“They Cut Him Up While He Was Still Alive”: Grisly Details Of Saudi Journalist Killing Emerge

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    While President Trump would love it if the Western media, along with prominent executives in tech and finance, would buy Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s claims that he had “no knowledge” of the confrontation at the Saudis’ consulate in Istanbul that’s believed to have precipitated the killing of insider-turned-Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, yet more evidence has emerged this morning to contradict the official Saudi narrative.

    Trial balloons floated by the kingdom in the Western press, as well as Trump’s own suggestions, point to “rogue operatives”, but in a story published last night, the New York Times managed to corroborate Turkish officials’ claims that several suspected members of the 15-man ‘hit squad’ have been directly linked with MbS.

    And now, in what has been billed as the first glimpse of the grisly circumstances of Khashoggi’s murder, the Middle East Eye and the Wall Street Journal have reported that “it took seven minutes for Khashoggi to die.”

    But in what was probably the most gruesome details from the report, MEM reported that Dr. Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, who was identified by the Times and other media outlets as an “autopsy expert” whose presence cuts against Saudis’ suggestions that the killing wasn’t premeditated, started cutting Khashoggi’s body into pieces while the journalist was unconscious, but still breathing. Previously, Khashoggi had been knocked unconscious after being injected with a mysterious substance.

    MEM attributed its information to a person who had listened to the Turkish government’s recording of the murder (its agents had apparently bugged the Saudi consulate, which is unsurprising given the tense relations between the two Muslim powers that only deteriorated during last year’s Qatari crisis). That recording, which hasn’t been publicly shared, has served as the basis for dozens of media reports about Khashoggi’s death. According to this source, after arriving at the consulate, Khashoggi was dragged from the consul-general’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul into his study next door, before being pinned down on the table and injected with an unknown substance. During the attack, horrifying screams were heard by witnesses.

    After Khashoggi had been knocked unconscious (never to awaken again), al-Tubaigy put on his headphones and started the grim process of dismembering the body with a bone saw.

    Tubaigy began to cut Khashoggi’s body up on a table in the study while he was still alive, the Turkish source said. The killing took seven minutes, the source said.

    As he started to dismember the body, Tubaigy put on earphones and listened to music. He advised other members of the squad to do the same.

    “When I do this job, I listen to music. You should do [that] too,” Tubaigy was recorded as saying, the source told MEE.

    A three-minute version of the audio tape has been given to Turkish newspaper Sabah, but they have yet to release it.

    A Turkish source told the New York Times that Tubaigy was equipped with a bone saw. He is listed as the president of the Saudi Fellowship of Forensic Pathology and a member of the Saudi Association for Forensic Pathology.

    According to WSJ, voices on the tapes can be heard asking the Saudi consul to leave his office before the hit squad murdered Khashoggi. The consul, Mohammad al-Otaibi, departed Turkey for Riyadh Tuesday afternoon after the Saudis, in a sudden reversal, denied Turkey’s requests to search Otaibi’s residence, saying his home was off limits to investigators.

    Should other media organizations confirm these reports (which has become a pattern since Khashoggi disappeared into the consulate on Oct. 2 after being asked to return to pick up a marriage license), calls for sanctions, an arms sales ban – or even the deposing of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman could grow louder.

    But while MbS remains ensconced in his protective shield of power, those directly involved in the killing have good reason to be afraid. The United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has called for the lifting of diplomatic immunity for any facilities and persons tied to the killing, which means that, even if Saudi Arabia gives its nominal “rogue operatives” a pass, extradition requests from Turkey or another UN member would greatly increase their chances of arrest.


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      1. Holy $hit!!! WOW!!! WTF!
        Gotta love humanity!

        • SERIOUSLY. this id f’ked up even by my low standards for what I expect from a government.


      2. They learned how to get rid of a person from the grand murderer master Hilary Clinton.

        • Have you looked up the Clinton kill list?
          Unbelievable the crimes and TREASON these dirtbag politicians get away with.

          I had a good story for you. But I erased. We are now living under tyrants, thieves, and thugs, pretending to be Politicians. Snoops, Snitches, Sneaks, that use law enforcement assets to murder people on made up charges and made up warrants. Of course it is “legal”.

          Purge your life of ALL technology.

          It is a hell of a thing when free minded men like Snowden and Wikki Leaks, Assange are welcomed in Russia. WTF?

          Political correctness and jailing of whistle blowers is now norm for USSA. How things have changed.

          Our president makes weapons deals with Saudi murderers. “Speak out as a reporter. They invite you to embassy and cut you up alive.” What an Allie to do business with? You think? Make you proud?

          The guy the Saudi’s killed. Was he about to tell the truth about9/11? Were the Saudi’s the ones that blew up our buildings in NY?

          Planes did not do that much damage. That is an engineering FACT. I am not alone. Look up on internet the number of engineers that say BS on official story. Make believe.

          Was it Saudi’s?
          Was is Isreal?
          Was it US government to justify war?
          Who controlled the planes? Who set up the charges prior to planes?
          Who is behind murders in Las Vegas shooting? Obama? US Government? Why the lies? They even lie about the weather. NOAA FAKES data. Why?

      3. Ummm, so what if Saudis took out a saudi.. Who cares but the money shifters abd changers…. Meaningless to the rest of the world. If he hadnt been an agent but just another air stealer… No one would know anything at all or care. So he was an agent for the elite, as demonstrated by their freaking out.

      4. I would of liked to know what he knew and probably had proof of in regards to 9/11

      5. if the victim was not an American citizen then what are we supposed to do ? police the world ? the fake news people have something new to talk about and worry about.

      6. Firstly, he was a Muslim and a Saudi so I do not care what happened to him. This is a matter for Muslims to resolve in-house.

        As the President rightly points out, our duty is to sell stuff to the Saudis and to sell as much to them as we can. In the book House of Saud – House of Sodomy, it was detailed the Saudis used homosexuality and sexual blackmail to secure the petro-dollar system in the 1970s. That means not a single Western politician will really do anything about this. We also learn in the book what good buddies the Sauds are with the Clintons and how they do favours for each other (sex trafficking etc.).

        Saudi Arabia serves a key purpose in disciplining Muslims in the region. We need them for that. With Mecca located in Saudi Arabia, and all Muslims obligated to visit, they have Islam by the nuts. That means they can do whatever they want and if they want a little Halal Khoshoggi, who are we to stop them?

        Saudi Arabia is doing an excellent job in helping to reduce the Muslims population in the region, which is out of control and is environmentally unsustainable. They are also leaders in the 2030 Agenda and key to the UN’s goals. As Stalin once said, “You have man problem? No man, no problem!!”

      7. Khashoggi probably going to bust the lid off of the 9-11 Saudi connection coverup. Not a big difference in the in country murders carried out by US mafia deep state intelligence apparatus. The Clinton and Bush Crime Cabals have murdered hundreds of people to cover their crimes with state protection, Obama also. The pretend opposition to Trump party may just do a repeat and run murderous hag Hillary again. Or maybe Biden, for sure an insider to keep tyranny rolling ahead.

      8. Those wild and crazy muzzies! The religion of pieces is at it again … literally in this case. I wouldn’t care about them killing each other either except this is the mindset that the communists in our country want to open our borders to. Sick bastards!

      9. Wow, just wow! Folks, I hope it is painfully obvious how these SAND-APES really are and the US Gov’t is completely in bed with them….WTF, the entire world deserves to no longer exist period, just wipe the entire planet clean, The END!!

      10. Crazy if it’s true but we’re hearing second hand maybes at this point. Likely, it will never be verified or released. If it gets released it will be labeled as a fake. Money = power and the saudi’s have a lot of both.

      11. Feminism was probably the root of leftist, social decay, in this country, and Khashoggi was a women’s rights activist.

        While I am not in favor of Islamists or their methods, per se, it was done in a sanitized way.

      12. Typically butchering a freshly killed animal
        is a messy business. You have lots of blood
        and guts to deal with.
        Hard to believe they pulled this off in an
        office without making a really big mess.

        • I suspect thats what the milk is for. paint the walls and floor with an animal protien and its hard to pick out the blood once its bleached.

      13. 7th Century techniques aided with modern drugs to assist in such. Most consulates have incinerators to dispose of sensitive items…speculation about 55 gallon drum of acid…meh..that’s passé-in House incinerator working overtime on that dude…

        Be well.

      14. The Saudis will get away with this inhumane murder. The United States should stop all transactions of any kind with the Saudis, if they don’t you definitely know they’re in bed together. What happened to the USA’s so called defense of human rights? Our government is so dastardly evil as is all governments run by men. We have this same scenario to look forward to, only with the guillotine.

      15. The Saudi’s owned both Bushes, the Clinton’s, Obama, and now Trump.

        • So true. Just look at Trump’s body language. His arms crossed (telltale signs of a person refusing to budge but also caught out in a lie). He has made every excuse going to give the Saudis an out on the killing. That means he knew about it, probably signed off on it and is pissed that the Turks told everyone about it. Look at MBS: he struts about like he owns the world (and he probably does). The fulcrum that holds up the dollar and the global petro dollar system is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is also the bitch that keeps the other Muslims under control and also keeps Russia boxed in by arming and funding militants on its borders right across Central Asia.

          Saudi Arabia is going to get away with this.

      16. There is a billion $ sale of arms at stake here folks,so the Saudis will skate on this. Orherwise,they threaten to buy Russian arms.Our military industrial complex will have a regular fit if anything gets in the way.Still,Trump looks and sounds ridiculous defending this.

        • He’s not defending it. He’s deflecting it. Deep State orchestrated event. Start a war.
          Sure, let’s send 15 assassins to whack 1 journalist/spy. That makes sense.
          A real hit team is maybe 3 people. And they will do it where there are no cameras.
          How come the media knows so much about it already?
          Where does the media get the inside scoop?
          Agency clowns.
          It has absolutely nothing to do with arms sales.
          It has everything to do with the Deep State trying to push a big event.
          The want Orange Julius to make a move.

        • It seems like every time there is some billion dollar deal at stake, that’s when the Saudis pull this crap.

      17. Brought to you by collaborating intel agencies seeking to suck Trump into an event.
        He’s smarter than that. Better try to cook up another one, agency clowns.

      18. He was a Saudi Operative that crossed the line and consequently got what operators who cross the line normally get. He was a Saudi citizen and by his “crimes” received the death sentence. A little harsh execution (no pun intended) but has nothing to do with us. Sell them all the arms they want to buy…

      19. Tell me that the Progressive Socialist Democrats are NOT taking notes how the Saudis take care of their enemies. [sarcasm]

      20. The problem with the Saudis is that they just need more lead in their diet.

        Is it time to invade and dismantle Saudi Arabia yet ?

        MY bags are packed.

        Let’s get to it.

        • You forgot to include Israel. Also after listening to all the information coming out in the last few days, I get a sense something is not right. There’s more to this story than we know and I think more actors involved than we know. Perhaps Jamal Khashoggi had some kind of proof naming ALL the actors involved in 9/11. Perhaps one of the so called “alphabet soup” agencies participated in this killing in order to protect a third actor in 9/11. There’s just too much lying, and not even close to being believable lies. Sounds like the Saudis are being coaxed by someone.

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