Thousands Donated To A Woman Who Was Fired For Using A Gun To Defend Herself

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 57 comments

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    Jennifer Wertz was fired from her position at a Circle K gas station in Albuquerque after shooting Ferron Mendez as he attempted to rob her. The community has now banded together to donate money to Wertz to help cover for her lost wages.

    Mendez pointed a gun towards Wertz during an attempted robbery, making Wertz realize “it was either shoot or be shot.” When asked, Wertz said that she would rather be alive and without a job than dead. Sentiments shared by most human beings. It was later discovered to be an airsoft gun missing the orange tip, but in the heat of the moment, Wertz did what almost any other would have done to preserve their life.

    Wertz’s mother responded to her firing by creating a GoFundMe page. After recalling the case, Wertz’s mother explained that her daughter was in need of financial help. The GoFundMe page says:

    On 09-18-2017 my daughter was faced with something no person should have to face. That was shoot or be shot. Two armmed robbers came into her work and pointed a gun in her face. She had her gun in her pocket and protected herself and her friends. As a result of saving peoples lives and her own she has now been put out of work for 2 weeks and will most likly lose her job she has had for 5 years. My daughter has 3 kids to care for and needs help now.  The kids are 8, 6, and 2 and with no income she isnt sure what to do. She wont ask for help herself so im doing this for her. She is torn apart emotionally and is in need of time to recover from this ordeal. She has always been a good person, mom, and daughter. She is in need of dire help to support her family. She was already living pay check to pay check and now has no savings or nothing to fall back on. Please help as much as you can to support her and her family until she can find a new job.

    The mother of three has now earned over $71,000, which is well over the original goal of $20,000.


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      1. Circle K, you will not see my money until this employee is reinstated. I will shop in places that support the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment. I understand the store in question is located in the Progressive state of New Mexico, but many patriotic Americans still live there. Your chances of earning profits have been greatly reduced by your idiotic reaction. The lady under attack by thugs has a right to defend herself, period. End of story. If the management team doesn’t have the necessary brain cells to reach the correct solution, then they deserve the consequences.

        • Cranerigger, AMEN. I just added Circle K to my list of businesses to boycott. Let’s see some of their managers become victims of crime and see what they say afterwards.

        • She didn’t earn the money. It was given to her (Not saying she didn’t deserve it. Nice to see people actually coming together as a community).

          I hope somebody comes forward and offers her a job. Won’t be hard to top the job she had. I’m betting she never stops at Circle K again. Shitty way for it to happen, but this may be the hand up she needed.
          It would be cool if she ended up with a city code enforcement job and made life hell for Circle K.
          No word on whether the guy died, but one can hope.
          I’m sure she’s pissed that the lamestream media are making it a big thing that it was an airsoft pistol, like she should have asked before shooting.

          • DBC, I also believe this will open some doors for her. I’m not surprised about the MSM taking up for the perp. They always stand up for minority criminals especially when the victim is white. F#$% the media.

        • I agree. I “carry” all the time and if I see some punkass attempting to rob some woman, like her…?…..that punkass will be bleeding from new holes………….

          This woman deserves a phone call from TRUMP. I hope he hears about this.

        • they deserve to be sued
          if they cannot guarantee her safety than by rights its her job by any means necessary
          if the company doesn’t provide that security than she was justified in her actions regardless of her position in the company and the location she works at

          END OF STORY
          Circle K , step up or see how well this goes over with your profit margins, this country has had enough of any of this bullshit !

      2. You can bet that the CEO of the corporation that owns those gas stations has armed bodyguards complements of the stockholders. I now have a gas station to drive by.

        • Braveheart will be happy to donate to this lady’s cause. Circle K needs to be boycotted. They need to be made to suffer consequences for what they did to this lady. I’m glad she was armed and successfully defended herself. I would’ve done the same thing she did had I been in her shoes.

        • F Circle K.

          HEY, Circle K “owners”, every time I entered your stores I HAD A GUN ON ME (Concealed, Permit, etc.) so I hope you have a bad time sleeping at nights, Sh*theads.

      3. Kudos for her standing up for herself and her fellow employees, and may she invest her gift wisely, perhaps going back to school so she won’t have to work in a convenience store. BTDT, got the uniform shirt.

      4. Perp had an airsoft “with the orange tip removed.” If it looks like a gun I am going to act like it is real. I agree. If it comes down to a perp’s life versus my life I plan on coming out the other side of that encounter alive.

        • PD, agreed. Any dildo who points a gun at me I’ll assume it’s real and act accordingly. Even if it turns out to be a toy gun. NEVER EVER POINT A GUN AT ANYONE UNLESS YOUR LIFE IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER. GUNS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO PLAY WITH. YOU PLAY WITH FIRE YOU’RE GOING TO GET BURNED. BANK ON IT.

          • hey braveheart, you said the word of the DAY…..dildo…..”50 rounds of 9mm for 7 bucks….that’s a good dildo.”

            • BCOD, LOL! Good one!

        • pd… do not let an orange tip fool ya… any muzzle can have orange paint applied to it… that mili second of hesitation could cost you your life…

          • What is the orange paint??? I don’t have any idea! A GUN IS A GUN and if it is pointed at me I’m shooting first!

            • No paint on any of my guns. If one is pointed at me, I’m wasting whatever mofo is holding it, period.

      5. Don’t forget. The store should be boycotted and maybe a call to the owner letting them know they suck. And you won’t be buying gas there.

        And maybe visit and trip over some stuff damaging a bunch of good.

      6. Always better to be tried by 12, than buried by 6.
        Unfortunately, she will likely be sued for wrongful death by the bastards family….and consequently have to spend the $71,000 on her civil defense. Welcome to the new America.!!

        • J, I carry certain self-defense items with me all the time that are probably illegal but I don’t care about any law or policy that can interfere with self-defense. If the perp’s family tried to sue I wouldn’t even respond to them. According to the name of the perp he’s Hispanic. If he and his family were here illegally she won’t hear from them. I don’t think they’d want a visit from ICE.

          • Just committing the robberies Americans won’t!

        • Hope she gets it from GoFundMe and stashes it out of reach of lawsuits.

          • dBC, I would tell the family to go f#$% themselves since they didn’t raise their boy right.

      7. Cops would have killed him
        So what makes her actions any different

        • The left will tell us that shooting the guy would be okay if the cops did it but is unacceptable if an individual does it.

          The left (and many on the right) make the absurd claim that an action can be moral if done by a group but immoral if done by the individual.

        • Just use the favorite cop excuse: “I felt threatened” Seems to work every time.

      8. This is true justice not letting this guy go through the court to be released and kill some innocent. It was handled and he can never hurt anyone. If I was her though I would watch my back his family may be out for revenge.

        • Asshat, the perp was Hispanic so if the family’s status are illegals I doubt if anyone hears a peep from them. But IF they’re here legally then yes she needs to watch her back. If I was in her area I could do a lot for her.

      9. “Gun Free Zones” are no different from Sanctuary Cities. If you live in this country then you live by its Constitution and Bill of Rights. You don’t get to pick and choose either.

        Boycott Circle K until they go broke. Give them the death sentence.

        No federal funds for Sanctuary Cities like Seattle.

        No federal funds for states like California.

        • Blame-e, good points. Criminals don’t recognize the concept of ‘gun free zones’, so why should any of us? I only follow laws that meet constitutional guidelines. I also live by the Bill Of Rights. I’ve had 3 relatives who were cops previously and one of them once told me that only 5% of the laws on the books had any legitimate basis and the remaining 95% are BS. I don’t follow any laws that interfere with self-defense. Self-defense is something very sacred to me. You tamper with that, it’s the same as tampering with life itself. You just don’t interfere with self-defense in my book.

      10. Employee of the year. Would be nice if she was hot. Probably wouldn’t get fired.

      11. The owner/corporation should put themselves in her shoes and wonder what they would have done. When one has a family it doesn’t take but a second to make that decision. Everyone has a right to defend themselves. The perp was the one that took the risk and lost…one less punk to take up oxygen and food.

      12. Don’t buy gas or anything else from them

      13. No Circle K for me until they apologize and rehire this woman who is alive because she defended herself. Stupid corporations.

      14. Circle K. No money from me. Make this right!!!!!!!!!

      15. Im sure this gal can do much better than circle K, especially now

      16. Circle K, I am a man of conscience. Should I ever need to defend my family, I know I will carry it for the rest of my life, as will this poor woman you crucified.

        How dare you attack a woman for defending her life. You are the lowest form of criminals. You enable parasites to feed on our society, and you rate side by side with this criminal.

      17. Better to donate money to this woman than to Snyders political campaign. She actually practices her God Given Rights.

      18. Do NOT spend any money in Circle-Crap stores!! I guess the company would want their staff to just stand there and allow some piece of filth to rob them, shoot them, rape them, who knows what….come on for Gods sake people. Good for this girl. Too bad that criminal is not 6ft under.

      19. Yeah….more and more, you can count on SHTF, and comments, to jump way out ahead of the facts. Click on the hyperlink “fired from her job” at the top of the page to go to the original article, which states she was suspended for 2 weeks.

        Then, to quote Ms. Wertz: “Wertz said she plans to quit her job following her suspension.”

        Yeah, if she can be a big enough drama queen on social media and get 72k in actual, collected, in-hand donations, she probably WILL quit her job….buy a new car, a new big screen TV, and generally live large for a few months, and by this time next year, be working at another ‘stop and rob’.

        • You may possibly be correct. I hope she buys a home with some acreage in the country where she can grow part of her food and her children can play.

      20. TnAndy; That’s an assumption on your part….tell us again in a year.

        • Jim,

          It’s NOT an assumption on my part she wasn’t fired…and that her plan is to quit….it’s in the article.

          Yes, my prediction of her future is an assumption….but based on her obvious choice of spending money on ‘body art’ (see photo), the fact she apparently has 3 kids and no daddy in the picture, one can extrapolate the future.

          • I’d fuckin quit that #ew run place too 8$ an hour is worth that kind of BS!? NFW

            and no one is making people donate

      21. Terribly disappointed to read the robber survived… The lesson here: When you shoot someone, continue firing until the threat is eliminated.

        • Decomposed, go for head shots. Guaranteed death.

      22. Why are there so many fruitcakes so concerned with the rights of the criminals and not the victims? It is “global climate change”! Why do people support Barry Sanders? It is global climate change! Why is there Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Global climate change! Why are NFL players kneeling for the national anthem/ Global climate change! Why is Circle K acting as they do! Pure stupidity!

        • Actually, if you were to examine the corporate policy of a whole lot of companies, you’d find the same thing….a no gun policy. They are scared shitless of the liability of either being for employees being armed, or not addressing it at all.

          That said, one shouldn’t work for such a company with that policy. Ms Wertz chose her own policy (one I can personally sympathize with) over company policy, and should have accepted the 2 week suspension and gone on.

          Bank I dealt with one day popped up signs on the door “no firearms”….I closed my account, told them why, and went up the street to one with no signs.

          • And this ties in with NFL discussion and businesses.

            Other than the protected groups and their protected issues, you as a non-government employer can enforce policies that limit some of your employee’s Rights as enumerated in the DoI and the Constitution.

            Numerous court rulings over a long period in our history support this practice by employers.

            I am satisfied that this situation tends to maximize freedom. You and I don’t have any Right to work for someone.

            Back on the Government side, I’m even against Federal bigfooting States through National Legislation that want to restrict concealed carry or other firearms regs. States Rights are important even when I don’t like the decision.

            I do think there should be some (maybe Federally sourced) accommodation for transient carry and possession through those States and Cities (like that awful situation in NYC airports for checked weapons in compliance w/ TSA)

            However, as consumers of products and services, you and I have the freedom to support those businesses whose policies agree with our beliefs on these matters.

            I like that too…

            Use your freedom to choose, it is precious.


      23. You have missed the whole reason that corporations do what they do. They want a liberal society that they can tell what to do. They want everyone on the goverment dole so they can control you. They want total control of us. You are all doing the right thing. Boycott the company! This woman deserves help. By the grace of God goes us. If we do not have compassion for our fellow humans then we are no different than the corporation that thinks more of the criminal than their employee. Hit them in the pocketbook, just like the NFL they will find out who really has the control. Never do business with them again and write to them or email them to let them know. So happy to see she will have money to live on and hopefully a better job and someone to help her with the money she is getting.

      24. donated, thanks for posting this story

      25. Maybe she rubbed her ‘white privilege’ in the brown gunman’s face? Maybe one of these Circle K flag poles sported an American flag and the perpetrator was offended. Perhaps the perpetrator is an illegal who didn’t get his government welfare check, partly made possible by this Circle K tax paying employee. He was probably just seeking compensation for being short changed? Until we know the whole story we shouldn’t judge. Life is hell south of the border, so why not accept the little pieces of hell exporter from there to here? It promotes multicultural understanding and (this) virtue signaling. Please, no replies. This is a one way conversation! If you don’t question the Bible you shouldn’t question me! Well to play ring toss with my halo.

      26. I hope EVERYONE boycotts Circle K!!!!

      27. I’m in too, CK is a chickenshit org and they’re not getting ANY of my business. What lowlifes! Probably foreign owned anyway

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