This Off-Grid, Survival Tiny Home “Could Be Yours For Less Than $4,500”

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 52 comments

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    How would imagine home away from life in the city, and in on-the-grid cookie-cutter urban life?

    Everyone has a different vision, but more people than ever are making it a reality.

    The growing concerns about all the things going on in the world, and the need to buffer from the vulnerabilities of a collapsing society have driven a growing community towards alternative living.

    And benefits to living off the grid, and in a tiny home? No utility bills. No mortgage. And complete freedom.

    Not that everything is easy or automatic. But these are structures that almost anyone could afford to construct. And when the SHTF, people living this way will be in a much better position in most cases to ride out whatever emergency has fallen upon us.

    via Tiny House Listings:

    I recently had the chance to visit Jeremy’s completely off-grid tiny house in Eastern, North Carolina. The first thing that struck me about his tiny home is the simplicity of it while also maintaining a very nice aesthetic. His water comes from a pitcher pump inside the home that is filtered before use. His energy comes from a simple solar that meets all of his needs. His tiny house is basically everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t. He even grows much of his food, coming pretty darn close to self-sufficiency. One more that’s never mentioned around Jeremy’s home, for obvious reasons is “mortgage.” Thanks so much Jeremy for the tour!

    There are many variations, and endless ways to customize a structure like this, or any other off grid home, to your needs and desires.

    In many cases, it is simply a matter of changing the way you think about what a home is, and how your dwelling serves you.

    If you are a slave to the mortgage on your home, and your reliance on on-grid power, it may be something you live to regret.

    Then again, this kind of thing probably isn’t for everyone.

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        • Hcks = Dillusional.. I bet you also have imaginary spiders biting at your arms, maybe eating too much chinese food before bedtime giving you nightmares? How about provide photos or a link for proof? Otherwise all your nibru psycho predictions are BS.

          • Chinese are ALL over Dallas texas. Last two years they are almost as numerous as Mexicans in some parts of the city. They always seem to be “in charge” at whatever location business, eating place, store, etc. China are buying up businesses in Texas.

            -Chinese are buying up farmland all across America in rural areas.
            This is DANGEROUS. You will be starved out. Your food going to China.

            This is Factual and Direct observation.

            Leave HCKS alone. He brings color to the party. That is a good thing. HCKS has many friends here that care about him and wish him well.

            -So called “mainstream media” are nothing but LIARS. They seem to ALL now be Anti American NWO Communist. Media LIES ALL THE TIME. ALL LIES.
            But some of these Internet sources are also predators playing on peoples fears.

            —– HCKS is someone who may be a “Targeted Individual. Go to YouTube and look up the term “Targeted Individual”. Your government dollars at work.

            -Mr. Trump attacked a sovereign nation. Syria did not attack America.
            Therefore Mr. Trump had no justification to start a war that “No One wants”. Except for the Banker-Politician-Obama-Hillary-Bilderberg-NWO goof crowd.

            -Mr. Trump is the same as the so called “other party”. They want war. They are crazy. One party system is what we have. Psychopaths are in charge of American government. War should ALWAYS be avoided.

            Trump has really let us all down. One party. No representation.
            All politicians are war loving psychos. Mr. Trump is a real disappointment. He will not get my vote next time.

            War does not mean you are tough.
            War is NOT Patriotic.
            War is one of the lowest things a man can be involved in.
            Stay out of Syria. Stay out of Iran. Stay out of Ukraine. Leave nut job North Korea to their childish games. Shoot down anything and everything they send up.

            MS 13 and other South American and Mexican gangs over run LA-Houston-San Antonio-Phoenix. Drug cartels are MURDERING US Border Patrol and US Law Enforcement. WHY IS THIS ALLOWED? Stop the gangs. Stop the drug cartels.

            Protect Americans. Protect US law enforcement. Protect US borders.

            STAY OUT OF SYRIA.
            Make peace with Russia. Not war.

            • Government pretty much attracts psychopaths and control freaks, im beginning to think its all just a fucking cruel joke,,,

            • that’s a LOT of truth there, anon.

          • Hermes,

            HCKS is a real force. It’s a really bad idea to attack him.

            We are watching!

        • The invasion of the US (through immigration) will not be limited to Hispanics. Open boarders means open borders. Just wait until everyone in China and India that wants to come here, actually comes here.

          If you don’t think “Open Borders” will include China and India, then you’re the one that is naive.

        • Nope.

          Please tell me what China would gain from invading the USA?

          What would anyone get for this country?

          Our steel reserves? HA
          Our diligent and hard-working population? HAHA
          Our historic constitutional republican government? HAHAHAHA
          Our excellent educational and healthcare systems? HAHAHAHAH
          Our great food? HAHAHAHAHHAH
          Our world-class roads and infrastructure HAHAHAHAHAHAH
          Our freedom? HAHAHA-STOP ME!-HAHAHAHAHAH

          Let’s be honest with ourselves; invading America would be a disaster. We got nothing anyone wants. The victor would end up with a nation wracked with debt, illness, millions living off government handouts, countless guns, failing cities, failing infrastructure, limited trade, failing schools, failing healthcare, and a post-industrial economy that largely functions on fiction using fictional money. I don’t think the world looks at us as a jewel worth fighting over. I suspect they’re more scared of what we’ll do next and scared about when the music stops and we go full-retard.

      1. Sparse

        • Looks like a great place to run a still.

          • Or play cards!

      2. MY 25X15 hunting cabin at BOL#2 is perfect.

        If I can’t get to it, and/or I’m dead I hope who finds it takes care of it and lives there a long time. I just hope he loves his God and his family as much as I do.


        • Thanks Sarge. Now if you’ll be so kind as to send me the UTM coordinates and datum information……. GRIN!!

          • Wilson
            If you can find it in the Mark Twain Nation Forest in Mo. and I’m gone you can use it. 🙂


            • Sarge, the storage building at the BOL where my supplies are stored is about ten of those put together. That thing is a just a storage shed. The cabin is 3000 square feet. Got all the space I need there.

          • Me thinks that should you find Sgt’s stuff, and he is not done with it, you will die before you even hear the gunshot.

            Just my opinion!

            Sgt. Dale, is a stand up guy, and I’d back him up 100% from just what I know about him from here.

            I’m really quite good, and I love my Daisy Red Ryder.

        • Ozarks

        • Hey bud,
          Thats why they say “let go and let God”

      3. Sarge no problems,as a carpenter will take fine care of your cabin,what can I say,we are here for you(after your demise).

        • WCD
          nice to know?????

      4. Right near that little house, one might build a large luxurious home.


        • Why?

          • Warchild:

            Why not?

            A little cabin in the woods away from civilization if SHTF, ok. But you could also put up something like that little house as a temporary dwelling while you put in plumbing and build your dream house. Afterwords, the little house could be used as a guest house.

            Another thing is you could live in the little house and build apartments.

            Also, start with one little house. Then keep building more and rent them out for income.

            You can also create a family compound with family members living close on the same property, but with each having their own space.

            Lots of choices.


            • A lot of people do that using older mobile homes that are available cheaply, and most rural areas I know of allow it even if some restrict how long they can be used before the permanent residence is finished.

              Older, smaller mobile homes can be had for very little, the only thing to consider is whether or not you have the means to get them to the location. Everything’s already ready to go and you just move in after it’s onsite if you do it this way.

              • Anonymous:

                That’s true. But I still think for budget conscious people, instead of buying a starter home and moving to a bigger home in five years, why not sink the money into a large property either with a small inexpensive house already in place or build a small house first. Then build a larger home on the same property. The small home can be turned into a rental or for your own growing family.

                You could also break up your property and sell the parcel with the little house on it. Land gives you options. But investigate the zoning laws before purchase.


                • I think i would build a small log home, pretty easy actually and can utilize natural materials ie stone and trees, better to buy sinthetic chinking and real mortar for stone but could be much more substantial, since were not counting labor cost why not build something decent

                  • Nailbanger:

                    Yes, some of those cabins are spectacular. Smaller would be less expensive. I like the tesla shingles for energy. Pay a little more and make it comfortable.


                    • Friend of mines cabin has those solar collector laminated roof panels, just looks like standing seam roof, but has over 2000sf of solar collector on the south facing side of the house, super eficcient, the only time it doesnt work so good is when they have extremely heavy snows, the melt loop under the panels isnt quite fast enough if the ambient is below 20,

                  • Growing up we vacationed in Canada in a one room log cabin over looking Big Canyon Lake.

                    No electric. LPG tank out back for stove. No plumbing. Out house out back. Slop jars at night. Small boat house and dock.

                    Got our water from lake. Prob couldn’t do that today tho.

                    One working gas lamp in center ceiling of cabin.

                    Room dividers made from drapes clipped to wire and roll away beds for sleeping.

                    Folks had to chase the hippies away when we arrived.

                    Best times ever!

                • Oh, that’s a great idea where zoning and building laws allow it. If you can do that I’d recommend it.

                  But most of the land within my reach, both physically and financially, doesn’t and I have to look at other options.

                  I can’t realistically look at something many hundreds of miles away from where I live, I have to stay withing a hundred miles at most for practical logistics reasons (including making a living while I do it).

                  • That making a living thing is a pesky little varmint isnt it,,, reality, still all good though

      5. Buckshot will pulverize everything inside that Pepsi can.
        $4,500.00 spent on silver much better investment. Or one way boarding pass to Fiji.

        • I spend a little bit of time pondering such a SHTF/Bug Out Location scenario, figuring what kind of setup I’d want to build or have built – if, for example, I would win the lottery and have an almost unlimited amount of money to throw at it.

          Here are few ideas that have occurred to me.

          From the standpoint of being defensible – you’d want to use materials that would help make the place as invulnerable to fire as possible, since any rogue band of thugs who stumbled across your BOL would likely try to burn you out. A steel roof would be essential, and the walls should be stone – as solid and as thick as you could find. This would also help shield the occupants from any small arms gun fire that might be directed at your BOL. Having a fresh water supply accessible only from the INSIDE of the BOL would also be essential.

          Also, anyone with half a brain should know that one of the dumbest things any survivalist can ever do is to think they can hole up inside a fixed location and let an enemy surround you and cut off your means of escape. So, it would be wise to pre-dig several underground escape tunnels – each carefully concealed & camoflaged and each leading out of your BOL in a different direction. These tunnels should have alarms and perhaps motion detectors on them to alert you if one or more of them are found and breached by an assailant. It would also be very wise to buy and install a few dozen weather proof, camouflaged game monitoring cameras on all routes or angles that could be used to approach your BOL and which support long range wifi – so you can monitor your BOL from inside your structure.

          These are just a few ideas that have floated through my mind, but as I said – the key is winning the lottery so I can afford all of this stuff. The location and terrain of the property is also very important – and it should not be easy to get to or easy to accidentally stumble upon.

          • Screw making a BOL defensible. Keep moving is the best defense. If you are worried about
            defending “stuff” or possessions, then you probably have too much stuff. Bugging in is the
            best option ( in my humble opinion ), and bugging out is the LAST and FINAL option. The
            bugging out option I liken to the Hail Mary pass in football. In a bug out situation you are
            severely screwed already.

          • Ahh that tiny house is really just an entry to your 4500 squarfoot wine cellar, with hot tub and masseuse, etc.

        • Think if you were buying the ticket to Figi you would have enough left over to buy a few hundred margaritas at some bar when you get there,,,

      6. Try to find a place with no codes………

      7. Uh, I have two bedrooms of canned goods, 5 gallon buckets and such.
        Uh-huh..sure…and that is for the off-grid???

      8. Ok…off grid…so what ?

        As the guy with the camera said “But you’re just down the road from the grocery store, right” and the guy says “yeah”…..

        Meaning he doesn’t raise much of anything, and is pretty much dependent ON the ‘grid’ to kept him fed.

        His solar setup ? A joke….three 15w Harbor Freight panels will barely keep those 3 batteries above the point of self discharge…..any draw of much will keep them undercharged and on the way to ruin before long.

        Shit like this is some guy living in a playhouse….living some childhood dream between runs to Burger King. REAL sustainable living takes a whole lot more setup to grow, process and store food…..because if you can’t do that, all the rest of this ‘off grid’ crap is just that….crap.

        And all the attendees of “YouTube University” eat it up.

        • You need a Min of 1000-1500 watts of solar panels to run a mini fridge, lights, some powertools etc. Im all off the grid in a 280 sq ft cabin. So I know. I need more panels to run a small 5 cubuc ft freezer. So get real on a solar system that can work. Buy min 4 300 watt panels. Otherwise you are wasting your money on crap.

          • And batteries, lots of batteries, when the sun isnt shining nothing is charging or running, i get a kick out of these people who said they run their whole house on a 5,000$ solar setup,,, yea, right,
            We have a lot of sunny days and i would need to spend about 50-70k to be able to run my house as i do on the public utility,,,, at least and actually have it work and not prematurely burn itself out from continuously over discharge.

        • Good comments. My wife is pestering me to build a tiny home but I’m not happy at all about it. Space is a wonderful thing.

          • I have a good sized home. One concept is how to isolate the core.

            To cut off and prevent from freezing the plumbing in multiple areas while preserving a central core. One area to sleep in with a functioning full bath. The rest of the house, cut off. Anti freeze in the drains etc protects the rest.

            Do you have the means to cut off unneeded areas, and just keep a room or two working, you can do it with little expense. But do you have the means to cut off and cap plumbing feeds?

            Could I possibly isolate, one full bath, the family room and kitchen, for at least as long as the natural gas and then the fire wood held out?

            • Ball valves work pretty well and are easy enough to install yourself on specific pipes behind an access hatch that allows you to shut the affected areas off easily if needed.

              Push fitting ones don’t even need soldering or crimping to install them, just cut the pipe and put them in place by pushing the ends into the valve (shut the water off before you try this, of course). They meet code almost everywhere.

      9. “Off the grid” with cable TV? That’s just a random picture of a hillbilly shed, not a survival retort. Pan out the camera and probably see a Piggly-Wiggly and Taco Bell in the background.

        • Thought I’d follow up on my snarky comment. I found the youtube vid on Tiny House Listings. The builder/owner Jeremy is a really nice fellow, I don’t mean any disrespect to his home which is a cute place he built himself on a budget. But that’s what it is–a tiny home and not a retort. He lives by a pond with plenty of neighbors, he says he’s close to the supermarket and that he eats out too much.

      10. I just built something similar to that dwelling structure ..this does the trick.. It’s small and it gets the job done.
        With all the crap going on as we prep..thos goes beyond just storing up food you have no way of transporting.. This is what I have smaller supplies stacked at steategic locations close by my office, at other friedns houses. Then helped them secure food. And other preps to make sure that they are ready to guarantee me access to my temporary preps, and to allow the to come won’t me to my BOL. We have strong binding agreements pending during SHTF..when shtf strikes, most or the none preppers will be wating on Donald a Trump to come rescue them, but guys like me don’t rely on people who lie to the public about chemical weapons attacks and other BS. Here government, dont your love it. Sa.e Ole bullshit rebranded all over again..


        Welcome to the shtf plan. Com

      11. I don’t live in a place much bigger than that. The location looks like it would be a super upgrade.

      12. Fixed fortifications are monuments to mans stupidity? Better to have it on wheels . Make skirting or false front to make it look perm.? Buy an old 12 foot trailer home. Stock it . And store it at an outside storage place. Get something small light easy to pull.

        • I thought about something on wheels but in a congested metropolitan area wheels can be a detriment even on a normal day. On the other hand, if said metro area has bike trails, that may be the way out of town if need be. A bike trailer can hold some camping gear and enough other goods to get you to your destination. If the destination 150 miles out of town, expect it to be several days ride so toughen up the hind quarters.

          Many bike trails around here aren’t particularly crowded most of the time. If it’s a SHTF situation, I expect most people will head for their vehicle not their bike.

          Outside of a metro area, wheels are a better idea than a bike.

      13. The wall is to keep you in dummies!

      14. There is no obvious place to put the clothes, which are used for working, or the means of production, which are used to sustain oneself. If you were a spear-chucking villager, in some hut, you would still need to produce fuel and food staples, in industrial quantities. If you were a Medieval peasant, in some-exposed beam, wattle and mud daub contraption, with a thatch roof, there would still be enough space, for some kind of cottage business, and, according to some, more than the modern amount of calories. Where is that coming from. I am not asking this out of defeatism. I expect it to come from somewhere.

        Most of these people are not self-orienting, when it can’t be bought from a Walmart. There is an unspoken assumption, that you will hole-up next to your tv and radio, and the pantry will remain stocked, with cheap, subsidized, junk food. Civilization will be rebuilt, with your Chinese, mystery-metal, Swiss Army knife and foil blanket, from the gas station.

        Or, you have guns, but don’t know how to do anything productive, from what I have seen, personally.

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