They Actually HATE America! Multiple High-Profile Liberal Politicians And Media Figures Are OFFENDED By USA Chants And Words Such As Church And Family During SOTU Speech

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Headline News | 77 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    In what can only be described as a truly shocking moment in American history, multiple high-profile Democratic politicians and media figures reacted in horror over the fact that America was promoted during parts of President Trump’s State of the Union address.

    That’s right, liberal politicians and their media puppets were actually angry that parts of the speech included the idea of putting American citizens, of all races, ahead of the needs of other countries.

    Shockingly, some even took their “anger” further, with one leading Democratic voice actually standing up and leaving after chants of USA filled the room. Or, in other words, a politician elected to represent Americans hates the idea of the United States so much that he couldn’t even stand hearing it shouted.

    Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a man many on the right already believed cared more about illegal immigrants than his own constituents, was so triggered by Trumps “soaring” rhetoric that he fled the House chamber.

    As Trump praised the Capitol building itself, applause and chants of “USA USA USA!” broke out, causing Gutierrez to retreat to a safe, anti-American space.

    Additionally, liberals within the media also reacted with anger over the presidents choice of words during the speech, including MSNBC’s Joy Reid who was triggered by the president using what one would assume are completely normal words such as family and church.

    This is not satire. I repeat this is not a satirical piece. Joy Reid was actually triggered and angered by the use of the words family, church, police, and military. If this is not direct proof of hardcore anti-American, pro-globalist sentiment I don’t know what is.

    Paul Joseph Watson reported on the insanity:

    Yes, you read that right. Reid is literally upset that Trump used the words church, family, police, military and the national anthem during his address to lawmakers.

    It was perhaps the most bizarre reaction of the night, and there was no shortage of competition.

    Twitter users took Reid to task for her apparent unease with every day words and ‘American as apple pie’ concepts.

    “No, Joy, the Left is so out of touch you don’t even recognize normal when you see it,” responded one.

    Not wanting to be left out of being publicly angry that the president is praising America, the liberal ACLU (which has done some good work in the past but in the age of Trump has become yet another Soros funded disinformation machine) actually attacked the president for using the word America 80 different times.

    Jamie White reports:

    The American Civil Liberties Union complained President Trump used the word “America” too many times in his State of the Union speech.

    “Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that ‘America’ is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities,” said ACLU national policy director Faiz Shakir Tuesday night in a written statement.

    “The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and at the polls.”

    “In particular, the immigration plan put forth by Trump would hold Dreamers hostage to his demands for a harmful border wall and an even larger mass deportation force. We are at this crossroads because of the President’s deeply destructive ideas fomented by his nativist allies and divisive rhetoric. We will continue to stand up for these young immigrants and ensure they continue to contribute to our country. We cannot let America’s Dreamers be deported.”

    Bizarrely, the word “America” itself is now seen by the left as racist and xenophobic.

    Keep in mind, the Democrats literally set still as the president called for a merit based immigration system, making startling clear to the American people that they are now a party that represents “foreign insurgencies” over their own constituents.

    Hard-left figures on Twitter, including anti-American Islamist Linda Sarsour, were angry that anyone stood for anything Donald Trump said, including his plans for a fair immigration system and the amazing fact that black unemployment is at an ALL TIME LOW.

    For her part, liberal darling Elizabeth Warren made clear that she despised the entire speech, apparently ready to publicly hop on the hard-left anti-America agenda.

    Make no mistake. This is not about liberals standing up against Republicans that they politically disagree with. This is about a portion of the Democratic Party, and the left as a whole, publicly harboring actual HATE for the American people while at the same time using all their power to promote and help illegal immigrants.

    It does not get any clearer. These people are NOT working for the American people and actually seem to hate us.

    The sooner we realize this fact the sooner we can fight back against it in a united way.


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      1. Was watching the holocaust survivor, and wondering if the Jews of the 1930 s were anything like the ultra liberal Antifa SJWs of today? And what many wish of their fate?

        • The Reichstag Fire was a false flag, committed by a failing, German, Deep State, against it’s own people.

          Then and now, most of the people posing the jq are Rainbow Confederates and shills, used to create outrage porn.

          You are the change agent, used by money interests —

      2. lets round them up and ship them south or east or west out of this country, never allow them back in…EVER…EVER NEVER NEVER…

      3. These people are all core Clinton supporters. Its clear to everyone now that America has been under attack from NWO Marxists, Nazis, and Cultural Communists masquerading as “Democrats” and “socialists” in an attempt to “transform” America.

        Thank God that TREY GOWDY is leaving Congress now, likely to take a Lead Prosecutor’s role in the coming indictments and prosecutions of the SWAMP !!!

        I predict that indictments will come down in late Spring as the DOJ gears up for the prosecution of these rats; as I have claimed all along.

        A new burst of Freedom is coming to America as I predicted here years ago. yeah sure its in the archives. 🙂

        • I’ll believe it when I see it. Hopeful but not expecting any justice from our corrupted government.

          • Then you are wise, for in doing so you agree with God though you may not know you do so.

        • DK

          I often disagree with our optimism but that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome the thoughts.

          This is my Super Bowl.

          • your not our…….I’m a 1/2 empty glass guy a pessimist.

      4. “This is about a portion of the Democratic Party, and the left as a whole, publicly harboring actual HATE for the American people while at the same time using all their power to promote and help illegal immigrants”.

        I despise Democrats and the progressives. They want more than illegals, they want permanent power, and the subsequent destruction of freedom in America as it was before the 60’s liberals came along.
        The beauty of man( such as EMP or Nukes) caused SHTF, is large cities will suffer and mostly Democrats will die.

        A few weeks Back I was warned about an inbound Nuke. I grabbed a beer. That nuke was going to hit Honolulu. I would have partied if it was for real. It would have killed off most the Democrats that cause me and my neighbors so much grief.
        If Los Angeles, New York city, Houston, and Washington D.C were bombed America really be great again!

        • I’ve often pondered being at ground zero. Might as well grab a beer and roast up a fatty.

          • SOTU- When Trump said he already fired thousands and thousands of usless lazy government employees. You should have seen the look on the black Democratic politicians faces. They looked horified they just lost their freeloading free ride of endless Government pay for doing nothing. Priceless. And replacing them with real qualified smart white people. Way funny.

        • If only the National Archives and Smithsonian were in a different location. I’d hate to see all those records and artifacts disappear.

          • You are making a good point, but certainly if one of those cities were to be nuked, it would mean all hell was breaking loose on the rest of the planet – and at that moment I think the preservation of a few seed vaults would probably have to be a bigger concern…

        • This crap right here is why i dont care if everybody dies, better to cleanse this from the face of the earth,
          God help us

          • America first, always. Liberals never, ever. They don’t like America, they are free to leave.

            • I would be happy to see them leave horizontally and by the tens of millions

        • The Democrats believe in one-world globalism. Hillary Clinton and her filth — the DNC, the Democrats, their supporters, like George Soros — are against the very idea of sovereign countries. They call this “nationalism.”

          In order to achieve globalism there can be no countries. There can be no citizens. Therefore, all immigration, the illegal and legal is good as it is one of the best propaganda tools out there. “DACA” (the illegal immigration flavor of the week), “refugees, migrants, illegals, undocumented, unescorted children (escorted by their mommies), asylum seekers, George Soros’ boat people” — all of it, achieves the one-world goals of the globalists.

          The main thing illegal and undocumented immigration achieves is both psychological, cultural, and societal. They want a one-world economy. No unions. No freedom of the press. No Constitution. No Bill of Rights. No regulatory safe guards to protect employees, no pensions, no Middle Class.

          For the globalists, their ideal world is the Democratic Elites, the mainstream media, the corporate oligarchs, and the professional politicians being the 1-percent, and you and I being the 99-percent living (mainly starving and dying), in their slums and their ghettos.

          To achieve this they want to distract the American people for as long as possible, by turning them upon each other, rather than going after their tormentors — the Democrats, the liberals, the mainstream media, the corporate oligarchs, and especially the professional politicians.

          The school shootings would stop if the young were made aware of who is really responsible for their junk lives, junk healthcare, junk future, junk jobs, junk pensions, junk education, junk culture, and junk society. “The chicken sh*t ALWAYS falls from the top down.” This is what our teachers should be teaching our children.

          One of the best examples I have seen of globalism with when German Chancellor Angela Merkel grabbing the German Flag out of the hands of one of her key people with the look of contempt and disgust.

          Term limits would stop a lot of this. Mandatory term limits. Eliminate these professional politicians and you eliminate the deep state, these entrenched elites and political dynasties like the Kennedys, Cuomos, Bushes, Clintons, Obamas. Eliminate the military industrial complex, eliminate these endless wars and endless war mongering, and shut down all immigration until we (American Citizens) have time to get our house (country) in order.

          This is just the beginning of what needs to be done.

          • “The Democrats believe in one-world globalism.”

            They’re just going along with the Neo-Conservatives that designed the program. Free Trade, Foreign Wars, Globalist Corporations……all Neo-Com.

          • I would say that is giving them way too much credit… Liberal ‘Leaders’ are not about their or any other ‘constituents”, they are all about enriching themselves. Look the SOTU – Common sense policies for the bulk of Americans disgusted them because they cannot PROFIT FROM IT. We are way over due for watering the tree of liberty.

        • This whole Democrats/progressives vs. Republicans/conservatives thing is a real swamp. One that needs draining.

          As I see it, those two parties represent two opposing sides, having opposed interests – one being focused on rights and ambitions of “self”, the other on those of “the other”.

          Obviously those conflicting interests do exist but the problem is that rather than finding a common ground, a middle ground – a way to find where lies the common good – they are battling each other, standing like armies in battle. Each is looking at the other one as “the enemy”.

          • There are no sides. The Democrats. The Republicans. One side.

        • Relik: You are so correct. The vast majority of large U.S. cities that would be hit – they completely deserve to be utterly Destroyed!! Nothing but vile, cesspools filled with Liberals and all of that puke garbage they have in their twisted minds!! All of this crap is Anti-White, Anti-Christian, Anti- White tradition and values and nothing but pro-black, pro-muslim, pro-islam – the cancer of all so called religions and on and on. BURN all of that liberal garbage to the ground or pay the price otherwise.

          • Let me be blunt

            WTF is the matter with you? Want to go backwards a few hundred years, eviscerate modern medicine? Where do you think the Universities are that educate engineers? Where are the cutting edge hospitals, in cities. The physicians live close to or in cities.

        • It is time that Americans look at the Democratic portion of the government and some in the Republicans and demand their removal for treason! Our documents state that when our government is harming the nation and the people and not standing for the Constitution that the people can remove them! Time they are fired because they are NOT patriots and hate America. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN OFFICE THEN? They are a disgrace to all we were founded to be…but then are we the people we were founded to be anymore much? it is time to take sides and BE a patriot and stand for America as we were meant to be or turn coat and become the socialist jerks the left have become. PEOPLE, DO YOU REALLY WANT COMMUNISM AND BE TOLD YOUR EVERY MOVE, HOW TO BREATH, HOW MANY KIDS YOU CAN HAVE, HOW TO THINK AND WHAT MONEY YOU WILL BE GIVEN ALL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK AND TRUST ME THEY WILL WORK US TO DEATH FOR NOTHING….NO FREEDOMS, NO RIGHTS AND IF YOU SAY A WORD AGAINST THEM- YOU ARE KILLED. THAT’S WHAT IS COMING FOR US AND THE WORLD- WITH THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. You don’t believe that is coming?- then you are as dense as the lefters are, because it HAS been happening for some time now!! They have lied to us for so long and who do we trust truly is hard to know…there are so many layers to the corruption! I love America, freedom and faith in God…if you don’t want to live a decent life, then by all means turn communist–BUT IF YOU ARE A PATRIOT AND STAND FOR AMERICA YOU BETTER BEGIN TO DIG IN AND DO SOMETHING IN YOUR AREAS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE BECAUSE NOW IS THE TIME. LATER ON WILL BE TOO LATE AS THEY WILL FINALIZE HOW TO ROPE US SO THAT WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING, BUT COMPLY OR DIE, PERIOD! THAT IS HOW AWFUL ‘THEY’ ARE BECOMING AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT….the lefters; the nut cases that believe in this politically correct trash, diversity- (yet you all have to think the same way and accept degeneration of humanity at all levels)—they will be the ones taken to the cleansers the worst, cry the loudest in that they will be used and them done away with- as their work will be done. Then all of us for sure will be removed when we do not comply and the One World Order will reign supreme ….until God tears them apart and the world goes up in bits forever! Humanity will have deserved such a drastic and complete end for all the evil, debauchery, corruption and total degeneration of all of life! Help buy some time and let’s change things with those that can help do so..or rush to your end faster by joining those scummy humans that hate all that is good, right, real and holy! The citizens of hell here and there; the family of satan. Let this sink in folks; you’re either in the family of God and truth or you’re in the family of satan and evil…those are the only two choices…that is what it comes down to. This IS the war between GOOD and evil, period!! Going to Heaven or Hell for eternity…time to decide and act accordingly!

        • Yes, I live in Houston and can attest to the fact that it is a liberal shit hole. (you don’t have to go to africa, houston will do fine to find a shit hole!) These liberal morons running the city are short 150 million in the budget and yet have over 50 million in welfare projects going on!

      5. Man I agree with you 100 percent. I absolutely despise these piece of shit liberals. I don’t know what happened to that party. Used to be Democrats and Republicans had different ideas what was best for country but now it’s full blown that they hate America and everything that made us great. If they hate it why don’t they just leave?? Why do they wanna make us into a third world country, this planet has plenty of them. And the part that really chaps my ass is these bastards paychecks they get off of us taxpayers. I’ll be honest I know if shtf big time it’s gonna be a struggle for even the most prepared backwoodsman or woman, but I think it’s exactly what we need. This status quo can’t continue.

        • Both Dems and GOP have been hijacked by the Go-ya Zi-oni-st Tri-be and their goal is to destroy our freedoms, exploit our laws to Bring us down to the lowest common denominator sh!thole country just like ever other couuntry they occupy, squat on and Sh!t on. They been doing this for tens of centuries. Know your history man. Russia does not have this problem do they? Thats why they are made the enemy and why we are in perpetual needless wars. We need to export all the Ge-ws out of Ameriva. The parasite phedophile holywood scum commie POS that they are. The Chucky pefophile American hating Schumers, Bloomberg, Trilatetal Comission, Foreign Relations, Rothchild, central banking scum, money changers, Soros, Polosi, gun hating, freedom hating POS that they all are. Death to thr Go-ya. Death to squatters who hate us and our traditional sucessful culture. They are Jealous. Trump may be playing the game, as they are deeply embedded do take they out one at a time. Thats the truth and who has hijacked 90% of our media outlets to brain wash the weak liberal commies brains. Its all by design. Hitler nailed it and the KKK nailed it too and pointed out these facts. Know your history. Its the written roadmap. NAACP, Womens Liberation, Gayness, illegal immigration is all designed to Rip America Apart to devide us, and destroy our culture and the family unit, transgender bathrooms, you name it. Demonize Christianity and the Euro white man. Connect the dots and it all leads back to this scum set of squatters.

      6. True statement

        This is not about liberals standing up against Republicans that they politically disagree with. This is about a portion of the Democratic Party, and the left as a whole, publicly harboring actual HATE for the American people while at the same time using all their power to promote and help illegal immigrants.
        It does not get any clearer. These people are NOT working for the American people and actually seem to hate us.
        The sooner we realize this fact the sooner we can fight back against it in a united way.

        • Ya, the way we need to fight back is to do a purge,
          This trash is trying to take away my way of life, i take that pretty personally,
          The fact that polititians are involved is all the reason needed to clear out DC of anything that cant stand for America and Americans first, if they place immigrants first they need to be deprived of oxygen indefinitely. All these people and their organizations that are against America, Americans, etc, need to be snuffed out,
          No quarter

      7. The self described “Progressives” are the domestic wing of TPTB while the Neo-Cons are their foreign affairs asset. Neither cross over too forcibly into the others agenda giving at best token opposition for public consumption. The end goal is a global merging of people and economics into one.

      8. Offended?

        This is a new idea in mind control. No longer do we measure a man by his actions, we measure the man by how he makes us feel.

        _ Remember the old phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”? We are responsible for our reaction to the words of others. It is we, ourselves, who give words powers to hurt our feelings and offend us.

        I choose to be offended by gangster rap for example, but many people seem to enjoy it.

        It is understandable that “Church” and “Family” offend these global Communist so called democrats. Communists murder clergy. They seek the destruction of the family because the family is the cornerstone and foundation of Western Culture and Western Governance, without which we could easily be destroyed by our enemies. You don’t need to be religious to recognize the important role the Church has had in keeping families and society from behaving in destructive ways. The Church like government gives us rules, laws, and sensible boundaries.


        • The “Progressives” are funded by the fascists; Is Soros a communist? At the top are the offspring of unregulated capitalism along with others holding great power, wealth and influence. Communists overseas and their domestic cousins “Progressives” are their Human Resource Managers. Often rocks are thrown at their employee while the employer is revered as successful.

          • Kevin2:

            Yes. Soros is funding Communism. Just as Jacob Schiffs, New York millionaire, funded Communism. ANTIFA, or anti fascist, is a Communist group funded by Soros. Communism pretends to be for workers but it is highway robbery in disguise making the rich richer and the poor totally dependent upon them for survival which can be withheld on a whim.

            But you call it fascism if you are more comfortable with that term. In the end, it’s really just global totalitarian dictatorship with the leader(s) undeclared.

            Heil whoever. I don’t know. Do you?


            • They’re families that made their wealth through capitalism yet they are longer capitalist in its known definition. They finance communists as human resource managers.

      9. Dems = isis with lattes.

        • Good one

      10. If you want insight on the insanity behind the leftist mindset read “The naked communist”. The plan is being executed with precision.

      11. If the dems like something I choose to dislike it. They are so off base I go the opposite direction. They left me years ago about the same time I left them. Never again….

      12. USA USA USA says it all Curs barked at the heels of the Chistian Knights during the Crusades. They run howling at the slightest scowl of a Knight USA

      13. It will be seen who shines in the light of the Lord and who revels in the darkness of the Devil.

      14. this site sure went down the shitter. Where i bravefart, I mean uh, macs one of many alter egos? KY mom is another, and the phiny “Sgt Dale”…. supehero! Crimefighter! SLAVO!

        Money aint rollin in anymore huh mac? 14 comments. Your mama must be proud!

        • Loaded with federal agents

        • Count the number of advertisers on this site and others? Many read and don’t comment? The prepping advice has been gone over a 100 times? Most of us are past that? We are ready, And waiting?

        • rich, take your purple scarf and go away.

        • I don’t know if your comment is really fair, but I did notice the authors of these articles never take part in the discussions themselves.

          • Yeah I noticed that too. Even the owner of this site never joins in the conversations.

      15. The enemy within has been exposed. Trump is teaching the conservatives how to fight back. He is a God Send.

      16. This site is loaded with federal agents posing as everyday posters. You would be surprised who they actually are. Just sayin

      17. The words , Domestic Enemy, Are there for a reason? Not all American citizens should be? The Words , Physical Removal , seem coming? And nesesary?

      18. The Romans probably experienced as we , The coming dark age, with reckless abandon? Consumed with greed? Such is our fate? Keep the faith? And prep for it?

      19. Hate America? So why are they all trying to get in? They hate the middle class trying to save our control of the third world encroachment? And the coming dark age?

      20. Can anyone else see a fight coming? Gonna be a good one? The fight for survival? Been going on for a long time? Desperate and all consuming? Consumption?

      21. I see two, starkly different visions for America’s future: one is the path it is already on: low-wage, multicultural, multi-ethnic, no unifying value system or vision; the second, call it America 1.0, which made the country the richest and most powerful the world had ever seen. Trump wants to get back to that vision but the other vision is the one the corporations want.

        The corporations gave up on America in the 1970s as labor strife and bankruptcy made America a lousy place to make a profit. Corporations took the decision to move their profits and their manufacturing to Asia, in particular China. This is now well advanced and they aren’t coming back: there is just too much fun to be had in Asia.

        • Being the richest and most powerful country in the world certainly is an appealing idea to many (not only Americans) but is this really the point?

          I doubt this was exactly the idea the founders and the early settles had in mind. I am quite sure they had far loftier concerns.

          That said I agree a country should be able to defend itself. I think there can be no dispute about that.

      22. A simple rewrite of this article’s title:
        Americans Actually HATE Multiple High-Profile Liberal Politicians And Media Figures Who Are OFFENDED By USA Chants And Words Such As Church And Family During SOTU Speech. There, fixed.

      23. “The corporations gave up on America in the 1970s as labor strife and bankruptcy made America a lousy place to make a profit”

        The profits were fine but the lure of ultra cheap labor in the undeveloped world was too great. The US Textile Industry, certainly not high paid at the current $15/hr largely fled to Asia at .25 cents / Hr. The globalist corporation could also abandon safety and environmental standards with tragic result like Bhopal India Union Carbide killing 6000 people. US labor strife in the 1970s was directly related to the inflationary spiral complements of reneging on the Bretton Woods gold standard in August 1971 and creating money without constraint. Labor wanted to maintain its cut of productivity / GDP but the corporate masters had other ideas. The one inhibition to the plan was protective tariffs. Free Trade settled that with the Republican Neo-Cons the planners and the corrupt Democrats following suit. They picked the quarterback Bill Clinton to make the “winning” (losing for us) plays.

        • I think the whole thing is irreversable despite what Trump says. It is just too far gone and the main culpret is the US multinational corporations. They made this happen and they did it on purpose.

          With the current population and population trends, staying within the entity that is the US is a failing deal. You will never get on top of it and the trend towards ‘n#ggerification’ – low wages, mostly brown people, low living standards, high crime – will continue.

          A much better model is this: set up using the still remaining vast wealth held by white Americans new countries and statelets that would choose who they let in and who they trade with. These could be set up in Latin America or on pacific islands, or Iceland or Greenland. Get out of the US Federal system and instead forge a new future under different rules. The white pioneers who made America great in the first place also had the gumption to up sticks when the deal was rotten and start again elsewhere; today’s white Americans will have to do so again if they hope to thrive.

          • Frank: I totally agree with you! The U.S. is FINISHED. Put a fork in it, it’s beyond Well Done folks. Sad but so very true. The fat lady is finished singing. And the savage apes are utterly destroying and ruining what is left period. So it’s time for a major change my fellow White Americans. I mean look at what these coons have down to just about every city in the damn country…think about it for a few minutes…you know it is true guys.

            • What? You mean bein a gangsta isnt a sign of cultural exellence?
              While im not going to judge all of them or anyone as a whole, i will say that there is a huge segment that are out of control, but that is true of a few um minority communities, not only a certain dark chocolate colored group. The reality is that liberal policies and liberal communities have allowed that sort of rot, we have a societal problem more than anything else, its not a race issue as much as its an issue of society falling apart and failings of liberal policy, but most wont get it,

      24. The article mentions the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). This is an organization motivated by profit and political agendas. There is no real commitment to defending the rights of people.

        Frank Thoughts is right on about the support the Chinese government is giving its corporations. China aggressively supports these corporations and their trade abroad. The US has followed an anti-corporation policy.

        • The Chinese back up their people 100%. They even pay to send them to the US for free university education. They would never accept 100 million people doing nothing and living on welfare.

          They spend their money on new infrastructure – high-speed trains, airports etc. Their women are beautiful and dress very well; you rarely see a fat one.

          They would absolutely not put up with obese, violent ghetto junk nor would do they put up with satanic worshippers of a backward desert religion. Only Americans and Brits put up with this crap.

      25. Joy was terrible in the Ghostbusters remake, why do we care what she says. 😉

      26. “Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech.”

        Actually, the idea of “America” is not a bad one. Isn’t it that which the old pilgrims and pioneers put all their hopes in?

        Ultra-nationalism is never good but I don’t think this is what Trump is about.

        I think what’s interesting is looking at the number of times someone used the word “I” compared to the word “America”. Probably gives a good idea, IMHO, what really has got his or her attention….

      27. Folks, we need to take all of these commie traitors, liberals and DemoRATS and HANG them period!! This is the only way we will be able to salvage this once great land. USA! USA! USA!!! If these liberal FAGS hate the damn country so much, well why are they still here and what are they doing in the US Congress?? WTF is wrong with this picture. Liberalism is an out of control cancer or more like the flesh eating bacteria. Our once great land is being destroyed and eaten from the inside Out.

      28. 95 million American adults have too much time on their hands and many have only three purposes in life, to mooch, to eat, and to shit on everything American. 95 million adults not in the workforce

        • Folks, look and think about that number for a second, let in sink in…almost 100 MILLION people doing NOTHING but taking and taking and taking and using and using but NOT producing shit, taking but not giving a single damn good thing in return. Come on, any damn fool can look at that equation and tell that is a Major, hell of a problem and it is not sustainable at all. The U.S. is a very slow version of the Titanic ladies and gentleman.

      29. Ok guys, you’re all being too kind and sugar coating the words of these unpatriotic, fascists, self loathing excuse for human beings like Elizabeth Warren, Reid and Linda Sarsour – why is this disrespectful fake Muslim in our country anyway. She hugs men in public- oh no! not done in the Muslim religion, she would be stoned to death for that; we’re not talking culture because her platform is religion. She gets her money from George Soros to buy all those fancy “do-rags” she wears on her head.

        They and Reid can kiss my brown derriere; and then they can leave and go to North Korea or even Venezuela where they can starve to death. Then and only then will they understand what was created the last 30 years by both sides and why Trump’s efforts in securing the border, putting people back to work and growing the economy are of greatest importance.
        Stripping healthcare -Linda Sarsour – what healthcare – you mean Deathcare Tax – which many could not afford and had to leave the country to be able to live on their SS. So STFU since your boy Soros pays for yours and your family’s healthcare and lifestyle and you live high off the hog. Can’t wait to see how you fund that lifestyle when the end comes and it’s coming….
        To the above named politicians, all you do is think about lining your pockets. What have you ever done for another human being – I suspect very little if anything. You don’t care about your constituents or America just pushing your own socialist agenda.
        Get out of my country.
        I had to prove that I was worthy of getting a green card although married to an American and show that I could be a law abiding citizen to become one and you think that someone should be given that privilege just because their parents broke the law. You’re delusional.
        I cherish the privilege to be granted citizenship, educated myself, worked and supported my family without taking a penny handout from government as a widow and today my children as doctors are giving back to their community and America. What have any of you three given to America? NOTHING!!

      30. They’re socialists hell bent on turning America into their private slavehold, of course they hate Traditional Americans !!
        They ARE traitors, either Statists or Globalists, both but examples of their root disease “ socialism “. They deserve a blindfold and a last word.

        • And wtf do you think the Koch brothers are?

      31. So much talk of violence here. None of you is any different than anti-fa thugs. You want death death death. Yours is a religion of death, not peace. No Christians here ….

        very sad ….

        • Why don’t you just shut the hell up,Stormy!!

      32. If you don’t mind, I’d like to make one tiny edit in an otherwise excellent article:

        “This is about a portion of the Democratic Party, and the left as a whole, publicly harboring actual HATE for the American people”

        needs to read

        “This is about a portion of the Democratic Party publicly harboring actual HATE for the American people”

        Make no mistake–plenty of people on The Left love their country….THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What they don’t love are these crooked “Democrats” who have abandoned the working class in this country. A LOT OF the Left despises these traitors! Please stop lumping us all together with these seditionists.

      33. Instead of wasting our time and money sending these corrupt criminals to Guantanamo, maybe we could issue each criminal One gun, one book of matches, one gun, one bullet, one knife, one length of rope and one MRE and have them all delivered to Midway Island where we install thousands of cameras that record 24/7 and have this feed to the entire world showing just how animalistic these politicians really are when they all vie for what the other has and only have the bare necessities issued them for their journey.
        This, my friends, would be reality TV at it’s finest!

      34. At 42 seconds – the soldier that remained sitting. Is he a General Officer? Or a wounded enlisted member? Historically the military vote goes 80/20. He gets a pass if he’s wounded. He should be confronted if his boss is giving a speech at least show a modicum of respect by standing.

      35. For those who don’t know that the Marxists are very anti-family, there is this. Public school was invented to get kids away from their families and into state indoctrination centers. Kindergarten wasn’t for teaching kids anything. It was invented by a communist living in Germany. His name was Froebel (I forgot his first name). It was designed to get kids into the indoctrination centers at an even earlier age. Pre-school? same thing. Get the kids away from the family.

      36. It’s OK if they hate us. I have been hating them and their beliefs for years.

      37. Since Joy Reid’s tweet is shown first let’s start there.
        Do any of you know what the word “trope” means?

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