We are almost at a year of this tyrannical bullshit and there is no end in sight to this insanity.Anyone who may still believe we are ever going back to “normal” is living in lala land!

      3. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m sick of these psychos trying to rule over us. They think because they have all this money it makes them experts on humanity. ?

        • @Marcy,you are so right.These psychos think they own us.Remember,we are not dealing with normal people here.The ones behind this tyranny have no heart,no soul,no empathy and no
          compassion for anyone.They truly are the absolute lowest of the low!!!

          • “no heart,no soul,no empathy and no compassion”

            Agreed. They are textbook psychopaths.

            I think the lesson to take away from this is that Trump’s parting gifts to America put us here. Those “gifts” being 3 consecutive covid emergency declarations and pushing massive public funds into an untested, experimental genetic-altering injection.

            We must keep our eyes on the ball and never forget that Trump started this. We should hold him and his regime criminally liable for the deaths and injuries.

            • Trump is a text-book traitor. Everything he did destroyed the US and the health and wealth of its people. Here is a just a short list of Trump’s betrayals. We will begin a Go FundMe soon to build ‘Mount FagMore’ where we can emboss in granite the two traitor presidents, Donald J. Trump and Barry Obama.

              1) Handing over all data and the internet to China
              2) Fast tracking an experimental gene altering vaccine
              3) Refusing to stop the virus spread because he was too busy getting ready to attack Iran
              4) Pissing off China so they let a biological attack go ahead
              5) Encouraging his idiot patriot supporters to expose themselves so they can be geolocated and arrested

          • ?

      4. Worst thing is that in the minds of these tyrants – they don’t think they are doing anything wrong.In their sick minds – they are correct.Most psychos don’t even realize how psychotic and evil they are. Take Cuomo in NY and Newsom in Commiefornia as two prime examples.

      5. Tyrannical master (some know him as the UK’s Prime Minister) Boris Johnson said earlier this week that it’s “just too early” for people to begin making summer plans, asking the public to be “a little bit more patient” as the country attempts to navigate the health crisis.

      6. This pandemic could be just what the doctor ordered.
        Think about it. The ruling class wants everyone to get this jab.
        The most likely dopes to hurry and get in line are the liberal sheep.
        The libertarians and conservative individualist not so much in a hurry (that would be me)
        The very basic fact that the medical community can NOT tell you what the long term effects are should in and by itself give thinking people pause. Some say it effects both male and female fertility – humm – that sounds very plausible to me knowing that the ruling class wants to downsize the worlds population by 90-95%
        Could it be that the cure is more odious than the disease????

        • Just read an interesting article on

          Ann postulates that these vaccine jabs putting chemicals into our bodies are just setting us up for future jabs that will use these new chems to Kill us.
          The follow up jabs coupled with the existing chems are a toxic mix that will cause death.
          The reason for this method is that those who they want to protect will not get the follow up jab. Kinda the reverse of a required antidote jab.
          Those interested should visit the site

          • @Jakartaman,yeah something is definitely up with this so called “vaccine”. Recently saw a video where a woman pulled apart a covid “swab” from a test kit and you could see the fibers actually moving on their own.Don’t know if it’s nanoparticles, nanites,or whatever but that shit was definitely moving around.Just a reminder to folks to stay away not only from the vaccine but definitely avoid any tests as well.Must be alert as these psychos are coming at us from all angles.The video is available on bitchute.I believe the title is “Woman tears apart covid test kit”.Please for your own health everyone – DO NOT get tested and DO NOT get the “vaccine”.

            • My take on the nasel swab is it is using some substance to permanently implant something for some kind of I.D. the mrna vax is also a form of I.D. Hence Cov I.D. Danger Will Smith! Danger Will Smith!

              • I think the test swabs are collecting DNA

      7. “…the UK is still focusing its vaccination drive on the elderly and healthcare workers…”

        In this country, braceros, public fool teachers, and other ‘essential’ ‘workers’. (sic)

        If you can’t bring yourself to say that it’s fake busywork, daycare for adults, and they’re Fabian socialists, I dare you to take it.

      8. The UK’s biggest problem has been Muslims and blacks. Each group has spent the pandemic rioting, committing acts of terrorism or plotting acts of terrorism. These groups have openly and deliberately spread the virus by refusing to do basic measures like distancing and wearing masks.

        The U.K. will have to face the stark fact these are communities that will never live peacefully in today’s society – they will always find an excuse to be violent and destroy society and the economy.

      9. Covid restrictions will remain, because they will find a new boogeyman virus to keep the restrictions in place.

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