‘There Was A Helicopter Above Us Shooting’: Bombshell New Eyewitness Testimony From Las Vegas Massacre Survivors Revealed

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 51 comments

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    While many independent researchers have attempted to prove that helicopters were indeed used during the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, eyewitness testimony itself has also pointed to this stunning fact.

    Now, a new set of eyewitness reports, published on YouTube by Time Magazine, is once again fueling the widespread belief that helicopters were indeed involved in the attack.

    Kelly Moore was one of the survivors of the October 1st Harvest Music Festival massacre and her testimony during the Time interview clearly points to helicopters possibly being used. Keep in mind this is on top of all the other witnesses who have described very similar things.

    “I almost felt like there was a helicopter above us shooting,” Moore explained. “It was so bizarre like a war sound.”

    As noted above, this is far from the first piece of evidence that has pointed to helicopters being used throughout the strip on that fateful night.

    Intellihub News reports:

    Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas was first to present the ‘helicopter theory’ on a major news outlet when he broke the news on The Alex Jones Show Halloween day. During the broadcast, Ambellas reported that helicopters were likely used some type of advanced air assault onto crowd goers.


    Moreover, a caller from the intel community leaked information about the presence of the Saudi Arabian-based company named ETS Risk Management which the caller said was “on the ground” the night of the shooting. Several days later, that caller, a man by the name of Zach, was rounded up by the FBI in Florida.

    Additionally, I have reported on the numerous other eyewitness accounts that also specifically mention helicopters. These reports were eventually put together in a compilation YouTube video that gathered all the comments in one easy to watch video.

    “In a move designed to make it easier for the general public to find the actual facts regarding the attack, a YouTuber by the name of “John E Hoover” has released a video compilation with all the eyewitness accounts of helicopters in the air at the time of the attack.”

    “Keep in mind that this is on top of research from Ambellas that detailed the fact that numerous private helicopters were indeed flying throughout the strip as the attack happened.”

    At this point it is almost silly to deny the very real possibility that helicopters were either used to carry out the attack or in a desperate attempt to stop it.

    The evidence of a helicopter connection is simply too overwhelming to be swept under the rug.


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      1. I smell something fishy but there were 100s of people at this concert. Everyone has a device that will record photo and video and some, due to the nature of the event had specific video equipment. Where is this video? Tell me that like magic stuff recorded disappeared and I can buy into that as God knows what technology the true perpetrators have at their disposal. Tell me that all of this occurred, helicopters shooting the audience and there is no video? It does not compute.

        • It’s really obvious it wasn’t anything even remotely like the official story. 4 or 5 witnesses that came out in opposition to the official story mysteriously died? Have you ever used a bumpstock? If you have you know it is IMPOSSIBLE to do that at 500 yards away. In vids of the shooting there are sounds of multiple guns. The sheriff has been busted lying several times. Over an hour for swat to even show up? There are hundreds of vids and story dissections on you tube and alt news sites. No more comments from the cops (after being caught in a shitload of lies)? The mountain range of evidence puts the official paddock crap where it belongs… IN THE SHITHOLE. I can’t believe anyone still swallows that shit! But then, humanity at large is pretty damn stupid….

          • Not to mention when people went to the fbi to report things they erased the evidence on thier phones.

            • Genius

              I’ll accept that as a plausible reason for no video.

              I don’t believe in the official story. I think this was planned a year before or longer and they expected Hillary to be POUS. It would be the kick off for her gun bans. Paddock was an arms dealer, they set him up for this purpose. His “contribution” was to be a normal guy that went nuts hence the narrative is people can’t be trusted with guns. They were sloppy in the execution and this is why its being dropped off the radar. My only question is what happened to the videos?

              • The FBI has them.

                • Maybe they’re storing it next to the missing frames of the Zapruder film.

                  • yes, behind the water cooler and hitlary’s emails

                • they are next to obama’s college transcripts.

              • If it was planned for Hillary, then why did they still go through with it knowing Trump wouldn’t lock down guns from the hands of the population? Again, do you idiots listen to yourselves?

                • Reality

                  Its in the works and it politically damages Trump. Kill 50+ people, have a significant percentage of the public clamor for banning “assault weapons” and the President says (in my opinion rightfully) no. The greater question is why wouldn’t they? These shootings compound in effect. They’re hoping to overwhelm the support for the Second Amendment with successive mass shootings. Each one is another to add to their list. Why do I believe it was meant for Hillary to be POTUS? It took at least as long in planning as Paddock was receiving income from the bullshit “professional gambling of video poker machines”. Any reasonably astute person can see that such a living is impossible. That is well pre Trump. It certainly would be far more effective with Hillary as POTUS but they used it regardless.

                  ” Again, do you idiots listen to yourselves?”

                  I suggest you look through, not at situations. Analyze not ridicule.

              • … and to follow up my point Kev, this is the central fact:

                “Let us animate and encourage each other. … A Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth.” —George Washington (1776)

                THIS is why, if there is evil in high places, if these fascist mercenaries for the elite are behind this, they are destined to fail.

          • yep, look how many idiots that still think the NRA cares about the second ammendment.?

          • You can believe the sheep are buying it … after all, they’re still reeling over Sandy Hoax….

        • K2,
          There is something really wrong
          with the Las Vegas shooting.
          Something is being covered up.
          I’m a facts and data sort of guy,
          so I don’t dream up things when
          there is a lack of facts and data.
          What really irritates me is is why
          nut cases pick on a crowd instead
          of like the Democratic National
          Hundreds of Dead, very well off,
          Democrats would be an improvement
          for the Earth.

          • Paddock was a gun runner, protected. His source of income? Implausibly laughable. He was there for what he thought was a transaction. The reality is he was there to create the narrative that anyone can go crazy and even people who are traditionally sympathetic to guns are vulnerable. Paddock did no shooting, the “buyers killed him and it went from there. I suspect that this was planned a year or two ago; Hillary was meant to use this incident as a springboard for her agenda. Not letting all the planning go to waste they did it hoping for the best regardless.

            They were sloppy, too many lose ends. For this reason its fading into the sunset. Bet this, they’ll be more careful next time.

            • Excellent work, Kev. Thank you for this. Funny how this story has just faded from the fascist lamestream media.

              One critique, tho. You say they “will be more careful” next time. Probably so. So were Hitler’s Nazis. But people still make mistakes, have faulty assumptions, their is just plain bad luck for the evil folks (I call it Providence), and to be honest, if it is as you say (and I suspect you are more or less right) people planning this kind of evil are literally not sane; they will thus be making errors, if not of planning, of some other type. Again, think of the errors the Nazis made in WWII. Meticulous planning. Brilliant minds. But still made major mistakes based on ARROGANCE, faulty assumptions, the presence of a few heroic people, and yes, Providence.

              They are waking up more and more people, who see the Emperor has no clothes. I know, because when I finished my grad school, I started to have time to think, and was OUTRAGED by what I had been duped into. Perhaps the smartest person I know, a Ph.D candidate in math, had the same experience, and now publishes http://www.thepoog.com (Canadian).

              It’s a race now of information and education. That is where the battle is. I support the 2nd Amendment fully, and it is critical, but the real battle as I always say is educating people. And your posts do a great job of that, the one above being a great example (which I will keep).

              Good on you, Kev. Keep up the great work. And Merry Christmas to you!

              • Test

                The caffeine for the populace politically awakening are jobs that pay a wage which can provide for a family. This was once considered a virtual birthright of an American when effort were made to keep industrial capacity home. Its all contingent upon that. Provide that and they’re lulled into a blissful sleep. Without it their eyes open and once so they see far more than they bargained for.

                We’ll see.

              • Test

                Thanks for the accolades. I likewise enjoy your posts. I believe that we agree that we’re being lied to on a scale so large that the truth is a rarity.

        • The feds gathered every cellphone in the arena and wiped them. They also confiscated the feeds from every video camera in the area. Why do you think there were no videos from inside the Mandalay, where there are literally hundreds of camera?

          • I dropped my cell phone, its back there somewhere, when you find it can you please return it to me?

            • Reality is I likely would drop it for real in the panic.

          • It must be a testament to the naivete of the typical White American sheeple that anyone who had a cell phone video recording of such a controversial and potentially government staged event as this one – would not decide to perform a backup of their cell phone before loaning it to the law enforcement authorities.

            There is a very useful software application called ‘iMazing’ that can be used to backup cell phones and I’m sure there are many others that are available that also provide backup capabilities.

            I encourage all red pilled patriots to take advantage these kinds of products – especially if they are naive Good Samaritans who turn over their cell phones to corrupt law enforcement agencies.

        • K2
          I agree. looks to my like some one is looking for their 15 minutes of fame!

        • you idiot do you really think people who were being shot at were all calm and collected and was thinking about taking a video, you fuckn idiots never cease to amaze me.

          • We can see very clearly the actual embedded resident dis-info people are.

          • With 500+ cameras present a mere 5% (at an absolute minimum) would film; thats 25. At Dealey Plaza there were far fewer video recording devices and plenty of panic. Those recording divices were out charged and handy in Vegas. One wouldn’t have to record. They would have to intentionally not record.

            Your insulting out of a lack of substantive analysis.

        • yeah…because everyone’s first instinct, especially when drunk and panicked, is to whip out their cell phone and start recording instead of trying to find cover and staying as undetectable as possible.

          Do you idiots listen to yourselves?

          • Reality

            Apparently with the FBI confiscating cell phones they didn’t think so.

        • I have a copy of video showing a helicopter from a distance, however, there is no mistaking the muzzle blast from the front and bottom of this copter.

      2. It is so easy to establish if there was one shooter or more. Ballistics analysis could easily establish it. It is telling that no statement has been made about the variety of bullets littering the scene. Why not?

      3. These latest witnesses best get their life insurance paid up. Going public has been shown to be quite hazardous to your health.

        BTW, I wonder what ever happened to the MGM security guard?

        • Probably joined the rest of the mysteriously dead witnesses.

          • Be Sgt Shults of Hogans Heroes . “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”.

      4. I’ve seen quite a few pictures from this event and there’s one thing that seems to be missing in almost all of them…..BLOOD! If that many people were killed and injured there should be blood everywhere and all over people who were helping out.

        • It was a fake production, no one was killed or injured. The only gunfire being heard was blanks to make the crowd panic and run, that is why there are no dead, no blood anywhere, and no bullet holes in anything.

      5. Lets look at this with a little more reason. YES- there were helicopters there-THEY WERE POLICE HELICOPTERS ATTEMPTING TO DETERMINE WHAT WAS GOING DOWN! The reason some people felt like shots were coming from a helicopter was because the shooter was firing at a fairly severe downward angle.

      6. Las Vegas PD captain missing according to Gateway Pundate article.

      7. I call BS. Spent 8 years in helicopters. Anyone ever seen Vegas from a distance after you come over that last hill? Sheeeez, you can probably see it from space it’s so lit up. Ever flown over Vegas in a black helicopter? That aircraft would have had to been discharging rounds at such a high altitude for NOBODY to have seen/videoed/snapped a pic that and using some serious weapons. What? No brass found scattered all over the area? No flight plans or radar in what, Class A airsoace? Do I trust government officials to always tell the truth? Of course not, but damn I’m not a complete idiot.

        • I suppose we’re supposed to just thank the government that they didn’t send a UH-1 gunship—–[ Typical armament for UH-1 gunship, M134 minigun and Mk 40 FFAR with swivel-mounted M60 machine gun ]. That would’ve mowed down the crowd like a Turfmaster golf course mower.

        • Thanks, 101. You are military, I am not. Questions:
          a.) People DID see helicopters, that is the whole point. There WERE videos
          b.) Brass? So they planned enough for the brass to be captured at point of firing. I don’t know how, but I do know this can be done simply with one’s own guns
          c.) If gov’t was complicit, WHY would there be flight plans??? Radar? Suppress radar records.

          Respectfully submitted, but I don’t understand you comments. Perhaps you can clarify – I’m just trying to learn here, as I haven’t had time to follow this one adequately.

      8. There is radar confirmation of the choppers that nite. There is also video – from cell phones and security cams. Do the research befote you try to debunk something

      9. How about we the people pass a law that no one pays any ANY taxes until every bit of evidence is shown , a real investigation takes place , and hanging the players , finders and dreamers of this attack on our country ?

        We don’t get the truth , because we’re not demanding it

      10. Tucker Carlson aired a security camera video showing obvious chopper rotor wash and sound. In fact he commented on the chopper. I think it was near bally’s

      11. No problem, much of the American public have the attention span of a gnat.

      12. …I swear to god…these are getting dumber every time a new one is released…

      13. WTF is going on with this fucked up the ass country? Why can’t they ever tell the damn truth about anything or anyone? Think about it folks. When is enough, going to be enough?

      14. I have no idea what happened, yet. But eye witnesses are the worst type of evidence. Plus, we also have liars, nut jobs, etc. And throw in people trying to make a buck off the BS. The truth is a rare commodity.

      15. Untampered with forensic reports from a coroner and physical evidence that’s not tampered with. The most reliable. However, the facts have been dragged through the internet mud. If we saw the truth, would we recognize it?

      16. Practice for the deep state assassination

      17. Dont be suprised if these recent outspoken witnesses suddenly commit suicide or die in some other way like previous witnesses that told a different account.

      18. Reports of helicopter(s) being used in the Las Vegas attack began coming out within a day or two. But nothing has been developed by the LVPD about that. Why not? How many helicopter pilots or helicopter rental agencies can there be within a 1,000 mile radius of Las Vegas? How many qualified former military or FBI/CIA helicopter pilots can there be? Why isn’t this being run through our national law enforcement or Interpol files to identify potential suspects?

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