The Worst Possible Thing for Vladimir Putin Is President Trump: “You Just Don’t Know What to Expect From Trump”

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    Whether you’re talking about politics, war, or economics, you will find no shortage of commentary from people who claim to be giving you sound advice, but are really just telling you what you want to hear. Or worse, their opinions are based on what they so desperately hope to be true. That’s why the best prognosticators are the people who aren’t infected with wishful thinking. They’re able to confront the truth, no matter how painful that truth is. One of these rare individuals is Marin Katusa, a hedge fund manager who predicted in 2011 that the price of gold and oil would soon crash, despite the jeers of just about everyone else in the investing community. He’s also the author of the bestselling book, “The Colder War,” which vividly explains Putin’s rise to power and his nation’s domination of the energy sector.

    In the following interview with Future Money Trends, Katusa not only details his expectations for a variety of market sectors like gold mining and energy, but explains exactly why, contrary to what most observers believed before the election, Trump and Putin are likely to clash in the near future; a scenario which could lead to serious geopolitical and economic consequences.

    You don’t know what to expect with Trump… And from an Art of War standpoint that is the worst possible thing for someone like Putin, who is very pragmatic, to deal with someone like trump… because you don’t know what to expect.

    Watch the full interview with Marin Katusa:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    While Katusa is certainly no slouch when it comes to geopolitics, his analysis really shines when he talks about the state of the precious metal markets. He has a deep understanding of what assets like gold are for, and the market forces that drive its price.

    I do believe that we’re just in the first couple of innings of a major, major gold run… I can’t emphasize this enough, gold is wealth insurance.

    You have a house, you have a family, you have home insurance. I don’t understand why banks, pension funds, and all these different sovereign wealth funds—and I consult with a lot of wealthy wealthy people, and they go ‘wow we never thought of it that way.’

    All gold is, is an insurance on your wealth. It has been for thousands of years. Its a truism. It’s just truth…

    You’ve probably heard similar interpretations of gold’s place in the economy. In fact, most investors understand that gold can be a safe haven asset. But only someone like Marin Katusa can eloquently explain why it’s a safe haven asset, and how its price could explode during the next financial crisis.

    You see, what most people don’t realize is that the financial community has almost no exposure to gold. In fact, many of the wealthiest people in the world don’t really take it seriously, even though its price continues to rise every time a crisis strikes. Now imagine what would happen if the biggest financial players were spooked by a major shock to the global economy. If only a tiny fraction of their wealth went towards gold, there would be unprecedented effects:

    …People with money haven’t even started with this. Look at the pension funds. Did you know that for like the last 70 years that you could track this, they’re at their all time low for their exposure in gold? Pension funds, the sovereign wealth funds, we’re talking like less than .2% of their funds are allocated to gold and the gold sector.

    So that’s going to change Dan. When it’s at the all time low you know it can’t get much lower than .2%. So if it even gets to .3%, that’s a 50% increase to a very very small sector. Remember, Apple could buy up every gold mining producer, mid-tier, and exploration development company in the world, and it wouldn’t even matter to their cash position. It’s a very very small sector and I think we’re in the very early days. I think it’s going to be great.

    Watch Marin Katusa’s full interview at Youtube and visit Future Money Trends for more expert guidance, market commentary and news.


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      1. I voted for Trump because he is THE wild card. All this crap about his Russian ties are total BS. What will they say when we go head-to-head with Russia? It’s coming. America and Russia have different philosophies that can never co-exist in complete peace. Katusa is correct in his assessment, but it’s not just Putin. No one knows what Trump will do next. Maybe not even Trump!

        • shaking up the new world order. that’s why he won.

          • silvio… you are wrong. He is part of the NWO team but was selected to act like he is the anti NWO yo keep the sheeple calm. Just like the one before him and on and on…

            • totally correct assesment own the mainstream the opposition and the fringe outsiders thats how the NWO elders play the game

          • A big middle finger to all that is PC and status quo was my bet for why he was so popular,
            Hes a total ass, but i would far rather have him in there then that other thing that ran, none of em were a great choice, but Donald was definitely a big middle finger to those other Rinos and the PC crowd

            • Since when do we care about what is good or bad for Vlad?

          • Now that the Trump Whitehouse has been fully hijacked by the NeoCons and MICM, (Military Industrial Complex Mafia.) We are pretty F@cked as a Nation and people for 4 more years of perpetual hate and wars for the sole beneficiary named Israel.

            Trump is an actor, fully duped his voters BIG-LEAGUE!! Already re-nigged on 95% of his Campaign Promises in less than 100 days.

            • Never trusted the guy and sat this election out. Four puppets for AIPAC.

            • Hermes, if Trump totally turns against us like I know Hillary would have, all bets are off. He’s in soros’ back pocket now, thanks to his POS tribe son-in-law. I think we have to expect the worst now.

              • Absolutely Braveheart……..expect the worst now…..and prepare for the worst…..Trump is pure covert Jew scum and played the country for a fool…….I personally did not fall for it, even tho tempted……I figured, I never liked this S.O.B. and Im not gonna start now……..And you know what? My instincts once again turned out to be 100% correct………We are in deep kimchee now……..

        • That is what we wanted him to do! We want him to shake up the New World Order and drain The Swamp! His detractors want him to get sucked into the swamp and be neutralized by the NWO.

          I agree with Katusa but better have what you can hold and keep in your possession.

          • “Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead.”

            That was good metals advice when it was given to this community years ago, and it is better metals advice today. Who was that Masked Man ???

            Yers, of course, it’s in the archives. 🙂

      2. We can’t trust the Russians. Putin is a tough guy and all, but if Trump is making them sweat then great

        • “We can’t trust the Russians”
          Oh….but the whole world can trust America, right? After all, they are “the good guys”.
          Go back to sleep son.
          No one wants war, but if Russia finally decides that the US has to put back in it’s box, I think you’ll find most of the world will cheer the Russians loudly.
          I will.
          As I have said here before….this is Planet Earth……it will NEVER be Planet America.

          • Nuke em Duke… well stated. Same here.

          • Planet Muslim then? They are the fastest growing group! Many believe Europe has been taken over by the Muslims and it is only a matter of time for them to establish a Caliphate that spans the globe. If you wish for the demise of America then you best better be learning to read the Koran in Arabic! I do not see the Russians dominating the world and the rebirth of the USSR! Russia ?? wants to protect their interest and they have a dominant position in the energy sector.

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • LA Eagle…..have a think about this, just for the smallest minute mate.
              If the US hadn’t gone on a fucking 60 year jaunt of Global Hegemonic Domination, then “those terrible Muslims” wouldn’t even be planting bombs in shadows, would they?
              No….didn’t think so. But it’s always the business card of the Blood Soaked Starry Banner……”we needs an enemy boys”……and you people just fall for it left right and centre.
              It was “Communism & Those Nasty Russians” 30 years ago.
              When that fable fell apart, your as swipe government set up an entirely new set of Boogey Men……”The Undefeatable Terrorists” I tells ya.
              You people have lived high on the fucking hog whilst your military have blasted innocent families into oblivion for YEARS ACROSS OUR PLANET.
              Like I said……no one WANTS war, but when the Big Bully gets his final comeuppance, many will cheer.
              Peace to you and yours.

          • Duke.

            You’re a fool.

            And that’s being kind about it.

            • Anonymous……
              I may be a fool……but I don’t hide behind a pretty flag and say nothing when an entire planet is subjugated and systematically raped, one by one, nation by nation, by America.
              What would you know about me anyway?
              Go live your farce that America is the land of the free & home of the brave…..what a fucking joke that is. Some are…..but not many.
              I respect the opinion of most people here…..but if you can’t see that THE GREED OF THE UNITED STATES is the biggest global problem at the moment…..which causes nations to act in terrorist ways (which I do not support, like I don’t support Planet America via Lies & Bombs) then you are THE GREATEST FOOL ON THE ENTIRE NTERNET.
              …….and that is being quite kind sir / madam.

          • Daaaaamn… those alien bastards are gonna pay for shootin up my riiiide…

        • Anonymous… You are a moron, Hope you’ll like your next 4 years

          • I’m really happy with them now, as Trump marches ahead in fulfilling his campaign promises one after the other and faster than any President in history has.

            BTW, all that fleet movement stuff about a strike force moving towards NK turned out to be fake news, nothing new currently being closer than near Indonesia 3000 miles away.

            Hope you enjoy being miserable for then next four years as Trump wins and you lose.

            • what about the promise to put Hillary in Prison?

              drain the Swamp?

              • Lotta luck trying that when Comey, the head of the FBI that investigated her, would be called as witness in her defense.

                Going after Hillary is a losing proposition, it wastes time and further divides a desperately divided nation into ever hostile groups.

                Some things cannot be done, period.

      3. I listened to this for a few minutes:
        Katusa claims to be a Canadian.
        He said, “wealthy people don’t have gold”.
        He said,” gold is wealth protection”.

        If all gold is, is wealth protection, than the people who are not wealthy don’t need it. But that is not the case. Gold is the world’s most dependable coin for the exchange of goods and services. It has value because people want it and it is limited. As the old saying goes, “If the earth was made of silver (just kidding), if the earth was made of gold, people would kill for a handful of dirt”. Actually people have been killing for dirt for as long as they have been killing for gold.

        Have a blessed day. Spring is a lovely time of year. It is warm but not oppressively hot. And for the beach bunnies who love a Summer day, they will be here before you can throw a gold nugget.


      4. All countries, but especially the U.S.A, Russia and china keep dossiers on leaders in government (including Military leaders). They know what kind of underwear they wear and probably why.

        yes, that detailed.

        They form a Psychological Assessment profile of a person.

        One note: General Patton read books written by General Rommel, The famed Desert Fox, and others to develop Combat Armored Operations to use against him in Combat in Northern Africa.

      5. 4/19/1993.Never forget,never forgive,when things go south get justice.

        • Amen

          Never Forget
          Never Surrender

      6. Keep your enemies wondering…..keep them off guard and looking over their shoulder……and don’t let em see you sweat.

      7. Win if you can ? loose if you must ? but always cheat ?

      8. One thing Trump has done that no one else ever has is forced a whole lot of people to show who and what they really are.

        And I applaud him for this.

      9. Its foremost in importance to know who your enemies are. Russia just wants to survive, the Islamic Fundamentalists want to convert by violence. Using the latter, to cripple the former only works in the interests of the Globalist Ruling Elite personally sheltered from the Islamic Fanatics they fund and arm.

        • Russia wants to expand, as the Ukrainian situation and Syria clearly indicate.

          • Anon, wrong. You need to turn the boob tube off and read a whole lot more.

            • Or maybe you should look at their actions instead of listening to someone tell you what to think.

              Russia is definitely trying to expand itself, its power and its influence far beyond its borders and make them a part of its sphere.

              There is a reason for this and simply surviving, which they are pretty much guaranteed by us and everyone else in the world, is not it.

            • Anon total Moron, Wrong o pale!!

          • Actually the Ukraine is interesting. The west, specifically the US overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, looted their gold reserves. The goal is to take control of their natural gas export to Europe economically hobbling Russia. The Crimea, virtually entirely ethnic Russian houses Russia’s Navy base. Expand? The US is on Russia’s border. I don’t see any Russian’s in this hemisphere.

            h ttp://

            Russia is expanding in Syria? The US arms ISIS, a terrorist organization, to overthrow the sovereign government of Syria which protects Christians. Russia has had ties with Syria for 50 years. The US is in their sandbox and its over a natural gas line. Its blatant globalist business expansion with the intent of monopolizing the worlds energy resources and the US is at its spearpoint.

            Here is the US relationship with Islamic terrorists.

            Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

            h ttps://

      10. Personally, I see that America has much more in common with Russia than it does with the ME or China.
        I was hoping that Western Civilization would bond and prosper meanwhile send the ME and other Non Westerns cultures back home to never come back!
        Missed opportunity in my opinion.

        I would prefer American made but Europe has fine craftsmanship as well. The food, culture and religion is also acceptable. Not to mention Europe is where most Americans can trace ancestry. Sick of the Chinese goods forget their pond grown crap fed fish. Mexico poisons vegetables so that’s no good either.

        Perhaps the global cabal fears the North brain and brawn? Notice in schools what religion and culture is not taught? After all the only way the Romans beat the Germanic tribes was through the Roman catholic Church. Rome stayed south of the RHINE!

        No doubt we have a Culture War! To this article I support Putin. At least he fights for his culture as he understands what is going on, the purge. Meanwhile, the DC cabal followers can’t figure out how to kill our brave warrior fast enough.

      11. Nor do i Mr Putin. I know what to expect,and if any of your russians punks every come back up to me in public, this time, i will engage.


        Fuck russia, fuck putin..

        Russia and china is our enemy.

        Dr James Garrow.

        • The USA has never been at war with Russia or China. They where our allies during WWII. Yet we stick up for Great Britian-France- Japan- Germany and a host of other nations that have waged war against the USA in the past? Even Canada and mexico have waged war against The USA in the past. Russia sold Alaska to the USA. You need to rethink just who are the real bad guys.

          • Old Guy

            A friend married a woman from Belarus that was in her late 20s when the USSR dissolved. My friend toured there for some time. There are many monuments throughout the nation to “The Great Patriotic War”, WWII, and their veterans are revered. Every monument has three flags. The nations flag (formerly the USSR) then one tier lower the US and UK flag. These monuments were built during the cold war. She was schooled under their system and was taught that the US and UK gave great help to them.

            I was schooled in the 60s into the mid 1970s. Russia’s participation in WWII was taught in all of two minuets and they fought roughly 70% of the German Army.

            I like living in the US and its certainly preferred over Russia but facts are facts.

            • Russia lost a entire generation of young men during WWII. And our pilots who bombed japan didn’t have enough fuel for the return trip. The landed in China and the Chinese helped them return to England. No it wasn’t taught ib school. They tried and sometimes succedded in teaching those commies where bad and ate babies.

              • 80% of Russian males born in 1923 never survived the war. I learned a lot from my friends wife. Not everyone in the eastern block wanted to leave, many were pleased with the cradle to grave system. The men are quite commonly drunks and it really got prevalent post WWII as they were coddled by the women because of their war experiences. This set a pattern for the next generation of men and so on that seen men drunk and women being responsibly educated. I seen a photo of my friends father in law. He had a few gold teeth. I asked who paid for that, the reply, the government. It was their version of caps. Granted he was a WWII vet and they get put to the head of the line on everything, jobs, apartments and the like, they’re revered. The police are corrupt but criminal activity like robbery and muggings are rare. Everyone in the city has a plot of land allocated to them outside of the city where they each have gardens. Being well dressed is very important to them. All of the males fire an AK47 in high school. The women don’t shoot them but do learn how they work and can field strip them and reassemble. My friends father in law has a Mosin Nagant, I was surprised to hear that. He hunted with it. He was some kind of reserve police, like inactive reserves in the last. That might have accounted for the rifle. On the flip side she is leery of discussing politics and such. We had it a lot better but they are not evil, Stalin was evil.

                Somewhere between their propaganda and our propaganda lay the truth.

      12. I truly do not understand why anyone would take advice from a hedge fund manager.
        It’s like shooting yourself in the foot again because the pain wasn’t to bad the last time you did it and it didn’t bleed much.
        POP! Damn, that smarts! I think I’ll try the other foot. POP! Okay. That ones bleeding a lot.
        Trump and Putin are just the faces for the scumdogs of the universe. Their the front men. When the scumdogs make a decision and it adversely affects a population, the front men take the flack.
        Hedge fund managers are part and parcel with the rest of the banking scumdogs.
        These are the people we should be hell bent on getting rid of…not taking advice from.

      13. Sen. John McCain, the traitor, has met with terrorist leaders, again. This time McCain went to Muslim Albania and met the leaders of MEK, a Sunni Muslim terrorist group. He promised them weapons and financial support. Do you folks see the pattern yet? The US backed the terrorist KLA, so they would fight the Serbs. The US backed Al Qaeda,so they would fight the Soviets. The US backed the PKK terror group, so they would attack Iran. The US created and backed ISIS, so they would fight the Syrians. Your government is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. We’re number one! We’re number one! Please God, strike down the government in D.C.

        • Him:
          You are right on all counts, but you left out the most important part. Everything done by the U.S. is for IsRealHell. The U.S. is being set up to take the blame. All the stooges in Washington are getting bribes from the money changers. Never before has a foreign Country’s President walked in and been given one standing ovation after another. Why? Because The United States Senate and House of Representatives is under the thumb of you know who.

          __ put the blame on you know who


      14. Why is Putin having his nuclear bombers coming close to Alaska? This has happened several times in the last few days? Is he trying to discredit the democrats picture of Putin and Trump being buddy-buddy? Is he trying to test Trump? Good way to inadvertently start a nuclear war.

        • BRIAN, it’s been standard procedure for about 40 years now. They fly past Alaska, we fly over Russia.

      15. Read Nixon’s book. He explains the President should be the wild card.

      16. After learning that Bill O’Reilly was leaving FOX, Aaron Hernandez hung himself.

        • Hahhahaah

      17. Of all the interesting perils that are flung at (((Modern man))), nothing is more grandiose, more evident and worthy of pause than what I shall call the “Spear of Stupidity”.

        Only such a weapon could exist that will forever impale him immovable, into false beliefs of idol worship, baseless theories, and fact-less history.

        He doesn’t simply believe it because it was spoken, written or declared by some “expert”, but because he’s either too lazy or stupid to check the facts and learn something new.

        Did we ever consider that a mouse would ask the question: “why the maze to get to the cheese?” No. Because the mouse is a dumb rodent, whom is only hungry as he learns that the maze is the way. Do you think man can be just as stupid? Think again. In fact. Don’t think at all, because the ‘cheese’ tastes so good.

        10,000 years from now, when they dig up our remains, the question will be asked:

        “From what Era are these?”

        To wit, the proper response shall be:

        “Oh. That’s from the age of Bullshit. You know? Religion, trust in politicians, flat earth vs. ball earth, snap benefits, lets go to war… I suggest we put them back and dig elsewhere.”

        • faux the age of bullshit. I agree . Never has such a large percentage of the population been brainwashed to a set of stupider core concepts.

      18. No matter what loose cannon Trump does. Im still not gonna buy any gold. We only invest in things we can use now or in the future no matter what the economy or any politicians do or don’t do.

      19. A friend of mine has a son that went to college and he became a stock broker. We where at the sale barn and I was selling several thousand dollars worth of cattle. The lad was telling me how I should let him invest my money. He told how he could double my money in a few years. and he just painted a rosy picture. When He got all done I asked him . If you can really do all of that why do you need my money? I think if you could do what you state that it would be a closed club and a well guarded secret. Then I said im not so stupid as to give you my money to gamble with and pay you to gamble win or lose. He didn’t have a answer.

        • When I shake hands with Stock Brokers and Realestate Agents I count my fingers immediately afterword.

      20. I’m not going to buy gold either no matter what they say.
        I’m also not going to invest in the marijuana stocks being advertised all over the place including here on shtf.

        Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to AG so he could do his dirty work for him. Trump never wanted recreational marijuana legalized but didn’t want to lose voters so he played both sides. “I’ll let the States continue to decide” Trump stated during his campaigning as that was his way of appealing to both sides of voters, the anti-pot and also pro-pot people so he didn’t risk losing votes on the recreational marijuana issue.

        AG Jeff Sessions is a staunch pot opponent and is going to re-classify marijuana as a Schedule 11 Drug so that it falls under Federal jurisdiction and no longer under State and so that it becomes illegal once again and is under his complete control. Plus, this way he can fill up his privatized prisons quicker with a steady stream of new “felons” and ca-ching cash in, and also because both Sessions and Trump are in bed with Big Pharma who will lose billions if recreational marijuana is legalized. Now I see that they’re not going to let that happen to the Big Pharma boys they cater to.

        I admit I regret voting for (talks out of two sides of his mouth) Trump. He was essentially lying when he said “Regarding the recreational marijuana issue I’ll let the States decide.” One broken promise and lie after another and another. What next. Very disappointed.

        • They’ll get the fight of their life on that opening up a 10th Amendment case. If someone is an “Originalist” , and” those powers not designated to the Federal Government are reserved for the States or the People” one has a hard time being intellectually honest to employ the misused, “Interstate Commerce Clause” in the Federal Governments defense. Regardless the massive disobedience will instigate the use of Jury Nullification.

          The above cracks the door. Blatant overreach will bite them in the tail.

      21. K2 Right. But Attorney General has the power and authority to reclassify mj as a Schedule 11 drug (and I think he will) so that it’ll automatically be regulated under Federal law, not State law. ALL Schedule 11 Drugs, aka *Controlled Substances*,(such as Codeine, Oxycontin, Percocet, Demerol, prescription painkillers / sedatives) are all regulated under Federal law, not State law.

        “Reclassifying” as a Controlled Substance will be his angle. “Bite them in the tail”, they don’t seem to care who they anger and who is calling them on their crap. Doesn’t phase them. It’s become apparent to me lately that they do not care.

        I now believe that’s one of the main reasons Trump tapped Sessions because he knew he’d be able to pull this off. That was one of Trump’s criteria for his new AG, that he reclassify mj.

        They don’t seem to play by the rules, at least that’s what I’ve noticed thus far. They even found a way around the nepotism policy so Ivanka and Jared, neither of whom are qualified for their roles, could remain there without anyone having any legal recourse or voice in the matter.

        I am for legalizing recreational mj even though I rarely use it myself, but can see this getting quite ugly for all the reasons mentioned in both of my posts. Trump doesn’t seem to care about right and fair. So far I’ve noticed a pattern here lately where Trump seems to care more about getting over and winning. That’s not a good sign.

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