“They Are Taking Out Trump’s Lieutenants”: Deep State Intelligence Ops Sabotaging the White House?

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 54 comments

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    Illustration by Richard Davie, Flickr CC4.0

    Do you see the writing on the wall? Do you see what is happening here?

    If there was any doubt that the Trump era will eventually unfold into either a) revolution and total chaos, b) a police state under martial law or c) a coup or assassination against the leader of the free world, then it should be clear from this.

    Behind the scenes, the intelligence community are at war with President Donald Trump.

    He has refused to attend CIA briefings; they have sabotaged his National Security Advisor by leaking classified communications with the explicit purpose of undermining the new administration and stoking tensions with Russia.

    If Gen. Mike Flynn can be removed, it not only challenges the power of the Trump White House but builds upon the false narrative that Russia has been involved in hacking, cyber attacks and undermining legitimate U.S. power.

    Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog spoke with the very insightful Catherine Austin Fitts about the palace intrigue and cloak-and-dagger inner-workings of the new administration, and the creatures of the establishment who resent their rival claim to power over U.S. policy. This is truly historical stuff going on:

    Catherine Austin Fitts-Trump Taking On Corruption & Lawlessness

    How many other Trump administration officials will be mired in scandal, or ousted by bad optics? When they go down, will we know whether it was for good reason or not? There are many unaddressed issues with Mike Flynn, but the implications are disturbing. The news media is blatantly distorted, and no mainstream accounts can be trusted anymore.

    But there is no real way for the average citizen to know what is going on behind closed doors in Washington, etc. without solid, accountable, transparent and accurate reporting – and virtually nothing of the sort exists in Washington or elsewhere.

    The CIA and national security deep state would love for the American people to believe the notion that Putin represents a hostile and immediate threat, and that the entire Trump presidency has been a Trojan horse scheme to advance Russian interest. But, if nobody buys it, they at least want the American people to know who holds the ultimate power.

    Hypocrisy and true intent mean nothing to these people. They must have it their way, and they will stop at nothing to get their agenda settled. They are at war with Trump, and he will either bend or break, as far as they’re concerned.

    If that is the case, then there is no “democracy” or “constitutional republic.” The American Dream and the republic for which it stands are null and void, because the shadow government stole unchecked power from the gods like Prometheus, and have kept it to themselves rather than distributing the power.

    The 1947 National Security Act set the CIA on a long-leash, that thereafter either came loose around its neck, or snapped under pressure.

    And here’s what former Rep. Dennis Kucinich told Fox Business, warning America that the intelligence community was actively trying to undermine the Trump Administration, and are targeting his top cabinet officials. The resignation of Gen. Mike Flynn may be just the beginning:

    Intel community trying to undermine Trump’s presidency?

    These will be some trying times for America.

    Internal turmoil, war within and war without. Stay on watch.

    Read more:

    Darkness Is Scheduled, Civil Order Will Be Upended: “Military Plans to Take Over America”

    Gen. Flynn Ousted From Trump Cabinet, As Hillary Crony Cites “Revenge for Pizzagate”

    Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

    Payback: This Is WHY Vladimir Putin Wants To Take Hillary Down: “His Chance For Getting Even”


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      1. “How many other Trump administration officials will be mired in scandal, or ousted by bad optics?”

        I hope they get as many as they did the Obama administration officials.

        Oh wait….

        • At this point, it’s speculation. Whatever the details were with Flynn, you will never get the truth from the media who, by the way, are working hand in hand with some very well placed intelligence personnel. Now having said that as simply as can be said, don’t be too hasty thinking Trump is on the defensive here. DO NOT forget who he is. If you watched that presser today after he made his new labor secretary pick, he proceeded to lay a collective beat down on the fraudulent MSM who, by the way, are working hand in hand with some very well placed intelligence personnel. My guess is that Donald Trump is going to clean up a mess that’s been around for far too long and I would not be surprised to see people going to prison. He mentioned what the MSM is ignoring, that these leaks are illegal. You don’t think he’s gonna allow people that made themselves his enemy continue to march do you?
          Stay quiet Be smart

      2. “Do you see the writing on the wall? Do you see what is happening here?”

        Yes I see what is happening here: The Deep State is undermining the lawfully elected POTUS.

        Yes, I see the writing on the wall: This gives POTUS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to purge the NWO, Deep State Operatives from the intelligence community under a national security threat.

        I love it when a Plan comes together. Thank you Lord !!! 🙂

        • AND….the sooner the better. However, in view of the real danger of having our President Trump down and with a lot of trouble for him in the meantime, I think the best thing for him is to declare a Martial Law to show all those f….ing traitor/criminals that he means business to end all of these sinister plans of theirs to ruin our country further.

          I think it’s stupid to go through all of the ridiculous traitors’ attacks over and over and over again. We’ve got to put a stop at any cost.

      3. I support President Trump.


      4. The Federal government is really run by
        deeply embedded progressives called
        bureaucrats and judges. Over the years all the ethical
        people have been culled out in favor of ideologues that
        are going to pursue their own progressive agenda,
        no matter who is president.
        Until we get rid of this embedded “disease” expect this
        kind of activity non-stop from the entire Federal

        • Rellik, it would be my pleasure to take on the libturd scum acting against Trump.

          • the Donald is the man of the hour and the man to kick globalist butt . He won by a LANDslide and America supports him no matter what Cantankerous Nitwit Nutmunchers ie CNN say. fake news is still fake news

        • rellik,
          and we probably won’t be able to do much until it all goes HOT!! otherwise aal that will happen is you’ll have to many after your tail! when t goes hot they will be busy and MAYBE, this will provide LOTS of opportunities to remove scumbags

          • That’s why you should be storing 1 year worth of food and investing in precious metals like copper, lead and brass along with blued steel with wood or synthetic materials attached. The prepared will do well.

      5. “How many other Trump administration officials will be mired in scandal, or ousted by bad optics?”

        As I mentioned the other day …- TRUMPS SWAMP IS GETTING DRAINED –

        Unfortunately, this isn’t over … just a beginning.

        The Establishment is simply telling Trump – “you are not the boss, mind your Masters.”

        • Michael Flynn was forced out of the National Security Adviser position by Obama loyalists because he was trying to get access to some secret documents related to the Iran nuclear deal and reveal them to the public. the documents are allegedly kept in a secure vault in the Capitol Building and most of Congress hasn’t even been allowed to see them. The few who have been allowed access were not allowed to take notes, make any copies, or even reveal what they’ve read in those documents. Flynn’s ouster had NOTHING to do with any conversation with the Russian ambassador. That was simply the cover story put out by MSM. There’s still a lot of libturds in the govt. trying to undermine Trump. And you can bet Obama is one of the moving forces behind the effort. Why else would the shoeshine boy stay in DC?

          • Flynn was forced out because he LIED to Vice President Trump. Period. End of story. Too bad, he would have been a great asset to TRUMP.

            The new guy is even better. 🙂

            • Vice president PENCE.

              • I stated so at the time and I’ll say it again: Trump made a HUGE and possibly FATAL mistake by selecting Mike Pence as his VP. Pence is an establishment neo-con – far more amenable to the establishment RINOs and cucks – and to the blood thirsty, war mongering, military industrial complex cabal (CIA, FBI, NSC, Pentagon, Israel Lobby) who are hell bent on kick starting Cold War II and maybe even a hot war that could easily turn into a global-wide thermo-nuclear WW3.

                And, I will also say that I was not big fan of Flynn – because of his tendency to come across as a blood thirsty, war mongering, Israeli Lobby butt crack licking toady for the criminal false flag terrorism sponsoring state of Israel. The Israelis and their 5th column of treasonous neo-con cockroaches here in the USA have been conspiring to find a way to get the US to attack Iran for as far back as the Reagan Administration. As always, Israel wants the US to fight their wars for them – and I am sick of that conniving, cowardly bullshit. Flynn struck me as a guy who was on the Israeli payroll and who was A-OK with going along with that agenda.

                Kellogg might also be on the Israeli-neocon payroll, although I think I’ve read that he is only serving an interim term – pending the selection of a permanent nominee to the position.

                Trump campaigned on the promise of STOPPING all of these neo-con unprovoked wars of criminal aggression and regime change fiascos – and if he breaks that promise, then his reelection chances are going to evaporate. I won’t vote for the guy a second time.

                And, we all need to keep a sharp eye on Pence. I do not trust that slab of neo-con excrement. I think he is part of the on-going enemy effort to destroy Trump – where he will slide into the Oval Office and then the globalist, open borders, wars without end and the final destruction of Western civilization agendas will resume just as if the Hildebeast had won last November.

                • “And, I will also say that I was not big fan of Flynn.”

                  I wasn’t either. Nothing I could put my finger on, he just seemed like a weasel to me.

                  With respect to Pence, politics makes strange bedfellows. Trump had to get elected first and he needed someone who appealed to evangelicals, get out their vote, and an insider who also had the connections on the Hill to navigate TRUMP policies through Congress.

                  Most politics are compromise. 🙁

                  • DK, you keep shooting up that hopium. Like you like to do, mark my words that I had actually said a year ago, Trump is one of them. And I can’t get myself to call him the “P” word. I couldn’t even get myself to call him the “VP” word if that’s where they decided to place him instead.

            • I read somewhere that the ‘new guy’ was going to have to leave a CIA front company to take the job. I think that I just saw out of the corner of my eye that the new guy is going to turn down the position for some reason. I could be wrong. But I guess if I tried I could find the source of where he’s coming from again.
              These people that are supposedly qualified for these positions have been around for years and have been promoted through many different administrations. So which past administration would be best to get qualified people from? They all have been vetted. Yeah, but by whom, and for what purpose. The swamp is pretty deep. It’s a stagnant pool of water with all kinds of nasty things in it. Where is the fresh water going to come from? With the lack of fresh rain and penetrating sunlight to disinfect it, I don’t think the swamp is going to change suddenly to a crystal clear lake any time soon.

            • Hard to fully know all the pieces of this puzzle for certain. I imagine Flynn simply made a mistake. But what shouts at me is that he gets vilified and what happened to Hillary when she committed far worse crimes ? I am not aware of any crime Flynn even committed. Just a mistake in judgement. This dichotomy between Flynn and Hillary clearly shows how corrupted our government actually is in spades and how devious PRAVDA/MSM is to carry the water of the criminals and oligarch elites. PRAVDA/MSM went well out of their way to cover for Hillary and FBI as well. Comey went on TV and basically said she committed several serious crimes, but they would not pursue it. To summarize, how is that Hillary completely gets away with far worse crimes and nobody in PRAVDA/MSM even mentions a word yet more than willing to try to destroy Flynn ? This is a very serious question and should be asked at every opportunity ! The answer is quite obvious and it points directly at who the various criminals actually are. And the question points out an indisputable set of facts. We are living in a matrix of lies and manipulations by an out of control government entrenched with bureaucrats who are in bed with their employers and handlers. Basically a giant criminal enterprise of control freaks who are not working for you.

              • I believe that you’re last sentence is absolutely true and I have also been saying it for years. If you can see that, then why can’t you see that Trump was selected by the same people too. Did it ever occur to you that it was all a show to make the divisions in the country deeper while knowing that Trump was going to be the winner all of the time too. Trump was being groomed for the part as long as Obama has been. Since the 1980’s. I think when Trump ran in 2000 as a Democrat with his pick as Oprah Winfrey for VP it was just a lead up to people accepting Obama as president, after Bush of course. And I can’t say that all voting is rigged. Maybe it’s more today than yesterday, but it was rigged yesterday too. They sure do know how to steal elections whether it’s through the primaries or by just taking control of the major areas. And now they always have claims of voters fraud. But they are all being investigated. Yeah, o.k.. Think of Ron Paul and of how he was robbed and shut out of the media.
                When I first heard Trump calling out Hillary on all the things that were true about her I knew something was very wrong. Because like Tom Cruise said in “A Few Good Men”, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. Yeah, things could have been proven, but you knew deep down that they wouldn’t be for all the reasons stated above, and that she would be allowed to leave with everything she had for she had done her job. She really did have to much baggage for people who could see deeper than that she was a woman. So in comes the new guy Trump just like Obama was seemingly the new blood 8 years ago, who is going to make America great again.
                So yeah, it’s a big well organized syndicate. Everyone seems to know that. The problem is that they actually have to hold two different views as the truth when viewing Trump. One is that it’s an organization that only allows in and also takes care of insiders, and the other is that Trump was able to somehow come out of nowhere, stay in the media spotlight daily, and was able to defeat that organization of insiders single handedly through the ballots box and now he is going to throw the the whole organization out. Do you think that one of the views is wrong? Guess which one.

      6. Ahhh….Spy vs. Spy. Been awhile since I seen them both.
        So..What me worry? This movie starring Trump and the Dems ain’t pressing me. When the shootin’ starts I’ll be along. Just wait, when the weather gets warmer every Jim
        Dandy and Cracker will be in large groups carrying signs, chanting, settin’ fires and looting. Gonna be a long hot summer. Blood will run in the streets.

        • PO’d Patriot, that image from MAD magazine seems fitting for this article. I used to read that rag in the 70s; haven’t seen one since.

        • PO’d, keep me informed as to whats happening ok. I will be on the deck at the cabin getting drunk and blowin’ shit up. I will blow them up at the pass! Survivors will be shot! Good times are here again! 😀

      7. PURGE the entire system ?

        MANY years of crime is hard to stop, whitewashing over the rot does nothing.

      8. Times to take names and kick ass. Root out the embedded. Hook up the wires and see who is telling the truth…anybody showing blips on the machine gets let go. Start with the intelligence community then the justice dept.,the Pentagon and the State dept. Let the lie detector get em!

      9. The attacks on Iran and Russia were locked in and have be planned to happen for decades. Hillary was totally on board to do it and you could tell in the campaign she was itching to go.

        I think it is the military-industrial complex more than the spies that wants the wars. The money they will make is humungous; whereas, for the spies, they will get chewed up in the wars and spat out at the other end.

        The migrants are a big scam: they are needed by corporations because it is a win-win for them. If they rot on welfare, that’s okay, because the government will give them food and housing and the private sector will provide it; if they actually have some work ethic, they will hire them to do scum work for the big corporations. And if they are young and tasty, they go into the sex trade or organ harvesting.

      10. President Eisenhower warned the American public on January 17th, 1961 about The Military Industrial Complex. I find it’s interesting that he did it like the cartoon character Snaggle Pus, “Exit sage left”, as Ike was living it for JFK to settle. JFK lost that battle on November 22nd 1963. Billions of dollars later, taken from bettering the nation have done little more than murder for Wall Street and enrich the “Offense Contractors”. The Intelligence Agencies are certainly rogue or at a minimum an intrenched element is within them that is above removal.

        We knew that “We The People” did not run the nation. We’re seeing that neither does the President. While that is fearful to us its absolutely frightening to the world. Let the above occur and put yourself in Russia’s shoes. The only plausible thought would be, “They are coming after us”.

      11. Just read about a BIG purge.

      12. It’s about time Congress took on the intelligence community. Their technology has advanced to the point where they are a danger to everybody, even the president. Back in 1976, Senator Church revealed that there was a tyrannical system in place that was waiting for a turn of the key. Imagine that system now.

      13. I bet it really annoys the CIA & NSA that folks are waking up to all of their lies. These leaks on confidential phone calls are a national security threat & need to be prossecuted. I have zero trust in 99% of the folks in the district of criminals. At this point when I hear any main stream news… I just assume that the story is totally bass-aquards. What ever the left accuses the right of…: is in fact what the left is actually doing. Like every time they tried to label any crazy nutcase a tea party member… only to be proven wrong. All the claims of Trump supporters rioting & attacking others, have been shown to be the Nazi Left. Why is the Right not out protesting every day ??? Well gee wiz…..perhaps it because we are all at work providing for our families & being productive Americans ! The rule of 308 will solve most of these problems..:
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      14. I will never believe anything I read in MSM…….Oh, I don’t read or watch MSM anyway. Did away with that a year and a half ago. I would never believe one word the CIA said. If the CIA told me the sky was blue I wouldn’t believe it, because if their lips are moving they’re lying. The CIA is nothing but a group of murderous thugs. I used to trust the FBI somewhat, but now that’s pretty much blown to hell. I guess they can’t get a race war going, so now they lowered themselves to this pack of lies. Yes, say what you will, but I would trust Putin over the CIA. At least Putin provides fallout shelters for his citizens……..do we see the US government doing this for its citizens? Putin’s mother was an Eastern Orthodox Christian. Putin started out an atheist, but because of a house fire, and a car accident he became an Orthodox Christian. Four past Presidents disliked the CIA; Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson, and Ford. Nixon never took a briefing from the CIA, he got it from Kissinger. Ford didn’t like CIA because he didn’t like their Dirty tricks and their inhumane activities. Of course LBJ probably didn’t trust them because he knew they helped him kill Kennedy. The CIA needs to be reined in if anyone has that power. They’re not elected so must be appointed, therefore fire their treasonous asses.

      15. It’s a coup! Resist.

        • They view Trump as being a coup, themselves being the legitimate side in it.

      16. Does this mean Pence gets to be President and Frat Boy Paul Ryan gets to be VP? Or does it mean Barry the Kenyan gets to be Dictator?

      17. Bit off topic: This page at CNBC is exactly the reason the media should be hit with sedition charges. Each article on this page it a dump on Trump article. Pitiful. It’s time our AG starts raising hell with these people. You put out this crap ya get some jail time.

        ht tp://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/16/trumps-inherited-mess-hard-to-find-in-economic-data.html

        • rednek101

          I’m a Libertarian. I believe in the statement, “Although I may disagree with what you say I’ll fight to the death your right to say it”. One caveat, it has to be the truth.

          Cutting into Free Speech is a two way street.

          • I agree with your belief. As long as the statements don’t do harm to others. When so many articles are being written with demeaning and outright slanderous statements aimed at Trump and his staff, it has the effect of making it harder for Trump to do his job. It is both the intent and end result.

            conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
            synonyms: rabble-rousing, incitement to rebel, subversion, troublemaking, provocation; rebellion, insurrection, mutiny, insurgence, civil disorder
            “the on-campus protestors were charged with sedition”

      18. Mr. Trump, get the Justice Department in order and say the word. You have millions of American citizen who are in your corner and will citizens arrest everyone of these low life bottom feeding intelligence agency traitors. There won’t be one place in America where they will safely be able to hide.

        Say the word Mr. Trump, if you meant what you said that America is given back to the people, then let us help you drain the swamp. We’re ready, give us the list of names.

        Draining the swamp = arrest, prosecution, and execution.

      19. Can’t Trump rid us of the CIA???

        • Not unless he sends in the Spec Ops to take them down and HOPE they meet armed resistance so they can just dispense with them. Just gun them all down and burn the CIA completely to the ground with the bodies inside (the traitors deserve far worse)….but it would work….Spare the rest of the BS of due process, they are TRAITORS, the myth of good people inside is just that a MYTH.

      20. How can anyone make the claim that Trump is not in fact part of the deep state himself when he appointed Wilber Ross to Secretary of Commerce. Wilber Ross was a managing director for ROTHCHILD INC !!!!! Explain this to me people, what am I missing?

        • Green Tip 4 U –

          You do make a valid point.

          Some of these people he has are sketchy to being very questionable people to be having around. It makes no sense to me, especially when a person who runs on the slogan lets “make amerika great again”.

          Some of us can see where we, as a nation is heading.

          • I unfortunately have drawn the conclusion based on the evidence that Trump is and has always been a member of the New World Order ( deep state, shadow government, illuminati, whatever you want to call it, the corrupt organized hand behind the politicians). He knew what we the people wanted to hear on the campaign trail and he sold us a dream on it. He played us all and quite brilliantly I might add. He played us the same way Obama played us. Do you remember all the campaign promises Obama spoke of? Do you remember him telling us this will be the most transparent administration in USA history? They promise the world and then deliver the exact opposite. That’s what these people do to maintain control. Trump is not anti-globalist he is a globalist and he was sent by the very people we despise. I hope my fellow Americans realize this in time because we in the Liberty/Patriot/Conservitive movement are all on Trumps nuts (including myself till I found the Rothschild connection) and he is in fact the Globalist enemy.

      21. In the Good Book may be found the phrase “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I believe that “The love of power is the root of all evil.” The Billary crowd, the pedophiles, the warmongers, all seem to be on a power trip. Whether it is power over small children, power over the media, power over us “little people,” it seems to be that it is power for power’s sake. I suspect we all know a few control freaks, generally of the jackass political party, who lust for power over their families, friends, and the rest of us. I think this concept may be useful in understanding the dynamics of the current situation.

        I’ve no wish to exert any power over anyone, anytime. I believe this is the core concept of libertarianism.

      22. Trump needs to ACT and not just spew trollisms. He is in danger of becoming the clown in his own circus instead of General Sherman.

      23. He has refused to attend CIA briefings? Same with Obungler. Except that was because he was on vacation or golfing.

        Question: So they get rid of Trump through some nefarious means. They KNOW that this will get a massive number of normally fence-sitting Americans off their duffs and turning off their now-co-opted by the left (cf. those idiot Superbowl PC commercials) NFL game. And whom do they have left? Not a disgusting LBJ like they did after JFK was gone, but now they have Mike Pence – not a real improvement for the fascist left. Plus, they have just stirred up a hornet’s nest that WILL not be placated. Yes, they may try something major, but my guess is that they will engineer some kind of collapse (a recession is due anyway), then try to pin it on Trump. So they won’t JFK him, but rather turn him into a Jimmy Carter. No real news here – this is what Brandon Smith alludes to – but something to keep an eye on.

      24. President Trump needs to ruthlessly seek out and hunt down to crush the Sedition by the obvious treasonous communists in America. True patriots need to support those efforts and assist in their crushing efforts, QUIETLY and without bragging about it. Just DO it.

      25. Civil War coming?

        I can’t see any serious civil war happening any time soon. You only have to look at the players to see why.

        The party of the first part are those who are clamoring the loudest are primarily women and emasculated men, along with a small number of minorities. For the most part unarmed and having no idea where they would get their food, gasoline, electricity, and flushing toilets in the event of a national breakdown of civil order.

        Now, the party of the second part, are the well armed patriots, police, military, militias, middle Americans who know how to support themselves under most adverse circumstances, and just plain old reality.
        Any “civil war” breaking out now wouldn’t last a week beyond the empty shelves at the supermarket, because the logistical infrastructure required to sustain a nation this size and complex is mind boggling. And worse yet those logistics are in the hands of…you guessed it…the party of the second part!

      26. When that is embarrassing, it’s called spying or leaking:
        “But there is no real way for the average citizen to know what is going on behind closed doors in Washington, etc. without solid, accountable, transparent and accurate reporting – and virtually nothing of the sort exists in Washington or elsewhere.”

        I can see the pragmatism, in Russia assisting the candidate, who does not want war with her.

        That doesn’t mean Russia has your best interests at heart, per se.

        It is jingoistic, to cheer on an ex KGB agent, on the sayso of of your own, ceremonial figurehead.

      27. Most if not all Current and Non current Government officials have been compromised at some point as this is a means to controlling them. The Elite can at any point of their choosing bring out any indiscretions in order to get their agenda back on track. This means that who ever Trump get into his administration they can be removed and eventually you will have civil unrest on your hands as his supporters will take to the streets.

      28. Trump is actually doing something so of course the establishment is all freaked out. Clean up sucks and that’s why so few engage in it. So I’m all for anyone trying to clean up the mess and if it leads to the citizens having to do the final clean out then so be it – we will kick their butts to their underground labs, bunkers, and secret locations and ensure they can not do their evil mess anymore. Gonna gitcha suckas! Go Trump!

      29. Few will ask the incomprehensible question: is this entire, bizarre “Trump” phenomenon a gigantic false flag? A “plant”??? That it was intended for him to “win” the election in order to incite civil unrest — divide-and-conquer?

        So that globalization can indeed unfold???

        Stranger things have happened in the world of central political “authority”…


      30. time take a stand fight back free america

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