“This Quickly Escalates Into Open Warfare” – Why The Government Is Preparing For Post-Election Chaos

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    There have been a wide array of reports suggesting that the U.S. government is preparing military and Homeland Security assets for widespread election fall out. Given the mainstream media’s inclination towards Hillary Clinton and recently presented evidence that Democrat operatives have been attempting to illegally influence the ballot box through falsifying votes and electronic tampering, it appears that concerns surrounding a rigged election are not necessarily unfounded, as President Obama would have us believe.

    With the election just days away, the fix appears to be in and some Americans are readying themselves for a confrontation should one be necessary.

    As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its conclusion, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on Nov. 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    They say they won’t fire the first shot, but they’re not planning to leave their guns at home, either.

    Trump has repeatedly warned that the election may be “rigged,” and has said he may not respect the results if he does not win. At least one paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, has called on members to monitor voting sites for signs of fraud


    Over the past week, some prominent Trump supporters have hinted at violence.

    “If Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket,” former Illinois Representative Joe Walsh wrote on Twitter last week. Conservative commentator Wayne Root fantasized about Clinton’s death while speaking at a Trump rally in Las Vegas on Sunday.

    Back in Georgia, the Three Percent Security Force wrapped up rifle practice in the midday sun. They then headed further into the trees to tackle an obstacle course with loaded pistols at their sides, ready for whatever may come.

    Source: Zero Hedge via Raw Story

    The story comes from the mainstream media, of course, and ties in the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco and the Ruby Ridge incidents, all of which involved people with ties to militias.

    The way the report itself is framed appears to have the purpose of sowing seeds of “crazy conspiracy theorists” into the minds of the general public so that if push comes to shove government actions will be justified in the eyes of the American citizenry.

    But whatever the narrative, it is clear that the possibility of post-election chaos is becoming all the more probable. Whether the initial outcome shows a Trump win or a Hillary win, there are going to be tens of millions of very pissed off people in this country. And there’s a very good chance that some of them will take action, which according to Mike Adams could subsequently lead to open warfare on the streets of America:

    As I’ve publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

    If Hillary Clinton wins, all the Trump supporters who have been violently assaulted, spat upon and physically attacked by the radical left un-holster their concealed weapons and start shooting back. This quickly escalates into open warfare between lunatic leftist Hillary supporters and armed Trump “Second Amendment” people who basically figure they’ve got nothing left to lose anyway, so why not fight to save America?

    Full Report: The Election Is A Ticking Time Bomb: “Chaos Will Erupt In Less Than 100 Days”

    It would only take a small group, perhaps even one that’s operating under a false flag, to light a wildfire that could spread from coast to coast. The assets, as Jeremiah Johnson warns, have already been put into place by the Obama administration:

    In summary, the U.S. is prepositioning its “enemy-assets” to blame – on what the administration does – for a collapsed election labeled as “rigged” or the suspension of the election for any number of reasons, real or illusory, such as a genuine attack the U.S. provokes or an attack the U.S. carries out on itself.  Civil unrest and/or war are the escape hatches to bail out of the Constitution and to take control of the country…not letting either crisis go to waste.  With civil rest or a world war, the administration will be handed the country on a platter – indefinitely – and the election will be a moot point, whether it happened or not.

    Full report: The United States Is Pre-Positioning “Enemy Assets” In Preparation For A Rigged Election

    All of this may sound extreme, but this Presidential election has been nothing short of insane thus far.

    Whatever the outcome, there will be calls of rigging from both sides, especially if it happens to be Hillary Clinton who , as evidence shows, has been rigging things all along.

    It only took one bullet in 1914 to lead to widespread global confrontation. In the end, no one really cared who fired it or who got shot. The assets had already been positioned ahead of time and were just waiting for someone to detonate the powder keg.

    If this is the case in America today, then this election will not end on November 8th, but could drag on for weeks or months as we saw with Bush vs. Gore in 2000.

    Should tensions heat up and lead to confrontation, it is possible that President Obama will call for a national emergency and activate the Doomsday Executive Order to “restore order.” In this instance, the entire country could be on lock-down, so preparing for this outcome now in the event of curfews, rationing or any number of other potential scenarios is in order.


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    The Election Is A Ticking Time Bomb: “Chaos Will Erupt In Less Than 100 Days”

    Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results

    United Nations Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns Or Shooting To Kill”

    Ad Shows Army Prepping for Martial Law: “This Is Not Battle Training. This Is Riot Control”


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      1. Mac, it just keeps getting crazier. I made it to the BOL last night and I’ll be there for the rest of this month, if not longer. I won’t be in the city when TSHTF. Things are becoming way too “interesting”, as the old Chinese proverb goes.

        • Glad you are out there Brave. Good call heading to the BOL for a month if you have the ability to do so.

          Let’s hope the election goes down without any significant issues, because this country is definitely a powder keg waiting to explode right now.

          • Mac, let’s all hope for the best. Even if nothing happens, I prefer to “err on the side of caution” if you get my drift. I don’t regret for one minute leaving the city before election day. You’re right about the country ready to explode. I can feel it in the air. The area where the family and I are located is like the ‘roach motel’. Troublemakers might check in, but they’ll never check out.

            • Brave,good thing you had a “hot date” the other night!

              I would say get to know were every pebble is on that land you at.

              Oh,and tell me you got a few more boxes of Goldfish on your way up!

              • Warchild, LMAO! The ‘hot date’ was supposedly with that turd that’s posting under my name. I won’t touch a black woman with a ten-foot pole. Second, I already know the land better than the back of my hand. Third, LOL, I already had a stash of Goldfish and brought some more from home. In fact, munching on some goldfish as I’m typing this.

                • Brave
                  Had the Wife looking at land in Tenn. found one until she drove around and found a chicken farm about a 1/2 mile away to the south west of the place. prevailing winds are out of the south west.

                  I’m happy you are at your BOL.

                  I hope I’m wrong but I believe that if Hitlery looses there will be riots starting on Fri. or Sat. If she wins I think we have about 6 months before TSHTF. Stay safe my friend!!!

                  • Sarge, that’s a shame about that land. If it wasn’t for the prevailing winds or the chicken farm, it could have been something workable. Even if the scum start having their fun early, I’m already out of harm’s way. They just better stay out of north GA.

                    • NWO will soon recycle the REGIME CHANGE formula they’ve used for decades in Latin America and in M.E. during FIRST ARAB SPRING in 2005 (which fizzled out) & their phony Arab Spring Sequel in 2011. Use election fraud to incite riots, which then destabilize the targeted country to overthrow gov. Escalate the civil strife by deploying foreign black ops troops and call the covert foreign invasion a domestic “civil war”.
                      Remember when Assange and his limited hangout CIA psyops were claiming credit for igniting the Arab Spring? They tried to bring it here via Occupy Wall Street but it fizzled out. Egypt “spring” puppet Ahmed Maher even came to NYC to assist & advise the protesters.
                      this one wont fizzle here cause the CIA-MI6-Mossad snipers are deployed to fire on groups posing as “right wing militias” etc. Always wondered how David Wilkerson’s prophecy of 1000s of towns burning and rioting would be implemented in USA unless nuke was used? THIS WOULD BE A WAY. In fact, under a WMD attack? most folks too scared to protest.
                      We’ll soon see.

                  • Sgt. said it before, will say again, if there is still any time left look at the Sequatchie Valley area in Tennessee. I think you and the wife could find a reasonably priced bol there that would meet your needs.

                • Goldfish are not considered a healthy snack, I suggest you switch to Cheetos, a known health food produced on sustainable free-range farms.

                  • I SEE DEAD WHITE PEOPLE…

                    • Get glasses your vision is bad!

                    • Anonymous, you are probably right, the white race is the only race who refuse to live as slaves and what it is going to take to restore our freedom is war. Blacks obvious are scared chickenshit cowards, mexicans I think will side with us.

                    • I see a dead mofo named anonymous if I catch him trying to hurt any white people.

                    • I see dead everybody. Especially gang banging, hood dwelling fools who will run out of ammo quickly.

                    • Big Gut or Bigot?

                  • And they can double as hair curlers. I have seen an actual photo of it.

            • 65% black in Memphis and voted one of the most racist cities in the U.S.?? WHY?? have you stayed??

              • Gore Lost his home state Tenn in 2000. They don’t like Gun grabbers up there. Remember when the Government over steps its authority, like in Ruby Ridge Sept 1992, which was a set up to get weaver to shorten a shotgun barrel length. It was all a Fed set up to arrest him. And they massacred his family.

                And Waco a few years later, the public was pissed when the Government Burned their homes to the ground killing. DID you KNOW HILLARY ORDERED THE FINAL SEIGE ON THE WACO COMPOUND THAT KILLED ALL THOSE INNICENT PEOPLE?

                Hillary Ordered The Final
                Massacre At Waco

                Hillary, not Bill, not Janet Reno, not Webb Hubbell, not Vince Foster was the one who ordered the final assault. Final death count: 76 Branch Davidians, including 21 children and two pregnant women. “A Woman in Charge” From Robert Morrow Clinton expert Austin, TX 512-306-1510 Hillary was the one who ordered the FUBAR final assault on the holed-up Branch Davidians in Waco on April 19th, 1993. The final death count from this disastrous fiasco was 76 Branch Davidians, including 21 childrene and two pregnant women. The appalling disaster at Waco was what motivated Timothy McVeigh to participate in the terroristic bombings in Oklahoma City, two years later on April 19, 1995. Hillary was putting pressure on Vince Foster (her longtime boyfriend, sexual partner and emotional husband) and Webb Hubbell who was the #3 guy at Justice Department, to have a forceful resolution to the Waco standoff. Webb Hubbell is also probably the father of Chelsea, not Bill Clinton.

                Link: ht tp://rense.com/general80/hillms.htm

                Thus in retaliation, Timothy McVey bowing up the Fed Bld in OK City.

                So what’s changed from then? The Public has massively armed itself up ready for a fight if needed. I remember growing up as a kid, with maybe a few boxes of Ammo for a Deer rifle. Well now we got lots of Ammo, Ammo Boxes stuffed with freedom missiles for our Black long Guns. With numbers like 1.5 Million NICS gun check a month and growing. I don’t think any Government intervention protecting criminal activity of Hillary will succeed. The people will take our Government Back. Who can stop 100 Million Armed Snipers? Not Obama.

                ~WWTI… Get your rifles lubed and magazine loaded and stand by……. 5 days left to see what direction this country is going.

                • Good summary WhoKnows. Except –

                  Please don’t call it a “compound” – that was the globalist and MSM term.

                  It was actually the “Branch Davidian CHURCH

                • You need to do at least a little bit of study on the physics of explosions. You can’t park a single axle moving van on the street with a bomb of ANY size in it, and get the building it is near to blow outwards. And certainly not in that irregular pattern you can see from the numerous pictures of the Murrah Building. Plus, why were all of the SS agents except for one, called the night before and told to not come into work the next day? Why did the FBI go around and confiscate all of the tapes from the various security cameras in the area and refuse to let what is on them be seen? Would they show that the main blast force came from inside the building? How can a single rear axle moving truck have its axle blown 3 feet into the ground from the force of the explosion, while at the same time having it being blown 1/4 mile away from the force of the same explosion? And the B.S about them tracing the axle back to the truck via its “serial number” is a load of crap too, because there is no unique axle identifier on ANY rear axle I have ever rebuilt or repaired. That goes for cars, small trucks and big rigs too. No car or truck engine or transmission that I have ever worked on has had a unique identifier on it either. They just make too many of them for that.
                  So please get some education in a subject before you spread more propaganda and lies.

              • We took a serious loss on our home that was too close to Memphis just so we could get away. Memphis is horrible, it’s like Detroit’s dirty, drunken, meth addicted relative. Crime, especially of the violent variety, is terrible.
                If there are riots over this election, I would expect Memphis to be involved. That city is a simmering powder keg waiting for something to set it off.
                Where we are now, we may just barely be able to see the glow in the night sky waaaaay off in the distance if they set their city on fire.
                We’re so far out in the country now that I seriously doubt any unsavory elements from Memphis could make it out this far 😉
                If you’re still in Memphis, PLEASE secure a BOL well outside the city.

                • Restoring, I’m a 6-hour drive from Memphis as I speak. I know it all too well having been born and raised there. I was a kid way back when it was segregated and it was a totally different city then. Integration ruined it but it took a few decades for that to happen. I’m with family for the rest of this month. We’ll have some idea on the 8th where the country is headed.

                • Does anybody else notice that riots seem to be a little more common in ‘diverse’ areas?

                  How I love being ‘culturally enriched’.

                  Our strength is in our ‘diversity’!!

                  • Do what you can to persuade your daughter and white female friends not to have a black baby – they’ll never be seen in the same light ever again and will be single moms.

                    It’s so sad white women do this to themselves.

                    • Nothing says class like having a half breed black baby. Almost all the other races turn out well when mixed but blacks I think are a different subspecies. Perhaps they are homo ergaster, given the difference in our genetic makeup it is quite plausible. It is sad we are forced to treat them as homo sapien. I taught for a long time, did the inner city white guilt thing and then it dawned on me. They cant think in abstractions for the most part. Now is the only thing they can understand. I honestly felt sorry for them when I exposed them to algebra. they simply cannot understand. We would be far more successful if we recognized we are different species and approached blacks from that standpoint. This is the reason you can throw billions at Africa and they are still defocating on the beach. no need for obfuscation and excuses.

        • They are going to put Hillary behind bars even though she is one of “them”… then declare suspension of elections, Martial law, etc…

          • Enormous?

        • MAC – MORE SHIT JUST HIT THE FAN (see FoxNews and associated report). This is definitely going south, and if were possible to not have an Election, this will be what happens and I don’t have to tell you exactly how much is at stake here (especially for The Democrats, Soros …or is this all a “fake out” to embolden Republicans to stand down (no, as the news is now openly burying Hillary).


          • Equorial,

            Your post made me think of this latest news.

            Hillary is not doing well in the polls now. Timing?

            Sources: U.S. intel warning of possible al Qaeda attacks in U.S. Monday

            “Sources told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al Qaeda could be planning attacks in three states for Monday.

            It is believed New York, Texas and Virginia are all possible targets, though no specific locations are mentioned.”

            ht tp://www.cbsnews.com/news/sources-us-intel-warning-of-possible-al-qaeda-attacks-in-us-monday/

        • Braveheart1776, with what I just on foxnews dot com you are going to be damned glad you bugged out. VERY glad. Suddenly the media is painting an extremely different picture, even with talk of suspending the election (on the 2nd page of the main article). Lots of heavy stuff is mentioned or “touched upon” so this needs “primo attention” since it must be the reason things have been so quiet the past two days. What’da’ya’think?

          • Equorial, I didn’t see the fox article, but I’ve already known for months what we’re facing, plus I was overdue for GOOD [GETTING OUT OF DODGE] anyway. I already had the van loaded with what I needed the most and the tank was full, so I left. The family was really relieved to see me. we spent most of the day going over final preparations and our game plan. Some of them and I are going shopping this weekend for more ammo and other necessities. I’m sick of this whole circus called a presidential campaign. I’ll just be glad to finally know for sure where we stand no matter what happens.

        • Brave glad you made it here. Just a little north of you in southeast TN. We are “hunkered down” and quiet too. Just waiting, prepared, for whatever comes. Be safe and enjoy the Goldfish.

          • Mike in Canada, good to hear from you again. I went to the BOL in GA 2 days ago so now I’m battening down the hatches with the family. Just making final preparations for what we’re all afraid will take place on the 8th. Best wishes to you and yours.

          • Former Cal Girl, how’ve you been? LOL, I’ll be enjoying goldfish and a whole lot more. Just had a nice big plate of catfish for lunch earlier. Struggling to stay awake now, LOL!

        • I live at my BO place, and never put out campaign signs or with my real name said who I support. I did put a cross of Jesus over my door if they get down the trail this far in the boonies. I’m stocked up for a long time and I’ll watch the country go to pieces on TV or radio.

      2. Batten down the hatches, ladies and gentlemen.

        • Armed militias prepare for violence in case of “stolen election”


            • WHAT election?

              ht tp://www.foxnews.com/ (the one about Hillary being buried in her emails this time, and many other primo topics, such as impeachment and other surprises.

              Don’t be so misled as to forget there are people planning to kill our asses, and they are not on the way, they are already inside the country and have been.

              It seems unlikely that this could sustain for even five more days, not with the way that Hillary’s pols are crashing and Trump is taking over. Something’s got to give …you would think?

      3. Beer and football, beer and basketball, beer and porn, beer and beer, beer and Big Pharma, beer and fishing, beer and strip clubs, beer and gambling, beer and hard liquor, beer and everything……that is all the dumbed down beta male drunken bum boot licking cowards are thinking about, so nothing is going to happen…Go back to your beer cowards.

        • Damn Ron, YOU forgot THE Spam…Beer and spam…eggs, bacon, sausage and spam…? ?
          BUT, kidding aside, let us ALL pray for calm.

          • Hey, man. I like spam. I know it’s not healthy to eat it all the time, but it is pretty danged tasty when it’s fried crispy and stuck inside a flour tortilla with a healthy dose of Dijon mustard.

            It’s also a great substitute for a hot dog with chili and mustard on top.

            • A hearty breakfast when I was a kid was a slice of fried Spam with an egg on top, toast, and glass of milk.

              Then there was the occasional fried Spam sandwich for lunch.

        • So…. what should everyone do Ron? Be a leader and lead. I don’t think everyone here fits your stereotype. I certainly don’t. If/when I die for conscience, it will count for something. I vote. I plant. I cook. I prep. I have a life… still. I refuse to stop living out of fear.

          I admired you for traveling to Malheur. I think you have a lot to contribute, but you are not going to exhort greatness in any person by derisive comments. You are upset because people are not out there bleeding for poorly organized causes? I take no joy in organized sports or beer drinking… but, I am not planning to be a splot in the local weekly because of some misplaced sense of guilt over my participation in a non local cause. Shall the wolf come to my door? Maybe. Probably. And then is when “we” hopefully will all do the right thing and band together in community to fight domestic and/or foreign threats.

          But, it is not going to be a straightforward attack on us that will come. It will be an attack on our pocketbook, pantry, pistols and prayers… We need to be alive to fight it. A LIVE DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LION. Proverbs.

          • Just accept the truth about the situation we are in and what our citizenry has become, that is the first step everyone needs to complete, and we are not even close to that point.

        • Got beer?

      4. Eh,economy/election/natural disaster,whatever,what we all have prepped for hoping it won’t happen.I would say the seal on one of me bottles of #7 after a few years of gathering dust might just be cracked!

        • Jack Daniels is shit compared to my recipe…. and that is testimony from my friends lol.

      5. How could I forget…beer and sitting on their programmed indoctrinated coward toxic dump asses all day on the computer……as I said, nothing gonna happen….go back to your beer and computer keyboard cowards.

        • RA
          Not all of us on this sight drink.
          Do you have anything to better yourself for the times that are coming, or are you just trolling. Please if you have something to help please let us know.

          This is not the first time you have called people here cowards. What makes you a expert on cowards? What have you ever done?

          • Well Sgt Dale, it is not about what I have done anymore, because I have done all I am going to do. The question now is what the decent real humans left in Law Enforcement and the Police Departments across Globalist Fascist psychopath controlled collapsing America are going to do, because they are our only hope left. Unfortunately many in Law Enforcement also fall into the cowardly drunken bum ranks, and really just want their pay and pensions. Most will support any system, no matter how corrupt, as long as they get paid. I know, because I did for 32 years. Please Sgt Dale, do not even try to lecture me about Law Enforcement and what the rank and file value, I spent 32 years working, partying, laughing, crying, and watching fellow officers die with my brothers and sisters in blue, so I know their nature completely.

            • RA, I have 3 cousins who were “old school” cops who really believed in serving the people. They left because of civil asset forfeiture, militarization of LE, adopting the federal attitude toward the public, i.e. total contempt and hostility toward the public. Today’s breed of cops don’t even care about this country. My “old school” cop relatives wouldn’t have anything to do with today’s breed of cops. They’ve even told me not to trust today’s breed of cops. That speaks volumes.

              • Thank God there are others who understand, they have truly seen the light of TRUTH. I have been telling everyone I know to stay away from the police in collapsing Globalist Fascist Police State America since I retired in 2011. I must clarify that it is not their fault entirely, they know not what they do, or who they serve, because I did not know the TRUTH and did not care either. I watched almost all officers I worked with turn on the public and refuse to even shake hands with the general public thanking them for their service, and I worked with a lot of officers from all walks of life. I watched the Federal takeover with the grants for things like DUI Roadblocks, which I participated in. I watched the militarization, and I watched the training turn to “everyone is out to kill you and trust NOBODY” with a military Police State mindset being programmed into them.

                • Ron, mega kudos to you for recognizing the truth. Did you know that the federal and state supreme courts have ruled many times that protecting citizens is NOT part of a cop’s job description? They serve GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. It’s really tragic what has become of law enforcement in the US. I used to look up to them; used to be able to trust them. Nowadays that’s totally out of the question. When we have to look at LE the same way we look at real criminals, you know something is really wrong out there.

                  • It saddens me to see what they have become, and I still pray for their safety and I hope they see the same truth everyone else is waking up too quickly…it is their souls they will lose if they continue to follow and support these psychopaths who have hijacked our government, and that is more important than anything right now.

          • SGT Dale

            You can call me a lot of things but not a coward. Especially not the people here. I understand he wants his pound of flesh. We all do. We have said a lot of words and it has become long in the tooth. The other side feels threatened. They will act soon. Then we will have the upper hand.

          • Sarge, he’s able to call them cowards as it takes one to know one right? 🙂

        • Ron must be referring to the liberals. Or he just hates America. Probably both.


        • I am non-violent, AzzholeRon. However, if some fascist left arzehold like you, who is the definition of what a coward is, and who is, sadly, a perfect expression of what psychological projection is all about – attempts any shenanigans against me, I also believe self defense is fully justified, as even Blackstone recognized, and I will kick your freaking, vile, arrogant, ignorant leftist arze.

          Just try me, you friking troll from mommy’s basement.

          • Oh you are a funny bunch, very colorful and full of keyboard venom, but that is about all, get your beer and turn your weapon in snowflake, what is coming is not for you. Your pea shooters will do no good against this evil that took over our country long ago, you need the sword of truth and the shield of faith, because only the creator and Lord of Spirits can stop these Fallen Angel psychopaths now.

        • Agreed Sgt. Sometimes you wish you could unread what has been read. Personally I like beer. Brew my own as a matter of fact. I guess that makes me a coward. Funny because I don’t feel like a coward. I’m pretty sure Mr Ahrens would be quiet reserved in his viewpoint if he were face to face instead of behind a screen with a keyboard. What’s the word for that….?

          • I am only telling you the TRUTH you already know about the citizens of collapsing Globalist fascist Police State America, so if this TRUTH about the majority of our citizens offends you snowflakes, then it must apply to you or you simply cannot accept the evidence right in front of your face, it is that simple. You most likely suffer form the mass delusion of everyone else in America if you still actually believe you live in the “land of the free, home of the brave”..a little to long on the American Short Bus my friend if you cannot accept the truth about your damned and doomed country.

            I could also go through all the stats, all the evidence, and all the FACTS of the TRUTH about our nation of vice ridden, disease ridden, obese, dumbed down, indebted, drunken, Big Pharma pill popping, and dying early COWARDS if you snowflakes would like, I know them all by heart and can recite them with ease, but all you really need to do is open your eyes and unplug your hears and you can hear and see the programmed indoctrinated victims walking all around you in any metro cesspool hellhole in collapsing America.

            Big difference snpowflake between making your own beer, and being a drunk, I hope you are old enough to know the difference now because I sure am. If you want to voir dire me for my qualifications to speak on the subjects and issues I talk about, especially Law Enforcement, alcohol, Big Pharma, Big Agri and the entire Food Industry and genocidal psychopaths who control it, I would be happy to give you my resume.

            • Ron, I agree 100% except for drinking. I have to drink to get my mind numbed down to even talk to the public and even then it mostly doesn’t work.

          • One way to prove your brave on this site after name calling . Is to publish your name and address. And a family picture?

            • I do not need to prove anything to you snowflake, and the only reason I would not do such a thing as publish my address and family photo, is because I love you as a human being and I am concerned for the safety of you and others who think and might act in a violent manner towards my family, I can take care of myself. Do your research snowflake, I am not hard to find, every alphabet agency knows where I live, so go through the same investigation as they did and you will find me, it is not hard, but please stick to drinking this is not for you either.

              • Ron, “you can choose to ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality” I think that is along your lines.

      6. Top off your supplies this weekend and hunker down,the culling may begin.

        • You know,have heard the word culling and purge a lot lately,here and other sites.I personally prefer the word “cleanse”.And,in that vein,to quote a great man,Mathias,”Nothing cleanses quite like fire”

          • There is insider’s speak of an EMP on the 9th. Heads up.

            Do your big shopping this weekend.

            • EMP on the 9th? Source? Link? Otherwise, I say it’s another date-setter who will get egg on his face.

              • shit aint gonna go down this year. Watch. They are trying to make the poles cold, they are building up that resevoir of cold to be able to use it in the future. Last couple of years they were practicing their new weather weapons-bending that polar jet stream over the US, Polar vortex? LOL never happened before in my life. No they are geoengineering, expect a warm winter this year. You see they are building that cold so they can use it in the future. When they pull their bullshit its going to be in winter and they are going to bend that polar vortex over the whole US, they exhausted their reserve of cold the last couple of years that is what I think they are doing. They need to let the pole accumulate cold, when shit goes down, its going to be real cold so you can be pretty sure its not going to happen this year. Its mild to hot all over the country forecasted well into winter. I personally think 2019 is the winter of our discontent. I am prepared now for 1 year now but I would sure love to make that 7 and 3 years might just give me the time. Famine real famine lasts for years. That is what we should expect.

      7. Going shopping this afternoon.

        • went shopping this morning

        • Be sure to pick up lots of ammo.
          You’re going to need it.

          • Did you all go out to Wal-Mart to get your Chem lights at 50% off? Halloween sale.

            No, you did not. You know how I know?

            I brought all the green ones left. A bunch. They stay the longest. Cheap lighting.

            I bet you will miss the hand warmers too.

          • You’ll always have plenty of ammo until you run out.

      8. Hope people learned from the last “ammo crash” and have been stocking accordingly. Mags and ammo will be the first to go if HillBillary steals this thing. Buckle up folks!

      9. Arch,you know,in a way for us shopping today and tomm. really perhaps Black Friday Shopping if things go wrong,and if not(hopefully)we will use the stuff either way.

        • If anyone asks about my purchases, I explain to them about inflation. Buying now instead of later is better than putting money in the bank. Plus, I hear that beef may go up soon, and Save-A-Lot has the best price right now.

          • If anyone asks about your purchases, tell them to mind their own business. No explanation needed.

          • you are right about save-a-lot. I am a little worried about the gas situation in N. C..

            • Top off the vehicle and make sure all the gas cans are full. That’s all we can do, unless you can find some more gas cans cheap.

          • deflation coming, not inflation.

      10. Warchild, I’ll also be shopping with some of the family this weekend. It never hurts to top off everything.

        • I just topped off the freezer. It won’t hold any more.

          • Hope the electricity don’t go out !!!

      11. I can smell the BS from here.

      12. It’s finally here now and not even I can figure what direction this will wind up..sources according to Alex is that the graphics have been completed showing hillary won the election.. so now this means all hell on earth..it’s doesn’t what we know or heard, this is it.. let nature take it course. The one thing I understand is nature.. and nature is one viscous son of bitch..i have leaned in past that bad evil people will kill you, will have no mercy on you and if your don’t stand up to it, you will die..mother nature..


        • HCKS, it ain’t over til’ the fat lady sings and I’m not sure she’s even awake yet!

          • BH, I thought the black lady sung yesterday? Hahaha! Almost gave me a hernia.

          • Yeah she is. I saw her at the grocery store this afternoon picking up some frozen pizzas.

            • archivist. LOL! I’ll bet she had an EBT card also.

        • HCKS… What ever are you speaking about? Hillary has taken a HUGE downturn due to the latest email releases, and Trump (right now), has the presidency “locked down”.

          ht tp://www.foxnews.com/ This was posted hours ago, so my apologies if it’s gone or on their political section.

          • Hillary Downturn? Maybe, Maybe not. Oh them numbers……I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in what any news agency puts forth now or on the 9th. Keep it steady Eq. G’d Luck.

          • He’s talking about a test graphic that the Chattanooga station created. Anyone can tell that it’s not something they would really try to use, as it shows Johnson with 8% of the vote. They did show their bias, however, by showing Hillary winning.

      13. Bugging out? People should only bug out in the event of a major natural disaster. If social unrest occurs, it behooves each of you to stay and fight. If you bug out, you only surrender the battle field to the bad guys who then own the turf and every thing else. Stand in the breech. Let none pass.

        • Agreed,gotta stay and fight, you give them an inch they’ll take a mile. im staying right where im at and holding it down. ive bought enough sand bags to pretty much cover the inside front of my house, gonna stick this shit out. dont have a crazy amount of ammo but its enough to get more if the sonsabitches come out to play. i dont have a BOL so thats out, and i aint letting my house get taken. just bought 1700 bucks in silver so at least i feel rich when TSHTF.

          • Grizz44

            Did you fill them yet?

            Mine are filled. Placement is all that is left to do.

            Yepper, not going nowhere. Defend to the end.

            If you are stacking inside the home. Put a sheet of plastic down to catch the bleed thru. I have very fine sugar sand. A roll of duct tape is good to have near for repairs.

          • If your house is wood or any flammable material sandbags aint going to do you a bit of good. I could burn you out with a flaming tar ball from a catapult. I will leave my place if necessary. But I will burn it when I go. My grandchildren are what is importiant. My only goal is to try and insure their survival. I don’t have anything to prove. I aint wanting to be cannon fodder. I want to bide my time & live long enough to get even. I will do everything on my terms.

        • Yes and no,
          Sometimes its better to pick your battles,

      14. There is no good outcome to a civil war. Look around the world: name one place where a civil war is the ‘solution’. Once you start killing people it becomes tit for tat and it spirals into insanity. Just look at Syria.

        People posting ‘hero’ photos like above are not representing real war. It is not a video game. In real war, people are scared, tired, hungry, sick, mentally unstable and psychotic. No hero’s: just those who survive it, and those who die in it.

        • War is to be avoided. The Kulaks in Russia did not engage in civil war and twenty million of them were slaughtered. That is better as there was no war. How many Jews did not fight against the government in Poland, Germany, Russia, and eastern Europe, They were peacefully slaughtered, but they did not fight a civil war. How many Cambodians did not rise up and fight. Cambodia had peace and millions, were peacefully slaughtered.
          You get the picture? The silent majority in America will not fight a civil war. They are Deplorable, and can’t be redeemed. How many of them are going to be slaughtered?

          • rellik: Excellently presented and beyond reproach. As for how many are going to be slaughtered? As for whites, Christians and all other rolled into one statistic, I am assuming the greater number will perish (because I believe this will be our first winter in North America without a grid supplying power).

            Eventually even home gennys will deplete their fuel supplies, and if they are not in the “boonies” where wood is plentiful and you have the health to work up enough to get you through a winter – the chances of surviving start going down. (Not so for those trained in such things. They can remain mobile or stationary and actually exceed everything they’d need …just due to training and familiarity with an old friend …named War).

            One sad and “sure to happen countless times scenario” are the words of many posters whose names I do not recall. All of them stating they have “plenty of ammo.” Well, that basically true for everyone who determined how much ammo might be enough for them. (For reloaders it becomes a no-brainer). What is sad is that the lone wolves will have plenty of ammo, and they’ll have little troubles switching mags as they deplete and present for reload, but what happens to each of these loners, with nobody covering their six, or just COVERING them? They’ll be overwhelmed and likely overrun the first time they need to reload at least ONE magazine (as very few folks really have 100 MagPuls stuck to their MOLLEs, all barrel-style with 1,000rds each.

            In short, those are the folks that are going to be among the first to realize they didn’t prioritize, or that they should not have engaged the enemy. (Never fight when you can run away to snipe them later in the day).

            • I have an office separate from the rest of the house. I did not use the heater a single time last winter as a test. I put on a sweater and was fine.

              If the power goes out, I will simply turn off the water, drain the pipes, and let most of the house get as cold as it wants. My room is tight and heavily insulated, so it won’t get below the 50s, even if it’s down to the teens outside.

              If it ever gets down to zero, which is very rare in northeastern NC, I might fire up the gas heater for a few minutes to take some of the chill off. The gas will last for years that way.

            • Equorial

              “They’ll be overwhelmed and likely overrun the first time they need to reload at least ONE magazine (as very few folks really have 100 MagPuls stuck to their MOLLEs, all barrel-style with 1,000rds each”.

              You now have touched upon a subject that should have been discussed long ago. Maybe for reasons of OPSEC or fear the topic has stayed on the side lines.

              The only way to go is a belt fed weapon. I had the chance to get one a long time ago. Yes with the Fed Lic. and Fed tax stamp. Boy am I kicking myself in the ass now.

              • Buy drums.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Well said and the electricity doesn’t work either. In the end he who was the most vicious wins. Thats one hell of a bad way to start a new government.

        • You are obviously not a student of history. Civil Wars are always successful..their only goal is the transfer of power. Whether that be to a plurality or an individual the war is indifferent

      15. To play at revolution is to plough the sea.

        Best to try a different strategy than an armed one, unless it is a very limited and highly targeted one.

        • I’m kind of fond of nationwide day of reflection (no work) and Jury Nullification used A LOT.

      16. Ducks and chicks are still laying eggs, Garden is producing greens for the winter. Beans and grains are all stocked up. Ammo, matches and meds are prepped.

        Tools , animal feeds, and sewing/craft preps have been made. Books are lined up on the shelf.

        I am getting ready to rake some leaves to lay over the garden and in the duck/hen house. They love the fun of searching through that stuff. Ha! Ha!!

        Been at our bol for over 20 years. The hard work is never done. But ya, the times are getting scary.

        God bless all.

        • “M”
          Looks like you are ready.
          My God bless you and yours.

          Aim Small Miss Small!!!

        • I wish we got the seasons a bit more over here, the leaves are excellent for your gardens, we dont get the leaf dropike that, the cold helps break the cycles with many of the fungal and bacterial stuff in the garden too,,,
          Stay warm!

      17. I will top off everything by weeks end. The pantry will be filled.to overflowing. Freezers will be full.
        But that is what I normally do after payday. My private pensions all pay on the first of the month.
        I expect societal breakdown to occur at anytime, as American governments are so warped from Democrat tyranny, that it is no longer America, it is now Amerika, the worlds largest socialist failure. Elections no longer matter, except at worst make things worse than they are now( Hillary), and at best maintain the status quo(Trump). Until we purge Democrats and GOPe from all Government service we are doomed.

        • Most likely we, as in you and i, wont be doing much other than checking the weather and local news,,,

        • rellik. Do you have a back up electrical source if the grid fails? How will you save your fridge and freezer food contents in a Grid down? Plan for a few months grid down. If you can I would take all that meat, cook it and cann it. It will last for years. I made a lot of great canned meats before. Its is a real treat later on. A good Pressure Cooker is required for canning meats.


          • WK.
            My freezers have more than meat in them. Things like flour, yeast et al. Actually most of my meat is alive and living off my land.
            Pigs, cattle, goats, and chickens. Most my neighbors are the same to one degree or another. One may have horses and no goats.
            Our grid is pretty secure here, but I have the ability to go off Grid with my freezers PDQ, like tomorrow if I had to.
            Keep in mind people like me and Nail already live in very rural areas not close to big cities of unsavory types. We have to live with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, flash flooding, wild fires, hurricanes, drought, and more, so as a rule Prepping for weeks or more of isolation is standard. Our local government is a little better prepared to help out the ones that don’t prepare. Not a large population. Very hard to travel on foot, outside towns, unless you are in very good shape.

        • rellik: Yep. We basically do he same thing. VA comes in on the 1st then another on the 3rd, send out what few bills there are then put the rest wherever it will do the most good.

          After decades you tend to (perhaps) have excess stuff now and then, but over the long run we simply replace whatever we remove from our supplies, and, (of course), ensure that we rotate to avoid an avoidable “fail”. It comes too danged hard to lose it for lack of energy or desire! lol….

          Given the latest news, what the hell else can possible go down before we really do experience some sections of society come apart at the seams. Perhaps since Trump IS, by all the most recent news, “got it in the bag”, will the blacks torch the cities they have said, or will they have voted Trump?

          And just how dirty will The Democrats get if Trump wins? No need to answer. Your answer is exactly why we need to oust the old federal government, and the majority of state governments, laws, and other bullshit that we need not have to contend with at all. Free men owe nobody a thing, save God.

      18. Who wants to take bets on weather we are here reading about another prediction of collapse next week this time or are runnin for the hills?

        • “N”
          My gut tells me that we will heading for the hills, but I’m praying that we are setting back reading another article.

          • Trust your gut, because it’s right and you know it.

        • I’ll be checking weather and local news.

          • Same here,, gots nails to bang, cabinets and windows to build!

        • “N” If all is going well I will be setting next to the camp fire listening to stories of the big one that got away.

          • Im hopeful thats as exciting as it gets for you Sarge, theres always going to be violent idiots, but hopefully we all can escape the insignificant ones.

      19. Just a question for all those who are already at or planning on going to their BOL’s prior to November 8th. Have you all sent in absentee ballots or coming back to vote? We need everyone possible to cast their ballots. You guys here are well aware of the stakes and no one here has ever come across to me as the “run away from a fight” type.

        • Early voting.

      20. If Donald Trump does get elected, there will be a lot of Americans who will not want to accept it including Obama. If Hillary Clinton is shown as the winner, there will be a lot of Americans who won’t believe it. Too many of the groups that supported Obama haven’t turned out for Hillary. The polls have always been contrary to that lack of support. I believe the media has always reported Hillary as having stronger support than she actually had. If the election is honest, I believe Trump would win it.

      21. I doubt there will be much of an uproar with whoever is planted as the next crook in chief. Apathy rules the population. Grumble and go on about your misery, it’s the American way. Ain’t nothing changing for the better. I don’t drink booze either.

        • Apathy? heheh… I think that “the lull” we were becoming bored with is over forever, and the last leg of the Election Day cycle scam has been placed upon the table.

          Talk of Clinton Foundation being used illegally
          Talk of everything “clinton” being used illegally
          This latest dirt is so dirty there is no mention of her right hand girl anymore. Hillary is in the deepest of shit …finally.

          Now, all bets are of and virtually anything could or is about to happen, since it is fairly obvious that the election cycle is going to be somehow rendered delayed or whatever it takes TPTB to arrive at a decision that doesn’t bring on a revolution (they are aware that without our support and our wish to kill them that their jobs would be in danger, so perhaps Obama just found himself on his own? That’s doubtful as it gets but one can always wish.

          • I used to drink, but only to excess.

            • Drink to excess. Heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

            • I’ll drink to that!

            • I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

      22. Clinton Corruption, Scandals, and Lies
        And it keeps getting worse as more emails are released

        Leaked emails show the Clinton camp was plotting its takeover of the inept DNC early on and discussed replacing then-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Associated Press reports

        Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile is being called out for her lies about leaking CNN debate and forum questions to the Clinton campaign during the Democrat primary. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker reports

        The Justice Department official now overseeing Clinton’s email investigation has close ties to her campaign chairman John Podesta and past Clinton scandals. Fox News reports

        Justice Official allegedly gave Clinton campaign chairman a “heads up” on congressional hearing and litigation over her private email server. Bloomberg reports

        New emails released under court order show Hillary Clinton’s unsecure private server was subject to ten hacking attempts over a two day period in 2010. The Washington Times reports

        Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin is facing questions about whether she perjured herself given that these newly uncovered emails appear to contradict a legally-binding declaration she signed attesting she turned over all of her government records to the State Department when she left the agency. The Associated Press reports

        ‘They wanted to get away with it.’ According to leaked emails, the co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s transition team said she ‘wanted to get away with’ her unauthorized private email server. The Washington Examiner reports

        Clinton aide talked of needing to “clean up Obama’s comments on email server Politico reports

        In emails, aide stressed need to ‘clean up’ Obama’s comments on Clinton’s email The Hill reports

        The political organization of longtime Clinton insider and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe gave nearly $500,000 to the State Senate campaign of Jill McCabe, the wife of a senior FBI official who helped oversee the criminal probe into Clinton’s email server. The Wall Street Journal reports

        A former State Department IT staffer plead the Fifth ninety times yesterday in a court-ordered deposition regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server. The Washington Examiner reports

        Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman may have violated White House ethics rules. The Washington Free Beacon reports

        New emails show Hillary Clinton “was at the center of negotiating a $12 million commitment from King Mohammed VI of Morocco” to the Clinton Foundation. Fox News reports

        A top Clinton Foundation official said he could name “500 different examples” of conflicts of interest. Bloomberg News reports

        Though she has denied it on the campaign trail, new emails show Hillary Clinton’s advisers believe her position on TPP is a “huge flip-flop.” The Wall Street Journal reports

        Career FOIA and Department of Justice officials are casting doubt on Patrick Kennedy’s dubious explanation for why he appeared in an FBI report negotiating a “quid pro quo” deal with an agent trying to change the classification of a Hillary Clinton email. Foreign Policy Magazine reports

        New emails are casting doubt on Hillary Clinton’s sworn testimony that she did not discuss her private server with her IT staffer Bryan Pagliano. The Washington Examiner reports

        The Clinton campaign “plotted to raise a bundle of campaign cash but then use the government to attack opponents for trying to do the same thing.” The Wall Street Journal editorializes
        In a court ordered written deposition, 21 times Hillary Clinton said she could not recall key details about her illicit email server setup. The Associated Press reports

        Newly released emails show Hillary Clinton’s top spokesman urging a false blanket denial that she never sent classified material, “else it could be said she mishandled classified info.” Bloomberg News reports

        Clinton’s team had New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman “tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed.” Fox News Politics reports

        Newly leaked emails show “the gap between her private and public remarks helps explain the relatively high levels of distrust that voters, including some of her own supporters, have expressed about the former secretary of state.” The Associated Press reports

        Religious groups are slamming Hillary Clinton’s campaign over bigoted anti-Catholic comments made by her top aides. CNN reports

        Clinton’s advocacy behind closed doors for “open trade and open borders” has enraged both sides of the political spectrum. ABC News reports

        Hillary Clinton’s State Department “repeatedly gave special attention” to Clinton Foundation benefactors operating in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. ABC News reports

        Leaked emails show the Clinton campaign was in contact with the Obama Justice Department during the height of her email scandal. Fox News reports
        Newly released State Department emails show “fresh evidence … of the pains Clinton’s staff took to accommodate her husband’s paid speeches and her family’s foundation.” The Washington Examiner reports

        There is mounting evidence the FBI and the Obama Justice Department gave Hillary Clinton and her aides special political treatment. The Wall Street Journal editorializes

        Hillary Clinton helped to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for a close family friend according to newly released State Department emails. The Washington Free Beacon reports
        Newly released emails show “Hillary Clinton frequently offered warm and at times sympathetic words for Wall Street during her paid speeches before some of the biggest financial powerhouses as the nation was still recovering from the 2008 crisis.” Politico reports

        Newly released emails show “Democratic Party officials offering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign detailed advice on how to trick ‘self-righteous’ supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders into thinking they won concessions from the party establishment.” The Washington Times reports
        Newly released emails show Clinton’s campaign knew she lied on national TV about a bankruptcy bill she supported over the objections of Elizabeth Warren. The Huffington Post reports
        Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign poll tested President Obama’s ties to Islam. The New York Post reports

        • Test, since you have posted have you seen FoxNews regarding all this stuff? WOW! It has to be really bad when even the media is talking about an election being (literally) called off. (As if Americans would remotely allow that one, or would we be too busy to put up a fuss, or not have commo to put up a fuss with)?

          ht tp://www.foxnews.com/

        • You left out the rumored x-rated pics of Hillary, Huma, and under-aged teenagers.

          I hope I never accidentally see one.

        • All of this is just evidence of the vast right-wing Russian conspiracy masterminded by Trump and Putin, you know. Or so says the left, in their perpetual state of delusion as to the criminality of their party nominee.


        Remember: “Ken Lay of Enron bad, Hilary corruption, lies and fraud good.” How the public deals with the information below will literally determine if we become a corruptocracy or remain a free republic. It is that serious. Yet, I’ll bet very few will even read about this, let alone take action on it, in whatever way they deem appropriate. Here’s the lowdown:

        1. The Justice Dept. usually oversees the FBI at a high level, but the FBI largely has autonomy, particularly when it comes to investigating public corruption. Of course, now, with the MOST CORRUPT ADMINSTRATION EVER, Obama has moved to shut down the FBI investigation into the cesspool that masquerades as the Clinton Foundation (i.e., block FBI agents from getting search warrants, empaneling grand juries, etc.; remind you of the vile Fast & Furious scam?) The corruption behind the Clinton Fdn is why the former president of the Haitian senate Bernard offered a scathing assessment of the Clinton’s track record in Haiti saying they are “nothing but common thieves…and they should be in jail” after they STOLE much of the aid earmarked for Haiti relief (yes, let people die, all for power… hey, that’s the leftist way!) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-21/former-haitian-senate-president-says-clintons-are-common-thieves-who-should-be-jail
        2. Basically Obama has taken over the DOJ, which is now populated by his cronies who have the sole purpose of perpetuating the leftist power, including keeping Hilary out of jail. Problem is, the rank and file FBI agents aren’t buying this scam. In fact, 100 FBI agents sent resignations to Comey saying they will quite if this scam continues. There have been FIVE investigations into the Clinton Foundation by FBI departments around the nation (Little Rock, L.A., Miami, NY, DC etc.) They then went to the DOJ, where (gee, surprise!), the utterly corrupt Lynch/Holder cronies said there was nothing to see here, move along. Only problem was, some of the US Attorneys in these offices who were not yet corrupted by Holder/Lynch/Obama decided to continue pursuing the corruption. In fact, closing these investigations down is what convicted perjurer Bill Clinton discussed with the corrupt Loretta Lynch on that airport tarmac which, surprise! – they also lied about. Of course, the donations to the Clinton Foundation were made to pay off cronies for favors, support, etc. Y’know… exactly like they do in a banana republic.
        3. These FBI investigations CAN still continue, and despite the vile leaders like Lynch, Obama, etc. trying to hamstring all this, as there is so much dirt on the Clintons, they will be able to progress despite our corrupt administration doing everything it can do obstruct justice

        Dick Morris has an excellent 4 -5 min summary this here: http://www.dickmorris.com/fbi-vs-justice-department-civil-war-government-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports

      24. This all reminds me of the Boshevik takeover in 1917-18.

        Wait a minute! This is pretty much no different from that takeover!

      25. Yes this will be interesting to watch election night, won’t leave
        Until results are in depending which ones wins. Either way something bad will happen.
        Have my ducks in order will be ready. Good luck everyone

      26. “Curfews” or “lockdowns” would be considered by the people to be blockades against their necessity to forage for self-support. That would be cause for the people to attack the forces attempting to enforce the blockades, totally and utterly annihilating those forces and all their logistical support–wiping out the civilization of the United States, permanently so as to not allow any resurgence of it and, therefore, the inherent capabilities of public government that led to the blockades.

        • Same as with Rome, as soon as it was overtaken I’m sure all things “Roman” were not continued to be observed right? 🙂

          No worries anyway. We’re not going anywhere, and nobody is going to gain a damn thing should they make an attempt to bring down The USA. If anything, this is the last chance the federal government has to prove to America they have some balls or they’ll find their asses being attacked for the purpose of being hung …so like I said, this is the federal government’s last chance to make a clean sweep, and perhaps it is not worth it to them to save Hillary, Bill, Obama or others in their damned boat. Try them all, jail them all plus impeach Obama days prior to his retirement, no resigning allowed mister Kenyan man.

      27. Coming from an Aussie, i hope that every every Yank takes the call to arms and fights to take your country back.
        If you fall, every country world wide will fall

        • To paraphrase George Orwell, imagine a left boot stamping on a human face, forever.

      28. Pantry/freezer is full
        Rifle clean and mags full
        Took this week off to deer hunt with all the news and rumors it makes me glad that you can conceal carry in Missouri while bow hunting
        Take care all

        • pack heat all the time, all infringements on your right to bear arms is illegal. Suppose shit were to go down around you in a gun free zone. Your obeying bullshit laws will get you killed. Fuck em, pack heat no matter where you are.

      29. “After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, TRUMP invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.”

        Uh…unless there is a long delayed reaction of these Radicals (like two plus months) Mr T can’t deploy anything cuz he ain’t the President until 2/3 the way thru January.


      30. In 1914 it took two bullets, not one. The Prince and his wife were both murdered. That was the start of WW1 and look what a mess it turned into.

        So, let’s all stay in control of our passions.

        There is nothing to be gained from hurting each other. There are smart ways of defeating globalism. Getting stupid and playing into the globalists hands is not smart. We will take them by being steady not by being angry.


        • But has that been working so far? We’ve been sitting on are hands and being peaceful and where has it gotten us? He will rule with an iron rod and his robe will be red with blood. Sounds like the peaceful crap is over with? As usuall we will wait until are backs are against the wall and totally surrounded by listening to the peace people. They will dig us so deep into a hole we will lose millions of our people to get out. And right now we are being slowly surrounded and out numbered . How much more time do we have?

      31. Realize the movement to bring charges against Hillary, is coming from honest police mainly in the NYCPD and the FBI.

        I’ve been visiting the heart of Liberal America, and even there they are getting the message. The only ones supporting Hillary are the died in the wool communists and the ultra low information voters. I’ve been making a point of watching the most liberal news outlets and after a flash of covering potential indictments against Hillary, they have returned to reporting Hillary as just fine and the likely next president!

        I’m really thinking Trump is going to sweep, and if anyone starts any crap, Trump will have the full backing of American Law Enforcement. Too bad Obama and Hillary have so abused our military and law enforcement for so long. Without them there can be no coup.

        It’s unlikely the disappointed masses in the inner cities will do anything as long as the EBT system works.

        I’m thinking we will see a unanimous election for Trump, and there’s nothing the left can do now to stop it unless they have a video of Trump doing unspeakable criminal things.

      32. This election will be like no other before it. Look for thugs at polling places trying to influence how people vote. There are going to be all kinds of reported irregularities in the voting. People will be allowed to vote that aren’t qualified. The liberals will consider everything to be justified that reduces the votes for Trump. This election will be a wild one!

      33. Has everyone seen what is on FoxNews right now? For once they are declaring Trump is going to win, and a lot of things in an article that don’t sound so hot (for those in the know).

        Heads up! ht tp://www.foxnews.com/

      34. It is a sad story all round. Hillary was a beautiful first lady (just was looking at old footage of her). She was hot. But now we have her worn out and fighting desperately to avenge many past slights.

        I like Trump’s puck and think he would be good for business and white people (a rapidly shrinking global minority group being persecuted in their homelands).

        The violence inflicted against whites now is horrific: the rapes, sex trafficking of young girls, the farm murders, the robberies, etc.

        The world is at a turning point: to usher in greater darkness, and like the dark burkha of satan’s daughters, the world’s lights go out, or to switch the lights back on, and see a world as bright and beautiful as a blonde girl running through a field of flowers. Your choice…

        • Hillary hot? Geez Frank you really need to see an eye doctor. Even when she was young taking her to the prom would be like taking a baloney sandwich to a banquet.

          • I agree with Frank, Hillary was not bad looking in her thirties. Not gorgeous but not ugly either. Just decent looking enough to not get beat with the ugly stick and are the majority of the population.

        • Not very picky are you?

        • Hey Frank- the blond gene is pretty strong? My two year old grandson got it from my mother who is partly Castellian Spanish and partly German/English (American Revolution vintage English). Even with all my French contributions ( from my father’s side) he is a little towhead.

          I was one of three sisters. We were all beauty queens. Time has taken its toll, but I agree with you. Hillary had some good years. But, for a woman with her resources, she is in deplorable shape.

        • Yeah, hot just like Chelsea. Not.

        • The soul is all that matters. Ugliness runs deep below the surface.

      35. Thank this election cycle for revealing the depths of utter corruption of the current ruling elite (with actual evidence via WikiLeaks & project veritas for example).
        Many players have been revealed as the scum that they are – yet so far they have not faced consequences for their actions.
        They will do all in their power to ensure that the status quo is maintained; hence the media ‘propaganda’ blitz that has been unleashed on the country.
        They have been at war with ‘we the people’ for a long time; via infiltration of the government, justice system, news media, social media as examples – their consolidation of power & war against American values is almost complete.
        Next week looms as being historic for the Republic – renewal or the final nail?

      36. Ready for a Militia false flag?

      37. I’ll bet America will never let anything like Obama ever happen again, and I’m thinking this will end the Democrat/Republican format (it doesn’t exist in The Constitution as it’s not needed). It was introduced to frig things up, and as you are witnessing it worked splendidly. A democracy running a Republic. Yeah …right.

        As another wrote in the former article to this one, I too am about as pissed as one can get and still maintain their composure. I almost feel sorry for the first “invader” that may venture out this way. There are several miles of others before anyone got out to us, I believe we’d know they were coming, barring drones (barely hear them but they’ve NO problem “seeing” you, night or day (most use night vision and “signatures” controlled in real time with some of them “self-flying and attacking” (I’m not sure if they can also land or need hand with that, yet I DO know they use ‘beepers’ or GPS to head home when the power requires a recharge).

        Since we (America) lost all those ‘arms’ to ISIS in that warehouse they cleaned out (after being tipped off which was also done “obviously”, as if to prod someone), it forces us to ponder if the skies might be filled with those damned things performing all manner of incredible feats, all war-functions (and high-end skeet practice for us). I do recall about a month ago that ISIS had suddenly gotten a lot of high-tech toys and boys that know how to use them, who are training others. No doubt it was all purchased with some of the billions given to IRAN (by Obama), and what of this damned U.N Treaty? Do they really think we Americans are going to allow Obama or anyone in government to ratify it (meaning we’d be expected to just hand over our weapons then bow our heads in shame and stupidity just prior to losing OUR heads – NEVER let them have at your weapon(s). Just keep feeding them lead.

        • Equorial

          ” this will end the Democrat/Republican format ”

          Both party’s are irrevocably changed. The mud on Democrats faces with their illogical hero worship of the Clintons casts doubt upon their future viability. The Republicans, like the Democrats have also been changed. Both either adapt to far more grassroots input that sustains both of them like water or wither like grapes on the vine in drought.

          The political altering tool is the internet and personal mass communication.

          • The GOP is definitely done for after their lack of support for Trump.

      38. Well yesterday I baked me a coconut cake and I aim to go cut me a slice and pour a tall glass of ice cold milk. Evenin’ ladies and gents.

      39. It’s raining here. I planted a rose bush today. Put a couple of deer guards around it. My bluebonnet are sprouting in the field. Watched a young couple courting from my raised patio as they ran across our lake dam. Dunno. The Cubs won. Anything is possible⛅

      40. I am going to watch the elections with a good meal, and a cold drink.

        Then I will see who wins take a shower, and go to bed.

        Get up the next day and, see if the N.G. is in the neighborhood.

        See if smoke is rising, and gun shots heard.

        If I SEE or HEAR any of this I will do what I need to do.

        If not which I am sure nothing will happen it will be a normal day, and I will enjoy life.

        STAY FROSTY everyone STAY FROSTY.

        Deal with whatever happens in a RATIONAL MANNER.

      41. All I can say is when its go time, its go time!!!
        Long live America!!!

      42. I ve been getting ready for the last 8 years. Its going to happen, history repeats itself, the US is no different from other countries where turmoil exist, to ignore shows your stupidity. So, i have all this shit , waiting to be used. I say lets get it on. I am tired of living day to day worrying if i will have a job or it will be given to someone who is a foreigner or black. I work 7 days a week to survive and keep my family together for the CEO s of corporate america. We have no money for frivolous things. I am the Joe of America, who will never get ahead and will die poor, while the rich gets richer off the backs of the middle class. Is it time for a reset? yes! Is it time for a civil war,–yes.

      43. FYI :
        I have a personal friend who is a FFL holder. Last weekend at the gun show everyone who attempted to make a purchase was delayed when called in for the required NICs checks . Every single one. Lots of pissed off people. I personally witnessed two individuals get delayed at two separate stores earlier on Friday.

        Was also informed lots of BATFE personnel at the show looking for under the counter sales.

        Maybe this is happening elsewhere ?

      44. Hey all been a while again since my last post. And believe me the Canadians are just wanting all the drama to end. Although I live up here I do consider myself a patriot. This is definately a time I am happy to live up here and not down home. Indeed I miss Texas as my heart still has a piece left in the south. I talk to my brother several times a week as he just moved from the city to a rural setting down there. I told him he probably could not have timed it better. So with everything in mind I know us folk up here are not ammuned to what is going to happen down there as these election results will impact the world. Do not engage unless the need is really there because as i said in the past the elites are just baiting us into the civil war they want so bad. Take care ya’ll and God bless America my absentee vote goes for Trump. He’s not perfect but I could not even imagine another Clinton in the Oval Office. Keep your head on a swivel, your powder dry nd remain mentally sharp, and most of all trust in the Lord because no matter what happens he is in control. Until later Mike

        • “…Do not engage unless the need is really there because as i said in the past the elites are just baiting us into the civil war they want so bad…”

          Ahhh… baiting us against who? All those alphabet agency moops who will do ANYTHING to protect their paycheck,that’s who. Nothing elite about them. In fact- they are to a man- lazy and out of shape government workers… and they wear uniforms…and they have to live among us. Patience, bubelah.

      45. The Oath Keepers is NOT a paramilitary group. In fact they try so hard to not be perceived in that way that most of the time the result is inaction.

      46. Very quiet today.

        Did a walk around the property. Getting a visual where things will be placed.

        The time is now to know where all your stuff is located and not have to look for it later.

        Get your hammer, screws, nails, cordless drill with screw bit ready. Staple gun.

        Tempus Fugit.

      47. Mike in Canada, good to hear from you again. I went to the BOL in GA 2 days ago so now I’m battening down the hatches with the family. Just making final preparations for what we’re all afraid will take place on the 8th. Best wishes to you and yours.

      48. All of your suns are setting.

      49. Folks….please review your preps and gather last minute items this weekend. I would also suggest getting a pack of two-way radios so that if there is a “disruption” in cell tower operations/activity, you would have a means of communication with your group or loved ones. There could be a multitude of things occur, but communication is vital.

      50. A little off point, but our BC/BS insurance here in Texas has been hacked. Trying to find some information on it, but there is nothing out there!! Anybody else have the same problem? That’s what happens when we turn the internet over to the UN.

      51. The nation is in a death spiral and has been for many years, since the scum crooks of NIXON, Clinton,bush, and HIS DANCING JEWS that DID 911, and the ,obummer trash , the SWAMP is full and has been for years.

        REBUILDING the USA will take MANY YEARS, lots maybe ALL of the senior CITIZENS of the USA will NEVER see a GREAT AMERICA ever again and LOTS of the YOUNG CITIZENS NEVER HAVE seen a GREAT AMERICA and don’t know how really GREAT it can be.

        All we have to fear ect ect but don’t fear we are MILLIONS of CITIZENS.

        • This is an instance where we simply have no choice, for the sake of the nation is one thing, yet it becomes a much more serious undertaking when one considers we MUST win and rebuild “all of America” for the sake of our children.

          Or are you comfortable with knowingly doing nothing and allow fate to seal them into being “destroyed” and sex-slaves in a market of anything BUT “love” …and those are just edges of horrors never seen stateside. Beheadings, killing of a wife in public as allowed in Sharia Law, or a public-beating under Sharia Law. NONE OF THE ABOVE is even remotely acceptable, and it is already being added to MANY public school curriculum’s. (Parents, don’t believe what is sent home or what teachers are saying, believe your kids). There’s a very big reason that Home-Schooling has once again become very popular, and the trend is growing somewhat like a wild-fire. Mostly, it is that Islamic teachings and Sharia Law is being introduced, or others are bringing in “Muslim ways” and other unacceptable things that need to be ended in a hurry, never to restart (because it would).

          That’s a whole different group of preppers, the ones with children or perhaps their parents have been taken in, and thus they are not mobile, so THEY need to be protected as they cannot possibly protect themselves. Will they be? We may well find out.

          As a nation, the entirety of us can repel anything and everything thrown at us, and regroup in a very short time. Even more so, we must and we do not really have a choice in the matter, or rather, there is only one acceptable, to us, ending for whatever is intended.

          Dang, just the people who have guns of any combat usefulness are more than enough to bring anything to a screaming halt in record time, with or without organization (because the end result for all Americans will be the same and more or less followed by everyone).

          This isn’t going to be a good time for non-Americans in America, terrorists or those on honey-moon – – it’s most likely to be “pushed” into what would benefit the federal government the absolute most. What’s that? Answer: Probably having such civil unrest, with weapons, that would allow Obama to declare a “blanket” (national) State of Martial Law (which would be illegal as only Military takes control in such times). Obama seeks to maintain full control and steer everything in the manner that serves HIM, not Hillary best (but the two HAVE been in cahoots, so Obama, in times past, was supporting Hillary. Everything just changed due to Wikileaks, e-mail surprises, and reports stating Hillary is “buried” in her own e-mails, it looks like Trump has it, if Trump wins they’ll be a civil uprising, if Hillary wins they’ll be a civil uprising, looks like all major police centers are taking no chances, yet keeping things low-key and unspoken. They will be a lot of security ‘out and about’ expecting anything at anytime. Just the sheer numbers of Mexicans and others crossing our Southern Border is at a “fever stage” right now and will remain that way for an undetermined amount of time, as it stands at the moment. Border crossers aren’t even been caught at the 1% level. (Mexico probably has dug somewhat of a human highway into America by now and we only see what’s “topside”, the real crowds coming in are underneath, maybe laying track… (not really, but it sounds good so why not)?

      52. MIKEINCANADA …hey dude HELL YEAH it’s been awhile (like months). Since I grew up “on the line” in Northern Maine (and hung out with Canadians growing up), I’m sure we are on the same page. I also haven’t a doubt that America that look to Canadians to support “the right things.”

        It’s rather amazing, but I was shocked to read where ya said, “…do not engage unless you have to…” as that’s what I’ve been yakking and ‘harpin’ on time and time again, and getting into arguments too. 🙂 lol… Well dang it, you DO NOT engage and risk your butt if there’s no good reason to (AND because you never know who is around or where they are that will hear the “exchange” (or even a single-shot) …it ain’t worth it. You know “the drill”, and the wife and I are sorry ya miss Texas.

        Down here we are being ‘shorted’ on information. I don’t expect the news is supplying much up there either are they? I can’t find squat in Toronto. The only other area I’ve actually been inside is the area just north of Washington State (and the Big Island that’s part of it …and that’s some beautiful real estate).

        Thanks heaps for the blessings, and may God keep you and yours as well. (Best stay ‘sharp’ up that way too I should think). Cheers.

      53. Waiting to see if there is some sort of disruption and violence in the news to affect the election. So many different ways this can go.

        By some comments here I think that the gangs will rise up. Black and Latino. See if they begin to chase whites around and cut them up with machete’s. Too many coming across the boarder now.

      54. If Trump loses, we can sit back and wait for impeachment in 2017. Hillary will not keep her hands out of the cookie jar, it’s just a matter of time.

        If Hillary loses, the riots will start that same night.

      55. “If Trump loses, we can sit back and wait for impeachment in 2017. Hillary will not keep her hands out of the cookie jar, it’s just a matter of time.”

        Hillary is too politically damaged to be effective for TPTB. I believe that within a few months she will leave office for medical reasons. Trump supporters don’t riot.

        “If Hillary loses, the riots will start that same night.”

        The inner city underclass needs little motivation to riot and take advantage of the “shopping opportunities”.

      56. Nothing ever happens unless the food runs out. Its been that way all throughout history excepting a few moments. We are all well fed, we have lots of shit. We have more per individual than a 1000 chinese. I think its going to take starvation or being disconnected from the internet for shit to go down.

      57. “..some prominent Trump supporters have hinted at violence.”
        These are not trump supporters, these are chaos and anarchy agents.

      58. Militias are a protection force not likely to start a war just like the minute men of 1776. They are concerned about their rights as free men being taken from them by a Satanic Witch. A Satan worshipping head of an organized crime family will not make a good President. People realize that clearly and realize also that she will attack them in time. On the other side of the coin the city rabble riots over the choice of toilet paper in the mens room. Any excuse to loot and burn for fun and profit. They look on it as their right. It is all propaganda for Hillary. the Clinton6s brought you Ruby Ridge and the kid BBQ at Waco. Probably they also orgranized Oklahoma City as a black ops to discredit the militias. if they OKed the kid roast at Waco Oklahoma City is just more of same. Expendab5le chaff of no value to them What does it matter to Hillary. Just dust to her.

      59. There will be maybe 20,000 pissed off Hillary supporters when Trump wins. If the outcome is rigged, though, the nation won’t be happy.

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