“This Is America” – Watch As Secret Service Agent Slams Turkish President’s Body Guard Goons For Trying To Silence Protesters

by | Apr 2, 2016 | Headline News | 169 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    It may be completely legal for Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s minions to silence the voices of journalists, bloggers and other outspoken critics when in Turkey.

    But when you’re in America, Jack, your autocratic tendencies and dictatorial inclinations are fair game for protesters, the media and our citizenry.

    That’s the message the Turkish President’s body guards got from a Secret Service agent on President Obama’s security detail in Washington after Erdogan’s goons started ripping anti-Erdogan flyers out of peoples’ hands, physically assaulting them and throwing them the middle finger.

    A video of the incident captures the Secret Service agent making it clear to Erdogan’s body guards that while free speech may be prohibited in the progressive European Union wanna-be state of Turkey, America is a bit different.

    Stay on this side [of the road.] Do you understand? You tell him to calm down, this is America.

    Act like an adult, stay on this side of the road. End of story. By going over there and flipping the bird you’re causing more problems for me, and for your protection.


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      1. Seems to be getting weird all over the world…

        Be well all…

        • Eppe, when has the world ever NOT been strange? LOL. But I do understand.

          • This is America and it is every American’s right to tell someone to fuck off and give then the finger.

            So really, this Secrete Service Agent is squashing free speech because he doesn’t want a difficult job.

            He is not telling the Turksih agents to respect civil rights.

            • JS: they are guests in our country NOT citizens. The are expected to act in a dignified and professional manner and flipping off US citizens and infringing on the rights of US citizens is NOT part of the Turkish security officer’s official duties.

              • But if you import enough of them, they will become our next doctors, lawyers, and engineers…

                Cause u think I be rayciss n sheeeet…

                • …and your next president! Hahahahaha

                • That don’t speak English.

              • funny, I thought the US Constitution simply confirmed already existing natural rights conferred upon every human being, not just US citizens?

                So are they natural rights or rights “granted” by a document?

            • john stiner.

              You have to be a kidding. Twist it up. The Turk was the aggressor and part of a diplomatic team (BodyGuard)
              He should have know better to cause an incident for his country. Physical assault being the key words.
              He could have been killed in the tussle. Self defense? What the hell, just another International Incident. No Big Deal. Where the goons hiding behind, ‘Diplomatic Protection”

              The Arabs get away with it all the time.

              • It’s not right when a foreigner does it but OK when a Trump campaign manager does it? Don’t know you’re political stand, I am personally for Cruz. Stop defending a guy that doesn’t hold the same values as yours. Bring it on shills, Cruz has the same views on the border and immigration as Trump. You can and will vote for a Constitutional Republican over a socialist hill or Sanders.


                • Has he always had that position on the border or did he just jump on a bandwagon,Surely you know about Heidi Cruz council of foreign relations.Google north American community,it’s open borders.She is a CEO of Goldman Sachs(outsider lol).Why does he have Neil Bush on his campaign as well as the guy that helped Cochran steal Mississippi.

                  • NM, Cruz has NEIL BUSH on his campaign? Interesting and alarming. Neil Bush was in the savings and loan scandal back in the 90s. THAT speaks volumes.

                    • To know who controls you just find out who you can’t criticize.

                    • Hey Brave, these politicians have been living high on the hog and raping America for all its worth for decades for their family and friends, aka corporate fascist buddies. We all need to stop paying any and all taxes, on everything period. Tax Revolt. We need to stop feeding the beast.

                      As long as we are forced to pay taxes, through skimming off our labor, or being threatened with asset forfeiture, or prison, in lieu of tax payments they got us. I thought that’s what this country was founded on, Tax Revolt, and Freedom from Government Oppression. The Beast is out of control like a Wild Fat Feral Hog ripping up the forest.

                      Yeah, Neil Bush Silverado Savings and Loan,where he loaned lots ofmoney to his buddies,and even himself for $100K, when it all crashed, his one S&L bilked Taxpayers approx $1.2 Billion, and Neil Bush was guilty as hell, but Daddy Bush helped his boy, and the Government assumes the losses, including, the $100K that Neil Bush never had to pay back. The Entire Treasonous Bush Family should be in PRISON.

                      So Ted Cruz and Neil Bush are about to make the Greatest Bank heist Possible with Cruz in the WH. Heck, with Neil Bush’s experience, he knows how to get away with it.

                      In the early days late 1600 to Mid 1700’s. There were 2 ways to be put to death, here in America. And that was either Murder or Treason.

                      Why the heck these A-holes are not at least sitting in prison? So when they don’t play by the rules, neither should we. Lying Ted Cruz = Bush = Hillary = Rubio!!!


                • go ahead…vote for cruz….or any of those other (non)candidates. there’s a REASON the establishment doesn’t want trump…and THAT’s the reason i DO want trump elected…you elect ANY of those other public serpent criminals, and it will be business as usual….they are ALL heads on the same snake..my appologies to snakes.

                • OMG dude you really need to take the blinders off. at the end of the day Cruz is still a bought and paid for politician .so when its all said and done he will do what the corporate powers that be want him to do. and not what the people want.

                  • Hey Shelly how goes the garden?

                  • Sixpack, glad to see you back. I was getting worried about you.

                • “Cruz has the same views on the border and immigration as Trump”

                  The issues are:

                  1. Job eviscerating “Free Trade”
                  2. US use of the military for a globalist campaign, Iraq, Libya and Syria as prime examples
                  3. Policy towards Russia in respect to #2

                  There is a ton of difference between Trump and Cruz but little fundamental differences (see 1, 2 & 3) between Cruz and Hillary (see 1,2 &3)

                  • The full frontal assault on pc may or may not be a precursor to bigger questions being asked, but with Authority?

                  • Kevin2, Cruz would sell our people down the river just like his wife has been doing. He’s no different from the hildebeast.

                  • “They could be the architects of a new community of North America, not mere custodians of the status quo.”

                    They’re talking about the globalist dream of The North American Union again. It’s still rubbish.

                • Vote for Bansky Rat, he always wins.

              • Islamists emulate and express the will of their prophet.

                To support any other point of view is heresy. As an act of an individual this is heresy punishable by death to interpret Islam in any other light.

                For those that support Islam, great, for those that don’t. Oops!

                • “Islamists emulate and express the will of their prophet.”

                  Islamists emulate and express the will of their .. IMAMS, sorry !
                  They are at the level of the brain-amputated Christians in the 12-th century that went to Jerusalem because an a++hole called Orban (a POPE!) “translated” point 6 “Thou shall not KILL” with … “Deus vult!” or “God wills it!”. [Somehow the Methodists or Pentecostals by you in USrael understand the Bible: in one hand the Holy book .. and in the other the M-16]. Same kind of filthy p*gs as the today’s Imams..
                  If that Muslim Prophet would still live today, he would cut their heads off, after seeing the first burka on the streets of Kabul or the face of that “nephew of him” called Al-Baghdadi and his lausy mercenaries ;-)..

        • Weird is you posting first on every new story…

          • O, not every new story.
            Just because I visit here alot, many times I do NOT post at all.
            Even the ‘first’ thing is old.

            Be well all…

            • Eppe, have to agree about being ‘first’. It is old and doesn’t serve any useful purpose. I finally decided it’s also old and useless to get into arguments with the trolls so I’ve decided to start ignoring them totally. They’re going to keep coming here with their BS regardless. Doesn’t mean I have to respond to them.

              • Has anyone heard from Sixpack? Hope she’s OK.

              • Got to agree with you there Braveheart1776, Like who sits around on their computer all day, continually refreshing the SHTFP browser, to see if a new article popped up, then quickly hurry to be the first poster taking his daily 3rd grade shit post, on each daily article.

                Hey eppe, how about try and be the last poster on every article before the comment section is turned off by Mac. Give it a shot bud. We’ll all check the archives much later on to see how well you did.


            • Nothing wrong with being first.

          • Orion, Eppe has little to no life, in fact every Vanilla post he write contains nothing but his 3rd grade child like feelings. No facts, no links, nothing, zero. And in most cases his comments have nothing to do with, in relation to the article’s subject matter in most cases.. As DK likes to say, Check the Archives. Be careful he also has a very sensitive ego. Then jumps across multiple personalities. Then hides for a few articles.. His alter ego thinks he runs the blog. Or like a school hall monitor. The one who has the power to “bless us all.”


        • Hopefully someone will shoot him in the head.

        • We have free speech in America? Tell that to Andrew Breitbart, Cheryl Attkisson and now Donald Trump. I read quite a few comments below and this is exactly the point I try to make when I say how easily led people have become, including here. Many of your comments are very supportive of the actions of the Secret Service in this situation seemingly forgetting that the very same rights are being stripped away from US citizens. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Stay quiet and be smart.

          • Those Turkish thugs dont are not protected under our constitution , they have NO rights here.
            The secret service agent is protecting US citizens from these Turkish thugs .
            So whats the problem ?

        • Eppe:
          Inappropriate laughing, now is being considered as HATE SPEECH.

          Please, don’t make me laugh. I don’t want to go to hell. I mean, they’re going to put us in a FEMA Camp. We’re all going to die. ahhhhhhhh !!

          • ROFLMAO

        • Eppee

          My friend. It’s not weird. It’s nuts. He no nuts he crazy. Indiana Jones movie.

      2. That Turkish POS would have had only one time to touch me and I would send the bastard to the hospital. Erdogan has personally ordered his own ‘authorities’ to lock up anyone who criticizes him He’s been shutting down opposition media sources critical of him. He’s been only a breath away from getting himself and his country into war with Russia over Syria. someone in the opposition over there should just shoot the SOB and be done with it. Yep, he’s making people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro very proud of him.

        • BH: I agree. I can’t stand Erdogan. Nothing but an arrogant prick that is risking war with Russia and he has is guys come to the US and act like this? Stunning.

          • GE: yep. Been reading about Erdogan for more than a year. Nothing but a thug with grand delusions.

        • bravefart you are one mean boy

          • yeah bravefart breaks a mighty wind indeed-
            constantly threatens to murder people-
            probably some little guy with little hands that drives a huge pickup-
            by far the worst poster here

            • There are many foul winds.

            • No need to insult or speculate. He is basically a good and friendly man, that greets newcomers and makes them feel comfortable here.

              • He’s also the biggest idiot at shtf. He never says anything but how he’s gonna shoot everybody and eat crackers.

            • A new troll named Barkley? Go f#$% yourself.

        • Erdogan is counting on NATO backup. He’s desperately trying to provoke Russia into something ha can call an attack. So far, Putin’s not biting. He knows Russia would roll over Turkey if there is no NATO backup. With the S400 in the neighborhood, Turkey suddenly respects Syria’s airspace.

        • @ Braveheart….I agree about Turkey…But if you think you would have half a chance of even touching a presidential body guard before he stomped your ass into a grease spot, your wrong. They don’t become BODY guards without training. You would be filled with holes before you could break leather if you went that route. Lets get back to reality. Practice practice practice..hike hike, exercise …you get the pic. Its a very important part of self sustaining.


        Turkey’s Government in general is a POS, controlled Puppet. They allow ISIS to move stolen Oil from Syria to be smuggled through Turkey’s shipping Ports, so other POS countries like Israel can buy the Stolen Oil on the cheap. Russia Busted this Corrupt Cartel on satellite Video. Oh but ISIS is an arm of the CIA and Mossad, designed to undermine and over throw the Syrian President Assad. So Israel is funding ISIS aka (Money Laundering)through Oil purchasing.

        On March 23rd 2016 Sputnik Radio News from Russia: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attorney and nephew of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy explains, the major reason for the west’s attempt to overthrow the Assad government was to build a natural gas pipeline from Qatar that traversed Syria, capturing its newly discovered offshore reserves, and continued on through Turkey to the EU, as a major competitor to Russia’s Gazprom.

        So you see this is all Fraud and Corruption on a Global scale, and these protesters are probably pointing out these facts in their Protest Documentation. Glad to see the G-MEN Obeying their Oath, For Free Speech’ers to Protest Our Government Tyrants or any other Government Tyrants that visits here as should be.


      4. Erdogan is the very definition of TYRANT
        him and his family bring new meaning to the word CORRUPTION

        and YES he is an American ally

        oh yeah
        we’re famous for supporting brutal dictators all around the world

        • What is most astonishing is that al-Assad is considered THE “bad guy” by the idiots in charge in the US and Europe, not Erdogan.

          • A 2012 Hillary Clinton email obtained by Wikileaks shows that Clinton and her neocon cohorts in Washington intended from the start to topple Assad in Syria as a prelude to weakening Iran and Hezbollah, and that this was being done to secure Israeli hegemony in the region. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO BELOW “CONTINUED READING.” (Gas Pipelines are #2, Main#1 Reason is “Greater Israel” total mid east Land Desires, once empty of all goyim and refugeed into White Nations…Greatest best friends and allies eh? So..With such who needs any enemys?)

            INCOG MAN: I don’t care who you are, all this should totally piss you the hell off. It should also be in the news, too, if our media was truly free. What we got going on, is a completely stolen Mideast nation (ISRAEL) controlling America’s head with their embedded traitor agents back here (Zionist *EWS); while still jerking our chains daily on practically everything else in our country (anti-White guilt brainwashing, feminism, faggotry, pornography, flooding our lands with Third Worlders and this never-ending black militancy BS that’s driving us all insane).

            Article continued at Incogman dot net Article Date of 3-31-16 plus as per usual there, Many great well informed reply comments as well as many more great info articles that expose what is really happening yet not seen on MSM nor 99% of websites..zero forum censoring also.

            Research it and get yourself Zio J-Wized up Pronto quick!

            • Tg, don’t forget alcoholism, where you are the undisputed leader. You said you never married or had a family to worry about but I think that’s partially untrue. I believe you said ” I do” to the bottle many years ago and have been faithful to it every day since. Seems all your posts are between midnight and 5.00 Am when you’ve finished up the last bottle from yesterday and started on the first bottle of the new day. It seems you’re desperate for attention too, like an old version of acid etch, needing to get reaction from someone, anyone, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. You sound like one really lonely old man, nothing to do but get drunk and immerse yourself into your world of ” jooos” are out to get you every day. I imagine you can’t be aware of how pathetic you sound, you’re never sober long enough to know. Oh well, keep drinking, at least you can stay true to something…..

              • TG is spot on, so Jimmy take a long walk of a short pier!

                • Rick Werner, name one point I said about your alcoholic buddy that isn’t true. Yean, he CLAIMS he hasn’t hit the bottle in years, and if you believe that I’ve got some Oceanside property in Nevada to sell you. Line up behind all the other idiots and take a number.

              • you can be accused of having, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior by constantly reading his comments.

            • Them Guys, we know the MSM is controlled by the ‘tribe’ and they’ve even admitted to it.

              • Braveheart: Thanks Brother and I see yet Another Telaviv troll has arrived at shtf eh!…jimmy the kike missed my other reply to one of his cohorts where I said I have not drank any type booze for past 20+ years…I do not enjoy any type booze….

                too bad stupid kikes like jimmy EtAl refuse to see the light and truths eh…but they also 100% prove that what was wrote 2000 years ago about Them continues to be proven accurate again and again.

                What Next? Lemme guess…Jimmy types are going to attempt to convince us all that the main ONLY true reason his tribal SCV’s aka self chozen Vampires has gotten themselves booted from all 109 of the previous to usa Host nations since 2000 yrs ago was, “awlays due to they never did nuttin wrong! and it was Always the Host nation peoples who was 100% at fault!”

                One cannot make this stuff up eh..but jimmy and them He so defends sure can make it all up!…Jimmy missed how often I give big credit to his pals for inventing what can only be called The biggest ever Hoax of the entire 20th century! aka their Cash Cow-holyhoax events…In which about 98% is lies and false facts period.

                Can’t wait for that new non profit org started a few months ago that has begun to try to figure out a way to convince the worlds goyim to agree that, only those non goys I cant name here, have special dna that gives them “Memory Gene DNA” so even once todays several Million hoax “survivors” collecting a grand cash per month from germany, soon all die off…The worlds goys should agree to allow their Grandkiddies to collect that cash due to being Born with dna memory genes, which makes it the exact same as Being there in 1940 and surviving so to collect with that cash cow scam!..In other words they are getting quite worried that very soon every so called self claimed “survivor” will die off due to old age etc…Then what?!!…Every single part of their JWO scam swindles totally depends upon keeping the hoax alive! aka their shoah Must Go On!….think about that fact eh. It is akin to all a sudden usa negors not be able to cry “Rayssis” any longer! ergo if That happens, every Blacks scam ends also!….Just maybe we will see soon americas top Two worst ever Curses upon whites end at same time…sure sounds very swell eh.

                Hey jimmy aint it also funny how in one breath your pals insist that germans were the best ever mass killing machine and most precice experts at it than all others thru history…yet in Very Next breath same survivor story teller also claims 10 Millin escaped!!! and even now today still they have close to 4 million still alive and collecting on their cash cow event!

                Best expert kill machine? yet allowed 10 million to escape? and when entire global kike pop then was only 14 to 15 million tops as per their Own almanacs of kike facts?

                Maybe it be all them Jimmys whos been drinking too much eh?

                I’d Wager that Pro-semite + Jimmy + Karl + several more here I cant now recall screen names of are all the same kike troll trouble maker!

                • Tg,

                  Speaking of vampires, it’s 2.41 Am and you only come out at night again I see. Why are trying to BS everybody about not being the drunk you obviously are? And you’re RIGHT, I’m EVERYBODY who doesn’t like you posting under dozens of aliases. You’ve caught me with your keen sense of awareness, even as you can’t even spell words in your own language correctly. I don’t think Jews or blacks or anyone else you hate, { which only leaves old white men and bottles of booze as the exceptions} have much to fear if you’re the leader of the great white hope movement. You’re incapable of actually doing anything about your rants except drink and whine about it. When the day arrives that you can ever take any type of concrete actions instead of harmless internet rants maybe then you could amount to a minor threat, but that’s a real longshot. That bet would have to have at least 1000 to 1 odds on it and even then it would be a loser, not unlike yourself. And I’m sorry if I used to many large words for you in this post, I know you’re really challenged with English.

          • Nothing new here , just the POTUS standing on the wrong side of the issues again .

      5. Satori, it’s sad but true. He and his family were making a fortune just from the bribes Islamic State was paying them to transport the oil IS STOLE from Syria’s oilfields through Turkish territory to sell on the black market. Putin totally destroyed that venture with all those airstrikes on the oil tanker traffic. It’s a wonder Erdogan didn’t have a stroke over that affair. As I said earlier, someone should take out Erdogan.

        • BH: Russia moved a nuclear launcher into Syria could easily tap Turkey. Russia doesn’t play games.

          • Philo, I wouldn’t have any problem with Russia punishing the Turks over that incident when the Russian plane was shot down.

            • In America we have something called FREEDOM. The Turkish trash wouldn’t understand.

              • Bravefart – I often doubt your sanity, especially when you threaten to blast anyone who threatens you.

                One minute you’re effing and blinding American authority, in any shape or form and then you’re defending it? You can’t pick and choose you know? Your brain cell must be totally confused.

                Oh yes, now really scare me by calling me a troll! That’s the sum total of your 4th grade education.

                • ANON

                  All these ANON”S. Some are good guys and some are Bad Guys. How do we tell the difference?

                  What’s the matter. You can’t put a name in there to identify who we are correctly addressing. Oh, OPSEC that’s right. No way to track past comments. So you also have the option to swing back and forth with plausible denial if called out. Because your an ANON.
                  We don’t want to ridicule the wrong ANON do we?

                  Only the website Knows For sure. ;0)

                  • Slingshot – like your braindead buddy (bravefart) it really worries you that you can’t hurl your mindless insults at a made up name. Why? Your made up name is really rather stupid. You’re still hiding behind it though.

                    Not even this web site knows who Anon is. Ever heard of vnp or tor? Nah, thought not. Not from someone who calls himself slingshot! Oh by the way, your use of the word you’re shows you didn’t learn much at school.

                    • TRA… jfi

                      “Slingshot”, sure beats the hell of what you came up with.

                      You’re so smart.

                    • The real anon…just for idiots. So you belong to idiots? yeah, sounds just right for you. At least I’m smart enough not to become a troll. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did.

                  • SS,
                    several times I have posted and upon submission it came out as
                    being posted by “Anonymous” instead of “rellik”. A feature Mac may want to look into.

                    • Never happen to me.

                    • rellik, what you need to do is create your own salutation for the start of your post, or a closing at the end of your post that identifies it is you.

                      Like this:
                      Beginning: “Hello Yall from rellik on the Island.”
                      Or at the end, like “rellik rules!!”

                      Hope that helps in case you forget to type in your blog name that will identify that is you posting it. or as eppe likes to say moniker. Which is a nickname or alias. Except eppe uses his real name. Right Mike! OPSEC!!

                      ~WWTI… Let er’ Rip!!!!

                • Anonymous, I’ll try to be civil to you this time. When have I ever DEFENDED any govt. actions? Go back anywhere you want in the archives to July 2012 when I first started posting on this site and try to find just ONE example of where I defended any govt. actions. Whatever the turks do back in their homeland is their own affair. I do recognize that as a matter of principle. But when they’re GUESTS in our country they have to play by our rules while they’re here. same rule applies if we were in THEIR country. I admit I was surprised by the action of that SS agent. He seemed like an exception rather than the rule. I’m not even doing name-calling this time. No confusion on my part. And I did make it all the way through high school, BTW. You can have your doubts all you want. makes no difference to me. BTW, I’ll give you credit for making this post a more civil one so I felt obliged to respond the same way. Take care.

                  • will bravefart ever shut up.
                    my GOD dont you have some prepping to do or something.
                    PLEASE have mercy on us and stfu.

                    • Barkley, come and make me if you think you can. Mac is the only one who can ban me from this site. His website, his decision, NOT YOURS, mofo!

                    • Braveheart,

                      Congratulations. Your big claim to ” ignore all the trolls” lasted less the 24 hours, well done. To be fair, it was just as credible as everything else you flap your gums about here endlessly so in other words, it’s nothing new coming from you.

              • BH: obviously not. Considering the US is being run by an Islamic sympathist and commie. A heads up when the SS have to mind the protective services from another country.

                You would think this would have been on CNN and MSNBC and, heck, even FOX. Was it? No. Nothing but crickets as usual.

                • Oops, I meant “obviously not” in reference to the Turks not understanding freedom and political speech. Sorry!

              • lol- let no one call the US a police state…?

            • BH: I am thinking Russia is just waiting for the right time.

              Kudos to Mac for finding this. Of course, as usual, not one little peep in the MSM.

              • Philo, it’s OK, I understand your point about the Turds, I mean Turks, not understanding freedom. No surprise about the MSM not touching on this. I also think Putin is biding his time and waiting for the right time to get revenge. BTW, did you see where the Turks supposedly arrested the scum who shot the Russian pilot as he was parachuting to the ground? Erdogan supposedly issued an official apology to Putin over the incident. Apparently he thinks he can make up to Putin by supposedly putting the shooter on trial for the murder of the Russian pilot. I don’t believe Putin will settle for that and I don’t blame him. I think Erdogan has dug a hole for himself he can never get out of.

                  The Treasury Department of the United States Government hit another all time record high for tax revenues collected for the first five months of fiscal year 2016 (the fiscal year for them runs October to October, so we are talking about October 2015 through February 2016). What was the haul? Over US$1 Trillion Dollars just in the first 5 months alone. This follows the record tax haul of over US$3 Trillion Dollars in loot collected for the entire fiscal year of 2015, which means 2016 could be on track for another new record for the carpet baggers in Washington. And who is paying?

                  Link: ht tp://blacklistednews. com/

                  F-n Thieves..


                  • You evidently have way too much time on your hands when you start trying to make a sensible argument over what the gov does with it’s money.

                    That’s right, “it’s money”, because the sheeple gave it willingly and put the cronies in power to blow it as they see fit.

                    Go back to digging your graves in the swamp and quit worrying over things you have no control over; swamp rat.

                    • Pissinthewind. You typing again from your greasy Truck Cab with tires full of nails hauling cheap China Crap to Wallyworld? You should just blow away in the wind, nobody cares for your Whining. Just a month ago you told Mac you would cool it. Pffft.. You are just a Jebus freak, no direction or understanding of common sense or Government issues. So stick to your porno mags in your Greasy cab sitting at some truck stop picking up hookers.


          • @ Philo…its nuclear Capable, probably has HE on top. Saudi has had the chink version since 2006. with a 500km range. But you’re right.. its a message and not a bluff. Is it OK for me to address you as Philo, or do you prefer me to peck out the whole name?

            • DII: Just using the initial P is fine. That is how I address everyone here by nickname or initials.

              Russia has real leadership unlike the US traitor-in-chief.

          • “Russia doesn’t play games.”

            Putin has actually been playing and winning. He’s a chess master. Of course MIC isn’t dictating to him either.

            • K2: Perhaps I should have said “Russia is serious.” I agree with regard to Putin. Very smart man.

      6. Mr Slavo, can you please report things correctly? It shouldn’t be that difficult.

        Turkey is not a EU member state as you clearly say in your article. Never has been, and the way it is behaving, never will be.

        Journalism needs to report facts to be believed and relied upon, otherwise you become just like Pravda, another lackey for peddling your own brand of prejudice.

        • Anonymous:
          That is correct. Turkey and the EU have been toying with the idea of Turkey coming into the EU but their seems to be mutual apprehensions. I guess Turkey and the EU aren’t complete fools.

          • Correction
            “there” seems to be mutual apprehensions. “Their” denotes possession. That would be a mistake. God forbid.

            • Anonymous:
              One more thing. “Turkey is not a EU state” is incorrect. Turkey is not “an” EU state. E is a vowel. When choosing between the words “a” and “an”, use “an” before a word starting with a vowel.

              I don’t mind that you make corrections. I do object to unnecessary mean and petty remarks.

              • B from CA – sorry, English is not my mother tongue. Thanks for the pedantry.

      7. I have been following Erdogan for more than a year. He is an Islamofacist and Islamic supremacist and has been implicated in shutting down the media in Turkey, in putting professors in prison, and in political assassinations. Furthermore, Erdogan’s precious little angels, his son and daughter, are not exactly angelic. Erdogan’s son has been implicated in buying black market ISIS oil and his daughter has been running a hospital that treats ISIS soldiers that are wounded and brought across the border from Syria in to Turkey for medical treatment. Not to mention that Erdogan is blackmailing Europe and part of the Muslim migration to Europe. I have no idea why Turkey is still part of NATO. Turkey should have been booted from NATO quite some time ago.

        For this guy to show up here and engage in the same type of thuggery says it all to me. This guy thinks he is the new King of the Caliph and he wants Istanbul to be the capital. Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople.

        • Hey Got to keep that Oil Flowing and who ever gets in the way is good as dead. Our Tax Dollars are supporting this genocide and destabilization and increases our threat level from other super powers. Regime change begins at home. Trump will sort all that crap out, and pull us out of NATO & Close the UN Down.


      8. Philosopher, spot on. Let’s not forget it was the TURKS who murdered in cold blood over 1,000,000 ARMENIAN CHRISTIANS during WW1. Turks are barbaric and always have been. It was the Ottoman Empire who invaded Europe during the Middle Ages and committed all sorts of atrocities against Europeans. There’s nothing good about Turks. Putin should have bombed Turkey after that Russian plane was shot down.

        • BH: I am thinking that it is only a matter of time until Russia lets loose on the Turks. Both the US State Department, the US military and Israel have pulled family members from Turkey. That is a clue.

          Erdogan has been blackmailing Europe and pushing muslim refugees into Europe, on purpose. Turkey has a navy, they could have stopped the boats if they wanted to stop them.

          It is sickening, the Armenian xenocide perpetrated by the Turks. The moderate Turks are being run out by Erdogan. There was a time when Turkey was moving towards being a secular society. Those days are gone. Turkey is heading into a full-blown Islamic state with Erdogan at the helm.

          The best solution is if Russia nukes the Turks. Erdogan knows that he can invoke NATO to protect him. At this point much of Europe and many in the US are disgusted by Turkey. I say let Russia do what they do. Harsh, I know. This would mean that NATO rules could be invoked and the US could be called on to protect Turkey from Russia. I doubt that Obama would allow the US military to intervene. I am guessing most US generals support the secularists against the Islamists.

          No wonder this wasn’t shown on any MSM news outlet. This could get messy.

          • Philo, I also believe Putin is biding his time and will make a surprise attack on the Turks when he thinks the time is right. Any Turks who are NOT Muslims I’d be willing to talk to. Other than that I have no use for them. I’m not surprised about MSM not covering this incident; par for the course for those scum. I don’t think we owe shit to Erdogan. The only hope I see for the Turks is for them to oust Erdogan and put in some moderate and more sensible leader, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

            • BH: I agree. Putin doesn’t play around. It was a big clue when he moved that nuclear missile launcher into Syria. I don’t think he wants to use it on ISIS, either. He has one target. Turkey.

              I do think there are moderates in Turkey but they are being silenced, disappeared, put in prison, and killed.

          • I’m going to disagree with you on how Obama would respond if Russia decided to drop the hammer on Turkey.
            To me, Obama is not just part of the problem, he IS one of the problem. ISIS was the fabrication of the Washington oligarchy to which he and Hillary are part of. That oligarchy WANTS a war with Russia. The war with Russia has to happen for the oligarchy to get what it wants: Saudi/Qatari control over the energy routes to Europe which Russia currently controls. For the royals in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, those energy routes equal survival. They are spending tons of money on appeasement programs for their own domestic militants while bankrolling a fiasco of a war in Yemen. They are running out of money to pay for their appeasement programs and failed wars to expand Wahhabism. In short, you have an oligarchy in Washington that is willing to go to war with Russia to further the advancement of Wahhabism, whose end game is the conquest of Europe and the US.

            That oligarchy also happens to be totally ignorant regarding the overwhelming advantage Russia has in technology. Russia has the S-400, S-500, and RS-26. The US has no answers to any of them. Russia has EW capabilities the US also has no answers for, while being sufficiently hardened to counter any possible EMP/EW actions by the US. Remember when Obama sent the Donald Cook to the Crimea? That was one of four Ageas-class warships, the latest and greatest the US has to offer. The Donald Cook looked like Donald Duck after the Russians got through with it. Russian EW capabilities completely obliterated the Ageas system, leaving the ship dead in the water; then the Russians decided to have a little fun, conducting simulated battles on the Donald Cook, lighting it up like a Christmas tree twelve times before leaving. What does the US have? The F-35, over budget and completely ineffective; the pilot’s helmet for this flying boondoggle alone costs $450k.

            As I see things, that war with Russia is a when and not an if. You’ve got an oligarchy who wants it, and thinks the Russia they’ll be fighting is the Russia that was run into the ground by a drunken fool named Yeltsin. You’ve also got senior leadership within the military who are nothing more than Obama “yes-men”; look no further than the purges of senior officers that have taken place under Obama.

            What will be the end result? The US will get crushed by Russia, and the Russians will make it look pretty easy. Worst part is, the US will get crushed by someone who would be a natural ally of this country if we actually had leadership that was not hell-bent on destroying this country.

            • Peter: are you implying that The number ONE Main Lobby Org of usa politics and foriegn policy and Wars etc which is AIPAC….Is somehow run by Islamics?!!

              Look close at state dept, cia, dhs, hollywood, every tv news and newspaper in usa…And all else what matters…and every bit of it All has Deep ties with AIPAC. usa has become a Colony of Israel via tel aviv+NY+London Banksters and zios.

              Also fact is that when compared demographically to their tiny usa pop of less than, 2-% total usa pop, yet a huge 90% avg of persons same ethnicity as AIPAC members, are apointed to litterally Every top Key fed govnt position as well as non govnt MSM etc.

              Who were Hobammys Top Two whitehouse Prez Aides his first few yrs?…David Axelrod aka Great Grandson of Leon Trotsky! Trotsky real name Lieb Bronstien, head of soviet russian red Army of mass terror murder…AND the Other one was Rohm Emanual! Former IDF army and Dual citizen israeli now Mayor of Chicago!…Islamic’s?..NOT!

              And Islamics aint got even the slimmest of chances for control of america.

              The ONLY reality that does make any sense is this…

              AIPAC type ethnicity persons overtook full govnt and societal control away from the orig White Christian Russians back in 1917 and Held control Via *ewish bolshevik communist control untill 1990…Then once 2000 arrived they mostly got Booted Out of russia.

              In 1917 Russia as a Host nation of that tribe contained between a Low of 8.5 Million to as many as 10 Million of apiac variety of ethnicity peoples.

              Once Putin Booted most out..Today they number around 280,000 total only. No wonder they so hate Putin huh?

              So best reality scenario is that Two Main factors would be at work for islamics to be used as you stated…

              #1 main reason, the aipac types are very royally pissed that after mass killing aprox 1/2 of russia and all eastern europe off during the Red Terror bolshevik killing fields back then…. they Lost it ALL via a big Boot Out by a white christian Putin…This Has to really piss off the tribe big time eh…

              and #2 main reason is very Obvious to many folks finally…That being it is obviously the weastern White nation folk which pose the Main biggest obstacle for AIPAC and their usa Dual citizens within fed govnt and MSM etc and also their Fellow travelers located in Telaviv Isreal and city of London as well as NY wall street…..to fully achieve their centuries old Plans of Global world NWO aka a Jwo one govnt-one religion-one Bank global system under their total rule and Ownership.

              So that is only real reason makes any sense for the synagouge to attempt to cause War between western white christian nations VS Islamic hoards and savages.

              I think AIPAC types believe after past 50-100 yrs of their dumbing down of whites especially in usa, and since islamics outnumbers whitey globally by huge margins…That the real main goal of such a war of us vs islam is to rid globe of White folk and end christianity and then aipac being smarter than islamic backwards ways thinks world rule be an easy endevor after zero or close to zero whites are left standing.

              one thing certain is almost every endevor done by or thru that tribe of aipac types is always done by Vast Deceptions…israel state motto: “Thru Deception You Shall Cause war’s”….Although I recently read israel officials discarded that state slogan motto after so many Goyim globally discovered it due to internet made it much harder to keep their scams well hidden as per before internet was available for all folks to use.

              Maybe America Needs a New Slogan eh?

              Lets Try this one: “Help Make America, #110-and Never Agan”! aka #110 host nation to boot out nation wreckers and retake our usa govnt controls back to we the peoples etc…the “never again part” easy to decipher…IE: Once booted out never again allow re-entry…and Parents Must Pound that into kids heads from early age so america remains free and soveriegn long after we are gone.

              Look how great that attitude has worked out for Russia eh!

              Anybody old enough alive today to recall Old soviets russia of end of WWII untill 1990 era can See that Todays America Vs. Todays Russia is akin to a total 180 Degree…Switch, where today usa Is same as 1920 soviet russia was, and with exact Same aipac types in full hyjacked control of usa…Like russia used to be.

              While Russia Today is Much closer and still striving (its only had 20 yrs so far to fix 75 yrs bolshevik terror and utter madness!) to be same as America used to be in Pre-1960’s era of usa….it is as if both nations switched places with a 180 degree totality.

              Make America #110-and, Never Again! 109 Previous Nations cannot All be wrong doing so right folks?

              • Oh yeah! YOU don’t drink alright! Nope, NEVER touch the stuff, except between the hours of Midnight and 5.00 Am, and EVERYBODY knows that doesn’t count towards being an alcoholic, EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!

      9. But Turkey is a US, Israel and Saudi Arabia ally. Erdogan is just a US tool. The amount of US dollars spent warmongering must be astronomical, beyond what can even be imagined, certainly double digit trillions since 9-11. Self inflicted mayhem producing weapons of mass destruction. Who can stand against this starving for bloodshed beast? Would that secret service individual also address a US unruly cop at a peaceful US protest? Don’t think so.

        • You crazy – Turkey is one of Israel’s most ardent enemies – next to Iran they are responsible for arming the West Bank terrorists to the teeth ….

          and now Turkey is the manufacturer and secret shipper of arms into Eastern Europe to arm the “refugees” flooding the region ….

          they are a Muslim country – in every way

      10. I disagree that we’re “in bed” with Erdogan. He’s as representative of all of the Turkish people as Obama is representative of all of the US population.

        Turkey has long been a member of NATO, so we’re now stuck with Erdogan. Pre-Erdogan, the Turks were serious allies during the Cold War. Fierce fighters in Korea, for instance. Anti-USSR all the way.

        • D: dissent is not allowed in Turkey at the present time. Not everyone agrees with Erdogan. Can those who disagree do anything? Only behind closed doors and in private conversations. Or they may pay an horrific penalty: imprisonment, death, or assasination.

          I do agree that Erdogan does not speak for all Turks but he is in power and has been acting in a manner similar to Obama and infiltrated every aspect of Turkish life and culture with his cronies.

      11. “progressive European Union state of Turkey”

        No, not yet. But they are trying very hard to change that.

        • All the Fox Tv trained people totally ignore the Fact that…DNA as recent as Dec.2012, done at Hebrew univ Bio enthnic Labs and fully Vetted Via Johns Hopkins prior to being published in Johns Hopkins world famous prestigious Monthly Medical Jorunal…as well as article’s published in at least Two major daily Israel newspaper’s.

          Proved that the DNA of Askanazi’s aka Khazars ARE Indeed Khazars….And what a ironic “coincidence” that, the Main DNA Genome marker in said khazars is the Turkish dna of whatever high tech words it is called in Labs etc.

          Their other DNA racial Mix is made up of Hunn and Mongrel, and Caucaisian…but Turk dna is Main one of all four dna strains.

          Ergo..Those we must never name, are, as PER said articles and Hopkins med journal published proof stated, Not of any “one Mother or family origination” “not semitic per se” and Not dna Nor Blood related to the ancient 12 tribes of israel…Nor dedendants of what are commonly called the peoples of the early Moses biblical 5 first books of the bible aka Not dna related to ancient hebrews either…

          That Dec 2012 DNA not only Verrified an earlier, 2001 DNA study which also was likewise published after extensive vetting process etc..but it, the 2012 dna study results proved even earlier books and articles and claims which stated that in todays world…98.5 % to 99% of those who call themselves, what we can’t name here, actually came mainly from a Khazar eastern European Religious Conversion’s around 745-750 A.D. Era, back when prior to Russia and Ukraine and Poland, as well as smaller or lesser nations in same areas of eastern euro zone. it was called the Kingdom of Khazaria…And this too was recently proven beyond All doubts, when aprox a Dozen to 15 yrs ago now,A huge fresh water lake within a section of Russia litterally dried up and scientists were able to excavate it…They spent 9.5 yrs digging and unearthed what are the actual remains of the Khazarian Kagan or aka King’s grand Palace dwellings, a huge Synagouge for worship and even many huge wall sized Murals that still remarkably retain their many Colors of Paint and Date Back to that era around 750 AD…Writtings on stone tablets etc also were uncovered and deciphered. Many websites contain old map’s which show the khazar lands before re-named Russia etc.

          That info also was shown on a dedicated website related to ongoing activity to unearth it all aprox 12-15 yrs ago or so…Today anyone can do Easy fast research to discover who the current “imposters” as Jesus Christ called them really were and still are..

          Shortly after said 745AD religious conversion to pharisitical talmudic Judaism, those eastern european Khazars began to call themselves, what I cannot name here, and soon became widly known of by that moniker name when they began to travel into Western European areas.

          That 2012 DNA study also once and for all proved that despite many controvercial and mixed debates or claims from a wide source of most all type persons that deals with or discuss this issue… That of this meaning it Only applies to east euro askanazis, that that is also False.

          For same 2012 DNA research also proved that even most every of the other types suach as “Shephardic” grouping, and what are called “Maranos” are still Mainly of the same Turk+Strain of DNA same as the askanazis are..

          So while zero tv msm fox or cnn or msnbc et al are ever likly to tell you of these findings or issues…They also will never tell you that in actual reality based upon 100% proven Un-deniable DNA Evidence now, Twice researched, Twice proven and Twice Published in one of, if not The world’s Most prestigious Medical/science journals of John’s Hopkin’s as well as most or all research conducted at hebrew Univ Bio-Labs and Done By a Resident citizen in Israel whom is also highly respected as one of the world’s top dna scientist and is a, I can’t name it here ethnic…..

          They shall never tell you that these askanazi khazar derived persons are Cousins of the current Turks.

          Traced backwards…Start with Turk Now today, aka Prior Edom or edomite’s, aka prior of Esau or Jacobs twin Brother, the one that Barter-traded-Sold the/His Birthright Blessings, for…a Pot of Red Bean Soup!

          If one researches what is written within various sections of the Old Test Bible books regarding “Esau” and “Edom” and “Edomites”..And one Then compares to both of todays known of and “Hidden” but fast being Internet Revealed more so weekly, issues and events, and Agendas…it will become obvious what racial group of Today got and possess those ancient promiced blessings, and which fraudulently named bunch of self chozens are and have been fullfilling old prophecy of “Always and Constantly attempting to use Any means, deceptions, Wars, threats, etc etc in order to basically Steal those blessings from those whom Today and for some time going back to at least 1800 AD era or so Has possessed said promiced blessings…

          Is it Any wonder that if one considers to, in most biblical sections that speak of “all Other nations surrounding israel” etc etc…Just substitute White nations/peoples in place of “israel”-OR- White’s surrounded by all others filled with abject Hatred and deep desires to a final End of whites globally etc”

          Is it also Ironic that those who Lead and Direct all of those “others” against White nations/peoples” are also of the exact Same Ilk or khazar Dna?

          Just a few things for one to Ponder similar to “Deep Thought’s, by Jack Handy”

          • tg,

            Don’t you mean ” Jack Daniels” instead?

            • The “Jimmy Delema” IE: Jimmy wonders why can’t he remove his own head from deep within his own ass?

              Well Jimmy…I shall Tell you why…because just like the Barbed end of a fishook, a kikes huge hooked shnoze prevents him from removal of his head from his own ass.

              Therefore Jimmyboy you now know why it is fruitless to even attempt any further in such a head removal from own ass idea eh.

              Now go collect your min wage pay from the bosses in Telaviv for troll duty.

              unless that is you Jimmy can actually refute my infos with any credibility and proofs?…Nope didn’t think so.

              Sal Alinsky tactics is all you types have, besides that other word-weapon of antisemitic hater or evil nazi.

              Too Bad Jimmy but such vile name calling alinsky tactics has Lost it’s Mojo-effect of stiffleing speech and silencing those Goyim folk eh…Same as the savage blacks race card has lost it’s Mojo-effect.

              Someone should have told alinsky to also Teach to blacks and kikes like jimmy, what a big mistake it is to put all their weapons/tactics in same failed basket eh…Now both kikes and african blacks has Lost their only weapons against White Folk in usa….Should get very interesting from here on out eh Jimmyboy?

              • Them Guys, outstanding posts as usual. Jimmy is just another useless troll. par for the course.

              • Tg,

                You can tell me whatever you want, I don’t listen to alcoholics. I know I’m getting on your nerves though, thanks for tipping your hand, or should I say tipping your bottle? As far as ” refuting” your ” credible” info, when you ever have something that’s credible I’ll be happy to refute it, but so far you have nothing but ravings of a delusional old fool, oh, pardon me, an ALCOHOLIC delusional old fool. I want to be accurate you know. I see you actually rolled out of bed at 2.25 this afternoon, you really tied one on again last night, eh? Anyway, not to worry, you’ll never do jack but post your nonsense in cyberspace, it would be cause for concern if you were to actually be capable of DOING something, but we all know that’s never going to happen don’t we? Now, lets get back to your favorite game, which poster am I NOW?

      12. Yes they are they also took over 2,000,000 women from. Germany and Europe and turned them into Sex slaves. I researched it, I have met and Armenian that told me what those phuck’s did to their people..how do you think some muslims look so much Like Caucasians…that was from what they did to the German women in Turkey.. that is also how the Turks and other Muslims ended up with blue eyes..do some research and you will ge the info..why do you think these asshole elites keep writing articles talking crap about whites will be below 25% of the population by 2025.this is a planned genocide.. see degal.com.. we are only kidding g our selves if we think that we have a future.. good one secret service dude.. at least you have enough sense to know that this is America..i would hate to have to beat the phuck.. out of a turk..on American soil..phucking dumbasses still don’t know that the American white man’s resolve..Keep testing it.. good one CIA, at least secret service knows that the citizenry is dangerous and that you are messing with his turf..hands up up for that jar head. Any of you turk jihadist reading my post and watching that video, I hope you learned a lesson today about American secret service versus your panzy ass crap.

        Put that punk punks ass in his place…th Turks only taught they were bad till russia taught the phuckers a few lessons. Putin threatened to Nuke the phuck out of the capital of Turk muslimville.. the bastards are so scared of the Russians now that the Russian can now leave Syria..one slip those phuckers skin, it’s nuclear winter. ..i am not backing up Putin, just saying… however if his Russians and soldiers deploy on American soil then I he will not be so confindent when I shot up those spetsnatz asses in my city..



        Turks, I have to laugh.. bunch of pussies. Phuck them.

      13. Is this some kind of showing off to the world that we support Free Speech? Don’t they congregate protestors into “Free Speech” zones outside of media observation?

      14. Remember when you couldn’t keep up with all the kidnappings of little blonde girls about 25-30 years ago. Wouldn’t surprise me if they turn up in Turkey some day. Lots of blonde girls from Ukraine and Eastern Europe wind up there. They look like Paris Hilton. I have always believed Paris is a double for the real Hilton. Seriously, with that much money and influence (power), are Americans naive enough to believe that this family can’t keep their daughter out of pornography? Sad for that poor child who has been so brutally exploited. Americans are still being tricked. Tricked again. Tricked once more. When will it ever end? The answer is blowing in the wind.

        • My wife grew up in USSR. The muslime abductions of white girls were a legitimate fear for parents of young girls. muslimes from USSR republics were supposed to be able to easily travel to other Soviet republics. In the real world, it was made clear to them that they better stay in shitholeistan.

      15. We need to create Tyrant Zones. Keep them all in a Big Cage behind tall walls, and yes barbed wire on the inside of the wall fence.

        ~WWTI… Stay Focused.. Keep Stackin! Got a Battle Belt? Get one.

      16. Let see if the Obama Administration chastises the Agent.

        I believe Obama knew about the oil exchange in Turkey by ISIS. Obama is going to give a pass to Erdogan what ever he does, being a fellow Muslim.

        Do the “Doomsday Vote” and Vote for Hillary.

        • “I believe Obama knew about the oil exchange in Turkey by ISIS”
          You BELIEVE? ;-).. Don’t you have sattellites in the USA? ;-)… J.F.K. KNEW that the Russians have nukes in Cuba and OBAMA MAYBE knows about miles and miles of trucks that come from ISIS-oil-plants and go to TURKEY..
          Even Bill Clinton and BUSH-jr knew about the oil-smuggling between Irak and Turkey. A time was Saddam (during the US-embargo-years), then took the lead that BARZANI, a CIA-Kurd sold to Israel 😉
          The ISIS-oil (Syria and Irak) goes 70-80% to ISRAEL via Turkey.

      17. Their military, like ours, is up to their eyeballs in narcotics trafficking. I’ve heard that 40%+ of Turkey’s GDP is due to poppy/heroin processing and transshipment.

        It is only natural for such outlaw, police-state regimes to become increasingly oppressive over time.

      18. “I believe Obama knew about the oil exchange in Turkey by ISIS.”

        No doubt he knew, its impossible not to. Turkey runs an independent nothing so it was approved. I’ll go further and say that the US / UK set up the arrangements.

        Hillary gets in the USSC gets stacked. No doomsday but rather a slow bleed with each increment too small for any real opposition of substance. Its, “Boiling a frog” with the heat turned up.

        Voting for Hillary hoping for some “Political Awakening” of the masses isn’t foolish, its crazy.

        • Kevin2

          Voting for Hillary hoping for some “Political Awakening” of the masses isn’t foolish, its crazy.

          Then let the country perish. Our Vote doesn’t count. Candidate already selected for the Presidency. How many Supremes will Hillary nominate in her term. Constitution Stripped of its power. Gun Control. New World Order.

          I can hear the people screaming. “You can’t do that. This is America!’

          So what are you scare of?

          Vote the Doomsday Vote. Get the ball rolling with Hillary.

          • “Our Vote doesn’t count.”

            No yet completely. President Reagan’s USSC picks made Heller & McDonald possible.

            “How many Supremes will Hillary nominate in her term.”

            All she needs is one more above the opening now. Heller was 5 to 4. That makes it 3 to 6.

      19. I was a bit offended by the original article. The part that said “you’re in America Jack”. No shit Sherlock. My name is Jack. Not interested in being associated with jack booted thugs from either side of the argument. :grin

        Had to laugh at Slingshots post about chastising a member of a foreign security detail. Diplomatic immunity and all that. Pretty sure that the host country can’t do squat but kick them out. Unless of course they were to pollute Malias precious bodily fluids.

        Although Cuba did miss a chance. Had all of the Obabmas and failed to keep them.

      20. I do believe I am being censored or the site is being hacked. For what ever reason. When I make a more lengthy reply than usual it disappears. I also do not have SHTF as a home page because the site keeps looping.
        Better post this while I can.

        • SS: clear your browsing history and cache.

          • P

            Done it Doesn’t help.

            • SS: really? Well that is not good!

      21. Kevin2

        Sorry I a little wound up right now. Might reply later.

      22. The Secret Service needs to school Obama too on what America is about. No other president has so totally trashed the constitution and civil liberties and anyone who stands up for freedom.

        • The Secret Service does this exact same thing. Maybe they’re more polite about it, but they have a long history of suppressing the First Amendment. ANY event with SS protection can be maintained as a ‘No Bill of Rights Zone’.

          I don’t think they’re angry at what his bodyguards were doing. They were angry that his bodyguards were doing it on THEIR turf.

          ‘You don’t get to do that to our citizens. Only WE get to do that to our citizens.’

      23. Zerohedge

        IMF wants to cause a credit crisis in Greece

        Trump elected Black Lives matter will cause riot in cities across America.

        Get’er Done.

      24. Sling, I have had many post of mine just suddenly disappeared right after I posted it.. it was happening a lot two months ago.. it hasn’t happened lately..I was thinking the same thing, since you guys have noticed that everyone I mention anything form my scientist friend I kept getting attacked immediately, constantly by the gay pedofile agency ass clown trolls, requesting his location, his name, his job, and asking for all sorts of crap, to try and go kill him, to silence me but can’t find the balls to come to my place of residence.. Since I live on the outskirts of red neck / veteran/ copville, and believe in the constitution, all over my area.. so the attacks continued..Sling I think we are being phucked with.



      25. HCKS

        It is hard to tell if they monitor our posts. Might be the server. My computer is slow. Too many advertisements. Hackers that are pissed off at what we say here.

        World is coming apart at the wing nuts and very little we can do about it.
        As time is getting short in my life, so is the time for this country to right itself. We do the best we can.

      26. Sling and HCKS, my computer does the same thing every time I come here, but it’s not stopping me from coming here. Neither a damn troll nor hacker nor any other POS can stop me from coming here and speaking out against the BS that goes on.

        • Braveheart1776

          Going to try and hang in there and help others who want to help themselves. Try and keep ahead of events.

          I do very well with organic material or metals. For some reason I have had problems with electronic stuff in the past. Weird. I’ll tell you that at times I think the computer knows I am pissed off at it. Hahahaha!

      27. This is America the land of democrazy and freedom. How many other nations can you burn the national flag legally as a protest statement. Yeah the rednecks and warmongers might come after you. This flag represents pure evil.

        • “This flag represents pure evil.”

          The people in South Korea would say otherwise. The problem is that the US helps foreign countries like South Korea at our expense.

      28. I’m proud of that Secret Service Agent.

      29. Stories and facts you will never see on American TV:

        1) Demonstrations across Turkey yesterday against the migrants and refugees: apparently the Turks do not want them back from the EU. Why? Because they do not feel safe with them around, ie: they attack women and children.

        2) Muslims regularly appear on the TV news complaining about Turkey as a ‘bad’ state and they do not want to be sent back there. So, in short, the most Europeanized and modern Islamic state in the world, Turkey, is not free and modern enough for the traveling nation-state, welfare-state Muslim refugee looking for the ‘best’ deal going.

        To summarize, the state that has done the most to blend Islam and Europe, Turkey, the state that is being touted as the role model for a future Europe by Germany etc., is the very place that Muslim migrants do not want to go to, nor does it want them. There is no better evidence than this that quisling creeping towards a more Islamic Europe is not the way to go.

        • Frank Thoughts – Are you going to take up my challenge regarding your ridiculous post about “you’ve lost count the number of times that you have been frisked by Border guards in hijabs.”

          As I said, I’m willing to give 1,000 dollars to your favourite charity if you can prove your nonsense.

          Or are you going to continue posting lies? Everything you write is a lie. Who now believes you? There you go to protect your “reputation” you can now sue me for libel.

          • That’s a bunch of prep money.

          • Anonymous and FRANK:

            Are you one and the same? Or are you both just working together to make everyone on this site look less than brilliant?

            Frankly: I don’t give a damn, my dear.

            • Only Jesus knows.

      30. Has anyone pointed out that Turkey is NATO member, not EU member (yet)?

      31. Ironic that this article is posted right after an article about B-ho censoring the French President.

      32. If our Secret Service agents had acted like the Turks in some other country, we would have never heard the end of it. I can hear it now, “Those overbearing Americas pushing their weight around in our country.” There would have been a full fledged federal investigation and charges filed. Diplomatic immunity aside, it would have been nice to see a couple of them charged with assault.

      33. Why do we get all wrapped up in the political landscape when we have shit to do. These so called leaders don’t even know we exist much less care. We are the little people as they say. We are only good for a vote then we don’t matter till election time cums around again. I don’t stake my family’s survival on anything they say. I take personal responsibility for the things I need to do. I don’t get gov hand outs. As far as I’m concerned I don’t need the gov at all. I have my own agenda that I administrate myself. These assholes can think whatever they want but the truth is they are a drag on me stealing the fruits of my labor. I don’t have time to waste on bullshit. I provide my housing medical insurance food everything. Any laws that are made always affect my ability to do that. I find ways to come through for me and family. Our agendas will cross paths someday and I’m prepared to deal with that are you.

      34. it takes so very little for things to unravel

        Video: Philippines rice shortage sparks food riots – ‘It has not rained for almost four months’

        h ttp://www.desdemonadespair.net/2016/04/video-philippines-rice-shortage-sparks.html

        “food riots”
        better get used to hearing that phrase

        • Thats not good, philipines eats a lot of rice,,

          • Guys I’m afraid of what happens at midnight tonight.
            The panama papers get released.
            We’ve had credible threats about nuclear attacks in europe.
            Something like that would be a damn strong excuse to shut down the network / implement a ‘state of emergency’.

            Shit might be going down tonight guys.

            • DMC: I just read those over on Zerohedge. Holy fricken moly. There are a LOT of liars out and about. Lots of people hiding money in lots of different places.

            • Well then have a good life all!

              • Nothing going to happen.

              • Kula, thanks and back at you.

                Remember, obamao has the internet kill switch and will not hesitate to flip it.
                Lights out, lock and load.

                • Hide.

                • He will also go above and beyond to help hitlery as anything negative against her will implicate him.

          • and Chicken Adobo.

      35. He will more than likely loose his job.
        Trump should hire him to work on the agitators at a Trump rally.


      36. Who is the bigger enemy? Those terrorists the US created or the US terrorists who created them. There is evidence the capitalistic system has moved into the anything goes phase by all the wars, greed, nuclear pollution, chemically altered food, free trade loss of millions of jobs, forced poison containing vaccinations, big pharma drugs to maintain sickness rather than natural remedies that heal. Sanity went out the window, now stupidity prevails. You ever see anything anyone needs go down in price.

      37. Anon, your not thing but a troll. You have list The information war on this site, piss off trolls and don’t talk crap about Frank Taughts…because he is and established poster.. eat sh…t troll.


      38. And by the way, for those who’ve had trouble posting and posts deleted, it hasn’t happened to me for some time now and I’m using an old hp notebook computer circa 2009.
        But have been using adblock plus since someone here recommended it and it’s been great. No ads on the sides.
        Now that I’ve said that it’ll start happening again, lol.
        (Mac, sometimes I turn it off to see the ads, though!)

      39. Wow, what a pleasant surprise, to discover that there are STILL some left in secret service who appreciate the Constitution…
        Remember the now-famous line, “Don’t taser me, bro!” ? That mind-blowing incident occurred among Americans on US soil, when a US citizen had the unmitigated gall to ask John Kerry a good question about his past. And his security detail answered by attacking the guy before Kerry could even get a word out.
        I love my country BUT when people say, “This is America,” I’m not sure I know what that means any more…

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