There Is More To Come: “We’re In The Early Chapters… Red Flags Are Screaming… The Economy Is Imploding… Nuclear War”

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    The beginning of 2016 revealed what some have known for quite some time – financial markets are an epic disaster just waiting to be realized. With stock indexes having rebounded somewhat since the initial meltdown, financial pundits and mainstream analysts would have us believe that the worst of it has passed. But don’t be fooled, warns Economic Collapse Blog publisher Michael Snyder in his latest interview with Future Money Trends, because we’re still in the early chapters of what may be the most devastating financial, economic and monetary collapse in history:

    A total of $16.5 trillion dollars had been wiped out from stock markets around the world… that doesn’t even count bonds and other things. So we have seen this massive amount of wealth wiped out globally… almost as much as the U.S. national debt.

    Of course, the past few days we’ve seen a bounce back… markets never go down in a straight line… If you go back to 2008, the two best days in terms of a point increase in U.S. stock market history were right in the middle of the Crash of 2008… just because stocks go up for a day or two does not mean the crisis is over.

    In my perspective we’re still in the early chapters… all of the red flags are still screaming that a lot more is to come… the entire global economy is imploding.

    (Watch at Future Money Trends or Youtube)

    As the collapse takes hold we can expect unprecedented maneuvers from our monetary masters. With central banks preparing to introduce negative interest rates, for example, savers and bank account holders will actually be paying for the privilege of keeping their money in the bank. The likely response, as we witnessed with a run on personal safes in Japan, is that people will simply take their money out of the bank and hold it in cash.

    But such a work-around will be short lived, explains Snyder, because they’ll simply outlaw certain cash transactions or ban them altogether, which is, incidentally, the very recommendation we’ve heard in recent weeks from large financial institutions and ‘renowned’ economists. Of course, they argue that banning cash will stop drug dealers and tax dodgers, but as Snyder explains, such a ban is being specifically designed so that they can take total control of not just our currency, but every aspect of our lives:

    This sets up the kind of scenario where all of a sudden the government becomes the gatekeeper… they can say ‘alright, if you want to use the system, then we can put some conditions on you for using the system. You’ve got to comply what we’re demanding of you or else you can’t have a bank account, you can’t get a job, you can’t buy, you can’t sell, you can’t participate in this electronic digital system.

    We can only speculate that control of such a digital currency system will necessitate the implementation of ‘beast technology’ that may include forced embedding of tracking chips into the general populace. That may sounds conspiratorially crazy, but so too did the notion that physical cash will be banned around the globe… until a few weeks ago.

    But never mind that global trade has collapsed or the widespread job losses, because the average person on the street really won’t believe it until the stock market tells them something’s wrong.

    That day is certainly coming. The only question is, who will be blamed when it does?

    We all know it could not possibly have been the machinations of central banks, Western governments and entrenched financial firms that are responsible for global economic malaise.

    As Michael Snyder notes, there is a huge wild card in the middle east right now and the very scapegoat the elite need to set this whole thing in motion is just waiting for the green light:

    The Russians have already warned Turkey that they are willing to use tactical nukes to keep forces away from Damascus… so the Russians have nukes… Saudi Arabia has nukes… And many people believe Iran already has nuclear weapons.

    So we’re talking about a situation where we can potentially see nuclear war in the middle east, at least to a limited degree.

    What would that do to the global economy and financial system?

    This is a huge wildcard.

    It’s something to keep an eye on…

    Make no mistake, those who have orchestrated the fleecing of America, Europe and the rest of the world have absolutely no intention of admitting they are responsible for the disaster to come. As Future Money Trends suggests, a tactical nuclear war would be the perfect out for central banks and Keynesian economists.

    One way or the other, regardless of the catalyst, the system as we know it today and how we operate within it is about to change drastically.

    You can follow Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog

    For more news, commentary and interviews like the one you just watched subscribe to Future Money Trends.


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      1. Eyes open, no fear…

        • If you have not been prepping, you are just inepting…

          • Anyone tried this?
            ht tp://

            • I tried it years ago. It didn’t work for me. The only thing that worked for me is Vitamin C. It probably depends on what your body is short of.

              • Drug warriors will pay $2.6 million for maiming a toddler.

                These are the drug raid PIGS in GA that threw a flashbang into a baby crib playpen during a bothched no-knock entry drug raid back in May of 2014. The baby’s face was severly burned and distorted. The PIGS failed to admit fault and said they would do the same thing again. Well the lawsuit said it will cost em’ $2.6 Million. The Drug war in America is a total costly failure that has destroyed millions of American lives.


                • WWTI, someone should have been finding the home addresses of those SWAT thugs and give each one of them a dose of their own medicine, then burn their homes to the ground.

                  • How many addresses did you find.

                    • Who yanked on your chain, troll?

                • Here are some pages that really drive it home. Maybe they had something to do with the decision. Here it is for your pleasure.

                  ht tp://

                  Look at it quick. I don’t leave it up all the time.

                • Money doesn’t fix your kid. 1 Trillion dollar on drug war, money well spent.

                  • American government has created every problem we have so they can protect us from it. Follow the money and it will lead you to understanding how ignorant the sheeple are.

            • Good heavens! Now we get regurgitated and imbedded Snyder. We can’t even avoid Snyder by checking the article’s byline before clicking. [barfing]

              • Ted Turner George Soros and the rest need to be in hell burning with satan.

                • They are Satan worshippers already but I think they want the rest of us to join them…

                • Re: There is more to come and the economy…

                  The Second Tech Bubble Has Burst: Here Come The Mass Layoffs
                  “In this case failure means much more than just a few billionaires resetting their bubble-level valuation marks back to reality: it means that for millions of ordinary Americans who jumped on the second tech bubble bandwagon, the hangover from the party of the last few years is just around the corner.”

                  “Said otherwise, the mass layoffs have arrived.

                  As TechCrunch confirms, “a handful of job placement executives confirms what recent headlines about layoffs already imply: The market is softening for numerous sectors of the startup world, as well as at publicly traded tech companies.”

                  This means that it is not only the energy/shale sector where well-paid workers (according to Credit Suisse estimates as much as 250,000) are getting wholesale pink slips: the even better-paid West Coast tech sector is next.”

                  Satyajit Das: This Is Why You Can Expect Another Global Stock Market Meltdown
                  “The mispricing of assets across world markets has reached epidemic proportions.”

                  The “rise in stock values has been underpinned by financial engineering and liquidity — setting the stage for a global financial crisis rivaling 2008 and early 2009.

                  The conditions for a crisis are now firmly established: overvaluation of financial assets; significant leverage; persistent low-growth and deflation; excessive risk taking reliant on central banks for liquidity, and the suppression of volatility.”

                    • @ KY Mom,

                      You’re a smart woman. Stop believing the lies of Zerohedge. I’m still waiting for the “Greek Exit” that they insisted was going to cause a world wide recession to happen.

                  • They just announced on Fox Biz, the Chinese just layed off 2 million workers in the the steel and coal industries. That’s 2 million more uniformed cannon fodder for the Chinese Army.

                  • FBN said China has laid off 2 million workers in the coal and steel industry.

                    More investors are buying gold because it is a better risk for gold to stay the same price or go up rather than put it in banks that will start charging negative interest rates.

                    Warren Buffett just stated “the economy is doing just fine.” It is suggested he said this to make more money and it is futile attempt to sway investors.

                    • Yeah Warren Buffet and his Pinko politicial hacks in Nevada just placed a 40% Tax on Solar. So Buffet can keep his power plant monopoly thriving by keeping everybody chained to his grid. Is say that is pretty satanic.


              • Snyder: The economy will experience a collapse in September 2015, but if not then, definately by the end of 2015. This guy has been predicting collapse every day for 9 years. Anyone can read the Bible, and predict what’s going to happen. He must have forgot the part about only God knowing when, which makes him a false prophet. He’s just another doom whore.

                • Yeah kinda like the BuyBull fable of Jeebus returning. How long would you wait for your date to show up, before it sinks in that you’ve been stood up? 15 mins? And hour? A month or more than 2000 years? Friggin idiots.


                  • Thats pretty funny,,,

              • The situation looks pretty bad, worse through the eyes of Michael Snyder. We will try to overcome, outlast and even thrive. We will save, grow, forage, and improvise. We will do the best we can because it is who we are.

            • An excellent chelation and living food supplement. But beware if it comes from the ocean it may have high levels of mercury/heavy metals. Mike Adams sells some in his store, tested and verified to be clean. As always, these can be dangerous, research before attempting to detox.

              • No war if TRUMP is elected. War if Hillary is elected, because she will continue to try to “expand the empire” on behalf of the NWO just as W, and O have done.

                She will never make it through the nominating process. The FBI will recommend an Indictment before Summer. 🙂 🙂

                • You’re fooling yourself. Trump/Clinton.. the only difference is the pants suit.

                • I can’t believe the NWO wants trump….unless someone got to him. I’m still reeling from the Bush dropout. He was NWO choice #1. I can’t figure it out.

                  I’m now guessing that

                  a) TPTB want Hillary so they put Trump up because He is so polarizing that they believe He is the only one that can be beat by such a sinister person.

                  b) TPTB got to Trump. He destroys ISIS, Oil goes back up and we again get screwed at the pump. And yes, there is a correlation between ISIS practically giving away Sysrian oil and low oil prices.

                  c) TPTB have lost total control. Everything is now random and we will definitely be heading for true SHTF. The economy collapsed in late 2012. Due to the logarithmic nature of the collapse, things should start to accelerate right about now.

                  Just my two cents.

                  • CS: The Answer is “D”. The NWO PTB lost control of the Republican Party nominating process (no super delegates as an example, to keep party apparatchik control) allowing a PATRIOT to emerge from the shadows.

                    I told this community after the Tea Party surge years ago, that those interested in keeping their liberties should INFILTRATE the Republican Party.

                    The PTB did not “put TRUMP up”. Both the liberal (NWO) AND conservative (NWO) media is attacking TRUMP because he is articulating the thoughts, feelings, and positions of the American People and undermining their control of US: which is why he is resonating with the masses.

                    He is opposed to these NWO wars of aggression. He is vehemently against NWO ILLEGAL immigration. He denigrates the NWO FREE TRADE policies of the Financial Class. He will abolish the NWO Common Core program to indoctrinate our children. He supports giving Veterans the medical care they EARNED, but which the current and past Regimes refused to adequately fund, leading to the untimely and unwarranted death of 300,000 American Heros.

                    TRUMP is the MOST Anti-Establishment Candidate to come along since Senator Eugene McCarthy took on LBJ, opening the door for Robert Kennedy, before the PTB slammed it shut.

                    TRUMP is a 70 year old man who has spent his life in business, not politics. He has a big ego but you must have a large ego and a lot of confidence to take as many risks and be as successful as he has been, to dominate the BIG APPLE and generate the amount of wealth that he has produced.

                    His political positions are the positions of Middle America: workers, taxpayers, families, and small businesses. The Bankers are against him. Why ??? The Republican Establishment is against him although he has motivated the base to come out and vote for him, winning every demographic. Why ??? The Left is opposed to his positions on ILLEGAL Immigration, the Second Amendment, and Common Core. Why ???

                    TRUMP is a BIG threat to the (NWO) Oligarchy and Bankers that control American government and who want to regulate, dominate, and control all of US. That’s why the opposition to him from the establishment media is so raucous towards him.

                    An unlikely champion of American Constitutional Values perhaps, but the Champion WE need nevertheless. Vote TRUMP. Vote early. And vote often !!! 🙂

                    • DK

                      “TRUMP is a BIG threat to the (NWO) Oligarchy and Bankers that control American government and who want to regulate, dominate, and control all of US.”

                      The man has serious gonads. He is messing with people that are completely amoral and ruthless that have thank God “almost” omnipotent power. Regardless they would not hesitate millions of people to further their goals. Their infiltration, tentacles in government(s) is known. Gonads……stainless steel gonads.

                    • K2: He does indeed have courage. Particularly because he is smart; understands the risks and the incredible assemblage of power against him.

                      TRUMP is the Patriot we need. 100 million American guns need to be locked and loaded behind him. I have called here for a political party of Patriots backed by an armed resistance to defend that political party.

                      We now have that political leader with courage and vision. Create a FREEDOM CELL to support him !!! 🙂

                    • I have not voted in many yrs. I registered as a republican so i can vote for Trump, but if they push him out i may not vote. I’m afraid the Witch will get in.

                  • “Please Joker… no matter what you do… DON’T give us our utility belts…”

                    -“I’ll do worse than that Batman! I’LL GIVE YOU YOUR UTILITY BELTS!”


                    Methinks the media doth protest too much regarding Trump?

                • Wrong, Hillary has too many friends, and they will not indict a presidential candidate. If they were going to, they would have already done it.

                  • The FBI will recommend that Hillary be indicted. Probably late summer early Fall rather than before summer as I mentioned. Too late for Obola’s Attorney General to have an impact even if she declines to indict.

                    Too early for Obola to pardon Hillary for her crimes before his term expires. The FBI is dragging out the investigation and has now targeted Hillary’s aides and the Clinton Global Initiative. It will be another six months before it is completed and the findings forwarded to US AG Lynch. LYNCH. Get it ??? Someone is gonna hang !!!

                    The bru ha ha will be fodder for a TRUMP victory over Hillary as her and Slick willie’s corruption will be front page news for the few months leading to the election. They have many enemies as well, and their friends and co-conspirators will be out of power and unable to assist the.

                    A TRUMP Attorney General will indict next year at this time and the entire SWAMP that poses as a Democratic Political Party will be drained, one by one.

                    A new burst of FREEDOM is coming to America. And that’s a good thing !!! 🙂

                    • DK, I’d love to think your scenario would happen but I’m skeptical. Maybe it depends on how bad the globalists want the hildebeast in the WH. Neither she nor her POS husband ever faced any consequences for anything they’ve done. At least not within the judicial system. I think TPTB will stop at nothing to get the hildebeast into the WH, even if it means killing Trump.

              • Grow cilantro, another chelator and easy to make sure no heavy metals.

                • CORRECT! !!
                  ALSO purchase bentonite clay that is rated for internal use. Grab some edta. Calcium supplements and charcoal. Kelp. Move to the country. …drink pure well water. Get some ionic air purifiers.

                  • What is edta?

                    • http:

                    • I make my own herbal capsules and my detox formula is chlorella, cilantro, bentonite. All were mentioned above, just be sure to not use a lot of bentonite it will plug you up lol. You can buy all these and many more herbs in bulk cheap on ebay and also a capsule filler machine and empty capsules (00 size is best). There is a company on ebay that sells chlorella farmed from the base of the himilayas for a really good price. Buy herbs by the pound and get a capsule filler and capsules, you will save thousands over time! 🙂

                  • Cooking mom

            • Chlorella caused digestive upset. Tried wheat grass for awhile until I read review on moringa leaf powder, so now I’m taking bee pollen and moringa powder.

            • Chlorella has a bit of a “laxative” effect, so be careful…..

          • Anyone who keeps their assets in a Bank is a Fool. Negative interest rates, are just another Tax on your wealth to enrich the banking money changers.

            Anybody else out there warning friends and family of the coming collapse, and they look at you with a clueless blank stare like what planet you are on? Then they change the topic to stooped shit like the new Dollar Store opening up down the street and they got about everything they need, is right there at the store. I then look at them like what FN planet are they on. Keep stacking preppers, you will be rewarded big-time coming up sooner than later.

            Trade your cash into hard assets like Silver rounds ASAP. Locals will gladly trade good and services for the new sweet silver gingle in their pockets. It does have a nice sweet ring like no other.

            -WWTI… PS. Re: Snyder video above. Looks like Snyder has been reading my posts for his talking points. But he’s way off numbers like 19 to 1 gold to Silver ratio he must get from DK. Lol. Snyder is an uneducated phoney and talks vaguely like a street person talking like he is an expert. Why is he even quoted at all in any article?

            • Well, we see you are doubling down on the prospects that nobody here remembers all your idiotic posts from last year.

              In fact, I usually don’t waste my time on your posts, but when i happened to see Snyder’s name at the last, I had to see what kind of crap you were spewing again about him.

              Michael Snyder is educated and has a long history of proving himself. He does go overboard on the collapse is “just around the next corner”, and putting too much emphasis on the stock market, and especially on the DOW when it drastically dips.

              However; as a writer and researcher he has some very good information that he makes available on his blog and soon coming ROKU show.

              I don’t see you, wwti, writing any “new” books or articles giving anything different than what is available on any alternative news media, on a daily basis. You are a rinse and repeat ranter, that doesn’t believe in God, nor Jesus Christ, and you condemn the rest of us that do.

              We had a pretty good run of not having your types here, (except for Genius, Billy, and ketchupondemand), but they are lightweights compared to your demonic presence.

              Michael Snyder is a Jesus Christ reverencing man, as well as his wife, and they do a lot of good. So, oh mighty atheist, be careful who you attack….The Big Guy is watching.

              PS….feel free to go back to hiding in your swamp rat hole at anytime. No one will miss you here.

              • Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t voice a dissenting opinion. Christ went against everything commonly accepted during his time on earth. Read your Bible, it says no one knows the date or time of his return. Snyder has proven himself to a false prophet by making predictions for YEARS while holding himself out as a grounded believer. C.B.N. also does some good for people, but the good is trumped by the motivating force $$$. Don’t wanna pop your Snyder bubble, but dude is in it for one thing, and it isn’t saving souls.

                • No one knows the day or hour.
                  Making predictions about an economic collapse doesn’t necessarily have anything to do about the end of this age and the return of Christ.
                  You need to read your bible “with understanding” before you come at me with such a pitiful response.

                • Well, Hell, I may as well add my opinion here too folks. passin, I have to agree with what I’ve read here regarding your behaving towards other people here. Yes, you love people who heap praise on you, don’t we all? But you are having trouble getting along with just about everybody else who doesn’t. You have a tendency to go about picking fights with people you don’t like and then turn around and cry you’re being picked on, Maybe this isn’t the right place for you here, you don’t have a thick enough skin to be here without always crying about people who send you replies that aren’t bouquets of flowers. This is a tough board with lots of opinionated people who don’t mind a little verbal jousting, you don’t seem like the kind who can handle it.

              • Passin,

                Having read the recent exchanges between yourself, billy, and Kevin 2 I would say billy certainly has made some precise points about you. First, you do have multiple personalities. You were all over the place on your rants about minimum wage jobs and what is causing the economy to be as bad as it is, pending on who asked you what. And please, don’t tell me I can’t read either, I read exactly what you wrote in your comments because that’s how I formed my opinion. You were unable to debate either of them intelligently so you threw a temper tantrum and called them both names like an angry little boy. And you do have the stench of being a chicken shit about you also, you did wait a few days to pass before sending replies to billy’s follow up comments. It looks like you wanted to make sure people moved on to the next thread so you could return and play the big hero, sorry, it backfired big time. What is obvious here is you need to grow up and debate people on the facts without turning into a hysterical child.

                • You are full of more shit than a Christmas turkey.
                  My response about the raising of minimum wage was not in response to either of them, and, furthermore; was not even a discussion abbout “what is causing the economy to be as bad as it is”, and they came out swinging attacks first, of which was their misinterpretation.

                  You are another mindless thinker that wants to attack for the sake of coming against me personally. Stick it where the sun don’t shine BMovement.
                  I don’t give a rats ass who agrees or disagrees with me, or if you think I have “multiple personalities”, but when low IQ idiots speak personally against me…I will defend myself and come back with more mudslinging. If I think it requires it, I don’t have a problem with shit slinging either.
                  I am a unique individual and that is how God created me. I fit into no ones pigeon hole, sheeple mentality, like the majority.
                  I care very little of what human’s opinion of me is, because my destiny is laid out for the eternal Kingdom of which there will be no condemnation from idiots/atheists, like you and the aforementioned. Hysterical? That is funny. So you are such an Einstein that you can determine a person’s mental state and hysteria from words on an internet page…yah, that is real intelligent thinking. Another dumbass thinking he is gonna push some buttons on me by typing a few words. Ha, ha ,ha..lmao.
                  Need more clarification?

                  • No, you made yourself quite clear. Bob M. just nailed it and you’ve proven that you’re a poor imitation of the likes of Jimmy Swaggert; worse, actually, because a man of God wouldn’t speak like you do. (Not that Jimmy Swaggert was a man of GOd, either.)

                    • Bravo to all who bothered responding to pissin. You are never going to get a direct answer from him as he has none.

                      “I am a unique individual and that is how God created me.”

                      That is correct, you are a special kind of stupid.

                      Why can’t (or won’t) answer me who wrote the buybull and how many times has it been edited and how much has been left out of it? A book written 300 years later with obvious intention as a form of religious government? A concoction the roman rulers? Pathetic attacks on me for good ideas because you are too stupid to think them through? Saying your leaving us then just like herpes, you keep coming back? Your posts speak for themselves. I’m sure you will be taking the short bus to heaven lol.

            • WWTI, my money is still going into supplies plus ‘lead and brass’ to help protect those supplies. So this is ANOTHER Snyder article? HO HUM. I’m going back to sleep.

        • Isn’t that what Ben Davidson says every day at the end of his daily Suspicious Observers video?

          • Yes sir, I had hoped more people would check out his site daily, I do.

            Sounds a lot like our Be Informed…

            • I miss Be Informed.

              • I have learned alot by visiting that site.

                It is a new science, but it makes sense.

                The daily video is only 5 minutes long, I watch daily for a while now.
                The idea of the sun’s actions relating to the reactions on earth are interesting, but it takes a while to understand the lingo.

                Be well all…

                • Eppe
                  I have been visiting that site since you mentioned it before. It is why I was researching Aluminum toxicity. Thanks. The prevalence of Aluminum toxicity does support his assertions. Not prove, but support.

                  • Rebecca, most any heavy metal in our body is not good.
                    BI is ahead of the game, if he is Ben Davidson.
                    My grandmother was talking like him in the 60’s.
                    She was waaaay out there, I think she gave me that kind of inquizness???

                    Yaal misbehave…

                  • Reb, I tried a new recipe for wine. 7 cans of frozen apple/cherry juice concentrate, 6 lbs. sugar, 1.5 teaspoons distillers yeast, 3 teaspoons fermax yeast nutrient. Fill container to 1.75 gallons (after adding all but the yeast) mix well, add yeast when the temp is 80 degrees. It turned out very good 🙂

                    • Genius

                      i was looking at that frozen mix this last week! I will try it on my next run.

                      I just started one with 4 lbs Bartlett Pears and one orange, juiced. I boiled the zest from the orange in a cup or so of water, then poured it in too through cheesecloth. It’s working now.

                      I used my cranberry lees for homemade bread… delicious

                      The pear and raspberry are getting close to bottling..

                    • Not raspberry… cranberry. Sorry.

                    • That isn’t wine that is cheap homemade booze.

        • And people think I am a little weird for carrying a geiger counter and a FEMA field guide on how to interpret it’s readings. I started doing it when it became obvious that Obama was trying to bait Putin into a nuclear conflict and that the adults had left the room. At least during the Cold War both countries were generally run by level headed people who didn’t really want to go to war with each other. I fear that is no longer the case in the US.

          Here’s a little bit of practical advice on how to survive a nuclear attack if you are on the outskirts of the detonation of weapons. First off, duck and cover is good advice to give yourself a survival edge during the attack. Be certain to cover the back of your neck when doing so as it is a vulnerable area. The reason to cover yourself is that the flash of light immediately following the detonation has a huge amount of UV in it and will burn you. You also have to worry about the thermal blast which will follow shortly after and which will move outwards from the hypocenter ahead of the blast wave. The blast wave will move towards you at the speed of sound and the intensity of it will decrease logarithmically at a factor of 1/3. So, if you double the size of a nuclear weapon, it will only increase the blast radius by 1/3 as much as the original weapon.

          Once the blast is over, you will need to find shelter. The key math here is what is called the rule of sevens. Starting from one hour after the detonation (to give the fallout a chance to start to settle), radiation will reduce by 90% for every seven fold increase in time. So, 8 hours after the blast it will only be 10% as intense as it was at an hour after detonation, 49 hours later it will only be 1% as intense, etc. all the way out to two weeks, when the last of the short lived fission isotopes should have broken down (iodine 131).

          The big question then is how do you make a survival shelter if you do not have a fallout shelter nearby? You make what is called an expedient fallout shelter. The key is mass and building a small survival space inside the center of an intact building, preferably in a small room. I tend to think of a restaurant as a good choice of buildings as they have sturdy prep tables that could be used to build the shelter. Plus, there is a lot of material there that could build a shelter. What I would do is stack up food around the outside of the table and then do the same to the top. After that, take some boxes, crates, etc. and put three or four trash liners in each and then fill them with water. I would probably put these on the top of the table as most of the fallout will be on the roof of the building and the gamma radiation will be radiating downward more than from the sides. I would also fill the trash cans with water and line them up along the sides of the table. If water is not an option, then you will have to improvise some other way. The important thing is density. Also, any canned or sealed food items you find will be safe to consume once the contaminated dust is washed off. The Gamma rays will not contaminate the food like alpha or beta particles would, and if anything, would just sterilize the food and kill bacteria.

          One more thing: Protect your body too. In our theoretical restaurant, you will likely find some clean rags or cloths. dampen them and put one over your face and mouth. You may also wish to make a expedient radiation suit out of trash bags as well. This will protect your skin from beta burns and hopefully minimize any inhalation of fallout dust and ingestion of radioactive particles. None of this would be comfortable, but the knowledge just may save your life if some idiot ever pushes the button.

          • I was thinking and figured I needed to clarify a few things: First off, the food is contaminated only if radioactive dust gets into it. What kind is irrelevant so Alpha and Beta made little difference except that neither is likely to penetrate a sealed container. Second, this is only for use if you are out and about and get notice of an impending attack. Also, if you do decide to use my idea, be certain to turn off any gas valves in and to the building.

            I also got a little mixed up with the blast radius versus blast intensity. Sadly though, I forget the blast intensity math. If you are curious, try out a site called Nukemap. It lets you detonate a warhead anywhere in the world and tells you what the effects would be. I have already done it for my area using likely targets and current Russian warheads on a Topol M (300 kilotons). This is where the math I was using comes into play. As doubling the yield only increases the blast radius by 1/3, nations with large nuclear arsenals switched to MIRV systems. This means that there are very few megaton range warheads still in existence because of the law of diminishing returns. It’s much more effective to use your plutonium to build two smaller warheads than one big one, so that’s become standard military doctrine.

            • Ground zero for me, see you on the other side.

            • Winston Smith.

              Nice to know somebody else is doing their homework. Nukemap was cool.

              The way people are today. The Leadership of the nation. No morals, no common sense, greed and materialism. This county is going to fall and when it does by whatever means. It is not going to be pretty.

              In the news.
              A person was thrown into traffic and killed by two men.
              A man was killed crossing the street. (Drunk)
              A woman was killed when another car ran a stop sign and “T” boned her. Two occupants ran away.

              • Todays leadership couldnt lead a pack of four year olds to a candy store. I wouldnt follow any of the so called leaders,

              • “Nukemap was cool”

                it was !

              • More news to add: The family traveling with their father dying of cancer and getting kicked off of the flight because of an allergic reaction to a dog on board. People cheered as they were escorted off. Many of these scumbags are going to get what they deserve when it does happen.

          • You forgot about Potassium Iodide to protect your thyroid Gland. Shelter in the center of a building. More WALLS and ceilings between you and the outside the better. Tape all window and door cracks. Radiation fallout settles just like snowfall. And try to be upwind from any US Military Base or Zog based Government buildings, like the foreign policy creaters building. They will be toast thankfully.


          • Winston
            Thanks for the nuke site. Turns out I am unlikely to get hit directly by the first blast. I use a matter of going underground initially. Thank you for sharing information with us. I already have accumulated enough blocks for a shelter. Plus dirt on top.

          • Winston, you are on the right track with your advice, but slightly off on numbers and a few other things.

            First of all, the Thermal which you call UV is instant, just like the Sun, but worse as you stated. The radiation is also instant, or close enough to it. The concussive blast is the one that follows and can EXCEED the speed of sound. As for the blast wave logarithmic decreasing by 1/3 I’m not so sure on this. (I say not so sure on this, because as I started out as sure, but then thought about the other effects being part of it.) What I have learned as an old NBC/CBRN dude from the Army and working in the DOE Weapons Complex, is that it quarters. Inverse Square Law. Double distance 1/4 effect. Anyhow don’t look at the detonation.

            Being too close will kill you even if you are in a basement or something because of over pressure. It will crush you. You would need to be sealed in and the structure would have to be able to withstand this pressure. My reactor was designed to take 1.2 Megaton direct hit, but since the doors were vented for a negative pressure airflow for contamination, that pressure would just flow right in and crush me, if I were inside.

            Do your best though as Winston says. Try to get into a depression, like a ditch or something, or get behind something that is real heavy and between you and the blast. If caught in the open, go face fist head first toward the blast, protecting your head with your arms. Projectiles will be flying and going face down may help you from getting lifted up and becoming a projectile yourself. Coming to a sudden stop against a wall. Like the saying goes, “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”

            As for the radiation, this is good advice. When around any radiation. Remember Time, Distance and Shielding. Limit your time there if possible. Put distance between you and the radioactive source and last Shielding. In the scenario, the first two may not be possible so shielding. There are four types of radiation and three primary after a blast, unless there is a Nuclear Reactor close by that is melting down.

            Alpha Radiation (Particle): Low energy. Two Protons and two Neutrons bound together. Skin will protect, but you don’t want to have any inside your body. Three pathways in. Inhalation, Ingestion and Injection. First two self explanatory, third would be open cuts or getting stabbed by a contaminated item.

            Beta Radiation (Particle):High speed Neutron or Proton (Positron). Skin will protect, but it can burn the skin. Clothing with protect. Follow above precautions.

            Gama Radiation: High energy very penetrating. Lead, Concrete, Dirt, thick steel, water will shield. Thicknesses vary depending material and desired shielding levels. (Too detailed to get into here.) Just say, the thicker the better and there is no such thing as too much shielding.

            Neutron Radiation (Initial burst or melting down reactor): Very high energy neutron particle. Lead will shield, but not a good as you think. Water is a great shield. Borated concrete, or concrete with Boron added. Don’t know how much though. Calcium Polyborate is better yet, but usually a slurry. Gadolinium Nitrate. These last two are neutron poisons. We used these two for emergency shutdown. They would get dumped in if there a containment breach. We also stored our fuel rods in a borated concrete tubes, to keep them from becoming critical before we wanted them to. Other neutron shields are hydrocarbons. Yes oil drums and paraffin wax are neutron shields.

            I would add that in the above scenario, I would look for a building with a basement and multiple floors above if possible. If windows are blown out, then it would still be like being in a single story building as far as radiation from fallout. but if the windows are intact or there are doors that could be closed in the upper floors then that would be better. Keeping the fallout out of the inner spaces of the upper floor would be helpful, especially if you could build your shelter in the core of the building in the basement if possible.

            • I did write a small correction post below the first. As I understand it, Alpha particles are electrons and Betas are helium 4 nuclei and gamma rays are pure energy, like photons and X rays and basically are the energy that previously held atoms together before they decayed. I do agree that it is all about distance and density though. The practical issue though is that most people only think in terms of an expensive shelter that is underground. My post was not designed to be an end all be all of survival but rather to get people to think outside of the bunker box about such a scenario and to look at readily available materials and how to repurpose them after a surprise attack.

              Much of my ideas come from a man named Cresson H. Kearney, who worked for the US government designing survival plans for the public. He’s probably best known for the Kearney Fallout Meter and his book, “Nuclear War Survival Skills”. I got the actual idea for my improvised shelter from a Youtube video of him that was shot shortly before his death where he demonstrates a shelter made of boxes full of water. I used a restaurant because I am a food service worker and have examined what is available in the kitchen to make such a shelter. Some of it requires a little forewarning (like running water) and some of it requires a little planning and a bug out bag (I did not discuss this part as I was assuming a situation where the reader had no access to anything not in the restaurant). My bugout bag includes a CD-V 742 dosimeter that gets charged regularly, a Radalert 50 geiger counter I got for $100 on Ebay, a 1981 FEMA “Handbook for Radiological Monitors (with the Sievert to Roentgen conversion factors written on the cover), some plastic sheeting and some surgical masks. The dosimeter will allow me to record the rate of exposure while the counter will let me see where the radiation is coming in to the shelter so I can add more shielding. I am also in an area with few multistory buildings and absolutely no basements, so I must improvise accordingly.

              If you are stuck in an office, a sturdy desk or table surrounded by boxes of papers would also provide some shielding. I suggest that everyone should look around at their workplace and home to see what could be done in case of an attack. It’s not that you will escape unscathed, but maybe you can reduce your dosage enough to be able to recover (over 5 Sievert or 500 Roentgen you WILL die.). Try reading some of the government materials from the 60’s or watching some of the old civil defense videos to get some ideas. Think about it now because if it happens you will be too panicked to come up with a plan.

              • Winston, No criticism intended, just trying to clarify. Yes Cresson H. Kearny was a great dude. Bruce Beach is good guy too.

                A Rad meter is a great idea, because without it, it would just be guess work and that probably would be fatal.

                You are absolutely correct in trying to get people to think outside the pre-made fallout shelter box.

                LD50: Dose that would kill 50% of those exposed to an acute dose. Death in 60 days or less.

                The LD50 is about 3.5 Sievert or 350 REM (Roentgen Equivalent Man). This measurement takes into account how you are dosed. Your extremities can take much more and your abdominal area less. As rule growing cells are more sensitive to radiation than cells that are not growing. This why cancer responds to radiation treatment. Children are more susceptible too. Your gut is constantly replacing cells, so is more vulnerable than your nervous system. This is why vomiting and diarrhea are the first sign along with hair falling out. If you are dosed with 5 Sievert or 500 REM, you will probably be dead within two weeks.

                I have my old books up at my BOL and the have decay nomagrams that let you calculate all of what we are talking about. I have thought about writing a book and including them, but others like Kearney and Beach have done a great job and I would be covering most of the same ground. Besides that my Nuclear war risk assessment went down after 91. I may need to rethink it because of world events.

                • Azreal and Winston,

                  I have been following your conversation with interest. I now realize that I am out of blast center, from the nuke site. Now I can probably mock up a small shelter to get through the worst first weeks. I watched a documentary on Chernobyl a while back, and scientists were testing living things. It looked so normal with plants and trees, and they were following a wolf pack. How can that be?

        • OH MY GOD …….its Y2K all over again!!!

        • Silver was under $14 an ounce a few weeks ago. Getting ready to go over $16 an ounce.

          Still stacking!

      2. collapse in our way of life is imminent. you can’t ignore the signs any longer. the economy is going down. war is coming. it has always been this way.

        all we can do now is prepare for it.

        • Silver dropped below $15 an ounce again, and I took advantage of it. Those Canadian maple leaves sure are perty.

          • I am looking to buy an Australian monster box from JM Bullion. Check out the tax / sales repurcussions if you own silver / gold that is not on “the list.”

            1016 aussie silver is also .9999 so it is the same grade as Mapleleafs. I use the Kitco app to check prices but when I want to buy I have switched to JM Bullion. I bought a few 100 ounce bars and they arrived on time, undamaged. No problems with either Kitco or JM Bullion but JM takes PayPal and they also don’t charge extra for S/H/insurance.

            • Typo: 2016 Aussie silver is .9999.

        • Mike Snyder looks like a used car salesman.

          • When you are a failed Attorney you become an economic hack. Imaging that dweeb trying to argue your case in court. Bwhahaha.. He sounds just like my dead Ex brother inlaw. Has no clue but trying to inject talking points into a conversation. I had to stop listening after a few minutes. Like WTF. Irritating stupid. Even the host had to correct him that Gold to Silver ratio was about 80 to 1, not 19. Seriously Mac is that the best out there? Its like he reads news headlines and then talks like he discovered it. Is Snyder and DK the same person? Lots of similarities. Really check the archives. Lol


            • WWTI, Snyder used to be an attorney? Interesting; never knew that. Another reason for me to ignore him. NEVER trust anyone with a law degree.

              • amen

        • Economy must not be too bad.

          I put a facebook post out to the local classifieds list in my area. It has 40,000 members.

          I requested someone to till my garden area, 20×30 foot area for $50. It would take only 30 minutes with a small tiller.

          I can’t get anybody to do it.

          They must not be starving yet.

          • I would do it if I lived in your area.

          • JS: people like the ones you meet here do not use FvckBook or any services provided by SuckerDouche. We left those slums long ago and refuse to go back.

          • Try posting the ad in Spanish.

            • hahahahaha good one 🙂

          • I don’t break a sweat for less than $500.00 🙂

            • That’s why you are a broke loser DK. Hows your economic CD’s selling these days? Lol.. Snyder must be buying them cause he doesn’t know shinola either.


              • You probably wish I was really producing and selling Econ CD’s so that you could avoid losing $20,000 as a Day Trader.

                You probably get your info from Lindsay Williams !!! 🙂

          • Facebook….means that the 40,000 are not real members. How do you suppose FrivolousBook claims to have all those ‘members’.

          • When I was about 20 yes old I bought a Troybuilt rototiller for $700. I put an add in the Paper and tilled gardens all over the city in the spring and summer. I’d be doing one garden and neighbor’s next door would ask if I can do theirs too? I Made. $30 to $75 per garden depending on size. Made a killing for 2 season’s and sold the tiller to somebody else for $700 dollars. It was a great cash biz. Kids today are too busy texting their other lazy friends to think about anything productive. Just for kicks, ask any young kid. “Where does food come from?” And they will look at you funny and say, “Why the grocery store silly, duh….”


            • WWTI, LOL. You’re especially right about the kids. today’s kids are truly a lost cause.

          • People cant afford the tiller..

          • Try Craigslist…. you can usually find someone looking for day jobs… I’ve done a few garage clean-outs and similar jobs from posting an ad on CL.

          • Just talked to my neighbor who does this type of thing whenever he can because he is broke. He said he wouldnt touch it. He said by the time you paid for gas, transportation, tiller repair he might do it for 100 but the price would probably be 150 or so. He said what is the point if you lose money doing a job.

            • Thanks
              I was gonna say close to the same thing , and than call him a cheap ass

              So you saved me all that typing

              • more like “dumbass”.

            • Religion is like Fiat Currency. It just seems real cause suckers keep believing and accepting it as currency.

              Notice the double speak from your church?? They preach and promise you everlasting life if you believe, but then beg you to donate your estate to the church upon your death.

              I three that bable BS in the trash long ago. Want to believe in something believe in yourself and what your eyes tell you. Cause talk is BS and nobody has ever gotten ever lasting life. What a crock of Fraud. I can’t wait till Religion is wiped clean off the face of the earth. Sooner the better and we can get back to common sense and reality. FANTASY JUST GETS YOU DEAD FASTER.


            • “. . . he is broke. He said he wouldnt touch it.”

              If he wouldn’t touch a $50 job, no wonder he’s broke. I could do those $50 jobs and make $40 an hour. That’s a lot more than I could make at any other regular job in town. I already have a tiller, gas is cheap, and I’ve got a lot more time than money.

              I just stuck a VHS tape in my machine and made a couple of DVDs. Almost no real time invested, the disks were Christmas presents, and I’ll get $20 pure profit. I might get even more, because being so reasonable with my prices means that a lot of people offer to pay me even more.

              Every dollar I get means more food for the pantry.

              Even if you only make $1 per hour, it’s more than you would make sitting on your butt. You absolutely would not be losing money.

          • I would stick one of my sons out there in a heartbeat. Win-win for everybody.

        • Think about this scenario.
          Jesus said wars and RUMORS of wars before he comes. Satan is the real orchestrator of the conspiracy and wants world worship. What if the threat of total chaos is all that is necessary for the world to welcome world government and eventual worship of the world leader. A total war would destroy the carefully crafted technologies necessary to bring about the system where no one can buy or sell and everyone can see the leader. What if a controlling global reset comes and everything goes on as it is as long as you participate? Are you ready to be a complete outcast in society without a SHTF scenario in which you can live on your own property? What if the whole world is embracing the NWO without a total collapse and all of your preps are useless because they will kick you off your property for not paying your taxes in NWO digital money? Will you do as Christ commanded and choose his unseen coming kingdom and reject the world to trust in him?

          • “It was giving power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them.” Rev 13:7
            God tells us our future in his word, all right there in Revelation. Note to reader: God’s Prophesy is only for His saints.

            • Spiritual war and forced worldly compliance. A major war will happen after the Antichrist sets up his kingdom as the people see what a fraud he was. But by then many will have lost their salvation by taking the mark.
              Jesus said he who seeks to save his life will lose it. He who loses his life for God’s sake will gain it.

              • “Will you do as Christ commanded and choose his unseen coming kingdom and reject the world to trust in him?”


              • There are two beasts in Revelation. The first beast has risen out of the world and liberal/atheistic peoples.

                We generally call the political/gov arm of that, the New World Order. Their backers, financially are the zog, -ewster banksters, and the industrialized war machine.

                There will be a war, or better said, is a war, surrounding the middle east, which will eventually cause the deaths of about a third of the world’s population. The antichrist (Satan as the returned messiah) “only” comes in on the heels of this war to restore peace and prosperity to the whole world, and establish the last piece of the NWO puzzle, which is the one world religion. That is why the whole world ( except for true Christians that have accepted truth from God’s Word),is deceived and the bible says…will whore after him, believing he is Christ returned.

                near the end of his little reign on earth, he will turn on the saints “publicly”,and it will get ugly, so that the majority will then see through his smokescreen and turn to the real God and His Son.
                The final battle/war of Armageddon will only occur after the “true” messiah returns.

                • PassingGas you been sniffin too much diesel fumes. Only the weak and insecure need a Jebus binky and pacifier crutch to suck on.


                • I will add this point to the formation and continued escalation of the “beast” system. The Bush family dynasty has played a huge and larger role in this, beast/nwo/zog system from nearly a century ago. There are several others, but less well known or exposed like the Bush family.

                  At the heart of these families and groups of individuals is an ugly word that many just relate to Hitler, but it is still very much alive and working…it is Nazism.

                  In fact it is this backbone of the nwo that is the Fourth Reich in disguise, at work. All done with evil intentions towards true Christians and the ignorant sheeple.

                • Passinwind is babbling bullshit once again.
                  Tell us how you are different than Michael Snyder?
                  One prophesies economic doom, one air-weight self described “saved” messiah prophesies satanic doom.
                  At least Snyder has a chance of being right.

                  • Sticks and Stones…asswipes.

                    • Why would you even prep at all pissin ? God will save your ass!

                  • Pretty funny,,,

          • Sean, very very well put. I do believe you can see very well the big picture of how things are working and developing. The beast needs the technology to enable global cashless systems so i also cant see there being major destruction until its nearly over. However i am sure there will be plenty of localised minimal damages but only as necessary or controlled by nwo to further their goals. So prepping is wise.

            We should be preparing for living outside the world system, and ultimately without anything except our faith in our creator. I have no faith in being raptured away before things get tough. What general would pull out his forces in the heAt of the battle? We are going to be here to face the ultimate choice of giving up everything to live as hunted outcasts or keeping our stuff and losing our soul.

      3. I just want it,something,to come and get it over with. I believe once it actually starts,there will actually be a big sigh of relief. At least from me.

        • It won’t be quick. Death by a thousand cuts.

          You know you are in deep shit when you start supplementing your regular groceries with some prep supplies.

          • No you’re not John. Eat what you store and store what you eat. Regularly purchase more food storage. Eat it. Buy more. It cuts the grocery bill way down. No surprises later on when you need to know how to rehydrate and cook a “new” type of food. It needs to already be a way of life. We’ll have more than enough other problems to deal with and dinner needs to be on the table without any stress.

            • You are correct.

              And getting your family to eat your “prepping meals” is the best thing to do now.

              After canning fruits last summer, my grandson said i was a hoarder. But i mentioned that what i had at the time was only one can of fruit a week for a year.

              The look on his face was priceless. He realized i wasn’t a hoarder and that i had more work to do!

              Which i did, by the way. 🙂

            • Cooking mom
              correct. My preps are the foods I eat normally. Just a lot more. I like fruits and vegetables fresh most and a garden is in my plan. I knit and sew, and have a stash. I am experimenting with spinning and weaving.

              • Rebecca:

                • Anonymous
                  Thanks. It is all fun at this point. I liked camping in the woods as a kid and my dad taught us survival skills. I can only wish we would not live as brutally as has happened, but little sign of that. We have so few skills and so many armed desperate people. I have also made simple cheese and know a couple vegetable alternatives to rennet, but have not practiced because no dairy around here, not much point other than to have some knowledge. My property will not accommodate dairy. Each skill means looking at what you need. I decided to grow sugar beets this year… alcohol and baking require large amounts. At least I have seed and know how to process it on an outdoor fire. Will I grow enough? Not this year but I only have a year supply. I have realized that my one year supply isn’t that much and did not include making alcohol, just baking.

            • John maybe referring to hyperinflation?? Haven’t seen any articles on the Baltic dry index lately..

              • Everything’s fine. The BDI is all the way up to 329. Ha. Only it’s still down almost 900 points from this time a year ago.

          • It will seem just like that…”death by a thousand cuts” for those that are not spiritually in tune with their Saviour & Creator.

            For those of us that are in tune, we will see these next 15 to 17 years go by in a flash and then…..look for our Redeemer coming in the clouds, in His Chariot of Fire.

            All the financial prepping and stacking and rearranging, will not bring total peace of mind until the soul is secure. Then a true mindset will set in that nothing this world dishes out can cause one to become depressed and downtrodden. For then, our sights are set on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and not on the kingdom of Satan…aka, greed for money and stuff, and the worldly system.

            It is pretty simple to achieve, but most are too stubborn and proud to humble themselves through faith.

            • Pissin, how many underground shelters have you built?

              • Genius. Pissing only needs one underground shelter. Its called a Grave Site. His religion is just a mask to hide all the guilt he carries on his shoulders daily. He is his own beast of burden.


        • I have been feeling the same way for about 6+ mos. Just kick it off already, I’m tired of waiting.

          • Same here,,, cut, cut, cut, paper cut gets real old

      4. I’m anxious and a bit fearful at the same time. But it needs to start. It’s like living in a bad marriage

      5. Are you ready?

        • I sometimes wonder if people really understand what they’re asking for.

          Read a book on everyday life during the civil war (1860s) in areas away from the big eastern cities. Have you ever provided for yourself EVERYTHING you will need? Even a patch of ground for cotton so you can spin for your clothing.

          Visit some civil war era museum homes. See how the lady of the house managed to keep it all running smoothly. Not all had slaves.

          Here in TN we have several around the Battle of Franklin area. Absolutely a fascinating study. And ask your guide questions. There are always others in the tour group with thoughts and good answers.

          Life back then had a routine we know nothing about today.

          • I hear what you are saying and agree except on the clothing thing.

            I buy quality clothing, and have some shirts and pants that are 20 years old and still wearing well. The biggest problem with clothes wearing out is the detergent used and over washing.

            Underwear and socks don’t last long and should be stocked up on in mass quantities.

            But, having to grow our own cotton, to spin for clothing is not in my future plans.

            Keeping moths out of my stockpiles of cotton underwear/t-shirts and thick cotton socks, is in my plans.

            • Back in the day they had about 2 or 3 outfits, not a closet full. Flax (linen) grows in places where cotton will not. Leather, rabbitskin is soft. I think clothing deteriorates more because it is designed to do so. Planned obsolescence.

              I was keeping my eyes open for a used spinning wheel, and made a small handmade loom to practice weaving. Just gave up and added a hand spinner to my list. Spinning wheels were part of the early shift to manufactiring, and they had to spin long hours to make up for not providing for their own needs. Reading about the olden days is interesting.

              I have a native plant that has fluffy fiber heads on it, they start to come off in March or thereabouts. Wonder if it can be turned into a fine yarn? Also looking at French Angora rabbits. It is cold here.

              • Reb, we have many coconut palms on the grounds and they produce a flat weave material that looks a lot like burlap, but a bit lighter.
                Most pieces are a foot or more square and I’m sure it could be woven into many things. Just not sure if I want to spend the time playing with it; there are so many other priorities.

                • Ketchup
                  no need for you to fool around with coconut clothing. Hawaii, right? Heck, you folks don’t particularly need clothes at all.
                  My interests lie in gardening, cooking, food preservation, sewing, knitting, herbals, and such. Making wine is awesome. You guys talking about guns and technical stuff makes my eyes roll back in my head and I go pretty catatonic. I am trying very hard to learn even if I have to stand up to read and stay awake.
                  My son has zero interest in my stuff but he keeps his stuff running in perfect contentment. I only hope we live close when shtf. Complementary skills.

                  • Tell me that when you wake up on a morning like last week when it was 45 out,,, make yer nippies stand at attention and start you shivvvvverrrring, 45 with high humidity and a 20 mph breeze off the mountain,,,,you be wantin some clothes,,,

                    • Kulafarmer

                      I wasn’t the one with “no” interest in creating clothes! Recall… spindle spinner, loom, knitting, sewing, rabbitskin, French angora rabbits.

                    • Just take the clothes off the scumm you have to shoot. sew up the boolit holes and wash and yer good to go 🙂

          • Between the market and the kitchen, the woman of the house spent about 8 hours a day preparing food and cleaning up the dishes.

            You worked six days a week, Sunday was a day off, but you’d never know it.

            Just getting a pitcher of water meant walking out to the well, raising a bucket of water and carrying it into the house, or pumping it by hand at the well or in the kitchen. You worked for everything.

            • Smokey, my grandparents started out on their mountain homestead with only a spring head about a quarter mile from the house.

              They ran fencing down to a small hand dug pond just below it, for the mule and milk cow. With a couple small kids to start with (eventually six), they had water bearers for many years until they got old enough to leave home.

              By then Granny and Pa were financially able to have a well dug, that went down 600 ft. before they struck water.

              For the past 70 years or so, 99% of folks take water coming out of a faucet for granted. When it stops, and i believe we will see that day; most folks will go ape shit crazy over having to carry water (if they can find it) like the early pioneers did.

              Folks able to have a hand dug well, that supplies potable water, will be blessed.

            • Smokey, I did an organic farm internship and lived in a 81 square foot cabin. 9 feet by 9 feet. It was not insulated, I had a small woodstove, a closet, and a bed. It took me about 3 hours each day to prepare my evening meal, to boil water to wash the dishes and to boil another bucket of water to wash myself. I did use the local laundromat to wash my clothes, once a week. There was also a public shower that took quarters that I used on occasion but not daily.

              People take a lot for granted these days.

            • My great-grandparents had an artesian well piped into the kitchen, so they had running water with no bill or electric pump.

              My great aunt said that she was so glad when she finally got a refrigerator. She said that she finally had some place to keep eggs where they wouldn’t freeze and bust.

          • I’m reading a book right now, written in 1890 called “The Leading Facts of American History. Author Montgomery. Its everything from the 1400’s and the Europeans discovery of N America. Im at the part in early 1600’s when the King of England sent over populations setting up Jamestown. The people could not own any land and all their labor and production had to be given to the to the settlement Ruling council that was ruled by the King. It says, ” The work of their hands did not belong to them. That they were worse off than the poorest day laborer they had left behind. Furthermore the idle man was certain that he would suffer, for he could draw provisions out of the common store house and the Industrious man on the otherhand knew that by the sweat of his toil he must feed the idle.”

            So you see COMMIE Socialism was evident back in the early 1600’s and the Free Shit Army took a foothold back then. But of course that economic plan backfired emensly as time went in, because many got discouraged and stopped producing and the entire population almost starved to death. Kinda like today. My taxes feeds the lazy and I stopped working on the Grid as much as possible. It also said there were so many deaths going on, that the healthy spent most of their time digging the graves of the dead. However that all changed when the new King was anointed and created new policies that allowed productive people to own land and create self profit. But still their goods could only be sold and traded with England and they could only but from England. And the goods were taxed as well by the King. Tobacco became popular and you could trade 200 Lbs of tobacco for a woman who arrived on bride ships. The men would sit at the docks and trade it for the women exiting the ship’s. Its a fascinating read and hard to put the book down. Have to see if the book is online. Title and Author listed above.


      6. Why would We 99%’ers comply with the One Percent Tyrants? Give em your lead, Tar them, hang em’, and burn em’ out of their enclaves. Destroy them once and for all.


        • Cuz they are too busy blaming each other.

      7. Sign, sign everywhere a sign……….

      8. Gas just jumped up 12 cents a gallon here, from $1.54 to $1.66. Hopefully it’s just the recent oil price rally working its way through the system, and the price will go back down next week.

        TPTB seem to be really worried about Trump. They’re trying to tie him to the KKK and the Mafia. They’re even talking about bringing Romney out of mothballs.

        The story above talks about wealth being wiped out. I don’t think that’s so. Wealth equals resources. No gold or silver were destroyed. No oil or crops were destroyed. Only figures on computers were subtracted from.

        If one person bought or sold getting a bad deal, the other party probably got a good deal.

        If the elite think they have lost wealth, I’m glad.

        My freezers are full. My pantry is full. I have seeds, tools, parts and materials, a huge library, and a lot of knowledge packed away.

        I haven’t lost anything.

          • Excellent Video. Thx for posting. Send that to all your friends and family. Trump handles these slanderous attempts by stooge media shills very well. Duke is spot on.


        • Pensions, IRAs / 401k and the like are invested and when investments drop they can become insolvent.

          I know a whole lot of blue collar couples that worked their tails off that have or had a million dollars.

          • My friend who is age 58 and works for a real good company making yogurt and cottage cheese, chip dip….recently got a letter that his pension will be insolvent in the yr 2027, but in the year 2019 will be extremely criticle and at the moment IS critical. He’s been working for that company for 30 yrs.

        • Gas is heading up as they cut over to summer blends. No big conspiracy.

          • It seems like the oil corporations raise prices in the Spring because they are changing over to summer blends, and then raise prices in the Autumn because they are changing over to winter blends. They raise prices in Summer due to heavy demand from vacation traffic, and raise prices in Winter because of holiday demand.

            “It’s aaallllwwaaaays SOMETHING.” ~ Rosanne Rosannadanna

            • Karl v

              I can’t speak for E&P (Exploration & Production) but refining is extremely competitive. I put 3 decades in it.

        • The stock market crash will only wipe out people’s 401K and 457s.

          In they don’t retire, they won;t even notice.

          • The people I know will damn sure notice. In event of the next crash its likely that your employer will retire you if you like it or not.


          • good .. maybe the “wipe out” will bring out the .357’s and the .308’s

        • It all depends on whose wealth we are talking about here. The wealth that is the means of production and resources needed to produce goods and food will remain wholly intact and those that possess it will not lose it. It is the wealth that consists mainly of financial instruments that will get destroyed, you know, the kind that average people own. That will create the fear and anger catalysts that are needed to bring in a new world order as the working people will be begging to become it’s slaves.

        • The old man just returned from a long weekend at the beach to check out everything in our camper for the upcoming season.

          Gas in some places in S Carolina was $1.33 a gallon. At the average 45 mpg we get in the Prius, we can make a trip to the beach and back for less than $18.00 all the way from the NC/VA/TN mountains. Luv, luv luv, it.

          Life is good, when you got your prepping in order…life is “great” when you got Jesus. That is true wealth my friends.

          • Well it makes sense now. PassinGas drives a tiny shitbox Prius. Bwhahahahahaha. Id never let any of my family or friends get in that death trap. You’re live on a short fuse. Yes you do need to pray fact you need all the help you can get for bad decisions. Lol


            • Your little fiery darts don’t even penetrate the skin, dumbdick.
              The Prius is a fine car, and yes a bit small, but what tf is it to you?

              I can run over your little cardboard shack in the swamp with my F350, with 4 wheel dig and five on the floor, and keep digging.
              I love how you have returned here like anybody gives a shit about a swamp rat pussy like you. What happened, did your mommy in Ocala run you off? Better start digging that moat, satan lover.

              • ” I love how you have returned here like anybody gives a shit about a swamp rat pussy like you ”

                Holy shit pissin! There is proof if there ever was that YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE! What a total douche bag you are lol. WWTI is waaaay smarter than you! Sorry he rubs you the wrong way with things you can’t refute ha ha ha.

                • I like your posts, mostly Genius, but fir reelz? Using colorful language doesn’t make a Christian a hypocrite. It’s hilarious when pagans try to flip it on us like they have it figured out. I choose my words carefully and sometimes the appropriate word is very colorful. During catechisis my priest used “WTF” very appropriately.

                  I can see the Lord flipping tables in the temple saying, “well, garsh darn it, you fart-knockers, son of a motherless goat!”

                  Of coarse I’m joking, because that’s just down right silly. Just like the idea that Jesus didn’t drink wine…

              • Oh the moat was dug by 2 niggers and a mule 90 yrs ago, so my neighbor accross the lake tells me. Unless your truck can swim you will be drowning before you get to my land. And the Gators will tear at your flesh like a shitbag on a pole. A prius? Really? Bet you get laughed at A lot pulling your camper to your rent a sand lot.. Thanks for playing. You have no friends here, so move along to your BuyBull camp, PassingGas.


                • I have a friend in Jesus, that will put you in your place one day.

                  all you are is fodder for my entertainment, like genius, ketchup and billybob plus the other half dozen or so, atheists, liberals, and low IQ individuals that think they are raising my blood pressure.

                  i laugh, because the only reason i come here anymore is for entertainment and to piss you dumbass idiots off.

                  Apparently it has been working….need more rope mr. perdition?

      9. Americans need to create a month long Sit-Down Strike, and not contribute anything that benefits the Government whatsoever. 30 days they will be reduced to Ruble and the cowards will flee the coutry. F-Them. Then we have new elections and new leadership a new Government and a new form of money currency called Silver, erase all debts, no taxes and let the dry up on the vine.

        -WWTI…There’s a new Sheriff in town damnit.

        • In a closed economy, that would work. But guess what, they’ll print money, fund lawyers and law enforcement, and then start to put everyone in jail because of non participation.

          When we “sit down”, the creditors to which “we” owe money don’t get paid either…and that is where they will get us.

      10. Yep, this is how it starts.

        Want to be able to purchase foodstuffs for your family in the new digital system? Then you gotta turn in your guns.

        Want to be able to get those prescriptions or leave those utilities turned on in the new digital system? Then you gotta get fingerprinted, or have your dna on file.

        Want to keep getting paid by your employer in this new digital system? Then you gotta let us insert this microchip, or put this mark on you.

        Oh yeah, what could possibly go wrong……

        • Its bigger and badder than George Orwell could have ever envisioned.

        • Sounds more like the mark of the beast.

          • Bingo.

        • Instead of “if you want this, you have to let us do that” I think it will simply all be integrated… any and every location where people conduct transactions will include scanning devices.

          Probably facial recognition to start; but eventually several layers of scanning to reduce evasion of positive ID to zero.

          Facial recognition will be joined by a retina scan and possibly a device that registers your specific heartbeat (slight variations make it unique to each person).

          As technologies become more advanced and less expensive, there may also be “sniffer” devices that simply sample minute amounts of chemicals wafting from the surface of your skin to establish identity based on the unique chemistry of your body. It might even be able to determine your DNA from this chemical scent.

          There just doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. As long as the authorities chant the mystic mantra of “public safety” (or its big brother, “national security”) they seem to have carte blanche to do absolutely anything.

          And most folks just don’t care. As long at they can get their hands on a big-screen TV and the latest iPud they are happy as can be.

          I just hope that I live long enough to get to an off-planet colony….

      11. The situation between Turkey and Russia bears(no pun intended) watching.

        We could be seeing the initial cracks in The Nato Alliance.

        Have not heard any word from Obama White house regarding this.

        If Turkey is militarily struck by Russia, what will the alliance do?

        However, Nato was part of the old order and Obama has said that, that order is dead.

        Just a thought.

      12. Little by little they are closing in on us. You can feel it. The choice is either you go with it or fight it.
        How much can you do without? How can you work around the problems?

        The hard core stuff I have finished. Working on the things that add to life or can make it easier.

        Work the yard sales and Flea Markets for lots of preps.

        • Speaking of adding to life, I just brought the old windup Victrola downstairs from the attic and set it up in the living room. I’ll have endless EMP-proof entertainment.

          Here’s a Youtube video of one of the records that was in the Victrola:

          “Everybody Does It In Hawaii” by Jimmie Rodgers

          • Neat idea.

            I have a Martin ukulele, and an old USA made Fender classical acoustic guitar for same purpose.

            • Yup Ben, got 3 guitars and lots of spare strings and picks so will have tunes. I used to have a Martin acoustic, god I loved it…

        • Fight it, going to die eventually anyway,
          The Lord is my Shepard i shall not want,,,

          • @ Kula…Ive decided to become a hobby farmer. Nothing for sale. Im half done with the hog pen, got the garden fence up at 7 feet tall. Chicken coop and netted yard is 90% done. Planted 3 apple, 3 cherry, 2 pear and 2 plum trees with wire fencing. 3/4 of the work is to keep the bear, moose and deer out. I am going to buy a tiller for my little Kubota so I can do a couple rows of crops outside the fence area that deer won’t eat such as onions, garlic and potatoes.

            • WoW!
              Do you go rock chuck hunting?
              I may want to visit.

              • grouse hunting. turkey is too easy.

            • Cool, get a tunnel, read Elliot Coleman

            • The deer will still eat potato plants and onions if its dry out,,,
              Over here they will make a mess of an onion planting in one night.
              For you up north there Elliots books will be greatm he grows in Maine, so lots of cool climate tips, the extended season info with tunnels or green house to me would be huge in your climate. If i was living up there id build a greenhouse right up against the house, will help to keep it warm. Lots of stuff you can grow even in the winter, or at the least overwinter in your greenhouse, row covers are a huge help too, Agribon, AG35 and AG19, huge help, the AG 19 is good for protecting your plants from bugs, frost, deer,,, the 35 is like a blanket, Johnnys seeds is a good source, Peaceful valley is another one, i like them, lots of good organics and hardware.

              • I checked out his book co authored with another gardener. I have a full greenhouse I built out of angle iron and polycarbonate$$$$ panels to withstand the snow load 60+. Row covers won’t do much up here as I am about 25 miles from Canada, and a little over a mile from Montana. But the neighbor plants garlic in oct/nov then covers the rows with a lot of straw. It will start sprouting in a few months as all the snow melts away and the ground thaws. Most of my fenced crop will be raspberries, blue berries and asparagus. I will can and freeze most of it. I have grown tomatoes and potatoes every year. The deer don’t seem to be interested in them….nor am I..but its easy and necessary. I have a dehydrator, meat grinder and a meat slicer for bambi when season comes. I have free range chickens…dont like them as it is a easter hunt all the time. I built a netted hen yard of about 1000 square feet to contain them and buy bulk feed for them and soon the 2 hogs. Non gmo barley, wheat and peas (no corn). 360$ a ton.

                • What is the book? Can someone please post the title and the author (s)? Thank you.

                  • Phil, the one I got is “Four Season Harvest” by Elliot Colman. He has written others.

                    • POP: thank you much!

                • The row covers are good to use in your greenhouse for additional protection, usually only a few weeks of the year really need it like that, but for outside they can be a big help for getting crops started early or for overwintering or extending a season, ie, keeping kale or carrots in the ground past first frost, or early planting something,,,
                  I keep my chickens in a coop/ fenced yard, about 1200sf or so,,,feed them in the coop every evening, nesting boxes in the coop, they go right in there during the night and sometimes during the day just to lay eggs. Pretty good, they are even getting good at keeping the eggs clean, sort of fun actually.

                  • I knew a woman with a couple hens that wouldn’t lay, (no rooster) she did all the right stuff with feed, scratch, nests, and lighting to get them to lay to no avail.

                    I suggested she download several rooster calls to her laptop and play them for the hens. So every day before she went into the pen, she’d play some roster calls, and then feed them. The hens not only started laying like crazy, they started following her around and cooing strangely to her. I said why yes while mammals are all about colors or scent, birds are all about sound and verbal calls, they think you are the studly rooster now.

                    Just a trick if you have no rooster and their egg laying drops off.

                    Chickens are also sensitive to the length of day daylight, but an inexpensive LED light on a timer can keep the daylight length optimum for egg laying.

              • I must respectfully disagree with building a greenhouse up against your house. In theory it seems reasonable; sharing a common wall will conserve heat. The problem is that greenhouses are not tightly built and attract mice like a magnet. As soon as they settle in to the warm cozy greenhouse, they use it as a base of operations to expand into YOUR house.

                You don’t want a greenhouse within 100 yards of your dwelling.

                • Thats what those green rat poison blocks are for,,,

                • My greenhouse is not far from the house, and we have never had mice.

                  The only animals that have ever lived in our greenhouse were some house wrens. One nested in a potted plant three years in a row. Each set of little ones learned to fly inside the greenhouse. I haven’t seen them in several years.

                  • I was going to say same thing, had one right off my old house, never had rodents, was an oasis of sorts, had the hot tubbin there and grew all sorts of greens and stuff in it, hot tub was heated with a wood burning stove that also heated the greenhouse, pretty sweet, rarely ever got down below freezing.

                    • You guys are very fortunate. I would still adamantly advise against having any outbuildings that are too close to the dwelling. There’s no way of telling whether it will attract mice until it’s too late and I can tell you from experience that this is a problem that you do not want to risk.

                • Karl: when I had a cat I bought some new type of cat litter and used in the garage. What was the cat litter made from? Ground up corn cobs / old corn. Sure it smelled good and was nice and fluffy. Worked great until I went out to my garage and freaked out because little mice were in the kitty litter an jumping out of my way too fancy auto-cleaning cat litter box. It ruined about 10 gallons of paint, too. Mice poop is toxic (look up Hanta virus) and this meant that I had to throw out everything the little creatures pooped on. It was totally disgusting.

                  I noticed some people mentioned using bait or poison. That sounds good unless one of your animals eats a mouse or ingests the poison accidentally. This is the same reason I prefer to use copper pipes around greens to drive away slugs. Slug bait is toxic. Diatomaceous earth is fine but in a wet area gets washed away thus my preference for copper tubing, copper pipe, bare copper wire. It is a barrier to slugs and snails but harmless to other pets / animals.

                  I spent some time in the Bitteroorts, hiking and camping. Same place JJ ended up by the way. Hamilton, Montana. Great place. In the summer mice can infest cabins. I took a chance and slept in a cabin that was infested. I was younger, back then, so any dust stirred up didn’t cause any issues but Hanta virus is serious. The bad part was sleeping in a bed and hearing the mice swarming underneath the bed at night.

                  I worked in some fancy, and not fancy, horse stables. Mice / rats were always an issue. They used traps or the bucket with a plank method mentioned by Old Guy. The traps were just put in buckets of water to drown the mice / rats. Thus the plank / bait / water method. You either survive and protect your food and your food source or you don’t.

                  • The best rat poison to use is warfarin. If a cat or dog eats it, they vomit and are unharmed. It kills rats because they are unable to vomit. I learned that in college, one of the useful bits of knowledge I gained there.

            • My hens started laying,,, have about 22 hens, 2 roosters, been getting about a dozen eggs a day, not bad for beginners, eggs are getting bigger too, have Dark Cornish chickens,,,
              Killed the excess roosters, are not bad,

              • 22 hens!!!! hens average up to 300 eggs a year. If you keep the nesting boxes around 10 inches in height, the can’t poop on their eggs. I learned the hard way having to wash poop off them all the time. I guess you will be selling eggs soon. It should pay for the feed and give you free eggs plus a few $$. I am going to raise 2 hogs (competitive eating, like the porkers in McD’s) as beef is too much of a investment$$$$ at 900-1200$ for a calf. I MAY build a underground icehouse in a few years. Up here it was the norm 30 years ago…some still exist. Ice is free if you have a chainsaw.

                • Dave ~ Fortunes were made from ice in Maine back in the 1800s — it was harvested from lakes in the winter and shipped all over the world, even as far away as Japan. By sailing vessels! This goes to show just how good sawdust was at insulating.

                  The ice houses here were all above ground, to the best of my knowledge. But I am considering an underground ice house for the future. It could be sealed off in the summer and then opened to the outside in the colder months to use the constant 50F underground temp to the best advantage.

                  It would have been very difficult to do this in Maine because the soil is thin and rocky, and there was no machinery for powered excavation back then. Much easier to build a big barn and insulate the hell out of it with sawdust. Lots of forests and sawmills here in the 1800s and there was never any shortage of sawdust.

                  I didn’t know that anyone had ever built underground ice houses. Are there any reference sources that you know of that detail how to build these? I’d love to see some plans and blueprints and so forth. Thanks ~

                  • Its a root cellar with wood interior walls filled with sawdust. The roof is concrete (or timbers) covered with 3 feet of top soil and a barrier if using timber.

              • This is a new website I found last week from the Corbett Report (not the comedian the serious news / money site):


                It is a way to buy / sell / trade / barter for locally grown herbs / produce / eggs.

            • Dave

            • In addition to dear etc eating the fruit trees, you have to be vigilant about worms. They usually bore in near the base, within half a foot or so of the ground. If you see a little hole, jab inside with a pin to pierce and kill the worm.

              Every couple of days (and especially right after a rain) sprinkle finely ground red pepper on the leaves of your plants. You can get a big container of it cheap at Walmart or the dollar store. You would not eat a salad that is heavily laced with red pepper, and neither will the deer.

              • @ Karl.. good advice. I usually spray the trees during dormant season(like now) with sulfur, and I also have neem oil, which is real good for a lot of things including a topical treatment for skin problems such as chiggers, ticks etc… It is used on trees a lot right up to a few days before harvest. The problem with the red pepper here is that it rains EVERY month, so Im not sure if it would be effective if its wet? any advice is welcome. Please reply on the pepper as I have to make a costco 200 mile trip soon.

                • Where do you get the sulfur? Been thinking about doung that but I cant find any.

                  • feed/fertilizer mill. There is one in bonners ferry Idaho. Also you can buy it in liquid form from Home depot.

                • Dave in Idaho

                  when I lived in Texas with massive bug issues, I sprinkled sulphur around the base of my house to keep bugs out. Worked well. It is a soil acidification too and if your plants are showing chlorosis, sprinkle it around the plant and water in. Follow with compost.

                  • going to use it to lower the ph before I plant blueberries this year.

                    • Dave
                      blueberries yum. I built them their own raised bed at my house. I have 5 just for me but just those little Top Hat ones and 1 full size. I made hugelkultur beds for mine. Yum.
                      raspberries this year…

                • Ack! Typo! I meant “deer” of course…. geez…

                  The red pepper approach only works if you have a fairly small hobby garden. It it’s just a couple dozen tomato plants, then it’s easy to go out and sprinkle red pepper on the leaves a couple times a week, and after every rain. If you have a hundred tomato plants, it would rapidly become a tedious chore and it would take a lot of pepper to get you through the season.

                  I have a small hobby garden of about 75 plastic plantpots that are raised off the ground; I put a plank across a few bricks and set plantpots on the plank. Despite my area being absolutely infested with deer, mice, groundhogs, etc. the vegetable plants have never been touched. Not one plant, ever. (Tomatoes, snow peas, spinach, cukes.) Didn’t even have to use the red pepper or anything else. The deer could have easily walked right up to the plants and eaten them all but they never touched them. You might want to try this approach because it works like a voodoo charm for me.

          • I always went with John 3:16.
            but I like Psalm 23.
            New with the old.

            • rellik, ever meet anybody who got ever lasting life?? John 3-16?

              Seeing is believing. There must be millions of believers 300 to 900 yes old eh, that you can bring forth for proof of life?

              Of course the Lord is your Shepard if you are a Stoopid Ass Sheep that enjoys being fleeced weekly of your wealth and dignity. Now down on your knees like a Rat eating cheese.


            • Rellik, in my opinion, you are a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have also contributed with usable advice, instead of busshit procedures …ie car battery solar systems with chinese crap inverters without 3 stage battery charging that will fail over time. Solar panels and inverters at the wrong voltage to run a house. The most dangerous people are the ones who know very little about something, but think they are a expert….like the swamp rat below who hasn’t a clew about your experience and knowledge, and faith in God.

              • Swamp rat above, not Socmarine below.

                • Swamp rat is right, that is one thing we can agree on.

          • Praise be my Lord my rock
            Who trains my hands for war
            My fingers for battle.

          • My mind and my creator instilled guidance are my shepard,
            I will prep and not do stupid shit.
            I will outwit my enemies and cause them to lay in green pastures 🙂

          • My mind and my creator instilled guidance are my shepard,
            I will prep and not do stupid shit.
            I will outwit my enemies and cause them to lay in green pastures 🙂

      13. Maybe we need a clean up so go do it.

      14. Go Trump!

      15. The FED bankers have their own trading floor where they can trade and commodity, currency, or stock. The FED can manipulate any financial instrument in the world, and can print the all the money they need to manipulate the markets anyway they want them.

        Meanwhile more and more businesses are shrinking and laying people off, or just going bankrupt, salaries are dropping and critical goods prices are climbing. Small business starts are at record lows.

        Point is the real world economy is dying, but the FED and US Treasury department continue creating the illusion that there is no problem. This will feed an exponential growth in debt until the illusion collapses, then come the ultimate crash.

        The FED controls the world reserve currency, they are desperate keep it going, they will even risk a global war with nukes, because they want to win at all costs.

      16. There is a very real possibility of nuclear war in the middle east.
        Every dead Moslem is a good thing. I hope the Russians butcher them all, all 1.9 billion of them. World profits would soar!

        Cashless society? Won’t happen where I live. Electrical power is too unstable. Even if they outlaw cash, I know how to turn lead into gold and dollar bills.

        I’d like to see them pull off cashless in Urban areas. I don’t have much respect for the lives of Democrats, Democrat lives don’t matter to me. It would be neat to see Christian NGO’s on the Satellite hawking 60 cents a day to feed the starving Chicago Democrat children with Barley based gruel, but they can’t accept my dollar bills, electronic only.

        I also want to take offense at the concept of the “A total of $16.5 trillion dollars had been wiped out from stock markets around the world” If I invested $10 in a venture, that the stock went to $1000 and then the stock fell to $20, I didn’t lose a thing. The people that lost money were the ones that thought investing in a venture that was only worth $20 and paid $1000 for it. You lose money when your $10 becomes worth $1. That is usually called Bankruptcy. Iceland survived it, and put the bankers and Politicians in Jail. We may want to learn what they have to teach us.

        Keep prepping, we are surrounded by idiots, and Democrats, life is terminal, enjoy it while you can.

        • Democrats and idiots seem to be synonymous more often than not,,,,
          Especially in our neck of the ocean

          • Kyla. A truer statement was never made. Imagine selecting someone for President that is an admitted socialist or a treasonous criminal.

            • Yet they both have people fawning and swooning over them,,,, sadly most people just dont get it

      17. Yep I finally got my Bol location , have new cabin built , have well drilled just need to get pumps installed next . Going solar but could add grid only 300 ft away but want my self reliance. Still have a lot to do but need to start moving preps and get garden area tilled up . Feeling better now that have my Bol coming along

        • @ prepper1…. the best web sites you could possibly read are: and before you buy anything or size your system, read these for hours and days. You will be glad you did as the other sites that sell renewable energy, do just that… sell. When on solarpaneltalk, join it and be prepared to have thick skin as they are brutal, but real knowledgeable. Good luck on batteries and heed the recommended reserve capacity as this is the most expensive part of your system. Avoid parallel hookups in order to get to your amp requirement and just go with larger cells with series to achieve your required voltage of 24v min, 48 preferred. The batteries will charge evenly. This is the type of info on the website that is proven, and there are a few electrical engineers on that site.

          • And DON’T BUY TROJAN BATTERIES! For the money US Battery and Crown are very good. Good idea to have a seperate 12 volt smaller system to run 12 volt stuff too like lights radios, phones,water pump, etc. That way if your inverter goes down your not totally fucked!

      18. Oil prices…dead cat bounce. The economy isn’t coming back any time soon. The only thing that will have effect is a war in the middle east or Obummer’s gas tax. IMHO of course.

        “Want to be able to purchase foodstuffs for your family in the new digital system? Then you gotta turn in your guns.”

        …and the barter system will thrive is this country at levels never seen before.

      19. I got to thinking about the wormer I buy for my animals. Someday purchasing wormer might not be a option. Read up on natural wormers. I settled on Mugwort. It will worm anything except cats. I will even worm humans. I don’t have cats. The only thing I would feed a cat is lead. So I bought a seed packet with 5,000 seeds. I an gonna plant it in several places.

        • Wormwood,,,,
          They used to make absinthe liquor, is also a dewormer,,,

        • OG: there is a poster that wrote about various types of organic wormer she uses on her horses. I forget the name. 2isone perhaps. Check back, hopefully they will repost their worming regime.

          • Diametious earth is a dewormer and cheap. Also kills bugs in the garden and parasites too.

        • Cats in the country are real good to have cuz lots of mice and real big ones called woodrats! They ate two of my duks. Now the cat goes in the pen in summer. The rats dig tunnels from outside to get inside the pen (with a dirt floor.) The cat won’t bother the duks. Is wary of them. So i am hoping the cat will kill the rest of the rats. Can’t use poison. I would rethink a cat and most people like cats and don’t like the idea of seeing them shot. They are just trying to survive just like the rest of us.

          • During the Middle Ages, cats were slaughtered by the millions because it was thought that they were ‘familiars’ that housed evil spirits. As the cat population plummeted, the rat population soared. The rats carried fleas; the fleas carried Yersinia Pestis; the rest is history….. a third of Europe died slow horrible deaths.

            Be nice to the cats!

            • Housecats are not native to the Americas. And they are pretty poor as controlling rats & mice. A 55 gallon barrel placed next to the wall with 6 inches of water and some grain floating on the water will catch more rodents than a dozen cats. cats live to hunt songbirds. the kill the young of ground nesting birds and baby rabbits. cats carry dozens of diseases the humans can get from them. Free roaming and Feral cats all need to be shot. If you have a cat keep it confined. Owls & Hawks are great at killing rodents. The plague was mainly caused by bad sanitation , poor diet and overcrowding. Rats where a symptom not the cause. Remove sutiable habitat and rats & mice are not a problem.

              • What kind of pu$$y gets his jollies from killing defenseless little kitties? Cats are beneficial Dumba$$

                • Green tip and old
                  I use a 5 gallon bucket with 4 inches or so of water here in NM and rats and mice go in after the water and drown. I keep it next to the back door. Most effective mousetrap I have used. When I get one I pour it out in the garden and refill. Had 3 one morning. Now things are thawing out, time for the bucket. Cats are terrible predators and do much damage.

                  • Thats a good idea,, going to try similar, 5 gallon bucket, set on an angle in a block, vaseline around riim on inside, water in bottom…

                    • Kulafarmer
                      never used Vaseline, will try it

              • You’re not native to the Americas, either.

                Keep yourself confined, you may be shot.

                When SHTF, folks that run around shooting other folks’ pets are going to have a real problem staying alive, same with the folks thinking they’re going to play king of the hill.

                • Smokey

                  They only have to keep their pets on their land. Ever had a dog attach you. Not Pleasant. Over the years I have had run in’s with IRRESPONSIBLE Pet Owners.
                  Not going to put up with it.

                  So to push the point. Either you or I will die over it if you want to take it to that level.

                  Don’t want to be king of the hill. Just want to be left alone.

                  • Smokey is correct. Keep your cats and dogs off of my land and they will be ok. I don’t allow two or four legged trespassers on my property.

                  • SS: I always love the jerks with their dog off leash that think they have control over it! It is very difficult to train an animal to respond to voice commands. Can it be done? Yes. I have trained horses and the responded to a number of cues, including my voice. Is it easy? No.

                    I have a neighbor with a little yapperr dog. I am sure this little dog is spoiled rotten. Is it trained? Obviously not.

                    I never let unleashed dogs get near me. I don’t care if a dog is 10 pounds or a 100 pounds, most people in the US are idiotic pet owners and treat their pets like spoiled children.

                    Which is good for me. If I am ever bitten in my neighborhood by a 10-pound dog, or any dog, I will be sure to hire a good lawyer and sue the person for as much as I can get.

                • Conibear 330 traps are good for neighbor’s cats that shit and piss on everything. Put some food in a box one end open with the trap. As they say curiosity killed the cat is sooo true.


                • Smokey
                  My neighbor has a big yellow cat comes up looking at my chickens all the time. I am practicing with my slingshot. It might get shot one day. I don’t have to put up with someone’s little killing machine. You cat lovers need to keep em at home. I keep my dog home and so can you.

        • Please tell me more or a link? I only have horses, and before the “packaged wormers” wormed with tobacco. Like my grandpa did. I would like to know more about this

        • also grow catnip for baiting traps to catch free roaming cats.

      20. Mac, dk, et al the old timers– salutations and greetings. It’s been awhile. Am off grid and remotely located. But this is still my go to site. Read you when I can as internet is spotty at best. So this may have been already brought up.

        Personal belief- The Federal Reserve and power elite will kick the can for another quarter or two. They have a big payday coming April 15th and wouldn’t want the masses thinking something was amiss and not pay.

        Yet, amiss is coming. Along with the financial collapse, the elite are knowledgeable of the earth changes {not global warming}. Increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Erratic unseasonable climate changes – aka 100 and 500 year storms globally and here at home. Mass migration from areas of danger and unsustainability.

        The elite are very much aware time is running out and this factors into their grabbing as much power, wealth and resources they can garner before they disclose what’s behind the earth changes.

        The government is feeding us bits and pieces. There needs to be an honest discussion here on SHTF about the coming cyclical Planet of the Crossing – yes, AKA Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood

        I would think those who would snicker and use the tin foil hat comments would at least ask for additional information to purview as many here have experienced cynicism in explaining to love ones and friends’ why they are prepping and why they want them to prep.

        An aside there was no word like prepper for what I was doing over forty years ago, learning to be self-sufficient for the coming times. Research and learning alternative energy and fuels, gardening, fire arms and ammunitions, acquiring long term water, foods and supplies. All without a computer. The Amish and LDS communities, then were the only kindred like-minded.

        Interesting both were prepping for more then a civil or world war or economic collapse. Makes one go hmmmmm

        • Pleased to meet you. Isn’t it interesting that more people have returned to old methods.

          By the way, this is the way my grandparents lived, 60 years ago, in northern Maine. Why? There were no shopping malls, there were no services. You either survived by working hard or you you died. And for the record none of my family were religious. They viewed religious folks with a great deal of suspicion. I suspect that has a lot to do with religious folks just showing up at the front door, asking for money. My family never took kindly to beggars or ne’er do wells. Not then and not now.

          • Yep, religion and Faith are two different things that confuse people sometimes.

            • Yup, i have faith,, religion turns my stomach…

        • LadyHawk, long time no hear from. Good to see you back.

      21. Nucular. It’s pronounced Nucular.

      22. I used to believe in px a lot yrs ago and then got tired of waiting for it, but i don’t discount it. It could very well be real and the ptb are hiding it from us with SO much dis imformation. No, i wouldn’t discount it, but i think we will have a an economic crash before we see px.

        • If earth gets to bumpin’ ugly’s with Planet X or whatever you want to name it, I hope I’m Kentucky fried on the first past. You all can have my stash if you come across it. POP.

      23. Citing anything from Michael Snyder looses me right off the bat.

        • If that is Micheal Snyders picture at the start of the article, would you buy a used car from that guy?

      24. proverbs 16:30

        I need not say anymore
        Am I right or am I wrong ?

        • Prov. 16:30 He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.

      25. “Make no mistake, those who have orchestrated the fleecing of America, Europe and the rest of the world have absolutely no intention of admitting they are responsible for the disaster to come.”

        I bet Nose Size Reduction Surgeons are going to be raking in tons of shekels, as the perps panic and try everything possible to camouflage their identity.

      26. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming……

      27. I spent 4 hrs with my scientist friend this weekend and it’s looking bad. We dont have a good future and things are going to be bad. I have talked about it on this site dozens of times, and will not be repeating it.. keep prepping and anyone who is not prepping is already dead..especially I’m the all the major cities. California if you live there he says you need to leave the entire state immediately…Texas is only safe State along with a few others up north west and east that will possibly make it… note the word possibly..We are in deep sh…..t…one friend I have not seen in 5 yrs cane into town to visit me an he was making fun of me at the time, telling me that it’s all crap, is prepped and just secured a BOL in east Texas.. Says he researched the conspiracy and is convinced that we are in big trouble.. lucky him. My meeting with the scientist was depressing and a really bad one with lots of bad information and endgame info that just make my stomach sick. He said, keep having babies ladies, keep at it, they think that the future is set, and that’s where they will be wrong.. once they get caught when the soldiers come into there cities, they, them, and their kids are going to pay the price.. Texas will not be east to handle for the invading armies stationed in the country to attack the American people because of the armament, and because of that the regime is concerned about coming here and that makes it a better state to live because of that. Anyone in California of NY that has the money to leave needs to leave now in the next 90 days.. leave now while you can, California is going go straight to hell.


        • Just some clarification about the having babies part(totally not joking). I couldn’t tell if your friend was actually encouraging us to keep having babies or or ridiculing us? I’m popping out my second(and last) babe in July. Please no SHTF until then! I don’t want to have to do this without an epidural 😛

        • WTF are you talking about? What’s this “scientist’s” info? My nuclear engineer friend I met with last week said Fukushima killed us all about 2 years ago….

      28. philosopher work is the key to survival people knew this years ago and did what was needed. Now people are coddled entitled drive up window slobs that can’t bend down to tie their shoe. I’ve seen elderly people that can run circles around younger folks. That is sad. People coming to the door looking for $ are a pain in the ass. I agree begging for $ is the lowest. I WORK for my $ they should try it too. If we get a socialist pres they will invent new ways to steal from working folks. Honestly I don’t see anything good in the future. Just more regulations and $ grabs by gov. We’ve been in this downward spiral for a while. I’m just wondering how long it can go on for. I’ve said it before no one will be living off the fruits of my labor after shtf. Not gonna happen ever useless eaters will not be eating. I will be cold hearted to all gov shills and tell them where is your gov now.

      29. I am going to ration my daily dose of doom for awhile as my husband informed me that I am hooked on silver and I am about to be capped…lol. So, the work in the near future will be improving the skill set, which for me involves finding a range and doing some shooting-and dealing with the guys telling me what to do incessantly which always happens when I go out solo. I know they all want to help, but I get all kinds of conflicting advice. My best group was a “ladies” shooting group that met on Saturdays where I used to live… comprised of about 23 “church” ladies who were locked, loaded and fearless;)

        I am inclined to believe that tptb are floating the idea of nirp and no cash here just to get a reaction for the time being. No mistake about it- there will be huge pushback from Christians, libertarians and people involved in the underground economy.

        *Cashless* is going to be more than painful with all of the junkies out there who will be instantly cut off. I don’t think that society is going to readily line up for beast technology yet. Shoot, all the illegal aliens being paid under the table in cash, would never vote for such a thing:-)

        • TPTB would love nothing more than to go cashless, that way in theory they will eliminate any background economy and force everyone to run above board,,, or so they think,
          IMHO, if they do that the barter and background economy will explode and alternative currencies will flourish. I know i will personally set up and promote a barter system here on Maui, and NONE of it will be electronic. It will all be done with IOUs, credits, and direct goods transfers. I know it can be done and know that

          • Know that many folks both professional and otherwise are receptive to this,

            • Oh, I know the level of receptivity in both groups KF. They’ve got a ways to go though if they are going to implement cashless in these little rural towns where half the population are meth heads. The other half are already self sufficient with mechanical skills and established farms/ranches. The only way to get to that latter group is by taxing them into homelessness. Neither group is going to go quietly.

              • They will do that too wont they,, creeping more and more here, soon it will be wealthy land owners, and then everybody else.

              • 2: thanks for the reminder that all is not well in rural areas. Meth and other drug abuse is rampant.

                Keep buying silver. I am looking to convert some gold coins so that I can buy a mini-Monster box of Austrailian silver which is .9999. JM Bullion has a great tutorial on tax regs and reporting requirements which is another reason I am converting.

      30. Imploding economy/nuclear exchange/what could possibly go wrong?!

        Hicks,enough with the cryptic posts,what exactly is your friend telling you and what do you believe is going to happen?Seriously,get to the point or stop posting this stuff,thank you.

        • Warchild, There is NO point to it. How many times have you read the same thing from him over and over for almost 2 years now and it never changes, never happens, but the same sheeple line up at the trough for it. He’s been playing games, that’s all. Ever notice how big he was last year during the summer and fall of 2015 on Nibiru coming by in April 2016 and causing the end to arrive but here we are, maybe 2 months away from it and he’s been silent on the issue since the end of 2015? Well now, we don’t have to wait for the answer, the answer was always the same, it’s bullshit. It was crap then and it’s crap now so obviously he’s hoping that people have forgotten about how he was raving for it to happen so much last year because the internet records everything you post permanently. So, when April comes and go’s with nothing happening, what will that do for his credibility? The same thing that happens for all his predictions, the only thing that’s really amazing here is he can keep some people actually believing his nonsense for as long as he’s been able to.

      31. This can’t be happening! The only thing happening is the Oscars. What is wrong with you people!!!! Or that Trumps father was in the KKK. You can bet that if you tracked it down 90% of the Dems fathers where KKK members. also there is and Election going on. With a commie and a socialist on one side, and a bunch of RINO’s on the other. (little hint I’m would rather vote for an animal)

        Chuck Norris would make a good PREZ.

        With the tree above, what about a natural EMP, Earth quake, Volcano or Meteor. The only thing you can do is put your faith in God, and your preps, AND LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE IT IS YOUR LASTG DAY ON EARTH!


        • I am voting for my dog come the national election. He has unconditional love, will defend his homeland, encourage more beef production, and he can do what other presidential candidates can’t do..lick his balls!

          • presidential candidates just pay someone else to lick their balls

        • I like that! Write in Chuck Norris…although I’ll probably be writing in Cruz…

        • Amen Sgt.. +1

        • Sarge, you really did not expect ANY of “the truth of what is actually happening” to be broadcast or reported on in ANY manner did you? (*ALL year has been nothing but POLITICS day/night on Foxnews-dot-com and all the others as well. (“News” news seems to not be happening anymore).
          But … Do SWAT teams give warnings before ‘ramming’ a door? Has any government official been honest about ANYTHING over the past four years (and more for that matter). Do elitists ever tell ‘peasants’ their true feelings? Did anyone in either World Trade Center buildings get any warning that wasn’t too late? No, of course not. Neither will what is coming down the pipe be preceded by a marching band and parade floats. All will be well and then all will NOT be well nor quiet for years. Prep accordingly. (We are all going to lose weight …in the form of working it off – – or you won’t eat, have heat, or survive).

          All I am hearing is ‘crickets’ …and so the better half and I are playing it all very close to the chest and making travel as minimal as possible. (But that’s our norm for us). *The quieter it gets the closer ‘it’ gets.

      32. I swear folks. Every doomer board I’m on is replaying the spring of 2015. Same articles, same comments, etc, etc.

        No elections (again).
        Stock market crashing (again).
        Martial law (again).
        WWIII (again).
        Cats and Dogs living together (again).

        Can’t we get some fresh material?

        • “Cats and dogs living together”….One of my favorite lines from Ghost Busters. ‘Ol Bill Murray added that line to the script adlibbed. I still get a chuckle outta that.

          • 🙂

            I agree Dave in Idaho, enough about what we can’t control. We need to understand how to counter it, supply up for it and ultimately resist it.

            But alas, here we are giving all these sites the click bait traffic they need to continue to run.

            And exactly like the average American consumer, we’ll be back.

        • Yep. the fear porn authors, James Rickards, Hodges, etc swore on aug 2015, most had a “feeling” of sometime in 2015. I didn’t think the can could be kicked this far. Now I believe it could go on for another 10 years or more. Our government and society just keeps on morphing into the Matrix. We would be better to have 95% of the articles that are on self sustainable living and old school life styles, rather than worrying on who is doing what. We can’t control the media and elite.

        • Really??
          Over 1.25 American children living on the streets.

          • OK – what’s your point? Coherent thoughts please.

          • It’s either 1 or 2 kids living on the streets, can’t have less than 1 person.

            Did you mean 1.25 million? That’s 25,000 children per state.

            That number is way overblown. Even if it’s including runaway teens.

      33. I don’t mind the fear porn.

        I buy food and supplies in bulk. I eat them and rotate new stock in when needed. I know how many rolls of TP we use a month. Same thing for coffee, paper towels, flour, sugar, etc.etc.

        Since we are going to need this type stuff for as long as we are alive, why not stash up a years worth at sale prices???

        Why not stash some of those Mountain House/Wise long term, 25 year shelf life, dried food buckets?

        When it is time to make the BIG, final, move back to Hawai’i, it will all sell. The guns and ammo, too.

        All my preps still have value.

        The long term food buckets I bought in 2008 will still be a good value for someone. All of my military camo netting will still be wanted by others. etc.etc.

        If SHTF gets in the way of my itinerary, I am ready.

        If SHTF happens during the 12 hour flight to Oahu, we are SOL.

        If we survive the landing, we are back to square one, prep-wise, except for all the trial and error I experienced while accumulating prepper knowledge.

        A lot of that knowledge was learned on this site, from comments on articles like this one.

        Thank you!

        • Ben…are you saying that you live like our grand parents did 50 years ago…when it was normal to do all of the above. Some areas of rural states have grocery outlets too far to go every few days. So we just set our clocks back 50 years.

          • Yes, Dave.

            My grandparents were born in the 1890s. They had to deal with modern conveniences as they came along. I am confident that I can deal with LOSING modern conveniences as they disappear.

            I like the “setting our clocks back 50 years” thought.

            I could go a whole year without buying anything but milk and fruit at a grocery store.

          • Except fifty years will not be what happens . We will skyrocket back to the stone age. It will be a Root Hawg or die no holds barred survival of the fittest. I really think 90% will perish.

        • I know I keep bringing this up, but I have to comment on every toilet paper post. TP is bulky to store and I’m not saying don’t get any, but you will significantly reduce your usage and make it last longer if you use a peri bottle(perineal irrigation) as a hand held bidet(use warm water) and then dry/wipe with a 6″x 6″ cotton flannel wipe. TMI, I know, but save the toilet paper for the harder to clean situations 😛 This setup should far out last your stored toilet paper and will take up 1/100 of the space!

          • This is true …”hand” bidets (water streaming under pressure) or real bidets (they sit right beside the commode), use water to get everything quite clean. Any towelette or perhaps even a Tucks pad would be all you would need. A typical roll of decent TP should last about two weeks (for two people) …though I’ve never actually counted the days (ya know)?

            • We can typically use up one of those costco 36 packs in a month(normal use, not my method mentioned above). My husband uses more than I do! I have a friend who was getting rid of her fabric stash, so I scored about 30 yards of cotton flannel for free. I’m in the process of washing, cutting and serging the edges so they don’t fray when washed. Using the peri bottle helps with laundering later:)

      34. Tried to move some of our nest egg in to an Annuity this morning. The return rate was so low that we would have to live until our mid-80’s just to get our principle back.

        My take on the coming election, a National Socialist Clown(Dump) vs a Commie (Hitler-y).

        Eat sh*t or go blind?

      35. Disaster, just in time. There’s absolutely nothing on television. I hope there are no commercials.

      36. If you ever doubted the British weren’t the bottom-feeding scum of the Western world, then have a read of this:

        Filthy women, ugly women, thug men, mentally-retarded men, brain-dead morons who couldn’t earn a crust without being fed welfare from the state. Oh, and I didn’t even bring up the pedophiles etc. Sad…

      37. Trump’s popularity is certainly understandable
        but ya might wanna watch this video by humorist
        John Oliver
        quite a little expose on Trump
        or should I say Mr Drumpf ?
        he is not what he seems

        Political humorist John Oliver shatters Trump myths—then ends show with a ZINGER

        ht tp://

        • Satori
          That’s best I have ever seen John Oliver. Having “grown up” with Donald Drumpf, I think he is exactly what he seems to be. This was very funny.

      38. you HAVE to WATCH these “family value” types
        LOL !!!

        Fox’s Bill O’Reilly loses custody of teen children after New York appeals court ruling

        h ttp://

        “Court transcripts published last May showed that the girl told a court-appointed psychologist that O’Reilly “was choking her mom or had his hands around her neck and dragged her down some stairs.”

        this guy is one of the biggest frauds ever

      39. Who wtf you said that the war on drugs is the biggest waste of$. I gotta disagree I think they need to do more about the epidemic of drugs. I’ve known people who have ruined their lives cause of drugs and alcohol. They were normal people till they got involved in drugs. These people were successful educated respected then started drinking and then added prescription pain killers then moved on from there. They end up like fruit cakes crashing their car into stuff then the police take them in and they get criminal record. I live in a state where marijuana is just about legal up to an oz to possess for personal consumption. If police catch you with it it’s a civil offense like a parking ticket you just pay it. No court. There is a serious heroin problem and a lot of the bums on the corner begging for$ are hooked. These addicts will steal anything not bolted down to get high. I don’t know about you but this is not the future I want for my kids. Drug dealers need longer jail sentences. I’m ok with paying more taxes for this it’s worth it if there is a plan that can succeed it’s just addiction is a hard habit to kick for most.

      40. false alarm ???
        big ta do over nothing ???

        Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion West Coast

        ht tp://–There-is-a-Major-Carbon-Monoxide-Explosion-on-the-West-Coast

        • Chili cook-off on the West Coast?? Perhaps?

      41. “Test Post” havn’t been able to get through lately.

        • Got it!

      42. Redoubt scientist friend is rediculing..the women that do, he is not encourage ing women to have more babies, he is laughing at you all for being stupid for thinking that those kids would grow up to each adults and have may be and exception if you have prepped and have means of defense and strategic relocation to a BOL..let me type up this post fast before my woman bust me again on this website, while she is still asleep..the situation is not looking good for people all over the friend keeps warning us about the environment, the environment again and the date to back it up.. that they environment is what canal is counting on to use as the excuse to suspend the elections delete martial law and to deploy chinese soldiers with orders to capture all the young women, kill our the men, launch attacks against states that are not under UN compliance… it’s is a literally the living hell on earth coming to our cities..the first thing I did was to make damn sir that my girl friend was not going to getting pregnant at this time, phuck that, in this time of 2016.. this is the year according to my scientist friend is the year the laughing stops…with all the oil lay offs, etc and other layoff in manufacturing, etc…this is going to be a bad turn out.. I will really be surprised if I have a business that’s still functioning by the ne d of this year..Renee, if you are have money and do good then you and you hubby need to make plans for and exit, you have kids a.s having another one on the way.. this is scary stuff..if you have prepped you may my friend go me, they are getting rid of us a.d they ar going to do it in a very, very, very bad, bad way.. David hodges, Steve Quayle, hangman, V, Dr Garrow, have all warned that we have bas wars and that soldiers brought in from China, Russian and other nationals are going to liter laugh attack us civilians, rape
        Massacre murderer kill, the worst of the worst is going to unleashed on us. It makes my stomach sick to gave to post this stuff.. it better that I tell it and let the public know what I have heard. Now I have a Piece of ass living me to worry I am in her same boat as most I am having to take her how to shoot and teach her how to kill at 3-400 yards..martial arts and other sh…t. She just mastered tripping dudes and smashing their heads into the Concrete pavement and how to crush testicles with the end of the day women cannot defend themselves they way we men can and it’s up to us to defend them. Most women are in their own world and focus on women either put up with the BS of live single.. I prefer to put up with the bullsh….t..



        I have no confidence and belief in the future and our survival. I am a realist and pessimist..

        • Renee,

          Notice how he touched ALL the usual buttons, except for the one he was screaming about all through 2015, the big one, the ” Nibiru” arrival in April 2016. Here we are, 2 months away from it at the most, and not a peep from him regarding the ” biggest doom event of our lifetimes”, our at least that’s what he was screaming about up until January of 2016. Now ask yourself a question, if he was so concerned about it last year, why did he suddenly stop talking about it at all this year? I don’t have to answer that for you because you and everyone else here already knows why, the same reason nothing he says will ever happen either.

        • I figured as much, but then I’m of the mind that people who have true common sense are being outbred by the mindless welfare moms. Idiocracy is not just a movie, it seems to be a way of life now. I kind figured that if I wanted my values and perspectives preserved post collapse, that is best done through kids. I was almost one of those high IQ people who waited too long for kids, since I’m going to be 38 when I birth my last.

          I have recently learned from a friend who is former military of a Krav Maga instructor in my area who does women only classes. Once I’m recovered, I’m look forward to using that to get back in shape. Firearms are great, but if I’m disarmed, I still want to be able to take a guy out. You won’t find me checking out like Charlize Theron in “The Road”. Stupid Woman. I’m the Momma Bear/Viking you best not cross paths with.

        • hcks – the lady you speak of (she who is now trained to kill on command and copulate to your every whim) would that be the brunette with long black hair?

      43. HCKS

        I am a realist and a pessimist but I am having Fun.

        Despite all the bullshit you have to admit you have learned far more than most of the people of this nation.
        Doom and Gloom, discard the bad shit. Keep the good shit.

        Who would of thought that I would take up gardening again after a Brown Thumb.

        • Slingshot
          Maybe I just pay attention to the bad stuff so I can play pioneer woman like it matters 😉 I am having way more fun than empty head stuff which is b.o.r.i.n.g. Unlike others, I don’t want worse bad to happen… economic collapse is plenty bad enough and unavoidable. No mortgage and a garden survives that pretty much.

      44. Warchild, there are things that are too serious to post..i do not tell lies on this site.. you will see a chain of say that things won’t happen the feds just murder a man.. they did it in front to everyone, so don’t call BS just yet……I could out something on macks site then this site crashes and they take it down, then what? look at the attacks on me they know that I know something. Isn’t it obvious..


        • HCKS

          Some of topics I would like to discuss would really send in the troops. We have been candy coating plenty of stuff but all that sits in the ID of our minds.

        • The only ” obvious” thing is your big screaming prediction of Nibiru arriving next month is not being talked about by you at all. You were screaming about it from summer through fall and right up to winter of last year and then suddenly, you decide to change up and talk about every other thing BUT your big world ending prediction. Is that how you constitute an ” attack” on yourself, by pointing out the bloody obvious? Go ahead and make your big ” out”, I doubt anyone will have to worry about Mac’s site crashing, least of all Mac. How about it Mac? Are you willing to ” risk” the possibility of your site being taken down by ” them” because of a post by hcks? I’d say there’s a 99.9999999% possibility that nothing will happen, including any of hcks predictions.

      45. I’m an coming music artist i have been working on my music over 2 years now without know progress until i saw an advert on online here on this web site. On how someone was been helped by the members of the donilluminatimember@ yahoo. com i have no choice than to also ask them for help which i did. I’m here this today to give you this good news that i have also got my help too from this same illuminati group i want to use this opportunity to tell the people out there that this is real. as i also had my doubt at first but now i have see they power and lover.

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