This Is What Crisis Feels Like: A Personal Story: “It All Changed. Literally Within A Day…”

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    Originally published by Simon Black at Sovereign Man.

    RiotsIf you’re one of the 1,000+ subscribers who has take the trip down to Chile, you might have had the pleasure of meeting Marco, my right-hand man in Chile.

    One of the great things about Marco is that he intuitively understands our Sovereign Man philosophy. Because he lived through it.

    You see, Marco is originally from Argentina. And he has some extraordinary stories about what it’s like to live through a sovereign default and currency collapse.

    From Marco:


    On December 1, 2001, Argentina’s economy was in trouble. Unemployment was high, debt was high, and recession had taken hold. But life was somewhat ‘normal’.

    Basic services still functioned. And no one had to really worry about… food. Or water. Then it all changed. Literally within a day.

    On December 2nd, our bankrupt government imposed measures that essentially froze everyone’s bank accounts. You can just imagine– one day having access to your funds, and the next day being completely cut off.

    Within a matter of days, people were out in the streets doing battle with the police. The government soon defaulted on its debt, and the currency went into freefall.

    I was doing some post-graduate work in Boston at the time. As a foreigner in the US, I wasn’t really able to work… so I was living on a tight budget from my savings.

    Yet, overnight, I went from being able to pay my rent and living expenses to being completely cut off from my funds. I had nothing.

    But when I spoke to my family back in Argentina, I realized that they had it even worse.

    Everything became scarce. The electricity went out all the time. Even food on the grocery store shelves ran low. You would eat what you had available at home.

    And in a way, food became a medium of exchange. Within just a few days, people went from having confidence in their currency to not trusting it at all. No one wanted to accept paper money anymore, especially for something as valuable as food.

    And if they did, it would be at 2-3 times the normal price. With all of this unfolding, I flew back down to see my family.

    My father called me and said he had stashed his life savings in US dollar cash in a bank safety deposit box. He needed my help getting it out.

    When we arrived to the bank, there were thousands of people in the streets rioting. The police were there in paramilitary gear. It was so tense, we had to bribe someone just to get inside the bank.

    Fortunately we were able to get access to the box. But… we had to walk 3 or 4 blocks to the car. It was half panic, half adrenaline rush walking past an angry crowd with my father’s life savings shoved down our pants.

    Looking back, this was crazy. But at the time, it was the only way. Then came the even harder part– getting it out of the country.

    We had friends who would take rowboats full of cash to neighboring Uruguay. But this was incredibly risky.

    At the time, the only legitimate way to get money out of the country was buying ADRs (Argentine public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange). And the only reason we were even able to do this was because we had the contacts.

    But we got killed on the fees. The commission alone was 20%, and then, of course, the stocks we purchased took a dive.

    So my father ended up losing about half of his savings trying to get it out of the country at the wrong time.

    What’s funny is that we eventually ended up suing the government. They had destroyed everyone’s life savings, and even seized pensions as well.

    The government dragged out the legal process for years, almost a decade. They were hoping that all the retirees who were suing them would simply die off, and the problem would go away.

    Eventually, we won the case (along with thousands of others). But the judge gave the government a ‘suspended sentence’. So, no penalty.

    There are so many more stories to tell about this… and fortunately I can laugh about it all now. But at the time, it was beyond stressful.

    The best way I can describe it is despair. And this is really the worst emotion you can have. Because when you’re in a state of despair, you’re hopeless. It’s a terrible position to be in.

    Life becomes hell because you do not know whether you are going to be able to put food on the table the next day.

    And in such a state of despair, you’re not in a position to make good decisions. It’s all about survival.

    Of course, we kept thinking, “why didn’t we see this coming? Why didn’t we do something sooner?”

    If only we had moved some money out of the country before, or taken steps to safeguard his pension, life would have turned out much differently.

    It’s like that old saying– better to be a year (or decade) too early than a day too late. Because one should never underestimate the speed with which things can unravel.

    [Sovereign Man Editor’s note: This is an incredibly powerful story that shows how quickly things can change. And it’s happening again now in the West, just ask the Cypriots.

    If you agree that it’s time to take action, click here to find out more about Simon’s Offshore Tactics Workshop video series, and the limited time $350 discount he’s offering.]


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      1. Funny how we forget the lessons learned by those who have lived through it already.

        Thank you Simon and Marco for the lessons given here.

        I am going tomorrow to put some of those lessons to practice.

        • Funny, I was reading the 5th chapter of Jeremiah today, thinking how spot on it is to our situation. Verse 12 speaks about the people among us who say this could never happen here.

          • Highspeedloafer:

            The world does not understand how the U.S. is flying at a bastion of truth, where did you get this thing that God gives them reason to kill.
            Priests, rabbis and other clergy acted on both sides of the two previous wars.
            You quote the Bible, the Koran mentions the other, no one here says that the real interest of a war is economic.
            The next war will also be thus believe.
            The reason is the economy, big banks “too big to die”, etc..
            Open your eyes!
            If you are a child of God, talk to Him directly, look no intermediary.

        • “I was doing some post graduate work in Boston at the time”.
          The author did not “live through it”.

          Don’t give more credit than is due.

          • I will be a bit more specific.
            There was panic.
            Food was available but expensive.
            There we’re people in the street and police who clashed.
            Airports and businesses were still operating.
            A bank was open and allowed them access.
            They panicked and lost a lot of money by acting in a panic.
            The government stayed in place.
            The judicial system screwed the people in favor of government.

            This is not a shtf scenario.
            This is a hyped up version of fear mongering and a writer talking about how his family was completely unprepared for a mild disruption of normalicy. He is effectively describing katrina. I don’t understand how I can hear “great survival story” from this crowd. This same scenario from a katrina survivor would get derision for being a dumbass and unprepared.

            What can we learn from this that we already don’t understand far better than the author?

          • Do yourself a favor and read what FerFal says about it. He was there when it happened in 2001 and he had to adapt to a whole new world when basic services collapsed, the police only protected the upper class enclaves, all dollars were seized, kidnappings, rapes, murder, B&Es, and other crimes exploded. He described how you couldn’t afford to stop at red lights after dark, how people would attack your car in traffic, how people would “express kidnap” you and drive you around to all the ATMs in town or just extort a hundred dollars from your family, and more.
            Also, watch the videos on youtube to see just how bad it got. When 10,000-20,000 people are in the street beating on sauce pans and smashing in the storefronts, you may have a different opinion. The public was so out of control, the government went through 5 presidents within a week or two. BTW-4th World War is a documentary that shows some of the protests.

            • Guido:

              Veja o que fizemos no Brasil!

              Políticos tem medo disso, pode crer!


        • If life is that bad in the USA, it will be worse in Central and South America. Still it is a good idea to stash some cash, legally of course, in Panama. You don’t need to buy his newsletter for that. lots of info on the Net.

          Use the Bank of Durango Kidd. 🙂

      2. Note to self: buy more rice
        Buy more ammo
        fuck gold.

        The bible describes people throwing their gold in the street during the last days. Buy lots of long term storage food supplies.

        • Energy generation. Heating/cooling. Medical supplies. Water purification. Stored water. Communications equipment (i.e. radios). Tools. Trusty vehicles that you can service locally. Stored vehicle parts. Firearms and firearms parts. Ammo and reloading equipment. Insulation and plastic wrap. Lots and lots of trustworthy and like-minded companions. Community is the most important thing. Gold, Silver, Nickels and Copper Cents are very handy and worth having, but social credit is essential and priceless. Other people will lean on you and you will lean on them and this is how every crisis is survived.

          • Well put, Stilicho. As a stacker who started in 1999, I have come to believe that fellow stackers are making a serious strategic error by focusing so much on PM. When there is little food, PM is not going to help. PM is when there are goods around and no one trusts the currency. If we get in a shyte storm, the REAL assets are going to be food, a way to purify water, guns/ammo, medical supplies, communication, etc.

            I still believe in PM but I am not accumulating more. I think the smart INVESTMENT at this stage is survival assets rather than financial assets.

          • Car parts. Great idea.

            … man what ever happened to the days where you could get a VW Bug for $600 and rebuild it completely for under $1200…

        • That verse is in Ezekiel and is describing the day of the wrath of the Lord. A lot can happen between now and then, so don’t totally discount gold and silver based on this scripture. What it’s basically saying is, money won’t do you any good when that day comes, but we all know, in the meantime money comes in very handy. The main thing is, first, to repent and sin no more. Then make sure you are prepared in other ways, and then in metals.

          It’s like another scripture that says your garments are moth eaten. You still need to wear garments!

          • I’m still praying we have time, and that my self grown & stored saved seeds will do what they need to do when the time comes.

            Found this FREE online course the other day showing you how to build you own solar set up

            I’m of the generation where the top set did Latin at school and only the bottom group did “computer science”. Careers advice was also a bit sexist. I KNOW I have gaping knowledge gaps and that scares me as a parent tbh.

            I’ve signed up to do this course as I think it’s handy knowledge to have and thought that there might be a few others on this forum who might also find it helpful. Do feel free to ignore if you feel it’s baby level info.

            Taking the time to fill my simple brain with a new useful skill or knowledge stops it being filled with the latest MSM propaganda meme ; ) Tptb want us to panic, as that makes us easier to control. I refuse to give them the satisfaction.

        • Actually, Their gold was removed from them(confiscated), and they cast their silver in the streets.

      3. Don’t think it can’t happen here.

      4. It takes something to trigger such a fall, and that trigger could be something that we don’t even see. It could be a type of Chinese or some other country cyber attack that sends the whole banking system into a tailspin. Freeze up the electronic world for even a Friday and then the weekend, and by Monday you will have the Dow Jones and other stockmarkets go into a sell off like you won’t believe. 30% drop and the day is shutdown, would probably be within the first hour or first few minutes. look at what rumors have done to the lighning fast trading just this past year.

        The there is my likely scenario that one or more of the major banking hubs is hit, and I mean hit hard. Besides New York sitting on a potential hard rock 7 pointer in the sometime future, there are other events that can shatter the fragile monetary world right now. A terrorist with some real hard core radioactive material could plant a bomb up a distance and cause unbelievable financial ruin. We are not talking the low grade medical radioactive waste, we are talking waste from a nuclear reactor or something that would be a horrible nightmare, plutonium powder.

        There has been terrorists caught in Europe buying very low amounts of plutonium. People say, that is no big deal, one pound is maybe 6-7 pounds short of building a nuke. They don’t understand what one pound of this lethal sh^& can do in a true dirty bomb. Areas downwind of such a detonation would not be livable for decades or centuries. It doesn’t take much smarts to pack some high grade explosive into some container with true radioactive death dust in it on a semi-windy day. Dead city. Same goes true with a sugar size bag of anthrax smuggled up through the porous Mexican border.

        What I am trying to say here is that it doesn’t take much to kill a city and then send a domino effect throughout the entire country, then world. Terrorists and enemy state such as North Korea and Iran know this. I have heard the possibility of a small EMP bomb, but this takes some technological know how. Spreading some plague or denotating some real dirty bomb a chimpanzee could do. Some of these terrorists have just about the mentality of a chimp.

        Decades ago, such an attack the country and world financial markets could absorp and recover. Now, the freefall would be breathtaking and you would see martial law faster in this country than you could say “BO stinks”. This is why so many of us harp on having your emergency supplies, as much as you can get, ready to go because the stores will close faster than you can “I am hungry”.

        • Had a nice sit down with my Sheriff today. Told her I was on the list. She smiled. Said that she went on vacation, picked up a local paper with a article that reminded her of me. What? Yes, a article in the paper about what we had discussed in the past. She said that something bad is going to happen. We agreed. I told her that they the government had me in their sights. She smiled with a chuckle. Yep, this God fearing, love thy neighbor, Constitution loving person is on their list. She said how do you know? Mentioned God, Abortion, Constitution, 1st, 2nd, 4th, Amendment, and Home Schooling in one sentence.

          I forgot to ask if she had any food? Guessed that she could just knock on doors for donations.

        • Be informed,

          Whatever the catalyst turns out to be, it will be huge! It will have to be in order to impose a system wide lock down as we saw in Boston.

          • Really? They locked down Boston just to chase 2 badguys. Like we NEVER have police chasing badguys. No the people and the city government LET THEM shut the city down. The correct answer to the feds should have been HELL NO

        • Think of what the gov did during fukushima, simply raised the acceptable levels of radiation and told everyone not to worry. Cesium and strontium and worse are dusted accross this nation and end up in our food. The same toxic brew paid a heavy visit to the pacific and more gets “leaked” or outright dumped every day so whenever you eat pacific seafood (eventually all seafood) you get a bit of fukushima with it (thanks bioaccumulation).

          I would not worry about the gov evacuating anyone from a lowly dirty bomb. That would imply two things.
          1- they can be honest
          2- they care about your health

          Beyond that they seem to be on a push to pretend like radiation is not really that dangerous. Could be the 100’s of tons of waste sitting around the country they don’t want/can’t properly dispose of and will eventually be dumped or allowed to leak into our lives.

          Don’t believe me? Just look up Hanford in washington and what they let leak into one of the biggest river systems in this country.

          So don’t let some dirty bomb scare you. What is the pound or two some terrorist might spread around your city in comparison to the 100’s of tons uncle sam has waiting for us.

          • senso comum:

            Coma bastante peixe da Costa Oeste dos EUA, daqui uns anos (cinco no máximo) a gente conversa aqui no Brasil.


        • I’m more worried about our own govt detonating a dirty bomb on us, than I am some chimpanzee smuggling one across the border. I’m not so sure that other countries want to destroy us, as much as our own govt does.

        • Ser informado :

          Primeiro, veja um mapa mundial.

          Está vendo?

          EUA, China, Russia, India, Israel, Alemanha etc. onde estão?

          Nem falo do Japão porque eles já tem Hiroshima, Nagasaki e, Fukushima para “brilharem” na falta de energia elétrica em qualquer aeroporto (se bobear, quando falta energia nos aeroportos do mundo e você olhar para as pessoas, as que estiverem “iluminadas” de radiação são japonesas – uma piada que ouvi por aí…). Kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

          Em segundo lugar, concordo contigo, terá que estocar muita comida, munição e “cojones” para sair vivo de onde você está porque, todos tem armas e, a mesma necessidade de “cair fora”.

          Voltando ao mapa meu velho, se você reparar, as potências nucleares estão acima do Equador, a circulação de vento acima e abaixo dessa linha não se “juntam”, uma baleia do Ártico não vai para a Antártica e vice e versa! Você não encontra uma Orca de chifre na Antártica assim como não encontra uma Baleia Azul de 35 metros no Ártico.
          Completando o raciocínio, quando você tentar sair de onde está, deixe as armas, carregue sal com muito iodo para baixar a radiação corporal, tome muita água e, tente chegar abaixo da linha do Equador vivo.
          Melhor parar de falar senão usarei um adjetivo do tipo que não me fará bem.
          Bração aí cara, volte às aulas de Geografia.



      5. Just a good reminder to keep just enough in the bank to cash checks then convert it to silver or something else to barter with —— just saying

        • Wildman:

          Uma espiga de milho que não tiver genética da Monsanto valerá mais que ouro.
          Vou desenhar para você o que isso significa:
          Uma espiga de milho geneticamente modificada dificilmente germina, você come e só, pode plantar ela inteira só as sementes, germinarão algumas e só uma safra.
          Uma espiga de milho “original”, você tira 10%, as sementes “mais bonitas”, joga num saco para plantar no ano seguinte, elas germinarão, o resto você come.

          Valerá mais que ouro, pode crer!


      6. Marco, thank you for your insight; a story from a REAL SURVIVOR. To everyone, this is only one of MANY reasons why I prep and I trust all of you are prepping as well. I can’t help but think of Manos right now in Greece; hope he’s OK. events in europe are picking up and it’s only a matter of time before all that shit starts happening here. I’ve been on razor’s edge since Election Day for numerous reasons and I’m tired of being on razor’s edge. Mega-SHTF is coming this summer; probably only weeks away; I can feel it. Time is running out for us all. My prepping is in overdrive now. I’m getting all I can with these FRNs while they’ll still buy something. When the economy finally collapses, all bets are off, then we’ll all be Argentineans, Greeks, Cypriots, etc. It’s going to be totally tragic and horrific for the nonpreppers. they will pay dearly for ignoring our advice and ridiculing us. But I know I’m right for prepping for this and all other adverse situations and never apologizing to anyone for it. everyone please get everything you can now before the balloon goes up. braveheart

      7. Wall Street is beginning to look and feel a lot like it did in October 1929 before The Crash. Bullish investors will ignore it at their own peril. Buckle up folks.

      8. Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
        Luk 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
        Luk 21:27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
        Luk 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

        • Luk 21:12 But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute [you], delivering [you] up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.

          Luk 21:13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony.

          Luk 21:14 Settle [it] therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer:

          Luk 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

      9. I wish all here many opportunities to avoid such difficult situations. For those new here, read and learn as much as you can and don’t waste time.

        Many different things can happen as Be Informed has written. We don’t know if it’s a flood, wild fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or a mud slid.

        Point is the people of this planet have experienced them all somewhere on this earth within the past six months.

        Y’all Beware! So don’t ever forget, People In Power kill more people than all natural disasters combined.

      10. BI, good evening, and once again you know how to preach to the choir. Lately, i’ve been throwing away junk out of my home just to make room for more preps. As I mentioned in my last post, this razor’s edge feeling is really getting to me. I’ve never had this feeling for this length of time in my life ever before. There’s a whole combination of events coming our way during the summer. I can feel it. I don’t like this sense of impending doom I know is coming to this land, but I also know i’ve got to keep prepping and getting everything I can before everything goes belly up. Once the balloon goes up, it’s game on. What we’ve seen in videos taking place in Europe is reality for them and it will become reality for us before too long. I’ve been irritable lately, especially with Eisen. i finally gave up on trying to talk any sense into him. he reminds me of the nonpreppers. And the new trolls that have been coming on this site don’t help things at all. Earlier this evening, I took inventory of my ammo stocks and stripped down all my weapons to check them. We’re running out of time. I’m thinking something may happen in August when Congress goes into recess. there’s rumors that Obama will wait until then to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty. that act alone could get the ball rolling. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. It reminds me of a fighter that has had the hell beaten out of him (the economy) and it tettering back forth ready for a left hook to finish him off. It just is not going to take much to push everything off the cliff. What is so frightening is to see these people getting right back into the same mess that bankrupt them before, playing the markets with borrowed money. Just like back in the 1920’s and before 2008 crash, people want to get on the bandwagon of the stockmarkets before it is too late.

          This country had a lot of strength back in the 1930’s and look what happened. Back then the country was not dependent on energy at all. Practically everything was manufactured here. The country still had vast amount of crop ready land. The people had a lot more to them, and could grow what they needed. Now the vast number of people are soft and totally reliant on their daily fill-ups at their local grocer or local fast food place or delivery. The fall will be hard, but getting back up will be even more difficult.

          Like DaytonaMike says below, it doesn’t take much of a toxin to end a city and send the country and likely world into chaos. People don’t understand that weaponized toxins from a state sponsored country is so deadly that it can take about one gram per hundred people or more to kill, depending on the dispersion method. EMP city wide destroyers can be manufactured easily by China and other country with some expertise. Terrorists probably would need some help.

          Like what YH and Y’all Beware say, it takes something in the right place and we are going to have lockdown just like in Boston, while BO dancing around like someone that just hit the Powerball lottery. And these events have ALL happened to somewhere on this planet in the past six months. Like I mentioned before, just look at all these new records being shattered, bang and another one. Just like throwing darts at a dart board, one time the center is going to be hit, and the financial markets just can’t handle it.

          I truly enjoy talking about putting away for a disaster on this site, the people here have insight, and like you say I am preaching to the choir. It sure is better than talking to some of these non-preppers that give you this blank stare, or they patronize you by giving you this shit all smile and even telling you “that is a good idea”, then have absolutely no intention of even putting away an extra can of fruit.

          You know, braveheart, I can understand your frustration with people especially about preaparation and getting ready, because you honestly have their best interest. It is like you are trying to prevent the jackass that is holding the M-80 or M-160 jumbo firecraker in their hand with the fuse lit from blowing off 3 or 4 of their fingers. You keep yelling drop it, and the idiot smiles at you and keeps telling I am all right, nothing is going happen.

        • Are Trolls eatable?

          • …put enough spices on it and just about anything is edible…

        • Yikes! The UN Small Arms Treaty really could be the last straw. Like you, I have this constant nagging feeling of dread. My doctor mentioned that I seemed to be depressed….. I denied it, since I don’t want that on my record and feel like I’m always playing some kind of game with powers I don’t understand. We’re also “making room” by donating or disposing of large items so we’ll have more room for preps. Something I haven’t seen on here lately is to be cautious about your preps. We had to call a plumber today,and it took me hours to camouflage the entry to the main prep room. We have overnight visitors from time to time, and kids coming back home to visit. None of these people, dear as they are to you, need to know about your preps. Loose lips sink ships is still pertinent today.

      11. Wether its a sudden thing or a slow steady compilation its going to happen. The problem is too few producing makers and too many parasite takers. The US goverment can no longer take enough from the makers to redistrubute to the takers. So it borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends. It dont take much smarts to know that it cant continue forever. Many folks know and the world goverments know we are undergoing an End of An Age earth change pole shift. The goverments wont tell ou because many will panic many will stop going to their jobs. The recient clatyclismic eents and wierd weather events are increasing in magnitude and frequency. When there are no grocery store,s how will folks obtain food?how will the sheeple survive without electricity & other utilities. Most will perish. It will not be much fun. Bare bones survival of the fittest.

      12. BI, agree with you 100 percent. I’m a long time HAZ-MAT, a few grams, and dead city. One of my things are EMP, I was told a few years back and read about it more recently, Chinas non-nuclear EMP device!
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • I’m keeping an eye on the comet Ison the “sun grazer” in November. Will it cause another “Carrington Event”? Only God knows…


        • @ DaytonaMatt or anyone:

          Is a small steel trash can with a tight fitting lid placed on my basement’s concrete slab enough of a Faraday cage to keep LED lamps and other gear safe from an EMP?

          Do I need to shield the contents from the steel, such as on a piece of wood? Does it need further grounding than being on the concrete slab? Thank you.


          What is the consensus about N95 masks from Amazon? Do they work well for you or are they junk?

          • Yes your trash can will work. However do put a piece of wood in the bottom to keep it off the can for additional protection. A N95 mask is good for communicable organisms and germs spread from person to person.

          • Re: faraday cage

            I have read/heard a lot of conflicting data about how to build a proper cage. Some say ground some not. The best advice I could give is to put a cell phone in your cage and see if you can get it to ring when you call it. If it rings then obviously you need to re work your cage. Also try a text device. Texting uses paket data and can find phones which have no signal. If your text can’t find the phone until you open up the cage I would imagine it works fairly well.

            Also think about how well earth works as a shield. My “cage” is one and the same with one of my in ground caches. But then I don’t worry about adding anything like a radio/ computer/ or anything else to what I bother leaving “shielded”.

            Re: gas masks

            Again just my opinion but the major flaw with most gas mask situations is user error. Not fitting the mask on properly will kill you as dead as not having one. I would do some reasearch around the net (sure there must be several articles and forums on the subject) and then practice putting it on properly. Then test with some strong smelling substance (cologne perfume). If you smell it, your doing it wrong. At least that is my understanding.

          • Anon 6.8, yes, that would work. I would also recommend placing items in alum. foil as well. Just make sure the wrapped items do not touch the primary metal outer container. No problem sitting on concrete. I’m not familiar with the respirator you mention, but I will look into it. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’m always more than happy to help as many as I can. I just hope we have a little time before all hell breaks loose! Standing ready in Daytona

      13. “hoarding” is crucial to your survival .

        it’s crazy to not hoard , build up a personal use emergency stock of

        food 3 months min
        water 3 weeks min
        meds 3 months min
        water filters
        toilet paper
        paper products plates cups sanitary wipes
        pm’s got phyzz ?
        guns , bow , cross bow , ammo and hand weapons to protect it all from looters and thieves

        cause everything is not alright in ZOG AMERIKA or the world and it just gets worse from here …


        N.O. ;0p

        • Hello?
          Why would you have 3 months of food, but only 3 weeks of water?
          A misprint perhaps??

          • HELLO BACK ;0p

            most folks don’t have the free space at home to store bulk water beyond a 3 week supply

            3 weeks is enough time to seek alternative water sources you can then self filter and treat for self consumption ;0p

            if there are none … move to where there is within 3 weeks ;0p

            * 3 DAYS ONLY is how long a human can survive without water under normal physical stress before succumbing to dehydration negative physical mental effects and eventual death .


            N.O. ;0p

      14. That is why we prep!!!! Time and unforeseen occurrence will befall US all. More beans, rice, and propane on the way. I have some silver, I hope it will be left for my kids but chances are it won’t.

      15. I wake up,
        then I go to sleep.

        I wake up,
        then I go to sleep.

        I wake up,
        then I go to sleep.

        It is the new workforce of America. It is our new future. It is our education and what we have become. We no longer build. We just–

        I wake up,
        then I go to sleep.

        I wake up,
        then I go to sleep.

        Made in the New USA….

        • Amen ugly

          my life has become so repetitive ,my life is almost as you described except for the sleeping part ,i hardly do that anymore ,i try my best to live in this life that is not going to be here soon ,and get ready for the changes that are coming ,so im not able to live in either one completely ,i sometimes wish that i had taken the blue pill ,and could remain comfortably numb like the other 99% of the population where my only concern was whether snooky will cut herself shaving her ass

        • Reminds me of a line from a Kerouac poem….”work, produce, consume…..”

          • Reminds me of lines in a song from a punk rock band


        • Beautifully put! I feel the same sense of malaise, but I don’t sleep, either. Don’t know if it’s because I’m always on guard, or just that life today is so abnormal. I see the results in our small village. The residents are irritable and a high percentage are out of work. Lots of domestic squabbles and erratic driving. The two bars here are thriving and for the first time, I don’t feel safe driving through the streets after about 10 PM. (Erratic, drunken, driving and lots of hurled insults at random.) Burglaries and petty theft are up and while we haven’t left our door unlocked for decades, we really batten down the hatches now.

      16. Great article, a fascinating look at the reality of just how fragile this house of cards is. I think most of us have read about Argentina and the Balkans first hand accounts from those that survived it. The value of these eyewittness stories is beyond price, they did it they lived through it and God bless them they’re willing to re live the hell they went through for our benefit. I hope at least one person wakes up and does something to empower themselves.

        Im a bit disscouraged this week, the group(preppers) Ive been working with are in some sort of twilight zone. They are either off on some booze fueled vacation or too busy doing who knows what (anything but prepp)you name it even though they see whats coming they cant seem to get it together enough to pull back on the party and knuckle down and do some real prepping. They will join the ranks of the FEMA refugees, end up in a camp and wonder how and why it all got away from them. That is if they dont end up face down on my front lawn trying to take my stores. Yup I can see that scenario playing out. Has anyone else come across this? Phoney preppers??? you cant make this shit up and no they’re not moles Ive known them for years. Perhaps its too overwhelming for them I dont know what to do about it other than distance myself. I dont think America will ever grasp the dire straights we’re in until its too late.

        It cant happen here this is America mentality is killing us the hauty pridefull arrogance we have grown for ourselves is our worst flaw and it will be the death of millions and its all preventable.

        If your new to prepping or just here at SHTFplan for a visit please take this to heart it happened its going to happen again and there is far more than a strong possibility that its going to happen globaly. Maybe somewhere like Iceland will skate right through the whole deal when it gets here but the US will most certainly not be the nation it is now.

        Heres a wake up call for anyone in doubt that we are not in Kansas anymore Toto, yesturday the ACLU filed a lawsuit against Obama, now if that doesnt shock you, just go back to sleep and I’ll wake you up when dancing with the Idol comes on.

        How many warnings do we need? Before the 2008 stock market debacle, there where folks that warned everyone about the event and some listened and prepared accordingly. Well those very same folks are saying the same thing now only difference is this time its not going to recover. You need to look out for yourselves and with great haste, I doubt we will get through the summer before we feel the effects of what is comming.

        • One thing I want to leave here for you:
          Both the air). Gentino who is writing this text and I believe Brazilian, do not want to kill anyone, do not want to be invaded or invade anyone’s country.
          Here we have oil, water, land, food and beautiful women, do not need guns to live.
          In South America, the plant that grows if no market, it sells.
          The largest drug market in the world is the U.S., you buy the rest of the world sells to you (see the poppy in Afghanistan, is here).
          Philosophically speaking, the Anglo-Saxons may have widespread smoking and alcohol in the world and the world gave them back to cocaine, marijuana, opium among other more harmful drugs.
          When you want to hurt a person, this evil back double.
          I’m just philosophizing not get me wrong.


          • Whaaaaa?

          • Many of us in Amerika are neither hop heads or Anglo-Saxons.

        • Boss,

          At least you have a group!

          Being new to the Bakken oil play, one can’t trust anyone. Its like the wild wild west. Its so bad that Walmart hired a security company to patrol its parking lot. Didn’t even see that in the big city.

          I was talking to the neighbor the other day, he just got his well going so he could water his lawn. I asked “do you have a hand pump for it?” He said “what for??” Test Failed. Looks like I’ll have to get one and squirel it away…

          At least you have people to watch your back.


          • CLess your right I do have a group and some of them are outstanding men and women that I trust my children with and they feel the same way with theirs . Its taken a long time to establish and I shouldnt be bitching about some of the dead weight I should just trim the fat and be done with it. I hope you meet up with some good folks that can watch your 6

        • It’s called “Normalcy bias”, and some people are just geared that way and other people are, as you stated, overwhelmed. We made another trip to Sam’s Club and my husband remarked that we used to go there for just everyday things, check out the book section, and have fun. Now, we’re on a mission. Like you, we don’t exactly trust the few people who know we prep. Our original group has dwindled down to three couples and we’re still serious, but the others have given up when nothing happened within a week or two. Unfortunately, they know what we have stored and where it is. This does make one more grateful for the comforts we are currently enjoying. Every time I turn on the tap and clean, hot water pours out, I’m grateful. Same with the house lights and air-conditioning which I’ll miss the most. We have the means to stay warm, but not to stay cool. Blessings!

        • Yo, Boss Hog. I know what you are going thru. Even in the ‘American Redoubt’ there are many fake preppers. Most importantly you personally need to be strong and upright because you have no idea how many people (family and friends) look up to you for stability and guidance and perhaps leadership. As a 21 yr. vet of the Army , I can tell you that you MUST have a team. A team comprised of people who think like you and understand the dire situation and how close the storm really is. Apathy is rampant and it is affecting many. The warning signs of the collapse (whatever the trigger effect is , is not so important) have been obvious for years. Remember this…. 24/7/ 365 days , 360 degree security will require some help. Have clear fields of fire and maximize the range of your weapons. Figure out a way to function in the dark. OPSEC and COMSEC must be adhered to. Don’t rely on the lame stream media for info.

      17. Forgive me, but I need to express my OUTRAGE at what the heroic Mr. Snowden disclosed about the government’s surveillance of every U.S. boy, girl, woman, and man.

        First off, whomever you are in the government (past president[s], other elected officials, government workers or present ones) who in whatever way was, or still are a part of tracking all of us law-abiding citizens, be you the authorizer of such, or part of the “machine” that tracks us, I have some NEWS for you.

        Yes, I have some NEWS for you!

        Are you LISTENING?

        I sure HOPE you are!

        Well, guess what?

        There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to elude ALMIGHTY GOD’s Surveillance of YOU all!!!

        Yes, God sees EVERYTHING you do– EVERYTHING you do that is part of satanic hatred of LIFE!

        So because I DISAGREE with this surveillance, I am not patriotic?


        Because I call you OUT on your UNconstitutional EVIL, I am to be SILENCED?


        Each and every one of you governmental people, each and every one of us who read and/or post at this site including, of course, myself, we ALL have to answer to Almighty God for ALL our transgressions.

        We want the same things out of life that YOU want, Mr. and Mrs. Government Worker: a decent chance at life, a shot at making something of ourselves, a chance to raise a family, a job with a just wage, self-respect, responsibility, peace, and a lot of other (nonmaterial) “things”.

        So to any reader or “surveiller” of this site who might be part of any type of international or national collapse, know one thing: God has HIS Eternal eyes on YOU, and He will hold ALL of us to judgment.

        Make no mistake: this generation just might witness the Second Coming of Christ. It can come like a thief in the night.

        My friends, I ain’t no saint, but I sure as heck don’t want to end up in hell because I didn’t call someone out on their grossly immoral conduct. I mean no one harm, but to be silent in the face of all this evil is to be COMPLICIT with it.

        May God give all of us the grace to say the right thing, DO the right thing, and help our fellow man/woman.

        “It is no secret that evil is ‘live’ spelled backwards.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “One cannot do good to the country by injuring himself or his family. Similarly, one cannot serve the country injuring the world at large.” – Gandhi

        “I believe in what Max Muller said years ago, namely, that truth needs to be repeated, as long as there were men who disbelieved it.” – Gandhi

        “No action which is not voluntary can be called moral. So long as we act like machines, there can be no question of morality…Any action that is dictated by fear or by coercion of any kind ceases to be moral.” – Gandhi

        “Morality which depends upon the helplessness of a man or woman has not much to recommend it. Morality is rooted in the purity of our hearts.” – Gandhi

        – The Lone Ranger

        • Now that is a good rant.

      18. Have a plan!!!! for you and your family and freinds…. soon… mabey not this summer but 12-18 months… then it turns very ugly…

        • Based on what? 12-18 months seems arbitrary.

      19. The Lone Ranger:

        I hope you do not leave the U.S. disarm as we leave here in Brazil (on behalf of non-violence).

        It was the biggest shit!

        Violence has increased!

        In England it was the same and there are wanting to repeal the law “can not have guns.”

        For me, every citizen should have decent sized (and constant training) military, as in Switzerland

        If you never knew how in Switzerland, see this link:


        • Proftel , you are so right !!! Our 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting ducks or deer or shooting clay pigeons. If a government 200 years ago knew how important it was ‘THEN’ to have the population keep and bare arms…. and 200 years later try to take them away…. one must question their motive. The difference between a subject and a citizen is that the citizen is armed. Even with the lack of ammo all over the USA , one should be practicing dry fire techniques and become very knowledgeable with other weapons.

          • Idahosheepdog:

            Sorry for the delay in responding.

            Grateful for the favorable review I wrote.

            Here in Brazil there is something strange:

            1 – The political disarmed citizens through law;

            2 – The political left only armed police;

            3 – The Out-of-law are armed;

            4 – Citizens have no right to defend themselves! The houses have bars, electric fences (if the voltage is higher, and a villain to die, you are sued for wrongful murder (no urge to kill!) This is absurd!

            The revolt of the population is not only to reduce transport passage, goes much further!

            We are exhausted patience with many other subjects, Believe!




            Desculpe a demora em responder.

            Grato pelo comentário favorável ao que escrevi.

            Aqui no Brasil há coisa estranha:

            1- Os políticos desarmaram os cidadãos através de Lei;

            2- Os políticos deixaram só a polícia armada;

            3- Os fora-da-lei andam armados;

            4- Cidadãos de bem não tem como se defender! As casas tem grades, cercas elétricas (se a voltagem for maior e, um bandido morrer, você é processado por assassinato doloso (sem vontade de matar)! Isso é um absurdo!

            A revolta da população não é somente para diminuir passagem de transporte, vai muito mais adiante!

            Estamos de paciência esgotada com muitos outros assuntos, Creia!


      20. IRS AGENTS bein’ trained to KILL American Citizens with AR-15’s semi-auto Battle Rifles by the ZOG DHS

        WTF ??? ;0p

        it’s comin’ … prepare

        2013 = 1776 !!!

        ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

        N.O. ;0p

      21. Prepper Friends and Americans:

        I finally had it. I want to walk on a ‘path’ that leads to an area called ‘Truth’. Someone showed me a map to this path that leads to ‘Truth’, thus I went and I walked on this path or road that leads to ‘Truth’.

        I walked on the path that was to lead me to an area called ‘Truth’.

        I walked on path and then on the path came the famous fork-in-the-road. The sign to the left said ‘This Way’. The sign to the right said ‘That Way’.

        I thought what fwoicking idiot would put a stupid sign that said ‘This Way’ or ‘That Way’? How ‘F’in stupid!

        I went home cause I found no road to ‘Truth’.

        • Truth has a way of revealing itself to us when we least expect it and if ignored slapping the crap out of us…

        • This Barry he’s not an American … he’s not even Kenyan … he’s something else and its gonna make you Angry – Police Chief Mark Kessler

          Mike Zullo: We have unrefuted proof obama is not eligible to be president , we’re bringing it to Congress

          Update: Police Chief Mark Kessler:

          This Barry…he’s not an American, I can tell you that right now. The information that I was given, he’s not an American. He’s not even Kenyan and I’m tellin’ you that when you find out what he is, your blood is gonna boil. The American people are gonna go absolutely crazy if Congress doesn’t do something about this cause he’s not Kenyan and he’s not American. …There’s no record of him prior to the age of five anywhere in this country. Nowhere. The people that…that they say are his parents, guess what? They’re not his real parents. They’re not. I’ve seen the evidence. I’ve seen the evidence …

          N.O. ;0p

          • This does not surprise me at all….after Sheriff Joe had his people research Barry’s birth certificate and found out it was a fraud….well, he should absolutely not be president! Can someone offer him a ride somewhere….anywhere???

          • In the unlikely event Mark Kessler is correct, where is his proof? Instead of alluding to this and hinting to that, just put it out there. But it’s hard, when push comes to shove, to prove an unverifiable fictional story.

        • That …. is …. awesome. Sounds like the next war will be automated drones, guns, jammers, and more techno-war. Imagine crowd-sourced enemy tracking etc.

          BTW, unlike many on this article, I think it was great. I think many negative comments are the natural human reaction when you don’t want to believe something. I sure don’t want to hear my paltry savings is inaccessible overnight – but that’s what happened in Argentina. Thanks for the article. Don’t tell me lies.

          • It is called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’…. . . and people will refuse to believe something, even if it is right in front of them. Too painful. Hurts their feeeeelings. Better to ignore it and maybe it (they) will go away. Think about this…. Maybe Bin Laden was right. He was hiding in a well stocked cave , living like a rat. An outta sight rat that all our modern military equipment couldn’t find him.

      22. I still say we’ll see if BO leaves the house in 3yrs!

        • @buzzfix – I’d rather have him leave “now”!

          • That would be like popping one zit out of a million. He is a only figurehead. Like Al Queda, you knock off one leader, and the next afternoon there’s another one. Depose the One, and you’ll have another One in place before you know what hit you.

            Focus on the liberal traitors you can reach. Town, city and county governments. Planning commissions. Your school board. Especially your school board.

      23. There was a political coup in 2008; backed by a military coup?
        This installation of an anti-American, illegal alien, anti-constitution foreigner could NOT have happened WITHOUT military knowledge and backing/support.

        • Bull. BHO is the direct result of millions of ignorant, stupid, racist, mindless liberal, low/no information voters who would rather vote for some black guy they heard was cool than actually take a minute to look at the facts.
          There was no coup. The military had nothing to do with it. Believe it or not, there are lots of useful idiots in America for whom BHO’s plans and stated goals sound like a good idea.
          If BHO’s election is as world-shattering for you as it seems, I wonder where you were when Klinton was elected?

          • Took the words right off of my fingers.

          • Guido–keep voting if you think it makes a difference.
            Check out electronic voting machine hackers.
            They lost their jobs–it was done ‘REMOTELY’ in 2012.
            Where ya been dude?? 🙂

            • Oh, Guido–have you heard?
              They are all on the same team now..same shit; different smell!! 😉

            • I’m well aware of how easy it is to hack a Diebold, but not everyone uses one. Also, I have to wonder with 2 sides having equal incentives to cheat, how much of their scheming ends up canceling each other out?

              BHO wasn’t just the result of cheating. Millions of useful idiots supported him without examining the facts and re-elected him after 4 years of disasterous failure. No coup necessary when your population is stupid.

              I’ve poll watched in the past and participated in the system. You can’t claim it was all hacked. That being said, I don’t like either party.

              • You are soooo naïve.

          • Right on Guido. You hit the nail on the head!!!!!!! Too many sheeple rely on BHO for their sustenance . Never forget… ” Control of a mans sustenance is control of the mans will” Alexander Hamilton… .. . I read that over 5 years ago and never forgot it. Millions of americans rely on the govment to eat every day. Sad state of affairs we are currently in. It has been planned a long time ago , and we get to see it unfold.

      24. Judges, Lawyers, and Prosecutors..

        they need a reminder of who they are to defend and work for, they have lost that direction

      25. Nice story.. good intent; but I don’t buy it.. too many holes. For one, if any of us was in the exact same situation as the reported “father” in this nice little story; no one would’ve even considered doing what this story claims the “father” tried to do. So lets pretend that we are natives in a country whose currency has collapsed.. we are fortunate enough to have stacks of USD, which, at the time, is the single most widely exchangeable currency on the planet. We can’t buy food or anything with our local currency, so we try to smuggle our USD out of the country ?? Why ?? Any vendor in that situation would jump at the chance to exchange their goods for a fiat that is still presumed to have value. Even main-line stores would likely jump at the chance, in such a situation, to obtain readily exchangeable currency. If the story presented was true, the “father” would’ve been a very rich man since he would’ve been able to reach into his pocket and pull out a fiat note that was still presumed to have value.. and much more value than the currency in his country.. not to mention just how the “son” was able to purchase a plane ticket when his Argentinian bank accounts and presumably, his Argentinian bank issued credit cards were all “frozen”. Maybe the boy had some cash stashed.. but risking loosing all your remaining assets by smuggling a readily convertible fiat currency out of the country ? Pa-leeze… buying ADR’s in the US stock market ?? How does that actually get your money “out” of a particular country ?? Nope, ain’t buying this story.. nice intent, but a very poorly constructed fabrication none the less.

      26. BI, good morning, I’m just now catching your comment #1781409 from last night. Interesting analogy about the jumbo firecrackers. braveheart

      27. Get on the Daily Seeple site and read the article Find the FEMA Camp Nearest you. Article has a list of each states camps. These camps are where millions of people are going to die. You can save a little time and go ahead and fill out the Post Office mail forwarding forms now before the rush. You don’t want to miss a notice from the IRS that your Obama Care insurance fee is late.

        These liberal oppressors absolutly mean to do away with 8+ million people for our own good.

      28. We had problems on the big cities, not in small towns or rural areas. Of course I was in the middle of the recession and the only thing we suffer was a big increase of prices at the food market. I solved that little problem by buying rabbits raising them and selling. I still have a rabbit farm business.

      29. Thanks for finally posting picture of half nude MALE for a change, for us female preppers! : ) However, I would much rather you posted pictures of that Chinese guy– what’s his name– in the documentary, “Shade”. (The guy I’m referring to is a singer, works out and is so cool!!) : )

      30. I saw my comments disappear from nothing, that is not democracy.
        Talked about God who is my Father and that I do not need an intermediary to talk to my Father
        Better stay here and never come back, perhaps some see these last words.
        All the best to you.

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