There WILL BE A Second Lockdown: COVID-19 Cases “SPIKE”

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 18 comments

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    The elitists cannot allow anyone to live freely without dependence on their system in order for their New World Order to get done. Because of this, and the predictive programming from the mainstream media, we know there will be a second lockdown.

    The government and their puppets in the MSM want you to believe the cases of COVID-19 are spiking due to anything but the rioting and protests of course. This will not end until we end it.

    Even though the evidence has shown that this was a scam and hoax from the beginning, massive amounts of slaves in the United States are still falling for it.  This is been a testament to just how well Operation Mockingbird has worked on people who believe they are free.

    Coronavirus Panic & Fear: The Greatest Mainstream Media Hoax In History

    According to RT, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, California and Missouri also each broke their own daily case records on Wednesday, the project’s data showed, and join 13 other states to have done the same over the last five days. This country will be lucky to get to the middle of next week before politicians start trying to lock people down again.

    California Governor Gavin Newsom reported an especially alarming figure during a press event on Wednesday, noting the state had seen a 69 percent jump in cases in the span of just two days, warning he may “revert back” to tougher containment measures. The governor of Texas has similarly reversed course, authorizing local officials to impose new restrictions on outdoor gatherings and to mandate face masks in public, after an attempt to reopen last month. –RT

    The fear-mongering will not end.  They know they need you in a state of fear to keep your vibrations low enough that they can bark orders and you’ll obey. Once you realize this is what they are doing, and reclaim your freedom (free people don’t ask permission anyway) from government, you’ve taken a big step in defeating the New World Order.

    How do you leave the system? Use gold, silver, and “lead” and know how to improve your self-reliance. Grow your own food, learn to hunt and forage for wild food, and live freely.



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      1. Since the Paid Speech Media wants another lock down based on scientific fraud it is inevitable?

        Inevitable as in President Hillary Clinton in 2016, as inevitable as The Steel Dossier proved that Trump was being controlled by Putin, as inevitable as President Juan Guaido?

        Ya mean like that kind of inevitable?

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Do Not Comply. Do Not Obey.
        Non-Compliance on Massive scale.
        Get Off your knees and asses. STAND up to Evil.

        “Marines do not run away from gunfire/violence. They run towards the violent savages and silence their fire. They stop the violence with courage-determination-grit, and superior firepower. ” Control the Battlespace.

        YOU need to control the BattleSpace of your mind. Commie Leftie BrainWash cult like methods: Don’t be isolated. Kept locked up by politicians like livestock. Forced Media BRAINWASHING. TURN IT ALL OFF.
        Turn off that tel-Lie-vision. Cancel cable. Avoid media in ALL forms. Critical thinking required. Do your own research.

        “Defend the United States of America Constitution against ALL enemies Foreign or Domestic.”

        We are fortunate to live in such plentiful times. Thank God for our good fortune of being in America. I’m grateful and fortunate to be on US soil. I thank God. Gain a historical perspective. These are good times. Use them to ready for bad times.

        Be of Good Cheer.
        Be Strong. Have Courage.
        God Bless America.
        Long Live the Republic.

      3. The psychopaths pushing for this narrative to have
        a One World Order that violates the constitutional rights of Americans, and human rights of citizens and national soverieignty of other countries have proven that they are
        uncivilized, untamed, wild beasts, incompetent to even control
        their own illegal criminal and abusive impulses, let alone anyone or anything else.

        It’s time for them to wake up and face reality!

        Their denial of reality is a symptom of their insanity!

        Andrea Iravani

      4. I believe that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by The Mossad, or The Kosher Nostra. JFK wanted to insist that The American Jewish League register under FARA, as well as cut ties with Israel because of their development of nuclear weapons, and wanted to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. If the CIA did assassinate JFK, it probably would have been for supporting desegregation, because they were opposed to desegregation.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. I believe that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by The Mossad, or The Kosher Nostra. JFK wanted to insist that The American Jewish League register under FARA, as well as cut ties with Israel because of their development of nuclear weapons, and wanted to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. If the CIA did assassinate JFK, it probably would have been for supporting desegregation, because they were opposed to desegregation. But since Johnson went through with The Civil Rights Act and proceeded with desegregation, it seems unlikely that JFK would have been assassinated by the CIA for that, since they likely were aware that LBJ would continue those policies after assuming the office of the presidency.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Maybe Operation Mockingbird convinced their Mockingbirds that they were free, but I doubt that they feel as free as a bird now, since they are forced to destroy their reputations, nobody believes them, and they are basically freak shows, that are really more like Operation Mockery of Democracy.

        Andrea Iravani

      7. Godzilla, who I am currently referring to as the Directed Energy Weapons user, and have referred to him as Rocket Man in the past because he is not the man they think he is at home, asked if I would let him be in charge of my foreign policy. I told him, How about you let me be in charge of your foreign policy instead, because you are obviously a fucking lunatic that shouldn’t be in charge of anything.

        It is also funny, that Godzilla finds controlling my foreign policy such a priority, since I don’t work for the government, and the government refuses to follow my preferred foreign policy.

        Andrea Iravani

      8. 90 days without a mask !!! 500 mg of Vitamin C, three times a day; 5,000 mg of D3; 50 mg of zinc and you are good to go. Vitamin C is ANTI VIRAL, ANTI BACTERIAL, AND ANTI FUNGAL. It is totally non toxic. God’s perfect medicine. 🙂

        • Congrats, you should play the lotto….. You have been very fortunate to date! If you contract the bio weapon Covid, you will experience something very horrible!

      9. WHO and the CDC predicted that over 80% of the world would get the virus before it would subside at the onset of Covid. The shutdown was suppose slow the curve. Common sense then tells you no matter how many times you shut down, or how long you shut down, the virus will spike when you start back up. That means shutdowns are useless.

        • James, thanks for the beautiful common sense. The CHICKEN-LITTLE-CROWD continues to jump to the confusion that everyone should be locked in their rooms. This non-sustainable idiocy denies the needs of a society to be open for a myriad of reasons.

          The original Draconian measures failed, more of the same will fail again. Demonrats fail to reason logically, to place things in context, and/or to accept the fact that ALL LIFE exists with some level of risk. In a FREE country, folks decide what risk is acceptable for them. Old folks like me must be careful.

      10. I expect another shutdown unapposed by the Dems and they will so called(win) the election through fraud and “ballot harvesting”. A civil war will probably follow.

      11. Pres. DT knows a second lockdown would be a knockout punch to the economy, and would cause irreparable damage. He will likely not go along with it. Nor will many states trying to recover from this present fiasco. No doubt though, many Democrat led states will have another lockdown. The Dem. socialist states and their wards feed off the productivity, wealth, and labor of the country’s workers, so they all will want a huge bailout.
        Speaking for myself, I completely ignored any and all official lockdown measures. I have never worn a mask, never practiced social distancing, and went anywhere I wanted and did whatever I wanted. Almost everyone I know did the same. I spoke out against the lockdown when the subject came up. No one I know became ill, and no one I know knows anyone who became ill.
        I believe this “pandemic” is not what it’s officially made out to be. It’s obvious this pandemic and lockdown was an exercise to enhance State control. Tens of thousands die every single year in the US alone from pneumonia or influenza, and other communicable diseases, but society isn’t locked down for those. If you want to see willful slaves or useful idiots, just observe who complies with every ridiculous order imposed on them, and believes everything they’re told.
        The deep State wants us to believe going to church is too risky and unsafe, so they tried to prevent normal church services. The same for most other activities. But if you want to riot and protest its okay, for those activities you’re safe. There were several videos of officials disregarding their own directives, but fining and jailing others who didn’t comply. Or allowing in flows of unvetted immigrants and saying it won’t contribute to the pandemic, how can they possibly know. There are lots of officials that are totally hypocritical, and lots of examples totally irrational.
        I practice “it’s my body my choice” philosophy, this will include NOT getting any “vaccine”.
        This pandemic apparently didn’t yield all the results the State desired. Now a new public threat has to be ramped up with the present upheaval. That will not yield all the results they want, so standby for pandemic 2.0 or other crises. The goal is always for more and more State power and control.
        H L Mencken said “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”.
        The State hates Pres. DT, they hate independent-minded people, they hate those who love their liberties and freedoms, they hate Christians, they hate intelligent people, they hate anyone who will not submit, they hate those who do not succumb to their propaganda, they implacably hate YOU.

        • What your elected so called leaders arent telling people is that they are all getting and taking a maintenance dose of hydroxycloroquine and zinc. The USA doesnt manufacture the hydroxychloroquine which is the vehicle that zinc (which cannot penetrate human cells on its own) uses to get into cells to stop covid from replicating. The availability of hydroxychloroquine is limited (not enough to go around for the general population) so the propaganda machine (main stream media) tells everyone that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work leaving availability to the privileged and or those in the know! All of your lawmakers get their meds from the same private little pharmacy on the hill (what a treasure trove of info on each one too). Let that sink in for a bit – your not in the club!

      12. My core, religious convictions are antebellum Southern Baptist.

        Jewish roots with careful admonishments about the Pharisees.

        Rather than free speech, freedom of association, religious freedom, teaching people to read, write, and comprehend, I think, charismatics and mystics should be guilty until proven innocent. We are so inundated with hopium and pixie dust, there is no room in the public mind for anything concrete, temporal. If I was some Bronze Age tyrant, I would keep a prophet in a holding cell, it is my natural inclination to say.

        I still had unusual experiences.

        “They know they need you in a state of fear to keep your vibrations low enough that they can bark orders and you’ll obey.”

        He has said it back asswards:

        keep your vibrations low enough -> high enough
        bark -> subliminal
        orders -> suggestions
        you’ll obey -> create it

      13. if that mockingbird won’t sing…

      14. idiots

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