This Military Surveillance Plane Has Been Circling Seattle For Weeks And Nobody Knows Why

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    For the past two weeks the residents of Seattle have been witnessing a very strange occurrence. Day after day, a nondescript aircraft has been flying circles over their city, and the government hasn’t fully explained why it’s in the area. It’s been identified as a CN-235, and it’s only marking is an Air Force serial number. What we do know about the aircraft is that it is decked out with highly advanced surveillance equipment.

    The heavily modified USAF CASA CN-235-300 transport aircraft was outfitted with elaborate information-gathering hardware, described in all of its apparent detail by the Drive. The aircraft’s callsign is SPUD21, and was in the air as recently as Friday on one of its patrols. Its equipment includes microwave and ultra-high frequency satellite communications gear, as well as a multitude of cutting-edge sensors. It is unmarked, save for the USAF serial on its tail: 66042. SPUD21 flies its missions out of Boeing Field, operating via Clay Lacy Aviation, rather than Boeing’s military ramp.

    According to The Drive, it’s equipped with tools that you wouldn’t expect (or probably want) to find on a military aircraft circling a major US city.

    Above all else, these types of surveillance systems are especially good at capturing and monitoring so called “patterns of life” over and around a target area. This is an especially useful tool when collecting intelligence on an enemy target or group of targets over time and can open up new possibilities when it comes to the  process of finding, fixing and finishing the enemy.

    Though it has an Air Force serial number, it’s been difficult to pin down which government agency is operating the plane. The Drive contacted all of the usual suspects including NORTHCOM, Joint Task Force North, the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and Wright Patterson Air Force Base. None of them would give a straight answer.

    Despite denying it initially, eventually AFSOC confessed to owning the plane and claimed that it was engaged in a training mission. However, AFSOC was still pretty tight lipped about the mission. “They would not elaborate or did not know what unit the aircraft belonged to specifically or exactly what type of training it was doing and who else was involved.”

    At this point, “training” sounds like a poor excuse. If it was something that innocent, why didn’t the military admit it right away? There’s no reason to hide something like that. Which has to make you wonder if this strange plane is really on a training mission, or if something very serious is going down in Seattle.


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      1. What serious thing do you speculate is happening? It’s probably just wasting fuel so that on the books they are using it so need more money for operations, do you think that they are spying on us in a new way that hasn’t been done? Are they sniffing for radiation? Do you think they really need a real surveillance to monitor where we live what we eat what we do in our daily routine what we buy at the store or online what roads you take most often when your last poop was

        • I think they are taking notes on how to successfully organize a communist community. After all, they are a shining example!

      2. Could be training, spying, a psychological mission; or maybe the pilot is looking for a lost puppy. Could be lost and going in circles. Also, heard they put a shitload of Somali “refugees” in Seatle. Perhaps one of those retards is up to something. Could be.


        • US Air Farce, probably looking where to drop a bomb on Seattle, to then blame it on N Korea or Russia. Every Air fraud Base is riddled and ripe with Fraud. Its where the US Military can waste the most money of any Department out there. We have so many US Air Fraud Bases open today here in the US, that don’t even qualify to be air force bases. They commit so much fraud in their EIS compatibility studies its ammature Mind blowing and ripe with fraud. Then Tax Payers dump billions into infrastructure these incompatible Air fraud bases to look like the Taj Mahal, and for what? To teach servicemen how to waste more tax payer dollars and feed the MICM Mafia, so they can kickback Campaign donations back to US Congressmen’s re-election campaigns to vote for more Fraud Waste and Abuse. Just follow the money to find the fraud. Generals retire and become lobbyists by the MIC Mafia to help perpetuate the fraud and fleecing with unnecessary purchasing of more aircraft. The more shit they can pack into Military bases the more money the contractors makes. Its a racket of fraud. The entire US Military needs to be fully Audited Top to bottom. And they can’t seem to account for 25% of their annual Budgets. Nearly $700 Billion a year is wasted on the US Military Dept of Fraud.

          It is a Fact that when Cities Close down US Military bases, the property values go up in these cities. The Cities then reclaim the Base land and turn it into commercial space which creates Tax Revenue. Not Tax Costs. The Cities are strapped with associated costs when they host a military base, more police and fire, and road repairs. Its the Big Lie out there, when the Military claims, that they support the local economies or that they are the biggest employeer. Total crock of BS. Just simply closing the Base’s BX which is all tax free, it will inject tens of millions of dollars back into the local communities, and not some base contractor out there supplying the BX. Military bases just drain the local economy, destroy the roads, and all these lowlifes and military families commit crimes in and around military bases including more drugs and crime, prostitution and low paying jobs. One guy described Military bases as Big Whorehouses. Do a search on Gangs in the Military and what that does to local communities. And its all, so some MICM contractors can make billions.

          Its High Time to defund and defang these wasteful Departments of Fraud. I bet the US Air force also flies Heroine back into the states for the CIA and is unchecked. And the costs passed onto the US Tax Payers for the gas and wear and tear on the aircraft. NOAA is another wasteful needless agency under the Dept of commerce and usually located at US military bases. They also do work for the military in surveillance and spying on Americans under the guise of NOAA. All that spy gear is stuffed into the nose cones of the aircraft. NOAA also needs to be defunded and all their leased planes taken away. Big waste of money. I did a lot of research into this, and I speak with Facts.

          • I agree with you boss. The damn Gov’t is so disgusting and full of blatant waste, fraud and abuse period. Some things just never change. I am so sick and tired of all my tax $$ being burned faster than they rape them from our checks.

          • Very True. Fort Hood in Texas is surrounded by tattoo shops, Pawn shops, all sorts of sex shops, fast food shops, and of course run down neighbor hoods with lots of evidence of gangs ,like lots of graffie. Its on the short list to be closed, but don’t see it happening. Their building and adding on to it everyday. Its already the larges base in the US, Like over 100K soldiers stationed there. Takes cup an entire county.

          • You mean the US Air Force may be committing about as much fraud as is being committed by many recipients of Welfare, Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and/or Medicaid? I know USAF fraud doesn’t hold a candle to that committed by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Their fraudulent dealings were a primary reasons for the 2008/2009 recession.

          • I hope the DO fly female Heroines back into he US, male Heroes too. Obviously you did not pay attention in 3rd grade spelling. Speling erors sho. Your comments matches your intelligence

      3. LOL! Go read Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. It starts out with a crew member of one of these planes doing the exact same thing above the CDC in Atlanta!

      4. Maybe some sort of sniffer.

        • Ya and the Klingons have been circling Uranus for weeks too!

      5. Governor Mark Dayton of Michigan said anyone who bla bla bla should get out of Michigan. So, is he referring to say Somalia terrorist economic migrants. No, this scum was referring to you, American born citizens.

        I googled Seattle Somali and got a list of crimes, not the least of which is nine stabbings and five deaths at a mall in Seattle. My guess is that the patrol is to prevent any action against the Somalia people who have invaded our Country. Not to protect Americans, to protect our murderers.

        The government employees are traitors who have opened the gates to our enemies. I hope Mark Dayton gets killed by one of these Somali pieces of shit. I’m pissed. I hate assholes like this SOB Dayton.


        • “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
          John Adams

          • does john adams got a DATE, when america died? i say it was right around nixon took U.S. off the gold standard….no, probly a few years before that.

        • Muslims are NO good scum trash cancer!!!! Get them the “F” out of the damn country.

        • Dayton is Minnesota. The Somali population is in Minneapolis.

      6. It’s a sniffer.

        • This comment is going to be cryptic. Here goes: Who know what these planes can see?

          Check out this site because lead can block personal protection items from being seen.

          ZZ Medical, Misc. Radiation Protection, Lead Blocker various small sizes for a particular purpose.

          h ttps://

          • I’m sure the fookin asswipe military copters and planes see me flipping them off everytime they fly over! Fook them idiots!

      7. I read there is a unbelievable amount of Chinese in Vancouver, that means North Korean infiltrators ? We are watching who goes near are tagged agents? Or critical infrastructure? Or how many sailboats go from Vancouver into Seattles harbor? Trump gave all foreigners 30 days to get out of northkorea ,what, 2 weeks ago?

        • TH, there are so many Asians in Vancouver that the Canucks call it Hong-couver. British Columbia already has the first Asian governor in Canadian history. I flew into Seattle about 15 years ago and thought I landed in China. The Chinese seem to be everywhere at the airport. Flew into San Jose, Ca. about 15 years ago. Thought I landed in India. All those phony H1B visa holders are working at the airport.

          • All of these no good, filthy, crooked foreigners are a huge dangerous liability just waiting to “strike” us folks. We the idiots in the US just never, ever learn their damn lessons. Get ALL filthy foreigners out of this country before it is too damn late!!!!

            • THat’s what the Indians said 400 years ago……

      8. Clay Lacy Aviation is a really fancy charter outfit. Very high end.

        They are probably providing food and daily aircraft servicing.
        It is funny that they do not fly out of McChord just down the road.
        So maybe it is a civilian contractor leasing the aircraft and doing some training.
        I’m pretty sure if there is some fancy military electronics on board, they would have it in a secure area, and that side of Boeing field is pretty open, no security to speak of.

      9. Whoever put the aircraft there should explain exactly publicly the reason why it is there on an ongoing basis. Therefore the secrecy can only be explained as a sign of government up to no good. It ain’t rocket science, rather a logical deduction looking at how the people’s right to know what is going on is viewed as contempt against authority.

        • You’re an idiot. Training is a perfectly good reason to put the plane up there.

          No one has to tell anyone a single word beyond ‘training’ when it comes to classified work.

          Use your noodle for something beyond stupid conspiracy nonsense. We’re probably going to war with North Korea and training in a lot of things is going to ramp up.

          • I agree, why wouldnt training be just as good an excuse as any, they got to train somewhere,

          • They may also just be calling traffic for the route to a Starbucks, or perhaps where theres good parking stalls

          • anonymous… conspiracy is what our overseers do best. No country threatens the US in reality, so who is stupid and who is bought and paid for? The military is against the American people and 100% for the enslavers. Conspiracy theory is in fact truth washed over.

        • Its probably flying overhead with the “Stingray Spy Gear” that sucks all the data off your Cell phones. All Your phone calls, who and when, your phone book contact lists, names and phone numbers, all your photos, and all your texts. They are gathering Meta Data on Americans, to feed into the DHS Fusion Centers for the Martial Law round up and FEMA Camp Placements. Totally illegal. And if you asked the Military to explain they would total lie to you and say its some flying training BS. The US military’s main goal is perpetuating lies and deception. Playing the shell game of fact manipulation and Psyopps.

          They probably claim they are flying around to keep you safe. LMFAO!!! The US Military and CIA have created more terrorists than ever, it gives them job security. Get rid of the Nation Destroyers, and Terrorism will come to a trickle. I guarantee it.

      10. The tail # is 66049 and not 66042, as we can all see in the photo. Using this plane in a “racetrack” pattern over Seattle is more proof of our gubernment being out of control!

        • That’s probably a stock photo of a similar plane. To photograph flying aircraft use a high speed camera with lots of pixels to capture the tail numbers. I caught US Military aircraft flying over US Cities with bombs strapped to their bellies. Again illegal. And no US military Aircraft should be less than 500 Ft Above any homes or populated areas.

        • Maybe they wanted to watch the Blue angles and Hydroplane races.
          Seafair was last weekend. You have to be a Seattle area guy to understand.

      11. Bezos riding the vomit comet!

      12. They are going to drop hot dogs down to all the niggas!

      13. They are looking for the best place to drop psychologists on the Demoncrap Liberal Left Tard state of Seattle! They are finding it is widespread Sociopaths and psychopaths.

        • Wouldn’t do any good. There is no cure for the personality disordered.

      14. Mark Dayton is not the governor of Mich. As stated above , he is the governor of Mn. , BUT he is a worthless POS . He did say “if you don’t like all the new Imigrants you sould leave the state .”


      16. Actually, it is nothing to worry about. The crew of this aircraft are only taking advantage of the WiFi signal from The Space Needle.

        It IS hard to find hot spots up there, you know…!

      17. CrackSummSkulls please be quiet. Or see a doctor your meds are not working

      18. I spoke to the local atf here about how a meth operation was covered up by local cops. Maybe they are seeing all the illegal activity Seattle allows.

      19. In the next many weeks there are several military training operations planned in the country..most likely connected to one of those programs.

      20. Looking for any signs of intelligent life-forms in Seattle..that can take a very long time.

      21. With the higher crash number of American military aircraft due to improper maintenance and inadequate training (due to budget cuts), I wouldn’t want any military aircraft circling overhead.

      22. It’s perfectly legitimize, they’re just looking for some of the nukes NK has smuggled in.

      23. When this report was first released a week ago, I speculated Fukushima.

        I NOW believe this is data-collection and readings from the coming disaster of nearby Hanford nuke dumping site – which ‘they’ will try to keep as quiet as they can for as long as they can.

      24. Everyone is probably talking about their own personal, field of interest, as though they are directly being singled-out, for unwanted attention, but, imhblo “patterns of life” means everything, always.

        Particularly-active people, outdoors, are probably going to be the most notable.

      25. When we DO develop new technology, we like to test it, try it out. Seattle is the closest large city to the Boeing plant. I saw technology 20 years ago that has become public now, but was not then. We don’t TELL the world what we can do, our capabilities. I read with amusement the ‘tongue in cheek’ replies. This is more Fake News, a liberal rant, seeing way more than what is there in a simple flying test of equipment, usual referred to as ‘training’ rather than test. Operators on board may be learning how to operate the equipment. This aircraft is used wold wide, made in Spain. Maybe they are monitoring a planned protest. Maybe they have developed a sushi id system or a liberal mind bender machine. I liked the ‘searching for a lost puppy’ and ‘drop a bomb on Seattle and blame it on NOKO’. Those two responses show how absurd liberals get in creating Fake News like this, over nothing.

      26. As one who actually served and now has kids serving, I will state this now. Anybody who paints our service members with this wide brush of hatred like some on this site can fuck off. Just because you couldn’t stand the post for whatever reason, and you hate everything and everyone does not give your bullshit any validity. I’ll take our skill sets and experiences over your hollow shit anytime, anywhere.

      27. Probably, just a guess is there looking for submarines or incoming rockets. North Korea has subs out and could fire a rocket. Seattle area is on a trajectory of the icbm launch from North Korea and they could tell more for the air. Kim uh oh, has threatened guam, he could try for Hawaii. It’s probably a counter measure to kims rhetoric nsa has data collection this plane wouldn’t give them much they don’t know

      28. If this is the actual aircraft in the photo, and not another average crop photo, there is no US Flag on the tail, nor is there any other identifying information on the aircraft. Historically,ships traveled without identifying flags, and even today, lack of flag or flying a black flag, as the black fleet, or the Black Nights, they identify with no nation, no assignment to any country except the secret government. Thus this could be an aircraft operating out of Boeing field for the purpose of not being at the aircraft base in order to maintain somewhat of seperation from the US Military? Because there is always some kind of leaker, somewhere. Over in the indian ocean at Deigo Garcia, there a a myriad of these types of aircraft, without flags, and then some US military aircraft with flags. Just thinking….

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