They’re BACK! 3D-Printed Guns Are UNSTOPPABLE And Here to Stay

by | May 22, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    An entirely decentralized network of self-defense rights advocates have taken to the internet to provide plans for 3D-printed guns.  It looks like the 3D guns are unregulatable and unstoppable. They’re anonymously sharing the blueprints and advice while simultaneously building an unstoppable community.

    Unlike previous attempts to popularize 3D-printed guns, this newer operation is entirely decentralized. There’s no headquarters, no trademarks, and no real leader. The people behind it already understand that this means they can’t be stopped by governments and their laws or regulations. “If they [the government] were to come after me, they’d first have to find my identity,” says Ivan the Troll, a member of the group. “I’m one of many, many like-minded individuals who’re doing this sort of work.”

    According to Wired UK, Ivan the Troll is the de facto spokesman of an underground wave of 3D-printing gunsmiths. Ivan says he knows of at least 100 people who are actively developing 3D-printed gun technology, and he claims there are thousands taking part in the network. This loose-knit community spans the entire globe.

    They communicate across several digital platforms, including Signal, Twitter, IRC, and Discord. They critique each other’s work, exchange 3D gun CAD files, offer advice, talk theory, and collaborate on future blueprints. These 3D-printed gun enthusiasts – who share similar ideas and political viewpoints on gun control – mostly found each other online via gun control subreddits and forums.

    Ivan is just one small part of this network. He says he is from Illinois, and is of “college age”, but otherwise he remains mostly anonymous, to lie low. At the same time though, he’s launched bombastic PR videos demonstrating the new 3D-printed gun parts he’s created in his garage, including a Glock 17 handgun frame.-Wired UK,

    Much to the chagrin of authoritarians worldwide, coming for an entire network of people is virtually impossible. And in all honesty, 3D guns wouldn’t be such a popular market if governments stopped trying to take rights away from people and enslave them. Ivan the Troll and others like him continue to help people regain their freedom from the violent authoritarians running the world’s governments.

    One of his most recent videos shows the polymer Glock 17 frame in various stages of production in his workshop. The footage is set to fast-paced synthwave music and is run through a trendy VHS filter – the aesthetics are important. Toward the end, Ivan fires several rounds with the fully built handgun, as text flashes up saying “ANYONE CAN MAKE IT”, “LIVE FREE OR DIE”, and “GO AHEAD TRY TO STOP THIS YOU FILTHY STATISTS”. He’s also uploaded the complete CAD reference model designs for a 3D-printed AR-15 assault rifle to his file-sharing space online. –Wired UK

    *As of this writing, Ivan’s video is no longer available on YouTube, however, there are probably many other places online it can be found. It doesn’t appear that censorship is going to hold people back any longer.

    Earlier this year, in February, Ivan and his group decided to name themselves “Deterrence Dispensed”, which is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the notorious Defence Distributed – a 3D-printing gun company formerly run by Texan crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson. (Wilson was accused of paying a 16-year-old for sex). For Ivan’s group, Deterrence Dispensed, Wilson’s arrest is irrelevant. They are uploading files individually on services such as, a media-hosting site underpinned by the LBRY blockchain, and they already know that as human beings, they don’t require permission from any other human to do so.

    Ivan the Troll says that America’s police state is part of the problem, and why everyone should be considering protection from the enforcers.

    “The cops killed more people alone last year than all active shooter incidents in the last ten years,” he says. “We live in a society, in America, where you run the risk of a cop blowing your ass up for no specific reason. You don’t even have to present a threat to them. A cop can kill you and get away with it just because he really wanted to do it.”

    He then went on to cite the many police shootings of unarmed black men in American, specifically mentioning Stephon Clark. Clark, 22, was shot to death by police in his own back garden while holding nothing but a mobile phone. “I believe it is inherently important that … you should be able to own a gun,” Ivan continued. “You should be able to own the same legal force that the cops are using to control you.” –Wired UK

    There is no way to stop the anonymous file sharing of 3D-printed guns online. 


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      1. When I get my first social security check I will buy a “printer” and make a Glock to replace all the guns I lost in that drunken gambling night.

        This is for Mac.
        I sort of hijacked a previous post 5/21/19
        Comey V Lynch to discuss solar prepping stuff.
        I’d bet that our back and forth would get way more reads than
        Comey V Lynch.
        You’d probably get your comments back into the hundreds
        if you let some of the people like Kecthupondemand
        post some of their stories in a manner where the world can
        search on them.
        Thanks to you for this site!

        • thanks rellik…I’ve been busy with home and farm stuff so haven’t had the time to be here as much. You mentioned a while back about your “to do” list having a hundred things on it. So does mine.
          It would be nice if Mac came on and said a few things about life, this site, policies, etc., but it looks like he’s busy churning out articles and who’s to say if he cares about posters in general.

        • Any one tried the AR10 or AR15 80% lowers and the Router jig setup from 5D Tactical ? Seems like a great idea to legally make up your own lowers that do not require an FFL to process.

          • Arb,works great,though rather a mini mill.Keep in mind you cannot build to sell without #’s thru atf with a license.Seriously,this stuff is childs play, and works just fine.

            In theory law says you cannot build for others,that said,you can watch over with a eagle eye on their progress.

            This horse left the barn decades ago,is all just a horse and buggy show.

      2. meh….

      3. funny how this is SUCCESSFULLY going exactly the opposite direction that full auto/select fire closed community went.
        Now watch and see which one continues to spread while the other languishes in “Form 4 hell” and never sharing engineering info with the unwashed masses.

      4. The early versions of the 3d-printed guns were laughable. There is a whole new generation of guns that are comparable to those in gun shops.

      5. Just picked up a Ruger American bolt action Model Ranch Rifle in 5.56 NATO caliber. This is my insurance policy for when/if I lose my black rifle in a tragic boating accident. Takes Magpul mags too. Haven’t shot it yet,

        Watch out fur dem hogs!

        • SW,
          You do know .223 Remington and 5.56X45 are slightly different?
          If you have the target version, use .223 only. Experience with this rifle says stick to .223 ammo as 5.56 can be problematic with this rifle. I think the Mini-30 is a better choice.
          Full disclosure; I’m an SKS type 56 and AK-47 guy for close ranges.

          • Also,
            the “Ranch Rifle” is semi auto. Sure you don’t have a model 77?

            • Nope, Ruger American Ranch Rifle, comes in 5.56. 45-70, and 7.62×39, not a semiauto, bolt action. Takes AR type mags. Thanks for the advice

              • SW,
                I stand corrected!

                Nice looking rifle.
                Ruger Ranch rifles used to be mini 14’s and mini 30’s.
                Although I own/have owned a few Rugers, they are
                excellent guns and I’m sure it will serve you well.
                Just to brag I popped Rock Chucks at 400 meters
                with a .223 Ruger M77 Stainless with ease.
                For you city folk a Rock chuck is AKA yellow bellied Marmot,
                eg. a very big rat.
                Just for the Sarge,
                Aim small, hit small.

          • The sticking point I’ve seen is the chamber. New reamers make a looser chamber than old ones. All my .223 bolt actions will shoot 5.56 with no problems (blown primers or split cases). Have fun and don’t forget to stock up.

      6. Ruger American Rifle Ranch, model 26965, 5.56 NATO, uses AR style magazines, 1:8 twist, SRP $549.

      7. Ruger American Rifle Ranch also available in 300 Blackout, 350 Legend, 450 Bushmaster, and 7.62×39.

        • very intriguing. If I owned guns, I’d be googling that right now. I like it…

      8. “They are uploading files individually on services such as, a media-hosting site underpinned by the LBRY blockchain, and they already know that as human beings, they don’t require permission from any other human to do so.”
        “An entirely decentralized network…”

        These closer, closer, forever closer people, telling you the plastic gun is almost real, are mental.

        You can use a photo, to create a functioning key, which opens a door lock, with 3d metal milling devices, which are apparently what the actual gun factory uses. So, an image of the part should be adequate.

        There also needs to be a movement, to make more of the printing devices / 3D routers / CNC mills, so these can never be put on restriction.

        It’s not decentralized, if you’re relying on other people, for your plans, your plastic, and your printing machine.

        • The printing machine should make more printing machines and things out of metal.

      9. Again SHTF has it all wrong.

        The police are NOT the problem. The unstable people that surround us is the reason why we arm ourselves.

        The problem is the +50 million Americans that must be removed from society. Addicts, molesters, the unemployable, the mentally unstable, shoplifters, those on serious behavioral meds, those with felonies.

        Scum of the Earth people, why are they allowed to roam my streets?

        Too many bad apples and 99.999% are NOT THE POLICE.

        • b says, “99.999%”

          Statistically speaking, what percentage of job applicants, for the role of authoritarian, will be bad apples.

          I’m assuming (generously) that they are a cross sample of the population, at large.

        • So says the bootlicker who worships the badged pig oppressors that crap on the Constitution daily.

          You are an enemy traitor for uttering such BS.

          All cops are bastard traitors who use our taxes to enslave us.

          Thanks for showing your true colors pig lover.

          You must have been looking the self-fellating website Pig One.

      10. Back?!They never left and never will short of full blown asteroid hit/nuclear war.Keep building children/get plenty of spare parts/always BLOAT/and remember,get your copy courtesy of the govt. of the TM31-210!That is all!

      11. The jews are behind the destruction of the world, like they created wwi and wwii and are repsonsible of most of your problems.

        Try to make a list of all the ownwers of media, banks, hollywood studios and stop wondering why they lie to you on a permanent basis.

        “globalist” is a byword for jewry. And globalization means world control by the jews.

        Wake up slaves !

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