Things Are Exploding In A Way America Has Never Seen: “The Precipice Of Civil Unrest”

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    Image: Pax Ahimsa Gethen,

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Just how explosive the reaction over President Trump’s executive order will become has yet to be seen, but it is clear that an already divided atmosphere is becoming even more contentious and chaotic. While many Americans may agree with Trump, just as many are dead set against the clamp down coming from the executive branch.

    Things will not become settled, but are likely to reach a point from which the nation cannot return. The cost of policy advances from a unilateral pen stroke may prove great indeed… and the fabric of the nation threatens to unwind. How close are we to unrest? To riots? To martial law and a police state? What happens then?

    The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest

    by Michael Snyder

    It doesn’t take much of a trigger to push extremely large crowds of very angry protesters into committing acts of rioting and violence.  And rioting and violence can ultimately lead to widespread civil unrest and calls for “revolution”.  The election of Donald Trump was perhaps the single most galvanizing moment for the radical left in modern American history, and we have already seen that a single move by Trump can literally cause protests to erupt from coast to coast within 48 hours.  On Friday, Trump signed an executive order that banned refugees from Syria indefinitely and that placed a 90 day ban on travel to the United States for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  Within hours, protesters began to storm major airports, and by Sunday very large crowds were taking to the streets all over the country

    From Seattle to Newark, Houston to Boston, hundreds jammed airport terminals — lawyers, immigration advocates, ordinary citizens compelled to the front lines, many refusing to leave until those who had been detained by U.S. Customs had been freed or had obtained legal counsel.

    On Sunday, the movement caught fire and demonstrations and rallies erupted in communities across the U.S. from city halls to airports to parks. In the nation’s capital, the site of the march that drew a crushing 500,000 people Jan. 21, Pennsylvania Avenue was shut down Sunday as thousands trekked from the White House to the U.S. Capitol. An energized crowd stopped outside Trump’s showcase hotel along the avenue to shake fists and chant “shame.”

    You can see some really good pictures of the protests going on around the nation right here.

    As I was going through articles about these protests today, I remember one woman holding up a sign that said “Remove Trump By Any Means Necessary”.

    It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what she was suggesting.

    Visions of violence are dancing in the heads of these very frustrated people, and they are being egged on by top members of Congress such as Chuck Schumer

    ‘These orders go against what America has always been about,’ Schumer told the crowd in Battery Park according to the New York Daily News. ‘The orders make us less humanitarian, less safe, less American and when it comes to making us less safe people forget this, that’s why so many of our military, intelligence, security, and law enforcement leaders are opposed to this order and all those like it.’

    Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Trump’s presidential rival, Hillary, tweeted a picture from the rally. It was captioned: ‘Yes. We will keep standing up for a country that matches our values and ideals for all. #NewYork #NoBanNoWall.’

    On Sunday, President Trump attempted to clarify what his executive order was really about and make it clear that it was not a ban on all Muslims.  The following comes from CNN

    President Donald Trump insisted Sunday his travel ban on certain Muslim-majority nations would protect the United States from terrorists, after a weekend of outrage and confusion over the move.

    In an afternoon statement, Trump wrote the country would continue showing “compassion to those fleeing oppression.”

    Unfortunately, polls show that somewhere around a third of the country greatly dislikes Trump, and those people are more than ready to believe that Trump is a racist bigot that hates all Muslims.

    But the truth is that Trump does not hate any group of people.  His target is simply Islamic terror, and he is actually pro-immigration as long as it is legal immigration.

    Let us not forget that his wife is a legal immigrant.

    I know that Trump is quite eager to get things done, but putting out this executive order at this particular moment was definitely a case of poor timing.

    We are a nation that is deeply, deeply divided, and now this latest controversy threatens to divide us even further.

    When I was out earlier today, I saw a pro-Trump billboard that some business owner had put up that was urging liberals to quit their whining.

    On the surface that may sound funny, but it definitely doesn’t do anything to bring us together.

    If you give anger enough fuel, eventually it leads to violence.  I am certainly not suggesting that we should ever compromise on what we believe, but what I am suggesting is that there is a wise way to handle things and an unwise way to handle things.

    Someday, widespread civil unrest is going to sweep across the United States and major American cities will burn.

    My hope is that we can put this off for as long as possible.

    In fact, I sincerely hope that this will not happen at all during the Trump/Pence era.

    But you would have to be blind not to see the hate, anger and frustration that are all growing like cancer in the hearts of our young people.

    This is a time for the peacemakers.  If there are any left in Washington, we need them to rise up now and try to bring healing before it is too late.

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It.


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      1. Let her rip cowboy

        • ding ding! you got it brother!
          If these people are going to lose their shit every time Trump keeps an election promise, eventually we will see rioting etc.
          fuggem, I say. My family and friends will pop popcorn and watch from a nice safe place.

          • Marcus, if some libturds lose their shit with me they’ll lose their lives as well.

            • Yep..You could lose yours.

              • Game on – you better practice up on your X-box as there are many who have been involved in the real thing and won’t even shed a tear

          • I thought that Protestors were to be considered “Terrorists” and treated as such.

          • Agree 100%

        • Eight years of Obama brain washing has taken it’s toll on the Lib Tards, now they are lost and acting they need mommy.

          • Eight years yes, but I would suggest it has been going on for a lot longer than that. Ditto the UK. In America its current manifestion is called the Cloward-Piven Strategy. In the UK it’s called the EU. Same subversives. Different face.

            Quite simply, your rising generation (ditto UK) have been taught Darwinism, Feminism, and everything that is anti-Christ. Now we see the results…and this is just the beginning. The anti-Christ can bide his time. We are the older generation, slowly dying off. The rising generation will gradually take over and America will fall. That will likely take the rest of the ‘free’ world with it.

            • MM: I agree with you 100%. The brainwashing of young people through the media and public education system has been detrimental. It is shocking as to how people that are harmed by refugees and open borders willingly show up to claim to support the very thing that will ruin their own life! The ignorance of the masses is stunning. We have not yet seen the silent majority rise up. God help them when that happens because they will lose, and lose badly.

            • We are seeing the results of 30 years of govt. funded schools aka public school and govt funded college’s thru scholarships . The radical hippies of the 60’s worked silently thru the 70’s and when the 80’s arrived were in a position of power and they changed everything in every curriculum . This is what happens when you take God out of everything . God say’s OK , fine You don’t need me ? Go Your own way . Then we sow the seeds of our own destruction . . . . I’m just saying

            • Another source for the defiance opposed to what benefits them is the amorality demonstrated by Clinton denying what the word “it” means. The laws in this country are based upon morality and Clinton “played” the system and got away with it indicating that amorality is to be indulged as there are no consequences- the precedent was established for decay due to no consequences for amoral behavior and no requirement to project civil/humane responsibility to your fellow man. This is why they obtain their emotional fulfillment from their cellphone b/c they have been indoctrinated into “everybody cheats” so they include themselves in that to provide them their validation of their amoral emotional instability b/c they cannot trust their fellow man b/c he may be moral and reveal them for what they are – incompetent loaches – then the herd mentality flourishes modulated by the lowest common denominator which they call closure which is really revenge against those individuals or realities which do not support their “no consequence” behavior

          • Very true. They are brainwashed and were so smug in the near certainty that Hillary would continue things as they were. Having that rug jerked out from underneath them was more than they could bear and now the adults are going to have to reset the country back onto a sane path. Godspeed to us all.

          • Sounds to me nothing more than an entire generation of spoiled rotten little brats with WAAAAAY too much time on their hands…….& why not? fell for the ‘get a college education’ mantra of the ‘american dream’ and now have HUGE debt and no jobs……..soooooo see what you get?

        • Yes, smoke ’em if you got em.

        • “I know that Trump is quite eager to get things done, but putting out this executive order at this particular moment was definitely a case of poor timing.”


          There would NEVER be a time that would be acceptable to those who are opposed to Trump….and by extension…..any that are no in favor of their leftist agenda.

          Trump is doing EXACTLY what those who elected him expected him to do.

          A recent Rasmussen poll showed that 57% of the people polled favored Trump’s executive order.

          The people that oppose Trump on this are the wacky left on the east and left coast and the presstitute media…..and the political hacks in D.C. who still don’t get it.

          And for that bunch, I got one thing to say to their threats of violence…….. BRING IT.

          You have no idea what just what kind of response the rest of us are prepared to give you.

          • damn rite!

        • Doesn’t anyone remember 1968-1970, burnng of Washington, riots in the streets and on college campuses, etc?

        • We put up Obama for 8 years with much better behavior than these crybabies.
          Seems many of these liberals don’t even have jobs they have time to protest at a drop of a hat.
          There are 40 muslim countries not banned u leftist morons.
          Ask yourself why these other muslim countries aren’t interested in taking muslim refugees?

      2. I’m thinking the families of those 14 killed in San Bernardino would want an even more aggressive ban to include Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and the 13 injured at Ohio State might include Somalia. As a wide old man once said “the fox doesn’t eat the chickens in the hen house until he is hungry”.

      3. This summer will be interesting. The Libtards lost and now they are trying to change the rules. They are pissed and want it their way, and will stop at nothing including Civil Unrest/ Civil war to get it.

        They are going to run into a major problem!!! The true Patriots in the country are also PISSED. In short we have played their game long enough, and their game is over.

        Remember an article a couple of days back about the Libtards Prepping? Well if TSHTF this summer they will have too little too late.

        So get out the POP CORN and a drink of your liking it going to be SHOW TIME!!!!


        • You have once again hit the nail on the head! I got a lot of “POP CORN, and my what a “SHOWTIME” it will be.

        • Sgt. D,
          You have a great point, Protestors don’t like the cold. These protests wouldn’t be happening except that airports have large interior heated spaces.

          Airports especially international airports are all still under state of emergency measures because of repeated attacks by terrorists going back to 9-11. Under these regulations only people with specific business are even supposed to be present airport property. None of these demonstrators or anarchists could be present in an airport public area unless police were ordered to stand down and ignore Federal authorities. All these staged progressive/globalist riots and demonstrations are well funded and organized.

          And yes when it gets warm out the problems will only grow.

          • Anarchists? No… they’re terrorists. All of the avowed anarchists I know are peaceful. They have no dog in the hunt. The definition of anarchy is (paraphrased) self-government.

          • Get the shields out and herd them into the street – then get the plow trucks to push them into the cattle chute to be loaded into the back of trailers that are used for transporting livestock – give them a ride to the nearest FEMA camp and lock the gate after you offload the miscreants. It’ll save tons of EBT, welfare and all other entitlements provided from the last 8 years as it will preventing further loaching (my tax dollars being spent by these “takers”) since they are now in FEMA camps eating Govt mac n cheese.

        • let em prep! 2 reasons:
          1- if they have actually gotten to the point where they view the government as a threat rather than a father figure, GOOD FOR THEM!
          2- If they have not, but are putting aside goods for SHTF, GOOD FOR ME! Now I know where to go “shopping” when I need a can of beans!

        • Sarge, I doubt if we have until summer the way things are going at the moment. DHS is enforcing the immigration ban per President Trump’s EO and ignoring federal court orders NOT to enforce it. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

        • The Libtards have been prepping. Sweatbands, because pussy hats will make you sweat when the heat is on. Spray paint, cardboard, general purpose remarks, rocks, gloves, because tear gas canisters could be hot, foreign and rainbow flags, matches, gender neutral eyeliner in case yours runs, bandanas, Nike’s, the improved PF Flyers, power sticks, so the iPhone’s videos keep rolling for uploads, an ebonics to English urban dictionary, subway pass so you can meet your facebook friends where they fell back to, condoms in case you get arrested and actually meet Bubba, bandaids for the cuts you get from the people you are actually protesting for, debit card, and quarters for a phone call to Mommies number sewn into your underwear just in case your phone and debit card gets taken from you again, and if your underwear is still readable.

          • Awesome post. This should be copied and pasted all over YouTube. Truly hilarious.

      4. I’m not all that enthusiastic about having a Civil War. All throughout history when there were wars one of the spoils of war was you get to bang their women.

        I’m homophobic and I would rather blow a dude than bang any of these fat lesbian dyke warthogs you see at these protests.

        • Thanks for the laugh!

          • 😉

        • Absolutely hilarious. And very true.

        • You shouldn’t talk about Chelsea that way!
          Her girlfriend will get mad.
          Might even make Chuckie Schumer cry again.

      5. Things Are Exploding In A Way America Has Never Seen: “The Precipice Of Civil Unrest”

        I foresee in the near future … that White Hooded Robes & Swastika Arm Bands will make a strong comeback to deter these Undesirables. ツ

        • Deter? They should be wearing those robes, hoods, and arm bands

      6. I blame the liberal professors in our colleges, I also blame those parents who didn’t teach their kids consequences and hard work!!

        • W.E.D.
          You know why you have Libtard Professors in colleges. Because they are too stupid to do anything else.

          Love to bring out to the country with me and let them tend the land feed the cattle Kill and prepare their food. DEAD IN LESS THAT THREE WEEKS!


          • I am a professor at local community college. Not all of us are liberals, and no I’m not too stupid to work somewhere else. I choose this because I enjoy teaching. Stop putting everyone under the same umbrella.

            • Professor

              What subject do you teach?

              • local community college don’t have professors they have teachers. Be careful

                • Community colleges do have professors. Your ignorance is showing. YOU should be careful, moron.

            • @Professor….

              Very little wisdom to be found on just about ANY college or university campus today.

              And I’d venture to say that at least 90% of the faculty at most of them are not only liberal…but extreme leftists.

              Generalizations are exactly that….generalizations. Generally speaking….MOST college professors are liberals and leftists. That’s not conjecture…it’s fact.

      7. If the Muslims get their way, then that hottie with the megaphone and the nice, tight pants will be tossed around like a rag doll by a rape gang. This is what happens already in Europe and it is the norm in the Middle East and Africa.

        These youth should be doing national service and helping to defend against radical Islam, not protesting on the streets and demanding even more terrorists to come in.

        President Trump needs to get a grip on the situation in the following ways:

        1) State of Emergency: A proven method for dealing with insurrections and has been done by many other Western states (Canada etc.). This gives the military the space to find out what is happening and to identify the instigators.
        2) The Draft: Re-introduce national service. This should include not just two years in the Marines but also two years serving in the border patrol.
        3)Team up with Russia and hit radical Muslims hard wherever they are based. We know where the bases are, we know the networks, it is just a matter of doing something. Obama would mandate that they should get a heads-up before being attacked. End this practice and don’t let them know when you strike. Also come up with multiple strike targets for each night and only the President knows which one gets hit to prevent leaks by the pre-positioned Obama embeds.

      8. These organized protests are not resonating with the majority of Americans. They’re contrived, not grassroots.

      9. Again. The game of psyop charades continues. It seems that quite a bit of resources and talents are being expended by forces, whom until recent, have pretty much enjoyed a enriched living behind the veil. Now since removed.

        You would think that by now the house would be burning down or shouts for the release of the Kracken have been made. Surely, these folks have the means to do so, correct?

        Perhaps they don’t have that means, or the means would be a means to an end for all? Can’t have it both ways.

        What is obvious is that they putting up a huge distraction to regain control over a system that is already doomed to collapse. Why bother?

        These people can continue to break windows and toss trash cans for pay, and the law will continue to make arrests, and everyone else will talk about it on alternative media. Same stuff, different day.

        My only advice is that you don’t eat the tuna, limit your exposure to the sun and us fluoride free toothpaste.

        Enjoy your day.

        • Why bother? Day luv day obamaphones.

          lol Don’t eat the tuna… good advice.Cheers!

      10. There is no compassion because there is no prosperity. There is no prosperity because there is no freedom. No freedom because there is no courtesy. Shortly after the civil war General Lee was asked once “Had he ever felt resentful toward the North?” He had been preaching tolerance, but how, deep down did he really feel? He stated “I may say, speaking as in the presence of God, that I have never known one moment of bitterness or resentment”. The context of the question was during a Southern dinner party. A small group of Northern military of high rank had entered and Lee wondered if they had properly been introduced. They hadn’t. Lee was asked this question as he crossed the room to introduce himself. The greater the man, the greater his courtesy. Courtesy, compassion, integrity, respect, Their loss brings us the day we face and yet they didn’t win civil wars either. You either have these traits, or you don’t. History shows us their best before date is before a war starts. Seen any integrity lately? Let me know.

      11. America IS already in a Civil War. It is we who believe in the Traditional Western values against those who do not. (See Dennis Prager’s article on The Second Civil War)

        Remember, a Communist with Muslim ties has already been elected as President, TWICE!

        It less than 20% of the Russian population’s support to turn Russia into The Soviet Union.

        WE ARE BEING DESTABILIZED UNTIL OUR SOCITY TURNS UPSIDE DOWN, isn’t this what we have all been prepping for?

      12. I have emailed congress critter to let him know that I and my friends are voters and voted for Trump AND these policies. He needs to get behind and support these policies or face his constituents in the not to distant elections.

        • Got to ad I don’t think emails to Congress will help much…

          I continue my preps and hope I’m ready for what appears inevitable! !

      13. We’ve been at war since the Clinton White House. We just haven’t broke out the the MBR’s yet.

        Main weapons have been Bic and Sharpie’s.

        Nothing will happen until they march into the WHITE suburbs and start burning down homes and taking the women, once that happens and the first Joe Six Pack says, NO! It’s on.

        And to add, for the last several years everyone has exclaimed, ‘this is the summer!’. Maybe, maybe not. Won’t know until the fall and we look back.

        Now, all that said. If you go to, live in or remain around the cities, well – you’re making unhealthy choices. Cities are NOT going to be the place to hang out. Good luck, stay frosty and aim small, miss small.

        Oh, one last thing. Hope you live or can get to a stand your ground state, you’ll need it.

      14. Go ahead you stupid libtards,,,
        Keep poking, you may pull back a bloody stump next time

        • These young protestors, young being compared to my age, are not ready for the violence they seek. They have not had a major pushback where the possibility of losing one’s life is real. Many have not realized there will be no “Time Out” when it gets going and there are those who are ready to dish out some real punishment.

          I await the conflict with open arms.

          • Anon,
            The “kids” carrying on and rioting have forgotten “Don’t Pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too old to fight he’ll just kill you”. I’m looking at signing up for Social security this year, that means I’m old. I’m really, really, tired of Democrats and GOPe jerking our chains and picking fights everywhere.

            • I’m with you rellik. I just became Social Security eligible last week. I’m not looking at filing yet, but that still makes me old. I certainly don’t want to see a war and have to fight my fellow Americans, but I’m afraid these kids have been so brainwashed by the communists and Muslims that they have no capacity to stop. They lack the capacity for individual thought and common sense and will be led to slaughter by the group think mentality. They are unable to understand they are just pawns on the elite’s chessboard and their lives are expendable to the elite.

              These kids have no clue what death and destruction look and feel like. They need safe spaces to protect them from words they deem harmful. What the hell are they going to do when they start getting lead poisoning?

              • What will they do when the lead flies? Shed some real tears.

            • Rellik, I’m pushing 60. I’m still in good health, but I’m at the point I’d just as soon shoot a libturd than look at him/her.

              • DB

                If this shit starts I could be right in the middle of it. You know I have been saying, prep for war cause we might just get it. This is a heads Up for all.

                Time is short.
                Have you done your RECON?
                Do you know your neighborhood.
                Roads, Parks, Gov.Public Housing, Apartment complexes.
                Do you have road maps.
                Have you done aerials photos from Google maps.
                Are you aware of the crime in your area.
                Have you determined your shooting lanes.
                Where are the gunshots coming from? Yes I hear those often.
                Bridges, Rivers, streams, swamps and choke points.
                Can your read a map and use a compass.
                If the lights go out. Information already obtained will be priceless.

                Just a thought.

                • I use the liittle yellow map guy to view the surrounding area or where I need to and never leave the house.

                • Anon, I’ve been prepping for a shooting war and other events for decades. As for gunshots, I hear those almost every night now. BTW, my libturd mayor is crying over the immigration ban. And my local congress critter, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Memphis) is co-sponsoring a bill to try to stop Trump’s EO. He’s just pissin in the wind. It won’t pass. No political support for such measures anymore.

      15. Oh yeah, I forgot. The co-Chair of the Women’s Rights March the other day in D.C. was Linda Sarsour. She is a Muslim leader who supports Sharia law. Under Sharia law women have no rights. Makes sense to them, I guess.

        • Him, the ‘women’s march’ had nothing to do with women. It was all about the libturd philosophy.

      16. In the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri, the left jumped all over the city of Ferguson as being police brutality and a murder of a black youth by white police officer. Instead it was proved that the officer was defending his life. They portrayed the Executive Order as a ban on all Muslims. Over and over, the same thing. They want to jump on something that will further their cause so badly so they can mouth off.

      17. Prior to the 1968 GCA and the FOID card law non-violent felons could keep and bear arms. Prior to the 1934 NFA any one that committed any felony but did their time and paid their debt to society was allowed to keep and bear arms.

        What caused these outrageous changes in the law; Anti-American, Anti-gun Democrats/Bolsheviks pushed for stricter gun control measures as a way to deter crime and it was pro-gun groups that supported and even helped write these horrible laws of citizen disarmament.

        Today we are experiencing massive social unrest because (you guessed it) anti-American, anti-gun Democrats/Bolsheviks are wanting to continue their goal of destroying our nation. This time we don’t need pro-gun groups helping them.

        Please remember we used to be able to buy guns through the mail without background checks or 4473 forms, yet crime was low. Prior to all of these disbarment laws Chicago had approximately 200 gun shops selling guns including mail order sales. At the same time the crime rate in Chicago was 1/3 of what it is today.

        We have got to stop compromising making concessions and appeasement.

        • Sort of.

          Prior to the uprisings of the ghetto’s into main stream society we were OK. Once that specie of animal was unbound from its societal cages it’s been downhill since.

      18. During the wars of last century, the citizeny would pack a picnic lunch and go watch the battle…

        I am starting to think that I might need to buy a downtown appartment with a balcony so that I can pull up a lawn chair and have somewhere to watch live while I eat my popcorn.

        I don’t think I live close enough to see any action from my front yard. The news channels will probably just repeat the same clip of some lame riot, so they can’t be trusted to to even provide a decent live-stream of the events. Maybe it will be available on pay-per-view?

        • I may have to drive a ways to see the “battle”. The closest little town to me is 10 miles. My closet neighbor is 1/2 a mile.

      19. I’ve only one question. When the shooting starts and we start purging the country of these malcontents, how will be able to identify them other than the protestors?

        • Just put out a Trump sign. They will come to you.

        • just kill them all and let God sort them out.

      20. to: Mr. Snyder. Sir, I respectively disagree with your statement: “My hope is that we can put this off for as long as possible.” You could not be more wrong. It has been the procrastination, the delaying tactics, the weak-willed, spineless and flat-out cowardly methodology that has been used for far too long. Damn it man – we should’ve paid the price to return our nation to sovereignty a long time ago. The longer we put off the unthinkable, the more so it will become. Will it mean pain; or, worse? Certainly. A price must be paid for all things. Freedom’s price, the price of keeping our Constitutional Republic is a great bill to reckon up. But, to return to anything remotely resembling what it is we were given by fate, luck and accident of birth in this great land – an equally great responsibility to sacrifice today for that greater tomorrow is due. No Sir – you’re wrong. It is time the piper got his due.

      21. Popcorn is not my style. It makes me think of the inhuman and inhumane Is real people putting chairs on hilltops and laughing while Palestinian children are burned with phosphorous bombs.


        • Local police forces who stand down while citizens are injured should face some type of punishment. It is criminal negligence. Trump is big on law suits.

          I think some firings are required. Perhaps criminal charges. Being a police official is a responsibility and a privilege. Privilege can be revoked.


          • B from CA, I have it on good authority that police were standing down per the Civil Rights Division at DOJ and on orders from the libturd mayors they serve. It wasn’t the cops’ decision to stand down.

          • law enforcement has been standing down for decades as the illegal alien population just grows! 25 Americans a day are either killed, murdered or raped by these maggots and local law non-enforcment always defaults to “its a federal problem”. When you think about it, by the time the boys in blue show up, the shits already hit it. I have never needed a cop once in my life because I know I have to protect myself and my family by myself! Law enforcement is a joke most of the time, however, there are times when these guys do a great job.

      22. The first thought when I saw the pic of the protesters: Didn’t I see these kids chasing Pokemon the other night.

        Just read where Washington State is suing Trump over his immigration policies. How can you sue a public servant for following and enforcing the law? These people are using the judicial system to impede and interfere with Trump performing his job. BTW, which is part of the definition of sedition. If feel we are fixing to find out just how deep the rifts in our society are. Should be interesting.

      23. Compromising with the evil leftists is still evil.

        Therefore, fuck the libturds. In the ass. With rusty chainsaws.

      24. Soros is our worse problem. He is paying for these riots. Most of these people don’t have any idea of what is even going on. Most were too lazy to vote. They should not have any say in anything! They need to go back to Mommy’s basement and suck hind teat!

        • The Muslim Brotherhood is also behind it. They are losing their grip on their government positions and control now that their Muslim Brother is no longer in charge.

          • I can’t agree more with Old Sailor! This is a problem that will explode very soon. Libtards & muslims & fake news OH MY!

      25. If we bend to their threats of violence we assure a violent reaction every time the left is upset.

      26. The left will protest against President Trump no matter what he does. They have already made the plans to protest and cause havoc throughout his entire presidency; they have said this from day one. Just because you are unhappy with a particular situation does not give you the right to riot and destroy private property that belongs to people you don’t even know. I think law enforcement needs to come down “hard” on these rioters, once you cause harm you are no longer a protestor. You’re a criminal! They will try to impede President Trump at every turn even knowing they can’t win, but only doing so in order to just stall and cause trouble for the President. They have vowed to make his presidency one of misery. There will probably be a civil war before the end of Trumps presidency because the left is hell bent on having their way regardless; in spite of respecting other Americans and their right to their opinions. I guess some people always have to learn the hard way. If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.

      27. It is a joke. There is the Muslim mayor of London, a man who knows full well vicious Islamic radicals pass freely through his city as they return from the fighting missions in the Middle East, complaining about Trump trying to protect Americans. These are men who have committed war crimes: mass rape, mass killings, etc., all harboured in the UK.

        As for the UK getting on its high horse, it is a country that invaded and bombed and destabilised Iraq, Libya and Syria. America is no angel, but in its global crimes, its good buddy has always been the UK.

        Now, Muslims are trying to rent asunder the Atlantic Alliance: so they can pick off country by country and institute Sharia law and flood the countries with their fellow co-religionists. Know the plan and you can then defeat it.

      28. Good Comments everyone, glad to read like minders! I put my money on the regular American Deplorables. These are the exact types who at the time beat the crap out of the worlds strongest military the Redcoats of Britain!

        Love the story of how on a freezing Christmas Eve they rowed boats across the potomac and kicked butt! Loved the set up against the redcoats in the final battle that settled the issue of Freedom!

        Frankly, just too many articles and/or comments to news articles regarding Trump Support, Anger against Elites/ George Soros/Democrats, McCain and Graham.

        If these folks aim to pick a fight they will get one and be so sorry they asked for what they shall receive.

        Regular Americans are Very Angry and have had enough. One little right kind of event and its on full out!

        Saw on Breitbart a photo of male fighting age immigrants at the airport crying. Looked like they came from Northern Europe.
        Also article on Chuck “Puckey” Schumer cry’n, too. Ha Ha Ha. Constitutional Rights belong ONLY to Citizens of the United States!

        Any dummy knows that the immigrants from the middle east brought in by “O” are here to change demographics even by force if need be.
        But WWII Japanese Military Brass knew that Americans would have a rifle behind every blade of grass and that once the giant was awaken it would be their demise. History speaks for itself on this one, too.

        The world is watching very closely and for those on the side of the Americans and their own Sovereignty bets are on Deplorables.

      29. The Democrat Party is the Party of Obstruction and to see Chucky Schumer with those crocodile tears is a “Fuck You” moment.

        You see they can not have it both ways. One way is to protect the country by immigration restrictions.

        If you don’t put up some restrictions then it increases the chances of a terrorist event

        Then the SOB’s will complain Trump did not do enough. And that is how these people think. They slither their way out of every action they should be made accountable for.

        Now Obama, the shithead, has to say a few words. Can’t keep his mouth shut.

      30. As a Canadian looking in from the outside I applaud a President with the courage of his convictions willing to put his life on the line to fight the entrenched globalists and leftist bureacrazy. I fear however he is going about things in the wrong way by using a sledge hammer to kill a gnat. There could be ways to achieve his goals that are less broad and divisive that just stir uo more anger. Here are a few suggestions for discussion, not meant to be firm policy decisions.

        1) By all means beef up vetting of potential immigrants to weed out mentally unstable, criminal and radical elements, religious or political.
        2) Have visitors/ potential immigrants sign a document that they will obey the laws of the U.S. under threat of deportation if they are convicted of violating them.

        3) Put immigrants on a 5 year probation for review before being granted full citizenship with privilege of voting.
        3) First generation immigrants ineligible for public office to ensure they are not bringing alien political agenda’s into the country with the intent of changing the countries laws.
        The country has the right to defend its borders and values against any destabilizing cultures. At the same time the U.S. must stop attempting to be the policeman of the world and STOP interfering in the affairs and policies of other sovereign nations, STOP attempting to impose democracy on nations which have no such traditions, or attempting regime change where they don’t agree with u.S. foreign policy.

        These steps would go a long way towards cooling the rhetoric, it works both ways when recognizing differences and freedom of choice.

      31. – FreeIllinois-

        Say brother, move on down to the Ozarks. You don’t need a FOID card down here just to
        exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights. There is no registration, no waiting periods, or any
        of that communistic bullshit they put you thru up in the Peoples Republic of Illinois.
        The freedom hating politicians in that state are the reason for the tax drain. Folks are
        leaving there in droves, and for good reason. Back in the 90’s the city of Chicago charged
        20 bucks per gun/ registration. So if you had 5 long guns to register every year, that was
        100 stinking dollars. Just for the privilege of ownership! What is it now to register a gun
        there? 50 bucks? Probably more than that. That is not even America. Leave now, bro.

        • Donuts, I think it started out as $25 for all of them. Then when it went to $20 each, the people then said forgetaboutit. Then I think they figured it out that it cost them more to print out the forms than what they were getting in return, like who knew. I don’t think there is a gun registration anymore. They pretty much know what you have now anyway if you are a law abiding citizen anywhere in the country. That’s what it was always about. Getting the law abiding citizens to cough up more money. Maybe they should now make it so felons can register their weapons for a $2 charge to their EBT. Why not? And if they do, they will be offered a chance to win a big screen TV too if their gun matches a stolen one on the list.

      32. civil war is coming, sooner rather than later. Hey-liberals
        don’t have guns,it should be over quickly

      33. We’ve tried the diversity thing the multicultural thing , seems we all just can’t get along? They will try to mix the seed of man but it will not take? Make them speak different Babel so they will separate ?The children of Satan . Let the wheat and Tares grow together. In the endtimes we will separate the wheat from the Tares and burn the Tares? Burn the Tares? Who are the Tares? Take a guess? God is obviously telling us the children of Satan and others need to be separated and burned? Isn’t it obvious? Of course the children of Satan will say what their father tells them to say ? And he rules for now? But he knows his days are coming short? If your lamps aren’t full you will be unknown . And the door will be shut. For eternity.

      34. all illegals, , all outsiders should be evicted from this country . all homosexuals( male and female) , all drug users ( regardless of age ) , all transgenders , all those who are guilty of abortion should be disposed of rapidly . all those who refuse to do gainful work for the benefit of all should be gotten rid of . our military should be built up and the politicans get out of the way . hah! , all race mixing stops immediately. . guess what? we got popcorn but we have other means- country folks can survive

      35. only those who love the fatherland will refrain from the immorality , the drugs , the free sex, the destruction of our HOLY MOTHER EARTH . history keeps repeating itself –people are just plain stupid

      36. My Dad told me back they were taking all the “Goody out of the food. I stopped and I asked him what he meant. He said all the nutrients and minerals. That was back in the early eighties. Since that time I have watched all this come to pass. The chemicals that seep out of plastics Does all kinds of globalist’s wonderful things to the ignorant populace. He used to get all kinds of information out of a readers digest. The media was at it back then. They villianized all the good food and touted all the new products filled with new chemicals and anytime that something got exposed it was forgot about in a week. I read more on the plastics and part of the side effects are early puberty and feminisation of males. I can’t remember if flouride contributes. Why does this the younger generations sound like munchkins and voices like Sam Elliot are very few. I always wondered why every time something bad in our food was discovered nothing happened and it just kept coming in the food drinks etc. Drink diet coke? America got an obesity crisis after High fructose CORN STRUP was put in EVERYTHING! the other side has to be pried away from the MSM. GMO corn syrup!! HOW MANY OTHER THINGS DO YOU THINK ARE IN STORE. In the sixties aspertame was a known carcinogen, Tab cola sucked. They passed it back into the market later. These snowflakes are nothing but dupes, pawns to further an agenda, against Who?? Us! We have all been on the terrorist list since Janet Reno. White, freedom loving constitution lovin god fearing UN hating anti-abortion Americans. Now we know why and that the plan to weaken dumb down sterilize demoralize and mongrelize caucasoid populations is in high gear. I donot care for the term but extermination of the white race is on someones agenda and John Kerry was bragging about us having a muslim country by 2025 I think was the year. The first casualty of war is the truth. The only way to turn this thing is changing minds, once it starts changing clips it will be too late for most. Swords sharp powder dry

        • P.J., All the while in a simpler undermining way also teaching children that they should always go along with the crowd, lower themselves to the least common denominator and that they should never raise their hand to ask or to question anything, even if they thought that others would like to raise their hands too, but were too cowardly to do so because they would be standing there by themselves, just like they were.
          We know today this is true. Just feel the cringe when anything nearing the truth is said above a whisper. The people have learned to govern and punish themselves for speaking the truth. The truth is now said to be a generalization, and certain groups have the phrases to shut conversations down immediately. It was all a plan. And it’s right on schedule. That’s why you can’t reason with these ‘kids’ today. Brainwashing works. (Kid = anyone under 59 1/2)

        • I wonder if having a Muslem country by 2025 . Means the pedofiles will rule? Slavery returns? And the last stand against the children of Satan is crushed?

      37. Over on Weasel Zippers I just watched a video where BLM folks in Seattle were on the streets calling to “kill whitey”. They actually want “whitey” to give up all property, homes, money, food, etc.. the brown and black skinned. Heck they even complained that whites grow organic food and maryjane and they want that too! The guy looked Asian and stated he was a teacher.

        In one of the comments someone posted a youtube video where some black guy was complaining how white folks train even their little girls to hit the target and not waste bullets. He went on complaining how black kids can shoot a clip off and hit nothing. Just Say’n what I saw.

        DJT took the majority of the Black American vote from the Dems. Black American is split but nobody wants to talk about that other than Sheriff Clark.

        • eagle1

          When I read stuff like that it pisses me off. The I make things. Things like nail boards and caltrops. Billy Bob Wire (Fish hooks on steel wire). I pack it away ready to deploy. If the invaders decide to hop the fence they will land on something unpleasant. Then if they run into the brush, Billy Bob will be waiting for them. I mean to perforate and snag them, well before they can get to my house. Hard to think when you have either a nail in your foot or a fish hook in your face.

        • A good sniper could take out the ringleaders at such events….

      38. The socialists are mentally ill. They want to do we conservatives great harm and take our freedoms away, all the time reaching into our pockets to pay for their insanity. They will not fight if death is involved. They dream of having someone else like the UN exterminate anyone with common sense for them and then let them rule over a socialist empire. In reality they would starve to death in six months. They do not realize that once they open Pandora’s box there will be no place that they can hide and nightmares will await them behind every tree, building and corner.

      39. FUCK THAT!!


      40. On one of the other sites they mentioned there is a Libtard group that plans to outright kill conservatives.
        It’s not BLM.

      41. So what is Trump supposed to do? Stop making decisions because a minority of people will protest and act like children, no matter what he does? They have a hissyfit every time they lose power, then lord it over us and tell us to stop objecting, they won when they win power. They can’t have it both ways. We didn’t riot when Barry took over. We just sucked it up and dealt with the disaster.

        So if they want to riot or get violent, let them. Reality is painful and snowflakes don’t react well to heat.

      42. I have been around a number of civil wars over my lifetime and do not fear one happening here.
        The blood letting will be horrific and touch every neighborhood. Many things happen in the beginning of the fighting such as the loss of law enforcement. Law enforcement will not answer calls for fear of ambush so you will be on your own. Retribution attacks will be one of the early stage manifestations where people get even with those they perceived injured them in some way in the past. Then there are the criminal gangs who will prey on everyone they see as weak.
        The political element will cause the greatest bloodshed since those groups will clash early in mass groups. Eventually it settles into a regional war where some parts of the nation settle down and become somewhat peaceful while others are in complete and total war.

        I do not fear it because it is an inevitability with the divisions we now see in our society. Each side thinks they will sail to victory when the reality is REAL civil wars can last decades and kill a large portion of the population. All you can do is make sure your friends and family are ready and fight hard when the time comes. Hardship is coming and nothing will stop the coming crisis. We have reached a point where the two poles of politics are ready to pull the trigger and see who the last person standing will be.

        • Smitty

          Good post. Tell it like it is.


      44. Doesn’t anyone remember 1968-1970? Burning of Washington, Kent State, riots and mayhem in the streets and on college campuses?

        • Yes, we do remember all that.

          We should have purged the societal elements that were responsible for all of that, but we failed to do so. Now we’re going to have to do it right, this time.

          You can readily see what failure brings.

      45. I disagree with the writer – these protests are not grassroots…these are paid agitators, funded by George Soros. Take away their bus ride and their paycheck, and they’re sitting at home watching Springer with their thumb up their butt.

      46. Have you heard of a self fulfilling prophesy? It’s what most of you, as well as the opposite side, the emotionally imbalanced left, are co creating. All of you who complain about the whiny left are sitting here whining about them, haha! And instead of going down the emotionally mature and intelligent path by using your capacities to try to help find solutions, you sit around like whiny babies, hiding behind your guns because you can’t find a way to use your brains and emotional capacity to do something that is actually meaningful or helpful. Good luck with that, you will need it.

      47. True, all humans are legal, in their country of birth, whether they were planned or not by the biological parents. Immigrating to and being accepted by another country is not a right but a generosity given by the hosting country and it’s citizens, they of which, have laws, rules, regulations, etc., that must be followed by all parties, for mutual respect to be established and built upon.

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