Think Progress: If Trump Is Reelected, The Earth Is DOOMED!

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Climate change alarmists and left-wing groups all seem to agree that the Earth is doomed and the year 2030 is the “tipping point” to stop climate change. But Think Progress additionally warned that if President Donald Trump is reelected in 2020, the Earth is doomed.

    This new doomsday scenario means that the United States is solely responsible for Earth’s demise if people vote for Trump. “The richest country in the world and the biggest cumulative source of heat-trapping emissions over the past century,” the United States, has just 14 months to act, not 12 years, reported WND. The 12-year reference comes from the 2018 United Nations “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC,” released in October 2018. That report essentially concludes that 2030 is the point of no return if nations remain on the current path.

    ThinkProgress writer Joe Romm said that with “eight years of a pro-science president, Barack Obama, the nation made steady progress on reducing emissions and committing to future reductions, enabling a global climate deal in Paris in 2015. But with just two and a half years of an anti-science administration, national and global progress have both stalled under President Donald Trump, who has begun to abandon the Paris Accord and undermine action here and abroad,” he wrote.

    Climate Change Group Wants $500K To Carve Trump’s Face Into Glacier To Watch It Melt

    “If Trump is reelected, the prospects for the necessary national and global cuts in carbon pollution by 2030 will be gone,” he said. That means the new doomsday date November 3, 2020, according to liberals. It is now “the deadline for Americans who do not want to destroy the health and well-being of current generations, their children, and future generations.”

    Prince Charles of Great Britain recently said the Earth has only 18 months before it is gone forever and socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says there’s still 12 years to go.

    But Climate Depot founder Marc Morano says that this is all typical fear-mongering of leftist climate change alarmists. Morano stated that climate “tipping points” have been a staple of the global warming movement for decades. The United Nations issued such warnings in 1982, and it declared a “10-year tipping point” in 1989. “It’s difficult to keep up whether it is hours, days, months or 1000 years,” Morano wrote, citing other predictions.

    But don’t mention geoengineering, or you’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

    Deadly aerosols that poison the air, food, and water supplies have been injected into the atmosphere since the late 1940s. The program, known as geoengineering, has been implemented by wealthy eugenicists to deliberately sabotage the planet and commit mass murder. By directly poisoning the Earth’s life-sustaining natural resources, geoengineering offers a compound approach to depopulation. The ionospheric heaters, which are used in conjunction with geoengineering, allow for the creation of artificial droughts and floods that are impacting many nations. Geoengineering has unleashed fatal climate feedback loops that have set the planet on a doomful course. The fallouts and weather attacks further a deceptive gambit for global feudalism known as Agenda 21. With obstructive policies and rising costs, they intend to seize private property and herd citizens into megacities with towering prisons that hold hundreds of thousands of people. –Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination


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      1. m said, “The fallouts and weather attacks further a deceptive gambit for global feudalism…”

        Feudalism is structured as a govt charity, and the laborers are told they are earning their way out.

        Agenda 21 can work, because urchins in job corps or crisis houses want to believe-in their minders.

        Argue which gases are anthropomorphic, until you are blue in the face, show satellite images over the faults, forever outgassing. They won’t look, because the argument is for the want of a parent.

        There is only one way that servile person can be rescued — bearable makework.

        Serfs and slaves, like dogs, thought fondly of their owners. It’s the only way their science, math, literacy, and histrionics can be used.

        • There is soooo much bullshit in this article its hardly worth refuting as I have better things to do with my time.

          The “science” promoted is totally false and has been repudiated by real scientists.

          China is by far the biggest polluter, not the USA, which is why the statement is qualified by including the “last hundred years”.

          Prince Charles and AOC ??? Really ??? LMFAO !!! 🙂

        • “Argue which gases are anthropomorphic…”

          I just pictured a smiling cartoon cloud with tiny arms when you said that 😀 😀 😀

          • I see that cloud!


            1. ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, especially to a deity.
            2. resembling or made to resemble a human form: an anthropomorphic carving.


      2. Hmm, I’ve told this to other people though the yrs and have been told that I’m crazier than a bed bug ( ? ), but for every invention, improvement or adaption for something to improve man kind’s way of life, to make things / work / play etc easier, man manages to screw things up. And for every improvement of life, there are people who will turn the improvements around to hurt man kind in one way or another. And lets not forget that Mother nature has her own timetable ( so to speak ) or weather cycles that she can and will use.

        • “In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created or destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”
          –Conservation of energy, Wikipedia

          To any people calling themselves conservatives, I would ask what they are conserving, and who for. If they are conservationists — again, who for?

          If it is given to one person, it has been taken from another.

          Whenever you are not allowed to use something, now, ask for a transparent, itemized budget. Make them admit to a food chain. To whom does it belong, first and foremost, and on whose terms.

          • conserve, conservative, and conservationist are different words with dramatically different meanings. Your wordplay falls flat with this one.

          • “Conservative” is no longer a useful adjective as it was hijacked by RINOS long ago. It is now just another euphemism.

            The real term to use is “patriots” for those individuals seeking to preserve our God given rights, “conserve” them, and pass them along to future generations of Americans. 🙂

      3. Nothing matters except higher profits for those making all of the decisions. They own every politician around the world. How else can you explain what’s going on with the quickening pace of overall destruction worldwide?

      4. So chicken little says the earth is doomed, eh.

      5. ht tps://,-2/6
        So turn in your backyard barbecue and your 10 yr. old car because they’re polluting the atmosphere.
        Take a look at the number of aircraft in our skies worldwide and ask why doesn’t anyone ever say we need to cut back on all the air polluters?
        (remove the space in ht tp)

        • google “to big to fail” and you’ll see the mentality with air traffic. Lots of $$ in aircraft. Tough to produce a gas turbine that isnt a big polluter, and I’m not seeing any “alternative energy” capable of producing lift on vast passenger aircraft. Imagine the outcry if they limited air travel to just the “necessary” trips? no vacation for you, unlimited travel for your overlords 🙂

          ht tps://

          the takeaway from the article- “We are all going to have to reduce the extent to which we fly”

      6. This is literally Chicken Little screaming “The sky is falling…the sky is falling!!!”

      7. Amen.

      8. Cities are all doomed thanks to libturds and in the next 10 days I’ll finally be relocated to the BOL permanently. Can’t happen fast enough for me!

        • DR, what??? You actually pulling the plug? Good to hear!
          What happened?

        • I need a Bol. I’m about to get the notice at work. But if you live at the Bol, by definition it isn’t a Bol anymore. Are you going to have a second or third Bol lined up.

          • ” if you live at the Bol, by definition it isn’t a Bol ”
            sure it is, you’ve just bugged out to it

        • so glad to hear you are out of where you were at !!!!!

          you will be much safer now.

          2020 will be brutal.

      9. The truth is we are past the tipping point already. Nothing short of a complete and total end to all fossil use plus all forms of transportation will show it down. This will not end it, we are not in the cycle and it must run its course.

      10. They said that in 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015 and for next year.


      11. Just shows how desperate the Democrats are getting. NONE of their climate apocalypse predictions in the last 50 years have come true and yet they keep on doubling down. Remember how shitlibs operate: they always lie, they always project and they always double down. Never fails.

      12. Globull warming now called Climate Change is a lie myth religion. Man caused climate change & man mitigated climate change is bullshit. there is no one who has the authority to state just what the optimal climate is or should be. Trumps reelection will have Zero impact on the planet or its climate. Now the magnetic Pole shift is actually happening. Its not caused by man. Its not Gods wrath on a sinful populace. Its not mother natures revenge. Its simply a shifting of the Planets magnetic poles. something that would still be happening even if man has never walked the earth. The pole shift isn’t caused by mans activities and man certainly cannot stop the magnetic poles from shifting.

      13. The developing world, China, India and others massively increasing carbon to atmosphere is to be ignored and increasing de-industrialization of the developed, highly environmentally regulated world increased. It’s all a scam to get the citizenry of the developed world to accept a lowering of their standard of living and transfer of wealth (think of it as Macro Communism) to the developing world. Each year China increases carbon to atmosphere for greater than the US cuts it.

      14. Once Trump is gone, you will have famine war and death on a scale that will make you want to fry your brains so that you never come back to reality.

        Criticize now because you WILL weep later, get off the drugs so that you can see the Hell that is coming when the demons get back into power.

      15. We have already passed the doomsday date. I live in Alaska and I just saw 2 polar bears spontaneously combust. I swear it. All the glaciers are gone, the fish are dead, the forests are on fire, and Batman just discovered Robin is gay. The whole world is going up in flames. Run for the hills everyone. Al Gore can’t save us any more.

      16. The lines have been drawn. Retreat into sanity and improve life for all humans or carry forward with the usual regression of human ability to making matters worse. Easy guess as the outcome is set in stone.

      17. This article and website fakenews BS. Left wing BS which I don’t support no more

      18. Snowflake Website.

      19. Yep, if the Earth goes down it all goes down together, it will not perish some nations while others not only survive, but grow economically.

      20. Mac…one question. Do you agree with this article?

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