Things Are Happening At An Alarming Pace in Syria: “Putin Gears Up For War”

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 91 comments

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    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK

    The United States has remained bull-headed in its “diplomacy” in Syria, and has brazenly refused to even discuss problems with Russian diplomats on the world stage.

    As a result, negotiations and diplomacy have broken down altogether, and the Russians are instead issuing dire warnings to the West not to start a war by intervening directly against Assad.

    Clearly, however, things are likely to escalate, perhaps quickly. It seems as if President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry

    As SHTF reported yesterday, Russia is officially on war footing, with more than 40 MILLION of its population participating in the largest ever nuclear warfare drill.

    The powers that be are now flirting with the option of all out war, and potentially unprecedented levels of destruction. The American public has never been presented with any cohesive rational or good reason at all for why we are still embroiled in the Middle East, and one can only assume that there are other hidden agendas at work.

    The rivalry to supply Europe with energy, and a proposed pipeline from the Arabian peninsula through Syria and Turkey into Europe may be a much better explanation for why we are being dragged so perilously close to war than anything else we’ve been told. It certainly appears that the West intends to allow radical Islam to take hold of the region amid a vacuum of power, and that the U.S. would prefer to partner with terrorism rather than lose its grip on the existing world order.

    Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is charting new territory – by aiming to directly intervene in the stock market. The future of financial stability appears fragile at best, and inclined to descend into total chaos. As Seeking Alpha reports:

    In a video conference last week, Fed chair Janet Yellen indicated that the Federal Reserve is mulling the idea of responding to downturns by buying corporate stocks, corporate bonds, and other non-traditional assets: “It could be useful to be able to intervene directly in assets where the prices have a more direct link to spending decisions,” she said.

    Forces on all sides are approaching a point of no return, one in which conflict seems a better option than actually fixing the problems at hand. The powers that be know how to manufacture and manage conflict much better than they know how to inject stability into the economy.

    The Death of the Dollar and the rise of WW3 are interlinked, a suicide pact for the American way of life, and a deadly epidemic of war across the globe that will affect billions of people.

    As the Daily Sheeple reports:

    The march toward World War III is on… Putin is gearing up, but what is Obama doing? Plus Yellen claims she might directly intervene in the stock market. Hold on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    Host Joe Joseph breaks it all down in the second segment of a brand new news show from The Daily Sheeple.

    It seems that we are on a trajectory for very dark times. Prepare accordingly.

    Can cooler heads still prevail?

    Read more:

    Video: Putin Gears Up For War – Fed to Intervene in Stocks – Facebook Watching Private Messages

    Russia Conducts “Nuclear Drill” With 40 Million As U.S. Pushes for War in Syria

    As Terror Attacks Hit Home, U.S. Caught “Bombing Syria to Aid ISIS”

    New Patch for U.S. Troops Fighting ISIS… Looks Like ISIS Logo

    US Complains As Putin Bombs its Terrorists: “ISIS Is An Intentional Creation of U.S.”

    ISIS Fires American-Made Missiles At Syrian Army: “U.S. Funding, Arming ISIS From the Beginning”


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      1. For all your un-prepped friends, neighbors and relatives, who might suddenly and soon start thinking you a genius, instead of a nut, for your having prepped, point them to GoodNewsNuke dotcom. Better that a few might convert into future useful allies instead of only remaining potentially future roaming threats.

        • This same situation flared up 2 years ago and calmed down …this is just more horseshit !!

          • I agree.
            This is all a war scare to keep the idiots entertained.

            What, exactly, is there to go to war over? Why would Russia attack us?
            What have they done to justify us attacking them?

            It’s Wag The Dog all over again.

        • If people haven’t figured out whats going on and prepped by now the chances are slim they ever will. I stopped trying to tell people shit a long time ago. I maybe know 2 preppers period in person, the rest are just brainwashed idiots that try and tell me some bullshit they saw on tv. Save your opsec a little and just stfu around the hordes of idiots. Tell them the military is the way to go for a good future and to invest in stocks lol. The sooner we get rid of the knuckledraggers the better!

          • LOL you should move. Where we live, in rural Idaho most everyone is prepared. All of the grocery stores within 1 hour sell #10 cans of freeze dried foods, 5 gallon buckets of wheat, oats, and such, as well as bulk lots of canning supplies and food grade 5 gallon buckets. Walmart and costco both have dedicated “preparedness” sections.

            I know everyone who lives within 1 mile of our house by name and know that every single person owns several firearms. Having a garden here is normal. So are cows, sheep, and horses.

            Unfortunately we had to leave the South to find such a place but we’ll never go back. 100 years ago the South was similar to here, except with lots of blacks. So sad.


          Kevin’s quality clothespins

          These are handmade by Kevin out of hard Maple wood left over by a guitar maker. These clothes pins are finished with Linseed Oil or left unfinished if you want to paint them. Made in America and sporting the highest quality stainless steal springs, they are heirloom quality made to last.

          Stop throwing your money away on Foreign made crap. There is a Video that shows how to make them yourself for those so inclined. There is also a sale on a canvass bag and three sets of ten clothes pins. The price is reasonable, it comes to about $1.50 per pin. They have other wood items: a cutting board, and a French style rolling pin.

          I stopped donating to charity. Instead I tip my waiter/waitress and now I consider buying American my own investment in America’s future, better quality products for me, and charity.

          I would rather help an American family.

          Carpentry and cabinet making used to be taught in American high schools. What happened ??

          __ ??????

          • The rabbi in chief said NO MORE!

          • First thing, great article Mac.

            Next, I have to thank my fellow preppers, I followed your advice and ordered a bunch of AR-15 magazines.

            I have to say though, I was concerned with them all being AR-15 magazines. This might be a problem, so I also ordered popular science, Mother Earth News, and the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Variety is the spice of life! Really, just AR-15 magazines, how boring. Add. A good novel or two.

            • Plan,hope you ordered and have received a lot of “food” for said magazines,assume they have no tilt followers?!You can see the top of your safe/closet ect. you have not ordered enuff “food”.

              • “food for thought” lol.

                • Yup, I got some food to go along with the magazines. I’m afraid they may not be all that nutritious. Word is food these days is contaminated with heavy metals.

                  Still Ill enjoy the good read.

            • PTPO, well that sale certainly won’t be in the NSA and DHS and FBI and ATF database will it. Good job commrade, you might get through 2 mags before your POS ar jams! (or you get a visit in the night).

              • Well the internet isn’t controlled by the US anymore, this shit has just changed big time. There is no free speech in a globalist world.

                The Internet is not protected by the Constitution anymore, Obama made this happen.

                Consider never saying anything in plain English again. A little fun and games tonight. A lesson!

                • To all the lerkers out there who have never commented. Good job, stay annonimous. We will need the backup.

                  It really is about the SHTF.

                  • Especially for those who have purchased non politically correct items online! Good luck buddy!

            • Good for you on the Mags. I posted the info days ago. There are some great deal out there right now. Good investment too, and you can sell excess mags for big boney post election if the wrong person gets in.



        • And tel-aviv and all the elites bunkers… I’m ok with that lol. 😛

        • define neocon.
          I call myself an “oldy con” in that i believe in the constitution and will defend the first 10 amendments with my life…and my understanding of neocon is a “breakoff group” of liberals with progressive tendencies posing as “conservatives” pushing progressive left leaning ideologies…blah blah blah
          am I even close?

          • VocalPatriot,
            Thank you, I thought I was the only one who thought this way.

            I absolutely hate the boogeyman term “Neocon”. We have serious political forces in this world rushing us to war and they are not Neo or conservative. They are progressive Globalists like Hillary Clinton, Barak Husain Obama and John Kerry.

            I utterly despise the term Neocon because it is a nameless boogeyman used to miss direct, when in fact we need to name names.

            Libya fell to Jihadists because of Hillary Clinton and now exports far more terror than Kadafy duck ever did. Between Libya and Egypt, radical Muslim forces are now in a half dozen African nations and expanding.

            Radical Islam is now entrenched in a half dozen Middle Eastern nations and is spreading like a plague. God help us if Hillary wins. This is exactly what she and the Globalists wanted.

          • Definition – Neocon = Warmongering Psychopaths who love big National Debt.


            • Definition of Neocon? Polititions and News MSM Media folk that sign onto that AIPAC agreement to be a israel/jew firster. And then to Always do or vote for or etc whatever is good for israel state and talmudic jewry in general. Regardless of how Bad or Wrong it is for America, American’s, or anybody else within the goyim world of nation’s period.

              To date only Two us reps has ever reject to sign AIPAC agreement. One failed her re-election bid and the other is probably next to lose election.

              And this would never be possible nor a problem if half of american folk awakened and stopped being duped in deep denial about these big Taboo issues.

              Denial only works for so long though…Its how the world was set up to begin with…Lies always fall to real truths.

              Only huge Hoax lies must be fortified by various fed state laws that Punish Truth tellers or them what Dares question official policy about their huge hoaxes.

              Plus remember, the fanatcial tribal clowns Always call such truth tellers and those who dare question the fanatical claims, an antisemite or nazi. Yet none of those name caller types ever actually Debates or refutes the actual substance of the issue spoken or written of eh.

              Because they cannot refute truth Via tons of lies is why!

              so they instead threaten with fines and jail so to keep their hoax alive because… the Shoah Must go On!

              Because, they want to replace the death on cross of Christ as Key issue that stands at direct center of all time, aka BC and AD on calander etc, replace it with their tribal holohoax events as key main issue the whole world and time itself is centered on and around!

              Kinda like force all goyims to aknowledge that holohoax event as The main Religious event worldwide to ever happen! And so far they seem to have convinced at least half of the duped souls in america to go along with it eh!

              How many ways can we spell duped and denial?

        • Braveheart1776

          Here is the Neo-Con game plan.

          h ttp://

      3. Russia Suspends Nuclear Agreement, Ends Uranium Research Pact With United States

        h ttp://

        now CAUTION kids
        this is from a libtard web site so we KNOW it cain’t possibly be true

        • Beware of anyone that is Secretary of State. They are always, always chosen by the NWO.

          They are the ones that are the middleman between the Globalists/ NWO and US presidents.

          Hillary Clinton used the position like no other to line her pockets. Never the less, if she is president she will sell Ametica itself.

          • “Hillary Clinton used the position like no other to line her pockets. Never the less, if she is president she will sell Ametica itself.”

            They’re all puppets to varying degrees to their globalist masters but the Clintons in general and Hillary in specific are on a different level, virtual if not clinical sociopaths devoid of empathy and inherently amoral. I think that those in her circle look at her and see a cold detachment and lust for power that is unusual.

            • Really?
              The level of hate the main stream media has for Trump tells me he is not their boy! I’ll vote for that.

              Trump also has told the mainstream media that they can’t control his political his speech in no uncertain terms. They are furious, that Trump can go where the media can’t.

              We are faced in America with a violence situation where Balck males are committing 60% of all murders, but black males are only 7% of the population, and it’s racist to put them n prison. Do you in your wildest dreams think that Hillary could ever in her politically correct mind deal with this issue? Oh you racist….. Let them kill you and just STFU!

        • Curtis, I have a message for John Kerry: ESAD [eat shit and die] LOL!

          • Wow, you are sooooo brave. LMFAO!!!


      4. Satori, you say huffpost? I can vouch for them. One of the WORST libturd sites out there. They censor people faster than anyone else.

        • there is one site that will censor you faster
          go to Redstate and even mention the word Democrat

          most people see and hear what they want to

          left wing sheep/right wing sheep

          is the HuffPo story true or not

          that is THE question

          • @Satori…

            And you’re just a toadie for Hilary.

            • wow
              toadie that’s a new one
              take ya long to come up with that did it ?

              I’ll add that to the list3 of the names
              i’ve been called

              thanks fer yer contribution
              intelligent comments always appreciated

              • Seems I struck a nerve.

                It’s just so obvious.

                I just find your obvious support for a woman who is responsible for the death of four Americans in Benghazi, disastrous intervention in Libya, obstruction of justice, and exchange of favorable treatment for contributions to her personal slush fund to be pretty disgusting.

                Of course…you could deny that you support her. But you won’t do that, will you?

              • Satori, sounds like anon5 has been on a crackpipe.

                • Sounds like Brave is smoking a tailpipe. You will need a new muffler camping out in your 2000 odyssey van in your Cuz Back yard Brave guy. You may be breathing carbon monoxide. Are your face cheeks cherry red yet?

                  Anonymous5: Satori is a Libturd, & Brave is just a bigmouth and sucks up to anybody who pays attention to him. Hey its Oct now, are you in N GA yet Brave? lol


          • Left, right,,, whats the difference these days,,,
            My name is Tom and I am a DEPLORABLE!

            • I’m deplorable also! Plus I cannot be redeemed, by any Democrat.

              • The thing that is really deplorable is that both parties serve the same master.

                • And none of it has the best interest of the average born and raised American in mind

              • Rellik, I’m also a deplorable and will never be redeemed by any commie, fascist, etc. GO DEPLORABLES!

                • I in fact am not deplorable. On the other hand I am quite likeable. For I stand for true freedom and truth. There is not one deplorable thing about me actually. Maybe to the elite J*w rulers but not to the average Joe. I am fair minded, responsibility oriented, natural law proclaiming, logical, anti-ruler, self policing, fair person. Deplorable? By who’s standards? If you think I,m deplorable then you had better look in the mirror beeeech!

                  • People thar fall into the bullshit trap of calling themselves deplorable because of some witches rant might in fact BE deplorable lol.

      5. Woah…allout newk-you-ler war!

        Free sunburnz in all 60 states.

        Far out, man…

        • JRS, Cool dude, let’s shroom out and watch it eh? Be sure to bring yer weldin’ mask 🙂

      6. To all you southern types(damn rednecks!)this yankee wishes you all the best with the weather heading your way.I hope tis more hype then devastating storm but if it hits hard I hope you act the same way the good folks in Louisiana did and have your own cajun navy/cajun army whatever is needed.The govt. tried to license those folks,fuck that noise,you do OK try and help out others,best of luck to ya’s!

        • Thank you Warchild. Many of us are well prepared for this and much worse. I couldn’t imagine a meltdown in Jax like what happened in LA, but it’s always nice to be on the prepared side of any challenge, hurricane or EMP. In the end we are just one Country with a handful of problems to work out. Let’s gt to work.

          • Thats the spirit I like to hear!
            God bless to you and yours

            • Thank you NB, and to You and Yours!

      7. We are unfortunately, entrenched in The Middle East because it seems we have a hook in our jaw like a fish
        that is drawn to the bait.

        It is going to get worst.

        The Palestinian issue is going to also cause more unrest.

        What is Obama doing. Enabling. Perhaps trying to fulfill his Islamic destiny he believes must do?

        Yes, oil had to come up.

        Is anyone here aware that Israel has made several significant gas and oil discoveries off shore that could rival what the Saudis have?

        Another flash point.

        Suppose the Europeans decide to ditch the Russians, Iranians or Saudi’s and cut a deal with Israel?
        Speaking of a loss of revenue and Israel becomes a significant power in the world overnight and extremely rich.

        • Isreal is a significant power in the world by proxy bitch USA!

      8. bad bad news for Florida possibly

        Matthew Could Get Loopy, Hit Florida Twice

        h ttp://

        • antonius, catholisism is a cult. Just like mormonism and many others….

          • Genius, Catholicism is just as bogus as Mormonism, islam etc.

            • BH, correct you are.

      9. Can I make a request? If Putin is gonna send in a nuke can he target J.P Morgan Chase please. I really dont like them since my loan was sold to them I have had nothing but trouble.


      10. Assad is a doctor trained in the United States. He is a secularist, not a religious extremist. He has a peaceful multicultural citizenry of J*ws, Christians, Muslims, others all living side by side. We have no business being in the Middle East. The Middle East is important to Isreal who has been expanding its territory for years. Everyone looks the other way. We here how Germany was an expansionist violent aggressor Nation, but very few criticize Isreal’s violent genocide of Nations in the Middle East.

        Now, we here in the United States have been Isreals’ bitch for so long, even the threat of Nuclear war is tolerated. We will just take it. Cause that’s the American way. ICANN…AIPAC…u name it

        • “Assad is a doctor trained in the United States.”

          He is an ophthalmologist trained in the UK I believe. Syria has a Christian population that is 10% and is protected by law. Conversely the US funds and equips Islamic Fundamentalists that overthrew Libya and are now working on the same in Syria.

          • What finally woke you Kevin2? I have been saying such things ever since day one here aprox 4-5 yrs ago…and prior you pretty much rejected every such info posted up here…Nice to see you now so awake to real facts and truths kevin2..just very curious as to what exactly did the job to awaken you so eh?

            ps: maybe soon you shall awaken to how a greater israel land grab is key component and gas pipelines rates a 2nd best objective at best eh? After all israeli top officials and top religious rabbis do Not reject this as fact and truth, aka massive mid east land grab policy as number one issue. Why do so many americans still reject it then?

      11. The Fred bought up huge tracts of real estate with virtual money conjured from nothing. Now they will do the same with the stock market, buying industry with made up money. The saber rattling is a distraction.

        • “The saber rattling is a distraction.”

          I think its an opportunity for them. TPTB want a confrontation with Russia before the election to render illegitimate Trumps previous statements about Putin. The FED has a window and is taking it simultaneously.

      12. You have to wonder what Obama and his butt buddies are up to?
        Nukes will mostly kill his Democrat base. Flyover country will probably survive compared to big cities, so what is the plan?
        I’ll lock the doors on the guys inside and burn any Mosques in my area. So that can’t be the plan.
        Another possibility is that these Democrats are the stupidest people ever elected, by the stupidest Americans that we have ever faced, facilitated by the dumbest GOPe we have ever had to deal with.

        • relik, just like the republicrats, just keep voting for the same old shit. Haven’t you figured it out yet? You aint going to vote your way out of this crap man. Damn I have to go now, my hand has something more intelligent to say…

          • Generally I vote Republican because of the Second Amendment. A Constitutional Right has been politically reduced to a popularity contest.

        • Ill take B for 1000 Alex

        • rellik

          If you think they’re stupid you don’t see their agenda. They’re many things, cunning, deceptive, dishonest, but not stupid.

        • I will agree with stupidest people gets my vote.. The public schools and media have done a excellent job of dumbing down the citizens.

      13. What the hell have we done to ourselves? Pretty bad when the Russians think more of their own people than our government does of us peasants.

        • “What the hell have we done to ourselves?”

          Well for starters we allowed the fed reserve to come into fruition.
          We allowed ourselves to become corporate entities.
          We signed on to corporate laws and maritime law.
          We allowed socialism to take over the country.
          We gave up personal responsibility in favor of govt. control.
          We gave up control of education to govt.
          We allow a bunch of fat fuckers in suits to dictate policy to us.
          We (not me) let emotion rule instead of logic.
          We let our lives be dictated at every level by some butt sniffing beurocrats.
          We signed on for more control rather than deal with problems ourselves.
          In the greatest age of information the world has ever known, most all people choose to be as stupid as humanly possible and just be entertained instead of learning about anything.

          That sums up a lot of it but there is much more….

      14. Soon the debates will be over.
        Then the election. All done in about 33 days.

        Well there is a storm on the way and that will take about 60 hours.

        I’ll take the storm.

        • 33 days, sweet! I think I will take the rest of the year off and go have some fun 🙂 Watch the drama from my remote location and have a few shots. Start my own agency :dept. of alcohol, tobbacco, firearms, prospecting, exploring. ATFPE!

          • Remember at your party Genius(you know,end of the world one)if I go off is just to take a piss,not check shed for trap doors to see if you have anything I might have missed stocking up!

            • WC, I know that. If you were in fact to find such a door it might in fact blow you into outer space if you opened it incorrectly. I don’t call myself genius for nothing lol…

      15. unbelievable how bare shelves are in stores here tonight cause of the hurricane. can only imagine how it will be in a nuclear war

        • I will never know because I won’t need to go shopping… GOT FUEL?

        • I think it’s so cool that alkaline batteries have a ten year shelf life now. You can keep a five year supply, rotate them and always have a five year supply. You’ll never be bothered by stores being out when a a big storm is coming your way.

          People along the Hurricane coast should already have a stock of plywood, already cut to fit all major windows.

          A generator is not an afterthought, they can kill unless the use, placement, and operation are ell planned. Problems include, fuel, oil changes, ventilation and how you connect it.

          After the big storm hit me, I was talking to the meat cutter at the grocery store. I talked about how I had a generator, and a bread machine, some powdered milk etc and wanted for nothing. The woman next to me exclaimed she had a never used bread machine in the attic, had electric, but it never occurred to her to use it while the stores were empty for weeks with no bread?

          • Just dont buy Kirkland brand,,, they leak, are garbage and ruin anything you put them in

      16. I have about 3 years of food stored , sounds like I need another 90 years worth for the kids

        Please God don’t let the nukes detonate yet – my boys are so little

        • I have a young one at home, too CC. I pray for her/us all daily.

        • There won’t be a war, certainly not one started by Russia.

      17. Stay safe brothers and sisters, weather the storm in the south east, hopefully like it, these tensions blow over.
        Remember, an attack like the one you may be expecting will only make RU look like the bad guys. Don’t get me wrong, if Ivan decides to drop by for a chat take the fight to him, but your own worst enemy is your elected officials who no longer represent you or your country.

      18. The weapon of indignation will soon be used. And mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. And it will become a land of demons. Kind of sounds like an EMP type weapon? But if your lamps are full you will see the coming of the new world. If you don’t believe what is written . What’s the point of prepping? All you need is one bullet . Or a piece of rope.

        • If your religious, what’s the point in prepping? Considering since you believe when you are due you go to paradise, let death take you. Is that not logical? Don’t you want to be with your Lord an’ savyaaa Jeesaahs H Christ?

          Don’t tell me my life has no meaning because I don’t kneel to a corpse god.

      19. Does ANYTHING in the news make sense? From the elections to the sporadic riots to the refugees to just about everything out there? The news has become as a Monty Python episode. UNLESS, is it all a diversion?

        I wonder that as I look online at the spaceweather site. Scroll to the bottom. The section on “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids” (PHAs). There already HAVE been some recent spectacular sightings. As of tonight, the chart has a bunch of near-misses (highlighted in orange and red). ALL recently catalogued and discovered. It could almost remind a person of the movie “Armageddon”. Where there were episodes of smaller hits before the big one approached.

        Far-fetched, yes, perhaps. However it WOULD make all the other even MORE far-fetched stuff in the news, seem to make sense.

      20. Russia ran a training exorcise list year that involved 60 million Russians and they do this every year since 2012 so don’t read anything in to that.

        Syria has every right in the word to defend itself from US agression so if the USA wants to attack to defend it’s proxy terrorists then I hope they are blown to bits by Syria and Russia becuse they have no right to be there.

        This will be a time when americans need to rise up and take control back from the jewish bankers who now run the USA or start to make quick plans for leaving this earth.

        Americans might not get this from our puppet leaders in Europe but many are starting to hate them with avengence and want the US occupation force kicked out of Europe because we don’t want to fight your fucking war.

      21. Have you ever been to Russia?
        I’m not an expert, but I’ve been there and met the Russians. They’re nice people, by and large, and they just seem to want to be left alone. When I met Russians, they asked why WE terrorized them for 60 years. They don’t see it the other way around.
        I’m not saying we’re bad and they’re good-what I’m saying is BOTH our govts lied to us. And our govt still lies to us. The media even calls them Soviets, which is like calling Angela Merkel the Kaiser.

        This war talk is laughable because the Russians haven’t done anything. They’re still on their side of the world, while we’re the ones who toppled their neighbor and former republic, the Ukraine. We’re the ones who moved into each of their former Asian republics in the last 16 years and set up military bases. And we’re the ones threatening them with military maneuvers in the Baltics.

        It’s a sideshow.

        It’s all a sideshow to keep you scared and focused on the Big Bad Russkis while our economy limps along and our govt sh!ts the bed. Did you see where Kerry said he wouldn’t talk to Russia, then immediately turned around and called Russia? It’s SitzenKrieg.

        Every time the news runs these scare stories, just remember which country is ringing the world with military bases and conducting deployments, interventions, peacekeeping missions, etc.
        It’s not China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea.

      22. You can bet your Birkenstocks that 99% of Americans have no radiation shelter. They will suffer and die clinging to their useless gadgets. I gave up trying to wake them up.

        • So true.
          I recall watching the news on 9/11. While disaster concurred right before their eyes, so many people just stared dumbfounded at their cell phones wondering why they were not working. Forget 1/4 mile-high towers crashing down. Or any of the other atrocities of that day.

          It is worse now. People are almost solely dependent on their toys. The ability to think for themselves and act based on their OWN knowledge and intuition, MIGHT still be there. It will be as I tell my martial arts students. In a REAL attack, only that which is REFLEX (practiced over and over to do without thought) will happen.
          What is NOT reflex MAY still happen – sadly by then it is too late.
          You can’t tell most people these things. Frankly, they do not want to hear or believe it.
          It is like sharing God and The Gospel. Sooner or later, ALL will believe.

      23. Dear United Statii:
        Please to stop attack us Syria and Russian helping to us. We OK, we win ISIS.
        many thank

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