“This Is The Disaster Everyone Will Wish They Prepared For”: SoCal Megaquake Threatens 20 Million

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    Image: Martin Luff, Flickr, Creative Commons 2.0

    Experts in business and policy have conducted a survey of the potential damage that could be expected after what scientists now say is an inevitable mega-earthquake along the San Andreas fault. It exposed many deep flaws in the system, and forecast a disaster of epic proportions for of Southern California.

    Because the pressure has been building for over a century, and simply must be released, the earthquake is not just a potential event, but a liability that is sure strike sooner or later, and models show that the magnitude could easily approach 8.0.

    It could easily become every prepper’s worst nightmare – an event big enough to test the shaky resolve of the entire population as they face being cut off from food, water and electricity; even a modestly large earthquake could disrupt pipelines and power lines for water supply, sewage, natural gas and more for several weeks or even months… and it would only take a matter of hours and days for riots and looting to begin.

    According to Phys.org, this is the disaster everyone is going to wish they prepared for:

    But when the Big One hits, a recent report says, the western state is ill-prepared and local officials as well as major businesses need to face that reality to “prevent the inevitable disaster from becoming a catastrophe.”

    Drafted by a group of business and policy leaders, the report identifies several key areas that need to be addressed before a quake as strong as a magnitude 8 happens, notably aging infrastructure, water supplies and the risk of catastrophic fires… including freeways, railway lines, gas and petroleum pipelines as well as electric lines.

    A major earthquake on the San Andreas, one of California’s most dangerous faults, would cut most lifelines in and out of southern California, preventing critical aid from reaching some 20 million people and hampering recovery efforts, experts say.


    “It is inevitable that we will have a big earthquake because that pressure needs to be released,” said Robert Graves, a seismologist with the USGS.

    For society to come unglued at the seams and spill over into pure chaos is hardly impossible in the sprawling, superficial and highly unstable cultural combustion engine that is Los Angeles, where gangs and clashing ethnic groups will be pitted against a shallow and ill-prepared general public with no grip on reality.

    Just imagine how that will play out when 10-20 million people are deprived of water sources, fuel and food:

    Computer simulations by the US Geological Survey (USGS) suggest that a magnitude 7.8 quake on the southern end of the San Andreas fault would cause shaking for some two minutes, killing at least 1,800 people, injuring 53,000 and causing $213 billion in damage.

    “Most of the water that we get has to cross the fault to reach us but when the earthquake happens, all of the aqueducts will be broken at the same time,” Jones, known as California’s “earthquake lady,” told AFP.


    Installing automatic shutoff valves on natural gas and petroleum gas pipelines that run near the San Andreas Fault could also help prevent major fires [because otherwise they would be widespread; either way the source of fuel and heat will be cut off].

    As for maintaining communication with the outside world once the Big One strikes and disrupts energy grids, Jones said solar power could be one answer.

    There are many ways to prepare for what is coming to Southern California, and may well occur in other key parts of the country.

    Experts admit that services could be disrupted for several months, so serious preppers living in earthquake zones should be certain that there is a minimum 2-3 month food supply for everyone in the home, as well as 30-60 days of water, along with other typical supplies.

    Tess Pennington put out a comprehensive guide to prepping for a major earthquake, including common sense tips about avoiding placing heavy objects on shelves and high places that could collapse in your home during a seismic event, as well as information about evacuation, route planning, and of course, prepping an emergency supply of food, water, medicine, supplies and backup sources of fuel and electric power:

    After an Earthquake

    The danger isn’t over when the shaking stops. There are many hazards that still exist. You must quickly survey the safety of your environment.

    • Look for electrical hazards like downed lines.
    • Turn off the gas and water to your home.
    • Do not use matches, lighters, camp stoves or barbecues, electrical equipment, appliances until you are sure there are no gas leaks. They may create a spark that could ignite.
    • DO NOT turn on the gas again if you turned it off; let the gas company do it.
    • Repair any defective electrical wiring or leaking gas connections before using those systems again.
    • If there are damages done to the ceiling or foundation, get an expert opinion about any structural defects.
    • Have well water tested before consuming it.

    Emergency Evacuation

    In some events, you’ll have to leave your home due to damage caused by the earthquake.

    If you have to evacuate, having a 72 hour kit or bug out bag ready to go will expedite the process of leaving.  Your bag should contain all items necessary to survive for 3 days.  When preparing a bag keep the main survival points is mind (water, food, shelter, clothing).  Having a separate bug out bag for the vehicle will also come in handy in the event that you are caught on the road during a sudden emergency.

    When the big one hits, it is tragic but predictable that many people’s lives will be at risk, and property damage could skyrocket. If the response is not adequate to deal with the risk, millions could be cut off from their lifelines in society.

    Don’t be one of them. Anyone living near a major fault zone will wish they had prepared for this. Surely you have already begun…

    Read more:

    Prepper’s Blueprint: It’s Time to Get Serious About Prepping; How’s How to Survive Anything

    FEMA Preps For the Big One: “Involves A Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Along Cascadia Subduction Zone”


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      1. I’m prepared for it. I like my martinis shaken well.

        • Ehhhh, I doubt I will feel it or miss cali lol. On the other hand I may have some beachfront property for sale 🙂 Still hangin out at the retreat sippin wheeesky and exploring the mountains. I should be back in a couple weeks or less. My 3.5 month long hietus is about over. I guess I have to work sometime lol. Hope yer all doing well, toodles 🙂

          • Good to see you back G!

            • New Evidence! On that Black guy cops shot and his girlfriend posted up a yutube video After he got shot etc!

              Was just reading at forums of incogman dot net website and one reply poster guy there posted up info from, I think it was, conservative treehouse dot com website article.

              Turns out dead black guy had his gun In his Lap, did NOT have a CCW lic to carry as formerly stated he did!

              He was a member of CRIPS black Gang, had something like 35 or was it 60 prior pull over by cops etc and many driver tickets etc…Plus his girlfriend was also well known to local cops as she too been stopped at least 65 prior times and ticketed too many times to list.

              Oh and he also had a Bag of Weed in plain sight in car too.

              I didn’t read that actual article and am posting this info from the forum guys reply info at incogmans site.

              But since 99% of his clientel on his reply forums are upstanding, intelligent and very awake fellows and women too, I feel safe to take reply posters word for it that his info is direct copied from orig artical at that Other website.

              if all 100% factual truth? This massivly changes the BLM complaints story eh…Looks like another in long growing yet Longer list of, MSM TV news Rabidly Pounces on ANY claim of cop brutality as long as complaint comes from a African Black and is Racist against a White person/cop eh.

              Too bad FCC heads are all always Biased and traitorous.

              if not for this FCC fixed system of swindle against whites and true partiotic americanizm agenda, we would by Now see at least One TV news show anchored by some white guy like Dr.David Duke, PHD/Historian whom would always fill airwaves daily with 100% proven facts based truths.

              Facts based Truths that would finally awaken even the most dumbed down, idiotic brainwashed Liberals as well as the libs first cousins, neocon brainwashed repubs that also trust and believe whatever is told as long as it originated from ANY of six major corp/Zio owned TV stations news shows.

              Such truth Duke would tell daily would take less than one month air time to drastically change many minds across america and do so for the Betterment of especially duped guilt ridden white folk.

              MSM Contains even worse dispicable personal than both political parties do since none of msm persons can be gotten rid of via an election or scandle etc.

              And as long as they can earn $20 million per year with tons of great pre paid book deals to offset that low pay scale! None of msm are ever going to stop being zio nation weckers or Shabozz Goy nation wreacker accomplices.

              • Them Guys:

                Obama showed up at the funeral of the cops. His retoric was insulting. He gave statistics and talked about Jim Crow/Slavery.
                He has no class.

                I am responding by becoming a racist. I employed Blacks. If I need help in the future I will look for a Caucasan at every opportunity. I will rent to whites only by way of mouth. No more advertising for help. Black people may be fine people but from now on, I am going to put my race before other races. I will be as discriminatory as they claim. I’m not going to go around with symbols, flags, or obvious displays of racism, but I am done going out of my way to be nice.

                You talked about how you grew up in the projects in Detroit. I really appreciate your sharing. I don’t want to say too much about myself. But I am a statistic. I’m one of those countless victims of crime endured perpetrated by Blacks. So when you refer to them as savages, I recoil. My Christian upbringing clashes with this descriptive adjective. But on a personal level; I am grateful that there is someone who has internalized a knowledge that so many have not.

                • Excuse me, in this context, savages, is a noun. I wouldn’t want to get the grammar Nazies (no offense to Nazies) on my case.

          • G. Good to see you still kicking.
            Mac, hope you are not close to that big crack.
            Hate to see you or Tess go thru that.

            Be well all…

            • Eppe, I think Mac and Tess are in the sierra nevadas so they should be OK. I’ll be back in jawja this weekend.

              • Brave,
                a tidbit of new info. we were just informed that the Army is going to start helicopter training excersises at 25 different site in our mountains up to midnite at night,don’t kow if any troops will be used or not. the interesting thing is they have been using the mountains in there 90 mile base for many years so why all of a sudden are they going to infringe on these properties the only difference in these mountains and the ones they been using is these are tree covered heavy firs and pines, i think they are using these because the old ones are like where we have been at war overseas ( Iraq ) etc. etc. and the new mtns. are more like here in the states, OR a whole different region of the world! what are your thoughts? also this notice of intent has a 25 year use plan!

          • Genius, glad to hear from you. I miss your posts.

            • 8.0 LMFAO !!! The BIG ONE is going to be much, much bigger than anyone has imagined.

              Think 9.5 or more.

              Think of it as the TRIGGER EVENT for tripping the fault MATRIX in all of SoCal.

              Think of it as the TRIGGER EVENT for MASSIVE Earth Changes across the USA. This series of events will mark the end of the Age of the Gentiles.

              Think Temecula California as the epicenter. Think about relocation, now.

              Think May 24th at EXACTLY 4:02 pm PST. 🙁

          • Big “G”
            Good to see you are back.

            Cali. has been going to fall into the pacific for many years. If it happens it happens, and there is nothing you or I can do about it. The only thing we can do is pray for the victims.

            Get back soon we all have missed you!!!


        • I’m ready, all my dishes are Correl!

          OMG, we preppers have to think of everything!

          • Only if your floors are wood or carpet. If the floor is tile or concrete, Corel will smash into dangerously sharp shards.

            My very first summer job was in a hardware store, and I set up the display for Corel Livingware when it first came out. “Guaranteed not to chip, crack, craze, or stain.” I sold a lot of those dishes. When someone looked interested, I would take a cereal bowl and bounce it on the wooden floor. That impressed a lot of people.

            They really do last though. We have a whole stack of them in one of the original patterns. There was green, blue, yellow, and plain white.

        • Diversity almost always leads to violence.

          Blacks simply are not meant to live in an advanced civilization.

          Look at the rioters.

          Whites build the shit and non-whites destroy it.

          Even in high IQ east asia, the highest performers by far: macau, hong kong, and Singapore are all products of the white man.

      2. We all know doom approaches from every angle. Good thing Jesus is coming back. That means I can face anything fear free.

      3. If this happens, The country doesn’t have the $ to fix it. Cali is already broke, and so is the USA.
        These folks have known this for years. If they choose to live in lala land they should be responsible for their actions God Bless, James

        • James

          ” should be responsible for their actions”

          That is unfortunately a concept from a bygone era. California is the political prize. Politicians will clamor for the headline of doing the most for them. I think they call something like this a Black Swan Event that has the ability to kick a supporting leg out from underneath the system thus collapsing it. The effects of this would have ramifications literally worldwide. California isn’t Indonesia.

          • @James,
            Mexico wants California and they can have it, right after the quake shakes.

          • Kevin2, almost 13 million of those 20 million are right there in the LA Metro Area. Only 5 major routes in and out of there. If all 5 of those routes are disrupted in any way, they’re doomed. The entire Cali coast is toast. Northern, Central, and Eastern cali might be OK. I can hear the fruits and nuts in cali now, ‘where’s the govt.?”.

            • Please name one place/time when people involved in a major natural or man made disaster haven’t been provided help by a government entity, inside or outside of the country – and the people who were affected by the disaster just dusted off their boots and just put shit back together?

              There is nothing wrong with the government helping people in the case of a natural disaster. Natural disasters in the US are localized to the area of the disaster, and surrounding entities should be there to assist, that includes the Federal government.

              I would expect the Federal Government that I pay taxes too, to provide me help in the event of a natural disaster – as that said natural disaster could have completely destroyed ANY preparations I had been making.

              Expecting that the government is going to help people in the event of a nationwide disaster, or world wide disaster is ludicrous, and incredibly naive.

            • Saw some whiney bitch in Joisy bellowing exactly that after hurricane Sandy.

              “Where’s the goberment?! We need food, we need generators an gas! We need clothes! People are gonna doie down here! This was as she stood in front of her intact home, 2 days after the storm. Night time temperatures were expected to “plummet” to the mid 30s F.

            • ” I can hear the fruits and nuts in cali now, ‘where’s the govt.?”.

              I been there a few times. I think of the 1970s classic Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Jeff Spacoli.

              I think something like this effecting so many, so wealthy, so much in the public eye will permanently alter US psychology. The failure of government will be apparent. Unfortunately the wrong solution will likely be enacted. Government failed because we need more of it.

        • I first want to state, that not all people in Cali are in lala land or are bad people. It bothers me when people say let cali fall off the map, or its their fault for living there, etc. This is where our jobs are located, where my kids go to school, where we have our homes. It’s not just an easy thing to just say, “Screw it! Let’s leave.” considering jobs are hard to come by, we have a wonderful network of friends and my kids have their freinds here.

          That’s not to say I love Cali. I do and I don’t. This state has issues, but guess what…every state does. Heck, possibly one of the most conservative states (Texas) is where the cop killings were at. Most would’ve expected that in Cali, not Texas.

          But, I do know I live in a hot bed that is a hot mess. I keep a go-bag in my car, B.O.B.s in the house for each family member, have back up food and water and have a plan A, Plan B and am working on a Plan C. My biggest fear is that the big one hits while I’m at work. So, I have multiple alternate routes to get to my kids as soon as humanly possible.

          None of us can run from the eventualities that life delivers…we need to face it head-on, prepared.

          • Hey kynase,

            Thank you for saying this. I live in Socal myself and not all of us are stuck up or bad. I have prepped to the best of my abilities. But if the sh*t hits the fan, I know our suburban areas will be in trouble. We might have to deal with the 20 million plus people in Los Angeles who didn’t prepare.

            This is pretty cruel to say, but I hope those who didn’t prepare will wipe themselves out before they come out towards our area.

            Gotta keep on prepping!

      4. Central U.S. preparing for mega earthquake that could kill tens of thousands of people

        ht ps://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/central-u-s-preparing-for-mega-earthquake-that-could-kill-tens-of-thousands-of-people/

        “It is well known that California and most of the west coast of the USA are thought to be long overdue magnitude 7 or stronger earthquakes. News there has been significant movement along the 800-mile San Andreas Fault in the Sunshine State and an emergency drill of how to deal with a devastating tsunami along the length of the west coast, have kept both impending natural disasters in the headlines across the globe.
        But it has largely been forgotten that another potential disaster is lurking within the ground in Missouri”

        • The majority of the people are in the Normal Bias Mode. Plus they will expect the government to come and rescue them and then provide for them should a natural disaster happen.

        • ” San Andreas Fault in the Sunshine State”
          Hope the folks in Florida realize this

          • talon1776

            Good catch.

        • Satori, my home is only an hour’s drive from the New Madrid fault. My BOL is in north GA. I’ll be a lot further away whenever it goes so the family and I will be OK.

          • Brave hearth
            You are damn too close to New Madrid.
            They have a DOOMSDAY PLAN for New Madrid area.
            Did you ever look at the future coastal US Navy map?
            The entire east part of US will be an island!
            Better get a few oxygen bottles for breathing.

            • Bobane, where I’m going is 300 miles from New Madrid. I’ve seen that map and I’m skeptical of it.

      5. No earth will swallow Diane Fienstien since it will vomit her satanic body back.

        • But she’s Jewish.

          • Lone W…. How did I forgot that?

      6. Let them happen. Im about 200 miles from the new madrid. It will not have much effect on the Ozarks. We are on solid limestone. But the entire delta from southern ill to the gulf could liquefy and slide south. Drop the elevation 20 feet & it will Be a big 200 mile swamp between the Arkansas Ozarks and tennessee & Mississippi. In 1812 they had trees to hold it in place. today its all cleared and much of it is rice paddys. And to heck with the left coast be great if hollywierd was destroyed

        • Old guy, where my BOL and family are located is the same kind of terrain and also 300 miles from New Madrid. Appalachia will be just fine.

        • They have a “different plan” for the preppers in the Ozarks.
          Asteroids are more “natural” killers.
          There is NO safe place in USA… period!

          • Bobane, all comments are welcome here, well, mostly.
            Sincerity helps.

            When you go off making predictions of devastation everywhere except where YOU live, or predictions of disaster based on S&P futures, credibility suffers. (Yours)

            You say there is no safe place in the USA. That’s not a fact, it’s an opinion that may very well be painfully wrong.
            You living in a Muslim country is what I’d call NO safe place.
            Good luck.

            • I would make a correction. You live in the Philippines which I conflated with Indonesia (Muslim). Philippines is not.
              You’re still going to need luck to survive wherever you live. You might stop trying to get us to move there, and threatening disaster if we do not; it’ll help with the credibility thing.

          • I really doubt much energy and resources will be spent trying to round up the small percentage of rouge preppers who actually survive. When the electric is no more very quickly 9 out of ten will die. many preppers will live for a time on hoarded food & medicine. very few can last and have sustainable lifestyle in a root hawg or die existence. I keep wondering Why Now? Why the big push? the NWO has been content with the osmosis approach for decades. Why all of a sudden escalate everything. they fund the BLM and stir the seedsof discontent. Antagonize Puten. Disrupt countrys stability and force refugees on other nations. They don’t worry about Fukasama. They don’t worry about the debt bubble. They build themselves megadollar bunker citys like Mt Weather The only answer I can think of is something is forcing their hand. Im a skeptic but what if NIBIRU is real? That would explain a lot

      7. I.lived in SoCal for 10 years . I hope they all get gone. Not a one I care about.semi Mexicans. Do them all . Third world garbage.

      8. Well, I think we can all agree that the Kardashians and all the other Hollywierd Learjet leftists and rhinestone socialists won’t be affected on iota. Heck, I’ll bet our leftist limousine liberals in Beverly Shills won’t even have their pool fillings interrupted.

        Y’know, there justice, and just us. Kinda like Hilary and the recently ruling

      9. Watch a mark dice video from so cal and tell me these people don’t need to be exterminated.

      10. It will happen if it is God’s will

        • …or HAARP’s will

          • Unless it happens on Purim or Yom Kipper eh..Then it may be a false flag event by u know whos.

            That theory at least holds water if compared to actual moment of start of iraq war by GW bush and his co-shabozz goys. If I recall correct several Other wars and events also had there first start at one of those major holy days. I will see if I can re locate a list I saw that listed every such event, timed to begin at precicely Purims start or the other days thay use.

            • Them Guys:

              Isn’t Purim when they drink the blood of Christian children after sacrifice for Global”ism”. They drain the blood after crucifixion in mockery of Christ.

              At least Catholics substitute wine for blood. And although Nuns can be pretty mean; they stop short of murder. As anyone who attended Catholic School can attest, some nuns are sweet like angels, and some are sour and mean, but the worst nun would never really hurt a kid.

              Somebody needs to admit that the reason for the expulsions and programs was the annual ritual murder of Christian children. And the subsequent coverup by the majority.

              Those powerful organizations, formed to fight discrimination actually raise money as hush money to cover up when they get caught.

              Not nice people. Not nice at all. But they sure can fool outsiders.

              Learn. Keep kids close. Evil is real real hard to confront. But one MUST confront evil.

              You no doubt have heard of the Dark Ages. These were the best of times for European Christian whites. It was named the Dark Ages by the 1% other Religion.

      11. If your not killed in the quake the streets will not be passable so no rubbish pickup which means rodents moving in and an explosion of bacteria. Hygiene and sanitation should be top priority in any disaster. Someone should be trained to use the water filter so they don’t cross contaminate the clean filtered water. People will be dying from bacteria and viruses. I know not cool to talk about let’s talk about Pm’s and protecting wealth. Seems to be the most talked about thing on this site.

        • Fire too will be a huge risk even to seasoned preppers. If your home & preps survive the initial quake the risk of secondary fires should not be ignored! Thinking about how you’d cope with a major fire in the event the fire trucks couldn’t reach you should be top of your plans.

      12. I am north of the fault. Will have to deal with the refuges. Not a good scenario.

        • I wonder how the refugees from Beverley Hills will feel about asking for help from the “Little People”

          • Have a feeling that they won’t be asking but demanding!!!

            • AHA!!!! Good insight…but the good news is they will either pay or face the power of the business end of a gun.

              • They’ll just pay. It’s the other end of the spectrum who will be demanding YOU help them out.

                FYI – they have guns too.

      13. Will people die?
        Will people be injured?
        Will people be without food, water, electricity, sewage, basic necessities?

        Yes, its why they call it a disaster.

        We have them all over the country – hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, even man made disasters – and yet the East coast is still there, people in New York are still alive, New Orleans is still there…despite peoples inability to prepare for a disaster.

        Hell – they had a tidal wave wipe out entire cities in Japan, and yet..people are still alive, despite a nuclear plant meltdown.

      14. NO food, no water, no power, but I can bet fema will hand out nice life preservers. Wonder how long the ebt team will take to strip all stores of their merchandise. Oh and with the new laws wonder how many have given up their hi cap mags as moon beam and bunch have decreed. come on mama earth get er done.

        • ebt cards won’t be working,….soooo, i GUESS the store shelves will remain stocked?

      15. Me thinks Warchild dammit’s cake molds will be used soon.

      16. I get this “be prepared” info, etc., but lately it seems this page is only about scaring the hell out of everyone, and that is dysfunctional and ineffective. How about some “light” suggestions rather than this constant and incessant gloom, doom, horror, trauma stuff. I grew up learning to prepare as best I can (Depression era baby) and this is just so overwhelming as to almost make one nonfunctional, even dangerously depressed with a sense of hopelessness and raging despair. I am on a fixed-income and, frankly, cannot dream of affording most of the “survival” things sold or advertised here. Even that $19.99 so-called “Life-straw” is WAY beyond my abilities. From the time I was three years old – -and I ma 68 now – – Most of what I have heard about is the INCESSANT prediction of “the Rapture,” the end of the world, the “they are gonna’ get us” crap that sends little kids into a sense of never-ending threats and terror. This is SICK. PLEASE STOP this constant stream of daily horrific “about to happen” forecasting and terror-mongering. This is not about being prepared, it seems more about selling and getting us in the mindset to buy more of the crap that got us here in the first place. Please WAKE UP. This site seems to be the actual manifestation of the very thing we are tying to avoid. How about “shopping strikes?” Don’t you think it would bring business and all the political nonsense to their knees if we all refused to shop for even just a week? I thought this site was about rational preparing and trying to fix this messed up country/world. Why don;t we focus on such things? I’d like to see a group pf citizens come together to reach out to others and help them to survive, take care of themselves, be healthy, etc. THAT would be profound and TRULY integral to survival. Call me a”Pollyanna,” but it seems to me that that is where the hope lies. And, we at least need this to survive, along with (of course) some rational provisions.)

        • “Fore warned is fore armed”
          ~Ben Franklin
          Stories like this assist in prepping as to other aspects besides Gruberment tyranny.

          Live Free or Die…not scared the hell at all…

        • Please don’t try and use logic or straight thinking when it comes to these sites.

          Just reply to articles by saying negative things about California and talk about how you’re going to survive against all odds without the governments help.

          Oh yeah, and how many guns you own and that you’ll shoot before surrendering.

        • J marinda,I’m with you I have been following this group for the last 6years. There is more talking about what all they have got and having all these bugout places,they don’t put much real information on helping someone try to get things in place to maybe save someone unless they are wealthy! Then most of the time they get to fighting amongs theirselves and argueing !!! I’m just a 64year old women trying to do the best I can but you don’t get much info on here anymore.

        • So which government agency do you work for?

        • J’M,

          I can empathize with you. Interestingly though, we are closer to all these disasters than we can imagine. The different scenarios are important and provide insight. The most important preparation is the spirit, mind, and body. Many preppers may find themselves with nothing but the clothes on their back. Shoot, after Katrina, I didn’t even have my own clothes on my back but was wearing one of those disposable outfits! I was totally at the mercy of TPTB to take me to evacuate me, feed me, give me water. Mind you, I was not in despair, because I figured I could leave the pack once I got away from this area and find my way to the rest of the family up in Baton Rouge. Never in my wildest imaginations did I think that I would/could become a refugee/fugitive in America. After we left the downtown area, we parked by the airport for quite a few hours while they were deciding where to take us. I thought of leaving the group then but was threatened with arrest if I was found wondering the streets after 5 PM! I quickly got back on the bus! My perspective has changed. I have learned a lot since then, and continue to learn a lot. Just about every one at this site has added to my learning. If you notice, many of the comments don’t follow the theme of the article, but are generated by something someone says in the comment section. That is what makes this site unique and valuable. It is not about the latest gadget or fad but about developing a prepared mindset. Thanks everyone for all your contributions to my education.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • J, marinade what is sick is people telling people not to be ready for a Katrina. You are sick . As you said Pollyanna. How could you tell people to let their family suffer.because you don’t think anything bad will happen. It already has. Look at Venezuela. Look at Katrina. Maybe you are right the stupid need to go. By by. So by by.

        • J’Marinde

          Many of us here are not into getting together and doing projects as a group. Reason being is that we have been ridiculed to the point we say, screw you. Yet we are willing to share information to help others. You get to do the heavy lifting. We have done ours.

          The Doom and Gloom news is only keeping up with events. Situational Awareness. It can get to people if you don’t filter the BS out of it.
          Sometimes the thread changes subject matter and you get a nugget to help you along your way. I would say that for you and your financial pickle is to go to Goodwill or visit the flea markets and garage sales to get your prep gear. I even found curb side goodies if you keep a sharp eye.
          Remember some is better than none.

      17. “…it would only take a matter of hours and days for riots and looting to begin.”

        Actually it would take five minutes or less.

        In the last town I lived in, when the electricity would fail at night, you would hear on the scanner in minutes that groups of people from a certain neighborhood were heading to downtown to see what they could steal.

      18. I have been hearing this stuff since the 50’s when we moved to California. It will come in its own due time, no sense worrying about it.

      19. Sigh…. wash, rinse, repeat.

      20. A lot of our food is grown there.

      21. There is a lot more people in your community since the Great Depression. I remember you used to know everyone in your community you knew the poor folks the bad areas. Now I see people I never seen before. The fears are justified this one will be worst than any prior depression. Keep tight lipped and cool headed about your plans.

      22. Yes that’s the big one that I was told about and that’s about to bust open, triggering SHTF. THAT AREA IS THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON.. For Cali..

        Just saw that Genius is back..buy the way, I will be getting some mor really bad bad shtf future recent history and horrific temporal markers this weekend, and will be posting them, so I am putting you Agency ass clown trolls trolls on notice.

        You phuckers can attack all you want, call names all you want, criticize me all you want. Call bullshit on me all you want.. it’s still getting posted…Like I have
        Said before, this is not a feel good
        Website.. if people come on here thinking that nicer things will get posted, then you better go else where.. if you think that we are are all dead, and have no chance of survival, then your are the right place..enjoy our post..because this is real..


      23. Each state Has its own disaster plan. Each state has an emergency broadcast system. State officials have warned about the possibility od a natural disaster and that people should have some supplies put away, Also some training or information/gear to Help Themselves.

        How good are the State Disaster Plans? Or do they depend upon neighboring states to come to the rescue.

        Everyone is thinking they can mooch off others. Problem is that is not much of a preparedness plan.

      24. I will be driving to California from Virginia in Oct. One of the items on my bucket list is to drive the California coastline, Sure hope it doesn’t happen before then, or worse yet, while I’m there.

        • hwy 101 through the redwoods is incredible…take old hiway every once-in-a-while. indian museum at trees of mystery is another shouldn’t miss.

      25. J’Marinde:
        There is no hope for most of the masses of dependent trolls that do nothing but exist and consume. If you don’t wake up from your slumber, you will also be consumed when the SHTF. Doesn’t take a genius to see that the collapse is already underway. The so-called “protestors” in the streets is just the beginnings of a civil war. Blacks against whites, haves against have nots, liberals against conservatives, heteros against homos, illegals against legals, etc….it’s going to get ugly. Throw in Islamic terror, currency collapse, hyper-inflation, joblessness, war, etc…and you begin to see the emergence of the last days predicted in the book of revelation.
        Mock it or disbelieve at your own peril.!!!!!

      26. At the Economic Collapse.

        Michael Snyder has an interesting article

        A mix of Why Churches are not sounding the alarm and Those who will prep have already done so.

        He might be getting tired of sounding the alarm on deaf ears.

      27. A EX IS A HAS BEEN A SPERT IS A drip Under pressure.
        Get on with it Or Quit Predicting same BS Different day

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