“The Whole System Will Be Wiped Out” Expert Warns of Financial Meltdown

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    The following article was originally published by Tess Pennington at ReadyNutrition.com.

    Tess is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For ANY Disaster


    For years there has been a lot of financial noise. While many of us are novices at understanding stocks and economics, one thing is for certain, things are not right. In fact, our economy has not been right since the government’s rescue attempts of the “too big to fail” corporations and the housing bubble that peaked in 2008.

    But how much longer can they prop up our financial system? Economic advisors such as Martin Armstrong, developer of the Economic Confidence Model, theorizes that boom-bust cycles occur once every 3,141 days, or 8.6 years (the number pi multiplied by 1000)

    His charts warn of a global economic shift occurring where many trends will have reached their life cycle in 2017. If you have been following the stock market, you are well aware of the incredibly inflated stock market prices and over priced real estate markets.

    There are strong parallels to this current market and that of the stock market crash of 1929. Stocks are overvalued and have shattered record highs in recent years and only seem to continue climbing. But, as history dictates, what goes up will come crashing down.

    1929 stock market crash versus today
    Market expert, Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist at ITMtrading.com recently gave grim predictions of what all of this means and warned that she has never seen a market as rigid as this market is. She’s been studying the market for so long she feels that the overly inflated market we are seeing are intentional and will pop.

    So when will we see this financial crash? Zang states that in the next five years, the central bankers will put mechanisms in place to pull the plug and issue a massive reset. Anyone with a brokerage account, 401K, pension, IRA, or any wealth held inside of the system will be wiped out. The system will be reset. This sounds eerily similar to the Greek crisis, doesn’t it?

    In an interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog, Zang goes into detail of what to expect when this current financial cycle resets and explains the warning signs she saw that triggered these startling predictions. Folks, it’s not pretty.

    If You’ve Yet to Prepare, the Time is Now

    Unlike the recession of 2008, this economic beast will not be held off. There will be extensive amounts of wealth lost leading to drastic cutbacks by consumers. As well, you can anticipate food prices to increase even more than they have over the last few years. In fact, the price for food has drastically risen since the last recession; and according to this chart, prices are set to steadily increase with this next crisis.


    How to Limit Your Exposure to the Next Financial Crisis

    1. Get prepared. At the very least, buy food, products, and supplies in bulk to help you prepare for price inflation. If you have the means to do so, invest in 30-60 days worth of supplies so that you have everything you need. Having these on hand will help you if times become more difficult. This best-selling book, The Prepper’s Blueprint is a step-by-step reference manual to help insulate you from these types of emergencies. As well, if you can manage, get out of debt, organize your finances and find ways to free up some of your income for an emergency fund to help you create a personal safety net – but keep it out of the banks and out of the market.
    2. Look for secondary events. When the system itself is no longer able to support the tens of millions of Americans secondary events will only increase. Events such as travel restrictions, wealth confiscation, food shortages, squatters rebellions, riots, and martial law.
    3. Preserve wealth. Choose hard assets (dry goods, precious metals, land, livestock, skills, etc.) for long-term investments so they will hold their intrinsic value over time. Holding these types of investments will insulate you from inflation and other economic losses. Further, tying your money up in assets will help you avoid the inflating prices of food sources in the future, thus furthering your cause of self-reliant living.
    4. Invest in food. One thing analysts and financial pundits agree on is that, in general, commodities will continue to rise. Using a combination of shelf stable foods, you can create a well-rounded food supply to depend on when an emergency arises. Further, these foods last a lifetime and would make sound investments for future planning. Ideally, you want to store shelf-stable foods that your family normally consumes, as well as find foods that are multi-dynamic and serve many purposes. Dry goods like rice, wheat, beans, salt, honey, and dry milk will provide you with an investment that will grow in value as prices rise, and also offer you peace of mind in case the economy further degrades.
    5. Learn how to grow your own food. In a homestead environment, a person wants the land to work for them as much as possible. Invest in fruit trees, seeds, and garden supplies. If you really want these peak foods, find a way to grow them yourself. Further, if you live in a rural area, consider investing in trees and bushes that will lure wild game. The trees and bushes can provide you with added sustenance and help you stock meat in your freezer. Here is a how-to guide for creating a garden quickly.
    6. Raise your own food. Rather than paying hard-earned money at the store for eggs, poultry and dairy—raise them yourself. Chickens are very easy to care for and can provide you with meat and eggs throughout the year. Additionally, you can find substitutions for these peak foods with a little research and ingenuity. For example, rabbits would be a suitable protein replacement and can even be raised in more urban areas. Similar to chickens, they don’t require much care and with some effort can be fed from the homestead’s garden or you can grow fodder. They are also great breeders and will provide you with ample amounts of meat. These are the 10 best meat rabbit breeds. As well, for the modest price of purchasing a fishing license, you can stock your freezer with fresh-caught fish.
    7. It all adds up. Again, do what you can to pay off debts ahead of time and work to restructure your outgoing funds to lower your expenses as much as possible. Debt only enslaves you further, and finding ways to detach from the system will break those shackles. As well, look into finding additional income streams. The more income you can set aside, the better off you will be. That way, if your main income dries up, you have a fall back income and won’t have to go into default.

     We Have a Choice

    This economic crisis is projected to hit much harder than the 2008 recession and will last longer. The truth of the matter is that we stand at the brink of a precipice and the choice is yours to make: you can ignore the telltale signs or get ready and brace yourselves for it. It’s time to get ready because it’s about to get real.

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    This article was originally published at the Ready Nutrition Website.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. This was basically my Masters thesis in economics in 1998 and why my assets are land, off-grid cabin, armory (worth more than my Jeep), tools & equipment, and silver are all paid off. No I can’t silver, but I can replace my land and cabin materials with it.

        • But but but, I have lost a fortune by not being all in this great and magnificent stock market. I could be retired now if I would not have listened to the doom “experts”.

          • Gandhi, if you listened to Michael Snyder you screwed up royally.

            • Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned Friday that the United States is about to pay a hefty price for years of artificial economic recovery propped up by abnormally low interest rates from the central bank. Greenspan said the nation’s bond markets will collapse first, rapidly bringing the rest of the economy with them.


              • KY Mom, as you know the Bond market dwarfs the stock market in size. Greenspan is right and his statement and either the US or another nation’s bond market will collapse, rapidly bringing the rest of the WORLD economy with it/them.

                Just a few percentage points and it’s “game over man, game over!”

                Thanks for bringing important information to the site.

              • Good!

              • KY jelly Mom, I’ve read this site for years & you’ve Always added nuthin but useful info & tidbits! I want to Thank YOU & also ‘Be Informed’ for that! May you be safe in the journeys that lie ahead! Boink 🙂

          • We stayed in the market for years, took early retirement at 62 and since I have read about crashes since late 70’s and banks collapsing, etc. like others have, I assumed later it was to sell books and survival items as time went on and nothing happened. Grocery stores still open and banks yet no one has a definite timeline. Folks who prepped for y2k refuse to be ripped off again when metals became almost worthless in 2001.

      2. “If you have the means to do so, invest in 30-60 days worth of supplies so that you have everything you need. ”

        This douche just described financial apocalypse similar to the great depression that lasted a decade, and says to prepare with a month or two of extra food….

        /rolls eyes.

        • I’m not a Mormon,
          but I believe they prepare for a year
          of supplies.
          I’d hate to have to eat my Mule.

          • They were supposed to prepare for seven years, just as Joseph and the Egyptians. But they cut it down to one year, because almost no one was complying. I’ve heard that very few Mormons actually have the one-year supply. I know some, and they don’t have much of anything. So don’t count on raiding Mormons as your backup plan.

            • I don’t count on Mormons for anything
              except preparation advice.
              Some of the best friends in
              the world, but I’m not giving up
              my beer, I’ve given up everything

            • True, the 600 lbs of sugar in my neighbors garage, that I never saw, is because she makes jelly. The ones who have stuff keep it quiet from anyone that’s not in the same position.

            • I thought it says the tribulation will last 7 weeks? But for some reason they say it means 7 years? Think about almost 2 months with no water electricity empty food stores. If the average person has one week of food in their house. What would they do for the next 6 weeks? A month and a half eating birds, grass . ? Seems 7 weeks would do as much as nesesary?

            • Most people do not have the space in an average 3 bdrm house unless they rent off site storage units. People are living paycheck to paycheck with few exceptions. Some have heard this so many times, they ignore the warnings. Most of us live in cities , towns and unless out in the country they cannot have animals (maybe rabbits or hens), like goats, geese, hogs, etc. Some I know quit prepping after Trump got in.

        • NunyaBidness, having/investing in 30-60 days worth of food/supplies will give people a cushion to fall back on and it will put them miles ahead of most people.

          It’s best for most people to keep it simple, so do what you can, when you can!

          • Justice ‘Just us?’ Absolutely! Hopefully the cushion gives you enough time to discern which of your neighbors have a clue and whether you need to Bug or not? Now might be a good time to find out… PS I’m surrounded by county created ghetto, so buggin will happen ASAP when SHTF! 😉

        • Yup, a few weeks wont do much,

      3. Does Hunter always sound like an Indy Track announcer?

        • That’s his pretend “radio voice.” I hate when he interrupts. He’s not as bad as Alex Jones, but he still does it.

          • Achivist, NOBODY is “as bad as Alex Jones”. That guy loves the sound of his own voice and thinks that every “Brain Fart” that his mouth emits is … somebody help me out, I backed myself into a corner with this analogy.

            • Every “Brain Fart” that his mouth emits is a pearl of wisdom waiting to be inhaled by the clueless masses.

              • Thank You FreedomFighter! That was what I was looking for.

            • Hey Justice. Are you a moron or just pretending to be one on this site?? You sound like some left wing nut job that hates America, and Trump and anything about the truth and who reports the truth, and real Justice.

              How much are you being paid to be a contrarian Lefty Troll here? You sound like one of these repeating PBS talking point listeners.

      4. This lady has most all of it right.
        One thing I question is,
        My disclaimer is, I am debt free,
        but if inflation goes through the roof
        why worry? You get to pay of old debt
        with hyper-inflated dollars.
        I personally hate any inflation,
        but the government purposely causes it
        as a “hidden” tax to pay off debt.
        So why worry about debt?
        If things go as I suspect they will,
        depression, not inflation will occur.
        Debt will then destroy you.
        I don’t care if my properties become
        worthless, I won’t have to pay taxes
        on them, and they still produce lots
        of food, water, and energy.

        Keep on preparing for whatever you
        believe is going to screw up the world.

        • Bullets
          That should take care of da fucking gimmedat democrat

      5. I had started watching this and was going to post the link here but someone beat me to it. It is a long video but watch it. She seems to be one of the more factual people and not just a rumor monger. Listen to what she says and get your money out now. If you don’t have it in your hand its not yours and the gov’t will take it or devalue it to zero. Stock up on tangibles. Food, real estate and gold/silver. She thinks it is coming very soon. Hang on folks cause here it comes.

        • mominator, I love your name. I too believe that we are close to the beginning of real SHTF. Back in 2008 the question was WOULD they recklessly run up the National debt to kick the economic can down the road? The answer turned out to be YES.

          Now are are 9 years down the road (which is a long time historically for any “economic recovery”) and nothing has been fixed. In fact everything is now much worse.

          Every PONZI scheme MUST grow or it implodes. That is just the way they work. Somebody please explain to me how/who can take on more debt at the time. Government were the biggest entity and now they have reached their debt limits. A 2 percent interest rate increase will bankrupt any/all governments. When one entity collapses, like a domino, it will collapse another entity, and another, until every interconnected thing comes down.

          What is different this time is that there is nobody left to take on more debt, hence they have run out of road. Greenspan is right and the time for the economic collapse is here.

          PLEASE TELL ME HOW THEY CAN ISSUE MORE DEBT AND TO WHOM. If the answer is no-one then, as George Bush said, ‘this sucker is coming down’.

          • I think yes too, just look st how TPTB are beating on Trump, they are going to ruin that poor bassturd, can feel it, see it, its like watching a slow motion train wreck

      6. The economy goes up the economy goes down. Since I started looking at websites like these back in 2001 I have read these collapse reports once a month. Blah, Blah, Blah. I prepare for the worst but honestly do not see it happening. So calm down
        have a beer take a nap then take care of your preps and your life. And you will be fine.

        • So, you didn’t see anything go down in 2001 and 2008?

          Have you even heard of 1929, or 1986?

          • Watched my 401 go from 46k to 11k in 2 weeks

      7. Looking at silver prices wtf! It staggers up and then plunges straight down like a drunk.

        • Buy low and hang on to it. The actual value changes very little.

        • I am watching the price. Going to wait until Monday and see what price does. If it goes down again I am buying.

      8. Good Lord I’ve heard this for 30 years now.

        just saying!!!


      9. “Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan issued a bold warning Friday that the bond market is on the cusp of a collapse that also will threaten stock prices.”

        ht tps://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/04/greenspan-bond-bubble-about-to-break-because-of-abnormally-low-interest-rates.html

      10. These people continually pedal the same crap day after day week after week month after month. I have been listening to them save the collapse is imminent and going to happen tomorrow for the last five years.

      11. For me we are in the midst of Matthew 24: 4-14 (birth pangs) First thing to get in order is your spiritual life. John 14:6.

        Know Jesus as your savior…He died for you.

        Then make your physical preparation.

      12. There is more to preparation than stocking up.
        Survival is the impetus of all living things including humans.
        As human beings in this current environment, things like intelligence are key to survival. Education is not intelligence, but it is also very important if you aim to survive.

        A person who buys a property without water rights will regret that fact when he wants to dig a well or create a pond. If you are digging and uncover gold, it would be important to have mineral rights. If you get into a legal dispute, it would help if you were a Real Estate Attorney, or had access to one. This is why you have twelve children. Some grow up to be doctors, researchers, farmers, dentists, attorneys, and the rest help out domestically, or are educated in Economics, Business, trades, or other useful enterprises.

        If you don’t have twelve well educated children then siblings and their spouses, lifetime friends and others can form your survival “team”, helping one another.

        Survival is all there is. Without it, you are dead.
        As for the spiritual, that is eternal survival; choose well.


        • B from CA, Chief Justice says, you speak’um much truth!

          I am a hermit (i.e. a lone wolf,) consequently, my chances of survival are greatly reduced. But my brother is personable and has lifetime friends and others who have formed a survival “team”. Plus I realized the importance of being among similar like minded people. Without these two things all the gear and preps in the world will not be enough.

          • But seriously, if you don’t already have a “survival group” it is vital that you are able to bring something to the table that people will need.

            Ask yourself, what SERVICE can I perform or GOOD can I provide that a group of people would need?

            • My wife will service, if needed?

              • You might want to rephrase that statement Ghandi. It begs so many retorts….. first to hit was “post pics, geolocation, times of day and availability”. And considering this a SHTF site next was – “does she barter?”

            • Food!

              • If you don’t bring food, you are food?

                • Thats a scary thought, the old Hannibal Lector treatment

          • Expect your “lifelong friends” t turn on you, same as your extended family will. ALWAYS remain suspicious.

          • The weak, frail and incompetant need survival groups. Just like socialist commie parasites who need a crutch and support to feed off of. Lone wolves have great OPSEC, and group think are slow and always have a weak link and lots of mouths that will blow your OPSEC in SHTF. A good example is a Sniper. He will go out single or in a pair for a small team and execute a mussion. You dont see a sniper team in a large community to all go out to do a hit do ya? A lone wolf moves stealthy and quiet leaves all the dead weight baggage for group think dependant on commie socialism. A lone wolf can make a quick decision and change course on a dime. After your group think takes a vote, the desenters will break away and steal half your preps and will wait when you are sleeping and pop a cap in ya. You never know when a lone wolf is sleeping or stalking ready to pick off you herd of group think imbiciles amd take it all. Small foot print or a herld of elephants? Which will be found first? Weak links need groups. It takes a village mentality. Commie socialism. It never works, dead weight will bring the rest down to the lowest commin demoninatior. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

            • Crack I agree with you. A person can keep something secret as long as they are the only person who know it. Many lone wolves lasted a long time. The unibomber, wayyne Gacy Jeffery damiler. And I would bet their are many who like jack the ripper never where caught. I am pretty much a lone wolf. Ive stocked a remote cave with useful stuff. And Im the only one who knows its location. I think Im the only white man who has ever set foot in it. Its those in your group who will stab you in the back. I don’t trust anyone DTA!

            • When your tooth abscesses or you need medical care let me know how that works out for you.

              When you need a part machined to fix your generator let me know how that works out for you.

              Ask the guy who went through HELL in the Balkans how lone wolves fared. He said he survived because he had a large family. Also, I’ll rely on History. People banned together for a reason. IT’S CALLED SURVIVAL!!

              • I can and have pulled my own teeth. you deaden it by injecting clove oil and pull that sucker. Many rednecks pull their own teeth. Certianly lots of things could or might happen to kill a lone wolf. One thing that wont happen to a lone wolf is being killed by a trusted friend. Check out the news most bodily harm crimes are committed by folks who know each other. Generator? Yep the noise it makes will be a stereo calling every one to your location. It will have to by necessity be a stone age existence. A very well prepped group vanished in the early days of this nation. Read about the lost colony? Those native american’s banned together. When one got sick they all did. Because of living clumped together with poor sanitation white man’s diseases killed lots of them . And because they had a camp they where easy for the bad guys to find. I think it will boil down to luck and location.

            • CrackSummSkulls, you are so hate filled that “Lone Wolf” is the BEST approach for you. Good luck!

            • Crack:
              What kind of family do you come from? In our house, grandpa is a kind and gentle dictator.


              • Well im kind and firm with my family. I don’t tolerate any stupid shit. If there is a SHTF=WROL I will become a mean tyrant. And what will keep me from being disposed of? I Have cashed all manner of things in various places and only I know where its at and how much I have. So when those who I am responsible for are depressed. I will produce some goodie like a can of peaches or some chocolate ect. Keeping your and yours mentally stable is paramount to survival. I have some immediate family members who couldn’t handle a difficult situation. If their cell phone ouits its like a death sentence for them. You think I want those prima donna folks around in a tough situation. One is a friggen veggie! Another one eats anything and weighs over 400 pounds. Nope it is just me the wife and a few grandchildren. Grand Daughter Honey Boo Boo and her 400 pound sow of a mother will simply have to live off stored fat. I aint feeding them. I suspect they will turn cannibal and eat the veggie.

      13. I’ve often wondered how the bible is silent about the land from the wilderness with no walls. And a land of demons where all heaped on wealth was distroyed in one hour. After an EMP we will be silent and a land of demons and it could all happen in one hour.

      14. Greenspan is one of the head reptilians. Or so David Icke claims.
        Draw your own conclusion there.

      15. 1 million seconds ,is 12 days. 1 billion seconds ,is 32 years. 1 trillion seconds, is 32,000 years. 1 trillion 1 dollar bills laid end to end will go around this planet 3000 times. GAME OVER?

      16. The whole system will be whiped out? Our guys with us or not have boroughed us into a situation where we have no choice but to destroy our lenders. Hey they should have known better?Survival of your tribe means attaining resources. Or your tribe dies.

      17. After the SHTF system collapse thing. I’ve found a shotgun with a longer than barrel mag. tube extension makes a good walking stick. And with 3 25 round slings . Can be rested on the ground at every chance. In other words . You don’t have to carry it as much?

      18. Reset? No need to reset, just take over the FED and all its illgotten gains. Cancel the debt owed by the U.S. government to the FED and we’re back in the ball game.

      19. I actually like the article recommends raise rabbits and chickens. And have done so for 50+ years. The thing is those critters have to eat. And you gotta have feed for them. Aint nothing worse than having animals a buying all their feed . or not having feed for them. So I recommend before you get you first critter learn to produce its feed. So in the spring plant corn in every corner that you can. plant sunflowers also. if you are gonna get rabbits plant some alfalfa the gotta have protein in addition to corn and sunflower seed. Then after you harvest in the fall get your critters. And don’t get more than you have feed for. And them the next growing season you will have that great rabbit manure to fertilize your crops. The chicken litter is too hot it needs to be mixed with leaves and hay and composted. No need to compost rabbit manure. rabbit is very easy to process. I can skin and gut a rabbit so fast its heart will still be beating when Im done. We raise Bantams. I just skin them only take the breast legs and thigh meat. and sometines the gizzard and liver. I cook the remainder for dog food. just freeze the unwanted parts and thaw and boil them as needed.

      20. I wonder if trying to defend farm or livestock from inner city starving mobs is do able on a budget? A 50 gallon drum full of seed wheat for sprouts or soup. Or rice and beans is easier to hide? Rolled corn or other animal feed is cheaper and better then nothing? Seems to look more and more to me that a stocked bug out trailer . Gives you the most flexibility?

      21. Am finding crockpots are great with solar panels, only draw 80 watts. The small ones . Take 1 or 2 hours to cook everything even eggs. It’s the cook all device?

      22. People, the most important thing is number 5: grow as much food as you can now. Things like fruit and nut trees takes 1-2 years to mature, depending how you do it.

        One of the best ways is to cover the earth and trees with a thick mulch: the Back to Eden method. Pine needles work really well for gardens, and they along with pine cones and leaves from other trees work really well for fruit and nut trees.

        For young trees, don’t put the mulch up to the tree trunk, but for mature trees which has a well developed trunk and bark system, you can put the mulch right up to the truck of each tree without any damage. I use at least 50 cm high and 1 m diameter for each young tree.

        Mr. Greenspan is telegraphing what the powers to be (Jews) are getting ready to do. I suspect this early October as a fine opportune time for them to crash this pump and dump stock market.

      23. My debt is limited, just my truck payment, thats it, when i defaulted on a behicle loan years ago it took them 14 months to finally ask for the payment or turn it in, so am not really worried, i have other options for paying it off though,
        But we have ag land, grow way more stuff than we can eat even when im just screwing around, my chickens put out about 11-16 eggs a day, and theres deer everywhere and no set season, year round, all you can bag. Im not worried about a collapse, not even a little bit

        • I remember reading , during the depression deer were almost hunted to extinction and their were a lot less people then. Sparrow soup. Sawdust bread. Thieves sneaking in stealing crops and live stock . Sneak stealing 12 year olds. Leaving poisoned food for your dogs to find. Slowly witiling you down. Staying up all night guarding your crops. Then in the end they burn you out. Only booby traps galore surrounding the farm would slow them down? And luck.?

          • A old timer told me that every year they grew 20 acres of field corn down on the creek bottom. They fattened hogs in the fall on that corn , made corn meal and fed the breeding hogs ,mules chickens ect on that corn. He stated when the corn started tasselling out. his father and all the male children and the dogs all slept in the cornfield. The raccoons would be after the corn. However the human varmits where the worst. He stated they had to guard the milk cow also because thieves would milk it out in the pasture if they got the chance. This was during the depression. He stated that there wasn’t any fish,frogs or anything left in the creek. No deer or Rabbit and very few squirrel.

      24. EXPERTS???? She cited experts, I see no experts in her “buy more prepper crapola” story. Bahahahaha. Expect by 2050, no meltdown, expect DOW 100k and S&P 20k by 2050 all on a $70 Trillion national debt. The only thing that will stop debt growth is a cataclysm act of God, end of oil, or WWIII, and I do not expect that by 2050. All you people stockpiling food, ammo and metals… keep on buying, even what you do helps Wall Street and even the shyster profiting off “the sky is falling”.

      25. Greenspan just said the bond bubble not the stock bubble is ready to pop? In other words .? Move your money into the stock market goyim.?

        • No, when the bond market goes, it will take down everything. This almost happened during the end of the Carter Admin. Paul Volker (Jew at Fed) had to raise interest rates pronto to stave off financial Armegeddon that almost happened and sacrificed Carter’s reelection. No one was buying US Toiletries (treasuries).

          This time, the collapse in the US bond market will take down todo!

      26. Regarding financial meltdown, watch some 3 gun shotgun videos. These guys got reloading down to an art form. Semi auto shotguns rule the night. And three shot bursts of 12 pellet 00 . Are 36 projectiles in what , a quarter second? You need a mini gun to beat that? Or a claymore?

      27. A guy who hired a company to remove raccoons from his atic told me . They wouldn’t do it if the babies were still there. Apparently the mother raccoon will not give up her young? I wonder if most people will wait ,until there is a goon squad at their door , demanding to take their children? Is then it to late?

      28. Bond as in James Bond.

      29. A lone wolf with EXCEPTIONAL survival skills will survive with some luck. Most of us lack those skills. If TEOTWAWKI comes most of us will only survive if we are with a large enough group to defend our resources from those wishing to take them. Hungry people will do anything to eat. A small gruup will be overwhelmed by hungry mods or remnants of the gov or military that want what they have. Imagine having a couple of acres of crops about to be over run by a starving mob. Good luck stopping them with 5 or 6 family members, and I don’t care how many automatic weapons you have. I have several friends I have discussed banding together with if the time comes, it is our only chance IMO. As for trusting nobody in SHTF, if it really happens you have no real choice if you truely wish to survive. It would seem to me the real trick here is choosing wisely, but if you don’t trust somebody, unless your Bear Grylls your prospects would seem poor.

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