These 1400 Employees Were Just Told Their Jobs Are Moving to Mexico: “Yeah, f––– You!”

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 181 comments

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    The undermining of the American way of life is an ongoing and depressing saga.

    But as more and more workers find themselves unwanted and unneeded in a global setting of a race-to-the-bottom for wages and the rise of robotic labor, it is worth noting how little those at the top of the corporate heap care about the ordinary people they are affecting.

    Maybe some day good jobs will return to America, but for today, workers are just seeing things slip away. The impact spans many decades, and affects hundreds of millions of people. And it will hurt terribly.

    Mediaite reports on the “exact moment” when employees hurled angry slogans at the empty suit pretending to care during the announcement:

    A cell phone video taken at Carrier Air Conditioner in Indianapolis shows the exact moment that the plant and union workers were told that the company had decided to shift production south of the border. “The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for longterm is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico,” says the company representative at the microphone.

    “How long will it take before people start tearing shit up?” remarks one employee.

    […] “Yeah, f––– You!”

    Hurray Globalism! Offshoring has been such a @#$!%

    Here’s the video:

    This company is Carrier Air Conditioners (of United Technologies), and the jobs themselves won’t disappear until next year, but the immediate impact is much more honest.

    Perhaps it is better than being forced to train your foreign workers taking their jobs – as many tech and IT workers have forced to do with H1-B replacements.

    But it is still a huge slap in the face of Americans who have worked to achieve the American dream, but instead will be forced to search for new work, accept less than they are accustomed to, and perhaps find themselves dependent on Uncle Sam like tens of millions of others.

    This country is in decline, and the government and corporate leaders who caused it – and accelerated it – couldn’t care less.

    Where’s Donald Trump when you need him? Oh yeah, the elite are working out how to neutralize (or destroy) him before he tries to stop the offshore madness that is destroying this country.

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      1. Dosent surprise me. Years ago, I used to work in Silicon Valley for a while. The people were a real mix of all racial types but all were geeks.
        Suddenly I found myself going from job to job training people then suddenly no more jobs were available to me. I thought it was because I was a white male. But I soon found out it was because I was American. Today 75% of the people who work there are foreigners.







          • AE

            I’m still voting Hillary to get things moving.
            If she makes it of course ;0)

            Hoping she will pick Madeline Albright for V.P.

            Now that is a sight to have both of those faces on prime time T.V.


            • I always watch to see what new broach Madeline Albright is wearing.

              I’ve NEVER seen her wear the same one twice.

              Can’t imagine what her broach closet looks like.

              • Imelda Marcos’ 3,000 shoe stash comes to mind.

                • Heck, when that Imelda Marcos shoe thing came down, my sister must a had about 3000 pairs herself. They did cost less per pair.

              • Everyone! I say talk to local HVAC businesses in your areas, and tell them to boycott Carrier. Grandee: only old biddies wear broaches; modern busy women shun most jewelry. America is trashed now with even more workers laid off. Ain’t going to get fixed by anyone. Get house in order and ditch useless items and dead beat people (prune them out of your life like you would a dead tree limb) that will be a drag when shtf.

                • Hey, Laura: Who would want to employ people that can’t even control themselves enough to listen to what their boss is saying to them? Not me, that’s for sure. As for boycotting Carrier, it would take a fool to buy Carrier now, because it’s a guarantee that these unruly, vindictive employees that never saved a dime for such a circumstance, will sabotage everything coming down the assembly lines. By the way, I never heard one of them thank their employer for all they paychecks they received before this announcement. This video is exactly what is wrong with America today: Ungrateful Labor. Period.

                  • Thank You, Commissar Commissioner. You show boldness in your dealing with the proletariat! We appoint you First High Commissar Commissioner of our new five-year work plan in Mexico!

                    • Nubbin-Finger
                      lol ain’t it the truth!

            • The NRA sent out an e-mail that said in exchange for not prosecuting Hillary over the e-mails she would appoint Obama to the Supreme Court.

              • Hey, My Peeps !!! Where is our old friend CLARK to tell US how wonderful FREE TRADE is, and how beneficial it is to Americans ???

                Clark, Clark, where are you, you fucking moron ??? 🙂

            • Slingshot,
              YOU just ruined my breakfast! i lost my appetite when i pictured those two females on the same page (pics)! HA!

          • Going out on a limb here.
            Years ago a GNR CD called the
            Spaghetti factory.
            They did a cover tune.
            the one lyric I remember
            is ” I don’t care about you,
            fuck you”
            That is the anthem for
            Democrats in America.

          • Acid; as hard as one tries you will not get completely get off the grid. The govt. will find you, fine you,tax you and use you until you are out of resources and then discard you. Nobody will get you all the way off.

          • George Carlin said it right

          • AE. Are you off the grid. Talk is cheap. I am off the Grid for a year now, and meeting up with all my Solar guys today to launch my new Solar Company I just started. Invest in your self and stop talking YELLING BS.. Do it.


          • Acid, it remains to be seen whether you are right or wrong about Trump. I will say that continuing in the direction we are going, electing Hillary or Sanders, will make us a Venezuela with all its warts very soon.

            You can check to see that both parties have been complicit in shipping our jobs overseas since Clinton and NAFTA began. All are part of the New World Order believing that the world would be better under one government. To achieve that all peoples need to make roughly the same wages everywhere. To accomplish that goal the NWO must bring our wages down (check) while elevating everyone else’s in the world.

            So the question remains who are you voting for? Any of us that call ourselves preppers like to believe we think ahead anticipating the likely future. Pay attention to each of the candidates and listen very carefully to what they say about downsizing the federal government and bringing back jobs to the US while enforcing the immigration laws.

            The one with the best line is Trump but he certainly has a lot of warts. Ben Carson, while being quiet says much the same things and seems to care about the citizens of the US. Cruz not so much. Rubio seems more calm than others. The remainder of the field doesn’t count one iota.

        • Yep. H1b is a scam against American Technical Professionals. Lawyers specialize in writing the job requirements so no American Employee can possibly meet the requirements, then once H1b approved, the impossible requirements no longer apply to whatever dude/dudette gets hired out of India. Yet companies are asking for more H1bs because ‘there aren’t enough qualified American IT professionals’ which is complete and utter Bullshit!

        • Look at IT jobs! All have gone to H level visa holders or offshore companies making millions in tax breaks and revenue. Hire one f*&^king Indian and they bring their entire family here including grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, next door neighbors etc. They only hire their friends from then on.
          They then bitch that they cannot become a permanent citizen here, like it is their right to stay. Just look at the CEO of Microsoft! Redmond is like Bangalore India now, they are either Russian or Indian! There are like 1% Americans working for these companies in Seattle. Happy Diwali Day everyone!

          • I understand your anger, but insulting the Indians makes you no better than them. Americans have allowed policymakers to make laws that allow people to take advantage of loopholes. Companies that fire Americans just to hire cheap labor on visa is truly wrong, but they are getting away with it because they know they can. I know an Indian who says almost the exact same thing you’re saying. He said, “If I were a white American, I would be pissed too.” The question is what are you and others really going to do about it? Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, and Trump are not going to do anything. They are all part of the party and laughing at all of you.

              • Sam and I’mYourDiggleberry, can you say – Cuckservative? Come on, say it: Cuck-Servitive, “Derived from the word ‘cuckoo bird’: One who puts the interests and well-being of individuals of a foreign [invasive] race above the interests and well-being of his native race – sometimes purely for profit. Sometimes out of misplaced Altruism.”

                If you and I were in India, do you think Indians would give a shit about US? Anonymous @ 11:47 has every right to insult the alien invasive species taking over and occupying his living space – purely for profit. Just because of Treasonous Elites have passed “laws” that make White Genocide “Legal” doesn’t mean we have to be nicey-nice to the subject brought in to replace us.

                Stalin did the same thing throughout his reign – he would order entier ethnic communities shipped via train loads into a historically homogeneous area just to keep the peoples more occupied with racial division then his tyrannical rule. The quarreling mish-mash of Folk were kept busy trying to preserve their ethnic Identities and living space – kinda like Omulatto’s renewed push for Section 8 [Black] housing in established middle-class [White] neighborhoods and his recent efforts to displace whole communities in White America with Syrian (i.e. Muslim) RapeFugees? It’s happening in Europe! Do you expect these vermin to ‘behave’ any differently once they are transplanted here in OUR good ole USA?

                What benefit do these dot-heads provide back to the Whore leaders who have sold out our founding stock for the benefit of Traitorous Corporate Cuckservitives? MONEY.

                The retribution you speak of will only come when Joe Six-packs, like Anonymous @ 11:47, raise their swords in ANGER at the betrayal of their race and nation and their Children’s future.

                • Nubbin-Head
                  The problem will not be solved by frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog. Confront the power that controls your leaders, ya got a pair? Use your brain. Divide and conquer the stupid is working on you, Huckleberry.

            • Indians or Dot Heads? Be more specific.


          • Not all have gone to H1B’s. I’m an IT worker and where I work I see a 60/40 with 60% being US Citizens.

        • You have to admit that part of the problem here is the cost of labor.. with wages and benefits these folks are making north of $50.00 an hour. Yes I think that the union is pricing themselves out of the free market.. The Company man stated this was a business decision, Yes the Fact is that there people in Mexico and in this country the would work for less much less if given the opportunity. Can you say Hostess Brands Inc. These ______ unions would rather see a Company go bankrupt and good people loose there jobs then negotiate in good faith and give reasonable concessions..These company’s will keep doing what they need to do to survive…

        • This arrogant ass just keeps droning on and on, as if these people now give a rat’s ass about Carrier’s business.

      2. Face it folks, at the very least, we are going to end up like Argentina is right now. If we are lucky.

        • Monterrey Mehico. Another armpit in a third world country.

          • I’m down with the mexico theory also.

            a very elite top and everyone else at the bottom and corruption at all levels, we’re getting closer every day.

            • BTW. The Feds Renewable energy Tax Credits of 2005 end this year at the end of 2016 Unless the Program is voted and extended. So if you want to get off the Grid, do it ASAP. ITS A 30% savings. Pay attention..


          • Are there any Mexicans living there anymore?

      3. Carrier Air Conditioners. How will product quality be affected in the coming months.

        • Most of Carriers stuff was made in China to begin with.
          Carrier is just pissed off because china is re branding their stuff and selling it in the states for a cut rate.

          • Ed, the house I live in has a Carrier unit. The house was changed over to central AC/heat back in 2008 right after the financial crisis because both of the old floor gas heaters went kaput. Never had trouble with it yet. Over the past 3 years there has been a very bad outbreak of copper thefts in my area. The scum break into abandoned homes and businesses to get copper tubing and the copper from central AC/heat units. If someone tries to get mine, they’ll get the dirt nap instead.

            • Hi Brave!
              20 YEARS ago, I packed up robots on pallets for shipment to Singapore. After I programmed them… this was in the 90’s, after GATT and NAFTA were signed. I gave up on ‘capitalism’ then, and still consider them all crooks.
              And folks, there is a big difference between ‘commerce’ and ‘capital’ ISMs.

              (In my day, before I went Galt, ‘they’ used to brag about the ‘best living standard in the world’. Now, they bitch about wages being too high. When income differential gets this high, in history, it only ends badly. Then the left takes over by default with lots of demagoguery. In the meantime, let the cry go out ‘Boycott Carrier’… not that anybody will make enough to afford them anyway.)

        • That’s what I was thinking. What is to prevent current employees from “making mistakes on the final product? qC can’t check everything. I really feel for the employees. They are going to have to learn to work in restaurants if they want to stay in their area. OTOH, unions have priced many companies out of the global market.

          • “OTOH, unions have priced many companies out of the global market.”

            You are correct. Textile Workers made $15 / hr which is far too much to pay an American in the globalized workforce when Asian labor can be had for far less than $1 hour.

            “They are going to have to learn to work in restaurants if they want to stay in their area.”

            What makes you think that they’ll be restaurants in their area?

            • Kevin,

              I guess we all have to start flipping burgers and cutting each others hair to get by in the new United States. Oh, and the velocity of that burger and hair cut money better be moving at the speed of light to avoid somebody not getting paid. Looks like America went the way of the paperboy and the TV repairman. I used to watch a series on AMC called ” Mad Men” about the advertising industry in the 60’s. It was stunning to see the money these guys made while spending so much time drinking and fooling around with the secretaries. It would be nice to have a time machine and go back to that time in America when all you needed to make a decent living was show up for work at your job every day and actually get treated like a human being instead of a disposable commodity. Oh well, bring on the slave ships again so we can all row in unison to the ” beat” of the drum, and when we’re too old they just throw us overboard to feed the fish.

              • Ahhhh, the good old days, when harass was 2 words…

            • Kevin2, restaurants will start falling by the wayside before you know it.

              • B’ heart: Restaurants are closing in my area, not fast food joints yet. Ryans and several family style ones closed, yet new ones keep opening most are casual dining where two people pay around $25. or more plus tips not incl cocktails. I avoid those types, rip offs. Family owned home cooking type places are best.

                • Don’t eat at corp chain restaurants, my $25 stays in the community.

                  • Ours too. Mom and pop businesses are what built this nation. The corner grocery store, the local hardware store, the neighborhood bar, the confectionery, the shoe repairman, the barber and beauty shops, the service station – all these and more kept each neighborhood supplied with food, tools and services. In fact, many store owners and their families lived above their shops, saving time and money and gasoline. Our old neighborhood had a drugstore on the corner; we called the pharmacist “Doc”. This man let his regular customers “run a tab” because he KNEW them and KNEW they would pay him the first of the month. He bandaged the skinned knees and applied ice to the bloody noses of kids who didn’t want their parents to know they had fallen or been in a fight. And the local butcher – he would save a beef bone for my grandmother for her homemade vegetable soup! All of you over the age of 60 know what I’m talking about. The Good Old Days – yes, they WERE.

                    • WestVafolks
                      I remember those days too. Small businesses are stabilizers in every community and income equalizers. Now that corporations are abandoning us it will be easy to go back to the healthier model. Small businesses are a part of the community and are committed to staying. Corporations rape and run.

            • Horse manure.
              GATT and NAFTA, and now TPP, are bad trade deals that Trump is trying to make you all understand…
              America was built on ‘fair trade’, fair for America with tariffs to equalize labor costs. Globalism destroys that, everything else is symptom, not causal.

              • Fair trade is tit for tat.. If you read the fair trade deals you will find that ever country that we buy cheap stuff from was supposed to buy High tech/proprietary stuff from us at the same value. However our politicians have not kept the deal and have allowed unfettered access to out markets from abroad. For example chinas trade deficit alone is in the 400 billion dollar range. That alone is enough to give 8 million people $50,000/year salaries.

                • Close the mexico border, no trains, trucks, auto, foot or swimming traffic.

            • That is what an import Tax is on Foreign goods is for, and what Trump claimed to do to Ford is slap on a $25K import Tax on every Ford Car built in Mexico and brought to the US. See Acid has no facts just Yelling BS like a baby with a rattle.. Get the facts you dope. No other candidate says this stuff. And BTW/ Trump was in Tampa yesterday to a sell out Crowd, mostly young Students at USF and the lines to see him were for blocks and blocks deep.


            • Kevin,
              a part of the problem is that the corporate tax rate is NOT for the company, IF they would work with those companies even though the wage issue is still BIG, they MIGHT be able to keep some companies in the states and NOT move! the cost to move is terrific, BUT in the LONG run as it shows still financially better to move! When ALL the companies move out of the states we will be screwed ( we are anyway for other reasons) I think it is being done on purpose started with NAFTA years ago. and only has got worse.

            • Yep, that thought did occur to me also. Once the jobs are gone, it’s gonna become a third world hole. That’s sad. You will hear a huge sucking sound as people leave the area.

              • We live on the fringe of the Rust Belt – we’ve been hearing that sound for the past 30 years.

          • Well… no. The problem is that we have allowed ourselves to be tricked into believing that “free trade” is a good thing. Fair trade is a good thing but free trade only allows corporations to increase their profit margin off of cheap labor and lax regulation arbitrage.

            Fair trade would involve trading with little to no tariffs and duties with countries that have a similar standard of living and a similar regulatory environment to our own. Thus, most European nations as well as countries like Japan, Canada, New Zealand, etc. would still be allowed to have full access to our markets so long as they reciprocated. However, it would punish those nations who manipulate their currency and have substantially lower wages and more lax regulations than us with stiff tariffs. It would also not allow things like the H1B visa program to be exploited as it would make it illegal to fire an American to hire a foreigner. At least this is my concept of what SHOULD be. Unfortunately though, I am not running for office and I doubt anyone who is would support such a common sense approach to trade.

            • Free trade is the monster wet dream of David Rockefeller and he has been pushing that for 50+ years… Well here we are.

        • SS: I thought the same thing. Just saying, I wouldn’t buy a new Carrier.

        • Sanyo mini split ductless systems used to be top of the line. They were acquired a couple years back by Panasonic. They always were a Japanese held company. When you look at the rating plate on the side it will say, designed in Japan, made in China. Here are two countries that hate each other, killed each other and fight over tiny islands which both claim. Yet they do much business with each other.
          And slingshot, quality is steadily going down. The sheet metal used in the manufacturing is getting drawn thinner and thinner, same with the copper coils. Some companies have now started returning to using aluminum evaporator and condenser coils. They used to be a real problem concerning not holding up. Most all of it now is just junk. But the prices continue to climb.

          • PoP

            Hell, can you find something that is worth buying. They have blown so much sand up our ass about all these, Great Reliable Products, that they could turn us all into walking silicon chips.
            I don’t have much trust in people. Let alone products.

        • Carrier air conditioners are total crap already. I have two 3 ton units and EVERY year I have to have them fixed. They totally suck.

          • A friend in the business says that their units are round so they can be easily rolled to the street when thrown out.

      4. The trade deal that facilitated this was brought to you by, President William Jefferson Clinton.

        • it’s not all democrats.

          china would not be where it is today if Nixon hadn’t let them walk all over him and I’m a former member of the texas republican party.

          • Republicans propose it.
            News Media chastises them.
            Body politic supports Democrats that campaign against what the Republicans proposed.
            Democrat wins.
            Democrat does what the Republicans proposed.
            News Media is silent.
            Republicans are blamed.

            Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush……………….

            • Religion is the cause and the dumbing down of Americans. The BuyBull claims “Love thy Enemy.” What a crock of BS. kill the basturds and their brothers with massive import taxes. That would create American Jobs. And kick out all the foreign invaders that over stayed their Visas. Its either GO HOME or FEMA Camp and work for free. THE political SHILL plants in Congress SOLD OUT the American people to Fascism.


            • Kevin2
              The Republicans do plenty of damage with their Democratic brethren. Third Party.

      5. Americans are going to end up selling Tacos and Burrito’s on the streets of Tijuana.


        • you laugh but it’s true.

          silicon valley’s tech workers are 75% foreign born. I’d bet there’s more than a few americans that used to be tech workers there and now work in the area restaurants.

          • Actually, when I was in SF in ’04-’05 the Taxi driver said he used to work in tech but can make 6 figures driving a taxi and has more freedom. !!! heck, the city bus drivers made $90k, got rent subsidy, and great bene.s. Tech ain’t great unless you got the stock.

            • And this is the reason why so many illegals are flooding into the west… Easy money beyond their wildest dreams.

      6. No Worries folks, Trump will build the wall and have a real deal to get the Mexicans to pay for this.

        • Only the irony might be that when he says Mexican’s will pay for building that wall,it will be because we offshored so many jobs, business, and enterprises to Mexico or other foreign lands that America no longer offers work or support to its own citizens.

          The Mexican wall once intended to keep Mexicans from illegally crossing the border instead is paid for by Mexico to keep the Mexicans who migrated to America and the Americans who are fleeing the worst depression / collapse ever seen in America from coming into Mexico.

          This of course is just me imagining, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if the promise is fulfilled only for us to realize the wall isn’t to keep people out, but to keep us in.

      7. I can’t believe no one has commented on this. Set aside your ideological differences and VOTE TRUMP 2016. They may indeed assassinate him, but wouldn’t that throw this country into an uproar? IF all of the mouths that have been running, talking about shooting the traitors and taking our country back – actually got off their keyboards and DID something- things would change.

        But instead, we’ve got this:


        • At the time I commented, there were no comments showing…

          • Because the site has gone into moderating comments. Finally. I am on the slow list. Go figure.

        • Sixpack, LMAO. damn good one.

      8. Hmmm, maybe I’m missing something here, but Mr Obama has said that there is a ga-zillion jobs being made or opening up. Now would he lie like that?

        • Sure. He doesn’t say that they are entry level jobs for people with Masters degrees.

        • That’s labor to build the wall.

        • He is Probably talking about all those Porter positions that are to open up at the FEMA camps soon.

      9. I have only a deep sadness for this once great country.


          • I second that and Glass-Steagall.

            Its easy to compete with someone making 50 cents per hour; make 49 cents per hour.

        • southside

          Don’t worry.

          That will all change when they start burning down the cities. Ahhhh. The smell of burning buildings, gunshots echoing in the night and the blaring sirens of first responders rallying to the calls of desperation.

          • SS: Earlier tonight on the FOX business channel there was a discussion about how many LEOs were killed this week. 5 or 6. The article was interesting because the host is black and mentioned growing up in Harlem in the 1970s and he said that was horrible. I believe him. Last week on Snyder’s website he had an article about how LEOs in LA are telling people to be prepared for self defense because they may not be able to show up in time. I have said in other places there is going to be a point in time when LEOs will only show up to tag-n-bag the bodies and to take notes. Not that those notes will result in any action. Minimum effort will show they are going through the motions. Some communities will probably just become no-go zones. Wastelands.

            • Philosopher.

              As with all major hostilities, there is a time before where preparation takes place. Supplies obtained and battle plans drawn up. We have all said before that it will involve our hearts and minds, our souls and all our worldly possessions. Everything is at stake.
              The battlefield landscape changes from day to day.
              We can only guess what the terrain will be when the first shots are fired.
              I have noticed that many have turned into Informational Drug Addicts. Myself included. We now pass over the written warnings of certain contributors just by reading their name and skip directly to the comment section. We need more jolt to obtain our cerebral high.
              With all that has been said. I do know that we are not the same Nation that survived the great Depression and WW2. The question is, as a whole are we a better people. Hmmmmm.

              IMO at this time. I fear my neighbor more than the government when times get tough.

          • Slingshot, I already have gunshots and blaring sirens in my area on an almost nightly basis. No burning buildings yet. I’ll be at the BOL before it gets to that stage.

            • Your city is on the list of those colonized by Hamites.

              Read “escape from Detroit” by Paul Kersey.

              stuff black people don’t like

            • Makes me grateful for my simple life, nothing but crickets and the deer barking

              • Hey Kula, don’t forget the gentle trade winds blowing through the trees…

        • 2nd. it’s depressing watching the decline.

          even if I drink until I passout, I wake up the next day and usually before that day is over, i’ll see some new news that makes me sad all over again.

          • Gorra git yourself some Tryphorgetin!

        • Yep,,, its really a bummer

      10. “Strictly for business”

      11. The unions are killing jobs…

        • S.

          So is government. So what.

        • samanantha

          Do you realize that the Textile Industry Union of Norma Ray fame was low paid by US Union standards in the $15 / hr range. I doubt that would be considered too high. They lost their jobs to 25 cent per hour virtual slave labor.

          I’m glad that the US Steel Workers made $40 / hr in pay and benefits before the Steel Mills went overseas (We’re living here in Allentown and their closing all the factories down) because their jobs were leaving even if they made half that compensation. See paragraph one for the explanation.

          • yes, but the usa could’ve kept a lot of jobs at $15 dollars and hour that it was losing at $40 an hour for many years.

            south Carolina built many auto plants doing that.

            sure, they would go eventually; but the usa could have kept itself on top for probably another 50 years by keeping jobs at wages that it is worth the company staying in the usa now it’s maybe another 10 years.

            • lena

              Explain the Textile Industry. When your competition is willing to literally die at their job either immediately or due to chronic exposure and work for slave wages its only a matter of time in a non tariff environment that you can kiss your job good by.

              China hasn’t had the quality control that the Japanese mandate which is why some Japanese auto plants went to Tennessee rather than China. Give them a few years and good by the few auto plants in the US. Do you realize that taxpayer money given to General motors ostensibly to create jobs but went to building auto plants in China? The jobs saved were Chinese.

              Unions didn’t kill the US, Banksters did. Unions just gave a mass of workers a slice of the American Dream; tariffs enforced it.

              • K2

                Seven plants I believe were built in China.

                • On our dime.

              • IMHO free trade agreements are what killed the jobs,
                Ive been on both sides of the Union, the unions are good in industrial and construction, nobody deserves to be a slave, i gave my all when i made a fair wage, wouldnt expect anything different from anyone else,
                Now unions for government employees? That has just hobbled any sort of reasonable expectation of an honest days wage for an honest days work,,,
                I will always try to buy US made before foreign every time.

                • I agree regarding Industry and Construction. Even with Unions the Chemical Industry had cancer rates much higher than average, odd ball cancers too like bladder. Unions also indirectly protect the outlying community in that Industry. One just need to remember Union Carbide in Bhupal India in the mid 1980s.

                  • Anonymous
                    Bhupal was a horror. I am looking at all the endocrine disrupters being dumped on Americans. We have a horror going here too.

        • Unions are part of the big and corrupt corporation called the US of A. The CEO’s of the multi national corps have been sending highly technical jobs to India for many years. Check the IBM, Disney, HP and on and on while their fucking CEO’s and the board and the executive managements making millions in bonuses and stock shares.

          The only good CEO is a dead CEO.

        • The public employee unions are some of the largest. Of course no one ever hears about them, or very few. Since when did a goverment employee need the protection of a union? I say kick the public unions to the curb and give them all a big boot up the ass.

          • Hey Philosipher. I guess the Firefighters unions who are lucky to have a Union to protect their health and safety all to save lives on the streets of America daily. Wait until you are having a heart attack or your house catches fire and see if you want to accept the lowest bid for saving your shithead POS life. Not all unions are bad. So don’t lump All Unions together. Support your Local Fire Fighters,.. The life they save may be your own. Thought provolking eh?…


        • Globalists are killing jobs. Can you buy a $250k house on 30 cents an hour? Poor countries allow folks to live on the streets.

      12. Sad. But reality. On the plus side maybe it will drive illegals home to where the jobs will be.

      13. Warning, this truth may offend you.

        These jobs and many, many like them that have also gone out of the country; are never coming back.

        It does not matter if you elect Trump, Cruz, Bernie or overturn every member in congress.

        After decades of the usa giving up every technological advantage, letting itself get taken advantage of on every trade deal, giving up its low tax status to socialist countries, increasing regulation and the outrageous wage and benefits demands of unions; the jobs have left never to come back.

        When you can get workers to do the same task for half or a quarter of what it was being done, no tax advantage the usa could give will make up for it.

        The future of the us worker is global competition and all salaries are going to crash to the point that $30,000 will be a good salary in the future, even for an engineer because China is putting out 10’s of thousands of engineers that would love to make $30,000.

        Save your money if you have any, it’s going to have to last a long time and we are in the twilight of the happy days for the high standard of western living.

        • I agree. America was the world’s economic leader during the second half of the 20th Century. Those days are long gone. The days of 2 or 3 cars per family, a vacation home, and a boat at the lake, once a middle class ambition, will be only for the upper class.

          In 10 to 15 years us baby boomers will start dropping like flies and the younger folk will have a lot of cheap houses to choose from.

        • Shit I’d be happy to make $30,000 per year.
          I’m an engineer. I have a degree from
          a very expensive school. I have experience.
          I also have something American managers hate,
          I’ll tell them they are wrong.

          • If you want to make decent money as an engineer, find a Toyota or Subaru or parts factory in your state. Aisin in southern Illinois. Several in Indiana (SIU, TOA, HMI, etc). All constantly look for engineers, and the pay is around 50k (ish) depending on what you know. Not great for an engineer, but hey it’s more thank 30k.

          • You can say whatever you want to the boss on your last day

      14. What we all have to determine is just how low of a “Standard Of Living” we can adjust to.

        No running water. Have to shit in a binjo ditch (open sewer). Cook on a open fire. Living in a storage shed.

      15. Unless the younger generation understands that even with all their high education there will be No High Paying jobs for All of them. And what lower paying jobs still available, will be taken by refugees and illegal aliens. But You trusting people will still be in DEBT.

        A good portion of the younger generation are Royally FUCKED.

        The future is multiple income jobs to make ends meet and multiple employers over your lifetime.

        Education in Cutting Edge Tech might save you.

        • SS: yep. The are lambs to the slaughter and clueless. Starvation will be a good wake up call.

        • Sling
          My money is on an alternate economy built by Americans for Americans. Let the globalists move on… they rain death and destruction.

      16. When all the money is spent waging wars around the world there is nothing left but crumbs to fix America’ real problems. Look at how rich these large corporations have become moving American jobs out of country. Apparently the people are powerless to reverse this collapse. The majority support the wars and are afraid to oppose the obvious reason for this nations decline, warmongering has destroyed the American peoples future. Even the evangelicals support the war criminals and their corruption. Nothing will improve until the warmongers are driven out. Now we get dissidents who speak against war considered terrorists only to protect the crimes at the top. I’m glad I am getting old, this country has become a fascist hellhole and the majority are blind to that fact.

        • Amen Aljamo. Nothing will improve until the warmongers are driven out.

        • Eisenhower warned us about it. The wars for dishonest ostensible reasons like WMD when it was actually USD or Gadaffi being a bad man so we use Air Power to facilitate AQ, the very same 911 AQ to overthrow him and run Libya from the highest standard of living in Africa to Somalia. In the process ISIS is born, nurtured, and turned upon Syria to repeat the Geo-Political-Economic cancerous spread to destroy any nation with resources that is willing to say no to the banisters.

          Domestically the abandoning of the depression era financial regulation, Glass-Steagall put the Financial Sector, not known for ethics, laughably, self regulating. In the end you make less, get taxed more and loose your savings through fraud.

          MIC is but one, abet a very important one. In the end, “Follow The Money”

        • Aljamo, I couldn’t agree more. Especially about the damn evangelicals. They’re the reason I turned away from religion back in the 70s but that’s another story for another time. I’m getting old also. I’d rather fight and die than try to adjust to life under the NWO.

        • Spot on Aljamo, you refer to Neo-cons and their fascist MICM-Military industrial Complex Mafia and their Bankster financiers, and the Religious ignorant that injects superstition and hate to dictate foreign policy to spread Genocide for Profit. Their scam all starts to crumble if we can stop feeding the beast and hang the war mongers. President Putin is more traditional American than our SHILL shoe shine boot licking WH Monkey, that put America on the path to self destruction. The one who arms terrorists and drug dealers, but wants to disarm law abididing citizens who have a right to defend ourselves. Its turning into a shit hole that needs a flushing of the turds ASAP.


      17. Thanks for the forum Mac. Too bad your mods allowed leftist bitches like 666 and Reddy to slander me and anyone else to shove their agenda down our throats.

        Later everyone, my final post. Ta ta enjoy the trolls.

      18. Where is this site going?
        I do not even want to turn people onto here anymore, with all the animosity flowing.
        I will say, I had done the same, years ago.

        How are we to survive, if we cannot even get along here?

        Eyes open no fear…

        • Agreed Eppe. I’m a quiet reader, and I like sending people to this site, but I have had to stop because of the constant trolling of Rebecca. How much longer is this going to go on? This is a good site, let’s please keep it that way and ban trolls that are only here to disrupt the flow of information.

          • M, not sure who started what.
            Shtf was a prepper site, now current events.

            Either way, we should be civil to each other.
            Common sense?

            We should not sling sand at each other in the sandbox…

            • Hey eppe, I don’t think that was sand, I think the cat has been in the sandbox. Trekker Out.

            • Eppe,
              Damn sure you scared of that crazy cussin filly.

          • Its the gvt robo bots just doing their jobs. Remember the propoganda exec order from obama this past fall?

          • I have been reading the articles and comments on this site for some time. I do that with other sites too. Never hurts to broaden your political and technical horizons.
            That being said. This forum is a community of sorts. Mac and the participants let a mod dog frothing at the mouth run amok in here. Because very few of you actually took a stand you let the mad dog run off some good posters who had contributions to make. Now you are bitching about what the site has become. Look in a mirror. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. If you want to keep the good posters on this site, then you and Mac need to take a stand and run the bad ones off. People follow the path of least resistance. Why would anyone stay here and take the abuse? Those people getting flamed by that psycho did not deserve that treatment. You all let it happen. By the way, I am not a troll. Just an observer……

        • Im with you bud,,
          Hows the weather been in your part o the country, hopefully not been too cold,
          We been low 40s at night then mid 70s during the day, been hazy too, what they call VOG is from the volcano.

          • Kula, was google earthing Kula at work.
            Man, you and rellik live in a great place.
            Down to 23 tonight, not bad.

            Be civil to all…

            • I know, need to try and remember that, sometimes its damn hard though,,, i miss the days when we all chatted about stuff that actually mattered, the days of BI and JOG,
              I cant stand the troll crap,,, but its a reflection of our screwed up society today,
              IMHO, this is why we need a total reset, winnow the chaff
              Be well my friend,

              • I often wonder if they were the same poster???

                Who knows, could be work buddies bouncing stuff off each other.

                Look up: suspicious0bservers and watch the daily video.

                You too sir…

                • Been watching daily for a while now.
                  Sure sounds like BI.
                  Same things he was saying here.
                  Hard to comprehend, takes a while.
                  I feel like a newby…

                • Hey Eppe, I’ve been watching S.O for a couple years now, morning ritual. Ben produces a very informative narration every day (except when his child was born). Good reccomendation. P.s. You were correct about my position on ai , hows that old saying go ‘keep your friends close…..’

        • I couldn’t agree more. Some days it is absolutely terrible, and not just this site but all of the sites I go to. It seems like if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion, then you must be the worse person on earth. I really enjoy reading most comments, but I’ve just got to the point that if things go down hill in the comments, I quit reading and move on.

      19. I know how the people in this video feel. When I was 14 years old, I was standing next to my dad at a meeting for Quaker oats, as they told everyone that they were going to end production and move it to Mexico. My dad went to work for Quaker at the age of 18, and stayed until they shut down at the age of 45. I never saw my dad cry, but that day I did see tears in his eyes. I remember seeing the disappointment and sadness in many people’s eyes.

        • My wife’s dad worked for Stokely. Quaker bought them out. He went to one of those meetings. My wife said the whole family felt betrayed. Then, he got a job at a speaker factory and they did the same thing many years later.

      20. Site has gone into quite mode: gotta love mods once they get off their fat asses.

      21. I am so sorry to see this company moving to Mexico. Many years ago I worked as a sub-contract security guard for Carrier Corp. I had worked at all their locations around Indianapolis and seen the entire manufacturing process, Warehouse, Parts and Engineering. It was truly amazing. I thought they turned out a high quality product. I remember them buying an assembly line from Japan.
        I would have loved to of had a manufacturing job there making a decent wage. My job paid nearly minimum wage. They would hire through an employment agency but they wouldn’t let me apply because I was working already. You had to be unemployed to qualify.
        I also had the perspective of being on the outside looking in at a lot of things going on with the Company. It seemed to me that it was difficult for the Company to work with the employees and their Union. The employees filed a constant steam of Grievance’s.
        I had a number of Grievances filed on me by Blue collar workers, but I took them as being ridiculously funny. I was more of the helpful type rather than being an ass.
        One of my many dutys was to watch the employees as they arrived and departed. Back then we got freezing rain occasionally and it would ice up the walkway. Maintenance never seemed to get salt put down in a timely manner and I often seen people nearly fall from slipping on the ice. One day I called Maintenance and requested a bag of salt that I could put out on the walkway as needed. The salt was delivered quickly. The next time the walkway iced up I was out there spreading salt. One of the other guards told me that Maintenance had filed a grievance against me for doing their job. I got a big laugh out of it since they were the ones that gave me the bag of salt. I still salted the walkway after that anyway. This was the White Collar entrance.
        One the other side was the Blue Collar entrance. I would open that gate and monitor it at shift change and lunch. I was always amazed by the number of wine bottles that got tossed into the trash can next to the gate by the employees returning after lunch. Their supervisors problem not mine.
        I would always scan the lot for late returning employees and keep the gate open longer if I see anyone in the parking lot. They would have been even later for work if they had to walk all the way around.
        One day a snow drift had built up against the Blue Collar gate and I couldn’t slide it open. At least the first worker out helped me slide it open enough that they could squeeze through. Somebody still filed a grievance about the gate not being fully opened.

      22. I miss Be Informed and Jog. Both presented good information in a down to earth way, so that a basic layman such as myself could comprehend / understand what they were explaining. That’s how far back I go on this website. Alot / many good posters left the site years ago, due to the constant, neverending, harassing, attacks, and nasty put downs against fellow posters, some taking over the board and spamming non- stop.

        • ditto

      23. Yeah cheap labor. ….. low cost high quality products my ass…. i feel sorry for them I know the feeling to be kicked out like a nobody !!!!!! It’s sad to say but it’s about time that the system crashes and bring back all the jobs and throw all criminal government and bankers to a life sentences in jails. … enough said.

        • Tom

          Powerful song.

      24. More assalts on the american worker. Unfortunately, there will be more of this coming, which I feel bad for workers and families affected. It’s just sickening anymore as to what is happening in this country. We’re all being sold down the river.

      25. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “America is no longer a country, it’s just a place to live.”

        • I agree with this.

          both govt and corporate business could care less about you and probably hope you die off quickly as immigrants are so less costly are will put up with being treated like crap.

          the good news is those on this site have figured it out and may be spared the worst, but the usa is just a shell now; much like the mighty England has become.

      26. It really doesn’t matter what period of history we are at, in good times and bad, there is one constant:
        ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time,
        You can fool all of the people some of the time,
        And those are pretty good odds.’
        None are so blind, as those who have eyes and cannot see.

      27. Just quit buying there units. look at the date they where made if you truly need to buy one.

        People need to just stop buying useless crap coming from outside the U.S.

        Wait till TPP (trans Pacific Partnership) takes ahold?


        Just to inform everyone both pro and anti confederate flag people
        That the CITY OF MARTINSBURG WV (DENIED) a request for the SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETS to participate in the 155th ANNIVERSARY MARCH of the (BIRTH OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAG.)

        City Council member voted overwhelmingly to (FORBID) this organisation to participate in this event.

        Much less they discriminated on the SONS OF CONFEDERATE VET. from speaking on (their behalf) at a CITY COUNCIL MEETING on FEB. 11, 2016 while members of THE NAACP ( ALL ) HAD A CHANCE TO TALK.)

        As a RELATIVE of a family that had relatives on (BOTH ) sides 1861-1865 I feel that this is a BLADEN ACT, and DISREGARD against the RIGHTS on these people under the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES

        Come on folks you know this is wrong. The Civil War is over we all know it.

        Please note that 50,000-100,000 (BLACKS) served in the Confederate Army 15,000 fought in COMBAT WITH PRIDE, and DISTINCTION.

        They fought side by side with WHITES, SPANISH, IRISH, EUROPEANS, and NATIVE AMERICANS,

        So why can’t these people exercise the FREEDOMS under the CONSTITUTION.

        It’s about HERITAGE, NOT HATE ……………


        I SURE THE HELL (DO NOT)………..


        I leave it to you all’s opinions……

        Also please note that the GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA


        mmmmmmmmmmmm ?????????

      29. The decline of the USA is happening because we are letting it….. If we all were out in the streets protesting like they did in Egypt or other countries we could effect the change necessary as the corrupt ones would be fleeing the country….

        • Hey Bravo
          you may be right. Got a plan?

      30. And Ford just announced they were going to build more of their vehicles in Mexico. How many people commenting on this post are driving foreign made vehicles? Check the manufacturing label under the hood before you buy. Last time I went to a Ford dealership, most of the vehicles were made in Mexico and Canada, go figure. We all seem to want to buy cheap foreign goods for our own use and want the highest wages we can get, but then criticize the companies for moving over seas. Don’t get me wrong, I am not for letting our companies take their work overseas, but you can’t have it both ways. Ask yourself, why are you buying an AK instead of an American made AR? Price? Pretty soon there will be nothing made in this country, if we don’t start buying it.

        • I drive a jeep grand Cherokee which was manufactured in toledo, although I hear they may be produced in china in the future.

          but don’t kid yourself on yourself on American made cars, they only have to have a percentage of the parts be American to be American made. probably at least 20% of every car has foreign cars parts.

          this country is over, OVER as creating good jobs. imo, your best bet left is to be a trade worker like welder or air conditioning repair or plumber. they may not pay well and you will have competition from all the Mexicans; but they cant outsource them.

        • Well, JAS,
          I drive a Toyota Tacoma, been good for 11 years. Before I bought it, I noticed that American trucks were still made under “planned obsolescence” management. I just ain’t got the money for it, ya know? Now I say bad management covered itself by blaming union boys and skedaddled to open factories in crap countries. Still “planned obsolescence” but they kicked the can down the road. They will fail.

      31. Keep your tax return $ do not buy anything. No new vehicles or furniture. Do not pay off the credit card just keep paying the minimum. Do not use your$ hoard it. Hopefully everyone is prepped and can be a hold out like me. Your company will close soon they are set up to fail. No one is immune to company closing. If your not prepped and hoarding$ you will be left out in the cold. See I could care less if my work closed they need me more Than I need them because I’ve been setting up the dominos to fall in my favor. Two years ago they started to get away from holding people accountable and moved to micromanagement with no answers to staffing shortages and stopped ordering essential tools and safety was seriously relaxed they became cheap about every little thing. They are finished IMO my feelings are not hurt. Just gonna go where the work is that’s all. There is a huge shortage of truck drivers will get a job the day after layoff. Not saying the grass is greener on the other side but there is work. This is why people need to have skills that are in demand. Corporations are a joke and here to pay shareholders which CEOs have the most shares. Be self reliant now make it a lifestyle forget new vehicles and luxuries this stuff won’t help you just enslave you.

        • Asshat, good post.
          I am all about independence from Baas Hawg. My last Baas went belly up. He wished he had 10 of me… really just cuz I came in and worked all day. He shut all 4 stores down. I won’t say I planned to retire right now… but I can and did. I am using the free time to do stuff for prepping I didn’t have time for.
          Keep prepping but get independent.

      32. We all live on the corporate plantation now. 30 years ago I watched a guy on TV say that all American jobs that could be sent out of the country, would be sent out of the country. He also said that all the jobs that couldn’t be sent out would be staffed by third world migrants. Was he a sage? No. He was in on the agenda. This ain’t by accident folks. This was by design. The US standard of living is gone. Rise up! Revolt!

        • Observer
          Or just kick em to the curb and start your own business.

          • Oh, yeah, I’ll just go down to the bank and they’ll give me about 3 billion to start up my own auto plant with dealerships, etc.

            • Observer

              They might. Build a business plan. Demonstrate that you are ready to take on a reasonable loan payback, which means the business is likely to make enough profit. Get advice from retired execs through the SBA. If buying an existing business negotiate a reasonable price… and an existing business with an earningsrecord iis easier for a neophyte to purchase. Convince the seller to a transition period to train you in his method and listen. Create a team within your bank to support you. My son did this in 2015 after losing his job. I did it in 1989.

              There are many ways to get some business savvy. Businesses are for sale all the time, get on email lists that send opportunities. My son started looking long before he made the jump, to get an idea of what was out there and what he could handle. I built from ground up. Existing is easier.

      33. Well, one thing I think is the folks that got on the GOVERNMENT jobs were smart. They can’t lose their jobs to offshoring or illegal or visa workers. And they have GREAT benefits and GREAT retirement.

        I think a situation is there are so many people in this country working for GOVERNMENT that a large segment of voters don’t really give a crap about the working people. As long as GOVERNMENT can print TRILLIONS then it doesn’t fall accountable to the people who actually produce value.

      34. NAFTA, what the hell do you think that is? Ronald Reagan was the NAFTA poster boy. A Republican president who initiated all of this along with the military industrial complex that maneuvers all this shit into place. This has been going on for years this is nothing new. Both sides(politicians) do not give two shits about any body here in America. And watch the masses lining up to vote for this guy and that guy, what a bunch of dupes. None of those people give a shit about you. Talk means nothing anymore.

        • country boy
          this has been going on for decades, upward of 40 years, and it does not matter which party is front and center lying to your face. Beaver head don’t have power to change it.

        • NAFTA appeared under GH Bush. Clinton spoke against it while campaigning and pushed it through once elected. Having bribed key Democrat Congressmen he then got China Free Trade and did away with Glass-Steagall.

          The above is documented fact.

        • The NAFTA discussion appeared under GH Bush who was 100% for it. Clinton spoke against it and was elected. Once in office he bribed Democrat Congressmen with Federal Funds and signed NAFTA into law. These Congressmen by and large survived re-election as the media was conspicuously silent regarding their vote and they then supported China Free Trade and the abandonment of Glass-Steagall.

          The above is historical fact.

      35. Carrier has always been a company more concerned with the bottom line. I think they may have hurt themselves with this move.

      36. How many of those 1400 voted for Wall Street puppets and corporate statists like Obama, McCain, and Romney who are off-shoring American jobs so their oligarch masters can make even more obscene profits?

      37. Who forgot that NO ONE “owes” you anything? That includes a job.

        These are not “American” jobs, they are the COMPANY’s openings/jobs and the company/owners do not have to care about you. If they do, great, that’s a bonus; if you want a company/owner to care about workers over his/her own future and that of THEIR family, well, YOU build that company and put your workers before your family and your future.

        Stop judging the business man/women you [agreed to] get a paycheck from while paying an entity who financially supports the electing of those who push policies that destroy your boss’ profit and undermine their plans for their future…at THEIR company!

        Forcing others to give you what you think you want (because it’s “fair”[in your mind]) never works.
        You will always want more and you will always be unhappy with the cause/effect relationship you find is unavoidable when you force something to move without understanding the resulting trauma of its trajectory.

        IF I had a business and I needed to fill a position and someone agreed to certain terms but later brought in a bully to strong arm me into a “better deal” for that employee that cut into MY dreams, well, should the opportunity present to move to where employees did not force me to go broke for their comfort, I would go. That’s that. Not that I don’t care about people, but naturally we ALL care about our OWN “people” more.

        As a general rule, business owners do not go into business specifically to make the [your] world a better place. They go into business to make THEIR lives more enjoyable while they’re in the world.

        Happily, this USUALLY means that other people’s live DO get better as the company does better…until the union comes and the hirelings decide the “boss” isn’t spending his or her profits in a way that is “fair” to them…

        Sucks that people need to find another job. Vote for those who do not strong arm companies [or anyone actually]and don’t try to manipulate and force those who will employ you for a “better deal” than they offered you. Pretty sure you’ll keep your job then.

        • Were the Carrier employees union? Non union? Indiana a right to work state?

      38. 1400 people with time to start a new business. Where’s the problem?

        • Sam,
          You are right. We must move forward without them. I keep turning my back on corporate-owned living. Small businesses are forming every day.

          • ATI steel locked its workers out last August 15th. Using scabs to fill orders. Company not speaking to the union. So many people there fighting for jobs they will probably not get back. My dad worked for them when they were Allegheny Ludlum. He worked there for 45 years. It used to be the place everyone wanted to work because of the pay, benefits, and pension but it’s not like that anymore. And sadly, there is nothing anyone, not even the unions, can do about it. If a company is going to shut down or move altogether then that’s what will happen. Doesn’t matter how long their employees have worked there or how long they’ve stood around a burn barrel outside the entrance to the plant. Business is business. It’s just sad.

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