A Time Of Great Uncertainty: “There Is A Tremendous Amount Of Volatility In Eastern Europe Politically, Economically, and Militarily”

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    There is a tremendous amount of volatility in Eastern Europe politically, economically, and militarily.  The volatility translates into tremendous shifts in these areas: nations of Eastern Europe are shifting toward either the American/NATO axis or toward stronger alliances with Russia.  Although the election of President Trump has the potential to make a total reset with Russia and promises stronger inroads of cooperation between him and Vladimir Putin, there are still some “sore spots” that may hinder that progress.

    One of those “sore spots” is named John McCain, Republican Senator of Arizona.  Rather than a renewed spirit of détente between the U.S. and Russia, McCain desires nothing more than to start a war with her.  Let us first examine some of the major nations in-between: those caught between the U.S. and Russia, yet forced to pick a side, although all have not completely decided.

    A major shakeup occurred Saturday, February 11, 2017, when it was announced that the Commanding General of all Ukrainian armed forces suddenly died of heart failure while on the job.  If foul play is found to have been involved, it would be from the Russian side of the fence, as the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress have supported the Kiev governments (U.S.-installed-Yatsenuk-puppet government, followed by “elected” Ukrainian Poroshenko government) for more than five years, now.

    As of this moment, a tremendous amount of indecision is leaving Ukraine in a nebulous zone, as we have a U.S. President who clearly wants to repair relations with Russia.  This conflicts with the recent (within the last two years) actions of Congress, however, that has repeatedly voted to aid the Kiev government against the separatists of the Donbass and Eastern Ukraine.  This is also the year that hard military equipment is supposed to be sent by the U.S. to the Kiev government.  It was already approved by Congress and signed off by Obama before he “two-stepped” out of the White House.

    This is to include ammunition, munitions, weapons, light and heavy armored vehicles, and other “niceties” …of which Russia has warned that sending any of these items would trigger an immediate war.  Bringing McCain into focus, it was his efforts, along with those of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and the State Department’s recently “abdicated” Victoria Nuland that toppled Viktor Yanukovych, unleashed Maidan, and overthrew Ukraine’s government in a coup d’état.  Right now, Ukraine is front and center in Eastern Europe with the Kiev government egregiously violating the Minsk Accords for ceasefire.  Kiev has done so with artillery barrages and armored incursions into the Donbass that have inflicted civilian casualties and heavy damage to civilian residential areas.

    Andrew Korybko of Sputnik News released this piece on February 11th that well characterizes the positions of the U.S. and Russia and the situation:

    “…Russia and the US obviously support different sides in the War on Donbass, with Moscow being favorable to the rebels while Washington has provided open military support for Kiev. There are unconfirmed rumors that Trump’s position towards Poroshenko will be different than his predecessor’s, though that still remains to be seen. Even so, some analysts believe that Kiev is trying to “test” Washington by provoking the War on Donbass in order to pressure Trump to align with his predecessor’s policies and blindly throw his weight behind Poroshenko. If he does that, then it might complicate Russian-US efforts to seal a sought-after deal for a New Détente to the New Cold War, which is why some people are fearful that Kiev has laid a trap for the US through its latest aggression against Donbass.”

    In the meanwhile, Serbia has recently increased trade and financial cooperation with Russia.  By December of last year, three Russian banks, namely Expobank, VTB, and Sberbank are now in operation in Serbia.  Gazprom Neft (a subsidiary of Gazprom that operates in Serbia) invested almost a billion Euros in Serbia and created approximately 4,000 jobs there.  In December, Serbia also asked Russia for weapons systems to boost up defenses, specifically fighter aircraft as well as other military equipment.

    “We are hoping to significantly increase our defense capability…to ensure that nobody can threaten our territorial integrity and independence.”

    Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, 12/12/16, Sputnik News

    This is noteworthy, as the remark was made in December prior to the Presidential inauguration while the Obama administration was quietly “ratcheting up” the U.S. troop presence in Eastern Europe.  In addition, U.S. policy and relations with Serbia have utterly plunged into the toilet over the past two decades.  This is attributable to the bombing campaign conducted against the Serbs by Bill Clinton that completely betrayed the trust and friendship of the Serbian people who were once our allies in WWII.  Now the Serbs are working with Russia, undoubtedly the bitter taste of Bosnia and the U.S.-led campaign still in their memory.

    Romania is also undergoing dramatic upheaval.  The ruling Social Democrat Party just moved to “decriminalize” any corruption charges or sentencing for incidents totaling under $48,000.  The government is in the process of reversing the legislation; however, thousands of protesters jammed the streets of the capital in Bucharest just this weekend.  There are also many non-governmental organizations working behind the scenes that are instigating protesters, and many fear a “Maidan-like” color-uprising that may topple the government.  This bears special significance, as the U.S. just signed accords last summer to place missile “defense” systems in Romania…that can easily be converted to an offensive system in a matter of hours.

    Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have seen U.S. troops and armored units deploying for unspecified periods of time in a buildup reminiscent of the Cold War Era; these deployments were ordered and initiated by Obama, who is not in the White House now.  Nevertheless, the deployments and troop buildups continue.  The Russians want the U.S. to lift the sanctions brought against them by Obama and the McCain-led Congressional Members who want war with Russia (specifically those tied into the MIC – Military Industrial Complex through lobbyists, bribes, and investments).

    McCain just won another contest, making this his sixth (6th) term as a Senator.  He has instigated enough discord to warrant his removal from office at the very least, and now he stands in stark, open opposition to the President and a repair of relations with Russia.  He is (as we speak) working on fomenting problems between Russia and the U.S. by supporting the increases in U.S. troop presences throughout Eastern Europe.

    This is a time of great uncertainty that approaches the complexity of the breakup of the former Soviet Union regarding the Eastern European nations.  The success of our future foreign policy depends upon the President “reigning in” a Congress that has been pushing us in the direction of a war with Russia via the instigation of a few individuals.  The way this plays out over the next year may very well decide relations and foreign policy with these nations for the next several decades to come.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Too many islamic savages let in the door will destabilize any region. This trend must stop here in USA or it will be open war.

        • M
          I have to agree with 100%.
          We have enough problems with the last 8 years under Obullshit stirring the pot starting most of the unrest in the US. Now we are going to add Muslims with their bullshit to come over her and start their shit.

          Do you know that there is already areas where you and I can’t go because the scum will kill you if you go there. These are area like in the South West where the cartel have set up. TIME FOR ALL GOOD AMERICANS TO COME TO THE RECUSE OF THEIR COUNTRY!!!


      2. this goes MUCH deeper than just our congress, this IS part of the “Agenda21” which is a population reduction. the NWO, Rothchild’s ect. etc. is where this comes from, and many loyal to them are embeded in our goervemnet as well as othe r governments, and until they are routed OUT and removed this will not stop, we might slow it down a little, BUT this will not stop it until these people are KNOWN and REMOVED!!

      3. Arizona, wake up. Why do you continue to re-elect that same warmongering neocon
        over and over. He has military industrial complex written all over his forehead. Plus, he
        is up to his eyeballs in secret societies. I trust him about as far as I can spit.

        • joeybagofdonutsandbagels –

          I have often asked this question to myself as well.

          Are the people of Arizona completely stupid or … is their voting system rigged too?

          I would like to think that their voting process is not accurate.

      4. Now this is the type of Article that makes me keep prepping.

        Mac. You would have to run two or three articles a day with the Eastern Europe in it to keep up with it. So THANKS for this one.

        It is a DAMN shame that War is on the horizon. China-Russia-Iran- N. Korea. Who knows were right now.


        • Sgt. Dale,
          do you also realise how much of our military and hardware are there now?? it is scary to see that, all it would take is ONE little BOO-BOO and we have a full scale war, also a top figure died a little while ago and it sounds like it was not natural, even thought it was reported as a heart attack. and YES Sarge those of us who know how close we are on several fronts to a major problem is why WE keep on prepping!!
          keep prepping! but try to enjoy what you can!!

          • Apache 54
            Yes Sir I do. I spent the other day on the computer looking it up. Had a cold and did feel like doing anything else.

            What I saw and read was astonishing. Tank, Artillery, Anti-aircraft weapons, Rocket launchers, HumVes, missile launchers, Medical equipment vehicle, Drones, The conventional weapons were crazy, but backing them up are NUKES!

            Let us pray that we don’t get a little Boo-Boo.

            Yes I’m still Prepping.


      5. Its sad that a point has been reached and crossed where actions committed by the US have created unjustifiable hostilities. Its even sadder to realize that flaws or greed, once a byproduct of foreign policy have become the norm.

        It takes quite an effort to destroy the good efforts of the Marshall Plan and rebuilding Japan post WWII and in the process losing the right to wear a white hat.

      6. I hope Trump’s advisors keep him grounded emotionally when Iran and North Korea act up.
        Don’t get mad unless you have a real 120% plan of finishing what you start. It has to be
        total shock and awe like the world has never seen before. Even then, we would not come
        out unscathed. You best believe both of those countries have agents in place here to attack our power grid and do all other kinds of dirt. One dirty bomb detonated in lower
        Manhattan would take out Wall Street and shut down commerce for who knows. You kill
        our markets and everything is fuzzy. We are powerful, but we are vulnerable. We could not
        win a war without electricity. There would not be a missile shield big enough to protect
        Seoul, South Korea. They should EMP those 2 countries at the start of any conflict. Even then, there are no guarantees. There really are no good options. Shits in the wind.

      7. Where does John McCain get off trying to preach to anyone about anything? He doesn’t have a leg to stand on and needs to STFU. As a POW in North Vietnam, he collaborated with the commies and our other POWs suffered terribly thanks to him. He even had a North Vietnamese woman for ‘companionship’. McCain’s father was in charge of the coverup for the USS Liberty atrocity. I’ll bet there’s a lot of Vietnam Vets who would love to have a shot at McCain.

        • -Deplorable Braveheart-

          He still has a hardon for Russia ever since that Russian pilot flying the North Vietnamese
          MIG shot him down. People forget it was a Ruskie pilot. I forget his name. He died a few years ago.

      8. In Europe they are burning down the places where the Muslim invader refugees live at the rate of one every other day. Even Varcozy and Murkle admit publicly that the refugee program is a failure. Me thinks the chews are afraid the boys are too wise to their shenanigans and ready to stand up to these dictators. In 1492 Columbus sailed out of Spain after Queen Isabella kicked their greedy banker criminal behinds, and 86 them. Gone With The Wind. Looks like those Viking Savages are fighting. About damn time.


        • More Off Topic:

          Supernova explosion.

          A Red Giant Star collapsed into a massive explosion. This is the first time Scientists observed changes in a star prior to the explosion, and the explosion right at the beginning. Usually, by the time scientists are observing and recording an event it has been and done for a year or more. Of course, the star’s life is experienced by earthlings eons after the event occurs where it is, so far away.


          Black Live’s Matter = The Clan With A Tan

          No offense to clansmen


        • Eagle1:

          Thanks for the video. I agree with Ron Paul. We should get out of Ukrain and mind our own business.

          It is important to note that Ukrain is the location where the Communists, lead by mostly chews, including Stalin who recent findings identified as also “chew wish” in spite of a conversion, in any case, the Communists, with money from Rothschild and New York Chew, Jacob Schiffs, starved seven or eight million Ukrainian farmers. So, there is another side to ww2. Germany fought the chews. It is understandable that these Ukrainian whites resent the Chew power.

          But I still fail to understand Nuland. Is she a globalist chew. What is she doing other than getting America into War, playing both sides it looks like, stirring up more problems. We need to get back to dealing with our own crap. We’re about to lose our water supply. Do we really need another Vietnam, Iraq, etc.


      9. Mr. Johnson reads a lot of Russian propaganda and cites much of it in his stories.

      10. Why can’t the fascist left re-trot out Cyndi Sheehan, or their old “What if they gave a war and nobody came” mantra of the late 60s? How about “Give peace a chance,” or better, “We leftists had to destroy that village (or country) to save it.” (Purportedly said by a US office in Vietnam, but was later proved to be yet more fake news from the leftist media.)

      11. Linda is absolutely right.
        I live in mentioned Eastern Europe and recognize that the author is repeating Russian propaganda. As a matter of fact Mr.Johnson knows nothing about the people of Ukraine or other countries he is talking about. The fact ( ?) that Mr. Johnson is a former Green beret of US army mesmerized SHTF staff and his opinion is taken as valid. For e he is simply a libtard or communist who is fooled by Russian propaganda.

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