The Government’s Plan To Survive Nuclear War Doesn’t Include You: “There Won’t Be Enough Bulldozers To Scrape The Bodies Off The Street”

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    Once again this week, the United States teetered a little closer towards war with the Russians. On Sunday, the US military shot down a Syrian jet that was allegedly targeting US backed forces. The Russians have since claimed that the aircraft was engaging ISIS, and have revealed that their air defense systems will now track any of our aircraft that happen to fly over Western Syria. They also suspended a hotline between the US and Russia that was in place to prevent mid-air collisions over the crowded skies of Syria.

    Amid incidents like this, you have to wonder what our government is thinking. For most Americans, Syria must seem inconsequential. Why is our military involved in a country, where we are brushing shoulders with a nuclear armed nation? If it’s to fight ISIS, then we could easily sit back and let Russian and Syrian forces wipe them out. If it’s to affect regime change, then clearly our government hasn’t learned anything from Iraq or Afghanistan. Why are we risking a war with the Russians just to influence the outcome of a regional civil war that has little bearing on the daily lives of most Americans?

    The answer to that question could probably fill a novel, but there is one reason that the elites in Washington will never admit to. They can afford to make careless decisions because they are insulated from the results. If there is a war with Russia, which could easily turn into a nuclear war, they’ll have plenty of spacious bunkers to hide out in while the rest of America burns. And that’s been our government’s plan in regards to nuclear war since the beginning of the Cold War.

    That’s the main takeaway from a new book called Raven Rock: The Story of the US Government’s Plan to Save Itself. Our government has spent decades building sprawling bunkers, like Raven Rock, that high ranking officials can flee to in the event of a nuclear war.

    The idea for Raven Rock was to have a military base that would function as an alternative to the Pentagon and would be dug out of a mountain and deep enough to survive any Russian attack.

    A site was chosen six miles from Camp David, the Presidential retreat in Maryland, and work began in 1951 on the $17 million project

    Some 300 men worked round the clock in three shifts to carve a 3,100ft tunnel out of the granite; engineers invented technology as they went along including blast doors and blast valves.

    Inside the facility there was 100,000sq/ft of office space in five parallel caverns big enough to hold a three story building in each.

    The entire facility could fit 1,400 people and was placed on giant springs to reduce the impact of a blast.

    Via Daily Mail

    Meanwhile, as they were building these bunkers and trying to convince Americans that nuclear war could be easily survivable, behind the scenes they knew it would be a bloodbath for civilians.

    At the end of the 1950s, the FCDA created ‘Battleground USA’, a grim 120-page report on how cities should manage civil defense operations in the event of an attack.

    It said that the area should be divided into ‘mortuary zones’ with ‘collection teams’ in charge of identifying bodies.

    Post Office mail trucks would ferry the wounded to one of 900 improvised hospitals set up near attack sites in places like federal prisons.

    In Kansas officials planned to confiscate household vitamins for use by the general population.

    Planners estimated they could assemble two million pounds of food after an attack from their own reserves and from stores.

    They could also could find 11 million ‘man-days’ of food in the forests and plains in rabbit meat, 10 million ‘man-days of wild birds and five million ‘man-days’ of fish.

    Most chillingly they budgeted nearly 20 million ‘man-days’ of meat in residential pets.

    It was disturbing reading and a view of the world that summed up by Eisenhower in one meeting: ‘The destruction might be such that we might ultimately have to go back to bows and arrows’

    During another meeting Eisenhower admitted that nation didn’t have ‘enough bulldozers to scrape the bodies off the street’ in the event of a nuclear strike’.

    And as we all know, our government didn’t take many measures to protect civilians from the potential carnage that would be inflicted by a nuclear war. They didn’t build many bunkers for the rest of us.

    At first glance that may sound like an impossible task, but it’s not. Take Switzerland for instance. Despite not having any nuclear weapons, they’ve built enough fallout shelters to house every Swiss citizen. You might say that we could never afford that many shelters, but it’s not a question of cost. Switzerland’s GDP per capita is similar to America’s.

    The truth of the matter, is that our leaders don’t give a damn about what happens to American civilians. As long as they have their bunkers, they feel safe while antagonizing nuclear armed nations like Russia. They know that if there’s a war, they’ll survive while the rest of us burn and starve.

    Make no mistake, if there’s ever a war with Russia, you’ll be on your own. Whether or not you survive depends entirely on your willingness and ability to prepare now.


    Image courtesy NWO Resistance Channel / Youtube

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      1. Ain’t I been saying it

        • Makes you want to cry ?! War is horrible! According to Ezekiel 38 and 39 it may be inevitable that the land with no walls around their cities will be attacked by Gog and Magog and their great alliance with the nations of the east. The writing is on the wall! Prep and prep some more. There will be survivors!

          Talk about survivors, A little girl was saved in Mosul by David Eubanks a former Ranger turned aid worker. Check it out. He is my hero! He has constantly been doing stuff like that. An amazing guy!

          • There might be survivors but the living will envy the dead.

            • That completely lines up with dreams and visions given me back in ’01 (before 9-11), in ’05 (before Katrina), and in ’09 (before the USSC ruled on marriage in ’15).

              The LORD said: (paraphrased for timesake), “An earthquake off the west coast will start the process, it will shake violently and cause a huge tsunami; also, it will set off the san andres fault; from the south of LA to the north, towards san jose; there, it
              will split, n and w to mt. shasta, eugene, seattle, to
              alaska–in san jose, the hayward
              fault will erupt, n and e to napa, and on to
              yellowstone. In the heartland, from new orleans to chicago, the new madrid earthquake will split the nation in two; then, from the atlantic, from near the canary islands, the azores, a huge earthquake and
              landslide will cause a tsunami, 250′ to 350′ high, traveling at near 400 mph, like nothing before, from the north of venezuela, the virgin islands, east coast of america, to south of nova scotia; it will flow completely over florida, on its way to destroying the entire gulf coast. In one hour, she who chose evil
              rather than righteousness, will be no more. The nation that once proudly proclaimed to be ‘One Nation Under God,’ has chosen instead to be a Nation that walks all over God! Her end has come up before Me, but understand, many of her coming disasters are a from a confedercy from within your
              own nation. They have planned, but I will control it. “Very Few” will survive this coming destruction, and the ones that do, will wish they had died!”

              In ’01, it was a judgment on our FINANCES…
              In ’05, it was a judgment on our ECONOMY…
              In ’15, it was a judgment for our MORALITY…
              We refused to turn from our wickedness, now the final judgment is at hand…IN ONE HOUR!!! 🙁

              • looks like we can party until 2020?

          • h ttp://

            Check this out. In a world of hurt and suffering it is great to know that there are still people like David Eubanks and his wonderful family. I have met them and they are the real deal! May God continue to protect, provide, and keep them.

            Louisiana Eagle –

            I imagine we may be seeing scenes like this here some day!

        • Gandhi,

          What is it that you have been saying? I know you’ve been saying a lot of things but what was your point?

          In a war it really does come down to ‘command and control’. The same thing could be written about a lot of other things about what the government has that we peons do not have access to. I don’t have an ‘Air Force One’ that I could ride in to escape to a safe zone. That is just the way it is folks. On the other hand I may not be the target ? for someone’s cruise missiles either. To each according to his need and ability. There are a lot of things we can do. This site has been the leader at promoting awareness, understanding, knowledge, on such matters. Get out of Dodge and start living a lifestyle that is sustainable in good times and in bad times. Put your money where your mouth ? is! There is a lot we can do.

          Thank you Tess and Mac for all that you are doing!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • “Ain’t I been saying it” is just another expression for “First!” To get the first post.

            • I thought so!! That is all right!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Haha yep

          • What is the point of protecting the government if the Republic, The People, from whom they draw their power, is dead? What point is their survival without us? I think the priorities should be the other way around. We don’t need them to survive, but they need us just to exist. It’s like putting the tick before the dog, the cart before the horse. There’s no America without Americans and no government without the governed. So, ultimately, they’re just putting off the inevitable. They’ve ignored Civil Defense for nearly 30 years.

            Contrast that with Russia, which has always invested in bomb shelters for the public. Even their Moscow Metro is designed to double as an emergency shelter. They’ve never stopped building shelters, either, and new ones are under construction to this day.

            • This is why its time to remove the concent to be governed by these hacks,,,
              Stop feeding the beast,

              • americans waived their rights long ago and are so dam stupid they dont know how they did it, this is why no one in washington gives twoshits what you think or want.

                • Thats why i dont give two shits about their regs nor what they want me to do

                  • Nailbanger, same for Braveheart. braveheart doesn’t care about their policies either.

            • Reader1,

              When the pressure drops, put your oxygen mask on first before you put them on your children sitting next to you!

              Where I live down here in southern Louisiana, surrounded by water and muck for 100s of feet (1000 feet in some places) there are no places to build a bomb shelter. I hope and pray it doesn’t come our way. I and my family will likely shelter in place if we survive until we have to leave or it is safe to leave for the BOL. I do not expect Air Force One to come pick me up and take me to their bunkers, but, who knows? I have been to Switzerland and seen what they have. It is impressive! Of all the Europeans they are most like us, American Preppers!

              Realistically, where are you going to put the many good folks down in the Ninth Ward, Eighth Ward, etc. FEMA Camps, the Super Dome? We have all become complacent after the Berlin Wall came down and we thought the “Cold War” was a nightmare relegated to distant memory. Thank God for sites like this that continue to publish the truth and alternative news and what many consider as ‘fear porn’, to help us think, plan, and act accordingly.

              Russia isn’t really much better off than we are. The connected will always fare better than the unconnected, ordinary citizen. It is all about who you know and who you are. How long can they sustain feeding their population without imports? For sure, the population is a hardy bunch and has come to expect less and can live off of far less than our folks in the ‘Ninth Ward’. But, with the erosion of the ‘middle-class’ people are not able to do for themselves what they use to could do for themselves. That is why so many voted for Obama and are desperate to get someone like him back into office. When it really comes down to it and push comes to shove, Civil Defense is up to you and me. When seconds count, don’t count on the police to come save you. Even they will tell you that! It is not a secret. I hate to say this, but, for better or worse, you are the horse!

              Louisiana Eagle

        • We all been saying it

          no one gets out of life alive

        • “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015″

        • Instead of buying that new boat, harley or buying weed/whiskey every payday…just build a fucking bomb shelter. Its not that hard to do.

      2. That says it all!

      3. well we survived fukushima’s radiation, so i’m sure it will all work out…..better have yer sarcasm detectors on high alert.

        • We may have survived that exposure, but I wonder how future generations will fare when they will have been exposed to the “fallout” and environmental effects for the entirety of their lives (including those 9 months during pregnancy)…

        • Was wondering why my spicy tuna roll was glowing,,,,

          • that WOULD be funny, if it weren’t so damn serious. i eat NUTHIN’ from the ocean any more. all it takes is one tiny piece and you end up with enough radiation for a constant chest x-ray for the rest of yer LIFE…i aint no expert, but i see WAY too much on the dying pacific to be complacent…good luck to you, oh, and read karl denninger’s article today…link to follow.

      4. 20-million man days of meat in residential pets. Has anyone told the snowflakes and gramma that they are going to be eating fluffy? I guessed long ago that the first thing to be eaten would be pets. Always plenty of pigeons in the city. And rats, too. I wonder how long it takes to kill off the rat population? My neighbor catches a couple Norway’s every week.

        • Thats why i have 3 dozen pet chickens,,,,

          • my last wife had a parrot….always squakin’, and makin’ a mess,…. but at least the BIRD was quiet.

        • instead of pets how about the rich, politicians, lawyers, judges and bankers instead????

        • The Italians ate pigeons in Rome during WWII to a point that post war they had to be imported in. I’ll bet they were the best tasting pigeons on the planet too. Garlic, wine, olive oil, rosemary.

          • Pigeon, also known as squab. Quite delicious from what I have heard. And what doesn’t taste better with EVOO, some fresh herbs, garlic and wine?

            You can even order squab at some fancy restaurants. I am guessing those are farm raised squab.

            I have been scoping out areas where pigeons live in my area. Noticed they were hanging out on street lamps around dusk. Wouldn’t be hard to get at least one with a decent pellet rifle. If you haven’t found the channel, I highly recommend Squirrel Hunter’s channel on Utube. That guy is good and has some amazing pellet guns! Wow!

      5. I do not know for sure but I would think a direct hit, with the most powerful nuclear warhead available, would not be survivable even in the government built bunkers. And the meltdowns of all the nuclear power plants in America would so pollute the soil and ground water that there would be no long term survival of anyone. These idiots are living in denial. Waiting

      6. There is a Bible scripture that states in the last days the bodies would lay in the streets for the birds and animals to eat. Is this because there are too many to bury, and the remaining living are too busy trying to stay alive? Waiting

      7. Don’t worry, the rapugees will fill all those bunkers instead of the Swiss. Their superior genes must be preserved.

      8. Sollent Green is people……

        • That’s right! Soylent Green is 1 billion man days

      9. Read by 666 people


        • Awesome! Scary thought!

          It was much more than that when I go on.

      10. If we have a Nuclear war with Russia, as the song from Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome goes, “the living will envy the dead”.

      11. How to survive a nuclear war….get rid of the Elite BEFORE they start it…simple really, but you can’t find that kind of common sense or courage from people, so they let the self serving psychopaths run things such that the masees will die in the streets instead. Makes perfect sense. Abdicate your courage responsibility and control to the psycho elite, you deserve their results.

      12. Better to die quickly than to be witness to the aftermath horrors, to die in a dark hole, of starvation as the people around you go completely mentally ill beyond what the Pschopath Elite already are. Who really wants to go on living in a way hey cannot recognize after having lived in clear air bright sun sparkling water and better days? A scant few people would be sane after 90 days living as morlocks, as the rest turn into crazed cannibals in the end, many suiciding turning their bunkers into stinking tombs praying for death but too cowardly to off themselves.

      13. Off Topic:

        Here is something hopeful.

        The Positive Money Party is a new party in London England discussing in front of Parliament money; who makes it and promoting National money issued by the English. Right in the middle of Rothschilds Bank of London which of course is the 3ew Cartel. If they succeed, and God willing they will, we here in America can kill the Fed and be free again.


        • I saw the guy talking about it on a Brother Nathaniel video. Nathaniel has some good ones including one about 2020 and the 3ews Marshall Law plans. Nathaniel is promoting preparedness on this 2020 tape. But the info on the Banks is on another, I think it is “Strange Things Happening In America”.

      14. Dig your own bunker. Too bad the govt. doesn’t give you a tax credit for doing would be so worth it. Mmmmmmm…where do I put the flat screen tv?

        • Across from the reclining theater seating with built-in cupholders and tray tables.

          You won’t have to worry about blackout curtains for the windows.

        • Even if the government would give you a tax credit for having your own bunker, would you really want them to know you have one, once the bad times come. Besides, it wouldn’t be a tax credit, they’d probably call it “property improvement” and raise your property taxes.

      15. Russia seems to care more about their people while the American system is mainly concerned with conquest and profits. The conspiracy endgame laid out for all to see. A youtube video summed up the situation and handiwork that brought us here. Titled: The Deep State – 50 year old recording explains why the world is going crazy. 1 hour 14 minutes long.

      16. In China the meat markets are slaughtering dogs and cats and eating them. I guess that can happen here soon enough.

      17. The Russians recently conducted a nuclear drill in which 40 million people were sheltered, not just Russian leaders.

        Having said that, surviving a nuclear exchange has it’s own problems set. It’s not pretty.

        • ST,

          Great for them! How long can they supply food and water in those shelters? It is one thing to hold a drill under peaceful circumstances but something completely different when nuclear bombs are exploding all around you. The Elite will have their places and the masses will have theirs, maybe. They definitely are not as Egalitarian as many would like to think.

          Louisiana Eagle

      18. Not worried at all about it. Reckon I rather be dead than be here after all that.

        • Bible points out that men will beg to have the mountains fall on them. Sounds fitting to me.

      19. The US government doesn’t even care about us in “normal” times, so there’s nothing new here. Keep stacking.

        • Aint that the truth bud, the only thing they care about is our payroll deduction

      20. I am not sure I want to be a survivor of a nuclear blast.

      21. Does this mean everyone should have a Plan A for “normal” collapse and a Plan B for nuclear war?

        My Plan B is the same as my Plan A…only with more likker…

        Stay flexible in your prepping. That way you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

      22. I’m too busy to worry about things like this.

        ——————-Today’s To-Do List——————–

        1. Visit methadone clinic for daily dose

        2. Gather ripe apples from all the vacant foreclosed homes on my block.

        3. Check for Facebook “likes” on I-phone.

        4. Take break with Egg McMuffin and large Coke.

        5. Visit Pay Day lender.

        6. Go to Rent-to-Own store and make 43rd payment on couch and big screen.

        7. Send wife and kid to food bank.

        8. Settle in to watch “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”.

        Life is good. Unfortunately, I forgot about my list after #1 was done…

        The New Middle Class

        • Funny shit,,,?✌?

          • LOL too!

      23. It’s time for lunch.
        Who let the dogs out ?

      24. I have been CONSISTENTLY right about all sorts of things and I’m telling you there will NEVER be nuclear war !!!!!

        • If you are wrong, no one will be around to tell you so.

        • Other than Muslim fanatics or the lunatic guy in NK wanting to use nukes it is extremely unprobable. Even in a country like Pakistan, a nation with nukes, would have the utmost hesitancy to use them (except if fanatics took control), for example, against India. They realize it would result in the complete destruction of their own country. Both China and Russia also are likely to have some kind of doctrine of no first use. They may be thugs, communists or autocrats, but they are rational, not crazy religious fanatics. They have taken civil defense greatly farther for their citizens than the US has, much of their populations would survive the immediate strikes vastly better than us, but in reality it wouldn’t make much difference long-term, the global result would be pure hell where almost all the survivors would die soon anyway. The planet and its biosphere would be rendered irrevocably poisoned, toxic for centuries. Anyone advocating for a winnable nuke war is truly mentally ill. TPTB are acting irrational, this nonsense of provoking other countries to the brink of war has to stop immediately. What would be ultimately gained? They would be temporarily safe but still have to cope with the aftermath. The emphasis should be placed on the terrorists, fanatics, and nutcases to prevent them from ever getting possession of or using a nuke.

      25. Check my gear:

        1) Long heavy, hooded robe.
        2) Large ugly staff.
        3) Roman Sandals.
        4) Small sack with rope handle to hold basics.
        5) Goat skin water sack.
        6) Large knife
        7) Rifle with sling.
        8) MP3 Player with headphones.
        8) Film crew to record the beginning of my journey into the brave unknown.

        Cue up Beethoven, 7th symphony, 2nd Movement. Take slow deliberate steps straight down the middle of the street, totally ignorant of the extra’s running about in absolute panic.

        Yeah, I’m ready all right.

        • I like it!

      26. For the longest time, I have been coming on here talking about this issue with decaying dead stinking bodies all over the streets. Any prepper who plans on hearding food and staying in the city, that prepper will not survive whats coming. He will not be able to leave the city, and breathe the air unless he, and the family members all have gas mask, etc. No just recently, I met a chick who told me that her bodyfriend just got back from the war games in south korea, and he made her put in a bug out bag in her car, with supplies and gave her a gun, with a box on ammno, told her that war will taking place inside the US fighting foreign solider, chi-coms, Russian, and that they will invading us in the gulf right into Texas, and she told me that he has been frantic since being back here a few months ago.

        As for piece of shit troll ghandi, who came on here attacking me a few months ago, you think your so smart that you got yourself I out club. You aint fooling me troll. BECAUSE I AM THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN WARNING ABOUT THIS FOR THE LAST 2 FUCKING YEARS, while you are busy working in a local fusion center, attacking veterans, patriots and other responsible Americans who post on this site. You and your troll buddy Domonic need to go piss off elsewhere on other blogs. We are literally serfing the buttcrackofdoom.


        • Hcks- With all due respect, Texas is the last place that would survive a nuke holocaust. Big
          cities everywhere, important military targets, oil refineries. IMHO bugging out anywhere in
          Texas is a waste of time, money and energy. I’m only talking about a nuke scenario here.
          Any other kind of event, you may be okay. You obviously want to go where the people are not. In Texas thats hard to do unless your BOL is somewhere near Alpine or Marfa. In the
          continental USA, most everyone will be radioactive charcoal or vaporized instantly. There
          will not be a huge ground invasion of Texas. There are most likely more guns than people in
          Texas and any invading force would know this.

        • Damn, Houston– your post sounds for real… glad I’ve been studying Chinese– guess there was a reason for it, after all. 🙁

      27. I think the elite in their bunkers have three problems.

        First they and their spawn are not going to outlast radiation; some of that stuff will still be deadly when the sun burns out.

        Next they’ll end up killing each other over the class system that will develop down there. Most think they’re alpha, some may concede they’re beta but none will accept plebeian gamma.

        Lastly I think the elite survivors in Russia, China and Iran will send army engineers over to the US where they’ll breach the tunnels and divert large bodies of water into them, even if it takes them years. Drown them like the rats they are.

        • a semi tanker of water and five hundred gallons of gas, you need a high volume water pump. pump the water gas mixture into the air shaft. the high volume pump should “maybe” over come any drains spilling into the floors toss in a match. it its a smallish bunker. it should lift the ground about three feet. used to burn out ground hogs that way

      28. The last thing to survive a nuclear meltdown is a government that causes that nuclear meltdown.

      29. HCKS, I know you’ve been saying it as long as I’ve been on this site(that being 1 1/2 years) I know you have been very uncompromising and animate about your posts, which shows your heartfelt beliefs. It would make sense that they would enter through Texas and work their way east, and west, and north. Waiting

      30. They could just as easily activate the weaponized cell phone towers and make the claim after the fact that Russia, China or North Korea Nuked America,LIES, LIES LIES!
        Cell Phone towers are more of a threat than nukes as you can survive a nuke but you likely cannot survive getting zapped by a couple megawatts of microwave frequencies that are conveniently stationed every couple of blocks in the cities and every few miles in the rural areas.
        Look at this threat, IT IS REAL and nobody is talking about it.

      31. It will be interesting for those that are left, waiting for the mole rats to come out of their burrows after all is clear. They will be mowed down like the low life scum they are. They will enjoy the feast and soon will be feasted upon!

      32. Putin not dumb. He knows its the elites in Wash DC, NY bankers, and the media that are the core problem. The first incoming ICBMs will burst over DC and wallstreet. They wont have time to get to their bunkers. The rest of the elite/banker/politician assholes will be taken out by the American people. I can’t forget the picture of Mussolini hanging from a lamp pole…..that is the fate of these bastards that think they will survive. Their little pea brains don’t realize, they’ll be the first to go.!!!!!!

      33. Government shelters, food storage, equipment storage, medical storage, etc. Hey guess what. Our government leaders and military are all peppers!

      34. Yep, that’s right– about Switzerland versus the US– I read a book about it years ago. In Switzerland, the citizens took a vote (they have REAL democracy there!) and they agreed to make it MANDATORY to build nuclear fall out shelters under each new home that is built. They take protection of their citizens very seriously.

      35. When I think of being in a Bunker, I think of the movie the “Dirty Dozen”. The Elite’s bunker will be their tomb.

      36. I’ve always wondered, how can anyone even get to these shelters in time? (obviously there could be foreknowledge and not everyone will make it, but…)

        A nuke going off does not leave a lot of time to fight traffic.

      37. We live one day at a time. Excessive worry about tomorrow is vain. We Can be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.. any of us.
        The politicians may escape to a bunker and be a prisoner of circumstances.
        What good is it to “nuke the earth?” None that I can figure.

        • we ARE ALL in the wrong place, at the wrong time now.

      38. It all boils down to disgusting greed and love of money and “power” – the true root of all evil in life!!

      39. After nuclear war the bulldozers will not run due to the EMP so the headline is, well….stupid as fucking hell

        • Yes, they will. Most dozers are diesels, which will ONLY require electricity to start them, not for running. And batteries may be discharged (doubtful) from an EMP attack, but can be recharged and easily replaced, anyway. You don’t even need a charging system to run one. Unless, of course, it has an electronically controlled injection system, which most heavy equipment doesn’t.

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