This Cloak Makes Russian Military Invisible to Enemy: “For First Time, These Weapons Do Exist”

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    Russia has unveiled a secretive new technology that could give it the upper edge in clandestine operations and electronic warfare.

    They have claimed success in the attempt to create an invisibility cloak, as RT reports:

    A Russian defense company has created a “cloak,” which it says can make electronic objects invisible to enemy radar. The aim of the fiber technology, which is used in the cloak, is to make weapons invisible to prying eyes and detection systems.

    The St. Petersburg-based company Roselectronics has come up with the invention and says it can make weapons that use thermal, infrared, and electromagnetic radar in targeting invisible.

    “The main idea of the development is to create coverage that reduces radar visibility of the object both on the visible and microwave spectrums,” Georgy Medovnikov from Roselectronics told Ruptly, RT’s video agency.

    Roselectronics believes the lightweight and flexible material can be used to protect armored vehicles, missile systems and warplanes. According to its creators, the material is unique in its ability to absorb radio-electronic signals and interfere with the distribution of electronic traces.

    If war comes again between Russia and the U.S., or if proxy wars continue to heighten tensions, then there is no doubt that electronic warfare, including the use of microwave weaponry, and advanced guidance and tracking signals, jamming technology and much, much more will be used in greater effort than conventional bombs, tanks and the like.

    The electronic cloak will likely prove to be a valuable tool in evasion and defense, as the use of the invisible spectrum makes warfare precise, and remaining hidden nearly impossible over a long period of time.

    This is the era from which the super soldier will be born, and sophisticated displays can interlink the individual soldier on the battlefield with data support from the cloud or network. Enemy forces can be shown in contrast with friendlies on mapping systems supported by GPS and related technologies.

    But all that could be crippled if an enemy enforced a denial of service (DoS) across an entire region of country where war was being waged.

    This is already happening, and the U.S. may not be able to do anything about it. They, along with other NATO allies and and even Israel are concerned about the advances that Russia is making rapidly in theaters of conflict.

    Electromagnetic Weapons of Russia (English subtitles)

    Here’s how Putin gamed NATO in Ukraine, and then Turkey in Syria using electronic warfare and carefully coordinated mobile surface-to-air missiles:

    As the Free Beacon reports:

    Russia is preparing to begin waging electronic warfare in Syria with the institution of jamming systems that are meant to prevent an incident similar to the attack on Tuesday that brought down a Russian plane in the war-torn region, according to reports by the Russian news media.

    Moscow also will install in Syria a highly advanced missile system capable of shooting down aircraft from the ground. […]

    In Syria, Russia has established control in as much as its electronic devices have set up a perimeter that is difficult to overcome, even for the U.S. military. According to the Australian:

    The Krasukha-4 system has been spotted at a Syrian airfield being used by Russian fighter jets and its presence has been confirmed by US officials. The mobile system can disrupt surveillance by drones, satellites or western early warning aircraft.

    It has a range of 300km, can also disrupt the systems of radar-guided missiles and would allow Russia to enforce a no-fly zone over President Assad’s military.

    President Putin’s stated aim is to take on Islamic State… However, the deployment of the jamming equipment could directly affect NATO. Russia’s electronic warfare expertise is regarded as one of its foremost military strengths — an area where it matches and, in some cases, exceeds western know-how.

    On Ukraine, the London Independent reports:

    Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the commander of the US army in Europe, has described Russian advances in electronic warfare in Syria and Ukraine – a field in which they were typically supposed to be backward – as “eye watering”.

    […] Moscow is now deploying anti-aircraft systems in Crimea… It is doing so, he says, in a way that makes it “very, very difficult” for Nato planes to gain access safely to areas including parts of Poland. 

    Mr Putin has relished pointing out the significance of the West seeing “for the first time that these weapons do exist, that they are of high quality, and that we have well-trained people who can put them to effective use. They have now seen, too, that Russia is ready to use them…”

    These unbelievably powerful applications in electromagnetic (EMF) warfare are game changers, and Russia has made significant strides in dominating the war zones of the future, for better or worse.

    Russia has been shutting down and disabling U.S. ships and equipment around the world.

    Once again, the U.S. is behind Russia on important battlegrounds for world order. Will electronic warfare shift the power structure?

    Of course it will, and it is already happening.

    Russian Fighter Jet Disables US Missle Destroyer Using Electronic Warfare Weapon

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    Chinese Drills Prepare for “Sudden, Cruel and Short” Electronic Warfare in Disputed Waters

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    What’s in YOUR Faraday Cage? A Common Sense Guide to Preparing for an EMP


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      1. Game over.

        • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

          • Only in your mind, Corbalan. You assume too much.

            • Except that the INVISIBILTY CLOAK was created @ MIT over a decade ago in USA. They were testing prototypes in early 2000s. It was even used in the invasion of Iraq, esp in 2007.
              Seems there is a growing strategy to exaggerate and aggrandize Russian capability so as to paint them as a Big Threat- which then merits US milita attack. Same template as Saddam & both Iraq Wars.

              • Here is a vid from 2010 after US had supposedly left Iraq. USAF used them much earlier than this tho. Like drones- which are just now being “discovered” and injected into MSM chat. Drones have been used for DECADES beforehand; back to the 1950s-60s already. It is just that Illuminati decided to unveil this at the present time. Even movie Blade Runner speaks of drones…

              • You sure cause I read roads are getting the gravel treatment now, to expensive to build a proper road in the usa. A Russian cloak would be ten times cheaper to develop and be useable for longer periods of time compared to the wests version. I’m using your f35 as an example. Plus gour cloak would probably be gay with rainbows on it.

          • I am American and I agree with you. Americans are lazy and gullible. They don’t realize that our media is pure propaganda and that most of the alternative media is composed of “limited hangouts” (sites that limit how much truth can be exposed)

            Russians I know are better educated and informed than their American conterparts.

            • Russians most acclaimed defence system S-300s (now S400s) were so pathetic they could not get off the ground in 2007 when IDF bombed the alleged (and false) nuke plant in Deir Ez Zor, Syria. Soem claim it was because Russians gave them the codes to disable the S300s. Also believable, but their hardware is mostly 3rd world junk. Not saying USA’s is at the level it should be- but it does seem like their stuff is second rate. Antony Sutton documented how their entire military and indsutrial complex had been built by the West. Still the same, I think

          • Corbalan I’m an American what yo say is mostly correct
            But In defense of americans because I am one
            Not all are under the spell I live outside the US could not stand it anymore. But if you knew the relentless Attack with Chemtrials vaccines GMO food fluoridation its amazing anyone is awake there.
            The news Lies constantly no one make informed decisions because all info is scrambled.
            Our Government is completely corrupted .
            Try to Imagine growing up there being in School that is nothing more than a politically correct indoctrination camp

        • go russia, excellent

          • hey,man! it’s 99% correct statement.

            • Hillary and Hobammy with us state dept opps have secretly been inventing the new “Babushka-#2″….This is a top secret device weapon to cloak the entire usa nation in disguise!

              Basically The Babushka-#2, is very similar to the orig babushaka worn by Polish women inside Church as a Head Covering…..Also called a head scarf by some folk.

              However Hillarys planed nation covering Babushaka-#2 invention has a cost associated with it at just Under $89-Billion Shekels, it is manufactured in Israel by Mossad agents, and once employed as a scarf cover over america our entire nation and all its peoples will become totally invisible!….invisible to all foriegn enemys and russian kommies, and the Only nation still able to Spy on America and its peoples will be Israel, whats new eh?

              State Dept officials explained to Mossad Agent Wolf Blitzer at CNN TV news, that of the total costs for the new Babushka-#2 Nation Cloaking devise, actual costs to manufacture one unit for imediate use and one more for back up incase first unit develops a tear or rip in the seams….Is only $1-Billion for Both units!

              When Wolf “mossadzioboy” Blitzer asked where is the rest of thet cash cost going to?…State dept anon officials stated it will get split with 3/4th cash going to Israel and 1/4th going direct into the Klinton’s Global Foundation funds. Which is to be used only by Hillary and only for better fucking up the entire worlds nations like no others are able to do…No infos as yet on which set of rainbow colors will be decided on for a multi-colored Babushka-#2 National Protection unit.

              Mr. Klinton has a new TV Campaign Ad planned to alert american lib dem kommie voters and colored folk voters that “Fear NOT! as My Asstute Wife as usa Prez will have you convered…Litterally!”

      2. Yes this works. There was an article several years ago the USA had this and was trying to improve it.

        THE PROBLEM. You have to be too close to use it. Right now you have to be in range of being shot down or shot at. That is where the problem is. If they are just let us say flying by and the US or Russians thing there is a danger they might just fire on them before they can turn it on.

        Remember the old Atomic hand grenade. Works great, but you can’t throw it far enough.


        • SGT. Dale,
          the Russians and US has lots of toys and the question is they are ALL still in the experimental stages YES they work are they refined to full capacities yet? NO, and BOTH sides know it and are trying to be the one who gets them refined first!! most of the problem with the cloaking and OTHER things, that cannot be talked about here (or anywhere else for that matter!) is the power to make them viable from a distance. and HE who does that first will win!! and of course they both know it. i would love to share some that stuff, but you know and i know we can’t!!
          keep the faith, whatever is coming is not far away!!

      3. I think Hillary and Obama are Puppets to a Larger Organization , and this Fascist Organization thats evolving the USA into a Totalitarian dictatorship has placed the USA and the world in a Very Dangerous Position , and that position is being too Dependent on a Foreign Industrial supplier and Now they are doing everything they can to keep the loss of the US Dollar’s industrial trade currency and Petro Dollar position’s , to the point of even breaking the laws under the US Constitution and creating corrupt conflicts of Interest between all the Globalist Industrialists like we see the Clintons hosting in their Clinton Foundation’s wheeling and dealings !!!!! This currency War is because the Western nations are too Out sourced and this Dependency on Industrial supply from ASIA is being used against the EU and USA even to the point of WARs over world resource control , and this kind of Globalism has to stop with a New Strategy .

        This link shows the Trade Currency Basket alternative to the Dollar ,
        The Unity will be between those who have Raw material Resources and those who have the Industrial ability to make those resources into usable supplies , and with the De-industrialized EU and USA from Out Sourcing our Industrial abilities , that leaves We the People in a Dangerous Position !!!!

        This is a dangerous position for the American People to be in without a Industrial Tool and Die sector to fall back on when this losing Global cabal finally creates the 3rd world war due to the loss of supply from these foreign suppliers because they unite final and stop taking the US Dollar !!!!!

        In this video , they talk about China Russia Iran support Assad and they created ISIS to push back against Russia China and Irans assault on the US Dollar wanting to dethrone it as the petro dollar is what this is starting to look like because if you consider the expansion of ISIS into the Philippines and then China building Man Made Islands with Military Installations in the south china sea where the area’s most important shipping lanes are , along with ISIS taking over the resource oil areas of the world that is all priced in US Dollars . This Link shows the areas ISIS is expanding into ,

        The overthrow of Gaddafi was about his descent away from the dollar too ,

        This would also explain why Obama made such a WEAK and dangerous nuke deal with Iran , trying to buy them away from Russia and China in the Middle east !!!!

        Hillary and Obama are just a Continuation of the Puppet Masters game of this endless Currency WARS and we the people need to be told this truth and then make plans for when this effort to control the worlds resources fails and we are left without a Industrial base to continue to produce our needed supplies , and this is where Trump is right about rebuilding America !!!!!

        • The dollar horseshit doesnt hold up. There are dozens of nations that have dropped the dollar. Why are we only attacking the ones in the middle east?? And in the M.E. it is only the govts that oppose Israel and the Western mafia…

          It is for the benfit of the ‘secret entity’ who is calling all the shots. That entity is ISRAEL and ZIONISM who, thru Masonry, pull the strings and issue the orders.
          WTFU folks. Chance to learn real Truth is fast ebbing away

          • It’s nice to see other awake and knowledgeable people out here in cyber land……Bravo buddy!

      4. The US Military Industrial Complex Mafia (MICM) has been ripping of US Tax payers for decades with shoddy overpriced gadgetry that does NOT work. The Failure rate in US weapons systems is pathetic at best. Its a big Bill of Sale based on profit handed down to the weapons makers then to the Shill politicians that approve these ineffective massive Pentagon budgets. We have been fleeced for about $15 Trillion by these thieves.

        This is Good, the Chaos Maker will soon get their asses kicked, and all the Puppet shills involved will be destroyed.

        A lot of this new technology in Camo is amazing. You can hide entire Tank Battalions from the battlefield, with special covering, paint and infrared blocking materials. They had a small 1 man tent on the market for a few days several years ago, that completely hid the heat signature. A perfect tent for a bugout. Cost about $850. When I went to find it again to buy it, it was no longer listed. Maybe a banned product for civilian use. There also is in production full Ghille suits that hide heat signatures as well as camo design to mask a persons outline and blend in with the terrain.

        Yep the US and its NATO Allies are going to be destroyed.. And is this by design to weaken the US even more? Since our Foreign Policy has been hijacked for decades by the tribe and central bankers, we have been set up for destruction. Putin knows that real Americans pose no threats, so I would not worry about a direct attack on our people. Just on the Chaos Makers who rightly should be destroyed. Then we can thank Putin from freeing us. The Neocons psychopaths won’t agree with me, but they are psychopaths so who gives a sh!t.


        • I agree.

        • You need to read Carroll Quigley and learn what is really going on.
          Russia, China, West, and IRAN- yes Iran! Are all running off the same program and dancing to the script written by Bnai Brith aka Illuminati Freemasonic bankster jews. Reference Shaksepeare who spoke quite literally when he said we are all just actors in someone else grand play… That play being called The Plan

      5. The Russian SU-24 that disables the USS Cook, did so in a manner of dive bombing formations at the ship like 14 times, and the Ship was useless to respond in any manner. The crew of the USS Cook were so frightened over that incident, that more than a dozen sailors immediately resigned from the Navy after the ship limped back to the closest port. That silent attack disabled the entire NATO Missile systems. Kind of funny eh? You want too sucker punch the Bear in the nose? Prepare to die.


      6. Sounds like the new Stalingrad strategy whereby Zuckhov fought a close quarter combat style (the “bear hug”) which did not allow the Germans to use their weapons from a distance more effectively to minimize their casualties.

        Yes the Russians suffered a lot of casualties but they could “afford” it, if it meant taking out an equal number of Germans.

        Sounds like if Russia attacked with enough planes etc, then a few would get through and enough to jam the US systems and make the US vessels/planes etc ripe for the kill. Yes, at a cost to Russia, but a net kill ratio favorable to Russia nevertheless.

      7. Just like the Klingons in Star Trek.

      8. Ruskis are white and Christian.

        A time is coming when Americans will drop the “red commi” hate tag for good.

        There are murderous bastards at large who wish you nothing but savagery!

        • You make an excellent point: why are we getting hot headed about Russia when there is a much, much greater danger out there? Russia are white, Christian, they are Euro-Asian, they are very smart: they should be our natural ally (as they were in WWII).

          Americans and Westerners in general are worried about how to integrate Muslims in black cloaks and transgender freaks in the toilets, while ignoring who is their real friends out there. Do you want to die in a war defending a douche bag Muslim leader against an all-white, Christian nation? I don’t think so… Let the Russians come in and take care of the invaders.

          • Frank Thoughts

            “they should be our natural ally”

            TPTB who actually run US policy don’t want an ally; they want to control. Smart independent people and nations are their enemy and Islamic crazies their friend in the global game. They are destroying stable governments that rule over land with resources and facilitating chaos in its wake. No government, no problem as both Syria and Libya are examples. Tell them we pay you in US dollars and its fine by them. If there is a problem the fragmented country in question, filled with intelligence operatives, stages a coup and like having an election, a new unworthy government is installed to do the bidding of the TPTB. Forget about terrorism, its an ostensible ruse.

        • Yep and most Americans consider them our best friends

          • Maybe Trump will switch gears in his speeches, and claim that as new usa prez he will begin a fix usa plan by rounding up every single print copy of Talmud-Koran-Cyrus Scofield kjb vresions……And set them all on Fire in the largest ever usa bon fire event ever held.( a Pope aprox 800 yrs ago did that with talmuds books and it was a huge success, except that he stopped looking for more copies to burn prior to found them all! So the zio troubles resurfaced again.)

            Then as time passes by and those “holy” books of perverted apostosy are no longer available to use for further propagandizeings and promotions of total Falsehoods. The current crop of deluded folk from all three major religions will come to their collective senses.

            When combined with nationalist America First policy and agendas, and once there no longer remains such duped citizens within america, we will see that Both Enemy religions of Christianity, as well as those so duped supporters of Both islamics and talmudics will cease to be a problem any longer.

            Then america can be great again as it was prior when it contained all the manufactureing and factories it needed and was also aprox 90+% White Folk populated.

            There Now exists litterally Centuries and too many first world nations that were founded by whites and run by whites, untill liberal marxist agendas of racial multicultic divirsity scams totally wrecked and ruined each white nations well being, overall saftey, and prosperity. That fully prove beyond all doubt that only nations run by white folk have any chance at prosperity and all the other traits so envied by all darkie run nations,

            And number One most important of all Three Problem areas prior mentioned, is that problem of america containing over a third or 60-70 Million mainly white folk that are those of the duped group…They rate as problem number One simply because without their group support and unquestioned defense of all things zioisrael etc…And along with the number Two problem factor of lib kommie loons that act the same only for defense and support of muslims and coloreds.

            America can never get fixed proper so long as those entities remain so duped. Their entire frame of mind on such issues must go thru a huge Re-Think in order for usa to have a chance again period.

            “but How can I help”?!!..I am So Glad You asked!

            You can help Now by simply educateing self about these Two religious Fanatical Cousins and how perverted and evil their teachings are as it applies to and against Christianity, America, Whites and of course against ALL goys everywheres. And then once you know the true deal expose these issues and teach others so to get a head start on that usa fix. Your Grandkids Will thank You!

      9. Preppers should know how to make a night vision evasion suit.

        Be aware police prefer digital Infrared night vision over thermal imaging, because it lets them recognize the person seen in the scope.

        They’d rather not be shooting each other, as well the law requires police to positively ID people they shoot.

        With a thermal imaging scope, a rifle in a persons hands at background temperature may not be visible.

        The best combination may be a digital IR scope on a rifle and a hand held thermal monocular for scanning the area.

      10. yeah, cuz radar is the ONLY tool used to detect stuff….sorry fools it don’t work dat way.

      11. Russians have a history of applying a $10 fix that works, like the T34 to a $1000 problem like a Tiger and Panther. The AK47 is a prime example too.

        Remove the technology and it becomes a numbers game. Russia doesn’t have the capacity for global reach but it has the number at its doorstep.

        Its suggested to keep out of each others backyard.

        • I’ll add to your point about the T34 and the AK47, which is an excellent point. The Russians had off the charts economy of scale on both of them. There is a big difference this time: if we are stupid enough to start a war with Russia, which will happen with either an Obama “third term” or a Hitlary first term, we will have to deal with a Russia that already has economy of scale on their side from the outset.

          Look at the S-400 and S-500 systems. The missiles in those systems can also be fired by Russia’s subs and warships, along with their combat aircraft. That’s economy of scale you win wars with.

          Then there’s all the other stuff they have a huge advantage with: T-90 and T-14 battle tanks, RS-28 MIRV, Sunflower low-frequency radar (makes US stealth technology no longer stealthy).

          When you look at all this, it would be incredibly stupid to fight Russia on its own turf. The combination of Russia’s economy of scale and shorter supply lines would equal a decisive Russian victory.

          Every one of these is a difference-maker. What do we have? The F-35 (doesn’t work, obscenely over-budget), complete with $450k pilot’s helmet. The A-1 Abrams, which we’re giving to the Saudis so they can drive them into Yemen to be shot to pieces by guys wearing loincloths and sandals. Aegis, the latest and greatest system on the Donald Cook, which looked like Donald Duck after the Russians got through with it.

        • You make an excellent point. The Americans have adopted the technology and approach developed by the Nazis (Operation Paper Clip etc.). This Full Spectrum Dominance approach is very, very, very expensive and can only be sustained by a wealthy society with solid economic growth. It is also a flabby approach. Just like the Germans made the best tanks going, it took forever to make one. Each part was machined to the finest micron and was an engineering marvel. But, it was expensive and slow to do.

          The Russians, on the other hand, knew their workers were not up to the same standard as Germans (the Soviet method was to ply people with alcohol and sex and hope they stayed in line and loyal to the party). They also did not have the wealth and resources. This necessitated a different approach to military technology. The Russians had to devise ways to match and overwhelm technology and quality differences on the battlefield with scarce resources. This gave rise to the “Russian Solution”: build it just good enough, build it fast, make it simple (to operate and repair), and use force multipliers on the battlefield to overwhelm a superior enemy. In the battle of Stalingrad, the Russians were pumping out T-34s in the middle of a battle. Can you imagine Lockhead-Martin doing that? Or General Dynamics?

          Or take Vietnam (the first real showdown between Soviet Russia and the US). The B-52s thought they owned the skies and could bomb without repercussions. And so they did until the Russians called BS on it. They sent the North Vietnamese SAM missiles and the B-52s starting falling out of the skies.

          After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russians basically scrapped their Cold War military. It lay dormant, apart from having to fight crazy Muslims in Chechnya. But then, when the Israelis and the US decided to tweak the Russian beard in Georgia, the Russians had a harsh wake-up call. They nearly lost that one because their military was shabby and mostly staffed by conscripts. Putin swore to never get caught out like that again.

          The Russians then dug back into their vast archive of military technology and science funded by the Soviet Union and brought it all back out. Unlike, say Africans, the Russians are smart and can do advanced thinking and discipline. Putin put in place a fast-track program to bring Russia back up to a standard that could not only defeat NATO if it attacked Russia but also so it could defeat NATO within its ‘safe space’ cushion around Russia (the Arctic, Ukraine, the Baltics, Central Asia, Eastern Europe etc.). The timeline was by 2020. But Syria and Ukraine changed that: Russia had to quicken the pace because 2020 was even too far ahead. The country is now on a war footing. Does the West look and feel like it is on a war footing? Or is it trying to build safe spaces for Rapefugees and transsexuals?

          Russia will play to its advantages in any conflict. It has a better system for preserving their civilian lives with bunkers; they have superior air and sea defences; and it has a more advanced system for f#cking with countries. How hard would it be to flood in even more crazy Africans and Muslims? How hard would it be to stir up race riots in America’s cities? If blacks can already snipe cops and get away with it, then things are pretty bad as it is.

          Russia is not Libya, Iraq, or even Syria. It is not Somalia: Russia can do advanced science, it can organize and fight.

          • One question not addressed is why? Russia is no more of a threat to the US than a bee hive is to a person. Its way over there, leave it alone. Jam your hand into it and your going to have a problem. Like the bee hive having honey the reason is oil and gas control. The Ukraine is a major Russian pipeline to Europe export area. Thats their pocketbook. Mess with it and your intentionally sticking your hand in that bee hive. Syria’s geographic position prevents Saudi Arabia, those nice guys that crank out Islamic crazies, from putting a gas pipeline into Europe without Syrian approval. That would cut Russia, Syria’s ally out of the gas market, hence Russian interest.

            In the end its not over right or wrong but rather business interests. USMC Major General and two time Medal Of Honor recipient Smelly Butler said it quite plainly in his book, “War Is A Racket”. “I was a bully boy for Wall Street”.

            The dynamics of winning or defeat loses its flare when you understand its all about the global chess board and people are the pawns being used, named and killed for the new Emperor, international business and banking.

            • oops SMEDLY not Smelly Butler. Damn auto spell.

              • Kevin2: The Answer to Your “WHY” question? Ie: Why screw with russia now?

                Because after jewdeo bolshevik kommies spent almost 3/4th of a Century to #1-Invent Communism…#2- Use that communism to Butcher and Kill off almost One Third of a Billion, mainly White and christian folks all over entire eastern europe nations…

                Along came Putin, who had just RE discovered his former Christian roots, began going to church again every week, had several more brilliant ideas, and put to plan his new russian agenda of Booting Out as many former ziojewdeo kommie leadership and Corporation heads of same ilk, and took over russia full bore away from those former zio Master Race do’ers of such past evils as mentioned.

                So basically all that they prior did to destroy russia and eastern europe in their hopes to then advance into all of weastern european nations, so to have soviet kommie rule and control over all of europe both east and west.

                And Then to combine such vast numbers of peoples and resources and land mass into a large enough soviet kommie with which to overtake America, Mexico, Canada and the entire rest of worlds nations under Their Master Race jewdeo bolshevik soviet kommie state.

                Then they could put into play their true real end game agendas such as Depopulate the world by a factor of at least 90% Less persons. Own and control entire world.

                And fullfill their warped plan or agenda that they call “Tikun Olehm” or aka “The jewdeo Repair of the World”

                Via their agenda of ridding the world of all of its many Goyims and Goyim sins!….For Only is Their Master Race dna perfected enough to own and rule planet earth and entire Universe, which they also believe and state in talmud books, was created only to benifit Them and their entire Ethnic Tribe.

                Indeed it and they sound very delusional and of a most warped mind set…But if it were not true and they were not of such mindset?…Christ would have never needed to advance Warn Us all about their tribe as He did within the many biblical books of mostly the new testement.

                What they did for almost 75 yrs in russia and eastern europe, when combined with Christ’s written words of them too….Well if all That cannot convince folks? I rekon they are beyond all help of seeing and hearing due to closed ears and eyes eh.

                Now just consider and Think on it…if You did ALL that so to gain global rule and world ownership and all world contains includeing People You’d Own and Failed totally?

                Would You not so hate Russia and especially Mr. Putin?

                For One Man to in so so short of a time frame, so Upset their jewdeo bagel carts?…of Course you’d too hate ruaais and putin!

                ps: Thats also likley why they also so Hate Mr. Trump no?!! They greatly Fear Trump doing as Putin did and offering a huge usa Boot out next!

      12. A few years back I got to playing with various materials in an attempt to make a GHILLIE (that you could survive the temps within) which was also “invisible” to heat sensors.

        Started with a rectangle the wife made of ‘camo ‘special'(rugged) yarn, and using silicone caulking mixed into mineral spirits, (after three “soaks”), turned the yarn portion totally waterproof (and it got ‘slightly stiffer’, but not enough to bother anything). Under that we ended up with three alternating layers of black felt-medium-and mylar emergency blankets. (All of what I’m discussing includes a “hoodie” (sewn on and identical construction) and enough “leggings” to reach from under the ‘cape’ to “just shy of hitting the top of your boondockers” – lovely boots). Oh, each of the layers of were also waterproofed in the same manner (silicone/mineral spirits – and LET IT AIR OUT VERY WELL BEFORE USE)!!!!!! To keep the mylar “quiet” I used about 20 tubes of Shoe Glue and ‘troweled’ (stuck) the mylar to the felt by gluing (literally) every last square inch of it (and after the third layer “everything went dark” – – so, I prefer using it as pancho (as it can easily ‘cover’ an AR plus the ‘hair’ that was added to the yarn to make it appear more Yeti or GHILLIE did NOT cause me to get ‘snagged’ too badly when working through “normal forests” (I tried getting over a thicket and was quickly “locked down by briars and thorns galore” (but that’s why you do NOT “go cruising when in a GHILLIE right)? 🙂

        Oh, one last thing, the suit stays amazingly comfortable and is loose enough to allow “breathing” (yet if it was all there was in a downpour in winter it would easily keep you comfy (the mylar FACES IN)!!!!! This Pancho is one we were testing in the special forces in the late 70s (except THEY didn’t have a yarn exterior, but waterproofed canvas of a sort). The yarn “itself” make splendid GHILLIE “hair” btw. Walmart usually sells CAMO yarn in bundles, and whoever knits the thing only need to make one gigantic Granny Square (easiest ‘knitting’ stitch there is, so it’s a fast “make” except for drying the layers out (what may be superior ((these days)) would be to use pure “spray” silicone (or bottled if you can find it), instead of using mineral spirits. (The ‘spirits’ COULD put you in the middle of a hot fire, however, you can “lose” the entire pancho in 1/2 a second as it’s not tied in any way. (Velcro “assist” at the shoulders ensures it never moves). The best part is breaking them in. And the filthier it gets the better it blends in (the wife has some English Ivy, a tough vine that stays green year-round), growing out of “dirt pockets” on hers. I use ‘some’ fauna, but generally stick to the GHILLIE and ‘work it into the environment’.

        *Trick: Use enough material so that you’ll end up with enough of a pancho that you can easily completely cover two people, heads too, and kneel to the ground (poof …yur gone). **This is NOT to say that I’ve made a night-vision proof suit, but it WILL “fool the crap out of a GEN-II Night Vison Monocular” every time (rain or dry, any temp) using a Leupold Sniper Gen-II Night-Vision enabled scope). I guess it beats nothing at all…(and of course add face mesh or a bacalava and you’ll be mosquito proofed (DEET is about the best repellent with the least scent).

      13. Obama is obviously a muslim communist placed in the presidency to direct the ongoing destruction of America. His early associations were all in that direction. He served 5 months as a state senator before becoming president. Corrupted to the hilt in that rise. Clinton is also in favor of Sharia law in America. As far as Russia vs the US in warfare, who knows what to believe? Some claim that the US is vastly superior and that Russia would be no match and wiped out in quick fashion with the US having much larger air power. I agree with those who say why would we attack a white nation. If you’re white, you’re alright, if you’re black, get back, if you’re brown, you better not even come around. I’m not racist, I just prefer white people. Not Obama or Clinton’s dictates to make whites the minority.

      14. How will this stop thousands of fanatic guerrilla fighters wth rpgs and ieds. If tech is so great how cum a terrorist can mow a bunch of people down with a gun or drive a truck over 100 people. Seems low tech.

      15. BULLSHIT

      16. Silicone is unaffected by mineral spirits…..

      17. Germany was fighting Russia during WW2.

        Russia had been overtaken by the Rothschilds. The whole communist scam was simply the Jewish takeover. That’s all the wars and rumors of wars are. The Jews.

        Germans wanted to line their uniforms with wool for the Winter. It was a General in Germany’s army who refused and in so doing, sabotaged the entire German army who simply froze to death.
        It’s not our enemies in other Countries, it’s our enemies within.


      18. The Russians have always been at electronic warfare. They have a history of disrupting our communications to our weapons and to each other.

      19. if true then this is good news for Russia who has americans up close to it’s borders that are far away from home and are trying to start a fight in our back garden here in Europe.

        “Russia would be no match and wiped out in quick fashion with the US having much larger air power.”

        Looks like a comments from someone that does not have access to a modern TV or the internet and can only view CNN news propaganda.

        Sure you have better ships and jets but Russia has better submarines and much better missiles to shoot your fighters down and they are fighting closer to home and not starting trouble on the other side of the world.

        The US military now have queers watching each others back sides and needed to ban russians from the Olympic games to be in with any chance of winning events so i don’t think that russia needs to fear going man on man with americans in any battles do you.

        • Good points: the Russians also learned from Vietnam. America’s military can easily be broken down. It is a fragile force, relying on advanced technology and very expensive, long-chain logistics systems to have advantage in the field. America’s military police are there mostly to keep the races from not killing each other on the bases.

          Put that force under extreme pressure and it will crack. The homeboys can’t get access to the Pizza Hut for a week, or not be able to guzzle Gatorade or watch pro sports?, and morale starts going down hill. Now imagine them fighting on the European steppe?

          It all started out well, CNN will report, the ‘Shock and Awe’ airstrikes left a stunned Moscow weary and bleary. But, caught off guard, Putin quickly rallied. He brought in millions from the countryside to work in a complex warren of underground factories and command and control centres beneath Moscow and other places. Russian forces quickly snatched strategic bases in the North of Scandinavia, making it difficult for the US to launch air strikes against ally civilian populations. NATO pushed ahead with a land invasion via Poland and Ukraine but they were now fighting on turf Russia knew well. The Russians let NATO roll forward for the first week or two and extend their supply lines. The Russians then used small but highly experienced urban combat forces to start to bog down NATO in the cities. Their goal was simple: not to take back the cities or stop NATO: just to inflict as many casualties as possible. At first, news reports on the fighting were highly censored and the President remained belligerent and upbeat. He would proudly show-off black and transgender commanders in briefings. But word started to get back to military families that late-night flights were coming every hour packed with coffins. It got so bad the President stopped traveling around because there were always angry families yelling at him.

          By the end of the first month, it was getting harder to pass the war off as an easy fight against the JV team. More troubling, NATO allies were cracking under the pressure of casualties. Even dopey Canada was freaking out. It was becoming clear this wasn’t a war where superior technology would win; it was a war where the winner was the one who could take the most pain. Populations who couldn’t handle the trickle of casualties from America’s wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, completely lost their minds with a Vietnam-era casualty rate.

      20. maybe we should ditch NATO and become pals with Putin. Europe hasn’t been acting very smart for a long time now.

        • Pootey-pooh would make short work of the invaders, that is for sure. I think most Europeans would happily let the Russians take over security if they got rid of the invaders. The Russians love European culture and would be respectful of it, unlike the invaders who are working hard to wipe out European culture. Already, German cities have Sharia patrols.

          I like to keep my alliances simple: does the other guy like fine art, champagne, p#ssy, and making money? Or does he bang on about Allah, keeping women hidden, saying everything is ‘Haram’, and telling me I am an ‘infidel’?

      21. I make my own thermal ponchos in my garage and they work better.My R+D was about three hundred bucks as it took three runs to get it right. Silly Russians!

      22. Scalar weaponry makes this and all military technology obsolete! However, considering that all nations are nw0 banker puppets, that’s a moot point! Shalom

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